Bones Sneak Peek: Booth Pauses Pregnant Brennan's Flight of Fancy

When it comes to saving kidnapped Arastoo on tonight’s Bones (Fox, 8/7c), there’s no shortage of people vying to help. But it’s Brennan who emerges as the most logical choice to accompany Cam on the Middle Eastern rescue mission, according to, well, Brennan herself!

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In this exclusive video, Brennan reminds Cam and Booth that not only does she have contacts in Iran, but she’s fluent in Farsi. Cam and Booth, in turn, remind Brennan that she’s very pregnant.

Press PLAY above to see who Booth nominates to replace Brennan on the overseas operation.

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  1. a says:

    How the hell is Brennan such a dumbass???….yes Brennan you go to Iran, an dangerous country heavily pregnant, don’t give one damn about protecting your unborn kid….gawd she gets on my nerves when she is such a self centered, I am better than anyone else control freak, like this

    • Lilly says:

      self-centered? she wanted to go there to help Cam save Arastoo, how is that self-centered?

      • a says:

        Because there are OTHER people who are just as qualified to go to Iran, who speak Farsi, who have contacts….her insisting that she is best choice is her self centered EGO speaking, she has a unborn child to think of, other people can help Arastoo it doesnt have to be Brennan.

        • Lilly says:

          It was her first instict to offer her help! there’s nothing wrong with that, she didn’t even protest when Booth said she shouldn’t go!

          • AT says:

            I agree. Wanting to help her friends doesn’t make her self-centered. It may not be the best idea, but it wasn’t awful of her to suggest it.

        • Casey Writes says:

          Self centered? Anybody want to talk about the truly self centeredness of Booth’s gambling?!?! Far more self serving, far more useless, and way worse (morally) than a rescue mission.

        • Teddy says:

          So, wanting to help out others makes her self-centered? Well, since you make a habit of spreading your Brennan hate every time her name is mentioned–yes, I can see how that would make perfect sense to you. (*Massive eye roll*)

          • Jeri says:

            She is logical. I’m sure speaking the language would be helpful and a pregnant woman would be less suspicious. God bless the baby though, even if Bones doesn’t believe in that type of a being.

    • Beth says:

      Self-centered?? I’m pretty sure you don’t even watch this show, since you obviously don’t know how Brennan’s mind works.
      Cannot wait for this episode and the fallout of Booth’s relapse tho.

      • a says:

        Try again, I have watched this show from day ONE…have you? …Brennan’s ego was taking over her brain in this clip, the well-being her unborn chlid should be her first instinct not Arastoo, any number of people could and can help him….Do you realize how dangerous Iran is? Even the flight alone COULD be a potential risk to the unborn child.

        • HS says:

          Pregnant women fly all the time… she is probably still in her second trimester which is a safe period to fly.

          If she hadn’t offered to help it would been self centred. She has every reason to think she would be reasonably safe in Iran– she has been there on previous digs.. she knows the language and culture.

          Interestingly, Brennan will be more in danger at home from Booth’s bookies.

          • anon says:

            She is in her THIRD trimester, there was a month time jump between ep 17 and 18…Brennan going to Iran at that stage of her pregnancy is completely asinine. Brennan not even contemplating that anyone else could go thats not her is completely asinine.

          • HS says:

            They claimed she was 6 months in ep 17… I didn’t see where they stated there was a month time gap between 17 and 18?

            Booth also didn’t contemplate anyone else going? Isn’t that asinine? He is leaving behind his very pregnant wife while he hasn’t sorted out his gambling debts. If something happens to him over there– that would have a far worse affect on Brennan and their unborn child. There are also better people than Booth that could help Cam. I guess I don’t understand why Brennan is called egotistical but Booth not? Booth routinely makes decisions that puts them both in danger without discussing it with Brennan. I mean deciding to have a mexican standoff in his house instead of taking Brennan on the run and planning out a plan of action?

          • anon says:

            ep 17 they stated that she was 6mths pregnant…in ep 18 there was a time jump which was stated was 7mths from ep 13…shes in her 3rd trimester at this point at least to cover the timeframe of convicting and putting a man on death row… Booth vowed to protect and serve he doesnt get to cherry pick what jobs he does just cos his wife is pregnant, this is no different for Booth than facing down suspects in his everyday life…his experience as a sniper in the middle east, his experience as a FBI Agent and working foreign governments whilst in both jobs makes him just as equiped as anyone else to do this job, more so, he is a double threat… your bookie explanation is speculation, I highly doubt Booth is aware of what is going on behind his back whilst he is Iran.

          • Nancy says:

            Good Points HS – it’s Booth who knows he shouldn’t be going. He has no business putting his life in danger either especially when he knows what’s been happening with the gambling. Risking his life and leaving his pregnant wife and child behind to face the music. Booth is definitely a blockhead here.

          • anon says:

            you are speculating…you have NO IDEA of the background of the bookie plot…..so no cop or armed service member are to do anything dangerous or their job just because their wife/partner is pregnant REALLY???…thank god they dont think like that or where would we be?…the next time you see a cop or solider ask them if they have a pregnant wife/partner and if they do then trash them for doing their job, she how far you get.

          • Nancy says:

            Hello – it’s not Booth’s job. It’s his choice.

          • anon says:

            it could be argued then going by your framework, that any investigation that Booth partakes in his *choice* as he could easliy pass it off to any other agent and not go into the big bad world whìle Brennan is pregnant…Booth should just rot at his desk during Brennan’s pregnancy…Arastoo can rot in Iran too, right… *shakes head and sighs* did you have a problem Booth tracking Pelant, a serial killer whìlst Brennan was pregnant ? Going by your rules it was his choice to do so that (as he could of passed it onto another agent) in fact Brennan had no problem with Booth going after Pelant whilst pregnant.

          • Nancy says:

            No – Pelant killed FBI agents here in the good ol USA. The FBI was on the case. They took Booth off the case at one point and put Flynn on it. Cam is chasing after her boyfriend in Iran. Nothing going on that legally requires anyone to go there. It’s all outside of job related duties. It’s their own choice to go, unless the during the episode we learn the FBI asked Booth to go. I didn’t hear that in this clip.

          • HS says:

            Anon– 7 months from baker in the bits (EP 13) to Ep 18 does not equal 7 months pregnant– because she was NOT pregnant in Ep13. We actually don’t know how many month pregnant she is. They weren’t even clear in Ep 17– they said likely 6 months.. and there was no evidence of a big time jump between 17 and 18.

            Booth had a choice to put himself in danger in Iran– while his wife is pregnant. If its admirable for Booth to help out — then it is just as admirable for Brennan to suggest herself to help out. Women still work while they are in their second trimester and Brennan’s skills could’ve been a great asset.

            Booth started betting with a new bookie and then left town with a $30k debt– there is no question he had the ability to understand the risk he was putting his wife and child in. He didn’t use his ability because he is an addict– he needed to bet and his regular bookie had shut the door on him.

        • John NYC says:


          Maybe review that pilot for her criteria for “dangerous” when Homeland holds her for Booth. lol

          “Most people in this situation, what they do is, they sweat it.”
          “Guatemala. Genocide. How are you scary after that?” Not to mention scurrying around IN those mass graves….

          • John NYC says:

            Sigh, I MISS that Brennan.

          • HS says:

            I miss that Brennan too– I stick around because we see shades of her occasionally. I get that she is pregnant and all but old Brennan would’ve taken care of the bookie herself.

  2. Bella says:

    Her ego and arrogance get on my nerves sometimes, too. She can be absolutely over the top in her unswerving belief that she is better than anyone at anything. What bugs me is how there doesn’t seem to be any consistency in how they write for her, in that sometimes, she is very empathetic and understanding, but other times, she is so cold and completely oblivious to the feelings of others. If there was some kind of pattern, it would be easier, but there is none from what I can see. I’m glad they’ve grown her character somewhat. I hoe Booth’s return to gambling doesn’t last long or that we have to deal with a separation.

    • July Lark says:

      Exactly, she is so bi-polar she makes no sense, I say run Booth run, while you can and she doesn’t beat you down into submission. Way to go writers, destroying a beloved character (Booth), anyone remember he’s the one that gave them all purpose. Before him they were studying dusty bones and bored to death.

  3. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    I think Brennan does an outstanding job…..she from the beginning of Bones has a problem relating to people, to me she was reaching out to a friend, because the cast and herself have worked for years together they are friends and like family to each other. This is her way of saying I will be there if you need me. Many times when Brennan is speaking to people, Booth has to interpret what she is trying to say……..most genius’es have a hard time understanding normal/common people. Brennan is my favorite of all on show, I do like to see B&B together with their special chemistry with eac other. For the gambling, in other comments I have made………Brennan and Booth are the leads in Bones and they will get throug this gambling thing……….Brennan always stands by her man and she will come through…….just keep the faith and continue to watch…….

    • July Lark says:

      Great way she stands by her man, when the Black Ops were after him she told him she hated him, and this time we suspect she threatens to or does kick him out of the house. She needs to go back to wife school, she definitely failed the first time. This man has been wrongly accused of murder, thrown in jail, lost his best friend, suffering from PTSD and nobody cares about that, no just queen of the world will rescue them all. BTW, if the bookie is threatening her, why doesnt she just pay up, she is supposed to be a multi-millionaire and she can crucify Booth when he gets back from Iran.

      • Dgregg says:

        While she said “I hate you for making me leave,” the subtext was “I love you and I can’t live without you and I hate that I can’t be with you throughout this,” which she confirmed when she said, “Don’t you die!” She never meant literal hate, especially when you consider what she said in “The Repo Man in the Septic Tank,” when she said Booth was her home. Booth understood that immediately and that is why he stopped her from leaving so “I hate you” would not be her final words to him if he died and she would live with the guilt.

        In terms of the gambling, I think Brennan would not either leave him or throw him out of the house (have not seen the episode yet so I am sure what happens) if when she asked him directly, “Are you gambling” and he did not lie and say, “No, I’m not.” We knew from the first season that Brennan’s biggest problem was letting people in because she does not trust easily. Booth is the person she trusts most of all and when he lies to her face, she would not know what to do since he broke the greatest bond of trust in her life. She empathizes (not sympathizes) with everything that Booth has been through because she understands his mind. She did not want him to gamble knowing that everything that has happened would trigger a relapse. And the fact that Booth says he wants to be strong, while we got a glimpse that Brennan is suspicious, I feel that she not outright confronting him because she wants to give him that chance to prove to himself that he is strong and prove to herself that she can trust unconditionally. Once the bookie comes around, Brennan is forced to confront him.

        I do not feel we can make comments on why Brennan does not pay the bookie until we see the episode and what the circumstances are.

        • Nancy says:

          Great points Dgregg. I agree we have to wait and see what happens with the bookie. And I’m sure the bookie will get paid by whom doesn’t really matter. The fact is, Booth succumbed to the gambling. He hasn’t asked for help so how can she help him? Brennan will feel betrayed I can’t imagine anyone feeling any other way. She is entitled to feelings. Brennan has always supported Booth. If Booth is Brennan’s home, Brennan is Booth’s emotional savior and anchor. Without her he would be lost and adrift. They need each other and I fully believe they will work through this gambling thing. But Booth has to come clean and seek help on his own. Brennan can’t force him. Completely Booth’s choices at work here.

          • Dgregg says:

            Well, Brennan did pay the debt. She would have forgiven him for the gambling itself if he did not lie, exactly as I predicted. I agree with you, Nancy, that they will work it out, but it will take some time.

  4. Nancy says:

    Nothing wrong with Brennan willing to help. This whole story is dumb if you ask me….but putting that aside, it’s silly for Cam to even go. She brings zero to the table except frantic girlfriend.
    Cam and Aristoo make me sick. I would love for them to stay in Iran, I just want Booth back to face the music of his gambling…..yet another stupid move.

  5. dave says:

    Brennan’s character has always been written inconsistently.The writers have always done a poor job with her.I agree with Nancy 100% about Cam and Arastoo.I’ve always been a big B&B shipper but sometimes I think Brennan would be better off without Booth.

  6. AleKairi says:

    You guys do know that Emily is actually pregnant with her second child right. Besides be a critic for once and analyze her motives. That’s all you need to do. Stop being prunes.

    • anon says:

      HUH?! nobody is talking about Emily….the discussion is about Brennan.

      • AleKairi says:

        Did you ever read about they are trying to catch your attention. Gee louis stop being a prune and work with the program. That’s all they want.

  7. Now I’m looking forward to watching this episode. I didn’t even know that Brennan is having another child (I live in Sweden we are a few episodes behind)

  8. dave says:

    Brennan asks Booth if he’s gambling and he flat out lies to her.He put his family at risk and her asking him to move out isn’t that big a deal.He needs to know just how much he hurt her and needs to get his act together.

    • Darlene says:

      Personally, I can understand Brennan…she has trust issues going back to childhood, and
      when she asked Booth a direct question after she and Christine are threatened by the bookie, he straight out lies to her. To the one who has always believed in him. I can see why she had him leave. Booth needs to get his act together and admit he is not the perfect guy he thinks he is. He won’t solve his issues until he confronts them. I am sure they will get back together, but it will take some honesty and work on his part, because as brilliant as Brennan is, she still has feelings of being that littlekid in foster care who had been abandoned by her family. So I am sure she feels lost.

  9. B says:

    These comments are absurd! Bones doesn’t think she’s better than everyone she’s stating that out of all of them she’s the most qualified to help Arastoo which is the truth and it’s a selfless act she’s not seeking anything from offering her help

  10. Jeri says:

    The show has spoiled me for the books. I tried to read a few since the show came on but there are no lab and back up characters of note in the book. Mostly just digs & investigating, no fun times. Their are other characters but only brief scenes. Sorry Kathy.