Ratings: Battle Creek Flat With Series Finale, NASCAR Dominates Night

Battle Creek Ratings Cancelled

Leading out of a Madam Secretary rerun, the series finale of CBS’ Battle Creek on Sunday night drew 4.6 million total viewers and a 0.6 rating, down 11 percent in audience while steady in the demo.

Leading the sleepy holiday weekend Sunday was Fox’s coverage of the NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600, which did 6.1 mil and a 1.4 (from 7 to 10 pm ET).

Over on NBC, A.D. (4.3 mil/0.7) dipped 10 percent and a tenth, hitting series lows, while American Odyssey (2.6 mil/0.4) held steady.

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  1. Erika says:

    I think why 2014-15 TV season ratings down sharply,because its safe to say that Americans are no longer most watching TV nation in the world and Americans these days are watching TV drama,comedy,reality shows,movies on internet a la Netflix,Hulu,Amazon Prime ect;.So that’s why the ratings are down.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    Sad to see Battle Creek going out with a bang after just one season but I have mixed feelings about that ending. Wonder if they’re planning a DVD release of Battle Creek: The Complete Series.

    • rockgolf says:

      I get the feeling that ending was filmed two ways.
      1) A season-ending cliffhanger where the Duff’s fate was very much in doubt.
      2) The “You’re gonna be ok”/”Yeah, I know” ending in case the show was cancelled.

      • jane says:

        I thought it fitting they laughed at the end. I hate when there’s finally a great show and it gets cancelled. Such a great great cast that really melded well! Please CBS, rethink!!!

      • Berna says:

        That’s what I think too!

      • Amy says:

        That was my thoughts as well. The laugh was just so appropriate and took away a bit of the cliff-hanger feeling. Uugh, I hate to see this show go. Everyone, please go to cbs.com and give broadcast feedback for this show.

  3. prish says:

    The husband says Battle Creek was fantastic because it was good entertainment with perfect comedic timing. We, both, enjoyed the characters and storylines. They were always improving the show, with each episode. We were sorry to see the show end, and we are hoping CBS will change its mind and bring it back. The end was believable as a shoulder shot.

    • kirads09 says:

      Agree. It was one fantastic finale. Both leads gave outstanding performances. I loved seeing Robert Sean Leonard guesting (David Shore influence perhaps?). You would hope that with the creative pedigree and connections that someone else would pick this up. I am not going to hold my breath as I know that rarely happens. But I enjoyed ever episode of Battle Creek and this is the one cancellation that chaffed me this season. At least we know WHY Milt was really in Battle Creek and for Russ/Holly shippers that happened.

    • Marie says:

      ‘Battle Creek’ was CBS’ lowest rated drama. I loved it too. But it didn’t stand a chance at being renewed.

  4. Courtney says:

    If you’re going to state the ratings for a program, please get the title correct: the NASCAR event on FOX last night was the COKE 600, not the NASCAR 600. NASCAR is the sporting organisation, not the sponsor of the event. Each race has a separate sponsoring title. And for those who think that stock car racing isn’t a sport, YOU do what those drivers did last night: sit in a car, for 600 miles WITHOUT getting out, in temps quite hot, going nearly 200 mph, all the while NOT losing control with others doing the exact same around you.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Wow. OK. The Coca-Cola designation has been affixed, in eye-catching red. (Apologies to anyone else who was personally affronted by the typo made on a holiday!)

      • Courtney says:

        Thanks. When it comes to official events that even other sites get correct, it bothers me. The correct name for ANYTHING is important to get correct, otherwise you wind up looking foolish or as if you don’t really care. This is the case for shows, movies, actors, actresses, directors, producers, etc.

      • yurie says:

        No! Typos are inexcusable! *cracks whip*

      • dman6015 says:

        Don’t p**s off the NASCAR fans, MWM. They’ll get you.

        • Marc says:

          I don’t think we matter any longer since most of us are 50+. 1.6! Pretty depressing, and it only encourages the Frances to tinker with NASCAR even more to appeal to the younger demo.

      • David says:

        Wow. That was a little ridiculous in my opinion. I don’t think it’s a huge deal at all that there was an error. Nothing to apologize for. Anytime there may be an error it is always corrected anyway so why freak over it

    • PAM says:

      Might I suggest you run down to CostCo, buy a tub of chill pills and swallow a handful? I zone out after the word “race”, so, whatever name before said “race” makes not a difference in the world. Methinks, someone’s clock is wound just a tad bit too much………

    • John NYC says:

      NASCAR disagrees with you. The title of the event is The Coca-Cola 600. (Looking at the event stats in my NASCAR app, and welcome back backflip!)

      When in full snit it’s often best to be actually getting what you’re snitting about accurate.

      • Courtney says:

        You’re right. Most know it better as the Coke 600, but I think either would work to get the title right. Even the drivers refer to it as the Coke 600 or just the 600. But it’s officially known as the Coca-Cola 600.

    • ninamags says:

      Jees. unclench, Mary!

      “sit in a car, for 600 miles WITHOUT getting out,” WHY would you want to???

      Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 race car driver, sits in his car for about an hour and a half. He just signed a contract for $150 MILLION dollars.


      • Courtney says:

        There are those that WANT to do that. There are those that DREAM to do that. I don’t, but then again, I’d also rather not risk my life playing ANY sport. Those like Lewis Hamilton and others in Formula 1 who may only drive for that amount of time, but if they were to be put into a stock car for the length of the 600, they wouldn’t make it. It’s an endurance race. And there are drivers that have driven both, starting in F1, but wanting to eventually drive stock car. Money is irrelevant in this argument. But, it seems that that’s the primary thing you care about.

  5. Jackie says:

    Love the show. Is there any chance a cable station might pick it up as some other cancelled series have been?

  6. Alex Mindev says:

    Game of Thrones > Everything else currently on Sundays

  7. JBC says:

    Battle Creek is a good show. I wish CBS would give it another season. Also wish ABC would give Forever another season. Both shows good storylines and enjoyable characters..Maybe Cable might pick them up.. i can wish!

    • Gwenna says:

      I totally agree re Forever. No flying men with superpowers…just a handsome immortal.
      Hopefully another network or cable will pick it up. Didn’t get much of a chance to develop
      a following but it was building. The “powers that be” get too twitchy…I’m tired of comic book characters and reality TV sucks !!

      • Carol C says:

        I so agree. Am already missing Battle Creek and Forever, my two favourite new shows. Feel the same as you about reality and super heroes.

  8. Jane says:

    We really love this show! Why is it canceled?!

  9. smartysenior says:

    Battle Creek was one of the few I looked forward to.

  10. Ford says:

    Battle creek should have a season 2. This show was just getting started and as usual CBS is going to cancel another good sHow people want to see.

  11. shirley says:

    what i have found, when i find that a show is on the chopping block i just stop watching, as i did fwith stalker. the secong thing ,these shows have way too long a hiatus and i just lose interest in them. americans are so enamoured with zombies, supernatural, muslims are bad guys, comedy nonsense.thank gawd foreign tv, bbc, mhz, acorn have wonderful shows

  12. Mary says:

    Sorry to see battle creek end ,didn’t get a real chance to get started ! Hope it comes back some place else .

  13. Sandy says:

    I truly thought it was a very good show. Liked all the characters, am amazed it’s not coming back. Very well done show, compared to what is out there

  14. Kathleen Hattle says:

    Don’t take battlecreek awAy!! It’s great!! Love the actor’s.

  15. Ann Olsen says:

    Don’t cancel battle creek, it’s is so much fun to watch, I am not into super heroes, I like just a plane old cop show

  16. VK Martin says:

    We truly enjoyed Battle Creek! CBS is too quick to cancel and yet keeps some lame shows!
    Who makes these decisions? So disappointed……..

  17. Cathy Barrows says:

    Come on people…this is a great show! PLEASE reconsider and don’t cancel.

  18. Cindy Kamrin says:

    I LOVED Battle Creek. Please bing it back. Just getting used to the cast and they ROCK!! Please don’t cancel.

  19. Jenna says:

    Agree with many comments here. Battle Creek and Forever were 2 of the best new shows this season. The networks gave them little to no support with bad lead ins and time slots. If it’s not a Shonda show on ABC, or a CBS owned show on their net, they’re doomed. And I’m not optimistic about next season.

    • Pat says:

      I so agree with Jenna and others. The problem is that my demographic is not the coveted 18-30. Maybe they can create a network for Baby Boomers and put these types of shows there.

  20. KB says:

    Canceling Battle Creek really stinks. Dean Winter’s character was beginning to develop nicely. I didn’t know him except for being Mayhem. He’s kinda hot. I loved this show and hope someone will revive it!

  21. Sue s. says:

    Loved the show, funny, drama, good acting, was just getting into the meat of the story -why ditch it?? With all the silly , grotesque sitcoms out there, & not so funny, or interesting late night tv shows, it was nice to find a couple of sun night shows to intertain, & poss make u think a little re the plot -hope the weird finale, although good, but a little unreal re : the corn field, the not so available ambulance, was that a shot to the heart, or the shoulder ?? & did the short detective ” pop” the blood in Mitts chest when he fell on him ? (Not so good) with that –anyhow, CBS, bring them back, esp w all the failures of tv Chanals this year, thanks, Sue in N.C.

  22. Cymdi says:

    This show is a keeper, and we are very sad to see it cancelled. Many people loved it as well. Please reconsider your decision and bring it back.

  23. patty says:

    Ink battle creek should be renewed

  24. Josie says:

    My whole family loves Battle Creek! It gets better with every show. I guess it is going to be cancelled b/c it is halfway clean, and you have to have a little intelligence and a sense of humor to “get” the dry humor. Finally – CBS has a great show and they cancel it……. to make room for more reality, filth, thoughtless slapstick humor, etc…..

  25. Janice says:

    Looked forward to this show and thought it was a winner. Really disappointed to see it was a series finale and wish they would reconsider!

  26. Joe says:

    I can’t stop ranting about how stupid CBS is for canceling this show. Battle Creek and Forever were my two favorite shows and both got canceled. It makes no sense why the reality TV watching IDIOTS of the world are now controlling everything. We really do live in an idiocracy.

  27. Elaine says:

    “Battle Creek” will be missed. I loved the show and liked all the characters. It was in a Sunday night slot not bothering anyone. Come on CBS don’t cancel this show. I believe the show will get more viewers if you just leave it be and keep in on the air. Please CBS!!!!

  28. Jake says:

    I agree with the others, Battle Creek and Forever were two great shows, but never had a chance, either through lousy time slots or no network advertising support. Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters had a good rapport.

  29. annette says:

    So sad that Battle Creek was cancelled. Besides Madam Secretary, it was the second best show on all 3 major networks. I was looking forward to a second season. The show had drama, comedy, romance, adventure, anticipation, suspense, and more!

  30. Peggy says:

    Hate to hear that Battle Creek was canceled. Loved watching Dean Winters in something more than a commercial. I hope CBS will reconsider

  31. Darcy says:

    With most all the tv shows incorporating vast lifestyles and choices canceling the clean tv shows Battle Creek and Stalker is a crying shame just because the networks portrayed the new lifestyles doesn’t make it right

  32. Jerry David says:

    Another case of a show being too intelligent and nuanced for the average viewer – Battle Creek? Really liked the character development and the humor. Way too quick of a hook for amid-season replacement.

  33. I am SO disappointed to see that Battle Creek has been cancelled. I loved the pairing of the two main characters. Always a chuckle! I honestly think that the show was in a bad spot. Wouldn’t an earlier time, week-day have been better?

    • Patti says:

      Totally agree Helen! Sunday night at 10 pm is awful without a strong lead in show, and then there were the times it was delayed due to sports running over time making it hard for viewers to record it for later viewing.