So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 20 Revealed — and Ranked! Plus: Exclusive First-Look Photos

You can flash your abs and your bad attitude. You can punch a hotel ballroom wall. You can even make Nigel Lythgoe feel like he just got steamrolled by the Hot Tamale Train by surviving to the Green Mile, then giving an “eh, I’m gonna drop out now” shrug of the shoulders.

But there’s not a single contestant, judge or choreographer who can steal the unique joy of So You Think You Can Dance‘s Top 20 announcement episode. Season 12’s incarnation — which solidified fearsome front-runners on both the Stage and Street sides, but also proved they’ve got nada on 41-year-old mother Tabitha D’umo — was certainly no exception.

Yeah, I’ve been a little grouchy in recapping my favorite summer reality show this season (I place the blame squarely on Jason Derulo’s limited vocabulary). But now that we’ve got Jim and Yorelis and Darion and Megz — oh wait, I’m not supposed to spill the beans ’til later in this recap — I’m giddier than Paula Abdul amusing herself (and only herself) with a favorite new toy (in this case, Jaja Vankova’s name).

Before I get to my Top 20 rankings — well, to be accurate, Top 10 Stage members and Top 10 Street performers — let’s run down the three highs and three lows of the final week before voting begins.

“GET UP OFF OF THAT THING” | Jessica, Tyrus, Liliana, Virgil and Ariana’s ridiculous synchronization and mesmerizing isolations to James Brown — during the self-choreographed group round — had me wishing the judges would give the quintet a ticket to go directly to the live rounds, without passing ‘Go’ and without collecting $200. (I guess I shouldn’t complain that four of the five actually survived the final round of cuts, eh?)

“BLOODLINE” | I know they’re not part of a seasoned dance company — as Paula so astutely said they looked like — but I’d shell out my hard-earned money for a full 90 minutes of Jim, Gaby, Hailee, Denys and Natalie as the principal dancers/choreographers on any stage right this second. That move where Jim leapt up on the ladies’ backs, then fell into Denys’ arms was so breathtaking that I’ve almost forgiven the latter fella for dropping out because his girlfriend failed to make the cut.

¡TAAAAAABITHA! | The 41-year-old mom’s demonstration of the final round of “Street” choreography was so gloriously down and dirty — and such a crisp slap in the face of our nation’s ageist tendencies — that I might’ve momentarily escaped my couch-bound food coma to shake my booty in front of my un-drawn Jersey City living room blinds. (You’re welcome, neighbors!)

PUTTING THE EWWW IN HEBREW | Look, “Hebrew Breaker” Asaf Goren has a world-class torso. He’s got some killer b-boy moves. But his rant against Nigel Lythgoe’s half-finished critique — which might’ve easily ended in a compliment — was so grimly off-putting, I wish Twitch had stood up and declared, “Nope, not working with him” right on the spot. (I wouldn’t be surprised if the Magic Mike XXL star said the same exact thing off-camera, though, amiright?)

MISSION: INSCRUTABLE | Am I the only one wondering why Corey “Mission” Whitfield got axed after his on-point, down-in-it final round choreo — especially since he outdanced Alain and Anime, both of whom advanced to the Green Mile?

KENYA DIG IT? | I didn’t see one instance (aside from her panic attack) in which Kenya “Standing Ovation” Sutton didn’t commit murder on the dancefloor — in the best possible way. And wouldn’t it have been infinitely more interesting to see how the zaftig (and deeply appreciative) hoofer might’ve fared in the Season 12 live rounds than some poor piece of cannon fodder who’s gotten all of 8 seconds of screentime thus far?

And now, without further ado, let’s get to my pre-live show rankings, along with exclusive images (courtesy of Brooklin Rosenstock/FOX) — plus (at the end of the gallery) an exclusive Top 20 group photo, too.

Check out the gallery below — or click here for direct access — to see my personal pecking order, then hit the comments and weigh in on your early faves (and your picks for earliest ousters)!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Anne says:

    I know Denys is getting lots of hate for dropping out, but I don’t think it’s just his a partner. He saw all the other ballroom dancers get cut during jazz round. We’ve seen people stake by because of previous work/potential. We’ve also seen people dance for their lives. The ballroom dancers just got cut.
    I think he saw the lack of respect/love for the genre and backed out.

    Then again, maybe I’m just annoyed because there are absolutely no ballroom dancers in the top 20. Something I feared when they announced this stage vs street format.

    • Shaun says:

      Confused by Denys,he has a very unique dance style.Was great on SYTYCD Canada,so I’m not sure what he was talking about.Mad he waited until facing the judges to fully decide.

      • Better TV. Don’t forget that this is all staged/structured/produced

        • I totally agree! People should not think for one minute that the camera people / production assistants did not tell Executive Producer Nigel that Deny’s had doubts and that that this particular season and format was not for him. Nigel KNEW! He had to have known. Ridiculous, and as bitchstolemyremote wisely observed, staged / structured / produced.

          • PIMB says:

            Denys is a beyatch. He got his camera time. He probably has a better paying job. Also ballroom is getting the very short shrift this season. Booooo.

          • Emma says:

            I think they did it that way so Nigel could give his little speech justifying why ballroom is getting the shaft this season. Lame.

    • s-k-s says:

      I don’t blame Denys at all. The show has had a complete lack of respect for ballroom in past seasons, and it will only be worse this year – Nigel even said they weren’t doing the standards, just the latin, this year. Meanwhile he and his partner are very successful on the competitive circuit, and he would be forcing her and him to take basically a year off from that.

      • d1anaw says:

        I just heard that, and I am quite disappointed. I believe it is because all those contemporary and street dancers are incapable of doing ballroom, which is nonsense. If you are going to sell a program, then stick it out. ALL styles should be represented, not just the most popular ones with the entitlement generation. It would do them all good to learn traditional dances.

        • mooshki says:

          I think it’s because the viewers don’t respond well to non-Latin dance, and good dancers got undeservedly cut because of it.

          • Elle Michelle says:

            Another possibility is there wasn’t any traditional ballroom choreographers this year only latin ones…

      • sandy says:

        He was smart to step away knowing that he would have to do a zillion contemporary and hiphop routines this season. How would that challenge him as a dancer?

    • Denys is a star! A very talented, accomplished dancer who deserved to win SYTYCD Canada. Personally, I enjoyed watching him stick it to pompous, creepy Nigel who is so out of touch, arrogant, perverted and full of himself. Plus Deny’s love for his girlfriend was so beautiful and evident. #Team Denys.

    • Rafael says:

      Losing ballroom dancers was caused by popular judge Mary Murphy not appearing in this season. The reason why Mary cannot appear in this season because 1.) she was paid too much than the other judges and 2.) she was considered part of the badly setup FOX teen entertainment marketing which attracts too many young females in a bad strong way.

      This show is not the only one included as part of the FOX teen entertainment marketing and then forced to do its own change when the FOX teen entertainment marketing got shutdown recently.

      Glee, New Girl, The Mindy Project and American Idol are the other shows included in this badly setup FOX teen entertainment marketing also. Now they have to do their own forced changes.

      Glee had to do its forced change by 1.) making their total number of episodes from even to odd and 2.) they could make time to bring back actress Melissa Benoist as Marley Rose, who is not completely boring due to her strong talent on singing than acting.

      New Girl had to do its forced change when actress Zooey Deschanel became pregnant too quick in the wrong time. That forced this show to return by midseason.

      The Mindy Project had to do its forced change by moving to Hulu 1.) Due to the fact that Mindy’s look are bad, but it turns out that Mindy is not a completely bad person at all and 2.) this show is supposed to be a completely YOUNG ADULT PROJECT type of show, but they ruined it removing all young white females in a hurry, which is not right.

      American Idol is about to end its series due to the fact to pick the horrible singers ever since that American idol Season 2 incident. If they bring back some non-winning all-stars in this upcoming final season, then that should include Clay Aiken, Kimberley Locke, Chris Daughtry, Jessica Sanchez, etc… and this time, Clay should win and Kimberley should be the runner-up, without a doubt, no offense, IMO!

      • Python Rose Quartz says:

        You’re all over the place, but what do you mean by number 2, describing mary? How does paula abdul not fit this description?

  2. Bree says:

    I genuinely thought that things kind of got lost in translation with Asaf. I think he misunderstood what Nigel was saying. We’ve heard so many contestants say how hard it is to properly take in the judges critique after just dancing. And the other b-boy did a solo what 3 times, yet he can pick up choreography. I don’t know I kind of felt like it was a tv ploy.

    • As soon as ‘B-1’ had to dance solo a second time, he was destined to make it in – better story.

      There definitely seemed to be a language barrier with Asaf, though his dancing wasn’t good enough to merit making stage 3 IMO

    • msemmyjones says:

      I just can’t agree about there being a mistranslation or miscommunication. Even if he didn’t realize they were saying yes to him, him comments were incredibly pointed and made it clear he was putting down the other contestant who danced for his life. And that’s just not called for. Misunderstanding whether the judges are complementing or critiquing you doesn’t give you permission to throw a temper tantrum and tall smack on stage about another dancer.

      • Cassie says:

        I felt Asaf’s comments were directed at Nigel and at that point, Nigel hadn’t said yes or no yet. So while the other 2 were yesses, Nigel was making a distinction between “dance” vs “entertain”. Let’s face it – I thought B1’s solo was (and is) mostly tricks. Gymnastics tricks, like flairs on floor exercise and pommel horse, plus spinning. Asaf does similar tricks too, but for better or worse, at least he tried to tell a story with his solo.

        That said, talking back to the judges is a definite no-no. Maybe if he misunderstood (or understood completely but wanted to make a point anyway), say something but then you should stop once the judges respond. I seriously thought they were going to change their mind and boot him, for his back talk.

        • msemmyjones says:

          Whether Nigel had said yes or no didn’t matter seeing as two yes votes gets you through. And just to clarify, when I said his comments were pointed, I meant that he wasn’t being vague about who he was talking about. He was very clear that he was putting his solo in direct comparison with B1’s when that wasn’t necessary. They weren’t competing for a single spot, they were two people being individually judged on their own merits. B1’s performance had absolutely nothing to do Asaf’s. To be honest, I care less that he talked back to the judges and more that he needlessly, and very pointedly, called out a fellow contestant simply to say his performance was inferior. That’s rude and uncalled for. And if I were one of the judges, that would have changed my vote.

    • Carla Krae says:

      I agreed, I think Asaf misunderstood.

    • PIMB says:

      I loved Asaf. Israeli’s are blunt and very self confident (not that I’m stereotyping or anything). I agree with what he was saying but he needed to hear Nigel out and take it up with him later. I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t the dancer brought back.

    • James says:

      I can’t really agree. He speaks English perfectly well and usually understanding comes long before speaking. He fully understand what they were saying. Besides, how can you misunderstand “yes”. Personally, I’m happy he’s gone, I found his personality very off-putting.

  3. Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit says:

    I can’t believe Jaja is ranked so low. And Standing O was kicked off. Ugh.

    • I was truly pulling for Kenya, aka Standing O! She is SO talented, magnetic and interesting to watch. But, sadly, I feared that ageist, weight discriminatory Nigel who loves the jailbait femmes would prove totally predictable and cut Standing O. I was so incredibly bummed when that fear came true. Kenya (Standing O) is truly unique and a great potential star / role model.

  4. d1anaw says:

    I find it a little selfish on the part of the girlfriend to be ok with him bowing out because she didn’t make it. When you love someone, you want them to succeed even if that means you are only in their cheering party. Aside from that, I am also disappointed that there are no ballroom dancers. I believe they consistently have far too many contemporary dancers.

    • sandy says:

      I think its because she would be jobless for the next few months without a competitive partner. He would be busy with the show. So as a couple they wouldnt have been able to enter any ballroom competitions.

    • jessica says:

      Here’s the thing about that. Let’s say he stayed and was on the show, so that is what 2 months that he cannot dance with her, plus if he makes it to top ten then he goes on tour after the season wraps and the winner is announced, so either she gets a new partner, which may be very hard, or she just stop competing? It wa pretty obvious they wanted to do this together. Plus if he was looking for exposure, he pretty much already has it from winning the SYTYCD Canada, plus the prize money from that (I assume?). Plus as someone else pointed out, a lot of this show is contrived. We forget how much the producers manipulate things, so if he mentioned that he was thinking of dropping out after Antonina was cut, I would bet they told him to wait until he got further to do it in the green mile so that it makes for better TV. I persinally thought he was great and would have loved to see him, but I don’t fault him for making a choice that is best for them rather than just himself.

      And on a totally other topic, I agree that I saw no reason for Mission to be cut, he looked like he killed it! It was quite obvious that Anime was just lost (although Anime was cut there (deservingly from what they showed) at the same time as Mission, unlike what it says in the above article), so again that was either just utter BS and playing favorites, or he messed up parts that they didn’t show, I mean if it is a 2 minute song and they only show about 30 seconds jumping from dancer to dancer, there is a lot cut out.

      I am curious who was injured…my husband was guessing Edson since his leg locked up that one time, but really it could be anyone. If it is a street dancer, I hope they bring back Marie Poppins or Standing O, and hopefully the injured one isn’t Yaya, I love her, and I hope that she wins the whole season!!

  5. There are always so many talented dancers it’s tough to see any of them cut. With that said there are two things that drive me crazy: 1) people who we’ve barely seen eking out a place in Top 20 over talented people we’ve come to know and 2) the format determines the talent (in this case there should have been more female “Streeters” because they were WAY more talented than the guys)

    • Nikki_0715 says:

      Completely agree!! The street women were bad ass and showed up to fight. There should have been more of them let in.

      My real question is who got hurt and won’t be on the show and who’s replacing them???

      • Ferro says:

        Alain gets hurt and hopefully Marie or Asaf replaces him

        • d1anaw says:

          I missed that. I remember when I think it was Alex? got injured, he never was able to return. That was a shame. He was spectacular.

          • jessica says:

            If I remember correctly, after Alex snapped his Achilles on the one side and went through surgery and rehabilitation, when he finally got back to dancing he snapped the other one and had to go through it again. I could be misremembering, but that is why I thought he never made it back.

        • Elle Michelle says:

          rather see Marie than Asaf personally…or even BDash if they have to keep the male numbers somewhat even. just no Asaf…there were better dancers than him.

    • Spot on comments! Completely agree there should have been more female street dancers. Standing O was robbed.

  6. Ellie says:

    Bring back the Israeli kid! He’s fabulous! Who cares if he’s not great at choreography?

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      I agree. His point about entertaining, making people feel good is dead on. Fik Shun was not the best dancer, not even close, but he made people smile. Asaf, felt like he was being put down cause as Nigel said, “But the show is not so you think you can entertain, it is so you think you can dance” which prompted Asafs passionate and although maybe mistimed, entirely appropriate defense. I am extremely sad that he will not be a part of the show..

      • Nigel is the WORST! His ego / panties got all in a bunch. Asaf brought phenomenal TV and entertainment value but probably had language issues. Paula was right to champion Asaf and I am sorry she lost that battle.

    • Alyssa says:

      Considering this show is choreographed that’s part of why he didn’t make it. I think his attitude was another reason.

  7. Brad says:

    i’m perfectly okay with standing o and mission’s cuts. i’m actually surprised they lasted as long as they did. while i liked standing o, i don’t think she used the space around her very well, dancing very introverted. and mission was messing up a lot in that nappytabs routine (the whole group should have been cut). i wish they gave hurricane’s spot to casie ‘tynee’ goshow (she was never primarily shown, but the quick glimpses i saw of her, she was killing it). happy that virgil and b1 made it for the guys, and glad they didn’t let a-saf’s charm and good looks get him to the top 20. love jessica and jaja!

  8. Despite Nigel, I am VERY excited for live rounds next week and am truly thrilled that Twitch and Travis are mentors!! Taking screen time away from creepy, homophobic, out of touch Nigel is a huge plus.

  9. analythinker says:

    For some reasons, I feel like they want us to root for the female street and male stage dancers.

  10. PIMB says:

    Some observations:
    Haitian De Ruuulo is killing me. “You are unique, and different”.
    Love JaJa
    Didn’t mind Standing O’s exit. I felt she was very limited. If they only cared about their specialty, they wouldn’t make them do “Krography”.
    They need to bring back Asaf. Paula needs dual orgasmic males.
    Yay Yaya. The set up with Marie was weak. Marie brought nothing this year.
    Glad Marissa made it. She reminds me of Courtney (in the Garden).
    TABS is IT!
    Denys must have had a better offer. He was a waste of time.

  11. ChrissieK says:

    Did anyone notice last night that when Denys’ partnered did her group number her hair was a mess, all pulled out of the ponytail and straggling all around her head. THEN when she was called up and was told no thanks her hair was once again all smoothed down and looking perfect. What the heck was that all about, hmmmm?
    And what happened to ballet dancer Avo Karapetyan from Boston? He got a ticket to Vegas and I never saw him again. He was wonderful and I can’t believe he’s gone in a puff of smoke.

    • Kate says:

      Wasn’t he the one that had the injury?

    • Jen says:

      Yes!! I noticed the same thing about her hair and was super annoyed by it! When watching this show you want it to be authentic, knowing that they must have stopped after she danced, or filmed it twice, or who knows what, you wonder what else we aren’t seeing.

    • Mona Cattanach says:

      There was a short snippet in the first Vegas week show where Avo is not do well in some choreography round, but that was the last I saw of him .It was a shame, he was amazing!

    • Alison says:

      Agreed! I had been looking for him as well as he was so amazing!!!

  12. McGee says:

    Does the “B” in B1 stand for Booty? Because homeboy is…healthy. Those jeans during his DFL did him a lot of favors.

  13. FtheFreys says:

    JaJa is the one to beat for street.

  14. JM says:

    I’m glad Asaf is gone. Even if he misunderstood and thought he was being cut, his utter astonishment betrayed his tremendous ego. He could learn a lot from ‘Standing O’, who accepted her completely unfair cut with grace and style.

  15. Mona Cattanach says:

    Sorry to see Denys bow out. I was really looking forward to watching him dance. However, kudos to him for acting like a gentleman and allowing the judges to say what they had to say to him when he told them he was quitting. Say what you will about the ballroom men, they always conduct them selves like gentlemen when on camera. I suspect it’s part of their training. Also did anyone else notice last week when Edson got the cramp on stage in Vegas, Denys was the first other dancer to go over to Edson and offer help? I guess partner support isn’t just limited to partners.

    • Kyl says:

      Denys and Antonina had been my coaches for the last 4 years!!!
      Denys is a true gentleman on and off the stage!!
      So thankful to both of them for being a huge part of my life!

  16. tflores says:

    Team Darion Flores. Can’t wait for the live shows.

  17. missvci says:

    I was rooting for Kenya, she killed it every time on the dance floor. As the judges kept on praising her I was hoping they wouldn’t care about her size, but Nigel saying “Your talent is why you reached the green mile” was code for “You are super talented but too big to be partnered with so we can’t keep you despite the fact you are better than half the top ten” Sure, no one could lift her but the uneven guy to girl ratio, does it matter, she could lift some other girls or even guys if need be.

    But bottom line she wouldn’t look pretty in leotard, so she never had a chance.

  18. Lore says:

    I looooooove Travis, but team street is sooo good, i love Jaja, and Megan and Virgil and everyone… team stage i only like JIm…so
    And Tabitha!! THAT WAS AMAZING!!!

  19. Beth T says:

    So – Kate Harpootlian. I think she is great. She is also a LONG time associate of Travis Wall. She may be from his mom’s dance studio. She is one of his Shaping Sound dancers. :)

  20. Rafael says:

    Another concern is that, why are there 11 girls and 9 boys in this season?

    Shouldn’t they have 10 girls and 10 guys in every Top 20? Although, Season 7 was kind of different because of 11 contestants, so that’s excusable.

    • Aerick says:

      I hate that they didnt show boris from dragonhouse going home aside from the one clip they showed during the first episode where he was doing good… I thought he’d make it this year but he wasnt even at the green mile

      • Elle Michelle says:

        i noticed that too…its about the favorites…he didn’t make them laugh or kiss enough bums i guess…

  21. Carl Benson says:

    When the show sticks to dancing – it’s great. I think Nigel just loves the oddball scenes, the up-close-and-personal fluff that just wastes time. Too many great dancers. Just give us their performances. The judges are quite a trio. Nigel is an annoying fop, Jason bugs his eyes out and says nothing and Paula is reverting to her mildly-insane Idol days. Should be interesting. I think the 2 ballet guys are the top.

  22. Rafael says:

    Why is the Top 20 having 11 girls and 9 guys right now?

    • Emma says:

      One street dancer and one stage dancer go home each week, not one girl and one boy like in year’s past.

  23. Nayné says:

    If Asaf would’ve gone through, I would’ve quit watching the show. To me, someone who disrespects other contestants and thinks he’s above them is intolerable. His rant had no place, he did not misunderstand, and even if he did, the other contestant did nothing to him to merit such a response. You could clearly see the jealousy in his comments, and they did not even show him leave the room, I am sure not even one other contestant came to hug or console him. Even if people are competing against each other, do you really want someone with his attitude and stupidity represent the show?

  24. tina131 says:

    I am wondering who they kept in Denys place.

    • Susanne says:

      I was also wondering who they kept in Denys place!!! I also agree with Denys for bowing out as it is clearly evident ballroom is NOT a focus this year with the new format!! (What would the show have been without Anja and Dimitri)??? There was not even one coreographed ballroom where people had to partner up like in the past so it will be interesting to see how partnerships will work this year!! You may be a fantastic solo dancer, but to be in a partnership – completely different thing!! I am loving the tapper girl Gaby – her fight and determination is amazing – it is also great to see how every day she was getting better and better – a real standout. I hate that they didn’t focus on a lot of people who did make it as it will be harder for them to be early faves for the voting process – the editing could have been done in a way that we got to know all of them that went through. Loving the ballet boys. I was enjoying Asaf UNTIL … his comments although I can agree with them, was not necessary and the judges realized that he would be a loose cannon on the live show and not take well to the criticism that everyone needs to get better and improve. As a dancer (street or not) you have to learn how to take criticism – that means taking it in and not back talking. The best was the look on Jason’s face that read “I wish I didn’t say yes”!!!! And TwItch LOL!!! Ja Ja for me should have gone through last year so I’m happy she made it. The Queen of Detroit was a sentimental yes for me personally and it was sad to see her go – the live show needed someone like her on it – inspiration for everyone – another fighter through the panic attack – trained dancers are used to the pressure, not street – kudos to all the street girls who were truly impressive. Too many contemporary for my liking as well although they are all beautiful dancers from what I saw. Who is coming back?????

  25. abbyjope says:

    (1) YAY for JaJa and Jim – love them both, hope each makes it to the finale!
    (2) I think Asaf jumped the gun when responding to Nigel’s critique because it appeared, to me, that Nigel was telling *Paula* that it was about dancing, not entertaining. That was the umpteenth time that she had told a dancer how ‘entertaining’ they were without offering a structured comment on actual dance ability… Then Asaf had to open his mouth and blow his chance of making the Top 20, instead of just letting his dancing stand on its own. Too bad – and too much drama for a coach like Twitch. Ain’t nobody got time for that ish!
    (3) Hoping Standing O is the dancer they bring back next week, though am sorry that one of the top 20 was already injured and knocked out.
    (4) There are 11 gals and 9 guys in the top 20 because it has nothing to do with gender this year, it is simply Stage v. Street. In the first round of solos (Vegas day 1), Twitch even turned to Nigel and made a comment about how he could see having an all-female team bc the street gals were so much more badass than the guys at that point.

    • Elle Michelle says:

      are they even going have the two “teams” cross-over into different genres like in the past? I think I am just confused about this format for this year. They could have dug up a different judge other than Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo…in my opinion he didn’t bring anything different or constructive criticism for the dancers to grow from. They could have gotten a real choreographer to give pointers. This show maybe taking American Idol’s lead in ending soon…

  26. Bobby says:

    I just am frustrated with everything about this season. The ratings are way down this year and its because of all the poor changes they made. If they wanted to change it so they could have had two different shows. I miss the joy that Mary brought. Hope Fox doesn’t cancel them after this season.

  27. Elle Michelle says:

    I agree with the lows…I think the judges shouldn’t have let B1 or whatever go through. I think that the chick Marie poppins did better than him or that other dude krumper guy B-Dash would have done better than B1. I would be totally surprise if he makes it more than two episodes of the competition. I believe there was better talent from the male side. The judges made a bad call.

  28. lexesRSA says:

    Asaf had a big point to make on his part. The level of breakdance this day and age is far too high for the judges to have considered the other bboy impressive in his own style. Are gymnastic tricks honestly a good representation of a good bboy or dancer? for me, the other bboy, so sorry but i’ve even forgotten his name purposely, did not dance at all for his life, he just let the principles of momentum do all the work for him. Asaf, on the other hand, had originality, conceptualism and he’s a sight for sore eyes lol, his personality was made for television. Unfortunately, over confidence takes you nowhere in life and there is no room for traditional bboy rivery tactics on SYTYCD. Asaf needs to ground himself and practice humility, he was definitely in battle mode in the episode. He should definitely come back as the replacement on the live shows, no doubt!

  29. p23 says:

    The top 20 are informed ahead of time by phone, not when they reach the Green Mile (TV editing). So Denys would have already told them he was dropping out, but Nigel wanted to make him out to be this evil guy to justify why there’s no ballroom. In reality, there’s no ballroom because more than half of the current top 20 wouldn’t be able to heck it!

    I’m sad I don’t get to see Denys (watch the season of SYTYCD CA where he won – he is AMAZING), but he probably made the best professional decision of his life not joining the farce that SYTYCD US is now becoming – I have lost count of the number of times the choreographers have had to dumb down the routines because the dancers can’t manage them. The complete mess that Asaf and Kate performed says it all.

    Honestly the worst season – mediocre routines and dancers, and terrible judges. Paula is completely incoherent and Jason has no credibility. If they don’t bring back Mary/Adam/Mia and scrap this Team Stage vs Team Street format, there won’t be a season 13.

  30. Recory Baby - Doll says:

    Maddie is very immature, for her age. She comes off a spoiled brat. She is has no articulation what so ever. Her IQ is not very high according to her vocabulary and the way she interprets each act that comes on. All she says is, oh wow, you guys were so awesome…… Oh wow….. You guys were amazing. She never goes into depth about any of the acts performances. She is just pretty much an entitled spoiled brat. Sitting next to 2 prodigy choreography extrodinares, that can actually articulate into sentences and describe each act and what was a good move towards their performance. It’s far from mediocre, I love hearing intelligent responses, but not such if that from spoiled brat maddie who says nothing but average iq responses to anything. She expresses herself very annoyingly. Dancing is her is only her thing. She can dance. BUT has NOT won all the time. She also has the brat in her that thinks she over then every body else. Stuck up Melissa and her fabulous this fabulous that, just saying crap, comes off VERY fake, and is trying to act all stuck up and Richy Rich. I have nothing bad to say about Kenzie, because she is authentic. She’s got so much personality next to her disgrace of s sister maddie. Maddie only looks bad and is embarrassing herself. Again, I am waiting for this kid to say something that is intelligent and adult like, and I’m waiting to hear her articulate. But she disappoints me every time. The kid can’t even sit still in her seat. It’s like this maddie has A. D. D. Or something because she is NOT very smart. Paula Abdul is amazing! I have touch respect for Paula Abdul, the way she dances, sings, choreographs, and she is very out spoken and is thee only judge who can profoundly use her articulation very well. The spoiled brat could learn a thing or two about this annoying kid. Go back to dancing, and leave the show is what you can do, so maybe viewers will tune in to not be annoyed by you. Can’t stand this maddie! In 5 years from now, maddie will be nothin but a wash up, and probably a Hollywood statistic turned to drugs, just like all the other Hollywood kids do after all the fame, they get over Zellus and believe they’re the it kid and that they’re absolutely invincible. I’m sick of hearing about this kid. I’ll be glad when she’s replaced. I think Zendaya should be a judge, she actually an awesome dancer, and zendaya is 10 times better than maddie wash up. And by the way, TAHAUNI IS THE 1 WHO IS GONNA WIN THIS COMPETITION. Tahauni is the best thing that ever walked on stage. Eat that Ziegler.