Donald Trump's Miss USA Pageant to Air on 'Independent'-Minded Reelz

Miss USA Reelz

Miss USA is homeless no more.

This year’s pageant, dropped by NBC and Univision in the wake of Donald Trump’s controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants, will air exclusively on Reelz on Sunday, July 12 at 8/7c.

“The decision on the part of Reelz to acquire the rights to the Miss USA Pageant was based on our belief that this special event, and the women who compete in it, are an integral part of American tradition,” said Stan E. Hubbard, CEO of Reelz, in a statement. “As one of only a few independent networks, we decided to exercise our own voice and committed ourselves to bringing this pageant to American viewers everywhere.”

Miss USA co-hosts Cheryl Burke and Thomas Roberts announced Tuesday that they were stepping down from their duties in protest of Trump’s statements, leaving The Real‘s Jeannie Mai to (presumably) emcee the telecast alone.

Pageant producer-turned-presidential hopeful Trump drew widespread condemnation last month when he said Mexican immigrants are rapists who bring crime and drugs across the border. In addition to severing ties with Miss USA, NBC also fired Trump as host of The Apprentice.

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  1. Blue Note says:

    I guess some people just can’t handle the truth. You should live close to some of the border towns & you will see exactly what Trump was talking about. I don’t think he was putting Mexicans down…just illegals and Cartels dope runners.

    • And yet he didn’t say illegals and/or dope runners. Instead his words inferred that ALL Mexicans are rapists and criminals who the government and/or someone else in power sends to the US to rape and commit crimes.

      • Carol says:

        Michael….where I live, the documented, law abiding Hispanic immigrants express the same thing as Trump. None of us, regardless of our ethnicity like it when criminals cross the border. Trump had stated and continues to state that he loves the Mexican people…just not the criminal element.

        • And yet, once again, that is not what he said. What he said was that Mexico sends rapists and criminals to the States. WHO is sending those people? He failed to make any sort of distinction between a criminal element and average run of the mill tourists. He expressed himself in a racist way, period. He painted the whole country as containing nothing more than rapists and drug dealers.

          • Carol says:

            Michael…taken out of context of course it sounds bad but he was talking specifically about the border and building a wall, etc. How anyone could translate that into he hates Mexicans and is racist is beyond me. He didn’t get where he is today being racist. Who in their right mind would out of the blue state those things. You want to accuse people of being racist when they’re talking about protecting the border??

          • Once again, what he meant to say is not the issue. It’s what he ACTUALLY said that IS. His words ARE the reason so many are DISTANCING themselves from him:

            He made RACISTS remarks. Had they NOT been racists remarks, had he NOT accused an ENTIRE country of being populated by rapists and drug dealers, THEN maybe not so many people would have distanced himself from him.

            Did you see the video in which he states that he’ll make “Mexico behave”? Once again, accusing an ENTIRE country of being populated by criminals.

            We’re not talking about ONE isolated instance of him making ONE racists remark. We’re discussing MULTIPLE instances in which he made MULTIPLE racists remarks.

          • KevyB says:

            Michael, just give it up. Racists aren’t going to listen. Racism is stupid, so only stupid people are racist. They’re just going to find things that Trump said and massage them until they don’t feel racist anymore. That’s how racism continues, because people like to say intelligent things like, “Why, huh-huh, they’s just protectin’ our border!” when what they really mean is, “Yeah, keep dem brown people outta here! They’s all murderers and rapers and they takin’ our jobs!” Stupid can’t be unstupided.

    • People who defend unpopular, offensive, terrible things by saying people can’t handle the “truth” are so obnoxious. People can’t handle racism. As if white Americans never rape or commit crime. You know what the truth is? The truth is people who agree with Trump are the most ignorant, immoral and soulless sheep in the world. Can you handle that?

      • Lucifer says:

        That’s a bit ridiculous because there are many unpopular opinions that actually are true. Trump’s wording was bad and he’s an idiot, but the fact is there is a huge issue with illegal immigration and most people will not acknowledge it at all because they want to believe all illegals are “hard-working.” That’s just not true. I don’t believe all or the majority are criminals, but there’s a sizeable amount that are and blocking your ears and crying racism isn’t going to make the problem go away.

        • Mary says:

          I agree that may be true but there is also many who are legal citizens, and I am not talking minorities that are just as bad if not worse. If Trump wants to be a serious contender in the race, which I highly doubt he does, he needs to articulate his point. For an educated man he is really quite stupid. He cannot make such a general statement and expect a free pass. Sorry doesn’t work that way.

        • Being racist doesn’t make it go away either. And we do need immigration reform and we do need to police the hiring practices of undocumented workers. But perpetuating the idea that the border is some kind of cracked dam ready to flood America with evil, bad people is just fear mongering. Building our version of the Berlin Wall will not solve any of these issues.

      • suzyku says:

        TigerNightmare: VERY WELL SAID!

    • Can't Wait says:

      You make a good point. I live in a “sanctuary city” which feeds, clothes and houses illegals; we educate them and they put a drain on the city/state’s economy. My city is plagued with crime including rapes, home invasions and car jackings by these illegals. So, make no mistake, the illegals are not the cream of the crop of the human race. Obama has released prisoners, here illegally, for 2 years running guilty of crimes such as rape and murder. These people have been released into the general population of the USA.

  2. Dennis says:

    All publicity is good publicity… this fiasco has put illegal immigration in the headlines, an important issue!

    But I love Mexicans btw, such hard-working lovely people

  3. Ann says:

    Good for Reelz. Separate the idiocy of Donald Trump from the event. He’s only part owner. What NBC and Univision did was shameful. The only people they hurt were the other owners and the contestants. Donald Trump will survive this and has the money to do so, but the others….the employeees would have been the ones who suffered most. I really felt sorry for all those contestants who spent thousands of dollars for the pageant and were innocent in all this.

    • Joey says:

      If anything, Donald Trump should apologize to the employees associated with these ventures. He was the one who made the remarks, knowing full well that the negative response he was going to get would also shine a light on whatever company he happens to be doing business with. The fact that you’re shaming NBC and Univision for making smart business decisions is pretty shameful, actually.

      • Ann says:

        He shouldn’t have to apologize. He has the freedom of speech. What he said, he said as a private citizen running for office, not as a businessman or an employer. His presidential run is all for show anyways. He’s not even a real Republican. He donates heavily to Democrats. NBC and Univision should have separated his politics from his business. He has the right to say what he wants and NBC and Univision had the rights to drop the pageant that he co-owns (if they are able to do so contractually), but that doesn’t make it right. They did more harm to the staff and contestants by doing so. It made no sense to force the hundreds of other people to suffer because of what he said as a political candidate. Afterall, they DID purchase the rights to air the pageant knowing that he was a jerk, so they shouldn’t have been surprised…they just wanted to use it as an excuse to dump the show because of poor ratings. NBC is just riding the wave of censorship with this hypocrisy. MSNBC employs Al Sharpton, who has made several negative and racist remarks…yet they’re okay with that.

        • Joey says:

          When you say something negative and people associate you with a certain business, that business has the right to fire you (or in this case, terminate your contract) because it shines a bad light on their business and can hurt their bottom line.

          I can see from your comments that you seem to be able to understand what I’m saying, but its like you can’t bring yourself to say, “Oh yeah, I get it.”

          • Ann says:

            I know what you’re trying to say. But I’m pointing out the hypocrisy of them firing Trump for idiotic statements made as a person running for office while employing a man who makes idiotic, racist remarks as well on their “news” programming. The difference here is one man is making free speech for anyone willing to listen, the other (Sharpton) is getting paid by that very same network to make racist remarks. It looks to me that the person who needs to be fired is Sharpton, not the man making free speech to garner votes. There is also a difference between firing Trump from The Apprentice (because they don’t want to be associated with him) and not airing a program that they contractually agreed to air (if that is the case here).

          • Joey says:

            Are you just basing this off of what you generally know of Al Sharpton, or have you watched his show on MSNBC? I’ve watched all of the MSNBC shows, and what I almost always hear from Sharpton is that everyone needs to come together, particularly in times of crisis. While its true that he typically tends to cover more stories involving African-Americans than other news hosts, I don’t recall ever hearing him directly bash anyone on his show.

        • Mary says:

          The show was still going to go on, just not shown on TV, which quite frankly I don’t think many would have missed. He does have freedom to speak what he wants, but it comes at a cost. He needs to realize that every action has a reaction, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. Maybe next time, which I doubt, he will think before he shoots off his mouth.

  4. I’d probably close the comments section here before things get out of hand, which they are bound to do. Just my opinion.

  5. B.T. says:

    The contestants should band together and walk out.

    • Hudson says:

      They shouldn’t walk out. They should stay and speak their minds. Use the pageant as a platform to push back against what Trump has said.

  6. Hudson says:

    Donald Trump is the worst, but I see the point in trying to support the contestants, who’ve worked “hard” to get to be in the pageant and the other owners. I don’t have a problem with Reelz picking up the telecast or with NBC and, certainly, Univision, wanting to drop it. But, the hosts and judges and contestants have a great opportunity to speak out against or denounce what Trump has said on the telecast and continue to differentiate his idiocy versus what the contestants stand for.

  7. Ellinas1978 says:

    Even if I knew what channel was this Reelz thing and whether I got it, I still wouldn’t watch.

  8. Nancy Sterne says:

    I applaud the decision to drop the pageant. Trumps
    remarks about our neighbors south of the border shows bigotry and
    harms the reputation of our country and will also hurt the pagent..guilty by a association. Mexico may be guilty of drug traficking and other crimes, but it’s not fair to generalize.

    • Laura Markl says:

      So you think it is right to punish these young women for something Donald Trump said? It would be like punishing all of your kids for the action of just one kid. That would not be right or fair to the kids that did not do anything wrong. The women did nothing wrong and they have the right to have the pageant put in TV.

  9. suzyku says:

    Everyone who has a thinking brain should “dump trump”!

  10. Mary Kelly says:

    Cheers for Reelz….glad there is someone out there that still believes in the American freedom of speech……..and does not wear the ‘political muzzel’ that has silenced Americans!!

  11. Drew says:

    Trump was clearly talking about illegal aliens, and he made valid points. He isn’t racist, he is just a stupid speaker who will never win the candidacy.
    It is a serious issue that should be addressed though.

    And for the record 100% of illegal aliens are criminals. Duh.

    • Mary says:

      Maybe so, but if you want to be President of the United States you need to articulate what you mean to say. You cannot assume people will know. What is the old saying, assume and you make an a..s out of you and me. That is exactly what he did. Really anyone with half of brain wouldn’t want him to lead the Country. Are immigrants called Aliens now???

  12. Tony Lang says:

    Yes, let’s focus on the Mexican comments of it all, and not the fact that beauty pageants are an obnoxiously outdated concept that keeps forcing impossible standards on women not to mention exploiting and degrading them.

  13. Dawn says:

    He was speaking of the lack of boarder patrols.I believe anyway.

  14. Laura Markl says:

    Donald Trump was not fired from hosting CELEBRITY APPRENTICE. He had to walk away from it since he is running for President. Get your facts straight before you right a story. Did you confirm your story with Donald Trump? I doubt it because if you did you would know that and would of reported it accurately. I know this information because I heard it directly from Donald Trump’s mouth during an interview he gave to Sean Hannity after what he said that people want to twist his words. I am glad also for the these young women who have worked hard to be able to do the pageant on TV now. I believe that UNIVISION and NBC were very unfair to these young women. Whether you agree or disagree with what Donald Trump said pulling the pageant from their networks was not fair to these young women.

    • Carol says:

      Laura ….why are all the news outlets continuing to quote NBC and stating that they severed their ties with him because of his comments? I’ll have to tune into Fox News and catch the interview but again…other news outlets are quoting NBC. Very conflicting information.

  15. Debra burrow says:

    Loved the usa pageant and Texas had great answers . We all watched in support of Donald Trump . He is not a racist . He is an American who loves his country and wants us to survive the whole that Obama is putting us all in and shoveling in the dirt on top . We won’t last long without someone like trump who can call a terrorist what it is and stop all this attack on the history of our nation .