Report: Michelle Collins Added as Permanent View Co-Host

The View Michelle Collins

Another day, another View change-up: Frequent guest host Michelle Collins soon will debut as a permanent co-host, The Wrap reports.

News of Collins’ appointment broke Wednesday, the same day that Rosie Perez announced her imminent departure during the broadcast of the ABC chatfest.

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The comedienne’s TV credits include KathyBig Morning Buzz with Nick Lachey, The Gossip Queens and Chelsea Lately.

She joins other permanent panelists Whoopi Goldberg, Nicolle Wallace and Raven-Symoné, who officially joined the show in early June after several guest-hosting stints.

Have thoughts on Collins’ new gig? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Tammy says:

    who? why not someone like Megan McCain, Ricky Lake, Ali Wentworth, etc.

    • eye says:

      They of course can’t just say “lets hire so and so” and do it so it’s possible that they at some point considered others like your options, but the interest in being around full time wasn’t reciprocated.

      • Tammy says:

        I know Ali Wentworth has said in an interview that she thought she was going to get offered and didn’t. Not sure she has even been on since. I believe she was on Andy Cohen’s show when she said this.

    • Sally McLinn says:

      Michelle has been on the show for a while. I don’t think she adds anything to the show. The producers are gasping for air.

      • Poster4392 says:

        They must be having an awful time filling these spots. Rosie, Rosie and Raven were/are all shrill and awful on the show….Michelle, isn’t very funny at all…..I dont understand why they needed to add another comedian to the panel with Whoopi already there. I guess it works for The Talk, but the view makes the talk look polished and enjoyable these days. Please God, let them keep Nicolle!! Even if they do keep Nic, there is still a demo missing, I cant put my finger on it…..they need a Meredith type of woman, or a Barbara.

      • Deena says:

        When she attempts a joke you can practically hear crickets.

  2. Jay says:

    They need to find someone who is capable of being a moderator in case Whoopi is not there. It was Barbara Walters who filled in for Whoopi, and recently Rosie O’Donnell who didn’t last very long.

  3. Mary says:

    Just cancel the stupid show already. Honestly I don’t even know who she is. I would only watch occasionally but now there is nobody on that panel that I care to hear from. Whoopi still defending Crosby was the final break. Hate to break it to her but he won’t be convicted because the statue of limitations have ran out.

  4. Librarygirl says:


  5. Pamela johns says:

    What ashame.just another Whoopi doormat.The View needs someone who is not afraid to go up against her.

  6. brandy says:

    Shoot, now I have to start watching! I’ve been following Michelle for a long time, and she cracks me up. Happy for her.

  7. Mary Knapp says:

    Its a revolving door. Who is this person? Really!!!!

  8. Nikki says:

    Another crass cohost… Great!

  9. James says:

    Yes!!!! So fricking funny. Joy 2.0!

  10. says:

    Wasn’t feeling her when ahead one, don’t think I will be watching anymore….

  11. BB says:

    She seems like a nice person, but she has no chemistry with the other co-hosts. I don’t see her lasting.

  12. Nitemar says:

    Why can’t they just get rid of the nuisance ones, like Whoopi for example. She always wants to have control and be right all the time so she get applauds every to words she says?

  13. The Rookie says:

    Why not hire someone with a professional background not related to show business that can give opinions that can relate to everyday people? I don’t know, a teacher, a doctor, an engineer? Their current hosts at the end of the day have the same point of view and can not relate in terms of wealth and resources to most viewers. Another fail for the show

    • S. says:

      Because they’re busy doing something worthwhile like teaching, medicine, engineering? If you can do that stuff, being on The View or trying out for American Idol feels like a step down in society to me. A teacher of the kind you’re referring to shouldn’t be dragged out of the classroom to pander to you. They’re actually doing a great job they hopefully loved doing elsewhere. People on tv are typically media professionals of some degree and there’s a reason for that. Do you want someone on Idol, for instance, who’s only ever sung in the shower or would you expect an aspiring singer to have tried to sing in front of other people previously if it really meant that much to them? I don’t get the rant about wealth like it’s a bad thing. There are a lot of characters on television whose lives aren’t like yours. They don’t have to be. Anybody who gets that job will instantly make too much money for you to relate to so remove that as a requirement. You think Rosie Perez was born rolling in money? Nope. You don’t want people just like you on tv because frankly then it becomes ‘why not me??’ It might as well be you right? They need to be better at it than you or I and that doesn’t just happen. You want someone who seems good looking (grumble about looks all you want, it matters on tv) and approachable. Even if they don’t agree with you, you want them saying things that make you project yourself onto them. People couldn’t really relate to the lives of Princess Diana or Barack Obama, their upbringings had a lot of things about them that were unusual, but plenty of people felt a connection that they themselves put there. It wasn’t always about the famous person.

  14. They are not making it better with her and Raven, I just don’t watch anymore. I like Whoopi and Nicolle but that’s it!

  15. Brendan says:

    Didn’t they make the biggest fuss about Rosie Perez not leaving when there were rumors that she wasn’t coming back after her hiatus mid-season? The pulled the same crap with Elizabeth leaving. Once The View got scooped and someone else announced it first, they denied it and then a few months later announced what everyone already knew in the first place. Frankly, I miss Rosie O but will not miss Rosie P that much. She was never a great fit to me.

  16. scales says:

    This is a seriously poor choice. I have nothing against her but she mumbles incoherently so I can’t even tell if she’s funny. Also, she has zero chemistry with the other hosts. What is going on at the View? O’Donnell was an obvious bad pick and Michelle is even worse. Behar would be a much better choice. It feels like they’re just hiring people to whom they owe favors or something; there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Horrific cnoice.

    • Delores says:

      They never should have hired Raven nor Michelle…painful to hear Raven’s view and painful to watch and hear Michelle Collins. I’m given them a small amount of time to bring back Joy Behar after that I’m through. From a long time viewer of THE VIEW that just can’t take it anymore.

  17. Silas Jane says:

    I’m so happy for Michelle!!! I even following her for a long time she is so funny and plays off of everyone’s sensibilities I hope she stays around for a while!

  18. I am not a fan. Except for Nicolle, they now will have two comics and an actress. What happened to the approach they had when this show began and was actually interesting to watch? There were a couple of journalists, a lawyer and one comic on the panel. It was actually worthwhile listening to women, of different generations, who had some life experience outside of the entertainment business. The show now is a joke….and not a funny one. They really need to shut it down.

  19. Donna Keammerer says:

    I either watch and record the View everyday. Some times I’ll watch it live and get bored with the opinions that Rosie P. would give as she mostly was reading from a note card which made me believe they would be given the subjects before the showed went on the air. Boxing is her thing.
    Whoopi I like, she is funny, smart, worldly, and knows about life and what the world is really like out there. I really like Nicole Wallace. She is a nice addition to the show. Smart intellectuality, but does kiss up to Whoopi more then she should. She also acts afraid of saying the wrong thing to give her honest opinion. NOW why you made RAVEN Symore’ a permanent person on the show, I don’t understand that at all. She doesn’t know what’s going on most of the time. She has been rude to guest co-hosts, Like this week to the woman from Full House. That should be who you hired, instead of Raven. As for Michelle Collins I just don’t feel she is right for the show either. You need someone like Joy B. or Ali Wentworth or someone like the woman that is filling in for Al Roakar on the after the Today show in the the morning.

  20. Gail Strang says:

    so wrong for this show. She only brings humor to the table and she’s not very funny at that. I don’t believe that Raven is the right choice either but I’m willing to give her a chance. What ever happened to Cristela-I thought she was also being groomed. I wish the powers that rule the view would make better casting decisions or get someone who can. Here’s my suggestion- keep Rosie Perez!!!!!

  21. Mary says:

    Who? Just cancel the view

  22. Laurie says:

    Get rid of Raven-Symoné!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girl thinks she’s all that!!!!!!!!!! Knows more than anyone, and is just plain rude at times!!!!!!!!!!t!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How about someone positive, like Lisa Kudrow, or Shania Twain, or ANYONE else!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Donna Keammerer says:

      I so agree with you! Raven hasn’t gotten any better since being hired permanently. More rude then ever……I sorry to say but Michelle just won’t last it or will the View with the women you have been picking. Have you considered someone like Ellie Kemper? She is so funny, smart, and just knows when to liven things up and when not to comment. I just wish Raven would shut her mouth. I don’t know if the View will be something I want to even record anymore.

  23. justjesse74 says:

    Mario Cantone would’ve been hilarious, I used to watch the View just to see him He’s brash like Joy. It’s going to be SO BORING now.

  24. Mary says:

    Please get rid of Michelle Collins. She interrupts constantly trying to make light of the serious conversations of the other hosts. I’m sure her comedy act might be great, but she is not right for the View.

    • Donna Keammerer says:

      I agree. Michelle Collins does not belong on the View panel. I said this two weeks ago when they made the announcement.

  25. Joeyr says:

    I cannot stand Michelle Collins. She is constantly interrupting the other women and the guests. Why did anyone think she wiuld be a good co-host?
    She and Raven need to jump off a cliff.
    I have tries several times to watch the new hosts but I can no longer subject myself to the idiocy of these women. So goodby The View.