Teen Wolf Recap: Hammer Time

Teen Wolf Theo

Scott might not have much faith in Stiles’ detective skills, but after Tuesday’s Teen Wolf, I’ve never been more certain about his instincts: There’s something about Theo.

The Rosewood transplant sat Scott and Stiles down this week for a debriefing on his initial transformation — he claims he was attacked by an Alpha while skateboarding in an empty swimming pool — and everything appeared in order. Stiles even followed Theo into the woods, with Liam in tow, only to catch him in the act… of laying a flower at his sister’s watery grave. (What a rebel!)

If that’s where the episode ended, I’d be willing to file Theo under “totally innocent” and call it a day. But that’s not where it ended. The final scene found Theo chastising his father — or, at least, the guy who’s supposed to be his father — for botching the signature on his transfer papers. The punishment? No big deal… just a freaking hammer to the hand.

Elsewhere in Beacon Hills this week…

FOR THE BIRDS | Speaking of questionable family situations, this week’s episode introduced us to Tracy, an apparent friend of Lydia’s with serious supernatural drama going on. After telling Mrs. Martin about her “night terrors,” which included haunting visions of a raven, she straight-up puked out a bunch of black feathers. Mama Martin assumed Tracy had just eaten her pillow — is that a thing?! — but Lydia knew better, enlisting Parrish’s help to keep an eye on Tracy in case of any future shenanigans. And unless being kidnapped by the Doctors and turning into a werewolf is a common occurrence for Tracy, I’d say that qualifies as a shenanigan. Unfortunately, Parrish and Lydia were too busy flirting — he told her their night of surveillance was “not a total waste” — to keep a proper eye on their wolfed-out charge. Yikes.

Teen Wolf MaliaDRIVE ME CRAZY | Forget onis and nogitsunes; Kira’s dad learned this week that there’s no more dangerous creature than Malia Tate behind the wheel of an automobile. While going for a test drive in the school parking lot, Malia was suddenly stricken by a traumatic flashback of a time she drove — or was driven — through the woods at night. It’s anyone’s guess as to the specifics of Malia’s flashback, but with the Desert Wolf’s arrival now just a few episodes away, I’m willing to bet there’s a connection.


* When Stiles noticed that his dad wasn’t wearing his wedding ring any more, is it bad that my first thought was, “Good, now he can date Scott’s mom”?

* Am I the only one who thought Mason already knew Liam was a werewolf?

* If the Alpha who turned Theo was killed by his own twin Betas (Ethan and Aiden, I assume) does that mean Theo was turned by Deucalion? Just forget I asked this question.

OK, Teen Wolf fans, it’s your turn to make sense of this week’s episode: What’s up with Theo? Do you support the ongoing Parrish-Lydia flirtation? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ashley says:

    No, it means that the Alpha that supposedly turned Theo was the Alpha that Ethan and Aiden killed to enter the Alpha Pack. (Also: wedding ring, not wedding room lol)

  2. Esti says:

    In order to join Duecalion’s pack, the twins had to kill their previous pack. So the twins probably killed the Alpha that turned them, not Duecalion.

  3. Skittles&Bits says:

    The only redeeming thing about this episode was the Scott/Stiles interaction concerning Theo. I understand where both are coming from but I have to agree with Stiles; Scott can’t keep trusting every Tom, Dick and Harry that waltzes into Beacon Hills, especially if he’s going to be a pack leader. I’m glad Stiles is still investigating Theo–this time more subtly. The writers of this show just can’t resist having the “new guy/girl” turn out to be some loony antagonist. This show is so circular it’s like watching a daft but endearing puppy chase it’s tail…in the dark.

  4. 501venuw says:

    I don’t quite understand it all. I hate there is no continuity from one season to another. We end up months even a semester from the last time. I don’t mind it, but it really takes a a couple episodes to figure out what’s what. Don’t understand why the sort of werewolf was trapped behind the wall. Did they expect Stiles dad or Parrish to get the call? Everybody knew it was a tradition for high schoolers to go to the high school. If someone had been following Scott (the guy knew where he lived) he should have also known that.

    When Lydia showed up at the school, it was weird having seen her in the beginning. Then we were at the end realizing this was a flashback of sorts. The older man talking to her was trying to coerce her into talking about her friends to the point he was going to pry it out of her brain. Somehow the gang is hiding and she must have been captured to find out why.

    Lastly, that lightning was unusual. It wasn’t acting in a typical pattern, Stiles should have picked that up. Kira is supposed to have electrical current why didn’t she shock the werewolf?

    I didn’t say didn’t like it. I merely have to figure out where this season is coming from to go into the next dimension.

    • "A" Says Hi says:

      The entirety of season 5A is a flashback through Lydia’s mind. It was confirmed by the creator of the show with Tvline (the article was published yesterday, so it should be on page 2 or 3).

    • Ari says:

      Why doesn’t Kira ever use her powers? I don’t really understand why they even made her a kitsune. Any yahoo with a sword could learn to do what she does. Why doesn’t she ever use the other powers she’s shown to have? Honestly, they women on this show need to revolt and refuse to work until they get real storylines.

  5. Mikhaila Stella Janiszyn says:

    The traumatic flashback Malia had while driving would be from the night she turned and caused the car crash that killed her (adopted) mother and sister.

  6. Lily Coleman says:

    When Scott writes his initials down, then pauses and then writes A.A (Allison Argent).
    That scene made me cry a thousand times, why did they kill her couldn’t they just have had a happy farewell where she leaves beacon hills to go to other supernatural places instead of killing her off. Either way I think the writers did a great job with how they wrote in how Crystal Reed was going to leave.I think Theo was turned by the Alpha Ethan & Aiden killed to get there Alpha status. I don’t know, just a theory.

    • Zahra says:

      I’ve heard rumors that they will be brining Allison back this season so maybe that scene where Scott writes down her initials is a hint, I don’t know. They did kill her off and everything but Kate was also killed off and she came back as a werewolf so…
      I just really want Argent to come back, I miss him!

  7. B says:

    I wanted Stiles to be wrong about Theo, but then after the last scene all I want is more psycho Theo. I can’t wait to see that plot line develop. Also: isn’t it going to be obvious that Liam was chased by this new black wolf right after Theo shows up in town?

    • Haley says:

      It was Theo, the scene right after showed him transforming back.
      I’m just wondering though, if he can turn into full werewolf form… is he going to try to take Scott’s power or…. idk, it’s all so confusing & this season feels like it’s being way too rushed.

  8. tinega says:

    Reblogged this on Tinega.

  9. Swaggy P says:

    What does it mean when a werewolf can turn into a full wolf? Why can’t Liam or Scott do that?? Also…in the flashbacks that Lydia is having while talking to the doctor..it shows Liam and Scott fighting..is Liam going to try and steal Scott’s Alpha power? Because Dr Deaton said that only your own beta could steal a True Alpha’s power…..

    • Rook says:

      I’m thinking Liam gets kidnapped by the Doctors and they try and use him to steal Scott’s alpha powers.

    • OA says:

      You’re right, the fact that Theo can change into a full wolf, presumably at will because it’s not clear if it was still the full moon that day seems different from the normal wolf rules.
      It’s why I expected the wolf to have been Derek, not Theo.

  10. Well duh, the whole driving in the woods thing is from the night her mum crashed the car and she went all wolfy….

  11. Sarah_ says:

    Lydia is kinda young to be flirting with Parrish so I hope nothing comes out of this..
    I know it Teo was some psycho!! Stiles is always right lol
    I bet the little sob story about is transformation is fake and there’s more behind it..that involves his suppose dead sister.
    Great episode.

  12. liame says:

    So far, so boring. I keep forgetting this is MTV.

  13. Becca says:

    Sooo, when exactly is the desert wolf supposed to show up? Did anyone else think that maybe bitchy biology teacher might = desert wolf?

  14. Mariana says:

    Theory: Theo is Malia’s brother (maybe even her twin brother, who knows). I mean, he can fully turn into a wolf, as Malia could fully turn into a coyote. He has no real parents, and he probably found out that Malia is looking for the desert wolf (aka his possible real mother) and he might be looking for her too. Also, Theo gave me that psycho feel I always get from Peter, just saying…

    • Ari says:

      I like that theory!

    • Alexis Mccall says:

      okay that actually makes sense…like real sense.
      if malia and psychopath Theo are related then what becomes of malia? I mean “Peter” is her dad. (the guy who gave me nightmares for about two months) and some sort of “desert wolf” is her mom and a so why not a “psycho-sociopath” as a brother? it all makes sense and after all she’s just strong and really confident.

  15. robandco says:

    This new season is so underwhelming… I like the new characters but they draw so much focus from the original core of the show. It was nice to see Scott and Stiles interact. I don not mind Lydia and Parrish, I mean I suffer(ed) through underage Aria and Ezra on PLL so a legal yet creepy relationship is a nice change.

  16. Zahra says:

    1. I never trusted Theo because a) STILES IS NEVER WRONG and b) you could tell his sob story was bs and that it’s just the sort of story Scott would fall for, it just seemed too perfect.

    2. Parrish and Lydia flirting, where do I begin? When Parrish first showed up I really liked him, he kinda reminded me of Scott, honest , loyal, kind hearted, trustworthy and open minded. I also really liked the Parrish and Lydia dynamic, Parrish said he felt “drawn here” and Lydia being the “psychic” and all would be just the person to help him out. I also really liked the fact he didn’t think Lydia was crazy unlike every other character on this show (except Stiles) when she first found out about her “powers” he believed her and helped her. So obviously last season I was all for a small flirtationship with Parrish and Lydia. I mean I wouldn’t put it past her she’s dated plenty of inappropriate men before (Jackson, Aiden). However, the trailers leading up to this season and the info being leaked out made me believe that Stiles and Lydia are FINALLY going to have a chance! But no! It kinda seems like they’re trying to make Parrish and Lydia an actually thing and I DO NOT LIKE THAT! This is not what I asked for! Stiles and Lydia need an actual shot! They are a great pair, they are amazing partners in crime and really good friends for each other, before she didn’t even know that he existed and he was obsessed with her because he saw more in her then everyone else but now they’ve both grown and they both lean on each other when they’re in a bind. I mean the only thing we’ve ever got was a kiss in season 3b and Lydia immediately tried to write it off but we could tell there was something there! After that kiss they just dropped the whole thing! They never mentioned it again, we didn’t even get to see Stiles freak out about it and I don’t even think Scott knows! JEFF DAVIS STOP DROPPING STUFF, THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE CONTINUATION!

    3. This brings me to another point, the continuity of this show. Well, there isn’t much. Each season is like a new story. There are big gaps that are never really filled in and there are small ones that people just forget about like DANNY! At the end of season 3b when Ethan is telling Danny he’s a werewolf and Danny said he already knew! WTF. It left me with sooo many questions I was hoping to be answered the next season but I haven’t seen him since. In the earlier season when they were trying to figure out if Lydia or Danny was the “special one” and they eventually settled on Lydia don’t you think Danny could’ve had some insight as well? Maybe he’s a banshee too, maybe he’s something else? How the hell does he know about werewolves? ( well that bit is not too hard if you open your eyes but suprisingly no on in that town ever notices).

    4. When Liam and Mason were first introduced last season, they immediately reminded me of Jackson and Danny, I thought Liam would be a new Jackson super douchey but with a nice, smart gay best friend. After last night’s episode they absolutely reminded me of Scott and Stiles in the old days. When Mason is trailing Liam with a book of mythical beasts and trying to learn about wolves just brought me back to season 1! And then when Liam did tell Mason he was a werewolf and Mason looked super excited, it was great.

    5. The Liam and Stiles moments in this episode made me super happy too, when they were trailing Theo, they reminded me of Derek and Stiles. Especially when they were in the jeep and Liam was curious about the signatures and Stiles just ripped it out of his hands and told him to shut up. Those two have an odd relationship, when Liam first showed up Stiles didn’t trust him ( with good reason, the kid is IED) and neither did I but once he found out he wasn’t evil he still his goofy, crazy self around him either but we did see the beginnings of that in this episode like when Liam fell into a whole and Stiles told him to stop messing around, blaming it on him. It reminded me of something Stiles would say to Scott. I would love to see more of these two, I always thought there was some tension there because Liam is Scott’s beta but Stiles has always kind of been his unofficial beta, so I think the Liam and Stiles relationship will be interesting!

    6. What the hell is Stiles’ name! I was looking for his initals when they were “vandalizing” the school and I couldn’t see it. He didn’t sign where everyone else did!

  17. Ossiel Del Rey says:

    I’m kinda wondering why they didn’t write Erica’s or Boyd’s initials in the book shelf ? they were really good characters and I hope to see Isaac and Meredith again

  18. Ashlee says:

    ok……. I STRONGLY DO NOT TRUST THEO , at the beginging i was a bit iffy thinking should i trust him? he is hot but idk. and then he change back from being a fricken SHE WOLF like is it possible to be both or is it just him??????? I DO NOT TRUST HIM!!! but ii was like mason will find out about liam next season. and peter and coach aren’t coming back, peter hale was not in the credit saying coming back so I’m like…. ok but his roommate in eichen house is! Geez I’m excited for more.

  19. han_rulez says:

    Well when Lydia said that Allison is still with them, maybe she is. Lydia would be the one to know because she is a banshee. just a thought.

  20. nolanola says:

    The REASON, no one USES their power is because baby faced, Pollyanna SCOTT, wont let them KILL !!!!!

    Really what can Kira do but swing her sword? TIME FOR SCOTT TO STEP UP. The world is a dangerous place and always wants to kill him. WAKE THE BUCK UP.

    • Alexis Mccall says:

      okay first of all, Dont call Scott that. and second of all…call Scott that.
      you are right, they Dont use their powers I mean take a look at KIRA. sorry to say but kira is as good as useless. only swinging swords and shouting and always being beaten. I thought they called her a kitsune for a reason not a sword_swingsune.
      first she takes Alison place and becomes his girlfriend but she can’t change the fact that Alison has a special place in Scott’s heart.
      Alison was tough, agile, courageous, sensible, brave and caringly beautiful.
      kira? she’s a swingler, fight_shouter, a helpless person, always beaten and beautiful. I wish Scott sort of killed her when he had the chance in season 4 finale then she’d be gone and Alison would be back.

  21. teenwolf season 5 is great so far. just a little excited if scotts gona accept theo in hes pack…it means scott gona bestrong right????

  22. Thomas says:

    Am I the only one who saw theo evolve like Derek how come know one mentioned it

  23. Thomas says:

    I know stiles is right about theo but before why was he skeptical doesn’t he know what happened to Auden when Scott didn’t accept him

  24. chloe says:

    Lydia gets caputured and injected by those creators.. and I’m amusing they work for the eichen house that’s why Lydia is in the eichen house and there trying to figure out where her friends are but she’s protecting them by saying they died but really their just hiding.

  25. Josy says:

    When Theo said that the alpha bit him, was killed by twins I instantly thought Aiden and Ethan.

  26. Estefania says:

    but now Stiles’s dad is dating Lydia mom so how is Stydia ever gonna happen now? I do like Stalia but still 😞

  27. mo says:

    Education was the alpha of the pack of alphas.the twins were alphas not betas.
    they used to be omegas but killed there alpha together they explained it in a episode.