Grey's Anatomy: Jessica Capshaw Signs Major Contract Extension — Find Out How Long Arizona's Sticking Around

Grey's Anatomy Jessica Capshaw

Grey’s Anatomy is giving Callie and Arizona plenty of time to find their way back to each other.

The latter’s portrayer, Jessica Capshaw — whose contact expired in May — has inked a new three-year-contract with the ABC medical drama, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The new pact puts Arizona at Grey Sloan Memorial until May 2018, although Grey’s has technically only been renewed through the upcoming 2015-16 season.

An ABC rep declined to comment, citing the network’s policy of not discussing contract issues.

The majority of Capshaw’s colleagues, including frequent scene partner Sara Ramirez, will soon be back at the negotiating table as their current deals expire next May.

Last month, ABC entertainment president Paul Lee said he would like to see Grey’s remain on the air for “many, many years to come,” adding that the series remains “a powerful, vibrant” brand for the network.

It’s also a brand that, as series creator Shonda Rhimes acknowledged herself, is entering “uncharted territory” this fall without Patrick Dempsey’s Derek. As TVLine reported in June, Rhimes has recruited her former Off the Map leading man Martin Henderson to help fill the void as a charismatic new surgeon.

What say you, Grey’s fans? Relieved Capshaw has decided to stick around for such a long time? Does it give you hope for “Calzona”? Hit the comments!

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  1. Tina says:

    Best news ever, Now we need Calzona back together :)

  2. Lucy B says:

    WHYYYYYYYYY. Let this show die, ABC. Jessica Capshaw is better than this. All of the actors are better than this. (Well… all of the attending actors…)

    • Chelsea Mccafferty says:

      All actors on the show are fab not just “attendings” they were hired for the talent and their suitability to the role the show shouldn’t die its been here for soon long because fans have stuck around for years on on end because the story lines are crazy and there’s always drama going on i’m so happy Jessica Capshaw stuck around because it was the right choice she’s a great actor plays and an amazing role it’s always onwards and upwards! Great show hope it’s lasts for years to come!!!

    • apres says:

      Yes, she’s better than this but its all about the ca$$$$$h honey!

      No movies in the pipeline? Get a juicy role on TV! Look at Heigl, begging on all fours to get back in because there are no movie roles. The best scripts are on TV & cable for women.

    • cuius says:

      38-y-o with 3 kids – three years work

    • Lucy, If you don’t enjoy it don’t watch it and leave it to the ones who do enjoy it. I still enjoy it after all these years.

    • Julie says:

      This is great news. I would love to see callie and Arizona get back together and have a strong relationship. I also hope that the story line get back what it use to be. Last year it was really hard to keep watching. Didn’t seem as involved.

    • Mille says:

      Honestly, most of these actors wouldn’t have high profile roles like this on another show if Grey’s ended. It’s better they stay on this.

    • Marmee Cruz says:

      You don’t have to watch it if you don’t like the show; nobody’s forcing you. Stop the drama!

    • Billie says:

      You don’t have to watch it. There are still many loyal fans as well as new ones now that the series is on Netflix.

  3. Ellen says:


  4. Lea says:

    Lol. Grey’s till season 14?

  5. Tina says:

    Best news ever. Now bring back Calzona

  6. Linda Rogers says:

    She may be on the show, but I hope that Callie is smart and does not let Arizona back in her life. I cannot stand that character. Get rid of her Shonda. I would rather see Izzy back!!

    • Ellen says:

      Callie can find herself a new sex buddy, that’s all she ever thinks about anyway.

      • Kelly says:

        LOL, except Arizona is the one that doesn’t know the meaning of faithfulness, being that she not only cheated on her wife, but then jumped into a no-strings sex relationship with an intern. Who’s the one that can’t keep it in their pants?

        • Ellen says:

          I was talking about the fact that Callie was all about sex. She missed sex while they had a 30 days break. She didn’t miss her wife, she missed SEX. She even broke the 30 day rule because she wanted sex more than she wanted to save their marriage. She seduced Arizona one day, and broke up with her the next day. How nice! Whenever Callie had problems, she jumped in bed with Mark. If he was still alive, I can guarantee you she would have been back in his bed again waaaaaay before Arizona slept with Leah. And again when Callie broke up their marriage. She would probably have him waiting for her outside the therapists office.

        • Sharon says:

          I couldn’t reply to your ‘keep stanning funkyshaz’ comment. Not sure why. My friend..Ellen, the one you were interacting with sent me a link laughing saying someone thought she was me! Just to let you know it wasn’t me who you were conversing with..I mean clearly because we have different names. I certainly don’t go by funkyshaz pen name now… I lost interest in arguing with fans years ago, i actually grew up obviously not like some who remember trivial things like people’s pen names and calling them stans.

          By the way great news Jessica is staying on. Hope Sara does too.

    • Jana says:

      Izzie was the worst character to ever exist on this show. I don’t get at all how after 6 years people still pine after her. Even if she came back there’s nothing left in Seattle for her so why would they do that? Arizona at least has a daughter here and some friends.

      • AddieM says:

        Agreed… Izzie was the worst..why people would want her back is beyond me. I’m hoping Shonda does not get moved at all by this.

      • Dude says:

        Izzie helped put Greys on the map in those early years. She was a fan favourite and a lot of people miss her. You may not, good for you, I respect that. Respect that other fans disagree and want her back. The world is full of different perspectives so open your eyes.

      • bluefairy says:

        A character is only as good/bad as the writers make it to be. Izzie was a very interesting character in the first couple of seasons, but starting with seasons 4-5 her character didn’t make any more sense at all, her actions were often absurd and unrealistic and that’s why many people were glad when the show got rid of her. That being said, she was a major presence in the early days of the show and if she was now brought back in a smart, well-written way, if only to give us some closure about her character, it would be great and I’m sure many people would tune in to see her comeback (even those whiny people who keep claiming they’re not interested in her at all). However, according to Heigl’s most recent declarations, it doesn’t look like there will ever be a comeback.

    • Katie says:

      Linda, I agree. Arizona is completely unlikable these days. Calzona is the LAST thing that should happen. When Callie took Arizona back, Arizona should have worked to earn her tryst

    • AddieM says:

      Arizona is a much more lovable character than Izzie ever was in all her time on Greys…Izzie needs to stay dead/gone….don’t need her back at all

  7. Lauren says:

    Doesn’t mean she won’t get killed off! Patrick Dempsey still had another year left on his contract.

  8. Contract does not mean anything if you cross Shonda. lol

  9. Ashley says:

    Great! Now they have the time to write Arizona a new relationship and develop it properly. No more Calzona, please! It’s time to see Arizona with a new love interest, and give her some kick-ass professional storylines too!

  10. Holly says:

    Wohoo! I’m so excited! I love Jessica Capshaw and her character, Arizona. Now hopefully there will be enough time for Calzona to get back together, as they are meant to be.

  11. Tv fan says:

    Love Jessica but no Arizona

  12. aph1976 says:

    I’m happy by this news.Now even though Grey’s has only renewed through next season as of now it makes sense to sign the actors to multi-years deals now.That way if ABC renews Grey’s past next season then the show doesn’t have to negotiate with the actors again because they are contractually tied down already,Also even though the show will stay mainly focused on Meredith i’m sure with Derek dead i’m wondering if other characters will move to the forefront more now like Arizona.

  13. dragons3 says:

    This was one character I was hoping wouldn’t return. Can’t STAND Arizona, although I think Capshaw is a fine actress.

  14. Reba says:

    Ha, contracts can be broken…as we well know.

  15. Christy says:

    This is great news and give Callie and Arizona time to heal and become healthy individuals who may or may not reunite. It takes time to heal and time to love yourself and this was a major problem for these two Always losing themselves in each other. Now we can take the time to heal properly and make a reunion (if it’s in the cards) a permanent and lasting one. Thank you Jess for playing AZ and Sara for playing Callie and tackling a ground breaking storyline with beauty and charm. We remain #CalzonaStrong and hopeful.

  16. Sara says:

    I really want the news about Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers’s plans after this season.

    • EP would be smart to leave, it’s obvious they’re just making this show for cash. It could have went out on top, but nope! They prefer quantity over quality, apparently.

      • Deborah Jones says:

        Considering how long this show has been on the air, every single one of the actors has had the opportunity to cash in on its success without abandoning their integrity. Instead of ending the show on a high note, the writers seem to have decided to milk this cash cow for all it’s worth. I wish the writers had the integrity to bow out gracefully but some people never know when to quit. I really wish EP had left the show with PD.

  17. A fan of TV says:

    Capshaw being the sort of person you could build a show around if it was the right project, if Grey’s doesn’t last through 2018 because it chooses to go out before its a whimper of a goodbye (dependent on next-season ratings) I can see ABC putting her into a pilot before this contract is officially up.

  18. Connie Harris says:

    I am watching the show from the beginning so much I forgot.

  19. dj says:

    Quit talking about Patrick Dempsey. He was barely in the last season and it did just fine.

  20. Danofive0 says:

    Grays could be great.. If it would get back to being a Medical show…
    It’s become a Gay soap…May as well put it on at 10. AM with As the World Turns..
    How about it being a Medical Show again…

  21. Marissa says:

    I honestly states crying when I read this. Arizona and Jessica Capshaw mean so much to mean. Jessica Capshaw can make me the happiest person ever when I’m sad. The only dean I’ve had for a few years is to be able to work on a show or movie with her some day. She is just so amazing and it would be and honor to work with her!

  22. Irene Klein says:

    I think it is time for both Callie and Arizona to move on. I am certainly happy Arizona is staying but the Calzona thing is dead. I hope they both find happiness with other people

  23. Margo says:

    I mean this is great news for Jessica Capshaw…Im a fan of the actress…so it’ll be great to keep seeing on on our screens…but three years?!?! How many more years is Greys gonna continue for?!

  24. Les says:

    I am happy she is staying on, however I still can’t bring myself to continue watching without Derek. The only way I would consider it is if they bring back some of the original characters like Izzy or Burke or Christina. The show has lost its magic, it needs some of the old spark back. And please let “Calzona” die. So over that relationship.

  25. C says:

    I’m not watching. I quit when Dempsey left. And I wasn’t even that big of a fan of the couple — meaning I watched it for a lot more than Mer/Der. I just hated the ep and got fed up with killing off good characters. It’s just not fun any more so I’m gone…. U.S. TV never seems to know when enough is enough.

  26. Laura says:


  27. Tori says:

    If the beyond dead horse SVU can stay on air about 10 years longer than it should then there’s no reason a show with decent writing shouldn’t stay on either. At least Grey’s has a good cast.

  28. Angelina says:

    Great news it’s Calzona time!!!

  29. Sarah says:

    Great news but please (no more Calzona!). Give Arizona a new healthy relationship. She’s at her best when away from Callie. I’d like it to stay that way. @Shonda if you’re reading this let the mess that is Calzona stay dead.

  30. Violetblue says:

    I am happy for Jessica and all of her fans and Calzona’s. Maybe its in the cards that Callie and Arizona will be back together at some point or maybe not, that’s up to Shonda an the writers, but make no mistake, when Sara and Jessica are on the screen, their chemistry is electrifying. I want that to continue, so cheers!

  31. Wilma says:

    What an insult to fans. Kill of the main character and basically say you don’t care what they think. People need to ban this show. Stop watching or Shonda will continue to collect money for the nasty things she does.

  32. Joy says:

    Yay!! I love Arizona and l hope to see more of her. I limited Calzona but would not like to see them together yet. I believe that Arizona needs someone who only thinks about her and makes her go back to the Arizona she was. Unfortunately her PTSD wasn’t totally under control. Callie has a new love interest in the cop guy. Arizona needs someone for her. Maybe by dating and living with other people, they’ll realize they are meant for each other.

  33. Alan says:

    Arizona.. I love her!

  34. GreysFans91 says:

    Love Jessica! Love seeing her pretty, adorable face on Grey’s Anatomy. They couldn’t have cast a better lady to play a PEDS surgeon. Amazing with the kids.

  35. Dennis says:

    What about Katherine Heigl?

  36. Eleanor says:

    Oh please keep Greys on forever. I would be lost without it.

  37. Tina Nelson says:

    I am completely excited about 3 more years or our one and only Dr. Arizona Robbins, more room for Arizona and Callie to reconcile and remember they love ea h other and can’t live without each other.

  38. shutuprob says:

    Well, they’re certainly trying to test my theory that Season 12 should be a season-long epilogue and finale to the entire series. I mean, seriously, they pretty much finished Meredith’s story with her not going Twisted Sister Suicidal (ala her mental state in seasons 1-3) after Derek died. She can now survive pretty much everything that’s thrown at her, so they really have nowhere to go with her barring the death of one of her children. So, uh, more power to Jessica Capshaw for getting a three-year extension — conceivably, if Grey’s were to end at the end of the upcoming season, ABC would quickly find another series for Capshaw to fill out those two years, but the fact that Shonda and/or ABC is even considering three more years of Grey’s via this contract extension of a supporting character suggests to me that they haven’t thought through the impact of Derek’s death on the central, title character and whether or not that means they’ve actually completed the story of the entire series.

  39. JJ says:

    more seasons of GA? I see GA is going with quantity over quality…

  40. ingreenmts says:

    Love Arizona!!! Now just give her a romantic storyline please!

  41. Seriously? This show has had MULTIPLE chances to go out on top, but this has just doomed it. Seriously, as much as people love these shows, there is a realistic time to say GOODBYE.

  42. anne says:

    calzona is the worst couple ever, please do not pair them, they are over. time for new!

  43. Whatever says:

    This doesn’t mean a darn thing, just ask Patrick Dempsey.

  44. Nitemar says:

    Great news, even better when Sara signs new contract in May. If only Shonda gets Calzona together this season with a legal marriage that will be the heaven on earth for us the fans! Make it happen Shonda!

  45. Wendi says:

    And we all know how binding a contract is with Shonda, right Patrick Dempsey?

  46. Llawen says:

    Grey’s is over for me. I watch television to escape day to day problems. There is enough suffering IRL; don’t need to subject myself to more. This new (old, but resurrected) writer’s device of “killing the darkings” does not impress.

  47. Allen says:

    Means nothing. Dempsey signed a long term contract extension too and look what happened to him.

  48. Carol says:

    I was SO HOPING she would be gone! One of the most annoying on the show!

  49. acurat says:

    We will see what ratings it pulls in on its last year of its current contract. If it crashes in the Nielson’s then it will be its last. If Shonda Rhines and Co. somehow pull another rabbit out of the proverbial hat, then it will get renewed for another year (or two). Just have to wait and see how many people still watch (for reference, about 8 million watched per episode last year before Dempsey’s season ending death – then the ratings spiked a few million).

  50. acurat says:

    We will see what ratings it pulls in on its last year of its current contract. If it crashes in the Nielson’s then it will be its last. If Shonda Rhines and Co. somehow pull another rabbit out of the proverbial hat, then it will get renewed for another year (or two). Just have to wait and see how many people still watch (for reference, about 8 million watched per episode last year before Dempsey’s season ending death – then the ratings spiked a few million).