Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Recap: Odds and Endings

Grey's Anatomy Finale

You might imagine that, since Grey’s Anatomy already broke up Callie and Arizona, killed off not only Jackson and April’s baby but Derek, too, and blinded Geena Davis this season, the show might go a little easy on us in its finale. But no, the hits just kept on coming this week. Think you can make it through even more heartache to get to the hour’s lighter moments? Read on.

HEAVY METAL | Picking up where “Time Stops” left off, “You’re My Home” started with April delivering Keith – still trapped in his car – to the ER. When he feared he wasn’t going to pull through, Mer inspired him by introducing him to his and babymama Joan’s newborn. “I’m-a see you when I get out of here,” he promised his son before warning Grey that now he’d be super pissed if she didn’t save him. Though it was beyond touch-and-go for a while there – poor guy looked like a pin cushion at one point! – he pulled through, as did Joan, thanks to Stephanie’s intervention. (Good thing she didn’t listen to Callie, who punished her for her interns’ disastrous mistake by yanking her from the case!)

THE HONEYMOON’S OVER | The whole Keith drama having reminded April of the high that she got from working overseas with Owen, she confessed to Jackson, “I feel like I’ve been called” – and, that being the case, she was eager to take the next flight to Jordan. Recognizing that her tour of duty had relit the spark in her that went out when their son died, Jackson supported her decision. “But,” he added sadly, “I don’t think I can be here when you come back.” (His wife apparently never even asked how he’d coped with their loss.)

FULL HOUSE | No sooner had Alex and Jo made up than he made the mistake of asking her if Mer and the kids could move in. To put it mildly, Jo didn’t respond favorably. “Congrats,” she spat. “Now you have a house and a family.” Later, he tried to explain that he wanted a house, a career, maybe even a dog with her. (Aww.) Still, she had to think about what she wanted. (More on that in a bit… )

TAKE TWO? | In a good mood after everyone kept Keith and Joan out of the morgue, Amelia was nicer to Owen than she’d been in what seems like ages. She even engaged her ex in playful banter about how, when Mer sold her and Derek’s place, she might let him keep his trailer. “Maybe,” he jokingly replied, “I should just get a house that doesn’t get parking tickets.” Then, getting serious, Amelia raised his hopes for a reunion by admitting that she wanted things to work out… with Joan and Keith, she quickly clarified. (Ow!)

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT | After Catherine told Richard that he couldn’t just appoint Bailey the new chief of surgery, he called his fiancée a dictator, prompting her to return his engagement ring. But he still insisted to Bailey – who, in turn, told Ben – that, come hell or high water, she would be the new chief. Later, sick of Richard and Catherine’s BS, Mer blurted out, “My husband is dead — yeah, I’m gonna play that card,” and ordered them to get their acts together. Which, amid a good deal of shouting, they did — though it put Bailey’s future as chief in limbo. Anyway, at last, Richard and Catherine tied the knot.

IN CLOSING | In other developments, Mer – hoping to patch things up with Amelia – gave her sister-in-law her cell phone and security code so that she could listen to Derek’s last message. With Owen by her side, she finally did play the voice-mail – her brother going on about his perfect last ferry ride and telling Mer that he loves her. Maggie confessed to her half sister that her mother has been having an affair for 11 years, and her adoptive parents were at last getting a divorce. Jo decided that she did indeed want to be with Alex – so much so that she found a home for them to buy so he could sell Mer his place. And, at the hour’s close, Mer and Co. danced it out, shaking off their tears.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode – and the season? Hit the comments!

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  1. B says:

    I’m glad they went for a nice, quiet episode in the wake of everything so far this season. Just enough was changed to make an impact and keep me excited for next season. I’m happy with Jackson’s decision and talk with April and I love love love where Jolex went. The only thing missing was more Callie and Arizona. I hope next season they get more exposure—together or separately—especially Callie. Derek’s voicemail was a sweet gift to Amelia, even if the content didn’t fit the emotion did. I hope Meredith and Amelia keep growing stronger together—same with Maggie. That scene at the end with the three “sisters” and the dancing was so very excellent. What a way to go out after Derek! Grey’s can be a happy show full of life too!!!

    • LC says:

      Yes! This whole episode was showing us that life and the show goes on without Derek or Christina. Friends move away. Loved ones die suddenly. But those left behind find a way to go on and be happy again. Loved that Mer found her new people to dance it out with!

    • Luli says:

      Dittoo!!! You took the words right out of my mouth! I’m loving the “sisters” thing.

    • mary says:

      It didn’t seem very “finale” like for Grey’s Anatomy, but I liked it too. The Derek episodes were more of a finale-type episode that we are used to from Shonda. That being said, I kind of like how she ended it this year. The drama the past few weeks has been tough to watch, so I loved the dancing-it-out at the end and the happy vibe from everyone. It will be interesting where this heads going into next year. Other than the Avery/Kempner relationship, there doesn’t seem to be too much in way of drama. Unless Alex decides that he wants to stay in the house with Meredith. That could be good.

      • LC says:

        No, you’re right, but I thought this was a great ending. You know, to me it almost seemed like she was writing an episode that could double as a series finale if the chips fell that way. Catherine and Richard’s wedding, last look at the house the way Derek wanted it, Amelia taking a step forward in her healing, Alex and Jo moving forward with a new place to live, most of all Meredith finding some joy in life with here sisters…really the only open story left is April/Jackson. Will she go or won’t she? But I had two thoughts as I watched. 1.) There was enough drama the last few weeks. A low key finale was not only a change for Grey’s in general, but it was a nice change of pace in comparison to recent weeks. A bigger finale would have felt too forced. This was perfect. 2.) It validated that Shonda knew what she was doing with the much-maligned fast forward week. Can you imagine spending ALL of next season getting to this point? The show would have felt incredibly slow and dreary. Not to mention that, if the story was told in the same way as the fast forward, we would have had almost an entire season without Meredith. Shonda proved once again that she didn’t just throw ink on the page, she had a plan. And to me, it’s pretty brilliant story telling.

  2. Al says:

    Great ! Happiness for once

  3. Hailey says:

    Can you please put back Callie and Arizona!!!

    • Sa says:


    • abz says:

      No need. The both of them are much better characters apart. I do think they should give them a bit more focus next season individually. I understand why they took a backseat this season with everything going on with Meredith and Derek’s death.

      • Anna says:

        Agreed. They are much better apart. I really hope they don’t just push them back together next season because they have proven time and time again that their stars shine much brighter when they aren’t together.

  4. brooke says:

    So do I just take the hint and move on from Calzona? Bc it seem the show sure did.

  5. Kristen says:

    I really like the ending. I’m glad that Amelia let Owen in. It was sweet that she held Owen’s hand when she listen to the voicemail. Didn’t sound like Meredith was going to sell the house at the end. So what is Alex going to do about Meredith’s old house?

    • Julie says:

      Yes she is. She said that this is what she wanted her last memory of that house to be. Where everyone is dancing and having a great time. She’ll move back into her old house with the kids, her sister, and Arizona.

      • Grey's Fan says:

        And, perhaps April.

        • Nope. April is heading back overseas. That was the whole point of her scenes with Jackson and her crying scene at the end with Arizona

          • Grey's Fan says:

            When she returns she’ll need a place to live.

          • Miss Rozie says:

            We did not see April with bags packed ~ just crying, if the woman is smart, she will not go. She went for a year & ignored her husband along the way. She left Matthew at the altar for this type of treatment? I have ALWAYS liked the character of April & I continue to do so, just disappointed if they go their separate ways after going through all they did when their baby died. I really DO like them as a couple … so here’s to hoping! Have a good summer – as the old Beach Boys song goes, “see you in September!” :-)

  6. Liz says:

    Mer and Alex should have just swapped houses.

  7. Tahimar says:

    It’s a shame Calzona didn’t get a scene together for the first time in 7 year s for a season finale. They are definitely done for good.
    thanks Shonda.

    • madhatter360 says:

      They were together in the very beginning when they were transporting Joan.

    • abz says:

      Shonda really kept her promise from the start of the season about this being the “Season of Meredith” and while not everything was perfect. I’m glad she did it that way. It made sense for Callie and Arizona to take a bit of a backseat this season given how heavily featured they were in the two prior seasons. Plus its been great seeing them individually. I find them to be great characters when they are apart than together.

  8. pecola says:

    When Jackson says he won’t be there when she gets back, he just means as her husband, right?

    Jesse Williams isn’t leaving the show, right?

  9. pamill says:

    I’m sorry to say but I am fairly certain that after this ‘meh’ finale the viewers who swore to check out after this season, actually will. My guess is the season premiere won’t do more than 1.5 in the 18/49 demo UNLESS Shonda does the unexpected : she brings back Izzy. Hear me out : she is one of the most popular characters in the show’s history, she never got a proper closure, Heigl is clearly available (her film career is done in part due to this unfortunate Shonda-feud and her NBC show was cancelled) and let’s face it, after killing off the lead’s end game (=Derek), Shonda needs to make amends to the long-time fans and bringing back one of their all-time faves, might just do the trick…at this point, I don’t think anything else could. Heigl expressed interest in returning and if Shonda put the fans first – you know the people who made these 12 seasons happen – she would at least consider it. It is time for these two to kiss and make up, now THAT would be great publicity and let’s face it, that’s something they both desperately need at the moment. It could be the move that would make the season premiere – the 12th (!) – an event …a much publicized Heigl return ? Now THAT would be a ratings boost…my two cents.

    • I agree that would be an interesting story line. I’d like to see her back. I hate where Shonda took her story but loved Izzy as a character.

    • pammersc says:

      I agree, it would probably be the only thing that would get me to watch again.

    • Luli says:

      No thanks. I’m ok with Izzie not coming back, ever. Her story is done. We should all move on.
      And I will watch season 12.

    • Julie says:

      Honestly if I hadn’t just gone back and watched from the beginning again I would barely even remember Izzy. Her most memorable (not totally off the wall) storyline was cutting denny’s l-vad wire. Think of how many characters have come and gone since then. I always liked her character as much as I dislike KH. she thought she was going to be a big movie star and decided to bite the hand that fed her. I doubt Shonda will take her back. I also got the impression that PD had a falling out with Shonda too. The EW article made it seem like he was willing to fulfill his contract but with reduced screen time but she killed him off instead. It didn’t sound like a decision he was necessarily on board with.

    • xx says:

      Ha, make her Catherine’s outside candidate for Chief of Surgery. It would be worth it to see Bailey’s reaction.

      • Pamill says:

        Oooh, I would love that ! Come on, Shonda, make it happen ! :)

      • Luli says:

        I have a feeling that Catherine is considering April for Chief of Surgery… That would be interesting and so cool!

        • Jenks says:

          Catherine said it would be an outside candidate.

          • Grey's Fan says:

            Maybe Catherine’s candidate will be Erica Hahn…

          • xx says:

            Hahn would also be a great candidate. And hey, Callie’s single again.
            Really this outside CoS candidate is a great opportunity if they want to bring someone back.

          • pamill says:

            Problem is the options to bring back someone are rather limited considering most of the prominent characters who left the show, were killed off. We are basically left with Cristina (it would be awesome but Oh won’t come back), Burke (now that is an old character nobody would care about), Teddy (I would love that but she probably isn’t big enough in the Greys Universe to deliver the big shock the show will desperately need by September), Addison (again, could work, but after having a show all to herself for six seasons, could the character be still interesting ?) and Heigl’s Izzy, the only original cast member big enough to deliver a splashy return and whose return would actually please the fans for once because for such a popular character she sure was written off without a closure even remotely decent let alone satisfying. It would also work really well if she were the outside candidate for Chief of Surgery, kind of a ‘life imitates art’ thing : she would be back, her former colleagues and friends would be all awkward and angry, she would have to win them back, she would have to prove that she deserves the job etc. Shonda could write THAT Izzy in her sleep, the one we remember – strong, smart, hot – and the one she needs to be now in addition to those qualities : apologetic, humbled and gracious. Writing this storyline for Shonda and playing THAT Izzy for Heigl, could be the best couples’ therapy they could ask for because as I said…life (their history) COULD imitate art.

          • abz says:

            @Pamill I would love for that to happen. Wishful thinking probably. But it would so great. Both Katherine Heigl’s and Kate Walsh’s show were cancelled by NBC so maybe they’re free. Heigl’s expressed interest in returning. Who knows about Walsh coming back for a visit. But it would be great and probably create a lot of buzz and ratings for the show because who know if next season may end up being the last (I know the ABC boss that he doesn’t intend for next season to be the last but you never know).

    • :-) says:

      I’m over Izzy although it did cross my mind for her to be the outside candidate. I wonder will the outside person be someone we know

    • abz says:

      I absolutely 100% agree with you on Izzie. Izzie is one of the best characters on this show and Shondaland period. She’s one of my favourites. Such a great character and amazing acting by Katherine Heigl. It’s so unfortunate how things went down, but I wish Shonda would at least try and forgive and bury the hatchett between the two of them. Mistakes are usually learned from and Heigl would be an idiot to not have learned something from everything that happened and how it affected her career. It would be great if Shonda could bring her back for an arc. Not to have her break up Alex and Jo or anything, they could come up with something creative to have her return. Plus, if she was willing to allow Isaiah Washington to return I don’t see why she can’t allow her to return as well. It would also be great to see Addison return for a guest stint next season. NBC cancelled both Heigl’s and Kate Walsh’s shows. We could see Addison come in to visit Amelia kind of like how she came back to visit the hospital when she first left. That could be another great EVENT episode for them to promote. It would also be nice to see some Callie/Addison interaction again. I loved their friendship. It was too funny……Also regarding viewership, for me personally, I’ve spent 11 seasons now watching this show (really long time) and the show clearly has one maybe two more seasons left probably. I don’t see a point in quitting after making it this far. Aside from a few things, as a whole I’ve enjoyed this season and I liked the fact that it wasn’t an outrageous finale. The scene at the end with the three sisters was great. It’s certainly been a far superior season to this season of Scandal. Now, Scandal on the other hand, I can see people quitting and moving on. There hasn’t been that many seasons and creatively the show has been pretty much garbage this season with the endless B6-13 crap/insufferable Rowan. If they don’t improve next season, I can understand why a lot of people would quit.

  10. Olivia says:

    Ok so not only are Callie and Arizona still apart, they also are almost extras now and they don’t even interact anymore. Cristina is gone. Derek’s dead. April is still written haphazardly. Richard and Catherine will never stop fighting so long as they’re in the same place (married or not). Alex (who grew so much in the past few years) is deep down still an idiot apparently. Meredith is going to, understandably, be a mess for a while. Owen is still boring as hell, when he’s not downright insufferable but gets screentime anyway.

    Uh huh, looking forward to next season, sure.

    • Jeri says:

      I like Owen, not everyone needs a lot of drama in their lives. Lots of people strive for peace & contentment, after experiencing their share of drama. Let the others have the drama. He loved(s) Christina, made it through Viet Nam and PTSD, time to take it easy.

      • Dru says:

        April is going to Jordan to be a trauma surgeon, and that would totally disrupt that storyline, so she may ask her to be chief just to keep her in Seattle to keep her and Jackson together. But, I feel like the build up to the mystery candidate is going to be someone who Bailey will be shocked by and worried with. I’d love for it to be Addison.

      • Laurie says:

        Owen was in Iraq. Not Vietnam.

      • oldrockchick says:

        You know Vietnam ended 40 years ago, right? How old do you think Owen is?

    • abz says:

      Shonda did they say that this season would be the “season of Meredith” and I guess she kept that promise. Callie and Arizona are much better characters apart I think.

      • Nitemar says:

        Right, but all the characters had their sl in the season finale except for Callie and Arizona…there is a reason they are still there, not just for dancing out or supporting her bff..anyways, I still think they are MFEO. .despite whatever Shonda does or says. .

    • Anna says:

      How is Alex an idiot? He got into a fight with his girlfriend and then worked on fixing it in a mature and honest way. He was there for Meredith in the way that she needed. He did his job well and kept the baby healthy while everyone else was focused on the parent. Doesn’t sound like an idiot to me…
      Also, I actually think the writing for April is done really well – she was a super religious, bubbly, happy person that genuinely believed that things worked out in the end if you keep a positive attitude, believe in God, and work hard. And then her baby died. While she had dealt with hardships in the past (Jackson vs. Matthew, failing her boards, etc.), she worked through those things and succeeded in the end. She never had to deal with something that killed her spirit like the death of her child. And then she lost it. She couldn’t deal, so she ran away, and she found herself feeling alive again working in the trenches. She was so hopped up on adrenaline that she didn’t have to think or feel all of the horrible things that she felt after her child died. And her wanting to go back this episode showed how desperate she was to feel good again – to feel like a superstar that had control over the situation in front of her. But while she was finding refuge for herself, she forgot about the pain her husband was in. While I don’t want Jackson and April to end, I love this storyline.

  11. shaw says:

    That episode is in my top three episodes of Grey’s anatomy. Great job.

  12. Rick Katze says:

    I also was happy for an ending without another cliffhanger. It was time to clear things up (which they did) and we will see how the pieces come together next year.

    • LC says:

      Yep, the more I think about it, I realize that this was a great way for Shonda to do almost a complete reset on the show. She wrapped up so many story lines that she can practically start over next season. It will be interesting, and I for one, will be back!

  13. Luli says:

    And I cried, again….
    But I did enjoy the episode, and those last minutes killed me! So glad Amy and Mer are ok. I’m liking this whole Mer/Maggie/Amy thing. Hope we see more of them next season.

    And the dance it out part!!!! I miss Cristina.

  14. Matthew says:

    That ending basically invited you to tune out next year. It Felt like an ending.

    • keylimepie78 says:

      YES! Thank you. I’ve barely watched the last five or six episodes of this season. This episode gave me a good ending to a decent run, freeing up an hour of my life each week.

  15. hello says:

    Must say that final scene felt very series finale, even though it is not

  16. Julie says:

    I can’t remember any season finale of Grey’s not being about death, destruction or include some massive cliffhanger. This was a nice change…and I would’ve given it an A but I gave it a B because I can’t forgive Shonda for killing off Derek. Now that it’s over, time to go back to where I left off on S2 on Netflix and to a time where Patrick Dempsey still had great hair and McDreamy is alive and kicking at SGH.

  17. Babygate says:

    I loved the medical cases. April really is fierce and I loved how the whole team came together to save this little family. But then Webber and Catherine start bickering and stealing screen time with their drama that no one cares about and Bailey starts acting like an entitled, spoiled little diva demanding to be made Chief and to top it off, Arizona tells Callie to go for the hot intern? Are you kidding me? Is this alternate universe Grey’s? I found that profoundly disrespectful to the Calzona fandom. And how about having Mer interfere in everyone’s lives? It’s like she’s not allowed the time to put her life together because everyone else needs her. I can see S12 giving Catherine and Webber more prominence, especially since Debbie has signed on as a producer and I am not interested in that path. Good luck with that Shonda.

  18. Nelson says:

    Is it just me, or Edwards is technically still an intern, too? I don’t remember the originals being assigned with younger interns…

    • Luli says:

      Lexie was part of the interns assigned to the original interns. I think it was season 4.

      • Ela says:

        Yeh, which is weird because she was only one year behind Meredith later on, but never think to much in Greys time lines. To answer your question, no Edwards is not a intern, internship last only one year, after that you are a resident. Edwards is supposed to be a third or fourth year resident, the same as Miranda when she became MAGIC’S (not all MAGIC but I don’t remember which were her interns) resident and the same as MAGIC when they had their interns.

        • TVfan says:

          In the very first episode Alex isn’t assigned to Bailey, but he gets given to her at the beginning of the next episode. So all 5 of MAGIC (Mer, Alex, George, Izzy and Cristina) were Bailey’s interns :)

          Also re Edwards/Wilson, they were interns at the beginning of season 9 and we gotta remember the 1 year time jump that happened a couple of weeks ago, that applies to their progress too :)

        • naynn says:

          Lexie mentioned in the beginning that she had graduated early at some point and skipped a few years, which was supposed to justify her being just a year behind Meredith, even though she was just 24 in season 4. So they do give an explanation for the age gap between her n Mer

    • Kendall says:

      Edwards is a fourth-year resident after the show fast forwarded a year. She, Jo, and possibly Ben should be fighting it out for chief resident next season.

    • Dru says:

      Edwards has been part of the show since season 9, episode 1. That’s 3 years, plus the one year time jump from two episodes ago. She is a 4th year resident. And the original interns got interns in season 4, episode 1 after Burke and yang split and Derek meets Lexie in the bar and George has to repeat his intern year. The next interns are season 9 (Jo, Edwards, brooks, Ross and Murphy) and now the new round will develop over season 12.

  19. Elsa says:

    April and Jackson :(

  20. Jat Nuyt says:

    does anyone know who did the female fray cover ?

  21. DarkDefender says:

    I thought the Finale was perfection.

  22. cycworker says:

    I gave it a B, because C+ wasn’t an option & C was too low. As an episode, it was good. As a season finale? It lacked those unanswered questions I need to pull me in to the next season. I’m particularly annoyed that we got nothing for Callie/Arizona fans. They’re in stasis, like that kid, Scott that Owen treated last week

  23. Danielle says:

    Ugh. Blah. Ick.

  24. Pat says:

    I really liked the season finale. No major tragedies was a blessing, for a change. I am really sorry to see that April and Jackson might be headed for a marriage break-up. I loved them as a couple. Amelia listening to that last phone message of Derrick’s was touching and hopefully gives her a little closure. Alex and Jo do need to live togetheralone, so I hope that it works out for them with the loft and if it does not, poor Jo she just put all the money that she saved on purchasing it. Meridith confronting Richard and Catherine and telling them ” Yes, I am using the I lost my Husband card” was great and very appropriate, to remind these two of what they have and what she wish she had. So, I am looking forward to next season and I hope that some of the relationships can be repaired ( April & Jackson ) and some will flourish ( Alex & Jo ). As for Meredith, life will go on for her and her three children.

  25. tvadictmom says:

    I think that would of made a good series finale.

  26. tvadictmom says:

    I can’t believe how totally selfish the writers make almost all the lead females in this show!!!!

  27. robandco says:

    Great finale! It had me pumped for next year with the sisters bonding, Jolex, Bailey as chief (she HAS to be, it has been her storyline from the very beginning, even Weber told her so in the early seasons), maybe even Stephanie fighting with Callie for the extremely attractive new intern. So many possibility ! I find amazing how this show can reinvent itself years after years.

    Though, can someone explain the story behind Patrick Dempsey grandpa hair in the voice mail flashback? Because “he was having a bad hair day” will not stand.

  28. Antwon303 says:

    I must admit that was one of my favorite Grey’s finales! No one died or was injured! It was emotional and I loved everyone working together on some very interesting medical cases. I didn’t like the time jump at first but it made sense to do so. I like Jackson/April and I hope they can survive this but I do get where he’s coming from. It was wrong of her to leave him for a year to grieve alone. She was only supposed to be gone three months but a year? That had to have hurt him.

    I like the new intern Andrew Deluca. I don’t want to see him with an attending…been there done that. I hope he ends up with Stephanie. I also think that Stephanie has come into her own…a bit more than Jo has. The scene with the interns helping was well done. I loved when the elevator closed and the girl had to run around to get it back.

    I’m glad Richard/Catherine finally got married. They both need some happiness. Meredith’s speech was on the money.

    Meredith and Maggie bonding was also nice. They’ve come a long way. The dancing at the end was nice to see. I can see why some said it felt like a series finale, but the president of ABC said the show will continue a few more seasons. I love it but I think season 12 should be the end. But if they can keep things fresh and write good stories…it’s possible to squeeze a bit more from it. The show is still popular and profitable.

    • LC says:

      The president of ABC said he’d LIKE to see it stick around for many more season, but ratings are king. We’ll have to wait and see what the ratings look like next fall. At this point, Grey’s is still highly rated (the finale beat Scandal and it looks like it won its time slot) so as long as they can keep viewers with fresh stories, he could get his wish. Either way, I think we’ll hear before the mid-season break whether or not it’s the last season for Grey’s or not. This is one of those shows that deserves a proper send off with at least a few months to build to the end. Yes, this did almost feel like a series finale, but with Derek leaving, I have to believe Shonda wasn’t sure what TPTB would do with the show, so she was prepared either way. JMO, but I think that this leaves the door wide open to wipe the slate clean next season and start a bunch of new story lines. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Mer a dating single mom of 3 by the end of season 12.

      • Antwon303 says:

        Thanks for the clarity….but Shonda Rhimes is the darling of ABC. They are constantly going to her asking for more shows. Yes…ratings are king but it would have to be an extreme dip in ratings for the entire season before they would cancel it. She actually planned to end it in season 10 but ABC urged her to keep it going longer.

        I’d sooner see her step back in and start writing every episode herself before she lets it be canceled lol. Not that she’s the best writer but episodes penned by her are usually pivotal.

  29. Liz says:

    But WHY on Earth is Mer selling the Dream House?! She built it with Derek, she loved it, so WHY would she sell it?

    • Antwon303 says:

      I love that house. It’s huge and that view is amazing. But I imagine it’s too painful for her. She probably sees Derek everywhere.

    • LC says:

      “She built it with Derek” That’s EXACTLY why she’s selling it. My best friend lost her husband a year and half ago. She didn’t sell her house because it’s their teenage daughter’s home, BUT she did COMPLETELY remodel it. New paint, flooring, wood work, countertops, cupboards, bathrooms fixtures…everything. She also re-landscaped outside. She said she had to. It was the house she and her husband built, and she needed to make it her house so that every little thing she looked at didn’t remind her of the loss. Mer wanting to sell the house is pretty normal.

  30. Sara says:

    Jackson and April are not broken up yet-she still has to make a choice.

  31. julieann says:

    I feel a whole lot better about GA and the way they ended S11. Not bothered about the newly weds, not surprised about the end of Kepvery. They rushed in to marriage and the loss of their baby broke them up. I do hope Avery does move on, I think SD wanted to be written out. Hopefully that is the last we’ll see of the McDreamy House of Candles. I couldn’t bear it if Hunt bought it. Glad Alex had the sense to let Mer return to her roots. Impressed by how strong Mer is. She is getting Amy to move on too. Still sad there’s no more Der and MerDer my fave couple. I’ll be back for S12, which I hope will see the end of Grey’s Anatomy. New chief from outside GSMH will probably be a good idea

  32. EM says:

    Much better episode than I was expecting. It moved quickly and kept my interest throughout. I understand Meredith wanting to sell the dream house. It was Derek’s land and his dream house more so than hers and the memories are too much. On a practical note, does a mother of three small kids have time to commute on the ferry back and forth to work every day? When Derek was in DC I thought she might move out temporarily for that reason.

  33. Alia says:

    This show already jumped the shark

  34. Ellinas78 says:

    It would have been (SHOULD have been) the perfect series finale.

    Well it might be for me, if Heroes is any good (not holding my breath on that though).

  35. Rebecca Ponce De Leon says:

    Loved the finale and looking forward to seeing Miradeth back in her mothers home with her own children.

  36. sophieannexo says:

    I thought it was a good episode aside from Jackson and April. I don’t think they will break up though, I think Jackson calling her out was a wake up call and I believe that she will stay and fight for her marriage. That is what I want to happen anyway.

  37. David Witenstein says:

    As much as I love Mer she should have called Amy as a sister

  38. kacie says:

    I definitely do not want April and Jackson to get a divorce. Der & Mer have always been my faves & now I really took a liking to April and Jackson.

  39. Michell says:

    Seriously! Does marriage not mean anything for you people?!?!? Jackson and April, yet another marriage falling apart :(

  40. kamille says:

    All I want to say is my favorite characters might be getting divorced