Billboard Music Awards Best & Worst Moments: Mariah Hits a Low Note, Kanye Goes Up in Flames and More

You can’t have a music-related awards show without a few key components: Taylor Swift rocking out to every performance from her front-row seat, an ear-splitting shriek from the crowd at every mention of One Direction and, naturally, a few presenters who have no business being there.

Fortunately, ABC delivered all that and more during its broadcast of the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, and we’ve rounded up all the highlights — for better or for worse — from the three-hour show.

Among the standout moments from this year’s festivities: Mariah Carey’s career-spanning performance (we’ll let you have the last word on that one), host Chrissy Teigen’s show-opening wardrobe malfunction, a rockin’ homage to The Breakfast Club and Kanye West’s fiery closing medley.

Click through our gallery below to see the biggest watercooler moments from the awards, then hit the comments with any we may have missed!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jay says:

    You left out Kelly Clarkson! Best performance of the night!

  2. Mal says:

    my fave performance was Britney.
    such a nice throw back to my childhood.

    • Angela says:

      I have to second any praise for Britney turning her life around in recent years. I still enjoy quite a few of her songs (especially the ones that were big when I was a teenager :D), and it’s good to see she’s doing so well for herself and has made a nice comeback :).

      • Mal says:

        yeah she had a couple of rough months and is still paying for her mistakes :( i’m so happy that she’s in a much better place now.

  3. Guy says:

    LOL when you say “no shade here” and then do full-on shade—”what’s-her-name.” I can’t wit y’all!!! LMAO

  4. Anne says:

    You didn’t include Kelly Clarkson’s performance of Invincible? Are you drunk?

  5. HeatherC says:

    Kelly Clarkson was the absolute highlight of the night for me. She was awesome! =)

  6. Dude says:

    It rings pretty false when you throw shade at what’s her face and then overly praise Britney when Iggy is the more talented of the two. (Not MUCH more talented but certainly more than Britney is aka the girl who can’t sing/dance/act/lip sync..)

  7. The Truth says:

    See if you can do better after still recovering from bronchitis.

  8. Tito says:

    Britney definitely was the best, she looked amazing <3

  9. Grimmie says:

    Kanye´s performance? Dont even want to start there. Yikes and Ewww

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  12. Kim (@AD76) says:

    I watched a clip of Kanye’s performance. It was six minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. I can’t even say that while the lyrics were horrible and mostly intelligible that the music was good because even the actual music was horrific.

  13. m3rcnate says:

    That was the perfect Kanye performance, i couldn’t see him (smoke etc) and couldn’t hear him (censored almost the entire song).

  14. Steve F. says:

    Where’s the mention of “See You Again”? Lindsey Stirling’s violin and the video of the final moments of Furious 7 made me wonder who was chopping onions.

  15. AngelWasHere says:

    Haha what was the point of Kanye performing? Couldn’t see or hear him, which works for me. Just couldn’t help, but laugh.

    I saw everything on the show, but the middle and Britney. Was watching GOT. I have no regrets. Not into award shows anymore. Can someone start a petition for Tayor Swift to stop dancing at a every freaking award show???

  16. Rafael says:

    Taylor Swift got the most nominations and wins last night! She has four #1 albums in a row throughout her life! Too bad Sam Smith couldn’t make it due to his vocal surgery!

  17. wjm980 says:

    Ms. Spears is nowhere near a comeback. Her “Pretty Girls” song is dropping like a rock. As to Carey’s godawful performance, I wouldn’t pay 5 cents to see her Vegas show. These former stars need to realize pop music is almost solely for the under-30 crowd. And once performers hit the 4-0, there time is nigh. Yes an occasional artist will squeak in (42-year-old) Eminem, but for the most part, once you’re not in your 30s, your pop career is over. Mariah and Madonna would be well advised to stop hoping for comebacks – they will never happen.

    • Angela says:

      Ms. Spears is nowhere near a comeback. Her “Pretty Girls” song is dropping like a rock.
      In her case, I think when people talk about her having a comeback, it’s not so much in terms of her having new hit singles as it is her simply getting out there and getting back to performing, and looking healthy and well again.

  18. Ray Wright says:

    How could you leave out Kelly Clarkson?? The best of the night and you don’t even mention her?

  19. ChrissieK says:

    Excuse me…the best of the night Imagine Dragons’ tribute to Ben E. King and you say nothing?

  20. RUCookie says:

    Best of the night (and you missed 2): Imagine Dragons, Kelly Clarkson, and Little Big Town! How could those last 2 escape notice?

  21. MP says:

    The highlight for me was seeing Faith Hill sing again. Even if it was part of an ensemble, I’ll take her any way I can get her. I thought Kelly Clarkson gave an amazing performance. Kanye was a waste of time. I can’t stand bleeping, more so when half the song was bleeped. It was frustrating to watch.

  22. Troy says:

    I can’t believe all the negativity Mariah is getting, especially on this website of all places. Her performance was amazing! She sings live and does awesome and gets knocked down but yet Britney Spears LIP SYNCS the WHOLE performance and gets praised for it. I just don’t get it.

    • Nan says:

      Mariah is now a has-been who is going to Vegas to put her career to rest [see Celine, Cher, Shania etc.].

      • Troy says:

        That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it, but Mariah is no has-been. I guess by your comment you’re saying that Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez are has-been’s?

        • Nan says:

          IMO Britney & JLo are not singers. They’re entertainers who rely on sexuality. Mariah has/had one of the great voices. Her voice isn’t what it was and her sex appeal has dwindled to nothingness. So the comparison to those other ladies is not apt.

          • Temperance says:

            Mariah started going down hill the minute she got divorced from Matola. She started dressing like a hooker and her song choices were… really bad. Then they started inflating her chest beyond Barbie proportions, and well, nothing else improved.

  23. Jared says:

    Britney looked gorgeous on last nights Billboard Awards. Loved her and Iggys performance the best.