Defiance Recap: The Purgin' General

Defiance Season 3 McCawleys Dies

Syfy’s Defiance opened Season 3 with the introduction of two new kinds of lethal adversaries — both of which left their mark, as well as threatened to do further damage, by the end of the two-hour opener.

WHITE SUPREMACY | On the hunt for crazy Pilar, who in the finale had left town with son Quentin, pregnant daughter Christie and son-in-law Alak, Datak, Stahma and Rafe crossed paths with General Rahm Tak aka “The Beast” (played by Oz‘s Lee Tergesen). To curry favor with (or at least avoid death at the hand of!) the infamous Castithan, the Tarrs pretended to have captured Rafe, then joined the general in trash-talking the humans.

It’s when the ear-eating, Johnny Cash-quoting general discovers that some humans are nearby — that would be Pilar, Christie (who has since given birth to a son, named after her deceased brother Luke) and Quentin — that he truly earns his ominous nickname. Arriving at Pilar’s safehouse, Rahm Tak scoffs at Quentin’s cred and pops the lad in the noggin. When Rafe storms the place and attempts to stop the general’s goons from assaulting his family, Defiance Season 3 McCawleys Deadhe is perforated by a hail of bullets. Completing the deadly trifecta, the general tasks Stahma with taking a charge blade to her daughter-in-law — or else Datak dies. With both women realizing that to let this play out will help conceal baby Luke’s hiding place, Christie declares, “I’m not afraid,” paving the way for Stahma to slit the new mom’s throat.

After everyone clears out and Rafe uses his last breaths to urge Alak to forget this tragedy and love his new son as much as he loved Christie, Pilar spirits Alak and Luke away to a “borrowed” mobile home — only to disappear with her grandson in the middle of the night. Later, Rahm Tak compels Datak and Stahma to act as his spies inside Defiance, or else he’ll kill Alak, whom his team found searching for his son.

PURPLE REIGN | Elsewhere, we met T’evgin and his daughter Kindzi, members of the presumed-exterminated, purple-skinned Omec race, as they freed Nolan and Irisa from that pod in the process of scouting out the gulanite mine. Returning to town, Irisa was met with part contempt/Berlin beat-downs, for her rep as a killer of “everything,” and part geek-boy adulation,Defiance Irisa Book as the scantily clad subject of a graphic novel series.

After Nolan gets up to speed on the town’s gulanite shortage and resulting crippled defenses, he, Amanda and Irisa check out the mine, where they run into Kindzi. Amanda winds up shooting the young Omec, who then is put into lock-up, where she is taunted through the window by some boys. Kindzi takes the metal rod the bookkeeper’s son is cruelly jabbing at her and thrusts it back at him, fatally impaling him — suggesting to horrified onlookers that the Omec are very much the devils that Votan lore painted them as.

In the street riot that follows, Kindzi is badly wounded, requiring Doc Yewll to make a most unwilling sacrifice, since T’evgin can use Indogene tissue to repair his daughter. The squabbling sides then arrive at a truce — the Omec will use their mining tech to help replenish Defiance’s gulanite supply, in trade for a cut of the haul, which they need to repair/refuel their ship. But unbeknownst to Mayor Amanda et al, said ship is filled to the gills with hundreds upon hundreds of in-stasis Omec, poised to eventually awaken and “Conquer, Kill, Devour” Earth, Defiance included!


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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    Lee friggin Tergesen, that is all!!!!

  2. Sh!tty move killing off Rafe and Christie. Now Luke is the only surviving McCawley.

  3. sarratiger says:

    I am super bummed out after this episode. There is no hope

  4. I’m out
    Crappy episode killing off the best characters.

  5. Mary Ann says:

    What happened tonight really sets up what looks to be a really exciting season of Defiance. I think I am really going to enjoy watching it. That new race, the Omec, look very scary.

  6. James D says:

    Amazeballs! in hindsight those three were the logical choice to go but sweet jebus it happened so fast one after the other, I’m going to miss Rafe a lot he was definitely one of my favorite characters. they certainly stepped it up this premiere it’s already a 100 times better than last season. Lee Friggin Tergesen is the greatest bad buy actor ever, Ram Tak is so good. that cover with Irisa was priceless I got a good chuckle out of it, she’s the female alien version of Fabio :) can’t wait for the next episode, so glad it’s back.

  7. Sylvia says:

    Why did Rafe & Kristi need to die? Very disappointed

  8. Simon says:

    OMG that was awesome! Everyone was on fire tonight! It really packed a punch, it was the first time it really felt like this was a post apocalyptic nightmare world

    Sad to see the McCrwaleys go, but they never really knew what to do
    With them anyway. Christie got to go out like a badass and I loved that.

    The only thing I didn’t like was where Alak ended up at the end of the episode: he was coming into his own as a father and now he is once again just a pawn with no agency. Also Pilar is the worst.

    I don’t really like that Stahma and Datak will be forced to work against Nolan and the others. But the Omec and the drama they will stir among the Votans will be great to watch. That scene with Doc Yewell was hard to watch, great scene!

    I seriously can’t say enough good things about this episode, I hope they can keep it engaging and tightly written. Their problem is that they tend to go a little too over the place S the season progresses, with characters going off on a thousand tangents. But the general Tak storyline should help keep everyone pretty much on the same page

  9. Sometimes having major characters die all at once can really be something ultimately good for a show. Doesn’t feel like the case this time, though time is the key word since it will be eventually tell.

  10. The Editor says:

    Reblogged this on Entertainment Suite.

  11. car4ever says:

    I watch defiance from season 1: I love it but when they killed Christie from the show I got mad; she was one of my favorite character. She just had a baby “Luke” and they killef her. She had a good relationship with Alec. She needs to come back on the show. She completed the show. I’m not the only one mad at this dealth.

  12. Ashbash says:

    I’m so bummed they killed Christie :(

  13. kirads09 says:

    I loved Rafe – that was heartbreaking and I am sad about Christy and Quentin deaths. Have to admit that I felt some relief (hearing there were 3 deaths) that Datak and Stahma weren’t among them. Was worried there a couple times. Nolan can relate to the father Omec wanting to save his daughter, but that is clouding his judgment as to how dangerous they are IMO. Hopefully Irisa and/or Amanda will help him see that. I was really sad at what they did to Doc Yewll (she is the BEST and my favorite character out of all of them!) – taking their pound of flesh as it were. To see her broken like that broke ME. I don’t think she will forgive and forget and the repercussions could be EPIC. Still miss – mayor emeritus Nicky and her Mr. Birch. Kinda wish they were still around. I have always adored Linda Hamilton, but Pilar is – yep – still crazy after all these years. Think Defiance should get an award for the most creative use of a Queen song. I don’t like to lose characters but like that they don’t get “comfortable” with the storylines and every season have shaken everything up quite a bit. Makes for an excellent show. Thought the S3 premier was AWESOME.

  14. Phil says:

    Really disappointed in the premiere. Linda Hamilton has to go – that storyline feels very forced. I ‘ll hang in another week but the show has a short leash now.

  15. Fido says:

    The ptb should get together with DC and release that comic. :)

  16. marie says:


  17. C++Jay says:

    Only $0.25 for “Amazing Goddess of the Badlands” ?!? GIMMY GIMMY ! Even if the story is only as good as that Amazing cover, That’s Awesome! Is ‘Goddess’ for sale on ?

  18. kirads09 says:

    Anyone else think Kindzi was a doppleganger for Rihanna ? Just sayin.

  19. kballer312 says:

    Wow I thought the death of Tommy was bad but then they go ahead and literally write off the entire Mccawley family but the crazy white mother survives? Lmao wow! They’ve literally obliterated their entire minority cast, now the show is nothing more than a bunch of white ppl conversing with other white ppl in alien costumes. The showrunners have the nerve to call this show ‘diverse’ when they clearly treat all their POC characters like shtako? Smh and I love the bs, “they didn’t know what to do with the character” line. Fanboys/girls said the same thing about Tommy last season. What does that even mean? Why is it, it only seems to be the POC characters who they have trouble writing lasting story lines of substance for? So either there’s something else at play here, or the writers have proven to be incompetent and incapable of writing sustainable arcs for minority characters. Smh white ppl truly have no idea how privileged they are, I’m dropping this show. Doubt it gets passed this season…..

    • The Grinch says:

      Well, the Omec characters are played by black actors. But, of course, every single thing in the world should be run thru the prism of race. The pretend, science fiction space show on SyFy is diverse because, ya know, it has many different types space aliens in it. The point of race for the human characters went out the window the day the aliens showed up. Every single character on this show could have been played by white actors and it would have made no difference. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I never would have noticed that the dead characters (including Tommy) were “minorities”. But I’m sure the creators of the show want to keep the “white privilege” going. We all know Hollywood is a bastion of conservatism.

    • KiltedSavage says:

      Wow, stuck on stupid much? I’m pleased you’re dropping the show, you race baiting bigot . It’s a shame people like you have to read race into everything, even a sci-fi series on a minor cable station. As far as minorities not being represented, as Grinch correctly pointed out, we now find the Omec, purple skinned minority aliens being played by all blacks.

      Absolutely drop the show and go tune into BET- the Black Entertainment Network, HBOBlack, STARZBlack, etc. Bask in the knowledge that hypocritical bigots such as yourself have entire networks and specific programming to minorities, something privileged white people don’t have.


      • Derrick Demont English says:

        I see there are idiots here,what does race have to do with anything, and what does being white and privileged have to do with anything as well? There are well to do BLACKS in the world as well. You Morans on this post making dumbass comments about a syfi show, need to get a grip . Just saying.

      • elizabethp056 says:

        As usual I see the Syfy fanboys are up in a furry over someone challenging them on their beloved show’s diversity issues. “As far as minorities not being represented, as Grinch correctly pointed out, we now find the Omec, purple skinned minority aliens being played by all blacks.” Lmao! Really, that’s your argument? The Omecs are two supporting characters who most likely won’t even make it through mid-season, and without a doubt will be gone by the season finale either by being killed or written off. But sure, even though the show killed off Tommy and basically the entire Mccawley family for no logical reason whatsoever in terms of moving the show forward, they’ve now more than made up for it by bringing in two blacks for limited supporting roles that will last a season at best and will most certainly end with them being killed/written off? Lol, give me a break! You fanboys are all the same, always in major denial about the realities of diversity.

        It’s like you just see a few POC’s in supporting cast roles and automatically think that’s real diversity, without actually taking the time to fully observe the story lines, importance, mannerisms, and actions the writers choose to give these POC characters. I’m a white woman and I’ll gladly admit that while last year was a big step forward for TV in general, the fact still remain that this is a major problem with the misrepresentation of minorities in MAIN LONG LASTING ROLES OF SIGNIFICANCE on tv shows/films, and yes Defiance falls under that category. Anyone who’s honestly trying to argue otherwise, either hasn’t done research on the matter or is beyond delusional, maybe both….Honestly I’m not gonna argue about this show anymore than I already have. It was more than clear to me this show was doomed the moment they moved it to Fridays. With the exception of a very select small group of shows, history tells us that Friday is the ultimate, “just kill me now and get it over with” time slot. So unless there’s some sort of drastic increase in ratings, this season might be the last regardless.

        • elizabethp056 says:

          *there is a major problem with

        • Umm No offence but the “Racial” characters that were written off were really only minor supporting cast anyway. Rafe might have come close to a main character but he was not. However I watch a show for its entertainment value and fun, not to sit and count how many minorities may or may not be in it. I mean if we want equal billing for everyone the cast of every show would have to be huge. I could only imagine it. “well, here were have three white guys so now we need to add three black guys and three Native Indians and the Asians and three… Show are made for characters in the show, not for who plays them.

          Now in saying that and getting back to the point of the matter that has everyone upset… I was not sad to see Rafe go. Tommy made me a little sad but there was just never any chemistry with him or anyone. Christie I was upset about though, that was to bad, but the fact she sacrificed herself for the baby was amazing…

    • Pascooty says:

      I know I’m late, but I finally got to watch season three. I noticed the exact same thing in the season premiere. It felt like a racial cleansing of the show, it was disturbing and disappointing. I’m white and I noticed it.

  20. John NYC says:

    Always delivers. Welcome back!

  21. Bella Sorella says:

    Great new characters and plots, but did all the McCawleys have to die? Seemed completely unnecessary, but hopefully somewhere down the line it will make sense.

    • John NYC says:

      In a world where spaceships randomly fall from the sky and hellbugs eat anything that they find that characters we know die already makes sense. The world of Defiance is always trying to kill everyone: that some make it is the oddball outcome.

      They were hammering that home in the double opener.

  22. Missy Clausi says:

    Not cool killing off Christie. They totally developed her character into an awesome woman and then they’re like lets just kill her off. Not cool. Don’t think I will continue watching the series. I liked watching her storyline more than Stahma, Nolan, or Amanda.

  23. bj says:

    I loved Graham Greene in this role. Not happy that he’s gone.

  24. Derrick Demont English says:

    I think season 3 is starting off like crap,how they going to kill off rafe and Christie,total BS. Makes me not want to watch anymore.

  25. KiltedSavage says:

    It’s such a damn shame the Defiance writers are no talent hacks, having to steal the “Kill everyone off” attitude of more popular shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones author, Martin. Instead of digging deep and coming up with original exceptional storylines, these pathetic wannabes take the easy, albeit dishonest, way and blatantly sell out. Award winning actor, Graham Greene, and the other McCauley family members deserved more, deserved better efforts and better writers. With the death of that family, some of the most intriguing storylines and characters are gone, which is a huge loss for the show. Defiance isn’t even close to the quality or as exciting as Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead and making this idiotic move, I wouldn’t be surprised if the series tanks and disapears. The show had potential, a damn shame it was destroyed by idiot writers and producers.

  26. Lin says:

    I will miss some characters, but I loved the show. What group sang Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” at the end of the season premiere?

  27. Moll says:


  28. Kathy Smith says:

    There was no need to kill off Quentin and, especially, Kristy. I’m about ready to stop watching. Shows need to stop this unnecessary shock factor of killing faves. I’m disgusted.