Game of Thrones Recap: Cold-Hearted, Hot-Headed Snakes

Game of Thrones

Oberyn, your daughters do you proud.

In this week’s Game of Thrones, not five minutes after Jaime and Bronn sneak into the Martell family compound, the Sand Snakes have them on the defensive (and kinda losing). The women are, as the episode title says, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” — and, I’d add, hella badass. The Red Viper’s babies are all grown up and ready to get their vengeance on.

Elsewhere, Sansa is wed (boo), Arya is dumbfounded (cool) and Tyrion talks his way out of yet another predicament (obviously). Read on for what happens in this week’s episode.

HOUSE STARK | We open on Arya washing corpses in the House of Black and White and wondering what happens to the bodies after she’s done with them. She gets no answers, but she does get a nighttime visit from Jaqen H’ghar, who repeatedly strikes her for telling her story. “A girl lies to me, to the Many-Faced God,” he says. And when she says she doesn’t want to play the game any longer, he ominously replies as if he’s talking about 1993 me and Tetris: “We never stop playing.”

While scrubbing the floor, Arya meets a father whose daughter is so ill and in so much pain that he only wants to end her suffering. Arya comforts the girl, spinning a tale about how she’d been sick and dying once but her father brought her to the house. “I drank the water from this fountain. It healed me,” Arya lies, dipping a cup into the depths and placing it to the girl’s lips. Jaqen watches the scene from the hall, and later, as Arya is cleaning the girl’s body, he bids her to follow him to a previously off-limits area of the house.

What’s down there? Heads. Lots of heads, shelved reverently and lit by candles. “A girl is not ready to become no one, but she’s ready to become someone else,” Jaqen intones as Arya strokes one of the body-less faces.

HOUSE STARK: AGAIN? EDITION | Far away at Winterfell, Ramsay sends Miranda to bathe Sansa before the wedding. Is that here already? Time flies when you’re doomed to a terrible life that only gets worse every single episode. She fills Lady Stark’s head with stories about Ramsay’s other women, all of whom have met terrible ends (including that one she and Ramsay were hunting with the dogs last season), but Sansa doesn’t frighten easily — and lets her know it.

Theon arrives to escort Sansa to the godswood for the ceremony, but she won’t take his arm, even though Theon says Ramsay will punish him if she doesn’t. “You think I care what he does to you?” she spits. They trudge out into the snow, where Sansa and Ramsay are wed in the coldest ceremony ever (and I mean that in every sense of the word).

Later, their first night together is made even more terrible by the presence of Theon, whom Ramsay commands to stay. “You stay here, Reek. You watch,” Bolton says. Sansa looks like she’d rather burn her eyeballs out with one of the nearby candles, and Theon is crying as Ramsay rips her dress down the back and has his way with her. Good God, between this and Outlander, I think I’ve had enough non-consensual creepy, messed-up sex stuff for the week. Thanks, premium cable.

HOUSE MORMONT | Jorah’s greyscale spot is still there, but Tyrion still doesn’t know about it. Their ongoing conversation covers many topics, including fathers: Tyrion admits to killing his, then says he met Jorah’s before he died. The look on Jorah’s face is heartbreaking. “You didn’t know,” Tyrion realizes, apologizing for delivering the news so bluntly. He relays what he heard about the death: that while leading an expedition beyond The Wall, there was a mutiny, and Lord Commander Mormont was killed by his own men.

As Jorah and Tyrion walk (side note: how gorgeous is the shot where they’re trekking through the fields near the ocean?), Jorah says he believes Daenerys is the real deal because of the whole she-didn’t-die-when-consumed-by-flame thing. Plus, “She’s the rightful heir.” Tyrion makes some valid points about how her father was an insane tyrant who burned people alive, but the conversation is cut short when they’re captured by slavers. There’s a lot of talk about how the captors are going to cut off Tyrion’s junk and sell it, but — as always — the youngest Lannister talks his way out of immediate danger. How will anyone know his nether regions actually came from a little person, he asks? “It will be a dwarf-sized c—k,” one of the men says. “Guess again,” Tyrion says. (Ha!) In another fancy bit of arguing, Tyrion buys them more time by talking up Jorah as a mighty fighter who could earn the slaver a lot of cash in the recently re-opened fighting pits. “Take me to Slaver’s Bay, put a sword in my hand, I’ll prove my worth,” the older man promises.

HOUSE LANNISTER | When Littlefinger returns to King’s Landing, he wastes no time in letting Cersei know that Sansa is living under Roose Bolton’s roof in the north. (Why am I ever surprised at how little he cares about anyone but himself?) She’s quite angry, but he counsels that she allow him to manage the situation… and eventually he’ll become Warden of the North.

HOUSE MARTELL | In Dorne, Trystane Martell and Myrcella Lannister are quite hot for each other. “They have no idea how dangerous that is,” Prince Doran notes, vowing to protect them.

Meanwhile, Jaime and Bronn, dressed in the clothes of the men they killed, head to the Martell family home Sunspear and sneak in. Jaime has no plan — “I like to improvise,” he tells Bronn, who replies, “That explains the golden hand.” (Heh.) Which is part of the reason they wind up fighting the Sand Snakes in the Water Gardens. (Small confession: I studied in Seville, Spain, and spent many hours in the Real Alcázar where the fight scene was shot. So part of the time that the Sand Snakes are fighting for their father’s honor, I am a wee bit distracted by my nostalgia for the mosaic work and orange trees.) Eventually, the Martell guards surround them, and Bronn and Jaime surrender their weapons.

HOUSE TYRELL | Grandma Tyrell is back in King’s Landing, and all is right in the world. She’s there to help free Loras, and she has no patience for Cersei’s ridiculousness. She calls Cersei a “tart” and then makes a “come at me, ho” face, then demands that her grandson be freed. There are a lot of threats thrown back and forth, but the Queen Mother refuses to budge.

At a “trial” to determine Loras’ guilt or innocence, the High Sparrow holds the knight’s affection for Renly against him. Loras lies and says that he’s never lain with a man, then the faith calls Margaery to the stand. “I am the queen,” she says, incredulous. High Sparrow don’t care. So she testifies and says that Loras is as straight as a sword. But then the High Sparrow brings in Ollie, the blonde who was in bed with Loras when Margaery walked into the bedroom a few episodes back, it’s all over. The High Sparrow calls for a formal trial against Loras… and Margaery.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments! 

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  1. Noa says:

    It’s not “messed up sex stuff.”
    It’s rape.

    • Me says:

      Thank you. I know this is GoT but I’m really tired of all these rape scenes (let’s call it what it is and not sugar coat it because it is rape and it is disgusting) for shock factor. That’s not cute or cool at all and I wish these writers took more care with their storytelling.

      • Alrisha says:

        That’s the way at that time. People like to believe that all was nice and pink back in the past, but this situations were pretty common. Wife usually were rape, since men like to believe only could feel pleasure from sex. Wife got one use: give a heir or two to them.

        • Isobel says:

          agree and there are places like India now where marital rape still isn’t illegal

        • RC says:

          At what time? This is a fantasy series. There is no “that time” because this world never existed. The writers could skip all the damn rape and still have it be accurate to an entirely fictitious world where the rules are entirely made up.

          • Jordan says:

            With the exceptions of dragons and magic, GRR has said that much of the world is based on medieval/dark ages stuff. So not all made up or fictitious

          • Alrisha says:

            Teak a deep breath. The time, is very obvious medieval. This may be a fantasy serie, about fantastic characters (keep in mind the word fantastic), but is pretty clear is based in a time of human history.

        • Natalie says:

          The White Queen and The Tudors also took place during “that time period” and in fact are what Game of Thrones is actually based on. It is a thing called War of the Roses. Neither of those shows feature rape the way Game of Thrones does. You can have a story inspired by that period of time without having to resort to rape or having it be part of the story to the degree GoT does. I understand this was part of the Jeyne Pool/Theon arc. I’m still having a hard time with why they felt the need to give the arc to Sansa and what this does to further her character unless it triggers her heart to be stone. (see what I did there? ;p) I have a hard time understanding WHY. I had problems when it was Jeyne. I have problems with it now.

          Hell thinking of it I can only think of one attempted rape scene in Vikings, which is a show that could historically be mostly about rape and pillage. (The Vikings way!) You can have a show be historically accurate without it being rapey every single episodes. Its possible. So when people pull that “well historically” yes.. historically it did happen. But this is a fantasy story with dragons. If the writers have to resort to rape to make a female character “interesting” on a show with dragons and WHITE WALKERS (who will show up at some point.. probably 15 minutes late with Starbucks…) then that is lazy writing and I’m going to call it on it.

        • Polly says:

          In what time? It is a fantasy show for god sake. It isn’t about the dark ages it is about a made up world full of dragons.

      • Joey says:

        Honestly though that one wasn’t for shock factor. Although it is Jeyne Poole that Ramsay marries in the books, that wedding night went pretty similarly to the one we saw tonight.

        • Seems like having it happen to a character we already care about is what’s getting people angry… Why couldn’t it happen to a 3rd tier extra like in the book. How dare they portray the reality of married life for a huge majority of women who’ve ever lived and make us care about it…

          • Joey says:

            Honestly it still reeks of laziness that they inserted Sansa into Jeyne Poole’s role because I guess they’d rather write Theon and Sansa into one scene than having to write scenes in Winterfell and scenes in the Vale.

        • AddieM says:

          This is infuriating..that rape scene was horrific!
          I have not read the books but I hear they cut out alot of stuff, why they could not cut out that disturbing rape scene is beyond me. There are lots of other ways they could have tortured Sansa just not that!
          I now need Sansa to stop waiting for people to come & save her but for her to take matters into her own hands and poison that whole lot and be done with it.

          • Veronica says:

            It’s interesting to me that you think “other ways” of torturing Sansa would be preferable. You’d have a hard time convincing me that sexual abuse is any worse than the emotional and psychological abuse she’s already endured. Don’t get me wrong, I’m against all forms of abuse, but I’m not going to go clutching my pearls over an assault that was very clearly going to come to pass.

      • Kristine says:

        She DID have sex willingly (as far as we saw on camera). He ripped her clothes but she bent forward without a fight. She wasn’t saying no. She wasn’t treated gently that’s for sure, but I wouldn’t call it rape. It was unfortunate, very uncomfortable sex until we see or hear otherwise.

        • aerin says:

          Are you fracking kidding me? What show were you watching? He pushed her forward and you could hear screams when the camera cut away, not to mention the sickening “Theon watching” aspect of things. She knew no one could or would help her, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t rape. I really wish the show hadn’t taken it that far.

        • Mel says:

          Bullying you into having sex is rape. Mentally manipulating you to have sex is rape. Not giving you any choice in how your body is being used, even in medieval sex, is rape. Yes, the show depicts medieval time, I’m ok with their depiction, BUT IN NO FREAKING WAY WOULD I SAY THOSE ARE NOT RAPE. This kind of behaviour is the problem. Not that we see rape on TV, but that people are not able to recognize it.
          Oh, and crying yourself into submitting your body not to be beaten up is RAPE!

          • aerin says:

            Thank you Mel.

          • sara says:

            Thank you Mel.

          • Not saying it’s not rape, because she clearly didn’t want to, but she did consent. She decided it was something she needed to do because she wanted to get her revenge. She could have lit a candle in the tower and escaped if she wanted to avoid it more than she wanted the Boltons dead. And that will be a glorious day.

          • Kristine says:

            She complied to be raped then. She knew he was awful and she went and married him anyway. She knew he was going to want sex. No, he’s not nice like Tyrion. He said you’re my wife and we’re having sex. Then he wasn’t gentle, to what extent is being argued. We’ll find out later. I’m not looking to get into war over what constitutes rape. Like someone else said, there was a lot of unhappy sexual encounters with a lot of the arranged marriages I would imagine.

        • Isobel says:

          it was marital rape, there might not be issues with what he did at the time, but in modern times this is martial rape and illegal.

          • ScottJ says:

            Depends on where you are….

            “In many countries, marital rape either remains outside the law, or is illegal but widely tolerated, with the laws against it being rarely enforced.”

            Many of the countries where it is a crime only passed the relevant laws in the 1970s or 1980s.

        • Polly says:

          She HAD to do it to survive, that does not mean that it was consent. It was rape.

    • cookie says:

      Exactly, thank you.

    • Paddy says:

      What even you say it was, I changed the channel as soon as it was a Sansa scene.

    • Sara says:

      Yes it is rape, which is why Kimberly wrote “NON-CONSENSUAL, creepy messed-up sex stuff.”

    • amicam says:

      THANK YOU. That was my thought too. Let’s just call it what it is.

    • ? says:

      Don’t blame Martin for this one, Sansa is still a virgin in the books. I’m disappointed the writers went ahead and did this because for every terrible thing Sansa has been through, at least she’d managed that victory . . .

    • Ellinas78 says:

      First off reviewer says “non-consensual” (right before the words you quoted). And can we please not have the was it rape, wasn’t rape conversation again?

    • Alrisha says:

      “Tears on her wedding day: Heartbreaking pictures capture moment forlorn teenage bride was forced to marry a polygamous Chechen police chief after ‘he threatened her with kidnap”
      This happened yesterday. Is real life. This keeps happen. Be outrage about a 17 year old forced to marry a 47 year old in Chechenia, in 2015; not for a fictional character in a tv show. Could you imagine how the wedding night was for this poor girl?

  2. ABG. says:

    Thanks for the recap. I really need Sansa to kill all the Boltons, otherwise this plot might be a huge waste of time.

    • Homesick says:

      I just need Sansa not to get pregnant from this wedding night, otherwise she would hand Winterfell over to the Boltons starting with her own baby.

  3. Valeria Kem says:

    Sansa’s rape instantly made me think of Dany’s rape back in season 1. A new Queen is being born. All hail Dark Sansa.

    • Kristine says:

      Dany wasn’t raped either. She wasn’t happy about the arranged marriage and she was scared silly but she knew sex was coming and did it willingly. There was no saying no. There was no trying to fight off. Nothing. It just sucked for Dany.

      • aerin says:

        I’m seriously disturbed by this and your previous comments which reveal a really twisted view of what rape is. So it’s only rape if you’re screaming no or trying to fight it off? Blame the victim much? Some people are afraid the rapist will hurt them more or kill them if they resist. Speaking of medieval times, sounds like that’s where your views were formed.

        • Mel says:

          Thank god not everyone is blind to what happened. Even if you agree to have sex with an individual in terms of lying there, doesn’t mean you want it to happen. Rapes occur with individual being emotionally manipulated into it by loved ones. I think TVline needs to give its reading a seminar on consensual sex.

          • aerin says:

            Thanks again for your comments Mel. I know this is a fictional scene in a fictional show but I couldn’t believe what I was reading and I’m glad someone else noticed too.

          • Amanda says:

            So you’re saying that if I have sex with a man and regret if afterwards, it’s rape? No, I think you’re blurring the lines a tad bit…

          • Sara says:

            Kimberly, in her recap, called in non-consensual. She never said it wasn’t rape.

        • Kristine says:

          By these standards then all the sex in arranged marriages is rape. I highly doubt most people who just met and are married are going to want to sleep together. On the show everyone seems to understand that sex is going to happen and they comply. Doesn’t mean they’re happy about it. Now if Ramsey is very rough and hurts her then it’s definitely rapey because she’s not asking for abuse but I missed Sansa screaming. I only heard “I’m a Virgin and you’re slamming into me and it’s not feeling good at all” noises coming out of her. Sorry. I feel for the girl but she wasn’t manipulated and she didn’t say “Sorry Ramsey but I’m not having sex.” Women complied because they were married and thought it was their wifely duty.

          • Isobel says:

            Marital rape (also known as spousal rape and rape in marriage) is non-consensual sex (i.e., rape) in which the perpetrator is the victim’s spouse. It is a form of partner rape, of domestic violence and of sexual abuse.

            Once widely condoned or ignored by law and society, marital rape is now opposed by many societies around the world, repudiated by international conventions and increasingly criminalized. The issues of sexual and domestic violence within marriage and the family unit, and more generally, the issue of violence against women, have come to growing international attention from the second half of the 20th century onwards. Still, in many countries, marital rape either remains outside the law, or is illegal but widely tolerated, with the laws against it being rarely enforced.

      • Shannon says:

        FFS!! There is a difference between consexual sex and knowing you don’t have a choice! I don’t know what twisted logic you are using but both of those situations -Sansa and dany-were rape. “Fighting back” is not the only way you can tell when a woman is being raped.

        • Kristine says:

          Like I said, they didn’t have a say from the second that their marriages were arranged. They weren’t happy but they complied. They were forced to marry, they were forced to have sex, they were forced to do their husband’s bidding. Their whole life after marriage was a rape. If they were able to consent they wouldn’t do any of it. So fine, Dany and Sansa were raped. Geez. I found Dany’s brother groping her more offensive than her honeymoon sex.

          • Shannon says:

            You’re a slow learner but you’re catching on.

          • Kristine says:

            Thanks, Shannon. #sarcasm

            I think people are overly rape sensitive around here. It’s a TV show. There are dragons and women having evil spirit babies that kill people. Rape is inevitable on this show because people are married off to people they don’t want to be married to. Sex is going to happen as part of the deal. Rough, gentle, happy, sad – it’s all the same to some of you. I see gray instead of black and white here. Sorry.

      • Anadel says:

        Consent isn’t the absence of dissent. That is, not only does no mean no, but yes means yes. There was no “yes” here, the situation was not consented to. Both situations were rape.

  4. Lundy says:

    I just want Sansa to take control of her situation… Somehow. Frustrations of a modern day feminist. ;)

    • Isobel says:

      well Arya and a lot of women on the show like the Tyrells do take control, in the extent that they can. I’m hoping Sansa does, shes lost her naivety but I agree I’m hoping she shows some agency and changes her situation herself.

    • Paddy says:

      I was more frustrated as viewer when Jaqen started slapping at Arya. For some reason it doesn’t suit them, neither the lies nor the slapping

  5. Carey says:

    Man I was so waiting for Reek to stab Ramsey in the back…

    • Biraj says:

      i was too…
      but i really wanted her to go “f– you ramsey” and slit his throat!

      • Mel says:

        I thought she had a dagger hidden in her dress when she started undoing it. But no. And then I did hope for Theon to do something.

    • Joey says:

      He’s forced to watch in the book, too. If it gives you even any small comfort, while watching, he’s hoping that when Stannis comes to Winterfell, he kills Ramsay.

  6. Alrisha says:

    Poor Sansa. That girl can’t have a break. Tyrion keeps the number 1 as the best character in GOT. I’m kind of disappointed with the Sand Snakes, for one they don’t look that impressive and, considering who their father was they look really blah, especially the one that is daughter of that woman that plan the kidnaping. A child of those two will be impressive or at least tall.

  7. LK says:

    This Sansa thing is a major change from the books… was hoping she’d get out of it somehow.

  8. ninergrl6 says:

    Best episode in weeks. Good plot developments in several storylines. Didn’t miss Dany at all.
    I don’t know what to make of Arya’s storyline. The “mystery” of it is frustrating rather than intriguing. She was much more interesting when she was traveling with the Hound.
    Poor Sansa. I was totally talking to my tv (I admit it) comparing Ramses to Black Jack. Sick, sadistic sociopaths! I was hoping Theon would snap out of it man up. Disappointed but not surprised that he did nothing. WTF is taking Stannis so long to get to Winterfell?! Be good for SOMETHING Stannis!
    Grandma Tyrell was definitely my favorite character tonight. I love how she blatantly rips into Cersi. Just wish things were looking better for Loras & Margaery.

    • larrykelly says:

      At the moment Cesi is outplaying foxy Grandma. Execute Loras and his sister, have daddy Martel killed in Bravos, and doesn’t the Martel fortune pass to Tommen? King Wimp.

      • Paddy says:

        Think about it: what are the odds to keep Tyrell armies and money after she eliminates the Tyrell heirs? How long Cersei would keep the Iron bank or Stannis at bay without Tyrell’s money?

        • My thoughts exactly. I’ve heard Cersei in the books being referred to as dim or stupid or something. Her actions are spiteful and shortsighted. I don’t think there’s one major decision she’s made that hasn’t come back and bit her. Petyr is playing her, too. I think we’ll be seeing Lena Headey in a lot more movies soon.

      • Shannon says:

        I don’t think that’s how it works. Technically Margaery isn’t in possession of the family fortune. I would think it would pass to an uncle or cousin before her. Cersei is playing a dangerous game considering their forces are weakened and her rule is precarious. With Daddy dead her family is weaker than ever. Tommen can’t even wipe his butt without Mommy.

  9. Mariana Trench says:

    Sansa’s non-canon rape was unnecessary, IMO. Ramsay’s karma is long past coming, and it better come soon, because this has brought this series pretty much to my limit.

    • Raquel says:

      totally agree

    • Joey says:

      Ramsay’s marriage night rape of his bride is completely canon in the books. Still don’t know why they’re forcing Sansa into Jeyne Poole’s shoes, but yeah, the rape still happened in the books.

      • Mariana Trench says:

        I get that, but it isn’t Sansa in canon. I’m tired of Sansa continually being the pawn/victim. It’s old. And when this most recent atrocity isn’t even in the books, it’s just a bit too much. JMO, of course.

        • Yeah, why can’t she magically learn combat skills and kick-ass like any normal woman during the era that GoT emulates.

          • Gupy says:

            Sansa doesn’t need ‘combat skills’ to kick ass – Margaery seduces, Tyrion outwits. It need not be all brawn. I find Sansa’s story line very frustrating.

        • KCC says:

          Game of Thrones is not a page by page dramatization of A Song of Fire and Ice. It’s a TV series based on those books. It has and will continue to differ from the books as the producers see fit.
          Sansa is a victim by character. It is a major character flaw and I doubt she’s even aware of it. She never says, “why does all this crap happen to me.” She just accepts it and is unwilling and/or unable to take action. Does it get old? Yes, we’re used to seeing victims rise up and defeat they’re oppressors. While that happens often in fiction, unfortunately it’s less prevalent in real life. At some point in the story she might take action and that will be very emotionally satisfying because of how the character was developed. For now I see Sansa as perpetually a “damsel in distress.” A quaint character type in the 21st century.

  10. KLM says:

    Relax people! It’s a story…a show…and just like real life, things are not roses and dandilions!!! If you don’t like the violence, the sex scenes, the rape scenes, or ANY scenes that are ridiculously complained about, DONT WATCH.
    It’s THAT simple.

    • Mel says:

      I think at this point you’re on the same scale at those people denying Sansa was raped. No one like to watch it. It was part of the story, but I’m sure the producer also intend it to make people uncomfortable, not LIKING IT.

    • Troy says:

      Thank you! People are getting all bent out of shape over this scene and they didn’t even really SHOW anything. The camera panned away and you heard Sansa screaming. At least they didn’t show him naked and thrusting into her. We ALL KNEW it was going to happen, I mean look at who she married! The man is notorious for mistreating women, do you really think he was going to treat Sansa any differently?! This is a fictional TV series based off of a series of books that does have rape in it. Either watch the show or turn it off. It’s that simple. I’m sure there are going to be many scenes that make us uncomfortable but in the end, it’s a work of FICTION. These are not real people getting raped.

    • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

      I’ve been waiting for someone to make this comment, it’s a TV show, not reality. This show does not take place in human history, but in an alternative reality. I guess what Sansa should have done was fight off Ramsey and inevitably get hurt in an even worse way, or maybe even killed. I suppose portraying a murder instead of a rape is somehow more acceptable in some twisted minds.

      • Troy says:

        Exactly! If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones than you shouldn’t have been surprised by that scene last night. I personally was not surprised, I saw it coming from a mile away based upon how they were setting up the characters. I thought they were even going to go further with it. I was surprised the camera even panned away. I love Sansa and it’s horrible what happened but it’s a fictional character in a fictional TV series and I’m just hoping that this fuels Sansa’s hatred even more and she gets her revenge. I feel like the scene was needed in order to make Sansa an even stronger character!

  11. Zoe says:

    Honestly there’s a lot of fans dropping the show after Sansa’s rape… can’t say I blame them. It pains me that this was added into the show for no good reason. It didn’t happen in the books. It’s a betrayal, and it’s disgusting.

    • larrykelly says:

      No, what happens in the book to the girl pretending to be Sansa is worse. Reek joins in.

    • Jordan says:

      Where are the lot of fans you’re taking about? Are they the same ones who quit last year after the Cersei/Jamie scene? Because if so then they quit this show a lot. I agree the rape was scene was horrible but since, as many have pointed out, this didn’t happen in the books then we don’t know how this will play out in terms of Sansa’s development (or even Reek’s development) just yet.

    • Alrisha says:

      No one is dropping the show. Wait for the rating next week and you see. People like to complaint that all.

    • TC says:

      “There’s a lot of fans dropping the show after Sansa’s rape”. Says who? I think that remains to be seen. Let’s see what the ratings are next week. As uncomfortable as that was, I certainly won’t drop a series because of it. And I certainly don’t think I’m the only one.

    • @ Zoe, I didn’t realise you spoke for the GoT viewership. I expect the ratings will plummet to nearly zero next week as a result of that scene. Or maybe it will remain one of the most popular shows on TV?

  12. Mary says:

    The show was rotten. Why did they bring Sansa to Winterfell and diverge from the books just to have the same disgusting stuff that was in the book with the Sansa pretender? I’m beginning to think that I should cancel HBO.

  13. luke says:

    In the book the rape seen I much worse

    • larrykelly says:

      So they skin men, women, and children alive. They cut off a guy’s junk. They kill and burn little children. Dragons rip a burning man in half. All this and much more, but the only thing to horrible to contemplate is rape?

      • KLM says:

        hahahaha!!! Well said! 😂

      • Mick says:

        In the show all of the skinning is called disgusting continuously and openly. The Boltons do it in secret because they know it is condemned. Dany realized the spitefulness of her decision by the end of the episode. This crime happens and all of the characters don’t care in fact they all willingly lead her to her fate. To add to it, one character openly watched and did nothing. Rape especially of this kind is not thought to be wrong.

        • Says who? Oberyn died trying to get The Mountain to confess. The Hound rescued Sansa from it before. She clearly didn’t like that it was happening. Threekon looked especially disturbed, even though he’s mentally broken. Yes, it’s a world where wives are property, even if they’re highborn, but people are still disgusted by sexual violence. And I’d like to think the writers and producers are depicting it in a wrong and horrifying way and not glorifying it in any way.

      • AngelWasHere says:

        To add this is also a show where a brother and sister who are twins have sex and produce children. A show where pregnant woman are murdered in cold blood during a wedding (that still gives me chills). Women are being traded off like items, which is much like the past mind you. Then in the very first ep a boy was crippled from being pushed from a tower. If you’re still disturbed now, then I don’t think this is the show for you.

  14. AngelWasHere says:

    Good episode with the exception of the Arya stuff. She used to be one of my favorites, but now she’s boring me to death.

    Can’t wait for Ramsay to get his. I don’t get why people are up in arms about a rape scene now. This a show where people are tortured and guy ding dongs are cut off. Plus Dany was put in a similar situation. I thought it was important to show how cruel Ramsay is going be to Sansa. I definitely was wondering how he would treat her once they were married.

  15. Skip vanPelt says:

    I have had enough of Cersei. Its time to kill her off-slowly and painfully

  16. Mr. Tran K says:

    Littlefinger is still my favorite villain on GoT no matter how sinister he is right now. The Sand Snakes continues to be more than pure EYE CANDY TV.

  17. Ian says:

    Once youre irredeemable, thats it, but while the Bolton’s deserve the most painful deaths possible, Im not against Theon at least keeping his life. Ive reached my limit too with how long its taking for comeuppances to happen. And the Sand Snakes are pretty lame in an actual fight.

  18. Slackerking says:

    If a fake rape in a made up tv show taken from a fictional set of fantasy novels gets you up in arms, you’re probably watching the wrong show. Probably the same nutcases that went ballistic during the same types of scenes in Sons of Anarchy. These aren’t love stories people, head back to network tv or the Oprah channel where your delicate sensibilities won’t be offended. If this were real life your disgust would be warranted. Here it’s just ridiculous. I particularly love how all the other atrocities bring nary a mention.

    • AngelWasHere says:

      I agree with this 100%.

    • chlocoro says:

      It would have been completely unrealistic for a psychopath like Ramsey to not do this on his wedding night. Do people think he should have just left her alone? It just agrees with the story and the character.

  19. Marie says:

    Interesting how Trystane Martell called himself and Mycella husband & wife, while Ramsay said man and wife… Describes the respective relationships pretty good.

  20. D. says:

    I just wish Granda Tyrell would call her army and kill every single fanatic in King’s Landing, but I know it’s not feasible. I’ll just have to wait and watch THAT scene when it’ll happen, i’ll enjoy every second of it.

  21. Lulu says:

    People need to calm down. It’s Ramsey Bolton. What did people expect, rose petals on the bed and a bottle of champagne? Seriously, he’s a sick man, there was no other way their wedding night was going to go.

  22. andi says:

    Why are the Faith Militant Cersei’s door men? She reinstates them so they can do whatever she tells them to do? It’s just so silly that they are conveying them as religious fanatics, yet they’re not…they’re just yes men.

    Arresting Magaery was so over the top as well. So LF can run a brothel, and Lancel can have sex with Cersei, but Magaery goes to jail?

  23. bill says:

    Non-canon Sansa rape scene was pointless and very uncool. Sand Snake fight scene was a joke. Looked like three little kids attacking Jamie and Bronn. Didn’t really need to know that the profession of “cock merchant” exists in the world of GOT.