Grey's Anatomy's Camilla Luddington: 'Izzie Coming Back Would Be Nuts' (But She's 'Not Against It')

Camilla Luddington is nervous about Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy.

“I just don’t trust things are going to continue to go well” for Jo and Alex, the actress tells Michael Ausiello in an interview at TVLine’s Comic-Con suite at the Hard Rock Hotel — and she’s not just referring to the couple’s icky new loft space. After three “pretty good” seasons for the couple, Luddington wonders how much more sunshine there can possibly be in the forecast.

As for TVLine’s recent article advocating the return of Katherine Heigl’s Izzie, Luddington admits “it would be nuts,” but adds that she’s “not against anything that would make for a good storyline.”

Press PLAY above for the full Q&A — including Luddington’s take on who’d be to blame in a Jo-Alex breakup — then share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. abz says:

    Shonda should get over it and make this happen already. Izzie needs to come back!!! It’ll be good for the show, and the publicity over her return alone would be beneficial for the show. Even if people don’t like her character (I still love her) some may be curious enough to see how they have her return.

    • julia says:

      Here’s what I hope happens with this whole izzy plot: Alex receives a call one day saying izzy’s cancer came back and she succumbed to it. Alex tells Jo about izzy and the eggs and they all go to the funeral…then we all move on with our lives!

    • Eavesdropper says:

      I agree. Plus with most of the originals now gone it’s time one of the surviving ones returned.

      • abz says:

        Yeah, I’d love to see Addison and Teddy return as well. And Cristina of course at some point down the line before the show ends.

      • Tee says:

        Well, it is called GREY’s Anatomy, so I’m pretty sure that despite being a play on words for the medical textbook, that that would mean it didn’t matter who was on the show as long as Meredith was the focus. It isn’t called Stevens’ Anatomy. Personally I don’t feel like adding Katherine Heigl back into the mix would do anything other than make her and the character the focus and this show and that isn’t fitting for “Grey’s” Anatomy.

    • Andrew says:

      I hope they don’t kill Meredith off the show my friends as been watching the show from season 1 aND they love it what is Meredith going to do without Derek I hope Meredith dose not kill herself or offer her life to a gunmen like in season 6 This is only for Ellen Pompeo Ellen please don’t do anything bad I’m watching the show and I love you so much please I’m your number one Fan please don’t kill yourself like you said to Derek IF YOU DIE I DIE I LOVE YOU ELLEN PLEASE BE SAFE

      • abz says:

        As far as I’m concerned, if Ellen Pompeo chooses to leave the show, that’s when I think it should really end. Sure they could continue it if they wanted to but without a true Grey on the show (and no Pierce doesn’t count for me), it just doesn’t feel right. Now if Lexie were still alive and eventually Ellen chose to move on, then okay that could work because Lexie was a Grey and was a truly beloved character.
        I don’t think you should worry though. A year has passed in the show’s time. Meredith will continue to recover. I think eventually they will have her move on because no one stays single on this show. I just hope they don’t rush things.

  2. Tamika says:

    Uggh! I am SO over Izzie’s character and her portrayer, Katherine Heigl. The show and Alex have moved on. Let it go people!

  3. Jana says:

    Why do you bring Camilla into such a difficult situation? Whatever she says about Izzie will be viewed negatively by Izzie fans. You’re not expecting her to say that she hopes Alex leaves Jo for Izzie, do you? And I personally don’t get why people want Izzie back so desperately. I personally found her incredibly annoying. If anyone I want Cristina back. Sandra Oh left on good terms and ever since Cristina left the show sucks. If Izzie came back only Meredith and Alex would care but Alex wouldn’t care enough to leave Jo because he really loves her. I’m so tired of this Izzie discussion, even Justin Chambers said that he doesn’t want Izzie to come back because Alex has moved on and Izzie’s been gone for 6 years now. Do you really think she doesn’t have a family by now?

    • Darrow says:

      These people are nuts, they refuse to move on, to leave Izzie where she belongs – in the past – and accept that Alex has found someone who truly loves him, understands him and is by herself an incredible complex and interesting character. This fandom is the worst.

      • Grey's Fan says:

        Alex is too good for the selfish, self-absorbed Izzie. The scene when Alex told Izzie he was happy her cancer was in remission, but he deserved better than her and she should just leave for good was awesome.

  4. Sam says:

    I’m nervous about Jo and Alex too, they’ve been happy for too long. I don’t mind drama as long as neither cheats. I can’t see Jo cheating either but for Alex it would be about just as out of character at this point. He wants to settle down with Jo. I can’t see him hooking up with someone else. His character development should prevent him from doing so.

    But you know what Jolex need? They don’t need Izzie back, they just need a good storyline. I ‘ve been dying to hear more about Jo’s past and if she’s really over the things that happened to her. She most likely experienced physical and sexual abuse in the foster homes she grew up and most likely never got professional help let alone could tell anyone about it. She bottles up all her feelings and I think she’s been doing that her entire life. At some point something (a foster kid or rape victim at the hospital?) will trigger her feelings and she will have a breakdown. I want to see Alex and Jo deal with something like that. She’s supported him ever since they became a couple and now I want him to support her for once. Why did they add two foster kids with incredibly difficult pasts if they’re never gonna deal with it? I’m so tired of the writers ignoring Jolex the way they do. We fans want to see them have an angsty dramatic storyline that doesn’t involve cheating. Because let’s face it, cheating has been overdone on this show. And Jo and Alex have so much potential that is being wasted.

    • Darrow says:

      Alex and Jo need to be recognized as important characters on the show, but all Shonda does is to recount the same stories and give screentime to her annoying favorites while the others are completely wasted (and I’m not talking only about these two, April and Jackson are in this horrible situation as well).

  5. thisismenow says:

    The awkward moment you realize she is British. I have watched Grey’s for years and just found this out. I am so slow lol

  6. Rach says:

    Give Jolex a great storyline already! They were the only couple last season that got swept under the rug and I hated it. And please for the love of God stop forcing the Alex/Meredith/Callie/Maggie foursome on us every single episode. Their friendship is so contrived and they only remind me of how little Alex/Meredith/Cristina we got before Yang left the show. Now that was a great group dynamic and at least it was authentic. I despise this stupid foursome more than anything.

  7. alayna says:

    Seriously? You had an interview with Camilla about Grey’s Anatomy and Jo/Alex and she briefly answers your question about Izzie coming back and you turn THAT into the headline of the article? So all the other things she said don’t matter at all? I personally think that even if Izzie came back for one episode it wouldwouldn’t mean much. It would be like Burke’s return, pretty anticlimatic. Izzie probably is long remarried with kids by now.

    • A Fan of TV says:

      If she has kids they would be Alex’s, since the chemo made her infertile, but she eggs she saved beforehand were fertilized by Alex, thinking he was going to spend the rest of his life with her. Interesting drama and totally something Izzie LVAD-Cutter Stevens would go ahead and do without checking with him first – emotional decisions with unintended consequences. Only other way for Izzie is adoption, but either way maybe she has a sick toddler who gets taken to Grey+Sloan…

  8. N says:

    I can’t stand her! Now I find out she’s Brittish! Kudos to fake Izzie!

  9. Darrow says:

    TV Line’s obsession with not-so-possible return of someone who never really loved Alex is starting to get pathetic. And Jolex didn’t have three seasons with everything going well, they had two really good seasons and 24 episodes of being completely ignored while Meredith treated both like crap.

  10. DeWayne says:

    I celebrated the day Izzy left, I certainly do not want to see her return.

  11. Wilma says:

    Katie Heigl will never come back and it has nothing to do with Shonda anymore. She wanted to come back at one point but “producers” on the show were against it. Now BF Shonda is desperate. She kills off the shows lead. What to do…what to do when you are a big old bully. Everything KH said about the show was true. 17 hour days because they couldn’t get their ish together. She had a baby at home for God’s sake. Then the story lines…sex with a ghost…sex with George…giving cpr to a deer in the back of a truck????? Dumb, stupid, and ridiculous. How this show is still on the air is beyond me. Stopped watching years ago. Stopped tuning in a year ago. I would just let it run in the background and never watched in case you wonder what that meant. Camilla Ludington is like Izzy minus 2.0. Of course she doesn’t want her to come back. How can they recycle all of Izzy’s old story lines if Izzy is actually present. I gwew up in a twailer…boo hoo. This show needs to go.

    • Anne Morse says:

      …….stopped watching years ago and yet you feel the need to read and comment about the show. Let it run in the background….. dont you americans have a trillion channels to choose from?

  12. Jon says:

    Can Shonda please keep things sane at least till December? I’m writing a Grey’s spec script for my University application and I can’t keep on changing it till the last minute. MAKE UP YOUR MIND SHONDA……. PLEASE.
    And p.s. Izzie coming back would really make for a good season. Considering that Derek died and Cristina left, the original cast keeps on decreasig more and more, so seeing a familiar face would definitely be good. And the drama would be so juicy. But she should come back after the winter finale. Again for yhe same reason as the one above.

  13. Pamela says:

    Love jolex but after mcdreamys death I stopped watching and just read tv line recaps. no more investing in storylines when half of the characters die/leave or get ruined by the writers.

  14. Jess says:

    I hope you will have some news soon about Ellen Pompeo’s contract. Hopefully s12 will be her last and get out from that mess especially now without Sandra and Patrick.

  15. Amy T says:

    Izzie should come back with a kid (who belongs to Alex,cause she had her eggs frozen because of chemo) just to make things extra interesting. It would be exciting to see how things go with Jo, Alex and Izzie. I think she should come back.

  16. Jessie says:

    Jo is the most uninteresting character on the show. Just “pretty” face. Yawn.

  17. Mary says:

    Are you kidding me?? Did you really make that the headline for the tiny snippet of conversation where you make her talk about izzie?? Jeeeez,!!! I despised izzie and would rather stop watching than see her come back, there is absolutely no place for her at all. I don’t blame camilla for being nervous, when you think about these writers track records! I for one am nervous, but it’s more about worrying that Jolex get tossed/ignored AGAIN. They deserve a storyline!!!! however if it’s ANOTHER cheating story …(seriously how many do we actually have to sit through on this show) then it is just pathetic, lazy writing. Jo has SO much unexplored potential, and if the writers actually gave a damn about developing her, then if they HAD to break them up for a while, there are SO many avenues they could go down to do it, just from their characterisations.

    Like, I agree with the person that said a case similar to her with the same form of abuse, could most definitely trigger a breakdown for her. thus the breakup could even come from the fact jo has never actually dealt with her past, and has so much mental baggage and self-doubt/insecurity plaguing her that you can see now and then, even if its just subtly, in a glance or expression. I can definitrly see problems stemming from that, or it could be a way for alex to be there for her, and to make her face her past/issues. I just want them to get the material they deserve, and not get screwed over by lazy, OOC writing. None of them would cheat, so if they were to have problems, I just want it to be in a way that is actually plausible and does justice to their characters.

  18. Babygate says:

    Camilla seriously gives the best Grey’s interviews ever. She comes across as a true fan of the show and shows the most enthusiasm, not only for her character but others as well. Great team player…

  19. Fiopawn says:

    Wouldn’t it make for better drama tv to have Izzie not only show up at a time when Alex and Joe are in a good place, but Izzie show up with Alex’s sick child? If you remember back at the end of season 5 Izzie had her eggs removed before her IL-2 treatment, and it was suggested that the eggs be frozen fertilized. Alex was nervous but in the end did provided a specimen of his little swimmers for the eggs to be fertilized. It’s an idea I believe would offer drama but aslo in the end another layer to Alex’s growth.

  20. EM says:

    No to Izzie being brought back. I think Jo and Alex will have more screen time this season. They built them a new set for their home that won’t be the frat house. TV Line, please let this go.

  21. Fernanda says:

    maybe the actress wouldn’t return but the eggs issues could

  22. liza says:

    The izzie fans deserve a closure to that character. And i still think that after everything that happend last season, that Izzie as the character is really needed right now. Everything is a mess. We need an old one back. But i get that people don’t like the actress, she messed up a lot. But she wants to make it right and i think that she should get that chance.

  23. Jenn says:

    Does everyone remember when Izzy got cancer and before her surgery and chemo started, Alex snoozed in a cup to fertilize Izzy’s eggs so one day they could have kids. What if Izzy decided she was ready to have kids and wanted to use her Alex fertilized eggs. Great storyline don’t you think?!?!

  24. Gaynor Henry says:

    While I really like Grey’s i my opinion the biggest loss was Sandra Oh. As for Ms.Heigl – everything she touches seems to be a bit of a disaster, I’d rather she stay away.

  25. Lola says:

    I absolutely HATE Izzie. I just want them to go to her funeral and get over it. Don’t bring her back… EVER!
    Bring Crisitna back for god’s sake… I can actually get over Derek, but Cristina, no! the show is not the same without her.

  26. Andrew says:

    Please Ellen don’t do anything bad Like you said to Derek in season 6 IF YOU DIE I DIE I LOVE YOU

  27. Lea says:

    The show doesn’t need Izzie or Katie. She won’t do anything for the show. Yeah she would come back.. most people won’t care.. those who left after Derek died and MerDer the lead couple were ruined like that, are not coming back to see annoying Izzie returning. Lots of new characters who don’t know her so she won’t do anything for them except Alex. I doubt Meredith would care too. So many years passed and so much happened.

  28. Grey fan says:

    Shonda should make story of Izzie dying of cancer but….this time she dies and Alex and Izzie get this closer they never had, and Alex finds out after her death that they had a kid, because Izzie used her eggs he never knew, so Jo says uh no I don’t want kids and Alex has choose the kid or Jo