Arrow Video: Emily Bett Rickards Mulls 'Olicity' Future, Spills a Sex-y Secret

Do we give the people what they want…?”

That was the question in Arrow star Emily Bett Rickards‘ head as she learned of the plan to end Season 3 with the almost too-good-to-be-true image of Felicity and Oliver, together and far from the Sturm und Drang of Starling City (and Nanda Parbat), on their way to enjoy some much-needed alone time.

In the video Q&A above, Rickards has a great deal of fun pondering what’s next for Olicity (a breaking during the summer break?!), and then shares a secret from the shooting of the couple’s very recent sex scene.

Also: Which mystery would she love the show to finally tackle during Season 4?

Press play for sunny Emily’s thoughts on all of the above.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Love Emily, she is a gorgeous human being. I am glad I get to watch her on my favorite show. Can’t wait for all the season 4 possiblities.

  2. Charles says:

    Daaaaaaang she’s hot even in real life.

  3. Theresa says:

    Yes Emily that sex scene was definitely HOT!!! The hottest and most intimate one I’ve seen in a long time

  4. Jack says:

    The writers better not break them up, I did not watch a whole season of them trying to find each other to have it all go to waste in season 4. I am not here for that added unnecessary drama. I need my action packed show and the hero with his girl.

    • Ashley says:

      Amen to this comment. Action & love, no unnecessary angst. Yes, please.

    • Rachel says:


    • Kat says:


    • wrstlgirl says:

      This has been bothering me ever since they “hooked” them up. It was one thing for them to speak their affection for one another but now it’s progressed into an intimate relationship, finally. So does this mean that Oliver and Laurel are no longer end game as everyone has said from the beginning? Or is this just a temporary love affair until Oliver realizes that Laurel is really where he belongs. Seems this has all the fixings to piss a lot of people off either way.

      • Ashley says:

        To be fair, they have made it very clear on the show Oliver is no longer in love with Laurel nor she with him. If some people still want to think that’s the case despite it being made clear it’s not, isn’t that on them? Not the show’s problem.

      • Kat says:

        Given everything they’ve done with Oliver and Felicity this season (and really starting in season 2 when he killed the Count to save her) I don’t think they are temporary and I also don’t think Oliver and Laurel are endgame anymore. I guess anything is possible because of the comics but the comic argument is a shaky one at best because they are constantly on and off and then they get divorced and in the current comics, they don’t even know each other. GA/BC is not as iconic as some fans would have you believe so I think the show runners can play around with the pairings a bit more than say, Superman and Lois Lane. Time will tell. But this season, to me, set up Olicity as THE romance of the show. Going back on that just to satisfy comic fans would be a stupid move all round.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Thanks, that helps me. Since I don’t read the comics I appreciate your input, it helps me understand where people are coming from.

        • Ellie says:

          Exactly! It’d be some pretty tacky fanservice to change what works organically and what people like and respond to in order to please a few comic fans. No offense to the origin of the show but the Green Arrow comics reach about 20,000 fans in total each month (and that’s being generous) while the show has millions of fans. Ultimately, whether they love or hate Olicity, they are certainly talking about them. Trends, fics, videos, polls, articles, comic cons. That’s what people ask about. When was the last time Oliver was mentioned with another female character? Superhero comic books, movies and tv shows have romance in them and this is Arrow’s. Period.

        • ChangeApproved says:

          I don’t mind if Oliver and Felicity are endgame. Felicity is my favorite character after all. But as a huge fan of the Green Arrow comics, it’s upsetting when people say GA/BC isn’t iconic. For us, it’s just as iconic as Clark & Lois, Peter & MJ, or Barry & Iris. Comic canon is very clear that the most significant woman in Oliver’s life is Dinah Laurel Lance. She and Oliver have a rocky and troubled relationship, but that’s the way his central iconic romance is characterized. Their imperfections as a couple is what’s iconic about their romance. Unlike other comic romances, this one is between two heroes and partners in crime fighting. They argue, they break-up, they get back together. It’s one of the most realistic relationships in comic book history.

          • Kat says:

            My apologies. I didn’t mean to offend you as a GA/BC fan (and it’s so cool that you don’t mind Olicity). It’s just I know a lot of people who watch this show had never heard of GA or BC. That’s all I meant by saying it wasn’t as iconic as Clark and Lois.

          • saku says:

            I think what she ment is the fact that lois and clark are iconic because even people who dont read the comic books know about them… where as people that don’t read GA comics, dont really know about his romance with BC… for example me, before the show i had no idea that BC/GA romance existed but i knew about lois and clark’s romance and without reading a single comic book in my life… and i dont say this to upset you so im sorry if it those

      • Drew says:

        People will give you all kinds of shipper responses, but the truth is that nobody knows. I doubt the writers even know. This is season 3 of a series that could go on for 7, 8, or 9 seasons. At this point in the Smallville timeline, Clark and Lana were meant to be together. By the series finale, she wasn’t even at his wedding to Lois. Season 3 of “Buffy” had Willow’s as soul mates with Oz. Boy howdy did that change.
        So, nobody can give you an answer here. They could decide that they want to break Oliver and kill off Felicity entirely. Or Emily could decide to leave. Or Katie could decide to leave, taking the option off the table.
        That said, anyone who says that Laurel is entirely out of the running is off base. Yeah, they didn’t work out when Oliver came home. But that was when she had no idea who he really was at this point. It was before she had worked through a lot of her issues as well. This past season, Laurel has really entered Oliver’s world for the first time since the show began. She is at a place in her life where she is starting to make sense of the clutter, and that journey is leading her closer to Oliver’s circle. Who knows what that means or where it will lead?
        I do wish they’d play the Oliver/Laurel relationship more though. Not necessarily in a romantic sense, but in the sense of those two people having a very long history together. They should interact more as friends at least.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Personally I hate all the shipping stuff. I don’t read the comics so I never had a real picture, until now, where a lot of that was coming from.

          • Drew says:

            I’m not a fan of shippers or crazed fangirls either. If I seem bitter at times, it’s because these segments of different fandoms often have an impact on what happens on screen, and it usually doesn’t turn out for the best. On Supernatural, the fangirls hated the Jo character because they didn’t want anyone with the Winchesters. Because of them, we lost one of the strongest characters in the show’s history.
            On Arrow, a lot of this season was geared toward the Olicity shippers. Those who like it are happy as a wabbit in duck season, but as far as actual storytelling goes, it was incredibly weak and in my opinion, damaged a lot of the show’s foundation. The relationship could have possibly worked, but I walked away feeling than more harm was done than good.

        • Arsenal says:

          Great post. Needless to say, I’m with you 100%.

        • Joe says:

          Funny that you mention smallville…endgame for oliver on that show wasn’t black canary either…

          • Drew says:

            And my point was that nether we nor the writers (probably) know what the last episode of this series will look like.
            For all we know, they planned Oliver and Felicity driving off into the sunset this year just to set up her horrible bloody death in the next finale. By year 9, Oliver and Donna Smoak could be the only characters left.
            We don’t know.

          • anna says:

            But neither did smallville state ollie ended up with chloe. smallville played it very safe re chloe/green arrow. There were no pictures of her and ollie just a bow and arrow to lead fans.
            If Arrow could manage to recreate even half of the feels from chlollie or chlark friendship , it would be so much better.

          • grnarchr says:

            I love smallville and saw it to the very end, but this is a different show. The writers want to take it to a different place. The black canary and the green arrow may not even get married. We do not know until we get there and they may just decide to keep him single. Can have many flings and be friends with women, but he will still be single.

      • pem says:

        I dont think O and F hooked up, so much as they “made love”. And it was awesome. Thank and you, show. My feeling is that the Oliver and Felicity love story has been so carefully written, it sort of says “destined” to me, but tptb will ultimately do what theyre going to do. To early to tell, although I’ve no doubt whatsoever, that the O&F road to happytown will not be smooth. “Happy” doesnt last long in the Arrowverse.

    • Sil says:

      Say it again! Jack

    • LC says:

      Same. I want Oliver to be happy with Felicity but I also want an action packed show. I think they can achieve that as long as have no more back and forth. Keep them together. Show us a hero fighting the fight with his girl by his side.

    • Sil says:

      Everyone deserves love, not just a playboy hitting on all the girls. Love what you’ve said, Jack. A show about a hero with his beloved by his side and company fighting all kinds of villains in every kind of action.

    • momo says:

      Omg yes please. No more angst.

  5. Mars says:

    Simply #melodiful. Look forward to more interviews and hopefully longer ones too.

  6. hello says:

    She is probably a nice person, but her character has been completely destroyed. Felicity has been nothing but selfish the last half of the season

    • Sam says:

      It’s really sad that you clicked onto this article just to hate on Felicity. Pathetic.

      • Drew says:

        And you replied to hate on someone else’s opinion. How does that make you better?

        • Jack says:

          Drew I notice you’re a big hater of arrow and comment on every article. Why do you still watch the show??

          • Drew says:

            Yeah, I comment on the articles. Just like a ton of other people comment on the articles. What’s your point?
            I am not a hater of the show. I wish we could put the term “hater” out to pasture, because it’s lost all meaning at this point. Now every time someone isn’t bubbly and gigglie, they’re either called a hater or a troll. Can you imagine a book club where someone got bashed every time they raised a question or criticized the choices of the author? Why should it be different when discussing TV shows. If you want to tune in to tune out, more power to you. That’s not how I watch TV. It’s not how my brain works.
            I am a fan of the show. A year ago, I would have told you that it was my favorite show on TV, but I was worried about some traps that the writers were getting dangerously close to. They fell into those traps this season. The writers appear to have been distracted by other projects and a lot of what happened on the show made no sense. Characters made decisions that made no sense. Plotlines had resolutions that made no sense. Rather than giggle and swoon, I am going to voice my opinion, because A. I actually enjoy discussing different elements of stories, warts and all, and B. if the producers do read comments on websites like this, I don’t want their impression of the fandom to be limited to giggling little fangirls who couldn’t care less what happens in the story as long as Oliver kisses Felicity at the end.
            We live in such a black and white world these days. You’re a lover or a hater. You’re a fan or a troll. Any hint of thinking beyond those terms is criticized and demonized. Why? Why not delve into the stories and discuss what we dislike as much as we discuss what we like? Like I said, it’s done with books all the time. I just had a lengthy discussion on GoodReads with diehard fans of the Outlander book series where we actually went back an forth on some of the issues that I had with the third book. Nobody was a “hater”. Nobody was told to just not watch and go away. It was a mature, rational discussion. Nothing wrong with that.

          • Sil says:

            I realize there’s disappointment in some people’s commemts, but, then there’s hate and condemnation. Some people want to be contrary to anything positive. Then there’s people who want to express that Arrow didn’t show what they hoped for. The scale is wide and varied. When I don’t like a show I move on. I wish others would do the same.

        • Sam says:

          Oh, here comes Drew to stand up for all the people who hate Felicity and Olicity. Your appearance is predictable at this point dude. And hating on Felicity in an Arrow article is one thing but this article is clearly posted as Felicity and Olicity related. Why people feel the need to bring hate into it is beyond my understanding. It’s completely unnecessary.

          • Drew says:

            I see a lot of familiar names. Has anyone ever noticed that people always comment on me personally, rather than anything that is actually said? TV Line should start paying me to write articles, because apparently I’m a celebrity poster around here.
            And as I’ve said before, I am a fan of Felicity. She added something to the series that was undeniable, and the fact that it happened without the writers intending it to happen was what I love about good television and good storytelling in general. It’s natural and pure, which makes it beautiful.
            This season was not natural or pure. It was pushed beyond its limits and it broke. The beauty of the Felicity character was lost because they forced her into a box that she didn’t belong in. Her natural, effortless chemistry with Oliver and Diggle became unbearably strained and eventually just annoying. To see her on The Flash only highlighted what was missing on Arrow, and when she appeared there, I wanted her to stay there. Because THAT is the Felicity that I love. Not the whiny, weak, pathetic crybaby who is constantly forced into scenes where she doesn’t belong (fighting assassins and wearing the ATOM suit which fit her remarkably well).
            I never hated Felicity. I hate what they’ve done to her.

          • Drew says:

            And a question:
            Why does nobody have an issue with my making the same comments about Captain Lance being ruined? His character has been ripped to shreds just as much as Felicity’s and I comment on it quite often. I’ve repeatedly said that he probably has to die at this point. Why does nobody call me a hater for that?
            Is it because he’s not within the bubble of crazy that surrounds Olicity?

          • Kate says:

            Excuse me for jumping in but I think the only reason some things didn’t work this season with Oliver and Felicity is because they chose to keep them apart. The natural way the story was going was that they’d eventually be together and they just threw reason and excuse at them to keep them apart until the end of the season. That’s what was contrived. Oliver and Felicity as a romantic pairing works. Keeping them apart doesn’t. I have every hope that they’ll recapture the magic next season when they allow them to be the dynamic that sparks so wonderfully.

          • Drew says:

            Here’s hoping. But so far, the romantic pairing hasn’t worked for me at all. I liked Felicity’s awkward objectification of Oliver and his warmth and respect for her. But once he started saying that he was in love with her, my fanfic alarms started going off. It just hasn’t felt right.
            But maybe they will pull it off next year. I hope they get the show back on track. I just haven’t heard anything super inspiring about it yet.

    • Ashley says:

      I loved Emily! I want to see Oliver and Felicity work through things together, as partners in every way now. Felicity’s speech in the finale inspiring Oliver and giving him the strength to fight Ra’s shows how integral she is to him becoming Green Arrow. I want to find out about Felicity’s father next year, I’m hoping that’s a juicy story line for Emily to tackle. Arrow has never been as light as the Flash, but bring back some levity for Season 4. The darkness this season was overwhelming, it took its toll on all the characters. I have high hopes that Damien and HIVE will make compelling villains. And I would love to see Mama Smoak back some more.

  7. GildedRose says:

    LOL! Emily Bett Rickards is funny. She’s always been, apparently, torn about whether you give any viewer what they want but Oliver & Felicity went through so much pain and loss and agony this season. It was nice to see them get that moment, literally, in the sun before all the drama rolls back in for Season 4. That said, darn right Oliver and Felicity should be a couple next year. After all this, I want to see them be that united front, struggling with struggles, but being together. Let Oliver (and Felicity) be happy and be light and smiling more, get some jokes in. It would be nice. Arrow better be bringing in Felicity’s dad. They’ve teased it a ton and they need to tell that story, not only bringing his character in but giving Felicity some character focus too. I’m hoping her mom will be added to the show for Season 4 as well and that Arrow will hook Quentin & Donna Smoak up. They would be a flipping riot to watch together.

  8. Georgia Madman says:

    SO love Emily. She’s always a hoot. And we need at least one Mamma Smoak episode where she hopefully hooks up with Capt. Lance. The comedy possibilities are endless.

  9. Trish says:

    I just love Emily. She simply oozes charisma and charm. I can’t waited to see Oliver and Felicity have a bit of coupledom and happiness before the next wave of angst the writers throw at us in this crazy up and down rollercoaster ride they’re doing with Olicity.

  10. A says:

    mayb damian darkh (idk exactly thats how you spell) ra’s al ghul’s friend turned foe/enemy & leader of HIVE is her father

    • Luis says:

      That would be awesome.

    • Kay says:

      I don’t want her father to be Damien Darhk. I want him to be a normal guy who fell in with the wrong kind of people, probably based on his intelligence and capabilities. If he could be like a male Felicity who took the wrong path that would be awesome.

      • Deem says:

        David Ramsey already spoiler about Felicity’s Father… he said that when we meet him we’re understand why she can kick Caitlin on Flash ass… he’s saying this to her character aswering a fan question ^^

  11. nicki says:

    I adore and love you soo much Emily…Felicity is the best!!!

  12. Sam says:

    EBR is a joy. I’ve loved seeing Felicity’s character evolve from one off appearance to unstoppable Queen. I know this season has been difficult for her character (and for me to watch because she did seem OOC at times) but I think next season she’ll be happier. I really hope they keep Olicity together. They both deserve some happiness and I’m more interested to see how they deal with external problems than the ‘will they won’t they.’ If this season proved one thing it’s that Oliver and Felicity are a billion times better and more enjoyable when they are on the same page, together.

  13. wrstlgirl says:

    Truly a class act.

  14. Kat says:

    I think Emily is wonderful. I do wish she’d do some comic cons though. There are thousands of fans who would love to meet her!

  15. Luis says:

    You give the people what they want . . . so that you can then take it away. The show is called “Arrow,” meaning that Oliver will eventually end up back in costume – the exact how and why that happens will be the interesting and entertaining part. My hope is that Oliver and Felicity will remain a couple at least for a substantial portion of S4 – Stephen and Emily have excellent chemistry, and Felicity does a great deal of good for Oliver. I look forward to seeing Diggle in costume as well as Thea and Laurel’s development as members of TA.

  16. Ellie says:

    Emily is so lovely. Felicity had such a dark journey this season as well with losing Sara, the “death” of Oliver and his refusal to build a life with her. The girl needs some happy times. I hope we will get to see more Oliver and Felicity fun next season, kinda similar to season 1 and 2 in terms of working together with a little more humour, banter and lightness. Then they can do make out in a corner to relieve stress. I think the introduction of her father and the introduction of Oliver’s child could definitely put some strain on the couple but in the end they belong together. I don’t know how a true fan of Arrow and Oliver Queen wouldn’t want to see him happy and with someone he loves. He’ll be back to fight another day, just with a cute blind cupcake by his side. TV gold, I tell ya!

    • Kate says:

      THIS. I’m expecting them to have some tough times with her father and Oliver’s baby mama but as long as they deal with it as a couple and they don’t break up for stupid reasons, I’ll be very happy. We didn’t go through all this angst just for them to break it off after a couple of months. NO WAY! This show works best when Oliver and Felicity are a team, with Diggle of course.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I agree, the three of them are gold.

        • Kate says:

          Exactly. TV gold. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity are the reason I watch this show. I’m so invested in their stories. Their dynamic and the ones they have with each other (like Oliver/Diggle, Diggle/Felicity, Oliver/Felicity, I enjoy all forms) is just magic. When Felicity joined the team in season 1, this show came alive and it works wonderfully when we get back to those roots. I always find myself wondering where the original team arrow are when we move away from it in some episodes. I really hope we get back to that in season 4.

      • Ellie says:

        Absolutely! I consider myself a true fan of Arrow, and if there is something I don’t enjoy about the show I believe in the writers enough to work on it or accept that it’s just a part of the show that doesn’t work for me. I know people complain about various things but to me Team Arrow is the heart of the show. Regardless of what else is going on as long as I see interaction, growth and development with Oliver, Felicity and Diggle then this show has me for life.

    • Teresa Rhoda says:

      The PTB have done a lot to show that Felicity has abandonment issues as a result of her father leaving her when she was a child so I think it would be OOC for her not to want Oliver to be a father to his child. I would like to think that she would encourage him to be in his child’s life as much as possible.

  17. pem says:

    It was a beautiful scene. Loved it. Hope there are more of those moments in S4. And them driving off in the Porsche, wow, never would have imagined that! But LOVED it–so glad to see Oliver finally happy. Wonder how many minutes that’ll last. Would love to see MS often.

  18. Brigid says:

    She’s adorable! I’m not crazy about her romantically paired with Oliver, it feels rushed to be this epic romance to me, but I do love her character. I’m hoping we learn something about her father in Season 4.

  19. Charles Harvard says:

    I wouldn’t like to watch Arrow without Oliver and Felicity being together. Season 323 was the best ever !!!

    • Sil says:

      Thank you. This is me too. It’s exciting, characters moving on, expanding into the characters they went through in season 3. For me, 2 years of interactions between Felicity and Oliver making each other better people is NOT rushed. It’s about time.

  20. Drew says:

    I have to say that I really enjoy the cast of Arrow. They always seem to really care about and appreciate the job they have and the people that are fans at home. Emily asking whether it’s wise to give the fans what they want is a very good question.
    I remember years ago, Anthony Stewart Head was talking about the Buffy episode “Passion”, where Jenny died. He said that his instinct was to cry during certain scenes, but Joss Whedon (before he sold out) told him that if Giles cried, it would vent all of the emotion that the fans were feeling at home. By holding back, the story was actually more powerful. That lesson has always stuck in my mind.
    Emily is brilliant when the writing supports her talent. I hope that she has better material to work with next year.

  21. A says:

    Thanks for this interview, I hope you have more interviews with Emily in season Four.

  22. Shawn says:

    Television writers shouldn’t be listening to the shippers on social media. Arrow used to be my favorite series and Olicity is ruining it. At this point I just want Felicity killed off so this forced wet blanket romance can just end.

  23. Kate says:

    Emily is adorable! I would love to see a storyline about Felicity’s dad next season. And now that Ray is (presumed) dead, maybe we can have Felicity as CEO? That would be great, I think.
    This season had its ups and downs but I’m glad it left Oliver and Felicity in a good place. It doesn’t get more “modern fairytale” than literally driving off into the sunset. In a convertible.

  24. Kathleen says:

    Love Emily. A ray of sunshine. I’m glad the finale ended with Olicity in a happy place. Can’t wait for season 4.

  25. Dustin says:

    I for one believe they will get married this next season with Oliver getting his company back. Then by end of season poor Oliver will be holding his wife in his arms with her passing on to the afterlife. End next season!!!!

  26. shelly says:

    I still can’t buy KC as the BC, and I have tried. I know that she is doing her best, but I still can’t. I want to root for her in this role. I miss the ebb&flow w/the core trio. She seems out of place.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I agree, I’m trying but every time I see her in that ridiculous wig I crack up laughing. It’s just not right.

    • Dave says:

      Random comment as this is not a post about KC but I totally agree with you. Laurel as BC does not mesh well with Team Arrow, a really good example is the scene in Diggles apartment when Diggle was angry. Felicity saw that he wanted to release that anger on to something and it would have been destructive so she ensured that he didn’t go out and punch someome. However Laurel was practically egging him on. She doesn’t understand the roles each one plays in the team and it would be interesting to see what she would be doing in season 4. We spent a whole season creating her narrative and at the end it felt flat in my opinion. Again the problem with this season was certainly killing Sarah, clearly the show runners saw that and have now resurrected Sarah as the white canary in the spinoff. To me this says that perhaps the writers never wanted to kill her off in the first place but due to contractual obligations KC had to be the BC.

      • leonard says:

        If he still went out and vented his anger or very possibly killed that man then they would also be dealing with a very guilt ridden Diggle in the aftermath, which would be an added burden to the team. It was a wise decision to listen to Felicity.

  27. Kate says:

    Hoping we get to see more sexy scenes between Oliver and Felicity because that first one was all kinds of HOT! Sweet, ardent, intimate, passionate — it totally made sense for this amazing couple. I see that drive into the sunset as just the beginning and am really hoping S4 will explore their relationship. Like some of the other commenters, no need for extra angst, being together is challenging enough and Oliver is still learning a lot about having a “normal” life.

  28. She’s just so lovely and fun. Looking forward to watch how happy Olicity will be (hopefully) throughout season 4. Hope we’ll get more of Mamma Smoak, and their background story.

  29. LC says:

    I really hope they keep them together. I get why we needed angst but this season has repeatedly told me that Oliver and Felicity are IT for each other. There is no one else for them. So I don’t want any more back and forth. I want them together for the rest of the show. They can be happy, they can have some problems sometimes. But I want them to remain solid. That way we can focus on other things.

  30. Lou says:

    Haha. Say what you want about Olicity, there’s no denying that Stephen and Emily have incredible chemistry and it sounds like they’re great friends who have a lot of fun filming together. Loved her story about the sex scene. Thanks for this.

  31. Dewsterling says:

    Hopefully S4 will be all about Felicity and her relationship with Oliver Queen. The writers ought to stop all that silly drivel about Arrow becoming Green Arrow and embrace the romance, then I will never have to bother watching another episode of the snivelling dreck.

    • Kay says:

      Oliver can be in a relationship and become Green Arrow. Shocking, I know.

    • brenna says:

      I don’t understand comments like this. Arrow has so many great action scenes and great comic book characters as well as the relationships with ALL of them. A great show for many reasons. This particular article is about part of it so don’t read if it’s not your favorite part.

    • John NYC says:

      If you dig out your remote’so userguide? Pretty confident it’s all explained how to change the channel.

      Hope that helps.

  32. Jules says:

    I personally loved the season finale aND most of the season. . The fighting scene wrapped up fast, because the intensity and the time limit of what they needed to do to save the city.. I think Felicity is good for Oliver and the angst of the season was great. People got to remember that this show is LOOSELY based on the comics. They already revealed that Laurel and Oliver are not going to be a romantic couple as of right now. I personally think she deserves someone better than the ex that cheated on her multiple times and with her sister. Even if she still considers Oliver as a friend and he has changed for the better , you as a person dont forget that kind of betrayal.. Laurels character development is fantastic. Her and Nyssa friendship was eptic.. I understand why they made Lance back to hating on Oliver and being mad at Laurel. Everyone lied to him about his daughter being alive still. As a parent I would be furious.. Just cause Oliver is happy doesn’t mean he can’t be an awesome hero. Like Felicity says the difference now is what is in his heart and how he let more people in and trust is what will defeat evil.

    • Kay says:

      Omg thank you. I’m always shocked that some people want Oliver and Laurel together because everything this show has told me is that they are just bad together and he treated her (and still treats her) like crap. Plus cheating on her with her sister is disgusting. You can’t come back from that. Laurel deserves a better romantic partner. I honestly don’t see any groundwork for that beside that ridiculous ‘because comics!’ answer which makes little sense on a show that is only an adaptation.

      • Ella says:

        Oliver may have been awful back then but he more than made up for it when he returned. He also carried Laurel’s picture with him all the way and she was the first person he called, just to hear her voice, when he had access to a phone. He may have screwed up but he loved her above all else. Olicity is the pairing that had absolutely no groundwork – one season she was his Girl Friday who had a slight unrequited puppy love crush and in the first episode of the next season, they were in love?! I’m sorry but it was total fan pandering and as a result, this season was a train wreck.

        • Kira says:

          I’m sorry but I just don’t understatnd how people can continue to say that Oliver loved Laurel above anything else. The man cheated on her multiple time and he cheated on her with her SISTER. What kind of person loves that way. And it if that wasn’t bad enough he came back from that island and lied to her about her sister not making it off the boat. Plus when the truth finally came out and Sara came back to town he started sleeping with her (Sara) AGAIN, right in Laurel’s face. I sorry but whoever thinks Laurel and Oliver belongs together after that mess of a relationship they should really seek help, can you say TOXIC.

      • chris says:

        I agree. I do not care for the laurel/Oliver relationship because he did not tell everyone about everything. How he slept with both sisters, how Sara is back in town, he is back in town, he is the green arrow. Him and laurel did not even tell det. Lance about things and the mother knew about it first. Lance has a hard time now coming to terms with new information, but laurel did not tell her mom anything, she guessed. It is good laurel knows and things are out in the open now, but now he has a lawyer on his side. It is not that bad, but felicity gives him the pep talks when he loses site of what he has to do and who he is now. Sometimes she agrees and other times she doesn’t. Laurel has enough to do with being a lawyer.

  33. Joey Padron says:

    good interview with Emily. hope Felicity’s dad will appear in season 4.

  34. leonard says:

    Arrow’s Felicity Smoak introduced me to Emily Bett Rickards. And i’m glad because EBR is cool and charming and smart. Her interviews are always fun and, well, don’t make me cringe.

  35. Arsenal says:

    To most of the comments on here, I say: Gimme a break. Gimme a break.

    …Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.

  36. saku says:

    The olicity sex scene was H.O.T and very intimate… like i felt weird at some point watching because i felt like i was watching a real sex scene lol! I hope that olicity stays together for the coming seasons and that they develop a healthy relationship between them. I hope that they work towards builting a future together while fighting crime. Oh and i also hope that arrow is done with the will they/wont they thing and that they concentrate on the action… it’s ok if olicity has a few fights here and there (as all couples do) but please keep them together and make them work through their issues as a couple

  37. BT says:

    Okay, the interviewer asked the RIGHT question that I have been dying for someone to ask! Tidbits from the sex scene. Thank you! And her answer? Awesome! This is the best.

  38. Briggs says:

    Having fun at Stephen’s expense was, of course, funny. And I think she might have been teasing about the breakup, though I know there are those that hope for that. :P
    The overriding image of them platonically fooling around during the filming of the love scene is hilarious…

  39. lucifer says:

    OMG!! this girl is gorgeous. I love Felcity smoak and I really hope she is more happy in S4. And S3 finale was wonderful

  40. jo says:

    Love Felicity Smoak but I love EBR more. Very talented actress and gives good interviews. 😍

  41. James says:

    New spin-off developments will test the loyalty factor for fans of Arrow, Oliver Queen provided a character that could be related to in the first season with a combination of Gymnastic physicality on the exercise rack (which has since disappeared) and the damaged soul and purgatory theme on the island. Other anti heroes where unnecessary as the past provided plenty of adversity while a flawed Oliver saved his city. Daredevil is probably better treating the Devil theme begun by Arrow a whole lot better with non of the distraction being offered by the increasing crowd of super heroes invading Arrow’s universe. Flash and Atom should have evolved separately but obviously the producers are allowing commercial ambition to diminish Arrow to an increasingly subsidiary role.

  42. KO says:

    She is so cute! I hope she gets to smile more next season. Oliver/Felicity worked best with a lighter dynamic and it’s time they got back to that, instead of the ridiculously angsty drama that TV shows seem to think it necessary to saddle every couple with.

  43. Linda P says:

    I challenge the writers to find conflict and drama with “us against them” instead of conflict between Felicity and Oliver.

  44. Always great interviews Matt! Thanks

  45. brenna says:

    EBR is a joy in every interview and on every panel I have seen her. No wonder so many people just love her. She always makes you smile.

  46. Clara says:

    They definetly gave me what I wanted! So thankful for these wonderful scenes!! Guess good things come to those who wait…

  47. John NYC says:

    Fun interview with a terrifically talented actress.

    Hope they keep going with that happier tone for the two of them. Plenty of flashback potential for a more tortured Oliver.

    Oh and as an aside? Kudos for that stretch of coast, that bridge is awsome.

  48. Ella says:

    I really like Emily but season 3 of Arrow was an absolute mess. Felicity lost her spunk and basically cried or gave speeches all the time, the Black Canary’s evolution was a wreck from the get-go (a huge disservice to comic book fans of the character) and there was far too much pandering to Olicity, which saw an inorganic coupling that was basically a joke. I hope the writers and the fans get that pairing out of their system now that they have it. I’ll come back to watching the series when they do but for now, I’m out.

  49. The just completed season of Castle proved that having the two leads being together can improve the show, and having them break-up is old-line soap oprea thinking. Viva! Oliver & Felicity!

  50. chris says:

    She is beautiful. My jaw dropped the first time she was in the red dress, then the blue dress with Palmer. She is a beautiful woman and I hope they keep felicity and Oliver together. They marry different people in the comics, so I am hoping they will do something different. even if they do not get married, I still want them to be together.