Scream Queens Cast Teases 'Evil' Sorority Sisters, Extreme Makeovers and Deaths 'Every Week'

If you’ve found yourself alarmed by Lea Michele’s tragic neck-brace in promos for Fox’s upcoming Scream Queens — this just in from the actress herself: “[Creator] Ryan [Murphy]could never have me in a windbreaker and baggy jeans for too long. He needs me in couture!”

That doesn’t mean, of course, that said designer duds might not end up spattered with blood and gore.

“Ryan has created something where people are gonna die every week,” co-star Jamie Lee Curtis spilled to our Michael Ausiello at TVLine’s Comic-Con suite at the Hard Rock Hotel. “And every single person has a motive.”

The cast also delved into which Scream Queens character is the meanest, what the show is saying about modern society and much more.

Press PLAY above for the full video, then share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Pamela says:

    Ugh I love Jamie so, so, soo much. This cast is awesome and I hope this show is as fun and wild as it seems.

  2. Sam Shaw says:

    I hate the gimmick of “someone dies every week!” Sure, it adds tension to the first couple episodes, but then it gets boring. Deaths that fit into the fabric of the story are the way to go, in my opinion.

    • Kitanakat says:

      What are the chances they can pull off both? I’m trying to think of a show to compare, and only Harpers Island comes to mind. I might have been one of the only viewers of that show though…

      • courtneymartin19 says:

        Very excited for this!!! Also you were not the only one who loved Harper’s Island!!!

      • thisismenow says:

        Harper’s Island was great and it felt natural. Scream is doing fairly well with it. If you watch a 2 hour film, you have 8+ deaths usually in the standard popcorn slasher flick. The rate is more frequent, so having 13 deaths over 13 42 minute episodes isn’t really that high.

        A death doesn’t have to come from a killer either. There are plenty of ways someone can die naturally in a story and not have it feel forced. Reserve judgment for a bit. RIB don’t usually screw series up until they move on to the next project. Look at the early seasons of American Horror Story, Glee and Nip/Tuck. It wasn’t until they lost interest that they turned out mediocre.

      • Ron says:

        My only contribution to the conversation is this: OhEmGeez, I LOVED Harper’s Island!!!

  3. thisismenow says:

    Such a good interview. I love, love, love it. As for the Brady Bunch episode (I’ve never tried to post links so I don’t know if this is allowed) but here is the scene Jamie was talking about

  4. bar says:

    Let it be known that this freaking website just made me sit through a 15 second “ad” which just had a countdown. It wasn’t actually advertising anything. I understand ads are necessary and that the website is owned by a media group that is forcing the ads, but someone on TV Line’s end should at least be pushing for the ads to be unobtrusive and actually make sense. I’ve asked this before–Michael, Matt, Team TV Line, do YOU like using your own website?

  5. JLD says:

    Ugh… I wanna know the day and the time the show starts, saying it starts in fall doesnt really f’ing help much >.>

  6. bar says:

    Interested to see Emma and Leah together, since they’re so good at playing characters you hate to love and love to hate. Hope they get some good material.

  7. robandco says:

    Ugh, I wish Hester would stick to windbreakers and baggy jeans. It’s gonna be Glee season 4 all over again with Rachel’s makeover into Lea Michele and Rachel being nasty to literally every character but getting off the hook because she was the heroine.

    • kikjj says:

      What BS Rachel was never made into Lea. Rachel grew up and had to change styles.

      • robandco says:

        Not exactly. Yes she grew up, but her makeover was not one bit realistic. Who goes from “librarian chic” high schooler to runway model in 1 episode? I mean have you ever seen Lea during red carpet events? Rachel was literally dressed the same way just to go to school. The hair, the makeup, the clothes…

        • kikjj says:

          Way to exaggerate. She dressed more NY but Rachel wasn’t dressed like a runway model. And yes I have seen Lea on the red carpet and she mixes it up quite bit more bright colors and more sexy than Rachel for sure. I have seen Lea in casual wear which is not like what Rachel worn at all. Lea is workout clothes and blue jean short and little makeup. Not anything like Rachel wore casually.

  8. Sarah_ says:

    I’m super excited for this..i hope it doesn’t disappoint 😊
    Can’t wait to see more of Lea I love her in Glee.

  9. Spence says:

    Since Ryan is so in love with Lea Michelle, it’s pretty obvious that she’ll survive this season and any future ones that may come. Snooze! But I am hesitantly excited for this…

    • Perty says:

      It’s actually an anthology series much like American Horror Story, with the same actors playing different characters and in a different scenario each season. So I hope it will keep the “everyone is fair game” flair strong throughout the whole thing.

      • robandco says:

        Actually it is going to be the same characters in a different location (according to the various reports I read). There will be continuity (to some extent).

    • donotgetit says:

      So? He seems to love Sarah Paulson and Emma Robert and Jessica Lange and Evan Peters and Matt Boomer and Kathy Bates, etc etc. The resentment towards Lea is exasperating.