Wayward Pines Recap: Break on Through to the Other Side

Wayward Pines Pilcher Kills

This week on Fox’s Wayward Pines, Pilcher and Pam sought to suss out a subordinate, Mrs. Fisher played mind games, the origin of Ethan and Kate’s affair was revealed, and the resistance made a breakthrough.

WIGGED BEN | Hospitalized after surviving the bomb blast in the back of Andy’s delivery truck, Ben gets an earful from Mrs. Fisher, who reveals/spins that Ethan at one point had the conspirator in custody but let him go, partly out of deference to his onetime affair with Kate. When Ben later throws that judgment call in his dad face, Theresa sees right through Mrs. Fisher’s machinations – and later warns the teach to stop tinkering with her boy – but Ben nonetheless sees error in his father’s ways.

BLAST FROM THE PAST | After being chastised by Ben, Ethan privately discloses to Theresa that he has been down this road before, shouldering guilt for letting a bad man go free. He relates a professional incident where he had a known terrorist in his custody but was compelled by higher-ups to release the man. In doing so, Ethan afforded the suspect opportunity to enact an incident known as the “Easter Massacre.”

SIBLING RIVALRY | Convinced that someone on surveillance cam duty must be looking the other way, if the resistance was able to act in so concerted a manner, Pilcher charges Pam with investigating the staff. Meeting with surveillance team members one at a time, Pam pokes and prods to find weaknesses in temperament or resolve, but comes up empty – except with one quiet galoot, who copped to erasing recordings of citizens merely questionings life in Wayward Pines as they all do. Though Pam sees validity in the staffer’s judgment call, Pilcher holds firm that any hint of dissension or disobedience among their team’s ranks (sisters included, ahem!) must be nipped in the bud. So at episode’s end, Pilcher speechifies about exactly that, as the staff watches their “guilty” colleague be put to a quiet death in the same cryo chamber that brought him here.

THE NUTTY CONFESSOR | In flashbacks, we saw that shortly after he own arrival in Wayward Pines – her head filled with the idea that she had walked into a government experiment – Kate went quite cuckoo, and even was fitted for a straight jacket and rubber-walled accommodations. For a while, she would wildly grill “Dr. Jenkins” about what sort of experiment (social or biological) she was party to. But over time, she (seemingly) backtracked on her contrarian conspiracy views, to Pilcher’s satisfaction. Back in the “present” (meaning 4028), Kate clashes with the town’s puppetmaster, revealing that she knows him to be the mighty Pilcher.

DON’T FENCE ME IN | Following the premature bomb blast, Andy is mortally wounded, under Harold’s care in the middle of the forest. And soon enough, Andy succumbs to his wounds and passes. Harold is poised to bury their fallen comrade then and there, but Alan recoils at the idea of interring Andy in the land that he fought so valiantly to escape. Rather, Alan insists on making another run at the fence, to bury Andy in “free” soil, and then venture on to California. The men appropriate a big rig to barrel trough the barrier, but Harold begs off just before the final charge, saying he can’t leave Kate behind. So with only dead Andy riding shotgun, Alan revs the engine, steamrolls toward the fence gate and successfully crashes through.

On the other side, Alan celebrates his “victory” and is poised to give Andy a proper burial… when a gaggle/flock/murder of abbies emerge from the shadows to savagely devour the fresh prey.

What did you think of Wayward Pines‘ antepenultimate episode?

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  1. ElleDface says:

    I’m a bit disappointed that the story that Piltcher was preaching about the abbies were actually true. Yea..I’ve seen all of the episodes but there was a little hope that maybe Piltcher was lying to Ethan. I wonder how Kate knows Pitcher’s identity? And does anyone remember when piltcher was talking to a guy in episode 1 or 2 in 2015 era? That made me think that something fishy was going on.

    • Kake says:

      I agree, I don’t like the post reveal

    • Zac says:

      I’ve always assumed that when Pilcher spoke to Ethan’s boss and said “it’s already done,” he was referring to ean being put in stasis. It makes sense that as the master of the plan, Pilcher (and the volunteers like Pope) would be put into stasis last so they could capture/save everyone they thought necessary. Makes sense for him to be communicating with people in 2015, as he was once alive then too.

  2. laurelnev says:

    LOVED seeing Kate in a strait jacket! It was interesting she thought it was another fake town government experiment. But isn’t a decade rather long to play along?

    And who would’ve thunk Nurse Pam would turn out to be one of the good guys? Lying to bro rather than see him punish “one of our own.” Nice to see the killing has stopped, and the fact he just froze him means he’ll come back to surveil another day.

    My favorite lines:
    Is he a real doctor?
    “Of course we’ll take good care of Ben–children are our most precious resource,”

    Only a couple of eps left to wrap up the abbie invesion that’s sure to come now that the fence has been breached by the insurgents. Can’t WAIT to see Kate’s face when she finds out Ethan was on the level.

  3. Ann says:

    I’m loving the commentary this show is making in regards to freedom vs. safety. It’s an important discussion to have. The world is dangerous out there and and the “higher ups” genuinely want to keep us safe from the outside world…but safety comes at a cost to our freedom. When does all that protection become tyranny? And how much freedom are we willing to give up to be safe? I don’t know…Maybe I’m just looking too deeply into this. Haha.

    • KCC says:

      You’re not looking too deeply at all. Another point they’re making is how much information do the people in charge reveal to the general public for their own safety. They tried telling them everything and there was rioting in the streets and they burned the town down. Then they went to the other extreme in not revealing anything and the general population is paranoid and unhappy so they’re causing just as much chaos. Their big mistake was doing this in America where people expect to be informed and have freedom. They should have done it in an oppressed society where going along with the government is the only way to survive and thrive.

    • Marie says:

      Ann, I agree with you!!! The plot of this show mimics America, but on a smaller scale.

  4. N says:

    Still wondering about plot 33. Also why has there only been one pet ( a dog on a leash ) shown?

  5. Imzadi says:

    “Antepenultimate?” I am truly impressed.

  6. AT says:

    Since when did the hospital get staffed with real doctors and nurses? I thought thus far we had only seen “Nurse” Pam and a handful of other creepy people in there.

    I still don’t understand something If they have hundreds of volunteers who agreed to this, why not unfreeze people one by one and let them assimilate into the town with the volunteers? Then they’d be less likely to riot. Or why not search out more volunteers in 2015 instead of abducting people?

    Regarding Kate knowing Pilcher was Pilcher, didn’t Ethan try to explain stuff to her when he first saw her after learning the truth? Or is this a nod to her knowing more about the whole thing and having a bigger role?

    • AT says:

      The other thing I don’t get is why kidnap one person instead of taking their whole family (spouse, kids)? Wouldn’t people adjust and adapt better if their family was with them instead of finding out that your family died thousands of years ago and you’re still there (in a horrifying future no less)? And they supposedly pick people based on their skills – yet they’re made to forget those skills and live completely different lives? The reveal for what the town was made sense, but none of their decisions leading up to creating this future make sense.

      • jenilee says:

        Im also wondering….they get groceries delivered in trucks to the town so WHERE is it being delivered from? Where are these cows they get milk from? Where is the farm where they get the vegetables?

  7. Jake says:

    Interesting to note that almost nothing in this episode came directly from the books, and the same goes for last week’s episode. The Ethan arc seems to be on a much different trajectory and an additional character from 2014 who figures prominently in Book 3 is nowhere to be seen. This is quite a departure from the first 2-3 episodes, which were derived almost entirely from Book 1 (even down to much of the dialogue), and makes me think they really did want to preserve at least the option of a second season. I don’t have the books at hand to check, but I would say through episode 8 they’re now about halfway through Book 2.

  8. CountryQueen says:

    Thank you Reggie for saying what I have for weeks now! How short-sighted of Pilcher to not think that a paranoid faction would rise up against them! That is just human nature. How shocking to find out that Pam is a good guy, with a code. At least compared to her meglomaniac brother, who obviously sees himself as God. I think it’s interesting that, while people think that they are being held for some government experiment, it never dawns on any of them that what is behind the wall might be dangerous. Makes me wonder what I would think.

    The teacher. I want to punch her! Kids are so maleable, and with no life experience, of course it’s easy to judge a situation and say someone did wrong. But when you’re an adult, you see the grey areas. Clear and severe. That just makes me shudder.

    What I find disappointing is what I think is missing. Mostly, the brainwashing. The teacher is a former hypno-therapist. You know she is mind manipulating the kids. And I think the people too. In one episode, they talked about a radio show everyone listens too. I would think this would be a great opportunity to put in subliminal messages. Along with anything visual. So it’s disappointing to not see this addressed.

    I’d also like to know why Pilcher thought the town needed Ethan (other than the fact that Pope seemed to have gone on a pretty big power trip), if he wasn’t going to listen to him.

  9. Heathers says:

    Anyone see a resemblance between the Abbie’s, the naked witches in Penny Dreadful, and those monster things I saw in a teaser for The Strain (I don’t watch The Strain)?!

  10. Scott Black says:

    Maybe I am to used to the amazing level of attention to detail that goes into HBO style productions, but for me this show is often sloppy with the details. Is there no continuity person overseeing the production? Example: We go from seeing a creepy hospital in several episodes that is devoid of ANYONE except Nurse Pam and her brother, and suddenly in the latest episode, its state of the art and full of staff.

    We have a one man law enforcement department–The sheriff–but suddenly he is getting radio calls from who–his non-existent deputies?

    For that matter, he goes from being a fugitive to suddenly becoming THE sheriff over night. Nobody questions this, it just happens, no “what happened to sheriff Burke?” no surprise of any sort.

    There are dozens of little things like this that make it suffer in the believability department. Even alternate realities should have rules… Don’t get me wrong its an enjoyable summer farce, and I like some of the characters, just wish I wasn’t going “wait a minute, what?” through every episode..