The Voice Season 8 Performance Finale Recap: Hat Man Vs. Supergirl?

The greatest superhero movie of summer went down on Monday night — in the reality-competition genre, of all places! — and there wasn’t a single exploding car, collapsing building or vortex into another dimension in sight.

Some people might refer to it as The Voice‘s Season 8 Performance Finale, but to my ears, we might as well dub it Sawyer Vs. Koryn: Wonder-Teen Vocals Activate! (which, come to think of it, would be the kind of Saturday morning fare I’d encourage my children to watch).

Every comic-book-ish tale needs a villain, however, and if I’m being 100 percent honest about how the competition is playing out in my mind, then let us all boo and hiss as the notorious, nefarious Screamzilla enters the scene, crushing cherished soul classics and cheesy ’80s radio jams under the weight of her relentless vocals, spurred on by the deliciously evil Blake Shelton.

Yes, yes, I know Meghan Linsey is probably a very lovely person — and there are things I really appreciate about her muscular-but-weathered instrument. (Every good baddie has some positive attributes, no?) It’s just that as far as I’m concerned, Meghan uses her powers in the service of all that is wrong — crushing vulnerability, dynamics, and cities full of fleeing innocents in her quest for vocal dominance.

I have to tip my hat to Blake, though, a guy whose “aw, shucks, I’m just plainspeakin’ off the top of my head” banter masks a razor-sharp strategic vision. When he told Meghan that at this point in the competition, it’s hard to gather who’s the front-runner (a bald-faced lie!), he was essentially confirming that the front-runner is Sawyer. And then, his tone shifted as he told his sole remaining artist she had perhaps “changed the course of events” by giving “the performance of the night” on Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman.” Dude might just as well have pressed the “detonate death-laser” button on Meghan’s control panel and sent her in the direction of the wide-eyed teenager from upstate New York.

What I haven’t mentioned, though, is that Sawyer’s quiet ability to live inside a song, to make you feel like you’re hearing a well-known lyric for the very first time, could/should serve as his forcefield. Koryn, alas, might be just a touch too raw at this point in her artistic development to survive the Full Blake, but if she winds up in third place, that’d still be a noble end for the southern teen who just a few months ago was performing in nursing homes and working in a local pizza shop.

So while a Sawyer-Koryn-Meghan-Joshua pecking order (oh yeah, there’s a fourth finalist) would be the appropriate screen-tested, studio-approved, Will Smith-Reese Witherspoon-Tom Cruise action-vehicle ending, I’ll happily accept Sawyer-Meghan-Koryn-Joshua.

But enough about my predictions and predilections — let’s get to letter grades for this week’s performances:

Koryn Hawthorne (Team Pharrell) — James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” — Grade: A | James Brown’s anthemic ballad may be more overdone on reality singing shows than your local news channel’s “Warning: This benign household item could kill you!” segments. (In fact, you can find respective “…Man’s World” covers on my list of Best Idol Performances and Best Voice Performances Ever.) Koryn made me forget all that, though, with two minutes of raw, emotional power and pitch perfection. When she dipped lowww on “Noah made the arc,” when she put extra stank on “Man makes the money,” even when she whispered “he’s lossst… in the wilderness,” her tone was like a shock-paddle to my “It’s Monday, and I’m already on empty” heart.

Meghan Linsey (Team Blake) — self-penned “Change My Mind” — Grade: B+ | Xtina’s line of interrogation — asking when and with whom Meghan wrote her ditty — may have been a subtle effort to underscore the fact that the blond Nashville gal is a seasoned vet with a Rolodex of industry connections, but it doesn’t negate the urgency or cleverness of “Change My Mind.” As Blake noted with a great deal of glee, Megahan’s ode to female empowerment has a killer hook — though I wished he’d warned her how her vocal tone devolves into something like a screechy cackle when she’s pushing it past its boundaries. Then again, maybe it was the 20 tons of dry ice floating over the piano that caused the tightness of tone.

Sawyer Fredericks & Pharrell Williams — Seals & Croft’s “Summer Breeze” — Grade: B- | Urgh… why was there a lady sitting on a beanbag (!) playing the tambourine (!!) in the background of Sawyer’s opening number? More importantly, why did Pharrell waste our time with a tune that neither brought out the specialness of Sawyer’s tone, nor did anything to advance the idea of who he is as an artist? Sawyer’s lead over his competitors is so vast, Pharrell could’ve afforded to take a massive risk — maybe let him Sawyer-ize one of the uptempo R&B jams that the megaproducer has brought to radio over the last decade. But maybe my crazy ideas are as wrong-minded as asking American Pharoah’s jockey to throw in a bit of dressage when he’s three strides from winning the Triple Crown? (Don’t all nod your heads at once.)

Joshua Davis (Team Adam) — self-penned “The Workingman’s Hymn” — Grade: B | Raise your hand if you heard the title of Joshua’s original anthem and expected some dreary, minor-chord dirge? Surprise! Instead, the guy cooked up a fairly catchy (albeit cliché-riddled) anthem that sounded like a rejected 1986 collaboration between Bruce Springsteen and John Cougar Mellencamp. (Most songwriters should be so lucky, really.) “The sun keeps shinin’ through the drivin’ rain, I know we can turn it around,” Joshua offered cheerfully. Oh, dude, not when you’re up against Sawyer Freakin’ Fredericks!

Sawyer Fredericks (Team Pharrell) — original single “Please” (written by Ray LaMontagne) — Grade: A- | As much as I’m dying to hear what a Sawyer Fredericks original sounds like, my brain exploded like a Mentos dropped in a bottle of Diet Coke after learning Ray LaMontagne had bequeathed one of his originals onto the young kid who idolizes him. Not surprisingly, the melody sat directly in Sawyer’s gruff sweet spot — and gave him a chance to convey a romantic yearning well beyond his tender years. “Dude, you win… Game over,” chirped Adam Levine, and while the competing coach was merely discussing the LaMontagne news, not the competition in general, his words couldn’t have been more apt.

Koryn Hawthorne & Pharrell Williams — The Beatles’ “We Can Work It Out” — Grade: C+ | No. 2 in a string of four straight head-scratcing duet choices put a funky bass line underneath the Fab Four’s optimistic hit, but left Koryn riffing and hollerating nonsensically over the chorus, as Pharrell almost inaudibly vamped behind her. Why the heck didn’t the philosophical coach let Koryn cover Beyoncé’s “Work It Out” (an underrated Austin Powers soundtrack cut that he co-wrote) rather than “We Can Work It Out” (a 50-year-old tune that in no way presents her as a radio-ready pop-R&B sensation)?

Joshua Davis (Team Adam) — Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” — Grade: C | I know I’ve been tough on Joshua this season, and I know Adam’s as much to blame for saddling him with one of the Top 5 Most Played-Out Songs an Artist Could Choose on The Voice, American Idol or The X Factor (not an official title, though it should be). But Joshua and Joshua only must answer for melodic choices that shrank the epic sweep of Cohen’s ubiquitous melody, rendering it both sleepy and inconsequential. Heck, the guy even skipped the critical/final falsetto refrain, causing a malfunction in the the Xtina-Bot 2015: “Josh, I’m really excited to have had the opportunity to watch you grow through this competition. I really have seen a lot of versatility. And sometimes, whenever I see someone that has such a beautiful voice in the style of music that you do, sometimes it’s hard to get, you know, different styles from them. And that was so heartwarming and you were just so right on and there with the melody. And I just was so engaged. So thank you for that.” What I really think she meant to say was a Jebidiah Atkinson-style, “NEXT!”

Meghan Linsey & Blake — Aretha Franklin’s “Freeway of Love” — Grade: D+ | This wouldn’t be the first time Blake chose a “fun” duet for himself and one of his finalists, but this time around, both his and Meghan’s facial expressions made it seem as though they knew they were delivering an under-rehearsed, overbaked mess. The final third of the performance — pretty much everything that came after the key change — made it sound like Meghan’s vocal cords were being pushed through a meat grinder. Let us never speak of this catastrophe again, OK?

Joshua Davis & Adam Levine — Paul Simon’s “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes” — Grade: C+ | Just in case there was an impala’s chance in a lion’s cage of Joshua winning, Mark Burnett & Co. finished him off by putting this faded carbon copy of Paul Simon’s bright, shiny original as his last impression. As his vocals faded inoffensively into the mix, I half expected Carson Daly to present him with a $100 gift card to Outback Steak House and thank him for participating.

Koryn Hawthorne (Team Pharrell) — original track “Bright Fire” — Grade: B+ | Mad props to The Voice‘s producers for making sure all four of their finalists got themselves a finale-night single representing their musical points of view. And while the island beat and inspirational lyrics of “Bright Fire” might not rank alongside Pharrell’s masterworks (“Happy,” “She Wants to Move,” “Caught Out There,” etc), he at least penned for Koryn something that let her work the Voice stage and to prove her distinctive vibrato sounds as good wrapped around a groove as it does on a booming ballad. I know I’m bound to be disappointed six months from now — and I won’t be surprised to be disappointed – but isn’t it easy to imagine that with the right material, Koryn and her immediately recognizable voice could easily make some noise on the charts?

Meghan Linsey (Team Blake) — Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” — Grade: B | If I were back in elementary school, Sister Mary Rita would be keeping me in the classroom during recess, writing out 50 times, “I will stop demanding subtlety and softness from Meghan Linsey. I will stop demanding subtlety and softness from Meghan Linsey. I will stop demanding subtlety and softness from Meghan Linsey.” Like me attempting to write a totally neutral recap, it simply isn’t what she does. Still, while I wasn’t crazy about the ’70s variety-show arrangement the house band brought to “When a Man…,” there’s no denying Meghan delivered the melody with ease and passion right up to the final refrain. The last 20 seconds or so, Bad Meghan took over — leaving me grumbling “volume does not equal emotion!” — but overall, this was a solid showing.

Sawyer Fredericks (Team Pharrell) — Neil Young’s “Old Man” — Grade: A | “There’s this rich sense of Americana in Sawyer’s voice,” said Pharrell, perfectly encapsulating why a 1972 folk-pop jam was the right choice for a 16-year-old high-school student. I’m not exactly sure how Sawyer’s voice can simultaneously transport me back to cheery days of listening to A.M. radio with the windows rolled down — and yet also manage to sound completely fresh and current, but a good magician never explains his tricks, I suppose. Will Sawyer be the first Voice winner whose weekly iTunes dominance will turn him into a household name? I wouldn’t bet against it.

Should win: Sawyer (Koryn as runner-up)
Will win: Sawyer (Meghan as runner-up)

Your turn. What did you think of The Voice performance finale? Who will win? Who should win? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. analythinker says:

    Three things I’m not sure of/about:
    – Joshua’s single
    – That Koryn actually wants to be a Gospel singer
    – That I was excited about what just happened.

    • BobbieJo says:

      Joshua is so bland and generic he should be grateful he was still around till the end! If they did not show his baby 500 times I doubt he WOULD be! His “original” was like some throw-away album filler Bruce Springsteen rejected 30 years ago!

      • bobsaccamanna says:

        Yeah it certainly is a lot easier to come up with an original song when someone else writes it for you that’s for sure.

        • BobbieJo says:

          Sawyer has plenty of fantastic original songs he could have performed. And what? Is he really supposed to reject a song his idol Ray Lamontagne sent specifically to him? OH PLEASE… He is NOT A FOOL!

          • Cip says:

            Thank you BobbieJo. Who would be foolish enough to turn down an original song from their musical hero?? Incidentally, he slated that song.

          • Sweet Mary Mother of God, I was in tears by the end of “Old Man”! IT WAS SOOOO DANG GOOD! WHAT??? He took a Neil Young song and sang the sh** out of it! Neil Young from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young! Neil Young was up there with the best! JUST BEAUTIFUL!

          • renee says:

            I have NEVER heard of an inspiration artist, contact a reality show music contestant, and offer to write a song specifically for him, for that moment. Utterly surreal and fantastic. I would be so honored. I sure xant think of any other time this has happened. Like Ray, you can’t help loving Sawyer. Hes a great kid.

          • Tyler says:

            I’ll tell you one thing–I preferred Joshua’s original song (that Slezak gave a B) to Meghan’s original song (that Slezak gave a B+). And I bet Springsteen would’ve been thrilled to record Working Man’s Hymn. As far am I’m concerned, Meghan’s original song was a throwaway song by Janis Ian.

        • JT says:

          I’m just glad The Voice producers are NOT pimping someone this season — Was that like the 8th time Sawyer has closed the show?

          • as says:

            Honestly I think he earned the pimp spot in i-tune sales.

          • TC says:

            It’s pretty simple. They have him go last ( or close to) because they know that people are waiting to see him perform. The later her performs, the better the ratings. Otherwise, people will turn the channel once he’s done performing

          • BobbieJo says:

            as and TC are correct. He is making the most money for the show BY FAR and the bottom line is money for The Voice. He has more than EARNED the spot really.

          • Lisa says:

            Because his performances are the most anticipated. So, they hold him until the end. Keeps viewers there until the end.

          • guest says:

            I didn’t know that the pimp spot was earned. I thought the contestants were rotated so that there was some fairness connected to it. We all know Sawyer is the producers’ choice in this competition. What surprises me is Blake’s lack of genuine support of Meghan. His duet with Meghan was terrible because he didn’t sound like he was there most of the time. Last week he proclaimed Sawyer to be the “front runner.” I never heard him suggest that a member of his team was not as good as a member of any other time in previous seasons.

          • Bart says:

            I know right? I thought this was a singing competition first?

          • guest says:

            The idea of having him sing last to keep up interest might convince me if each contestant were singing only one song. They each sang 4 songs last night. Someone else could definitely have gone last besides Sawyer. The reality of this reality show season is that the end was predictable almost after the beginning. They wanted a young singer to win to quiet the comments that contestants already have too much experience.

      • as says:

        I’m a Sawyer fan and have been from Day #1 in the blinds, but you are completely offensive here. Joshua and Meghan are seasoned professional musicians….Koryn I think as Michael Slezak said is still a bit raw. Song choices by the judges tonight were on the “not again” side, but they’re trying to pick BIG Songs….tear-jerkers…well-known songs for the VOTE. If anything I believe that the show said NO to Blake and that’s why he didn’t toss in at least 1 country tune. His duet was truly awful. Worst of the night.

        • AlyB says:

          I wish they had skipped the duets altogether. They were all just terrible.

        • And you are off base

        • I disagree. I think Meghan’s strategy has been perfectly executed, and as much as I hate to agree with Slezak on something, she’s outsmarted every other contestant the entire season, almost in a villainous fahion.

          She knew how to milk country fans to her cause by consistently mentioning her roots and connections there. She got them on her side further by doing two country songs “Girl Crush” and “Tennessee Whiskey” but really only doing one that was so authentic country, the latter, so as to not alienate the voting public who are tired of country stars succeeding on this platform.

          And she realized that you get standing ovations and crowd pops from loud big notes so her strategy became: let’s do that the entire song! Genius.

          So, I don’t think it was Blake not wanting to do country songs with and for her, I think it was her turning them down for most of the season.

      • JT says:

        Note to Pharrell: “Old Man” is not a slice of Americana — Neil Young is Canadian.

        • as says:

          Come on….lol…Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young are a slice of Canada ?

          • Stew says:

            Young recorded that one solo–well, with his band Crazy Horse. And he first made it big with Buffalo Springfield, originally a 3/5 Canadian band. Plus, Nash is a Brit and Stills lived all around the place, so CSNY also isn’t exactly pure “Americana.”

        • Keith says:

          Canada is in North America. Lol

        • Riss says:

          Note to JT, see which states
          “Canadian artists have long been a staple of the Americana Music…” There are other references too. The focus is on the contribution to genre rather than the singer’s country of origin. It’s similar to my getting paid for my contributions while at the office rather than what I do while at home.

        • DiMi says:

          Actually, the song is about a man on Neil Young’s Ranch in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, which is in AMERICA. Therefore, Pharrell was accurate.

        • Yes but, his music was huge throughout America, and was definitely a piece of everyone’s life in America, at the time. As well Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young was a huge part and link to the Vietnam War era, which had everything to do with America!

        • davmon says:

          This is a disappointing comment. Half of my favorite singer songwriters of the late Sixties & early Seventies were Canadian–Leonard Cohen [We heard his Hallelujah tonight.], Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot. [Heck, Bob Dylan only missed out by 50 miles or so.] Like the Beatles [Brits] who topped our charts for 7 years, before their split; and contributed tonight’s song We Can Work It Out, they were all huge on the American and world music scene and in our music history. Yes, Ringo and Paul are married to Americans and live much of time in the U.S.; and Neal has had residences in both California and Ontario for 40+ years. But so what? To really zero in on the inanity of this comment…Irving Berlin was born in Russia. Does that mean that God Bless America, White Christmas, Easter Parade, and There’s No Business Like Show Business are Russian songs?

          • Hey Davmon- good to know that some really music knowledgeable perhaps mature people are on this board. Just some trivia you probably know. Bob Dylan did not promote his Minnesota roots and unlike Prince rarely spoke of it. Most people think of him as a NY artist but your are correct. He was brought up in Hibbing MN, a very small town. Aloha

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Never did I expect to see the name Irving Berlin on this message board. lol

        • JD says:

          Neil Young was at the heart of the Americana movement. Hell he even released an album titled “Americana”

        • My boyfriend just told me that and even so it sounds like Americana. But it’s funny he said the same thing the same way as you just did. Kudos!

        • Eurydice says:

          He said Sawyer was Americana, not “Old Man.” In any case, Americana is a genre, not a nationality.

        • Ann VerWiebe says:

          Americana is musical genre. There are Americana musicians from all over the world. It’s a mix between folk, alt-country and other roots music styles (like bluegrass). What Sawyer does is wheelhouse Americana.

      • Irmina says:

        I agree.

      • Mary says:

        His song was good and does not deserve to be trashed by someone who probably cannot put two sentences together.

      • Thrown away album filler from Bruce Springsteen > Any current music.

      • P-Applecakes says:

        Why so mean? You know your boy Sawyer will win. I am a fan myself. But I don’t understand throwing down the others to build him up. He can stand on his own. Does that really feel good? Are you more talented than Joshua? You almost sound as if you could be…….. Just sayin’

        • JM1 says:

          P – couldn’t agree more. Am all for the posters on this webpage talking up who they like. But you can like who you like without teaming someone else down. At this stage, all 4 finalists are talented in their own ways.

      • Karl Le says:

        I have NO IDEA why he’s still in this competition! Who actually thinks he’s as strong as the other contestants or India who didn’t make the cut.

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      And I’ll add I’m not sure about an A for Sawyer’s tepid one note take on Neil Young’s classic. Definitely agree, what happened tonight wasn’t all that exciting.

      • BobbieJo says:

        Your colors are showing and they are GREEN! LOL. It deserved an A+ not an A as it was CLEARLY one of the best of the night and whole season, tied with Sawyer’s original song, which was far and away the best!!

        • sara says:

          Actually it really wasn’t all that good. And just because someone has an opinion that is different from yours it does not make them jealous. That is one immature comment.

        • bobsaccamanna says:

          It was awful, I don’t care who wins so there is no green here, but Old Man had zero emotion behind it and none of the vocal dynamic of the original. You can calm down and stop shouting in upper case at everyone, your little gollywog is going to win but his only performance tonight that was close to an A was his original(well Ray Lamontagne original) song. Maybe.

          • Cip says:

            Bobsaccamanna-I usually agree with and am often amused by your comments on this blog (and others) but you have been extremely hard on Sawyer all season. I’m not sure I get it. You don’t have to love him ( it’s ok because there are enough people that do), but please remember the kid just turned 16. Cut him a break.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            I actually do like the tone of his voice Cip I have said that many times, and he plays the type of music I would normally listen to. I think you hit the nail on the head, he’s young and I think his voice needs to mature and he needs to learn some dynamics, I find many of his performances to be robotic, that’s JMO. And normally I wouldn’t even bother to comment on other peoples opinions, but there are a few particular Sawyer trolls on this site who have forced me under the bridge. :)

          • Eurydice says:

            I felt it had a lot of emotion and dynamics, but his approach is very quiet and subtle, which gets kind of lost in the overproduction of too loud backup singers and musicians and weird lighting and ballerinas and swooping camera work. I don’t know if he’ll win for sure, but it’s exciting to see somebody young and intelligent and different.

        • Sharon says:

          I totally agree with you. He’s the best new pure talent on the show. No fancy costumes, no screaming,no tons of makeup(especially one pound eyelashes)jand he will be a star.

          • Lisa says:

            He will be a phenomenon, IMO.

          • Birdy says:

            I love Sawyer, too. He reminds me of the best of the folk rock, country blues, etc., musicians of my days (60s/70s). A lot of people don’t understand why millions are drawn to him. Maybe because, sure, his voice is still raw and unpolished (personally, I think that’s why a lot of folks like him!), his range isn’t as dynamic as it probably will be someday, and he’s not a showman. He goes out there and just does his thing, and doesn’t need huge, overblown productions in order to be enjoyable! He is a refreshing talent.

          • Lisa says:

            To Birdy: I agree. Folk/blues music isn’t about being over the top. My son likes a band called The Decemberists. He listened to Sawyer’s songs, and pointed me to them. My son loves that type of music, and he enjoyed Sawyer’s music also. He knows the type of artist he is and he’s in the pocket squarely.

        • JM1 says:

          BobbieJo – Why is it not ok for everyone on here to have an opinion?

          • BobbieJo says:

            Apparently you haven’t been paying attention cause many people on here have been ATTACKING me for loving Sawyer since the beginning, saying “He cannot sing” and “He is a robot” and blah blah blah. I just find it funny they can dish it out but cannot take it when things don’t go THEIR way!

          • JM1 says:

            No. People are not attacking you. They are telling you to knock off your nonsense. You are a mean, spiteful presence on this page.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            I’m just thankful BobbieJo isn’t a Springsteen fan, she would make me turn on my favorite artist with posts like this.

        • Yall are on crack if you vote for sawyer

          • TC says:

            This is for BobbieJo. When I first started reading your posts, I thought that they were seriously a joke-someone just trying to be funny on line. Then I realized that this was not the case.

            Quite frankly, you aren’t being attacked for your love of Sawyer (many of us love him too and don’t get chastised when we post positive comments about his performances). You are being “attacked” as you put it, because of the way you are posting. Your posts are often, how should I put it,: immature, “in your face” and obnoxious. People’s reactions are going to be, undoubtedly, negative towards you and unfortunately towards Sawyer. I would hedge a bet that some of those that are posting negative things about him in response to some of your rude comments, are doing so more because you are annoying them rather than a true hatred for Sawyer. While I don’t think Sawyer needs your assistance to get votes, what you are doing is counterproductive. If anything, people who are on the fence, won’t vote him (at least those that read this blog), because of you. I realize this post is probably going on deaf ears, but I just had to get if off my chest.

      • MC says:

        He’s been one-note on almost everything. The weakest part of Sawyer’s game is the vocalizing. I’m guessing he could be an effective songwriter and instrumentalist, but the singing needs an injection of depth, passion and dynamics.

        • analythinker says:

          Couldn’t agree more.

        • as says:

          Many of you seem to feel that way. Passion needs to be experienced. Can’t you all give Sawyer a little time to grow. Ray LaMontagne obviously sees something in him and I’ve felt each and every week that his singing is sincere, heartfelt and authentic. That’s what Pharell credits him most for. Kimberly had passion and dynamics, but I didn’t feel anything when she sang.

          • MC says:

            I believe your last sentence was a non sequitur. Your meaning would be clearer had you stated, “Many observers thought Kimberly had passion and dynamics, but I didn’t feel anything when she sang.”

          • as, I think MC is an English teacher but I like the way you expressed yourself because the perhaps correct way sounds bland. I am a writer and like music passion in language counts more than being perfect. Aloha to both of you

          • as says:

            @MC Thank you so much for the grammatical edit. It seems however, that you did understand my intent perfectly and chose your final exam grading mode to distract and diminish my remarks. Kimberly was/is technically proficient. She was/is an experienced and accomplished performer. Passion and dynamics were present in her performances, but as I so weakly stated before, I didn’t feel anything when she performed.

          • MC says:

            @as – The reason I corrected you was to make your comment more straightforward and candid. You can say that other people find Kimberly to be passionate and dynamic, but you obviously don’t believe that or you would respond more positively to her singing and music. You said, “I didn’t feel anything.” That is an unqualified negative statement about all of her performances. Then how you could truly appreciate that the performer was genuinely passionate, a very positive quality? That is what’s called a non sequitur. The first part does not equal the second part. I think you wanted to say that Kimberly was trying to show passion, but you didn’t believe it for a second. That’s a slightly different, but much more believable statement.

          • as says:

            @MC…starting to be amused at your “nitpicking” with me. I honestly don’t need English language lessons from you. I said what I meant and I meant what I said…..I said Kimberly was an accomplished PERFORMER….acting to some extent is implied. Her voice technically was fantastic…she’s obviously an experienced, theatrical performer. I didn’t “feel” or if you prefer “believe” her her vocals. It is a subjective thing MC.

          • MC says:

            @as – I actually think you’re a very sincere person and one of the better contributors to this chat board. I do plenty of editing on my job and sometimes it becomes a reflex for me. I may disagree with your opinions, but I appreciate that you have always maintained a civil tone.

        • writerchick says:

          I couldn’t agree more. He’s a cute kid but he has no range and every time I hear him I think of John Denver without the clear beautiful tone. Also, he has has the same silly smile no matter what he sings. This is no wonder kid. This is one note kid. He’s sweet but hardly a star. I think it’s between Koryn and Meghan

      • as says:

        People are excited about Sawyer. There is no denying it. He’s young and full of promise…I imagine Neil Young would have penned a new tune for him as well. No reason really to compare him to singer songwriters from the 70’s and his takes on their songs….he’s making it current for a whole new i-tunes world of peeps.

        • BobbieJo says:

          I agree and just ignore the hate and bitterness and jealousy you see from fans of the other singers on here. These are from frustrated people who feel powerless that their favorites stand no chance!

          • Jules says:

            Like the hate, bitterness and jealously that YOU show for anyone who ISN’T Sawyer??? Stop being such a hypocrite. The best thing about this season of “The Voice” being over is not having to see any more comments from YOU. People like you take the fun out of everything. Sawyer will win, we ALL know that but part of me hopes he doesn’t just to not have to see your raving lunacy about it. I’m sure you’re real fun at parties, that is, if anyone bothers to invite you.

          • as says:

            BobbieJo this comment is for you. Maybe you’re just a kid, but you’re being obnoxious. You don’t build Sawyer up by cutting down completely other talented musicians.

            I’m a Sawyer fan and have been from Day #1 in the blinds, but you are completely offensive here. Joshua and Meghan are seasoned professional musicians….Koryn I think as Michael Slezak said is still a bit raw.

          • Lisa says:

            My God, the personal attacks are just comical sometimes.

        • Bringing Back the Sunshine says:

          Cousin It is young and full of something, but I don’t think it’s promise.

          • Karla says:

            OMG. Now I’m totally a Sawyer fan but – how did I not see the Cousin It connection! So true! The worst tonight was his Ultimate Hipster Moment riding the fixed gear bicycle indoors while wearing the bowler hat with a feather in it. Didn’t notice if he was also wearing a vest but, if he wasn’t physically, he was spiritually.

        • Lisa says:

          Agreed, I haven’t heard Old Man done so well.

          • Lisa, I laugh a lot at the snarky comments here. It is comical but sometimes it gets to me when someone is really mean.

          • Lisa says:

            Understood. I used to respond, but it’s a waste of breath. I don’t have time to view it any other way than comical. It doesn’t affect my life, why should I give it the power to affect my mood?

      • Sherri Green says:

        Sawyer is an “old” soul and he reminds me of my hippie days. Not his hair but his voice!! He can turn it off or on without a hitch. I hear a little Janis Joplin….sort of.

      • Sawyerhasnorange says:

        Finally someone who notices the same thing that I have. Sawyer has no range and EVERY one of the songs he covers sounds EXACTLY the same. Whoever wrote this blog is obviously biased and doesn’t understand musicality or connecting to a song. The kid messed up one of the easiest songs to sing and he still was praised, it’s like people have blinders on and can see no wrong in Sawyer. He couldn’t even hit the high notes in the duet with Pharell. He has like a four note range and that’s giving him one or two notes.

      • niel says:

        Sawyer fan, but agree with you here. His least memorable performance. The song, while a classic, didn’t give him the opportunity to showcase his rich voice that “fills the room,” as the coaches have marveled throughout the season. And, good grief, BobbieJo below, I echo Sara ‘s comment. How are you reading jealousy?

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      It was the opposite of last season’s finale. Last season had very little talent and managed to pull off an exciting finale (minus that horrendous Somewhere Over the Rainbow); compare that to this season which had unreal talent and managed to be the most boring finale I think I’ve ever seen. This finale rivals the one with Cassadee, weird haired rocker, and older soul singer (Nicholas?).

      • analythinker says:

        It sure feels like Cassadee’s season where it was as obvious as Kim K’s b**bs. And you have a great memory. I’ve already forgotten about Somewhere Over the Rainbow!

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Even though I wasn’t one of the Cassadee haters, I remember passionately hating that finale, much like tonight’s. Three singers I couldn’t possibly care less about, which brings us to Sawyer, Meghan and Joshua… lol
          His SOTR was legendarily bad. I think it cost him the win.

          • analythinker says:

            I didn’t hate Cassadee either although I wanted Amanda to win. I agree SOTR failed Matt (or vice versa, heh).

          • MC says:

            It was absurd that Amanda didn’t make it to that finale. She was the true winner of that season imo while Cassadee was the chosen one (from the blinds until the end). Blake’s singers still garner more than their share of votes (to this day) and Cassadee benefited from her close connection to Blake and Miranda. Other than that, it was a “great” season.

          • Scott says:

            I agree with yall, but don’t take anything a way from Cassadee, she had a great voice. I agree Amanda should have won, or at least been in the finale, but Cassadee is a fine winner, and she’s had the biggest career (not saying much I know) from the show.

      • Faye says:

        Don’t know when or if I will ever forgive Adam for giving Matt SOTR. That has so wrong.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Given that SOTR was the show closer, I think he must have done really really well in rehearsals. And then went down in flames during the live finale.
          At least he can pat himself on the back for singing it better than Martina McBride a few weeks back on Idol.

          • Did he? No idea what you’re talking about as she did it better than any contestant on these shows the last few years.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Um… no. Can’t agree with you there. India and Matt were exponentially better. When the first two notes on the octave leap are out of tune, the song is over. Her first two notes were out of tune. And then pretty much every note thereafter as well. She was Lazaro bad on that performance. I’d venture to say most of Lazaro’s performances were more in tune than that was.

          • Not sure you know what out of tune means, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

            It’s also worth noting that a contestant has different opportunities in a song that a guest performer doesn’t as they’re not going to do glory notes for glory notes sake, as they just want to tell a story, not compete against other artists. For her to be better even considering is an accomplishment in itself.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            :) I know what out of tune means. And that’s not an opinion. Either someone is in tune or they are not. There is no subjectivity on pitch. Go back and listen to her performance. If you believe that to be in tune, then you’re what’s known as tone deaf.

          • Actually there is. It’s about whether she hit the note she wanted to and when she wanted to, and unless you’re inside her head you can’t answer that.

            I’ll ignore your comment about a song having no chance of being good because of notes at the beginning to as that just further displays your ignorance. I’ll focus on the bigger issue with covering that song is too many contestants try to mimic the scratchy range Judy Garland goes for in the beginnng instead of making it their own.

          • Karla says:

            Ok I have to respond because this comment makes my head explode. First there’s the arguement that, no a person wasn’t out of tune but, instead meant to hit the wrong note. Whatever. But then Judy Garland had a “scratchy range”??? I think these musical terms may mean something different to you than they do to the average person.

          • Not really, I’m not saying she hit the wrong note, nor was she out of tune. I was disagreeing with his/her point about it not being subjective, while the whole concept of music is subjective.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Wow. You really don’t have even one-twentieth of a clue as to what you are talking about, yet you are calling two people who actually do what they’re talking about ignorant? Yes, consistently singing a minor second below the pitch is an artistic choice. You keep right on believing that. lol

      • ES.sential says:

        @Angie_Overated. Well put. Hard to believe that after such a promising opening, we would up with these four contestants. And of course Christina never stood a chance. Is it just a coincidence that no female judge has ever had a winning contestant?

    • JT says:

      Can we all just agree that it is time to drop the coach duets? Those were all SO lame. Blake can’t sing soul, Pharrell ruined 2 classics and Adam hogged theirs. Would much rather have heard another solo from each.

      • Mack_attack says:

        Spot on! The duets failed miserably for all 4 contestants IMO. I was slightly embarrassed for the finalists.

      • Viajero says:

        The coach duets were awesome when CeeLo was still around. But without him in the picture, I also agree that they’re just not worth it.

    • Enlightenment says:

      Joshua, had the best original song. And he performed it very well. i’ve never been a fan, but yeah”!

    • Sassylady says:

      Khawthoryn can sang anything she put her little mind to ok. Let’s give credit where it’s due. I think if it won’t for Christina giving her up, her talent wouldn’t have been discovered this early in life, by professionals. This was a God sent moment for her and her mom/family. I don’t think there are to many out there wouldn’t won’t to work with her. Look like she can throw her towel.

  2. BobbieJo says:

    You all were told by me A MONTH AGO what would happen and it has played out exactly as I foretold with Sawyer obliterating the competition effortlessly! His duet was partially ruined by Pharrell’s inability to sing but his other two solos were so above EVERYONE ELSE it was NOT EVEN FUNNY! Koryn was weak and played her usual God card which will NOT work, Joshua was liquid Nyquil and Meghan just hollah’d everything as per her usual, probably trying to get stray Kimberly votes. Sawyer is the only REAL STAR and the only one who will have a CAREER AFTER THE SHOW! Can’t wait to see him crowned the winner tomorrow and then go off to have a fab career as The Voice’s first actual success!

    • analythinker says:

      We’ll see, dear.

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      His duet was ruined by both he and Pharrell.

    • Mrs. Tran K says:

      Your such a troll. Who cares!!!! You think you have effected the outcome. Sorry toots no chance. If sawyer wins it ain’t cause of you.

      • BobbieJo says:

        Oh you are so full of it honey. It is because of us and MILLIONSSSS of other Sawyer fans he will win by the largest margin in Voice history!!! Too bad they did not give him any REAL competition this season. lmao

    • MC says:

      I love Koryn, but she is still a little raw and I think she’s running on fumes at this point. It would have been nice to have Kimberly, India or even Mia Z in the final four, but unfortunately this season full of mega-talents ultimately fizzled. I look forward to seeing some of these faces and hearing some of these voices in the future.

      • AlyB says:

        If Mia and Kimberly were there instead of Meghan and Joshua there might have actually been a contest. I’m so sorry those two didn’t get to the end.

        • davmon says:

          Oh, talk to me. Indeed. I loved Mia Z (and Sawyer) from the beginning. I still miss her. Glad Sawyer is still going strong. And Kimberly had her turn in the limelight. There were two or three weeks straight where she was the best in this point. Oh, and I really like Koryn.

    • Adrian says:

      Wow I like how you basically trashed every artist but wanna go all full on praise about Saywer. Saywer seems to have picked up a lot of polite fans so it seems huh?

      Koryn smashed her first performancs and if that’s the artist she wants to be then let her be that. It plays to her strength as a singer and I wouldn’t change that for a pop career. That’s not always the direction for singers no matter how popular they are.

      • DiMi says:

        Um, It’s a Man’s World IS a pop song. It’s also a bluesy R&B song, but it is a pop song, and she did a great job.

    • DG says:

      Sawyer will probably win, and deservedly so. He’d be ashamed to have a mean-spirited fan like you, though.

    • Sharon says:

      ditto…if he doesn’t there is a problem. he reaches all age groups with his voice, sincereity, talent,and humbleness

    • kevstar says:

      Sawyer will be like every other winner on the show. And you actually get people to absolutely hate Sawyer, for all your ranting and raving about him. Your garden gnome with the bad hair will win the show, and end up back on the farm in less than five years. LMAO.

    • JD says:

      Sawyer may not even win. He’s not “so above everyone else”. He’s got the image but the vocals are just okay. None of them are going to become actual stars though

    • gayle says:

      Bobbiejo- just cause you have your nose all up Sawyers pampers – don’t rule out the other finalist having Careers- Meagan already has one and you’ll choke on your words in about 18 months – why ? Because Koryn will be a household word like Bey!!
      Hater !

  3. Sawyer? To win? Never going to happen. Never.

    • AlyB says:

      Please and Old Man are sitting at #3 & #4 on the ITunes chart as I type this. Only Meghan has cracked Top 10 besides him so far and only with 1 song, her original at #10. Sawyer also has a few songs from previous weeks still in the Top 100. So regardless of the contempt and derision aimed at him on this board, he does have mass appeal and it looks to me like he’s walking away with this win. Personally, I love the kid.

      • MC says:

        I don’t believe anyone is denying he has mass appeal or that he will win the show. Does that mean Sawyer was the most talented singer/musician in this season? Opinions vary on that question. Is Joshua the latter day version of Sawyer? Look at a hypothetical situation. This is still 2015, but Sawyer is thirty years old (not sixteen) as he comes onto the show. He then performs exactly the way he did throughout this season of The Voice. Would you be okay with that? Better question. Would he still be the rightful winner of The Voice in your mind? I believe a large part of Sawyer’s appeal stems from his extreme innocence as a sixteen year old.

        • AlyB says:

          My favorites this season included Kimberly, Koryn, India & Mia. I love a strong female vocal and tend to prefer male voices more stylized. The great vocal talent this season was not lost on me. It’s just that Sawyer has an appeal I can’t describe beyond saying that listening to his voice feels good. That is a gift that eludes many more technically pure voices.
          To answer your question, I’d have probably been even more comfortable with Sawyer had he been older. I found his youth almost disconcerting and often found myself just listening with my eyes closed. I can only imagine that age and experience will add depth and shading to what I feel is a voice that already pulls a listener in emotionally. I get that his tone may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the same could be said for Neil Young or Bob Dylan. There were many female singers that probably would have been judged as better pure technical vocalists in their day but would you dispute that they were among the greats of their generation? I’m not saying Sawyer is there yet but he has that potential and it’s exciting. I do believe he’s good enough to merit a win at this level of competition. That would be true regardless of his age. I actually like Joshua but still would like Sawyer better even if they were the same age. The fact that he is so young as has so much room to grow does make him more compelling than older contestants that have peaked and you can’t really take that away from him.

          • MC says:

            I loved Melanie Martinez who was on The Voice a few years ago. She was/is a folk rock singer who had a joyful and yet sincere approach to music. There were some folks who didn’t “get” her because they were befuddled. “Why isn’t she trying to sing like Christina Aguilera. Where are the multi-octaves and the piercing high notes?” Good singing is not always about that and folk music in particular is the opposite of that style. I sometimes think Xtina (and other singers like her) have created a generation of fans who are obsessed with powerhouse and technically perfect vocals, sometimes at the expense of emotion. I know that some see Sawyer as the antidote to all of that and I hope he succeeds in opening some minds. My only disagreement with you is that I don’t think Sawyer should win this season (but he will).

  4. tvtjw says:

    Sawyer Fredericks, all I have to say.

  5. Ron says:

    I chose not to watch tonight because 1) It was a foregone conclusion that Sawyer would take the whole thing, and 2) no Kimberly, no me as a viewer. I’m sure no one missed me, so that’s cool. But I am curious, did I miss anything absolutely spectacular? Is there a particular performance I should go and watch?

    • analythinker says:

      Sawyer & Pharrell’s duet was pretty good. Not.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Man’s World by Koryn. First song of the night, and it all went downhill at the speed of light from that point.

      • BobbieJo says:

        Koryn’s version just DID NOT CUT IT. If she wants to learn how to sing the song properly she can go watch Josh Ledet’s version on Youtube! LOL. I was kind of mad Koryn was still there and irate Pharrell had to kiss her butt and help her try to snatch Christian votes. So annoying!

        • Angie_Overrated says:


          • bobsaccamanna says:

            You are right about tonight’s show Angie, such a disappointment considering how much talent seemed to be there at the start of the show. Why would Joshua even think about covering Hallelujah for the 9 millionth time if he wasn’t going to bring anything at all new to it. You’re a singer, I mean isn’t that kind of a hard song to sing poorly if you have even a modicum of vocal ability, I mean come on, even Lee Dweyze made it sound decent>

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Hey, Bob! Never sung that song, but I think what makes it so popular for singers is that it brings them out of their shells to give a heart-felt performance. It felt like Joshua was trying really hard to do that, but it just fell kind of flat. Decent vocal, but I just didn’t care. Sigh.
            I just hope the voters who ruined Idol haven’t moved onto The Voice to ruin this show too. I have a feeling that that’s what’s happening. Such a promising season that ended with a giant cacophonous thud.

        • gayle says:

          Oh I get it now – you hate Christians – ok already – from an atheist view point – it all comes out in the “proverbial” wash –

    • Nancy says:

      @Ron. Couldn’t agree with you more and for exactly those reasons. W/out Kimberly, who cares? My husband forced me to watch. You did not miss anything. Slezak’s recap is strangely off tonight. There was nothing super or heroic about any of the performances. I will say that I thought Sawyer did a better rendition of that Old Man song than Neil Young. Koryn’s last song was awful. Meghan was strong. Not sure why she has to be made a villain.

    • Enlightenment says:

      Second most boring finale ever.

    • SadieMariah says:

      I totally agree with you! Kimberly was the best and I didn’t watch tonight because there was no one I liked left on. It’s a real shame that the best vocalist and singer won’t win this season because they were eliminated…

  6. J says:

    I’m not supporting Joshua but I think you are underestimating his popularity. I think the pecking order will be Sawyer>Meghan>Joshua>Koryn. I wish Koryn would finish higher though.

    • Lisa says:

      Agreed. It’s quite possible. Also, could be underestimating the power of country music and Blake’s connections. Meghan could win, although it should be Sawyer, IMO.

  7. Evan says:

    If Joshua ends up in higher than fourth place, I’ll vomit. Koryn and Meghan had great performances tonight, but Sawyer is just too strong to beat, not to mention his two very good performances tonight. I don’t even think Blake’s strong fanbase can win this one for Meghan. And thus the season will end exactly as it’s been predicted to for months…

  8. AlyB says:

    Sawyer for the win! I loved him from the start and he brought it home tonight. Koryn deserves the second spot. She is extremely talented but just not as compelling. I’m not sure about her musical direction and though I loved Bright Fire, I don’t know if that’s what she really wants to do. Sawyer is a fully realized performer with a truly unique and recognizable sound.

    • davmon says:

      I agree. Sawyer one; Koryn two. And the fact they are the non-professionals just adds to my enthusiasm. I was a big fan of Sawyer and Mia from beginning [Go Mia Z!], because they were authentic and different–and audaciously hope to expose the mainstream to folk and blues. Then I had become a big fan of Koryn just before she joined Pharrell’s team. Loved her opening with James Brown tonight; she was great. Up there with her O Mary last week. Her apex was Make It Rain. Sawyer has never topped I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow but has come close with Simple Man and For What It’s Worth and now Old Man. This has been an amazing season of songs and artists for a silly little televised vocal competition. Some credit goes to the house band.

  9. Matt says:

    You gave Bright Fire a B+? I thought the fact that Pharrell gave that awful dirge to Koryn was a fairly obvious signal that he is team Sawyer and was determined not to split his vote. My 6 month old can write a tune with more melody.

    • BobbieJo says:

      He gave it to her because he is attempting to con Christians into voting for her. The song was corny and cheesy to the max!

    • antisocialbutterflie says:

      I concur. That song was both an awful choice for her and awful all around.

    • tvtjw says:

      Bright Fire was absolutely horrible. The vibe, the tone, the lyrics… awful. Pharrell knows Sawyer is his best shot (and rightfully so) at winning and focused on him.

    • NotVirgin Mary says:

      I don’t think Pharrell understands that by giving her songs like that, it is extremely isolating to people who just don’t relate. Also, is it just me, or are the studio versions of these songs a lot less polished than usual? I don’t like it.

  10. Kim Moores says:

    Basically Megan refuses to move on from her failed relationship. I don’t care and her take on the Percy Sledge song was beyond awful. That was bad and she should feel bad.

    • DG says:

      Basically you just want to rip on Meghan (that’s how her name is spelled by the way) for every little thing. And you’re entitled to your opinion but that’s all it is, an opinion. If it makes you feel any better Sawyer’s going to win it anyway.

      • Kim Moores says:

        I’m actually typing from my phone and it corrected it to Megan. Relax.
        Next off, I don’t care if you like Meghan, but there’s nothing healthy about clinging onto the past failed relationship. It’s tacky as hell. I said this back in hurt blind when she sang love hurts. Get over it.

        • Yah thats what turned me off about Meghan back in the beginning,she was always talking about her ex. She needs to be strong and have some pride in herself!

          • JM1 says:

            Umm . . . was her original song not about being strong and having pride in herself?

            So tired of the Meghan hate. Talk about who you like instead of going out of your way to rip her to shreds. So she’s not your favorite contestant on a game show. Big deal; that doesn’t warrant being so mean.

            Slezaks’s underage crushes, Sawyer and Koryn, are hardly my favorites. But I don’t waste my time finding mean things to say about them. Grow up.

          • Lisa says:

            To JM1: Yes, that’s exactly what Meghan’s song is about. I see people post on here all the time about the singer “not having a connection to the emotion of the song”. She makes a connection to the emotion of the song, and that means she’s wallowing?

    • JM1 says:

      She had a strong night in an otherwise really lame finale. Nothing to feel bad about.

      • Kaba says:

        She really didn’t, but alright. His grades for Meghan are much too forgiving.
        That shredded sound to her upper register makes my throat hurt just thinking about it. Seriously, she’s not singing when she’s hitting those notes, just opening her throat wide and letting her chords just suffer.

    • Cristal Angel says:

      The real problem is whoever came up with the idea that just because you like to cover a song that was released by a person of color makes you a soul singer!!! That country twang of hers won’t be denied. It’s who she naturally is and always will be because her Nashville-roots and CMA upbringing colors her soul!

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      see Kim we don’t always disagree, there comes a point in almost every single Megan performance where she will unleash a note that literally hurts my ears. :)

  11. Kaba says:

    Best pool of contestants give the worst finale performances ever. Only talking about koryn tonight.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Agreed. Koryn was the only singer left. But what is there to say really? Her first song was outstanding, followed by a crappy Beatles cover because Pharrell can’t sing, followed by a crappy Pharrell song that I suppose was “inspirational”?
      If that’s the nicest thing I have to say about a contestant tonight…. lol
      Yeah, I’ll just abstain from my truthful thoughts on Meghan, Sawyer and Joshua.

      • Kaba says:

        Please speak your mind angie. I’m incredibly upset with tonight. Why did they not end with Koryn on man’s world?

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I honestly wasn’t paying that close of attention. As much as I love this show, I couldn’t force myself to watch most of these performances. Even from Koryn who is legitimately amazing.
          And what is going on with Meghan’s voice?! I was getting a sore throat listening to her. I hope she gets that under control because she is a talented singer. That was some serious Bria Kelly vocal-cord slamming that was going on tonight.

          • NotVirgin Mary says:

            I called out her vocals becoming Bria Kelly-esque once the live shows started. I was surprised anyone else didn’t notice the shrieking earlier. I hope she can get the rest her vocal cords desperately need.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Oops. I should have credited you. :) I honestly don’t remember you saying that, but I’m glad we agree nonetheless.
            My working theory is it’s this stupid fascination with “rasp” in the voice. C’mon, people. Just sing. Most of the “rasp” we hear is artificial rasp created from poop-poor technique that will blow one’s vocal cords out in no time flat.

          • Karla says:

            Regarding the raspy voice & poor technique, that’s honestly what I heard tonight during Koryn’s performance. Sounded good tonight but I predict vocal chord nodules in the future if she keeps this up. So agree to disagree about her skill I guess.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            @Karla – someone needs to teach Koryn to hit her high notes safely. I’m hearing what you’re hearing as well, but Meghan sounds like she’s doing it all throughout her range, which worries me. That catches up to a singer very quickly. :(

          • davmon says:

            I appreciate this discussion of Koryn and Meghan (and I might include Kimberly). This season, I have been a big fan of the young Sawyer and Mia and Koryn. But Meghan had some good early performances, especially Natural Woman. Kim surged mid-season with What’s Up and HOTRS for a few shows. But as the competition thinned, I began to notice some glaring vocal…well…strain in Meghan–and Kim, too. When Meghan goes for her high range pocket, too often she ends up in a briar patch squalling. I like the girl; so I am not throwing shade. I am concerned that she has been doing her vocal training on the cheap. Kim’s “briar patch” is not high end, but more middle register–fairly close to her speaking voice. She is so good high and low, that it is disconcerting that part of her middle range seems strained and unpretty. Again, could this be lack of vocal training and care? And then Koryn. She was unreal on Make It Rain. OMG. But did she overdo it. She could not hit the high note on Dream On. As good as O Mary was last week, it was considerably less distinct than Make It Rain. Last week, the U2 song kept her middle and low. I did think she tore up the James Brown tonight; it was as good as O Mary last time. But I thought the highs might be dialed back some. And the duet and Bright Fire were not as demanding–and almost never sent her high. I am wondering if Pharrell and Koryn may have needed to protect her voice already. No shame if it be so. The girl has the best voice on the show, hands down. At her age, she is just learning what she may want to do with it. But for sure, she needs to learn how to protect it….I wish all three ladies well. .

      • BobbieJo says:

        Well, “the only singer left” is dead last on iTunes for the night. Guess America does not agree with your assumption she is the best.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Or America doesn’t care about vocals? That’s true in general. Look at some of the people who regularly top the charts.

          • angiesucks says:

            Once again, you’re right and everybody’s wrong!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Did you seriously create a screen name for the sole purpose of trolling every one of my comments?
            That’s the saddest thing I’ve heard in a really long time. I’m going to google videos of puppies to cheer me up now.

          • thetrillisgone says:

            Create a screen name? You mean type 10 letters? Really hard! Not trying to depress you too much, but you come of as a deaf Simon Cowell. It’s depressing to me to read your comments insulting people that are probably much better singers than you. You are the only person I’ve ever trolled or will troll, btw. I’d have nothing to hate if you kept your comments positive and didn’t trash people you don’t like. I hate egoism. I actually like Koryn and I’ll vote for her and not Sawyer, even though he’s been consistently better, just for you!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Ah, It’s TJW still butthurt that I schooled him last week. Thanks. I was confused where the rage was coming from tonight considering I haven’t been particularly animated about anything from this snoozefest of a finale.

          • SadieMariah says:

            agreed!!! Kimberly and India were great but they didn’t have big enough fan bases to keep them in. that doesn’t mean that both of them aren’t much better than Koryn!

        • Kaba says:

          Like it isn’t the first time the best of the night wasn’t rewarded for being the best of the night.

        • Jules says:

          @BobbieJo… NEWSFLASH!!!!!!!!! The show hasn’t finished airing on the West Coast so stop with the “America” nonsense, when not all of America has even gotten a chance to watch it yet.

        • gayle says:

          She may be dead last with ITunes but she has shown herself to be a dedicated artist – she’s a diamond and this competition is polishing her – she is a bright star
          Maybe her supporters don’t have trust funds to purchase thousands of dollars worth of ITune cards and sit on computers all day stacking the votes for her – now that I understand the winner is not necessarily the most talented , but the one who can “buy” the title – after tonight I will not watch the voice anymore,
          Yeah , I know most of you could care less but the advertisers need to care –
          Mixing seasoned billboard ranked artist with teenagers and making them think they have the same chances – not cool at all – The Voice is a big time fund-raiser for NBC- I wonder how much $$was raised by the sale of iTunes ? Parents better check their daughters bank cards – so , in closing , Sawyer didn’t earn the title – IF he wins – it was purchased for him –

      • Mytake says:

        I like Koryn but I’m going to disagree with most people here regarding her It’s a Mans World. When she was finished I felt like I’d been dragged into an alley and been beaten with a baseball bat. She was full throttle from the get go. There was no subtlety or ease at any point in her rendition. She was on full tornado mode throughout and after awhile I just felt like “NOISE” was slamming into me in waves. Kimberly could go all diva and 100% loud and energetic but for almost all her songs she had softer or slower moments which gave shading to the song.

        • Tyler says:

          ITA. I thought Joshua Ledet and Clark Beckham did a better job.

        • davmon says:

          That is interesting. Because you are not wrong. But the other part of it is that she was singing James Brown….Did you ever see a clip of him performing live? especially from the early 60’s? The man did not know what dialing it back was. He was doubtless the most intense performer I can remember. There were girls passing out in movie theaters just watching him perform on film …Full throttle was the way he lived and sang. So, I am not sure how you can get away with interpreting a JB song like this one without channeling his full tilt approach….That was how he did it. It wouldn’t be a James Brown song otherwise.

        • JM1 says:

          Mytake – YES.

      • Birdy says:

        Angie, you apparently know a lot about music from a technical standpoint, and I often agree with your “facts” when you state them regarding a singer’s pitch, range, etc. However, there’s a lot about music that’s subjective. You don’t understand Sawyer’s appeal. I assume that’s because his voice is still developing and he doesn’t always hit the notes or hasn’t shown the range of some of the contestants. And I give you that his song choices haven’t shown great versatility. But the same things can be said of many on the show. I, personally, thought India had the best pure vocal talent of any of those left over the last few weeks. But, something didn’t resonate with people; I don’t know what. She’s better technically than Koryn, but she’s gone and Koryn’s not. I think you fail to acknowledge is that, clearly, millions of people are drawn to Sawyer. Sometimes the intangibles win out over the technical. Sawyer may not be as good technically as some of the others, but he has intangibles that make people love him. You state as fact that his voice isn’t unique, but that’s subjective. You can’t really quantify “unique.” It means different things to different people. And it means different, not necessarily “superior and different.” While Sawyer reminds many of us who came of age in the 60s and 70s of the great folk artists of the time, his voice isn’t like any of theirs. His is unique–to us. Maybe not to you, but it is too many. Personally, I like the rawness and imperfections in his voice. As I suspect many do. It’s a change from the polished, production-friendly talents on the show. And, perhaps most important: People can imagine themselves buying an album by Sawyer, sitting down for an hour or so, and listening to it uninterrupted. Over and over again. Other than India, there’s no other performer on this show I could say that about. (Again, from my personal standpoint.) In the end, the millions of people who love Sawyer aren’t all morons who know nothing about music. Before you hit me with, “I never said that,” I know you didn’t. But the implication is sometimes there. It’s almost as if you’re thinking, “I don’t think he’s great; why do all these other people? Don’t they know anything?” I’m sure there are Sawyer fans out there who know as much about music as you do. I’m not claiming to be one of them, but I know what I like. And I know that we can’t all be “wrong” about his talent.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Oh, I fully respect people’s opinions. If you love Sawyer, go to it! I don’t hold that against you. I’m just saying I myself don’t get it. At all really.

  12. Sierra says:

    Sawyer’s “Please” is #3 on iTunes; “Old Man” is #9. He’ll win.

    • Lisa says:

      Sadly, it is not a foregone conclusion. Although, IMO he should win, someone else could take it. Votes are variable and variables can change. So, even if a person seems like a lock, it could be quite the opposite. It’s not necessarily going to go to the person who it SHOULD go to. Sometimes it goes to the one that had the most fans that figured out ways to vote numerous times or can influence others to vote.

  13. BobbieJo says:

    Sawyer’s original song is already #6 on iTunes for yet another BONUS!!! The rest don’t look like they are gonna even crack the Top 10. LOL

    • Mrs. Tran K says:


    • Sawyerhasnorange says:

      I don’t know why people use ITunes as a guage to reflect who is at the top. Don’t you realize it will come down to who is most marketable. Look at those who have left the show who had top 10 iTunes songs. It doesn’t have that much bearing on the votes. The votes that count the most will be by phone and online. For those who are so biased I think you will be very disappointed in the results.

      • tealeaves says:

        Who left with the highest iTunes votes? Hasn’t Sawyer been ahead in iTunes all season?

      • Sierra says:

        There’s only ONE person who made it to the Top 10 of iTunes since the Finals began and yet didn’t make it into the Finale, and that was Kimberly Nichole. She hit #4 with “House of the Rising Sun” back on April 14. That was her only Top 10 appearance.

        Sawyer has had 8 songs in the Top 10. Meghan has had 4 songs; Joshua has had 2; and Koryn has had 1 (“Make It Rain”).

  14. susanna kingston says:

    Definitely want Sawyer for the win. He was easily the best tonight and has universal appeal. Meghan is just too professional, Koryn was off, I’m tired of her using the Christian angle to get votes, and I don’t think she is always so hot anyhow. Josh is fine for what he does, but, he did not shine on his final night. Nice guy though. Will be surprised if Sawyer doesn’t take this.

  15. Burton W. says:

    Meghan has the best voice in my opinion. She has my vote !!

  16. Jenna says:

    Meghan’s voice was obviously affected by peroxide and self tanning spray.

  17. Caroline says:

    There’s no way anyone other than Sawyer wins this season. He already had about 3 times as many iTunes sales as any of the other 3 finalists coming into tonight. And both of his performances from tonight are already in the Top 10 on the iTunes chart.

    Republic Records better have a good marketing plan ready for this kid.

    • BobbieJo says:

      Maybe I am looking at the wrong chart but which one do you use, Caroline? The one I looked at just showed one but that’s incredible if he has two!

    • Sawyer for the win! oh its weird that Slezak called Sawyer HATMAN. If you look it up, that is an actual ghost thousands of people have seen who stands at the end of the bed and stares, and the person becomes paralyzed. So that is a well known name on the internet! There are many HATMAN blogs! But Michael always likes to use famous Gimmicks, or Characters in his “Titles” of recaps! He named this one “Hatman and Supergirl”.

      • Since its the last night before the end of the voice, I figured I could share this story. This is true and I cannot explain it. Above when I mentioned HATMAN. The only reason I know about it, is this. My son when he was little, was disturbed by something at night for almost 3 years, to the point where doctors thought he had night terrors and now this was in the 80’s BEFORE internet. He told me a man in a hat stared at him and didnt move, this went on night after night. I started to think my own son was disturbed mentally. Then one day after years it stopped. Well last year my son and I were discussing it and we lived in Astoria Oregon at the time of his childhood!Its a fisherman and logging town. (Where they filmed The Goonies!) So I discussed it with my son and thought the “ghost” may have been a fisherman, because they wear those type rain hats! So I googled about any famous fisherman that may have died in Astoria, Oregon. I typed man fisherman ghost with hat that stands still and stares, or something to that effect and it landed me on the HATMAN blog. Come to find out it was not a fisherman, but a ghost that has been seen by thousands, even in Europe. They all say the same thing, that he just stood and stared, you could never see his face, and all of his clothes were to dark to tell what color they were People from all different eras,and all ages have seen this man and they all say he stood there in a hat and didnt move for hours. There has been now a radio show and a book written about Hatman! Dont mistake this for that thin man guy. Not the same. People were seeing Hatman way before internet and someone on the internet created thin man. Im posting this, because if your kids say they see something night after night, try to believe I guess. My parents and myself thought my son was losing it and he was only 7 years old! You might want to read some of their stories on those blogs. Makes an interesting read, but yet very scary!

  18. Stew says:

    I didn’t mean it as a protest or anything, but after Kim was gone, I just forgot to watch any more.

  19. Bringing Back the Sunshine says:

    I remain puzzled as to why everyone is enamored with Cousin It. I guess some find his goofy grin endearing but, to me, it’s almost as annoying as the nasally bleat that he passes off as singing. People love this simpleton but trash Joshua, who is far more accomplished than Sawyer, and I just don’t get it.
    As for Koryn, the girl had to have Pharrell write an original song for her which indicates to me that she lacks the talent of the other three, and I find her shifty-eyed, sideway glances and trembling jaw while she sings unnerving.
    The consensus is that this show needs to produce a real star and that won’t be Fredericks or Hawthorne. The teenyboppers who’ve kept these two in the game will forget about them as soon as the next teen heart throb comes along. The only way the voters do this competition justice is if Meghan or Joshua wins this thing. That’s right, vote for an adult who has a real chance of forging a successful singing career.
    And those of you who insist that Fredericks or Hawthorne can do that, I have two words for you: Justin Bieber.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      “As for Koryn, the girl had to have Pharrell write an original song for her which indicates to me that she lacks the talent of the other three…”

      • Katie killjoy says:

        Amen, angie. I don’t think they understand the other two just pulled out old songs from their song list crypt, sawyer had a song from ray himself too so it’s not like she’s the only one who didn’t write songs tonight. Oh well

        • davmon says:

          “Oh well?”….OMG. That is the name of the greatest song from the earliest edition of Fleetwood Mac back in the late 60s–a blues rock classic. Check it out!

        • davmon says:

          Anyway, my intention was to agree that the writing of the song issue is bogus. I am a singer-songwriter fan of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and Joni Mitchell et al. But I am also a huge fan of Frank Sinatra and Billie Holliday, who never wrote a song that I ever heard of, but were incomparable when it came to interpreting one. It was exciting that two of the competitors felt secure in putting forth their own songs; I thought both were ok, but unremarkable. The Pharrell song was different; and I will need a few listenings to decide if it is something special average–it seemed Beyoncé-esque. But the Ray LaMontagne song was quite good. So it is no wonder that Sawyer, who has a number of decent song efforts himself for one so young decided to pass on his own….And if you are really keen on this season’s best crop of song WRITERS, check out YouTube for pre-Voice clips of Sawyer and Mia Z. You may be astonished at what you hear from Mia at 14, performing her own blues songs on a public access TV show in Pittsburgh.

    • as says:

      Joshua and Meghan already have successful careers as musicians. The likelihood of either becoming a star is slim in our youth driven culture. Sawyer seems to rest pretty easily in the 1970’s…I doubt it’s just tween buying his tunes.

    • Sharon says:

      couldn’t disagree with you more…..Meghan of all does not belong in this competition

      • JM1 says:

        Well, she has been voted in up to this point. So I guess that means she does belong. The fact that you may not care for her is a whole different issue.

    • angiesucks says:

      Cousin It, aka Sia already performed earlier. I’m sure you thought she sucked, too.

      • Roxanne Pimentel says:

        You guys can make you’re comments without insulting the artists. They are human beings . before you bully someone look at yourself in a mirror first. They are all talented and its all about the individual’s preference.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Not to mention this class act is making fun of a woman with a severe anxiety disorder. I guess tripping kids at the Special Olympics track events is next on his agenda.

          • Angieknowsall says:

            Just stated a fact. She looked more like Cousin It than Sawyer. And while her behavior may have started because of anxiety, it’s hard for me to believe it hasn’t merely become a gimmick that she’s happy to capitalize on now. Bottom line, I don’t care because she’s an excellent singer. Angie, the only “special” person I’ve ever been mean to is you.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Your showing your age, kiddo.

        • Birdy says:

          Wouldn’t it be nice if commenters would just comment on the performances, song choices, and voice issues–and refrain from bashing them on their looks? Lot of people here have made very nasty comments about both Meghan and Sawyer (and others), because they don’t like the way they look. If you don’t like their music, fine; critique that. Or even critique the show’s stylists, who have made, I think, many faux pas with many of the contestants. You all diminish your own credibility when you trash a singer because of how he or she looks. It’s childish; sounds like you’re on the school playground gossiping about the kids who aren’t popular….

    • victor clarion says:

      doux bag

    • gayle says:

      I’m not understanding your point of view about lack of talent – who wrote Sawyers song? And .. Upon questioning from Christina , the adult Meaghan said she co- wrote her song – maybe she added of I’s to the tune- that was a “different ” perspective – you shouldn’t win because you’re young 😳😳

  20. Matthew Yee says:

    Christina Arguilera appears to be a sore loser on the show because she doesn’t have anyone in the finals.

    She needs to grow up and encourage these guys. This show is different because they encourage the artists

    • NotVirgin Mary says:

      I would be sour too, if I had the best vocalists in the competition and I ended up with no one in the finale.
      I just find it hilarious people get on Christina for the littlest things when it’s like nothing compared to any other singing competition. Oh, no, actual criticism. Woe is you. At least she’s honest.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        What’s even more hilarious is she basically said nothing tonight to avoid looking like a sore loser, and yet she’s still getting slammed. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: people hate strong women.

        • MC says:

          I didn’t see the whole show tonight, but Xtina is outwardly more conciliatory than she was a few years ago. Casual observers don’t realize that Xtina will verbalize a fault in a performance, although the singer in question may have also technically nailed a large portion of the song. Xtina ignores the strong points and focuses on a weakness because the singer is not on her team. She does the reverse when the singer is on her team. It’s all strategy in her mind.

        • angiesucks says:

          It’s that what you tell yourself to justify why people don’t like you?

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I think that your comment was a lot more clever in your head that it is in actuality.

          • analythinker says:

            I like Angie_Overrated. She keeps it real. There’s a difference between stating the fact and trashing and all I ever see she did was stating the facts. Facts hurt people who aren’t ready for them, I know.

      • SadieMariah says:

        completely agree!!!! She clearly had the strongest 3 and and even though they were eliminated, she still has the strongest 3!!!!! India and Kimberly are amazing performers and clearly the best vocalists just like Christina herself! Very Unfair that her 2, and the best 2, were eliminated

    • kevstar says:

      Unlike most people on these types of shows, (Adam! Blake!) Christina is incapable of lying to these contestants, which is absolutely unacceptable coming from a female.

  21. Jay says:

    The winner should be Sawyer with Koryn as a runner up. Meghan shouldn’t even be qualified to be on The Voice since she already had a professional career. Hopefully, the most talented singer will get selected.

    • JM1 says:

      Ummm, half the contestants on here have had professional careers. With varying success. Besides, had you ever heard of her before this show if she was so darn successful? Me neither.

  22. Mark says:

    Am I the only one who thought Sawyer WAS great…but then realized every song he sings is the same. He went from wonderful to boring, don’t just vote for the hair, hat and smile.

  23. Marti says:

    While I might even be moved to buy Meghan’s music in the future, I know I’ll buy music by the other three finalists. My biggest problem with Meghan’s…..’Reba, nice seeing you again.’ She knew other guest coaches , am I the only person wandering why she’s on The Voice? She had her break, is this going to be second chance Voice? I just don’t feel this was the venue for established artists looking for a comeback….just saying……

    • NotVirgin Mary says:

      Don’t worry about it, Sawyer’s going to win by a landslide anyways.

      • Jeanette says:

        I believe Sawyer is not I repeat is not the best singer he may be winning only with looks but i thought the show was called The Voice it need to be called the voters…

    • Sharon says:

      Exactly this show I thought was to give new talent a chance

      • Normandy says:

        New talent like Dia Frampton, Javier Colon, Jesse Campbell, Charlotte Sometimes, Tony Lucca, Frenchie Davis and Juliet Simms? And that’s just the first two seasons.

    • Bob says:

      The show has always been honest about giving people multiple chances.

  24. Irmina says:

    I’m so unhappy that other great singers are out and Sowyer and what worse Josh is still in. Josh is boring and I’m sick and tired of seeing his child a hundreds times in the show. so far I can only see Megan and Korina to be in the final. these girls really dserve a big contract. sorry boys but you can’t compare with those girls.

    • Jill Moy says:


      MEGHAN IS A SCREAMER AND IS NOT VERY GOOD! She is the OLDEST 29 YEAR OLD IN HISTORY! She is a joke. Koryn is good and to me Sawyer is average with Josh being boring. Sawyer will win because everyone thinks he’s the wonder boy of singing! He’s certainly better than (TBOFW) MEGHAN, WHO STINKS!

      • Irmina says:

        sorry Jill. sawyer is a young boy and he deffinately has a future but not yet.

      • JM1 says:

        Jill – Ever hear the saying “It’s just as easy to be nice as to be mean?” No, apparently not.

      • JM1 says:

        Besides which, YOU ARE A SCREAMER YOURSELF!!

        • Jill Moy says:

          JM, ETC.,,

          Just speaking my mind! Do I have to love Sawyer? I just feel he’s overrated with an average voice! Ok, I know you don’t like my comments and I’m sorry! I’m no screamer like that Meghan! I can sing….oh yeah…GOOD NIGHT!

  25. Karla says:

    Wow Joshua, who knew he is actually a Bob Seger/Bruce Springsteen/John Cougar type rocker instead of yet another snooze inducing coffeshop WGWG? I know he somehow managed to get to the finals with Adam’s insipid song choices so they must have some idea what they’re doing. But I totally have more respect for Joshua now. Don’t really want him to win at this point (all those snoozy songs) but I like him lots more.

    • Carolyn Devonshire says:

      Joshua (and Sawyer) do have a special quality that makes their vocals seem heartfelt. I like your comparison of Joshua to Seger, Springsteen and Mellenkamp. An astute observation.

    • Mack_attack says:

      I was pretty impressed with his own song. Springsteen/Mellencamp combo immediately came to mind. I think he would do well in that vein versus the coffee house strumming.

  26. Jill Moy says:

    Just goes to show that success doesn’t equal talent; the coaches were awful, ruined it for the contestants. Very boring show indeed! I believe India should be in the final. I didn’t like Kimberly but most of you did. So, I guess those 2 should be the final, along with Koryn and Sawyer!. I’m not a big sawyer fan but as I have said before, it doesn’t matter how he sings, he is so popular he will win by a landslide! I am not a big fan of Koryn but she can sing. I still don’t understand this love of Sawyer and Meghan screams and Josh is average and bland! Koryn over sings…she’s too much but the way it is set up now, I think she SHOULD WIN, but she won’t! Sawyer is too popular! I just hope (TBOFW) Meghan doesn’t win. If so, it would be like if JAX OFF won AI, It would be a joke and The Voice would be a laughing stock!

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that Sawyer will easily win! He, to me is ok but no great talent;he has no range. He should lose that ridiculous hat! Looks like both shows, AI and this show turned out BORING!

  27. Jean Trice says:

    Earlier I commented that Koryn owned the night. She did. I just attributed the wrong song title to her. (Sorry. Senior moment, but Koryn was the star of the show.

  28. Jean Trice says:

    Sawyer is cute and he can sing but his talent does not compare to either of the women in the finals.

  29. Sawyer is the most gifted and unique talent that has been on the voice or any show. His Voice is soulful and distinguishable from any that I’ve heard. Hopefully Pharrell will give him all the help and guidance he needs to be a star.

  30. Koryn did a great job. I think she should be the winner of season 8!

  31. Debbie says:

    I think it is unfair that the west coast cannot vote on shows each week. Phone lines are usually closed. Thank You for having the phone lines open for west coast to vote for the finalist.

  32. smallz says:

    Is Christina paying attention? Her comments are starting to sound like Paula.

  33. analythinker says:

    I feel like with Sawyer, he just wants to sing, not perform. If he does find success, it’s very possible we will find a blog of him stating “this is not the flashy life I’ve wanted, I just want to sing” down the road a la David Archuleta.

    *waits for a certain someone to yell at me*

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I won’t yell at ya!
      I don’t hate Sawyer at all. I appreciate that he’s doing his thing the way he wants to do it and didn’t seem too phased by the grueling process of the show.
      My biggest issue are the people referring to Sawyer as the second coming of Christ. Or calling him a “genius.” Or saying things like “his voice is one in a million” or “his phrasing is impeccable.” None of those statements are even close to true. I know it’s not his fault that many of his fans have no idea what they’re talking about, but it’s still hard to not hold that against him despite logically knowing he can’t control that.
      Oh, and my personal favorite: “the second coming of John Denver.” Yes, because if there’s anything that has a whole lot of pent up demand, it’s certainly for the second coming of John Denver. lol

      • angiesucks says:

        Angie, you’re absolutely awful. Nobody has ever referred to Sawyer as such. How the heck do you know that he’s not a genius? Yeah, his fans must not know what they’re talking about because they disagree with you. Could you be more full of yourself?

        • Angie_Overrated says:


          • angiesucks says:

            John Denver sold tens of millions of albums. How many have you sold? I’m sure you think you’re a good singer and that you’re just not appreciated now, a la Eva Cassidy. Based on your comments, your hearing and taste (and singing, I’m sure) are nothing special.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Ok, TJW. Your mama wants you back in the trailer. She made your favorite! Spam and velveeta shells!

          • Angieknowsall says:

            Not TJW, whoever that is. Thought I could help you, but I definitely can’t. Just try to be less egocentric.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Ok, TJW. My advice to you is can you try to be less stupid?
            I’m sorry you’re so threatened by my opinions.
            For the sake of the board, can you please let your grudge just die? I personally don’t give a rat’s behind and will smack you around from now until kingdom come, but I don’t think the rest of the board is too interested in reading this. Yes, I know I hurt your feelings when I called you out for being a moron, but it’s time to let bygones be bygones.

      • Sawyerhasnorange says:

        Thank you Angie, I couldn’t have said it any better. People don’t understand that it all comes down to marketing and they also forget those other singers, this season and of seasons past, who had songs at either number one or at least in the top ten are gone or did not win. There are so many biased people here that I’m surprised this blog isn’t named “welovesawyerforgeteveryoneelse”. If anyone posts anything derogatory against Sawyer they are immediately trounced upon. The Voice is desperate for a singer who can be successful AFTER the show. I truly believe that there will a lot of disappointed people tomorrow.

        • tealeaves says:

          Isn’t the winner always someone who did exceptionally well on iTunes? I thought there was always a close correlation between iTunes sales and the vote-off each week.

      • Jill Moy says:


        See, people complain when what you say is true as can be. We don’t get along but you’re right. I know I call out singers in a meaner way then you but I feel that way! I know you don’t care but your comments are your opinions and I agree with them. Sawyer is average, nothing special! I’ve said over and over, I don’t see John Denver in him! The coaches turned their chairs in one second for Sawyer in the blinds which was ridiculous!

      • Karla says:

        Heh. I remember the John Denver comment. While I’m a big fan of Sawyer’s voice (though I think he needs more years to grow), he sounds nothing like John Denver. I think someone was getting Rocky Mountain high.

      • analythinker says:

        I guess my ‘problem’ is that I expected to be entertained and I wasn’t. If you’re going to be the type of singer who doesn’t use the stage because you’re uncomfortable with it, at least make sure your vocal itself IS entertaining or worth the money people pay to see. I’m sure some fans accept him the way he is, but if he’s gonna limit himself to those kind of fans, then don’t expect arena tour. I’d love to be proven wrong, though, as I want The Voice to have a real breakthrough with its artists, but we’ll see.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I don’t disagree one bit. The time he smiled through his war protest song, that’s when I realized, “wow, this kid is 100% clueless.” So much for that argument about how much he feels the lyrics!
          Like you, I’m fine with singers who don’t really use the stage. I saw Fiona Apple a few years back and she didn’t use the stage at all, but she was amazing because like you said, the vocal was what people were paying to hear.
          I too have not been entertained by him. Confused? Yes. Even more confused by the response to Sawyer? You bet! The superlative praise he has received is quite possibly the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in music. It literally makes no sense whatsoever to me.

    • melindaeve42 says:

      +1 – Poor Sawyer, I feel sorry for him.

  34. Karla says:

    I’m guess many here aren’t too aware of the original version of Freeway of Love & the video & all but I remember it. Could Meghan look more bored while singing it tonight? She looked like she’s been doing it for 30 years herself & like she was just going thru the motions. Why sing a song by someone so much better than you, Aretha Frankin, who sang with with so much joy and energy? The entire time people are going to be thinking how much worse you are! And please, the is no way Meghan is 28 or whatever she claims. That hair color & style make her look 48. Completely zoned out during her original song. No idea how it got a B+.

    • JM1 says:

      I guess that’s why she was smiling and laughing all the way through it?

      Anyway I don’t love the styling but her voice sounded great on that song. You must be thinking of Blake’s part. :-)

      • Karla says:

        She was smiling – what looked to me like a completely fake smile with dead eyes. Again, like she’d done it a zillion times, big smile pasted on, going thru the exact same jokey act night after night, and all. Made me wonder if she’s done it with her old band a lot. Or if she actually hated the song but Blake picked it. Totally weird vibe. YMMV

        • JM1 says:

          Pretty sure she was laughing b/c Blake sang it so badly. He knew it, too. But this is the same episode that featured freaking “Summer Breeze” and “We Can Work It Out” (which looked and sounded like they were performing in “The Wiz” in summer stock). Not to mention Adam completely ignoring Josh on their song.

          In other words, not exactly the night for amazing duets. “Freeway of Love” was certainly not the worst of the bunch.

    • Marti says:

      Seems like she sang in the beginning of Season 8 and turned into a non-sincere screamer at the end.

  35. Mary says:

    Michael I usually am in agreement with you but you are way off on Meghan. She was incredible tonight and she deserves to win. At the very least the way you characterized her was borderline mean for such a great talent. I hope Melinda takes you to task on reality check for that mean villain analogy.

  36. Val says:

    The Voice is flawed in the voting method when instant saves were done. Only the East coast could participate in the instant save, thus disenfranchising the rest of the time zones. I stopped watching the Voice when this occurred a couple weeks ago. It was obvious that the people who were voted through were time zone votes whereas the most talented throughout the entire competition was from a time zone that could not cote. Shame on the voice for literally slapping a very gifted artist in the face (Kimberly Nicloe) for allowing this voting method to take place!

  37. Roxanne Pimentel says:

    Sawyer is amazing. He the BEST . no doubt he should be the winner. God bless him

  38. Sherri Green says:

    Sawyer is an “old” soul and he reminds me of my hippie days. Not his hair but his voice!! He can turn it off or on without a hitch. I hear a little Janis Joplin……sort of. Maybe I’ve just been in Willie’s bus tooooooo long!!! ;)

  39. danin says:

    Oh! I enjoyed Freeway& thought Meghan at tleast was really good on it.I also thought Adam&Josh did a nice job w/Diamonds. Koryn was strong on Man’s World&I liked her for the first 1/4 of Bright Fire,but thought her voice is too heavy for the song. I thought Meghan did a really nice job w/Man Love’s A Woman and you’re delusional if you thought she screamed on that song.

  40. Sherri Green says:

    Maybe I’ve just been in Willie’s bus tooooooo long!!! ;) Anyway, I really really love Sawyer; He certainly has his own style (which is a little on the hippie side). I like team Blake but she has been a professional in the past and that does not seem fair. She needs to update her style, as I think she looks outdated. Platinum blonde is old. She is good but she should be with her
    experience. So……I voted SAWYER!!!!!

  41. Irmina says:

    besides of what is going on with performers. what the hell is Adam wearing. that shirt is ugly and it’s make him looks like a fr… geek. ha ha

  42. Katie killjoy says:

    Well I expect to be called a Meghan hater tonight, I proudly am. The woman is unbearable on top of her incessant whines about her failed duo. We don’t care honey, I know her ex must be tired of her mentioning it endlessly if he’s heard of her being on the show. Childish.
    Her vocal chords must be suffering too, what the hell? She shrieks through songs.

  43. melindaeve42 says:

    I think Koryn & Joshua’s songs were more interesting than “Please” from Sawyer/LaMontagne. All those duets just make me want to look away they’re so bad & oddly embarrassing to watch. “Old Man” is one of my favourite songs – not sure that Sawyer honored it so much. He is unique and interesting, and I wonder whether he has the amount of depth that is being projected on to him. I hope so, since he is a shoe-in. I feel for him – there must be a lot of pressure on him. I wish these shows had more to offer. Just some stuff to stick between the commercials.

  44. jond says:

    That’s the problem with haters, they always seem to hate on the best talent. Koryn should of been gone a long, long, time ago. She had to good performances on the show. She’s been hand selected great songs the entire time, and was only able to get through 2 of them with a deserved applause. It’s funny how you keep mentioning Meghan and referring her as the villain. That’s called being a hater. You’re a hater because it’s obvious she is the best on the show.

    • karen says:

      And this different from your opinions of Koryn, how????

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Hahaha! I was laughing at the same exact thing, Karen. Going off on a diatribe about “haters” when the person begins the post trashing one of the contestants. Very funny!

  45. Blanca Perez says:

    The voting on he voice is typically dominated by teens, so when there are teens in the finals, that’s whose likely to win. That said, the only one who shows any range of skills is Meghan Linsey. The other three pretty much stick to the same stuff every week and it gets a little boring. Sawyer is very talented for his age and has something unique that Pharrell didn’t seem to do much with. And who told Pharrell he could sing? Awful.

    Who should win based on ability? Meghan. Who is likely to win? Sawyer. Even those preteens they went nuts at his homecoming can and will vote the max number of times.

    • Bob says:

      Not sure that the voting is dominated by teens but ok

    • Jenna says:

      Why should she win when she has already had two careers? Award nominations? Ugh. My dog whined when she caterwauled those songs.

    • wastedtime says:

      From what I understand, the Voice, once the blinds and battle rounds are over, becomes a popularity contest. Bias towards female soul singers, who by happen-stance are predominately women of color, or who are part of Christina’s team. That, the level of talent means very little, when the whole voting process is tainted by some. who have figured out how to manipulate the votes by using multiple and bogus @@@@, giving hundreds of votes to their favorite artist. Actually, one of the craziest fans on this blog inadvertently told how to do it. One person making up just ten @@@ from one IP can cast one hundred undeserved votes. Crazy fans who willing to incur the cost of buying multiple Itunes week after week and gifting them to other people ten dollars and up, effectively buying safety and wins for their favorites. My daughter is an computer engineer, she said they probably don’t have a program that would effectively, efficiently recognize that all of the extra votes are coming from the same IP. Either the network knows the system is broken and isn’t saying, or doesn’t know it needs fixing. I am not a fan of reality tv. I just tuned in because a friend mentioned there was great talent on this show. I see that the talent did run deep, but last night show was a snoozfest. My friend also said that she’s written in the past about the many manipulations of the The Voice voting. The next day she said her comment were gone. I probably look to see if mine are still here tomorrow. But I doubt it.

  46. DiMi says:

    Wow, they were so boring, i just had to fast forward through most of it. I think Koryn was the most dynamic and interesting, but she didn’t really fight for the win. She seemed to fade after the first song.

  47. bonnie says:

    I loved joshua’s song but sawyer nails it every single time. I want sawyer.. koryn…joshua and then meagan in the order

  48. Andrew says:

    What did everyone think about Joshua’s song?

    Ander Marshall

  49. Bob says:

    This show was alternately boring and horrific. Turned it off after about an hour and I have watched the show since the first season. Koryn had potential but needs time. Josh is dull as dishwater. Megan is trying to fit herself into a genre that is irrelevant. She could have some success in that bluesy-country vein, as many have said, but she seems to not want to go there. Sawyer is a sweet kid but he is not a star, in my opinion. Hopefully he will get a boost into a nice indie career that will suit him just fine but he is not going to go platinum.

  50. tealeaves says:

    Wow! I LOVED this episode of The Voice. I thoroughly enjoyed every one of the original songs. I’m disappointed the non-original songs were mostly done-to-death songs. But they were still all good performances too, in their way.
    Over the years, there have been dozens of Idol episodes that I have kept and replayed for a long time afterward because they were packed with enjoyable performances from multiple contestants.This will be the first ever episode of The Voice that I do that with.