Outlander Finale Recap: Prison Broken

Outlander Jamie Rape Randall

Warning: This recap contains spoilers for Outlander‘s Season 1 finale.

Deep breaths, everyone.

For months now, Outlander‘s Black Jack Randall, a sadistic Redcoat who makes Jeffrey Dahmer look like a mewling kitten in comparison, has had Jamie Fraser in his sights. In the season finale, Randall slakes his desire by taking command of not only the Scot’s body but also his soul.

I was gonna write, “The latter is harder to watch,” but that’s just not true. Both Jamie’s rape and its psychological aftereffects are horrifying, compelling, awful and expertly acted, and they provoke so many reactions/conversations, it’s a good thing we have the rest of the recap — and a summer in the Twitterverse — to hash it all out. So take a shot of whatever whiskey is handy, and let’s review “To Ransom a Man’s Soul.”

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BOVINE INTERVENTION | We return to Jamie, lying on the cot, looking like some past-its-prime haggis. Whatever was going to happen at the end of the previous episode seems like it’s already taken place — and for a moment, I thank God and Ron Moore that we’ve been spared the scene that those familiar with the book have dreaded all season. (I’ll be rescinding that gratitude later on.) When the camera moves, we see that Randall is stretched out on the cot behind Jamie; a wide shot reveals that they’re both naked, and when Black Jack gets up and begins to dress, we get the Full Menzies.

The first sign we get that Jamie hasn’t succumbed to the absolute horror that are his circumstances is when he rasps, “You owe me a debt.” Oh right — Randall promised to give Fraser a quick, desirable death in exchange for their terrible night in the cell. The captain seems like he’s willing to keep his word, because he grabs a knife and starts toward the bloody, beat-down Scot but pauses when he hears noise in the hallway. What’s that strange sound? Could it be… hoofbeats?

It is! And no sooner has a curious Randall opened a wooden door than MacRannoch’s entire herd of cattle trample him like someone just called out, “Who wants a burger?” I’m pretty sure that my nerves are just shot from the anticipation of what might’ve happened in the scene before, but the moment he goes down makes me giggle uncontrollably. “Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “Interrupting cow.” “Interrupting cow wh–” “MOOOOOOOOOO, JACKASS.”

Anyway, Murtagh, Angus and Rupert are right on the cows’ heels, and once the path is cleared, the three men find Jamie face-down in the cell. The sounds Fraser makes as they cover him and roll him over are inhuman, but the cows are making enough noise to distract the guards. So the trio manages to hoist Jamie over a shoulder and hurry him out the door Claire left open in the previous episode. Yay, right? So why do I not feel relieved one bit?

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NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES | Maybe it’s because when Jamie comes to in the back of a wagon and sees Claire, dressed in her traveling bard clothes, he thinks she’s Randall and tries to choke her to death. Poor Claire is happy her husband is alive but shocked at how badly he’s hurt and worried that maybe she can’t fix him — and all of that plays across Caitriona Balfe’s face (well, in the moments that Claire’s not gasping for breath like a grounded grouper).

The entire party makes haste to a monastery in Scotland — this is a change from the book, which has Jamie endure a sea voyage to France at this point — where Fraser does his best roadkill impression while retreating further and further into himself. He sullenly refuses to help his healing along. He won’t make eye contact with Claire. When he does speak, it’s full of despair at best and vitriol at worst. Finally, an at-her-wits’-end Claire says Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ to the whole thing and demands to know what Randall did to her husband.

“Too much and not enough,” Jamie replies, eyes averted as he starts a halting description of his rape.

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THE HORRID DETAILS | In flashback, we’re right back at the moment Randall returned to the cell after kicking Claire out of Wentworth Prison. When Black Jack removes the nail he pounded into Jamie’s hand earlier, the wounded man vomits and falls off his chair. Randall takes the opportunity to play gentle nurse —

“The worst of it is over,” he lies — cradling Jamie in his arms and touching him lightly, but it’s all lead-up to him demanding that Fraser take a more enthusiastic role in the proceedings.

“So that’s your plan, to submit like Christ on the cross. Well, we’ll see about that,” Randall muses, forcing Jamie to sit and then prying open the Scot’s thighs. Everything he does is in shadow — thank God — but you don’t need to see details to know exactly what’s going on… and how it’s killing Jamie. When Randall ducks his head down to Fraser’s lap, Jamie looks away but, as promised, puts up no fight. I write in my notes: “This is awful.”

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Eventually, Randall drops the other man’s kilt, bends him over the table and rapes Jamie while we watch every appalling moment. Later, when a very-out-of-it Jamie has a vision of his Sassenach and reaches for her, Randall demands to know, “What is her secret? Tell me.” Jamie’s dream fades in and out, which causes him to weep and deliriously tell Randall, whose face blends with Claire’s, “There’s only you.”

Because I fear for all of our psyches after so much emotional trauma, howzabout we take a little break while Claire sets Jamie’s hand (oh God, bone through skin bone through skin!) and spends some quality time in the monastery chapel, eh? When Father Anselm hears her entire story — time travel and everything — and believes her, I want to hug him. (Also possible: After Jamie’s recitation, I just need a hug.)

Outlander Jamie Rape Randall IN WHICH CLAIRE TAKES CHARGE | This wouldn’t be Outlander if danger weren’t rapidly approaching, and Murtagh pops up to say that they need to get Jamie out of Scotland before the British — who by how must’ve realized he’s missing — can find him. He suggests a boat to France, where the Frasers have relatives. (Jared shout-out!)

Jamie has another plan: He wants to die, though both Murtagh and Willie refuse to help him with it. “He’s been tortured. Raped. Isn’t that reason enough?” Murtagh asks Claire, who quickly responds, “No.” One of the monks suggests that Jamie, who’s refusing to eat and burning up with fever, needs “someone to step into the darkness with him” and lead him back to himself. And when we see Claire picking and grinding lavender — a smell from which Jamie recoiled earlier because it reminded him of Randall — it’s on.

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(A brief aside for those who haven’t read the novel: In the book, the scene where Claire goes to Jamie’s room and rescues him from his very dark place is much more surreal than it plays out here. It’s insane and over-the-top in the best way — it introduced me to the word “berserker” — and, much like with Claire’s trip through the stones, the TV series chose to go a more realistic route by showing less rather than more. I’m good with that decision. If you’re not, feel free to let loose in the comments.)

Armed with the lavender, a very tough-love-minded Claire goes to Jamie’s room to get to the bottom of why he wants to die; pretty soon, they’re throwing punches at each other, shouting and crying. Finally, he shows her a brand on his chest and ashamedly admits that, “Randall didn’t just use force to get what he wanted from me… He made love to me, Claire.”

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THE LAST OF IT (I PROMISE) | Oh, it’s time for another really disturbing flashback? Thanks, Outlander. In the cell, we see Randall make Jamie brand his own chest with Randall’s mark, then run lavender oil into the burn. There’s a lot of messed-up business that goes on with Randall fluffing out his hair and pretending to be Claire, and Jamie’s aroused and confused and when things reach their inevitable end, Randall makes sure his victim is aware enough to feel guilt about what’s just happened. “How could she ever forgive you?” the Brit muses as Jamie weeps. (Side note: Of all the gut-punches in this episode, for me, watching Heughan play Jamie’s realization and subsequent sorrow here was the worst.)

Back at the abbey, Jamie flatly notes that he couldn’t help his body’s reaction to Randall’s ministrations. “It felt so good not to be in pain,” he says flatly. Claire sobs and assures Jamie there’s nothing to forgive, but he’s not hearing it. “I cannot be your husband any longer, and I’ll not be anything less,” he vows, causing her to lament that they must be together — it’s the only thing that can explain all of the fantastic things that have happened to her/them since she first touched Craig na Dun. Completely undone, Claire as-close-to-ugly-cries-as-Balfe-can-get and says she’ll die if he does, then throws her arms around him. Little by little, Jamie finds himself able to touch her, eventually returning her hug. And when he summons Murtagh to slice Randall’s brand from his skin, you know that he’s on his way back to normal.

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ANCHORS AWEIGH (AND THE FRASERS FAR AWAY) | But those British are still likely to give chase, so Jamie, Claire and Murtagh say their farewells and board the Cristabel, bound for France. Pretty soon, Claire is puking over the side, and as Jamie gently teases her about it, he sounds more like himself than he has since he entered Wentworth.

They chat about the future. Claire raises the idea that, because they have the advantage of knowing what lies ahead in history, they might be able to stop the catastrophic stuff like the 1745 Jacobite Rising and its decimating Battle of Culloden. Oh, and “there’s something else,” she adds. “I’m pregnant.” So that’s why the normally stalwart Mrs. Fraser has been fainting and vomiting her way through the past two episodes! Jamie’s face is a revelation. “I’m verra happy indeed, Sassenach,” he assures her, and they kiss. Bon voyage until next season, Outlanders!

Now it’s your turn. Rate Outlander‘s finale via the poll below, hit the comments with your thoughts on the season — and don’t forget to check out my post mortem interview/Season 2 look-ahead chat with Moore!

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  1. Diva DIary says:

    Ramsey who? I cried so much.

  2. JAO says:

    Brilliant again. Bravo all! Thanks Kim for your excellent recaps! See you next year. Let Droughtlander begin!

  3. co2bl says:

    It was both hard to watch and a fantastic episode. Both Jamie and Claire brought me to tears a couple times. Amazing job by the actors.

  4. ninergrl6 says:

    I hesitated at rating the finale “awesome” just because it was so incredibly difficult to watch, but the acting, writing, and directing (the shot at the beginning with Jamie utterly broken on the bed that slowly panned to reveal Black Jack beside him? Chilling) were indeed awesome. I didn’t need or want to see everything they showed (thankfully they *did* leave out some of the book details), and if it were my show to run I would’ve left more to the imagination, but kudos to everyone involved for pulling off the excruciating subject matter. Can’t wait for season 2. Do we know when it’s scheduled to start airing?

  5. Jenna says:

    Not a book reader, but I thought it all played out beautifully, thanks to the amazing actors. Although at times hard to watch, I thought the episode was awesome. This show has easily become my favorite and I can’t wait for next season. I might start reading the books during the hiatus.

  6. Mauigirl says:

    God, that was brutal. But, I’m confused (spoiler alert!)…was BJR killed when he was trampled by the cattle? And, did Claire tell Jaimie she’s pregnant in the book?

    • Me says:

      No and yes in that order.

    • topoopon says:

      I thought he was just knocked out. But I could have totally misread that. I have not read any of the books.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Since you asked, Mauigirl, all of the characters assume BJR was killed by the cattle (there’s a whole thing with someone seeing his trampled body in the aftermath) but he wasn’t. It’s revealed that he’s still alive in book 2. As for the baby, I didn’t remember that being revealed at the end of book 1, but I just looked back at the final pages & it’s definitely implied though not stated outright (one of the final sentences mentions Claire’s “still-flat stomach” & she says she has a surprise for Jamie).

    • Elissa says:

      SPOILER!!! In the books she is pregnant with Faith, a baby she looses later in the pregnancy. They bury her at the monastery. She later gets pregnant with Brianna. Not sure if they will keep Faith in the show or not since Brianna is most important. Timeline wise, though, I hope they keep the Faith story line.

  7. specialka says:

    great recap!

    • Mary says:

      I agree it is a great recap, except that it was not a monk but Murtagh who told Claire she needed to step into the dark. The monk had just said jamie needed to be led into the light and away from thoughts of his own death. Murtagh said he knew Jamie, the boy is too stubborn to be led, and that’s when he suggested that Claire needed to step into the dark with Jamie to learn why he was so tortured and bedeviled.

  8. Mauigirl says:

    Just want to add…cannot love Murtagh and Angus more! Murtagh for his fierce devotion, now extended to Claire and Angus for always being the comic relief.

  9. LaLa says:

    Wonderful. Though it doesn’t mirror the book completely, what shone through for me, as always, is the undeniable love and bond between Claire and Jamie. Neither wants to live without the other. Both would suffer absolute hell to save the other from grief. Both are strong enough to do just that. “No mountain high, no valley low, no river wide”- and time is no barrier. If you hadn’t realized that before tonight’s episode, I felt this spelled it out brilliantly. Epic love.

  10. Jessie says:

    I’m an avid fan of the series and have been preparing myself for an upsetting episode… And I was still a mess. Hats off to the actors– if they don’t win an Emmy for this.. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ something is wrong.

  11. Jimmy zee says:

    Acted superbly !

  12. My says:

    I have one (not so) minor problem with the pregnancy reveal at the end: After Claire finally reaches Jamie and they hug, the next thing you see is Murtagh cutting out the brand. Jamie still looks rattled. You don’t see Jamie calm enough to be loving to Claire again. The baby could not have bee conceived in Lallybroach as too much time had passed, so it had to happen in the monastery, but we don’t see even a hint of it in the show. I miss that. It’s so loving in the book.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      How much time has passed since they were at Lallybroch? A couple months? Maybe three? I know the timeline is different (in the book they spend more time at Lallybroch, less time searching for Jamie, and more time helping him recover), and I agree that Jamie & Claire’s reunion in the book is more loving and more involved than what they showed on tv, but I think the timing of a Lallybroch conception is plausible for they way everything played out on screen.

    • Tovah says:

      She got pregnant at Lallybroch. She was already vomiting in the previous episode (after talking to the warden) and morning sickness doesn’t typically begin until you are 6 weeks pregnant. Keep in mind they didn’t have pregnancy tests back then; Claire would have waited until she had missed 2 periods before she was sure.

  13. Sharon Bowen says:

    The final 2 episodes were heart wrenching; it was super brutal. I had a hard time watching all the torture scenes. After the previous episode I was emotionally disturbed; I am glad that there was an extra week to get over that episode. The finale was brutal but, because it moved back & forth in the present to the past brutality it was easier to take. I think it ended on a hopeful note as they sailed off to France & when we found out that she is pregnant. I haven’t read the books but, this series is one of the best series that I’ve ever seen! The actors are fabulous!

  14. buttercupp85 says:

    Oh my god I’d rather watch the red wedding on repeat than watch those scenes ever ever again. I don’t think I’ve ever cringed watching anything else more. But it was still so well done. Now for the long wait…

    And I had my suspicions after the first vomit that she was knocked up.

  15. Morgaine Swann says:

    This was the most intense hour of TV I’ve ever seen. The actors and everyone one else on that crew created a work of horrifying beauty. I never plan to watch the whole thing again, but to do this as well as they did deserves all the recognition we can muster. Sam Heughan was phenomenal. They all were.

  16. Alichat says:

    I am surprised that the episode didn’t upset me as much as I thought it would, but I think that’s because it wasn’t as bad as the book. And I have spent the last few weeks wondering what they would show and how they would show those scenes, so I kind of prepared myself for them. I did have an anxious upset stomach as the episode was starting. And what they did include was truly tough to watch. Sam Heughan was phenomenal. I can understand why he’d need a few weeks to decompress from this episode. Caitriona was great as usual, but Tobias Menzies…..I have a strong desire to cause that man bodily harm. I really did want I see the book version of Claire going into the darkness with Jamie…the fever dream. I know it would have been a hard scene to write, map, and film but I think it would have been amazing if they could have pulled it off. I had envisioned them dancing between him going berserker on Claire and berserker on Randall….with Randall slowly fading from the room. But again, a hard scene to map out visually. I am curious why they left the ‘Alexander’ moment out of the prison scenes….since it ties to season 2 in some respect. Plus since they had Randall say the line about Jamie thinking he can not control the darkness he inhabits, I thought for sure we’d see that scene since it proves he can not. It could be touched on later I suppose. All in all, an overwhelming and tough episode….very well done considering the subject matter.

    • Liz says:

      Yes, actually, it was the only thing missing (besides the hot springs scene… Man, that would have been nice! To see them find each other again intimately). Because Randall calling for “Alex” while “being” with Jamie IS important…. So we’ll see. Perhaps when Jamie hears about that character, he will remember it?
      Can’t wait for season 2.

    • Sorcha says:

      Since the tv version fast-forwarded Claire’s pregnancy, we can’t have her literally being thrown across a room by a husband bent on mayhem. Think about he psychological effect on him when he realizes he almost killed his wife and child. He’s already suicidal, thanks to Black Jack.

      • Alichat says:

        He threw her to the floor twice in the episode, and she was pregnant. I’m not saying he should throw her across the room. I used the term beserker since that was used in the book. But essentially the thought is the same, he would be lunging for her and grabbing at her thinking it’s Randall. He could be pounding away on something he is hallucinating to be Randall, and slowly he would come out of the fever dream, exhausted, and see Claire.

  17. Liz says:

    Incredible episode. Sam, Tobias & Cait… My God, what amazing actors. Give them an Emmy, like, now!

  18. rose pereira says:

    intense! amazing! awesome best show on tv

  19. Barbara Nichols says:

    What great show it shows how evil can be an how love prevails. Thanks for this show and all its great characters.

  20. Bill Scarborough says:

    Okay, everyone else stated the major points I would have made. BUT one minor point hit me right in the brain bucket —– I thought Jaime was the one who got seasick at the mention of a boat ride!?!?

    • ninergrl6 says:

      They didn’t show it but they did mention it. Claire says something like, “Murtagh told me that once we set sail Jamie would be the one doubled over” and Jamie said something about his usual seasickness when Claire was getting sick. Since they switched up the timeline (sailing *after* their time at the abbey rather than before) I guess it wasn’t as relevant to the plot to actually show it.

  21. MLPR says:

    I loved season 1, but I’m worried about season 2 already. It was the absolute worst book, and I hope that the series seriously detours from it otherwise I’ll jump ship pretty fast and wait until season 3 to watch. Too much talk of politics. And I hated every single new character in Paris. And I hated every storyline. Basically just really hated the book but wanted to get to the third one, so I kept reading.

    • CJ says:

      Wow. Borrow trouble much? How about give Ronald Moore his due and allow him the opportunity to bring forward the story before assuming you won’t like it? Though you’ve already decided you won’t so why bother even tuning in?

      • MLPR says:

        Actually, you’ve made a good point. And I’m not unreasonable. I will wait to see what happens and try to have an open mind. I really did hate that book, though (as if you couldn’t tell). Moore did an outstanding job with season 1.

    • Mack says:

      Oh my gosh MLPR! I agree with you – or maybe i should say i did not like a bit over half the book…..i hate politics anyway and the saving grace for me was Fergus but Le Comte, Mr Raymond?– all of no interest to me……i will say the end of the book gutted me……preparing for Culloden and ***** SPOILER ALERT!*** Jamie sending Claire away i cried and cried……it was beautifully and poignantly written….so the latter part of the book in my opinion redeemed the earlier portion of the book….i have read up to book six A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES and Outlander and Voyager are by far my favorites…….i have decided to re-read the whole series since it seems like we may have to wait almost a year before Season 2 premieres – so i am going to take my time and savor these books and by the time the second season premieres, i will have gotten thru the entire series…cant wait until Diana G comes out with the 9th and final book……..Jamie and Claire?? I cannot say enough about their love and lives together….

      • Sorcha says:

        ***SPOILER ALERT ***** Master Raymond is important. He is a Time Traveler like Claire, and he actually snatches her from the jaws of death when she lays dying from puerperal fever. Claire is destined to develop his healing powers (the blue light) as she grows older. She has his Light; that’s why he calls her “Madonna”.

  22. jmkee11 says:

    You lost a lot of viewers over that repulsive, gay driven,drawn out rape scene. Do the same to a woman and your series would be gone.

    • CJ says:

      You’ve stated this as fact. What you mean to say is that you won’t watch anymore. Which is fine. But the book series survived these scenes with more folks buying the second book, and the third and so on. This show will survive without your view ship in much the same way.

    • Welp…you’re dead-wrong on everything. GoT demonstrates your assertion that a show doing that to a woman would be gone is empirically false. Also? You’re incorrect (and showing your bias) to refer to the rape as “gay-driven.” Neither BJR nor Jamie is gay. BJR is a sadist who uses whatever tools are available to break a person. He’s an equal opportunity predator. To characterize the scene as gay is to profoundly misunderstand sexuality and rape.

      • MLPR says:

        I totally agree with you except that the fact that I think that BJR is gay. He has stated that he can’t understand how anyone could pleasure themselves to a woman. Plus he couldn’t “make himself ready” for Jenny. Not that it matters, just saying.

        • Dave Allen says:

          Too bad the author, the screenwriters, the actors, AND the producers ALL disagree with you!

        • LacyJ says:


          Agree with your comments regarding BJR – especially when one considers [SPOILER ALERT] that BJR raped a young boy in DIA when IF he were MERELY a sadistic person, he would have raped Jenny, Claire, and probably abused the women in the house of ill repute in the 2nd book instead of just molesting a ten year old boy.

          I didn’t see the rape scene in GoT but have friends who watch it and, Outlander, and they have all said that the scene in GoT wasn’t near as LONG or graphic as the torture/rape scenes of Jamie in the last 2 episodes of Outlander…?

          • JoJo says:

            He prefers men and boys, but not only was he going to rape Jenny. He would have raped Claire if Jamie hadn’t showed up when he did. If you watch (I’m not sure which interview) but Diana G. confirms that BJR is a Bisexual sadist. If you get a chance to to youtube.com and search Outlander interviews. It is part of the Q & A section.

        • JoJo says:

          MLPR, the reason BJR couldn’t ready himself had nothing to do with Jenny being female and everything to do with the fact she Laughed. He is a sadist, the fear is what excites him. If he was gay he wouldn’t even try to rape a female.

    • JB says:

      I do agree that if the scene had been done to a female character the series would have been cancelled by the end of the night.
      After all, people were upset by the recent wedding night semi-consentual (she didn’t say “no”) sex scene in Game of Thrones a couple of weeks back. This was 100 times worse.

      • Diva DIary says:

        Okay you need to learn this JB. Just because Sansa didn’t say no doesn’t mean it’s consensual. There is no such thing called half consent. Either you have it or you don’t and just because she got married and it technically her honeymoon doesn’t mean it’s automatic yes.

        • JB says:

          I don’t need to learn anything so drop your condescending tone, and remember we’re talking about fictional characters in a make believe world.
          I admit it wasn’t the ideal wedding night, she was doing her duty as a political pawn.
          But she didn’t say no or put up any resistance.
          If you must apply real world examples to this, any rookie Public Defender could get him acquitted in any court in America.

          • Kmay says:

            You are a disgusting person JB for writing the above.
            Let’s go talk to all the young girls in China who are sold to sex slaves who can’t say “no” to their clients. Does that make it right??

    • A Fan of TV says:

      Oh really. I suppose this explains why Game of Thrones was ripped from the air over men raping women. (That is sarcasm. Never happened.)

    • CB says:

      I agree Jmkeell… why do they always go so far.. even in Game of Thrones.. they weren’t so graphic… i like the story.. but i don’t need to see such detail… when i walk away disturbed even the next day.. i’m OUT… not saying the actors weren’t incredible but man.. i don’t think we needed to see it

      • NBC_Vic_Hern says:

        Reactions would be considerable if they had shown Claire and Jamie’s encounter later as per book, in addition to this. Director showed great judgement by not attempting to show that also.
        Deep down inside most males there is strong sense to totally reject what happened to Jaime. Even though we know it did rationally, some male trait still needs to deny….deny.

      • JoJo says:

        You will miss a Great adventure if you stop watching based on the last 2 episodes of Outlander. You obvisiously are not a reader of the series. You will find that in all the books except for one of the latest (even then) it is the worst scene you will see in this series. I think other readers will agree. Don’t be a quiter, give another try. You won’t be sorry.

    • Mack says:

      I know that that is how some people reacted to this episode and believe me i was concerned about watching it – but the rape of Jamie was about power and breaking a person — physically, emotionally, spiritually — it was about control and if was difficult to watch…….but sexuality IMO played no part in this act…..it was about brutailty……

  23. redjane12 says:

    Very disappointing. Why so much time devoted to the psycho BJR as if we didn’t know he was a sadist and a completely despicable human being? I love Tobias Menzies but this character has used up far too much screen time that could have been put to better use in the aftermath and how Jaime & Claire dealt with it. Or we could watch Angus make jokes. Anything would have been better.

  24. eric says:

    As someone who has been subject to such abuse, I hesitated watching this finale as soon as I knew they were bringing up “that subject matter.” Purely because I believed it would be difficult to watch. But I mustered up all courage to watch it anyway. And I must say, that im slightly encouraged and even proud that someone brought this to the spotlight. Because it is an issue that almost goes unmentioned. You see some (more) mention of rape against women, which to be fair is a higher statistic, but hardly ever about rape against men.
    I thought the way they handled it as flashbacks, as opposed to telling the story chronologically, opened up the emotional affect that it has on a person. It really rips into your spirit even when you’re trying to be strong or forgetting as to move on. And the flashbacks (happen randomly and too often) tears apart whatever healing you have gone through, as was evident in the scenes from said episode.
    In saying all that, I thought it ended too “happily” and quite quickly at that. I hope that in the following season they explore more of the affect it has on Jamie moving forward, or at least even to some extent. I dont follow the source material it is based on, so im not sure what to expect.

    • B says:

      I’m very sorry to hear about your experience but appreciate your comments on the episode. Just to note: the books do not brush the matter aside; Jamie continues to be affected.

    • Drew says:

      This issue doesn’t go away for Jamie. Even after he recovers, you see fragments of the trauma pop up from time to time.
      As horrible as it is to show this sort of thing, I agree that bringing the issue to the spotlight is important. It would be hard to do that without being so blunt, because when a man is raped, it is sometimes laughed at. When a guy is raped, people say that they must have liked it because all men like sex. And then there is the classic nugget of “if the body is willing, it can’t be rape” which I have actually heard people say.
      Statistically, men are abused less than women. However, men are also far less likely to report abuse against them, so the statistics there aren’t worth much.
      I hated this part of the book. I had no idea why the author felt that she had to go so far. But at the same time, this has opened up a lot of discussion online. I don’t think that people would be talking about it if it wasn’t as hard to watch.

      • eric says:

        It is a horrible realization that society doesn’t think it enough to take it seriously. I have heard comments like that. Even friends, that weren’t aware, when the subject is brought up in a movie, tv show, news and magazine shows, would say things like “no way it would happen like that. Surely the MAN would be able to fight it away.” And as I mentioned – as much as flashbacks rip into your spirit, ignorant comments like that encourage shame and self condemnation. But I would agree that statistics are flawed. For even myself took almost 2 decades to actually approach a counselor and longer to be able to reveal to family and friends. Thats why im thankful for moments in TV/MOVIES like this that reach a mass of people – who came for entertainment but are encouraged to open their minds to the darkness that they (as ignorant bystanders), attackers and even victims place themselves in.

        • Drew says:

          Nobody is laughing. That’s a good sign.
          I hate the myth that men can’t be attacked. It has never happened to me, but it is foolish to not take it seriously. Men can be beaten down and raped by other men. They can be assaulted by women… and a good number of men will not hit back if a woman attacks them. Domestic violence toward men (without rape) is also more common than the statistics show. Then there are drugs that can be used… it’s just foolish to make jokes about the subject. And it angers me when young boys are raped by adults and people make jokes like “I wish I had a teacher like that growing up”, because it is rape and there are psychological effects on kids in that position. Adults should know better. Ignorant responses make it that much harder for victims to recover.
          This subject has angered me since I was a teenager and someone online made the comment about the body being willing. It’s disgusting.

  25. K says:

    Randall is disgusting psycho creep
    the world is sick as long as people like him exist

  26. Joseph Scott says:

    With being a male survivor of rape back in June of 2002 -This show shook me to my inter being. The stares of hopelessness were disturbing and very real. The cruel mind games sadly are also real. The problem I personally had with last nights show was – how quickly Jamie bounced back. I was a live in shut in for 6 months after the rape. I still after 13 years do not like other people touching me (I liked how the show talked about that topic) I turned 51this year and still have never been married because of issues from the rape .Now I’m at an age where Ill never have kids.Ive put on weight to protect my self-To make me less attractive. The truth is there is not much support for men who have been raped. You feel like a freak. Your work doesn’t feel comfortable with you so they drum up some false things about you and fire you because they are uncomfortable. The viewer last night were also very uncomfortable . Don’t get me wrong the whole show is brilliant. But I personally hope that in season 2 they show the real long running damage of this horrible crime. I personally am doing much better -But unlike last nights show -You can’t just turn the channel -I hope they are careful with this issue – A lot of us survivors of rape are watching.

    • di says:

      the aftermath is much better addressed in the books – if you think you can handle it, I would recommend you read them.

  27. Missy says:

    wait how is claire pregnant? hasn’t it been months since she saw jamie?

    • Christine M says:

      I believe that Claire and Murtagh were searching for Jamie for maybe 3-4 weeks. I’m going by the book here, sometimes the time constraints in TV make it hard to understand how much time has actually passed.

    • JoJo says:

      Missy, Claire conceived in Lollybrook, It only to a couple of months to find him. She is more then likely 3-4 months pregnant and for the period in history, most women would just be realizing that they are pregnant with at least 2 missed periods. Yes iti is ‘conceivable’ for her to be pregnant by Jamie. (pun intended lol)

      • LacyJ says:


        I agree she could have become pregnant just before Jamie left Lollybrach, but Claire would have known (even without access to pregnancy test) because she is from the 20th Century and a very experienced nurse. Surely, she would have known within 6 to 8 weeks along at the very least as she would have well understood the missed periods, tender breasts, morning sickness/nausea which she had later on in the story.

        There’s also a chance she conceived (lol @ your pun) when she was battling Jamie at the Abbey/monastery (although can’t remember if R. Moore included the fact that Jamie basically raped Claire – being out of his mind at the time), but was disappointed that Moore left so much out of that part of the story – choosing to spend 3 times more screen time on the rape & torture in the prison. Anyway, depending on how much time passed between that night when she was trying to help Jamie redeem his soul, she may also have conceived then. It played out a little differently in the book and it ended with Jamie & Claire bathing together in an underground hot springs (beneath the Abbey). If it were 3 or 4 weeks had passed, she could have become pregnant at the Abbey…

  28. Christine M says:

    Second Book/Season Two SPOILER ALERT!
    I am really curious to know how they are going to construct next season since the book jumps back and forth (or actually forth and back) in time. I read an article where Ron Moore seemed to say that they would continue on chronologically to France and go from there, which I think is a great idea. The forward jumps in time in Dragon Fly in Amber always bugged me a bit, so I hope they do the whole series in actual time progression.

    As for when Season Two will premiere, I am praying and hoping that they are able to start the first half of the season around October. My thinking was that most of the story in France plays out indoors, rather than roaming all over Scotland, so they could do a lot of set work. But Moore was saying that this series will continue to be very difficult to film, so that makes me think it’s Droughtlander till 2016!

  29. Terri says:

    As difficult as this episode was to watch, to me, it was also the most emotional. Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe were beyond amazing, especially Sam Heughan. He definitely went all in in playing those scenes. It was heartbreaking to watch the scenes with Claire & Jamie when she “stepped into the darkness with him.” To watch the shame Jamie felt because he felt that he let BJR use his one weakness against him: his love for Claire. He even told Claire that BJR made love to him when in reality, that’s not what it was. But BJR played his sick, twisted mind games with Jamie, using Claire to do it, to make it seem okay. I think that’s ultimately why Jamie couldn’t look or touch Claire at first. To him, his love for her was tainted. Once she threatened to die with him in that room did he realize that she still loved him & wanted despite everything he had just gone through. That was the most powerful thing about this episode, IMO. Very well done by everyone involved. I can’t wait for season 2.

  30. kirads09 says:

    An attempt to stay true to a book, fictional or not, I am personally horrified at rape being so graphically depicted in TV Shows. Outlander, my otherwise beloved GoT & others. I think one can contextually depict what happened without brutally demonstrating the act itself. Disturbed that it seems to be a trend of late and they are trying to see how far they can push it.

  31. Dorothy P. says:

    I guess I was kind of disappointed. I have read the books multiple times, and I knew they would have to cut a lot from the ending, but I think they had too much focus on the flashbacks and not enough on the reconnection of Jamie and Claire. This is a love story, is it not?

    • Lavendershrub says:

      Ditto, most definitely

    • LABete says:

      ITA! The second half of the season is sorely lacking in the scenes of intimacy and romance between Jamie and Claire that would serve to balance out the scenes of violence and torture that seem to be Outlander’s focus. I hope this balance is restored next season.

      • Lavendershrub says:

        What does ITA mean please? I don’t do social media and there is no mobile phone signal where I live so I can’t/don’t text.

        • Fran says:

          Lavender- it means “I totally agree”.

          • Lavendershrub says:

            Thanks ! I don’t understand all the initials used, and lack of punctuation, and odd spellings, except “r” instead of are. Nor understand how people can post comments without checking first what they have written with all the mistakes – it isn’t polite.

      • JoJo says:

        One of the wonderful things that Diana G does is try to depict the characters as true to life as possible. I know this is fiction but it takes time for the connection to come back and Diana shows that in the second book. The effects of BJR on Jamie and Claire are not over. It will continue for books (seasons) later. That is what I love about the series! Like Diana G stated, Claire & Jamie’s story is not a “Love” story, it is a story about marriage and how two people deal with the ups and downs of life and still stay together. Kudos Diana G.! And Great job by all the caste and crew of Outlander!

  32. Ricky Lee Jones says:

    This really is the best show on TV. I’m still reeling from it the next day. Wow.

  33. OL Fan says:

    I read all of the books and loved them. They did a great job of taking 80hours of reading (book one) into season one. Love it so much. I did miss seeing the wolves at the prison. Sam and Cat did a great job and as much as I hate the BJR character I thought his acting was spot on.

  34. Frank says:

    Can a BOOK SPOILER clarify as to whether BJ Randall died under that crashed door?
    Someone I know who is reading Book 3 now says Book 2 does NOT reveal BJR is indeed
    alive, and that she is 95% sure he did die. Claire and Jamie run into BJR’s brother in France
    in book 2, but nothing else involving BJR.

    • Michelle says:

      He most definitely does not die and there are major plots that involve him in the future. Remember, he is “Frank’s direct ancestor” so going forward, Claire is very concerned that killing BJR will result in Frank never existing. It is more complicated than that, but BJR continues to be a presence in the books and Claire and Jamie’s lives.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I don’t know what your acquaintance read, but BJR is *definitely* alive in book 2. (I’m in the middle of reading it right now)

    • JoJo says:

      It does make it clear in book 2 that BJR is definitely alive. In fact, Jamie will duel with BJR against Claire’s wishes.

  35. cegluna says:

    Ron Moore, Anna Foerster, Tobias Menzies, Caitriona Balfe, and Sam Heughan have given us truly epic television – they deserve all the awards.

  36. mayflyman says:

    still when men get raped it all makes for good television. but when the stark girl got a better version of rape and I mean better cos jaime’s was brutally savage, everyone lost their minds.

  37. Dee says:

    It was heartbreaking when Jamie gave in to Randall. Excellent acting on both sides. Nice to see the beasts trampled him in the end but is he dead. It was dramatic and sickening

  38. awlfs says:

    the scene you described where Claire goes into the dark with Jamie to help bring him out and heal (having read the book) was very important to Jamies recovery. It wasn’t cutting out the brand that helped mend him, it was Jamie reclaiming his soul and his manhood with claires help. I thought that scene was so important to his healing, and starz did not honor it. In the book, Jamie is delirious and tries to kill Claire thinking she is Randall, it is wild painful and passionate. He is enraged, starts to rape her somewhere through the pain and pleasure of it he finds himself and claire again. She is fully aware of what he needs to do to find his power and soul again. She lets him brutalize her, and slowly he sees her face again instead of randall The show held nothing back on the brutalizing of Jaime by Randall and I would have liked to see his healing given as much attention.

    • LacyJ says:

      So well stated. I too, thought they took the easy route by over emphasizing the torture/rape scenes of Jamie and then leaving out the all important scenes (means to recovery for Jamie) between Claire and Jamie at the Abbey.

  39. fan1am says:

    I expected more out of the final episode, with the flashbacks(I know they were necessary), the many commercial breaks and a week off, I felt short-changed and found the episode very choppy.

    • Lavendershrub says:

      It was very choppy and too many flashbacks which could have been seen together. And by no means true to the book which I found a great disappointment.

  40. Mary e says:

    Very difficult episode to watch yet couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. At one point I realized I was holding my breath I don’t know for how long. I will be watching all the episodes over and over until it’s return. Acting amazing. Deserving of an Oscar. Please hurry back. Thank you for such a brilliant performance. And thank you starz for bringing it to life.

  41. KAR says:

    Without a doubt the most singularly brilliant performances I have ever seen in any medium. The fact that they deviated from the book had its limitations, but after all, Ron Moore does have only an hour to work with, and there was a lot of ground to cover, which they did admirably. Tobias Menzies, incredible; Caitriona Balfe, stunning as always; but Sam Heughan was simply transcendent … unbelievable in the scenes with Black Jack. Unforgettable; disturbing, yes, but so impossibly beautiful as to be almost other-worldly … Love the books, have loved the series … but this is something more … Multiple awards are richly deserved.

  42. dman6015 says:

    I hope the Academy is generous with the Emmys this September. Lucky for them the final episode aired on the last day of qualifications for this year, because the performances were outstanding.

  43. After being trampled, Randall should be dead! I hope so. What a disgusting creature!

  44. I’ve followed this series since last year and waited for this year with the ultimate ancipation! I knew the finale would be extraordinary, but this was beyond expectation! Sam Heughan, I quote from another fan, is the “King of Kings”!!! I watched it (still) several times to get used to the abominable atrocities Jack Randall did and to understand the dialogue. I felt Jamie’s pain… Claire and Jamie are really meant for each other!! Caitrone is awesome, fearless, independent, intelligent, quick and not afraid to speak her mind. She reminds me of myself. I really love the symbolism that R. Moore’s et al used: like Jamie’s arms around Claire’s to show how much he loves her… this is such a symbolical gesture and let’s not forget Cristabel! Perfect! I try to put myself in Calire’s shoes: I would have done the same – to stay with Jamie – willing to die with him that moment cuz it’s not often to find the kind of love Jamie offered her…and I felt that love in every bone, fiber in me, so powerful! Tom Menzies is a great actor himself! Murtagh, Rupert, Angus and Willy – they are just fabulous! I could write more… I await impatiently for next year! Thank you for giving us this ultimate love story! I bought the book a month ago; I’m leaving for Europe tomorrow and the book goes with me….finally, I am going to Scotland and the Highlands next year.
    Till then,

  45. Jaihuratio says:

    I’m so happy for jamie and claire,randall should will get what he deserve for his evil doing!

  46. Jaihuratio says:

    Im happy for jamie and claire.

  47. I have read the books and am amazed at the way Sam Heughan plays the many facets of Jamie Fraser. well done all.

  48. LacyJ says:

    Love D.G.’s books (finishing Drums of Autumn now) but as much as I admire her research & writing skills, would say Diana (and everyone else who’s claiming Black Jack Randall is “not gay”) is in deep denial.

    Through out all the scenes with BJR (in all of the books his character is in) he’s never once actually had sex with a woman; there is a vague reference to some obscure woman he attacked but we have no actual scene or details.

    Twice he went through the motion of initiating raping Claire but, he did not actually do so in either situation, and, in the scene where he has Claire face down on his desk (and Jamie appears in the window to thwart him), he MAY HAVE attempted anal sex/rape, but we’ll never know if he was “up to” actually having heterosexual sex with her. We DO KNOW that he could not ‘perform’ when he was accosting Jenny at Lallybroch. IF he were indeed “merely a sadist and not a homosexual sadist,” he would have surely raped Jenny without difficulty.

    The greatest proof to anyone (without an agenda for being ‘politically correct’ or pleasing everyone) that BJR is only attracted to men was that he had no interest in either raping Claire in the next to last scene at series end, nor, was he interested in ‘watching’ his henchman do so – even though this would have caused a great deal of pain and anguish for both Claire AND Jamie. IF he were merely a sadist with any tendency toward heterosexuality, he would have likely jumped at these tactics, but he stated that this did not interest him.

    ***SPOILER, in Dragonfly in Amber (2nd book); BJR rapes a boy in a brothel – he could have easily exercised his sadistic practices on any of the women there, but no, he chose to molest the boy. SO, clearly, BJR is a homosexual who also happens to be a major sadistic perv. I don’t understand how D.G. can write all of those scenes and then claim that BJR is bisexual or also likes to torture and have sex with women when he clearly avoids those opportunities at every pass.

    In closing, we have a group of friends & family who are watching the series together that has grown to 21 people. 20 of us thought that Ron Moore lost a bit of integrity in the production of the last 2 scenes of season One by devoting an overwhelming amount of time to BJR’s raping and torturing of Jamie. As my husband noted (a successful Clinical Psychologist and author in his own right – 5 books via Doubleday), who specializes in Psych Disorder testing, evaluating, and therapy for deeply disturbed patients), Moore could have shown half the footage of those scenes and still given us the shock effect quite sufficiently – which makes one feel he let the integrity of telling the story fall by the wayside in order to just get viewers to guffaw and tune in for the sake of over emphasizing the brutal scenes. This left mere minutes or less for other scenes that were just as powerful – such as when Claire fools Jamie into believing she’s BJR in order to give him a chance to take back his soul and dignity. In the book this was as powerful a scene as the brutalizing scenes between BJR and Jamie in the prison cell, but we got a quick water downed version that amounted to maybe 2 minutes.

    Seven of our group said they would not be watching the next series because of this (I will admit that most of us are either authors, writers, editors, professors, book reviewers, or a combination, so we’re probably tough critics). At least 7 more are “on the fence” about following the next TV season (myself included). It was just so disappointing to see Moore and the screen writers do such a fine job in the previous episodes only to see it end with over sensationalizing those rape/torture scenes by devoting the majority of the show’s time to that and rushing through so many other really good scenes. This just brings the unique quality of the story and show itself down to the level of so many cookie cutter shows that over emphasize sex and violence, and, most of us began watching (as we have read D.G.’s books) for that special quality that sets this story at such a higher level than all the rest…

    • cegluna says:

      By all means, you must know better than the author herself when it comes to her characters, their motivations, actions and desires.
      And of course your husband’s expertise as a psychologist certainly makes him the expert as far as filmmaking and what’s pertinent in a scene.

      • NBC_Vic_Hern says:

        Bravo ce
        Nice job

      • LacyJ says:


        I hardly “know better than the author herself,” but, the facts are as D.G. has written them; BJR took much pleasure in raping Jamie and, the little boy in DIA, and, the character himself said he “had no interest” in raping Claire OR seeing his henchman rape her – when this would have been just as tormenting (if not more) to Jamie AND Claire. D.G. has shown us through her writing that BJR cannot get excited – even when it comes to raping a woman (Jenny at Lollybroch). AGAIN, IF he were merely just a sadist, he would have taken as much pleasure in raping Jenny and Claire but he could not/did not.

        Like you, I’m simply stating my opinion about what I’ve seen in the show/series and, what I’ve read in the books. Bottom line (no pun intended) is that BJR shows no interest what-so-ever in forcing women to have sex – yes, that’s how it’s written in the books and, pretty much what we’ve seen in the series. It IS what it IS according to the author’s words in the books and the series. I think there’s a tiny bit of an agenda here, to portray BJR as bi-sexual for the sake of popular opinion or political correctness.

        Now, as far as my Psychologist husband (who btw is a truly caring and giving person in his profession and, has helped many real people who’ve suffered as much in real life as Jamie did in this story/series, to get out from their oppressive situations and out of the hands of real human monsters, and the opportunity to live free of oppression and torture). He does a good portion of this work both pro Bono and the lowest fees charged.
        He’s also published 5 major best selling books on relationships with one of the largest Publishers in the U.S. This doesn’t make him an “expert as far as film making” goes but it certainly gives him a unique insight into human relationships and modern day scenarios that are similar to the relationship between BJR and Jamie.

        Btw, I would be one of several in our group who’ve been following the series, who has some insight on film making and “what’s pertinent in a scene” having produced a 2 hour special event for one of the top cable networks (that was aired as a repeat 12 additional times). Sorry, there ARE some people who actually watch shows or read books who also work professionally in these arenas.

        Thanks so much

        • JoJo says:

          You are forgetting the very first espisode. When BJR called Claire a fool mouthed Bitch and promptly turned her around and hiked up her skirts to what? RAPE her! It is the fact that Murtaugh came and along and saved her. Also BJR had ripped her bodice of her dress and had her bent over the desk to what? RAPE her! I’m sorry, just because the act never took place doesn’t imply that he couldn’t! He was playing with Claire! His thrill was in terrorizing her and inflicting pain first which is what sadists do to get themselves off! He did the same thing with Jamie. He didn’t jump right in a rape Jamie he abused him and tortured him first. He may perfer boys/men but the act of rape to a sadist has nothing to do with the sexual act but has to do with pure violence and torture!!!!

          • LacyJ says:

            You’re RIGHT! BJR was intent on inciting sheer terror in Claire (as a sadist bully that’s what Randall enjoys), however, you’re forgetting the scene in the jail cell where BJR could have raped Claire right in front of Jamie OR had his henchmen do it BUT BJR said himself, he “had no interest in that.” In fact, he let Claire go in lieu of torturing her or having his henchmen do so in order to have Jamie submit to him). It was Jamie he wanted NOT Claire or Jenny or any other woman – in any of the books/scenes he is in. Yes, even sadists can have sexual (gender) PREFERENCES. D.G. is now stating that BJR “is bi-sexual,” but that would mean he enjoyed both sexes…can you name one time in D.G.’s stories when BJR ever actually raped or forced himself on a woman? No.

            Btw, Randall had also pressed Jenny face down and pulled her skirt up to attempt to rape her but he could not/did not. Some here are saying it’s because she laughed at him, but Jenny didn’t laugh at BJR until AFTER she realized he was unable to perform.

            And PLEASE refrain from putting words into my mouth or referencing a point that I never made. I never indicated that the act of rape was not an act of violence. Where did you read that???

    • KBRos says:

      It would be interesting to hear from your group and psychologist husband as to why the sadistic rape torture of a man is, apparently (from the sensationalism and numbers of comments) more upsetting in our society than the sadistic rape torture of a female seems to be. (Perhaps women are the stronger ones emotionally, expected “to get over it” more quickly? Or do we as a culture simply value the rights of men more?)
      In either case, such unnessarily thorough depictions on screen are sadistic in themselves to any who have been victimized.
      As for Claire allowing/encouraging Jamie to brutally rape her (in the book) so as to “enter the dark” to save him: brutality, masochistically accepted, within marriage is here seen as “good” when done in the name of love and rescue? And in reality, I think a man of Jamie’s character would have gone over the edge completely for having subjected Claire to brutal treatment to save himself, once he came to any semblance of his “true self”: he had accepted this fate to save her in the first place.
      Ask yourselves, everyone, why you watched this scene in the name of “entertainment” ? If everyone who was offended had switched TV off, the message would have been clear to producers: graphic depictions of such atrocities are unacceptable. But no, most everyone here seems to have been adequately “entertained”: they continued to watch didn’t they?
      More of same in future TV productions is practically guaranteed. And you voyeurs who were entertained enough to fail to turn it off must share the blame. If you were sickened, it is your own voyuerist guilt that made you sick. If you were not, you are not “sophisticated” you are a sadist-voyeur: own up to what you are, or are becoming.
      I refused to watch this episode, having recorded it to watch, after another person kindly warned me. I came online to get a sketchy outline of the outcomes (how the cows trampled the villain, how Jamie was rescued) rather than voyeur it myself. Had others not watched it either, to discuss it online, I would have to live out my life not knowing whatever happened to these fictions: and that would have been okay, too.
      The actors acted the scenes out well I read: Evil for money, nothing new about that. And you paid the money.
      Evil is accumulative in the spirit/mind/soul of us humans: it can seep in to your psyche through your eyes when you watch graphic depictions of evil for your personal entertainment-pleasure.
      Amazing what the human psyche can become accustomed to over time: normalizing it even. Romans loved their amphitheater live-entertainments. Is this next for our culture, for your grandchildren? Blame yourself.

      • NBC_Vic_Hern says:

        Shall I pretend you are not talking about me?
        Someone who didn’t read the books,
        and just loved the show and the characters?
        Yes indeed, I shall do just that, just as my brain kept screaming
        no….no…..no to Jaime’s plight.
        I’ll just conclude with
        acceptance is not always what it seems.

      • LacyJ says:


        WOW! I hardly know where to begin in replying to your searing diatribe. Let’s start by saying you have every right as we all do, to speak your opinion here but do NOT put words in my mouth (state things that I did not say or infer) PLEASE.

        Nothing in my comment said OR implied that “the sadistic rape torture of a man is, apparently (from the sensationalism and numbers of comments) more upsetting in our society than the sadistic rape torture of a female!” Nor, do any of us think such preposterous nonsense! Rape and torture of any human being is a horrific act, and, I do believe that IF a show devoted as much time depicting the rape and torture of a woman, and the last 2 episodes did with the assault on Jamie by BJR, the series and Producers would likely be far more scrutinized and as some have speculated, even canceled. Whether BJR was torturing and raping a woman or a man; a network such as Starz, and Producer such as Ron Moore, who devoted such excessive time to these scenes (far more than anyone needed to get the concept of how inhumane BJR was in inflicting such pain on Jamie – or, any human) went way overboard.

        Now, all of that other self righteous ‘crap’ you’ve written about those of us who watched the series to the end being “sadist-voyeurs,” makes you sound like an absolute hypocrite or a mental case.

        Obviously, you overlooked the part where I stated that seven of our group were pretty much through with this series after the final two episodes. As far as us “paying the money,” once again, you too had to have “paid the money” in order to get this series. You were fortunate that “another person kindly warned you” ahead of time on how extreme the Producers/Director went in over sensationalizing those torture/rape scenes, so you could “avoid watching them.” However, none of our group of friends were forewarned as you.

        We watched through hoping there would be some redemption with more emphasis on the other scenes which were just as important and unfortunately, that did not happen. So,now we know.

        Your final comment was perhaps the most incredible and irrational than ever,”Amazing what the human psyche can become accustomed to over time: normalizing it even. Romans loved their amphitheater live-entertainments. Is this next for our culture, for your grandchildren? Blame yourself.” KBRos, s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y? You obviously have watched much of the series AND read at least several of the books so apparently, you need to admit that you were right there in the amphitheater yourself – again, either arrogantly hypocritical, simply in denial concerning your own culpability, or delusional and in need of therapy. And for THAT, you can “blame yourself.”

      • JoJo says:

        Judge not, least ye be judged!

  49. JLS says:

    “a sadistic Redcoat who makes Jeffrey Dahmer look like a mewling kitten in comparison”

    Sorry, you must not know anything about what Jeffrey Dahmer did. Terrible analogy.

    • Lavendershrub says:

      Who the heck IS Jeffrey Dahmer? He is always being compared…….. On an international website names need explaining. We’ve never heard of this person in UK

      • cegluna says:

        Wiki: “Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, was an American serial killer and sex offender, who committed the rape, murder and dismemberment of seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991, with many of his later murders also involving necrophilia, cannibalism, and the permanent preservation of body parts—typically all or part of the skeletal structure.”