The Good Wife: Archie Panjabi Doesn't Deny Kalinda/Alicia Scene Was Faked

Good Wife Alicia Kalinda Finale Scene

Out promoting her new earthquake movie, Archie Panjabi weighed in on the Good Wife finale scene that got the Internet rumbling.

As reported by TVLine’s Michael Ausiello earlier this month, the season-ending meet-up between Alicia and Kalinda — the onetime gal pals’ first such face-to-face in a lonnnng while — was pulled off using body doubles and computer trickery, with Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi never actually in the bar scene together.

And Panjabi, when given an opportunity to weigh in on the reported CGI use, didn’t deny that some crafty cobbling was required.

“All I can say is this: the decision-making process is not something I’m privy to,” the actress told E! News Tuesday at the Hollywood premiere of the disaster pic San Andreas. (A CBS spokesperson declined to comment for TVLine’s original story.)

Panjabi also told E! that it’s unlikely Good Wife viewers will see Kalinda again, even though her exit storyline allowed for an eventual encore. “She came in as a mystery and left as a mystery,” said her portrayer.

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  1. gabu says:

    Can someone explain to me why anyone cares?

    • Tom says:

      Because alleged petty behind the scenes drama got in the way of one of the best and most complex female relationships ever on television and the fans who’ve supported the show since day 1 deserved better.

      • danyelle says:

        Well said. Took the words out of my mouth.

      • Tom says:

        **Male or female but particularly between two females on television. Just had to clarify.

      • Ray says:

        No, this is ridiculous. The essence of their friendship was not impacted at all. It’s all this speculation and talk AFTERWARDS that is ruining the enjoyment of the show for some.

        Season 6 took a lot of risks and it didn’t always pay off. I think this definitely impacted the quality of the show overall. I think it’s fine for fans to debate/critique the quality of the show based on the merits of the writing, production quality and performance by all the talents involved. But to use gossip and speculation as a reasoning for not liking a story direction is silly.

        Alicia and Kalinda’s relationship was powerful whether they were working together or not. And for the purposes of how their character arcs evolved, it made sense overall.

        Whether the actresses liked each other or not is none of our business. Nor should it impact how we enjoy or don’t enjoy the show.

        • Imzadi says:

          Honestly, I don’t care. If I had never read about those rumors, I would never had suspected anything, because the storyline worked for me. I could understand, where Alicia came from and that their friendship would never be the same. So whatever happened behind the scenes happened. I’m still loving the show.

          What I really don’t like, is alle the gossip going around. And the blame JM gets. Perhaps she is to blame. But as we really don’t know, it’s really just gossip.

          • Ro says:


          • C says:

            I don’t care about the gossip or behind the scenes drama that happened either. But I do care about what happens on screen. Everything about their relationship was unlikely from the beginning. Reconciliation may not have been easy, but was it possible — an exception to every rule – sure, I think so. Why does anyone pick certain stories to tell on TV? Usually because that story is unique or different (or is trying to be). And their friendship was all of those things. They had an opportunity to explore that fully and it was wasted. There were/are a lot of great things about the show – things they do really really well – but for me that relationship anchored a lot of other things happening in Alicia’s life and it was just sort of left hanging there. As an important element to the show (in whatever form it came in), I expected more. Here’s a question – how would you have felt (after all the S1-3 build-up with Will/Alicia) if after Hitting the Fan, the showrunners decided that all that conflict between them would be handled off screen. We’d see each of them individually – and Will would maybe get some other things to do, but their interaction in the same frame would be limited? And they’d never face-off in court. Or run into each other at the courthouse – even when they were both on the same case. And that final diner scene — before his death — yeah that was CGI’d. Would you not go — waaaaait a minute, what the what? I don’t have a lot of complaints about this show overall, but on this topic – where Kalinda is concerned, yes – they dropped the ball.

          • Ann says:

            But the whole reason that the Kalinda/Peter storyline was even written was because the two actresses were so unprofessional that they could no longer share scenes with one another, so the writers had to think up a way to explain why these bff’s no longer talked to each other. It ruined one of the best aspects of the show…the bantering and inside jokes between two best friends.

          • Imzadi says:

            @ann: You don’t if that was the reason for the storyline for Kalindas past affair with Peter. I thought it was one of the strogest moments of the series, when Alicia told Kalinda, that she knew and the scene of Kalinda crying in the elevator. The same goes for what happenend later between them. How both of them coped with it. I really enjoyed that, because it felt real to me.

        • Diva DIary says:

          This isn’t something that has been speculated afterwards, this feud has been talked about since the 4th season. It is only now that it’s been confirmed since JM didn’t film with AP.
          I don’t care that they didn’t film together; however, their characters worked together and it seemed odd you never saw them together. I understood if Alicia didn’t want to be friends with Kalinda, but the chick still had to work with her.
          I am upset that I was denied a story-line because JM didn’t want to work with AP. The Kings obviously wanted to take their story down another route, but JM got the final say.
          I hate how I didn’t get to see what the writers intended, we could have missed out on some great story with them. I was hoping Alicia and Kalinda would be sipping wine together discussing how bad a lay Peter is and I thought Kalinda would leave by going to jail for the killing of her husband and Alicia had to represent her (which would have been awesome), but we will never know because of JM.
          I still enjoy the show, but I will no longer be watching because I don’t want to support someone who is dictating the story to their personal benefit.

      • David4 says:

        Yes because in the real world you would still be best friends with someone who slept with your husband.

        It made sense they ever saw each other, I know I wouldn’t.

        • Jeff. says:

          But this is TV and not the real world. In the real world, no husband would let his wife work for someone else she’s in love with.

          • Ed says:

            in the real world, there would be a divorce

          • Bill Cord says:

            You are correct about real world situations. It could be added that no law firm would risk the wrath of a sitting governor regardless of how good his wife was in court. However, this show left the real world several seasons ago and the show has suffered for it.

        • dman6015 says:

          But in this fictional world, they still had to work “together”, which was always done through phone calls. It would have made for better drama if they actually were in scenes together. Unfortunately, Margulies has something against Panjabi, so the writers had to write around it. Bad television.

          • Henry says:

            Except in general it has actually been pretty good television whatever the reason behind the two not acting in scenes together. To be honest I had not even noticed until it was pointed out a few months ago

      • EJ says:

        Couldn’t have put it better myself. That should shut down people like those above who dismiss this as no big deal. It IS a big deal. Nobody likes a contrarian.

      • Jeri says:

        True That!

      • g says:

        you do realize you get what you pay for right ? it’s free online or over the air (and no subscribing to cable tv is not required)

        and the idea that fans deserve anything is a bit self-centered isn’t it ?
        a tv show for crying out loud – not an election where people are being represented or something

    • suzi says:

      It’s ridiculous that it had to be faked, and fans are rightfully angry, and disappointed, that whatever the hell happened between these two could not have been put aside.. It is called Acting, after all. Considering the positive spin the Kings put out there makes it even worse to think they would deceive the fans.

    • Guy says:

      Anyone and everyone cares for three reasons: (1) The immensity of whatever happened between both of these actresses must have been GIGANTIC. I mean, they couldn’t film a three-minute scene together? Really? Their first in over two years? If you were getting paid $175,000 per episode, what would need to have happened to cause such a rift? That is absolutely insane. We don’t all like our coworkers, but we work with them. So what’s going on here?

      (2) Because this is a tight-lipped set! Even Panjabi’s remarks are cordial here. Michael Ausiello’s report on it was some damn good journalism and source-finding, because these people do not talk. And it creates a bigger hullabaloo—not only because of the secrecy, but because everyone behind the show has insulted our intelligence by telling us it Alicia and Kalinda’s physical separation intentional for plot purposes, or trying to make us believe they were actually in the room together.

      And finally, (3) because this maybe-most-likely feud taints the legacy of one of the best shows on television at the moment… or ever, really.

      So that’s why anyone cares, for people who always ask these questions in the comments.

      • C says:

        Ha. This is great. And accurate. — I mean I don’t actually care about what happened at this point – what’s done is done. But I do want a little validation from the KINGS –an apology maybe–because none of this has been in our heads. And BS answers – like the story called for their separation – just doesn’t hold water. Whatever happened, the entire situation was handled poorly and the only person who comes out of this looking good is Archie.

    • Tony says:

      I don’t even watch the show and even I can see how silly and stupid this is.

      Further, I think it was a mistake for the show runners to think they could pull this stunt over on its viewers. Especially with how sophisticated TV viewers have become.

    • Take says:

      Excellent question, and no one who’s replied has yet cited a sensible reason for caring.

      • TGW fan says:

        Ok I’ll go: fan of the show since day one, season one. Watched the charachters and storyline progress into this mess. I had never heard of the supposed feud, but always enjoyed the on screen “friendship” for k and a. Then a found out about the affair and I figured the two would never be friends again. In the episode where they mended fences a bit when k founds Alicia’s daughter, it was very gratifying to see them together and I was hopeful. It wasn’t until recently that I read and them realized they hadn’t shot a scene together in two seasons. I have no idea exactly why and if it has to do with a feud. It was the kings and margulies who lied to fans and said we would finally see them together in the finale and be gratified. Only to discover the scene was CGI. You may not agree but it’s my reason for caring

  2. scott21 says:

    This proves that JM ego destroyed the show

    • Benington says:

      You are absolutely correct! What could have possibly happened that was “SO PROFOUDLY HORRIBLE”, that caused these two wonderful professionals actors to be unable work together for years yet alone film one simple last scene together. Unfortunately, as much as I like JM, I believe it was her doing ( or undoing). Envy (Jealousy) is one of the seven deadly sins and it seems that JM is a victim of it’s power. By the way…I am not religious person at all but I am spiritual and my gut instinct says this was about Juliana’s issues and not Archie’s. Let Go and Let God!!!

      • Jeri says:

        So agree, the show has to be written to please JM What would it be if the writers could do their jobs as they envisioned. JM will have to live this down for the rest of her career and many may not want to work with her knowing her issues.

    • Jay says:

      Yeah, I feel like if it was something Archie did, the creators would have axed her from the show a long time ago. It seems like they kept her on the show for as long as they could. It’s kind of disappointing to think how petty JM is. Would have been interesting if this had been a Shonda Rhimes show since she’s got a reputation for not putting up with sh*t from her stars.

      • Patrick says:

        Shonda has never had to deal with a “Star” who is also a producers. Good Wife is very much a group project as far as the “ownership” of the show goes. In Shondaland, there is no power sharing. Shonda’s word is absolute.
        In that vein, I can’t imagine JM would ever work with someone like Shonda, whose word is absolute. Well, its been absolute. If Shonda’s move on Grey’s destroys the show, and the numbers/quality on HTGAWM and Scandal go down, Shonda’s word will start getting checked out by ABC.

        • :-) says:

          Shonda earned her right to be all powerful. She put up with lots of mess when Grey’s first started because the network made her. She doesn’t have to do it anymore. Chuck Lorre and Dick Wolfe have shown us that you can be the boss and fans get over it or new fans come. Keep doing what you do Shonda. Protect your brand so you can enjoy the longevity these producers have.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I think it proves nothing except Marguilies did not want to work with Panjabi. We have no idea what actually happened. Marguilies could be a complete diva or Panjabi did something horrible ala David Caruso kicking a trash can at Dennis Franz head on the set of NYPD Blue.

      The real question is why Robert King directed the episode or why he did not at least bring in someone to direct the scene an a better attempt to pull off the trickery of the two actresses not being on screen together.

      • C says:

        Or better yet – have the foresight to realize that people are going to notice the creative editing and refrain from advertising their “big reunion” the way that they did. JM clearly had SOME objection to the scene (whatever the reason – be it AP or something else) and given their overall lack of screen time together (I’m pretty sure David Lee has had more scenes with Alicia!), the Kings were not blind to whatever JM’s issues were. So yeah. Be smarter Kings. This was not your brightest move.

      • Jeri says:

        Archie beat JM to the Emmy. They should post rules: Make sure JM get the glory, before he show, before the cast. No team players allowed here.

    • Ana says:

      It doesn’t prove that, really. You don’t know what happened besides what you read from angry fans on the internet. Margulies has a great reputation as someone who’s really easy to work with, so I doubt this is about her being petty.

      • Jason says:

        I don’t watch this show, but I disagree on the JM thing. She has been known as a diva ever since her days on ER. The producers there couldn’t tie up storylines how they wanted because she refused to work with other actors and would only film when she wanted. She is very demanding and thinks a lot of herself just because fans liked her character on ER. That is the one reason I never even watched this show, and I am sure it is the reason this scene was filmed as it was simply because she demanded it be that way. It would serve her right if the show tanked after this bad scene.

      • C says:

        No one knows what happened. But whatever did – it puts JM in a fairly unflattering light. Either she was being petty because of a grudge against AP. Or she was being difficult because of scheduling and didn’t want to deal with the scene. Or she just didn’t feel like it was important enough to put the effort in to making the scene work with both of them on set. It obviously wasn’t AP’s decision per her comments. And she has always been very pro A/K’s friendship so I have serious serious doubts that this came down to her at all. But whatever the reason, the scene would have been easier to create with both actors in the room – the mood would have been more effective and the overall quality less distracting. One of the first things I noticed about the scene before anything had been posted online was the weird choice of camera angles — especially when contrasted with the Finn scene that came a frame before. On the one hand, I appreciate the effort to try to give closure. On the other…JM and the Kings both look ridiculous because of it.

      • rowan77 says:

        No Ana, she does not. She’s had a reputation of “believing her own press” since she won an Emmy on ER in the mid-90’s. No one has ever come forward and said that she is so easy to work with, so while you wish this were true (as would the people who work with her), it is not.

        • Ana says:

          It’s not about what I wish were true. I’ve just been a big fan of the show for years, and in all of the interviews I’ve read with costars and guest starts they had good things to say about her. Not only the actors, but also the people behind the scenes. I’ve never read anything that contradicts the idea that she’s a good coworker, except for angry Kalinda fans’ theories. If you could point me any articles or interviews that sustain your point that she’s awful, I would happily read them. Otherwise, I’m keeping my opinion until someone credible speaks up.

          • Mars says:

            Ana, I cant post the link here but there’s an interview with the actor who plays Cary and he is asked about working with other cast members like Archie Panjabi and Christine Baransky and he has nothing but kind words about them like they are so much fun and generous to work with. When it comes to Juliana Margulies, he only says she’s a well prepared actress. Dont you think that says it all? Of course they can’t talk bad about her in public but you can read between the lines.

            ps- i apologize for any errors, english is not my first language.

  3. matty says:

    Well this makes it pretty clear that there was obviously something going on behind the scenes… It seems like her very diplomatic way of all but confirming rumors of a feud?

  4. Ray says:

    If JM is a producer on this show, then she definitely *was* privy to the decision making process. The mandate to film separately obviously came from her. Sadly I’ve lost respect for her because she seems to be a jealous and bitter diva.

    Good luck to Archana Panjabi. On to bigger and better things!

    • Lisa says:

      Love AP but The Good Wife was the biggest thing she will ever do.

      Wish it could have been different she was a great character. I like the other investigator too, maybe they can bring her character back.

      • Just one thing says:

        How can you predict what she will ever do? She’s featured in a huge, blockbuster summer film with one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. That’s more than most TV actors may ever get.

      • C says:

        I think she’s going to find a niche. I don’t know that she’ll ever be a strong lead (though that depends a lot more on what/how new characters are written than AP’s skill), but I suspect that she’ll always be polarizing in whatever roles she finds. If she makes smart choices, I could see her getting some really great, really meaty roles.

    • Jeri says:

      Unlike the ER days, now there is the internet making it a lot harder to hide unprofessional behavior.

  5. Simon says:

    This is so bizarre. Something really big must have happened for things to have reached this point. Other than the fact that fans were really expecting this, filming two scenes and using CGI represents added costs for the show.. How does that make sense?

    • johnhelvete says:

      If they used actual CGI, than chances are viewers would not have noticed what the producers did in the scene. They used the same split screen effect that is currently used by the Disney show Liv and Maddie (and that show pulls it off a 100 times better than the Good Wife did). Perhaps they should have got the director of that show to direct the scene in question.

      • Herb Flynn says:

        There’s a difference between a show’s who technical set up is for such things, and a show like this doing a one-off.

  6. W przypadku dywanów wełnianych konieczne jest usuwanie plamy w
    kierunku “z włosem”, a nie “pod włos”.

  7. Herb Flynn says:

    “All I can say is this: the decision-making process is not something I’m privy to,”

    Come on, that is the lamest answer ever!

    • Eran says:

      What would you have her say on record?! “Yeah, that c*** pushed me out of the show!” ???
      Panjabi is being very cordial and clever about how she’s handling this. She shouldn’t have any feuding labels attached to her for the remainder of her career.

      • Patrick says:

        Yeah, if AP ever has another really successful project (ie another hit TV show or a successful movie franchise), I feel like she will name names on this one.

    • AddieM says:

      What else could she possibly say without incriminating herself. That statement in itself says alot.

  8. AddieM says:

    It really makes it hard to enjoy the show and appreciate JM as an actress if she is this petty and unprofessional behind the scenes. I’m pretty sure the decision all came down to either JM agreeing to do the scene with Archie or refusing…and obviously she was not willing that’s why we got that cheap CGI reenactment.

    • Henry says:

      I actually don’t think how an actress acts behind the scenes makes any difference to whether you can enjoy the show. You either like the show or you don’t. Whether an actress is a saint or a diva in itself should not impact on your enjoyment

      • C says:

        That’s true to a degree. I’m a huge fan of JM’s work. I think she’s brilliant at what she does. Which is why I got sucked into TGW. But she should stick to acting – story direction is not her forte. The next time she’s a lead on a show — especially if there’s any indication she has decision making power — I’d certainly hesitate before I tuned in. Or I’d maybe watch after the show was done (and reviews were out). When narratives are changed because of drama/demands that are happening behind the scenes – the show suffers and I don’t want to invest time in something that I think is going to be influenced by the wrong things.

      • AddieM says:

        Of course it affects the enjoyment of the show…
        Just knowing that a beloved & respected award winning actress acts like a petulant child and allows petty personal issues to affect her professional conduct is very off-putting.

      • Jay says:

        Really? Don’t think I’ll be watching the Cosby Show the same way any more

        • Eurydice says:

          Well, yeah, Cosby’s a sexual predator who was playing a genial family man. But the idea that an actress might be a diva isn’t so much of a disconnect.

  9. Eran says:

    I think back to the Charmed season 3 finale – a show that I used to love but one that is also by no means in the calibre of The Good Wife – and consider Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty’s then-publicly toxic relationship and that in spite of all that was going on, not only could they work together that episode, Milano bit whatever bullet needed biting on and let Doherty take the reins as director.
    And then, I fast forward to this… whatever the drama was…splicing together that scene is just an embarrassment to the series, to television dramas as a genre and to professional actors. And yes, it does compromise the show, because such blatant manipulation knocks down the fourth wall and lets whatever ugliness promoted this cloud the writing, the acting and ultimately, one of the best ensembles on television in years.

    • anne says:

      Actually, it’s not THAT different. In that finale, Alyssa’s character Phoebe was separate from Shannen and Holly’s characters for most of the episode. Phoebe was in the underworld while Prue and Piper were handling them being exposed as witches in the world. Shannen’s directed that episode and guess what, Prue was given the most focus in the episode, especially with her going mad towards the end when Piper got shot. Meanwhile, Phoebe was stuck with Cole and didn’t do much.

      • Eran says:

        Exactly! *most* of the episode. They still rose above whatever venom ran between them to share at least the minimal screen time dictated by the script.

      • Regina says:

        Shannen was directing though so chances are she worked with Alyssa even if they weren’t sharing scenes together.

  10. Henry says:

    In other news: Archie Panjabi does not deny that she hates Juliana Margulies. This is not actually a news story – it adds nothing to what is already known. And in any case it doesn’t matter. You either enjoy TGW or you don’t. It’s all just gossip and does not add or detract from the quality of the show

  11. Karen says:

    Someone needs to ask Julianna this.

  12. TGW fan says:

    Yeah. She is classy like that- not bad-mouthing the whole K-Alicia debate. We will likely never know.

  13. anne says:

    God, people need to get over this already. Who cares if the actresses weren’t in the same scene? In the context of the scene, it was fine. Both characters said their goodbye and now Kalinda is gone, we won’t have to deal with (the lack of) Kalinda anymore.

  14. EC says:

    Seems everyone wants to believe JM is the “bad” person here. But I haven’t heard of anyone else having issues with her or the show. Seems like people are happy to return to the show.
    Stop trying to turn this into a cat fight.

    • Patrick says:

      The thing is, Archie would have no power to alter the structure of the show. If Archie had shown up and said that she refused to shoot with JM, they’d have fired AP on the spot. She was an anonymous, if talented, supporting actress before this show. Good Wife actually made her a much better known actress. Conversely, if JM had shown up and demanded not to film with AP, the other producers would have immediately accommodated JM. So, JM is “blamed” by fans because JM is/was the only one with the power to change the direction of the show. Also, if AP had done something bad enough to merit being frozen out of the show, AP would have been fired years ago. If it were drugs, behavior, or some sort of amorous improprieties, the producers would have fired AP asap. That AP wasn’t fired, yet the core relationship that the fans loved was allowed to quickly wither, point to a powerful on camera talent demanding changes. AP couldn’t have pulled that kind of power play. JM could easily have pulled that kind of power play. Hence, she’s getting a lot of the blame.

      • Ana says:

        I don’t believe Archie would be fired asap. Kalinda is/was a fan favorite. A lot of the show’s ratings depended on her. I think the Kings would do everything in their power to keep her, and that’s why she only left when she wanted, and wasn’t let go when whatever happened happened.

        • Patrick says:

          But, if she’d done something bad, ie hitting on/sleeping with someone she shouldn’t have, or had substance abuse issues, or just really treated everyone horribly, they would have fired her way back when. My point was that AP didn’t have the power to say, “I won’t film with JM” and make that stick. On the other hand, JM would have the power to refuse to shoot with AP. My point was that anything AP could have done to merit JM doing this would have gotten AP fired. So, this is all JM. She was supposed to be the only fan favorite, and apparently hated that AP was also popular.

  15. titoveli says:

    lol anybody here watch wrestling? in wrestling their are guys that hate each other for real and still go out to the ring and do a great job at wrestling each other Ex. Matt Hardy girlfriend Lita slept with Edge in real life [it was real] and matt hardy has wrestle edge numbers of times and they never talk to each other they are enemy but when it come to be professional they put at side their deference .. so i have to think for this 2 ladys to b so piss off at each other one of them had to kill the other mother or child that they couldnt be professionally enough for a day to shot that scene together

  16. Ellie says:

    I’m glad Archie has another show. The Fall was one of my favourite shows of the last few years and she has awesome chemistry with Gillian Anderson. Hopefully she’ll be back for season 3 as she a great actress.

  17. Will says:

    We’re that much closer to some intel leaking – I can’t wait! Why doesn’t anyone straight up as JM in whatever interview comes next? Or the Kings! The fans want answers. As an avid watcher since the show first came on the air, I don’t think I’ll be returning this fall. The entirety of season 6 storyline (CGI scene included) and JM/AP conflict really sours watching the show.

  18. Spitey Spice says:

    What sucks most about this is that it really seems if not for whatever was going on behind the scenes, Panjabi would still be on the show and her character’s arcs the past few years would’ve been awesome instead of meh. I love The Good Wife, but I’ve always watched it in spite of Margulies, who just isn’t my fave. I will probably still watch because I adore Baranski and Czruchry, but it’s left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

  19. Gwen says:

    Frankly, I’m insulted by JM, who didn’t she say or indicate we would be pleased with the finale scene between the two? Or was that the Kings? I forget. Whomever, they need to apologize for bold-face lying.

  20. Take says:

    So what if they didn’t actually do the scene together? Much ado about nothing!

  21. rowan77 says:

    Archie seems to be a class act, not going into the mishigas behind the scenes at TGW even now that she’s clear of it and on to new things. From this statement and from an old statement of the Kings, it seems even more clear that the problematic behavior on The Good Wife set was someone with decision making power. And which actress on that show was also a producer? I think you know the answer.

  22. Celina says:

    What I hate is that these people were suppose to be professionals and they earn lots of money to do so. Nobody cares if they hate each other, but the show couldn’t’ suffer because of that. And the show did. They don’t deserve the money they get, they don’t deserve the viewers who watch, they deserve nothing. I hope for cancelation next year.

  23. azu says:

    Wow! People get upset so easily over things that don’t really matter! Just enjoy the show or move on!!

  24. Actually no matter if someone doesn’t understand after that
    its up to other people that they will help, so here it happens.

  25. chris says:

    I actually think some of the last scenes (at the bar, in the car) with Alicia and Finn (Matthew Goode) in the last two episodes were shot separately as well, using body doubles, and CGI.

  26. Sharon says:

    I think most of the comments about Alicia/Kalinda scene are not only hammering unfairly and uninformed personally about an actor but also extending a biased perception with very little to no facts about the situation. To accuse J.M. as being unprofessional based on “gossip” and additional hearsay outcry only demeans those spewing forth negativity and offers no clarity nor definition of reality of this situational concern. Insinuations have gone amuk! Guessing why does not make such so. “Egging it on” flies so unbecomingly. Various unseen, unspoken, and unknown factors more than likely caused the need for #6 finale scene filming decisions. Get real people. Try a little balance and open mindedness when not getting your desired scene your desired way. Assumptions belie truth. That final line in the sand is drawn by The Kings. They determine the direction and action which the show takes like it or not. Hoot and holler all you want but it does not make your words the true truth.

  27. Bonnie Blum says:

    How unprofessional! I blame Julianne.

  28. twinsuns says:

    What is funny is that she left a good show to go to a very bad horrible waste of money movie like Earthquake 2. It’s sad that it’s rumored that Kalinda and Alicia hated each other. They really had some good vibes going on the show.

  29. relic says:

    I always wanted Alicia and kalinda to hook up sexually. I thought they had something going in season 1-2.