Arrow Finale Recap: You Have Fled This City — Plus, Who Got Blown Up?

Arrow Finale Recap

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains major spoilers from the Season 3 finale of The CW’s Arrow.

OK, who in their office pool had “Oliver and Felicity ride off into the sunset, all Danny and Sandy-like, with nary a care in the world” as the ending for Arrow Season 3?


Nobody? Yeah, me neither. Which is not to say that Oliver isn’t deserving of some R&R, but… no little “sting” at the end, suggesting a new danger around the proverbial or actual bend…?

The closer opened with Oliver and Ra’s (and captive Nyssa) in a plane bound for Starling City, while Felicity, Diggle & Co. survived their “poisoning,” having been secretly inoculated by Malcolm upon their imprisonment in Nanda Parbat. As for the matter of being chained up, that’s where a fleet-footed friend comes into play — Barry Allen, making good on the favor he owed Oliver at the end of this week’s The Flash. Alas, Barry can’t stick around to help with the Starling City/bioweapon sitch, since he has a hot date with Harrison Wells. (Apparently he didn’t get the “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one” memo that Ray did.)

Meanwhile up in the sky, sabotaged engines fail and tensions in turn rise, setting the stage for 1) Oliver’s declaration, “My name is Oliver Queen!” and 2) an in-flight skirmish, pitting him and Nyssa vs. Ra’s and his men. Ra’s winds up with the upper hand and leaps from the plane with the only ‘chute; Oliver then gives Nyssa a crash course (oops, too soon?) on how to land a plane, which the two of them do… not entirely gingerly, but fine enough.

There in Starling, Malcolm hands out assignments to the team on how to assess and possibly neutralize the Alpha Omega threat. Just then, Oliver and Nyssa arrive, met by glares, curt words and a thick air of distrust. As Oliver attempts to explain his grand plan, one thing becomes clear to Felicity — he never expected to survive that plane ride, he was going to go down in flames with Ra’s and the bioweapon. Diggle jumps in to say that they have “bigger problems than hurt feelings and broken trust,” and as they try to track down Ra’s, they discover that the League boss’ friend-turned-foe, Damien Darkh, is in town — and is just as much Ra’s’ target as the city itself.

Swooping into Darkh’s hotel room, we for a second suspect that the always awesome Christopher Heyerdahl is playing this new player, but he’s merely an agent for Darkh, who left town the minute he got word of Ra’s’ arrival. Ra’s then calls to taunt Oliver with the fact that he already set in motion his plan to unleash the A/O on Starling via four separate vessels — his own men, Diggle ultimately deduces, as the team sweeps the streets. A suited-up Thea takes out one guy, and Canary another, while Ra’s summons Oliver for a meeting… atop a dam. Ra’s chides Oliver for passing on the offer of a lifetime, to which Oliver counters, “What you were offering wasnt living.” A swordfight ensues, and rather amazingly neither of the men gets pitched over the railing into the ominously churning dam waters. And then Oliver emerges victorious, running a sword through Ra’s.

It is then, however, that the conspicuous setting comes into play, as trigger-happy SCPD shooters pump Oliver full of lead. The momentum sends Ol toppling over the railing, plummeting toward the waters far, far, far below… until the A.T.O.M. swoops by and scoops up the falling hero. Except, it’s not Ray in the suit — he was, after all, busy manning the nanites that were dispersing inoculate to the city — but Felicity.

Yes, Felicity in a matter of minutes got strapped into the suit, managed take-off and navigation to the point that she could pull off that 90-degree turn up alongside the waterfall, aimed perfectly to intercept Oliver, and then stuck the landing.

Not one of the show’s more sensible moments, no. Anywho….

Reassembling the team (Thea, Malcolm and Nyssa included), Oliver notes that they won tonight because he wasn’t alone, and that even if he had died the crusade would live on. Because of that, and seeing as his time with Ra’s took the Arrow identity from him (?), Oliver decides it is time to leave town and further explore the “someone else” that Felicity said earlier he had become — “if you come with me,” he says to his No. 1 gal.

Diggle has issues with Oliver’s plan to bail — “I’m no superhero,” he argues — but agrees to “think on it” (as well as the idea of concealing his identity moving forward). Later, Malcolm says goodbye to Thea, who admits that, at the very least, “you’ve made good by your promise” to make her stronger. Oliver meanwhile assures Malcolm, “I’ll never forgive you for what you did to Sara, or my sister, ever” — but perhaps they can avoid becoming archer enemies again if Malcolm holds up his end of an unsaid “bargain.” And later, we see that Malcolm has taken over as the new Ra’s, much to Nyssa’s distaste.

Elsewhere, Ray is tinkering with some new “miniaturization” tech on the A.T.O.M. suit when it and the upper floors of Palmer Technologies goes kablooey.

The finale closes with Oliver delivering a variation on his old voiceover, saying, “I returned home with only one goal — to save my city. And I did. But now it’s time for me to be someone else. Soemthing else.” As we cut to an idyllic, warmly lit vista of him and Felicity tooling around in a convertible, alongside a picturesque oceanside. “Can I say something strange?” he asks his partner. “I’m happy.”

And… scene…?

What did you think of the Arrow Season 3 finale?

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  1. James says:

    So that was the series finale, right?

  2. Jordan says:

    I thought the ATOM suit had some kind of tech that allowed someone else to pilot it while a person was inside. It’s what Oliver used while Ray fought the metahuman. I just thought Ray was using that to help Felicity fly

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Hmm, maybe. So he was piloting the suit while disseminating the nanite army that demanded his hands-on, undivided attention…? Quite the multitasker!

      • Jordan says:

        When Oliver used it, it picked up his body motions. I just pictured Ray mimicking saving Oliver while sending out his nanites (he is a superhero after all)

        • kath says:

          Ray was too busy working on ways to contain the virus to pilot it..
          Felicity spent months working on that suit and helping Ray build it and get it to fly. It’s easier to accept that she knows how to fly it than that she could actually fit into it because Brandon Routh is so much bigger than EBR.

          • herman1959 says:

            If we can believe that Oliver, Diggle, and Roy all fit into the Arrow suit, we can believe that Felicity fit into the Atom suit.

          • AnnieM says:

            …And that the Arsenal getup suddenly fits Thea perfectly, also. lol.

          • Elissa says:

            Its the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of the Traveling Hero suits!

          • Jim says:

            The arsenal outfit wasn’t the same, was it? It looked like Thea altered it by making it darker towards the bottom where it looked black. Not sure if it was that way for roy,

          • kath says:

            Thea is such a fasionista — I’m sure she would have got it altered to fit her.’
            It should be different than Roy’s; she’s Speedy/Red Arrow, not Arsenal.

          • Jim says:

            Never mind. Thanks to Stephen Amell for posting a picture of him & Colton in their night job outfits. It was that way for him as well as Thea.

          • Arsenal says:

            It’s easier to accept that she knows how to fly it? BS.

          • kath says:

            Why wouldn’t she know how to fly it? She was the one building the thing along with Ray. She helped put the controls together.

          • Ashley says:

            If we accept age could fly it (which I’m happy to do because I try not to get too caught up with stuff like this) should we just accept the suit has inbuilt lifts as well? Just in case Tom Cruise ever wants to try it.

      • Danielle says:

        Do we really have to be so nit picky about it? As long as Ollie was saved, does it really matter? This is TV Land after all. The same rules don’t apply as in the real world lol

        • m3rcnate says:

          Suspension of disbelief can only go so far. How would you feel if people start jumping 10 feet into the air? Driving cars by steering the wheel with their feet? Seem absurd? Well so is shooting 100 rounds of of a gun never reloading the 30 round magazine, or someone who’s 5’5 fitting in a suit custom made for a 6’2 tall man. There are a ton of other examples. That stuff pulls me out of the show and makes me say “really?!”.

          • Jewels says:

            Maybe she’s wearing platform heels inside the suit..

          • Paul says:

            Well, we’ve had to watch Laurel fight and win against the League of Assassins. I think we can suspend disbelief for Felicity wearing the atom suit too. Fair’s fair, right?

          • Georgia Madman says:

            So you must behaving problems with the telepathic gorilla, too? Just go with it.

          • kath says:

            Oliver has been shooting arrows and ziplining across impossible spaces since the pilot episode. Two episodes ago he jumped straight off the roof of a building.
            But Felicity pilots a suit *that she helped build and do the programming for* and here come the comments that the show is over-doing it.

          • Paul says:

            It is not a solid suit – look closely – it has hard pieces but there is a lot of fabric between the pieces – and look when it is carried outside of a person – you see the same. On fecility the hard pieces were a lot closer together

          • kath says:

            Great point about the suit having parts than can be made shorter.

        • Moname91 says:

          And yet there are people on here who criticize Laurel’s evolution to becoming the Canary as unrealistic, but Felicity gets a free pass? Sorry but Arrow for me just jumped the shark 😣

          • pem says:

            “I’ve” never criticized L’s evolving to BC. It just is. But as far as it being “unrealistic” that Felicity could fly the atom suit—you DO realize we’re talking about a “flying suit” right? Suspension of disbelief is sort of a given.

          • V. says:

            “jumped the shark” That phrase doesn’t mean what you think it means. Everyone claims that episode in Happy Days was the turning point for the series, that it was all down hill from there. Happy Days ran for another 6 years after that episode, and some of those episodes were the highest rated for the series. That episode in particular was a HUGE success, with over 30 million viewers.

            “It was the 91st episode and the fifth season. If this was really the beginning of a downward spiral, why did the show stay on the air for six more seasons and shoot an additional 164 episodes? Why did we rank among the Top 25 in five of those six seasons?”

            Based on the facts of the “jump the shark” episode, I am betting the execs and writers of The Arrow pray for the success seen by Happy Days after that episode.

          • shutuprob says:

            You’re making an even bigger error regarding the term “Jump the Shark.” Yes, Happy Days lasted for six more years after that moment, but it pretty much sucked for the entirety of those additional six years — because it’s the exact moment that the Fonz hijacked the show. Remember, the term only refers to when a show starts sucking, not when it starts losing ratings.

          • Lex says:

            Felicity flying the suit is different from Laurel’s sudden skills. With Felicity, you’re starting with a flying suit. This currently doesn’t exist outside of fiction, though I could be wrong and something like that is being invented by the government or a crazy inventor; anyway, the point is we’re already in the realm of the fantastic. Explain Felicity’s skill coming from writing the manual or the code or whatever — something having to do with the suit’s navigation system, and a fair enough explanation is made that sounds reasonable enough.

            Laurel’s sudden ability to take down assassins who have been training for years is physically impossible, as in impossible for her physical body to gain the strength and skill necessary to execute an action like that. Caity had a physicality behind her, and three years of training with the League of Assassins, Oliver had his five years from hell, and I don’t care what kind of shape she was in, unless someone mentions that the character has been doing mixed martial arts for years, there’s no way her muscles could even handle the demands fighting like that needs, let alone the brain-to-muscle communication that helps lead to accuracy.

            Laurel’s skill is supposed to be something she attained naturally — on her own; no struck by lightning/particle accelerator accident, no letter from Hogwarts, no sudden slayer powers, no River Tam-like childhood; she’s supposed to be gaining skills based on years of training and hard work – the same way any human would go about attaining that kind of training. Going from girl-with-self-defense-training-and-four-months-of-boxing-after-work to skilled-Black-Canary is not possible, both in the real world, and within the parameters of the show’s universe.

        • Zack Murray says:

          Agreed. Nicely said!

          • Moname91 says:

            Happy Days was a classic and times were different back then. TV executives were reluctant to cancel shows like All in the Family, Threes Company and Happy Days even though the quality of these shows deteriorated because they had good ratings. Nowadays there are more shows to chose from and it’s important to maintain quality or people will stop watching. Jumping the shark means exactly what I think it means and if Arrow doesn’t improve there will be plenty of other super hero shows to chose from next season.

      • Ginger says:

        Doesn’t Felicty figure everything out for Ray in the first place? Seems to me SHE could pilot the suit to save Oliver AND work on the nanites to save the save city at the same time, given the chance.

      • Ashley says:

        Someone else pointed out the specs were on the computer monitors…she read the manual. I don’t think Ray was flying it.

  3. CourtTV says:

    I know I must suspend belief but definitely some unbelievable moments packed into one episode! Ra’s just let Oliver kill him? Oliver flies planes? Barry just bails?

    • herman1959 says:

      Thank you, I thought it was just me.

    • Kelly says:

      It was established in the season 2 finale when they were leaving Lian Yu that Oliver can fly a plane.

    • Rachel says:

      Didn’t Oliver fly at the end of season 2? Felicity asked him when he learned to fly…right?

    • valeriel40 says:

      Yesssss! And Nyssa should have been the new Ra’s, darn it!

      • Lex says:

        I’m not giving up on that — leaving Malcolm in charge seems like an idiot move on Oliver’s part unless it comes with Implications for Future Seasons. It’s going to bite them in the ass at some point, and Nyssa will be there to lay the smackdown and clean up the mess.

    • Momo says:

      Barry bailed because the particle accelerator is coming online and they need to know what Wells has planned for it. What if Wells is trying to blow up Central City or something. They don’t know. Barry gotta save his own city and family before he can worry about Starling City. And like he said, Oliver’s got this.

    • A3rynSun76 says:

      Oliver flew a small plane at the end of season 2. We’ve still got a couple years worth of flashbacks left.

  4. Lysh says:

    I love Olicity, but I was expecting some sort of hint to next season. Or something slightly cliffhanger-y. I don’t mind riding off into the sunset, but not with Diggle still a bit mad at Oliver. And not with Malcolm taking over as R’as instead of Nyssa. And not with flashback!Oliver deciding not to go home (wtf?) when his family thinks he’s dead.

    • Jordan says:

      Arrow really doesn’t do big cliffhangers. Flashback!Oliver, Dig being mad, Malcom/Ras, those were the “cliffhangers”

      • Lysh says:

        I feel like the “welcome to Hong Kong” at the end of s2 was a nice little what’s gonna happen moment to pull you back.

      • Shelley says:

        Merlyn is so selfish all he wanted was to be Ra’s. Oliver made a deal with him. But, we know how Oliver feels about Merlyn. Nyssa stayed in Nanda Parbat, boo. I am happy too for a happy ending for Oliver after everything doom and gloom this season. I liked it.

    • Nicholas says:

      Well that is why you have to come back for Season 4

    • Sam says:

      I like that there wasn’t a cliffhanger. We kind of got that in the flashbacks anyway. And we all know that Olicity won’t be gone for long. There’ll be some big bad and they’ll come back to save the day because SC needs Green Arrow always.

      • CJ says:

        or they’ll just come back because daddy Darkh comes looking for his daughter

        • kath says:

          Felicity said that “Damian Darhk” was a weird name so I doubt he’s her father. Although her father could be working for him.
          I’m not ruling out the guy was saw was the real Damian Darhk though. Christopher Heyerdahl is a pretty big actor for a two line role. And the old Ra;s said that he took water from the Lazarus Pit with him.

          • CJ says:

            could be an alias…either way i think he’s linked to her in some way… only mama smoak could confirm that one or dna

          • Andy says:

            Ra’s would still know what he looks like. They were rivals for the position before the Ra’s before Ra’s chose him.

          • CJ says:

            @andy yeah i’m sure he would know what he looks like but would he know he has a child? couldve been pre-league

          • Isobel says:

            I hope Heyerdahl returns as Darhk’s second in command, but Darhk is referred to in the comics as looking baby-faced so presumably they’ll look for an actor that looks young

      • Gigi says:

        I dont think the transfer of ownership papers Smoack signed were ever destroyed. Now that Ray is bye-bye ? And the unbelievable episode…I don’t think about the crazy, I just watch it. Still loved it though.

    • lame says:

      You have the lead for next season, three bad ass babes in masks one big newly minted masked dude and one severely burned guy in an equally damaged flying suit, will keep Starling City safe.

    • Christina Raab says:

      What if Barry going back in time changes things on Arrow?

  5. Alichat says:

    I found that finale somewhat disappointing. All this tease about the death of a major character in the finale, and it was just Ra’s?? Don’t get me wrong, I’m overjoyed that Ra’s is dead. He was the most boring character and this whole “take my place” crap was just driven into the ground. (Please…the horse is dead!) I was hoping Ra’s would die. But I was really thinking that things would go down this way……Ra’s calls and taunts Oliver to appear on the bridge. Someone dressed as Oliver appears, fight fight fight…..Ra’s is stabbed, and he says his ridiculous “just as the prophesy foretold” crap….and then Nyssa takes off the hood to reveal that she killed him. And she takes her place as head of the demon. Malcolm comes to help Thea take out the fourth guy…..cause I don’t remember anyone taking out the fourth guy…..and he somehow gets killed in the process. They have there moment of reconciliation or resolution. Then wrap it all up with the explosion at Palmer Tech, Diggle heading home, and Oliver & Felicity hitting the road. But now Malcolm is Ra’s? They replaced one arrogant windbag with another?

    • Riana says:

      They said major character, not regular. TV Producers are very careful with their words.

      • Alichat says:

        Yes, that’s true. They did not say series regular. But a series regular is a major character, so it still could and should have been Malcolm. Killing Ra’s and touting it as the major death was just anti-climactic. Everyone was expecting him to die. It’s the equivalent of expecting us to be surprised that Diggle is upset with Oliver.

        • steve says:

          So I’m assuming you guys don’t know much about comics. So I’ll dump it down. Merlin is not immortal…. Thanks to the Lazarus pits ras is pretty much. He will be back. And trust me the real ras is far more dangerous than Merlin. He would have been a character that just would not go away if he was not killed. They would not be able to just write him out with some bs. But the death will only be temporary.

          • Alichat says:

            Thanks, I knew the backstory for Ra’s in the comics. But the show is its own canon, not comic canon. The issue I have is that Ra’s death wasn’t a major death. It was expected. Not really that big of a deal. As for the psuedo-immortality of Ra’s, Guggenheim said that this death “will stick”, which sounds like he means that Ra’s is done and not coming back. Then again, he said in an interview last night that they’d love to figure out a way to bring Matt Noble back….so take that with a grain of salt. ;-)

    • Gail says:

      The major character who died may be Ray, Perhaps in the new series he is pulled out of time just at the moment he was to die. The same thing could have happened to Sara. Ray left all his money to Felicity last episode. She will probably give it to Oliver and so Queen Industries will be reborn as was shown on the Flash in the future.

      • kath says:

        I don’t want Felicity to just hand over the company to Oliver, none the least because at this point she’s had more experience running a company than he has.
        Let her keep the company; if Oliver marries her, it can be Queen Inc and still hers.

  6. Nicholas says:

    WOW that was an epic finale…although it felt like a a series finale it certainly showed that there is A LOT of story for season 4. Diggle in a suite, Damien Darhk, where in the world are Oliver and Felicity…I cant wait for season 4

  7. jrex says:

    I think we just saw the origin of a new super-powered Ray Palmer. Elsewhere how foolish is Oliver to entrust the “keys” to the League of Assassins to Malcom Merlyn?

    • B says:

      I’m guessing part of the bargain was to keep the League away from Team Arrow. I’m sure it will be a problem later on.

      • tyranthraxus says:

        Oliver is now at the point where he can wipe the floor with Malcolm. Im not sure he is so worried about them anymore, also at least in League’s eyes, Nyssa is still married to Oliver so he still has an in there and could be counted upon if Nyssa decides to escalate matters.

    • LC says:

      Nyssa should have been the new Ra’s. I actually can’t believe that didn’t happen. Poor Nyssa!

  8. Jake says:

    A HAPPY OLIVER…Yes this is one step closer to the Green Arrow!!! Great Finale

  9. zacqua10 says:

    What a disappointing finale to a disappointing season. I really hope next year is better.

    Anyone else think the flashbacks are moving to Russia next year?

    • Lysh says:

      I hope so! I miss Anatoli.

      • Ju says:

        I dont think so, ’cause the cargo ship that Oliver was boarding after saying goodbye to Tatsu was from Coast City, perhaps Ferris Airline is where Oliver learns to fly? Besides in the comics Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen were considered to be friends…

    • elena says:

      Exactly it was stupid finale .last year’s finale was so much better. This was crap in comparision to the season 2 finale.and meryln as Ra’s that is absolute madness.

    • lame says:

      The flashbacks are becoming annoyingly intrusive, like ingrown toe nails or intestinal gas pains. Less might be better.

      • B says:

        Or at least they could not tell us the info straight out in present day, so that seeing the flashbacks is completely pointless. I mean, Akio was clearly dead, and Maseo left afterward, but it might have been less annoying to watch if they hadn’t already told us exactly what happened episodes ago.

  10. Kevin says:

    My God Felicity in the Atom suit was the funniest thing in the world, I really enjoyed it. The restrained relationship between John and Oliver will definitely make for an interesting storyline in season 4

  11. aunni says:

    so worth it…yayy olicity

  12. That finale was like bad fanfic. I was appalled. What happened to this show? I think the writers don’t care about plotting long arcs that make sense, only about writing for Olicity… and writing it poorly too.

    • Drew says:

      I thought it was like fanfic too. Felicity in the ATOM suit was like a bad joke.

    • Christina says:

      OMG! I didn’t think like that and you are sooo right! It was like a fanfic!!

    • Ms Thing says:

      Totally agree! A bad fanfic at that!

    • Kevin says:

      It’s bad fanfic to tie up three seasons together nicely so we can now witness the next journey for Oliver? Oliver and Felicity had their happy scenes, why can’t that be allowed for the show? I am not a fan of too much romance and I never saw it on Arrow, I wish they had stayed together in episode 1 but then people would’ve complained that it was rushed. The show and writers did a superb job for both characters. Next season will just show them as a couple and not driven with heartache and emotional turmoil.

      • Drew says:

        Why would you set up five years worth of flashback material and then claim that the first three seasons were one bundled story? No, that doesn’t fly. This didn’t tie anything together or wrap anything up. It took a great series and removed everything that made it good.

        • Isobel says:

          I’m hoping ‘the Oliver in a relationship and learning who Oliver queen is’ is hopefully a move into more of a happier Oliver while the flashbacks focus on sad Oliver for next season and its just a good move into season four

          • Patty says:

            YES! It’s a move to a happier show and him being GA.

          • kath says:

            Present Day Oliver even marginally happy would be a nice change. He can still fight crime in Starling City and not have to be on anti-anxiety medication.

      • Diane says:

        I liked the romance part, and as much as I love Stephen Amell, i had a problem with how he acted it. Many times while talking to Felicity, he doesn’t even look her in the eyes. Same with this last episode. I get the love from Felicity, but I just don’t feel it from Oliver. There was one conversation where he was looking out over her head while professing deep feelings…it was disappointing to me.

    • Sam says:

      I really enjoyed it, especially after the ups and downs of this season. Oliver deserves to be happy and he wants that with Felicity. I don’t see anything wrong with that. He’s had so much heartbreak and death and angst, this is just one step closer to making him Green Arrow and Olicity is a big part of that on this show because she makes him happy and light. BRING IT.

      Also, this show hasn’t only been about writing for Olicity. LOL. This season has been about forcing Malcolm where he doesn’t belong. Blame him.

    • Chris says:

      Amen. Although I don’t think that’s fair to fanfic writers. Even the worst of the worst could have created something more coherent than that drivel that passed for a season finale.

    • Anne says:

      If it was Oliver and Laurel people will still complain. The ending was fine. Can’t wait for season 4.

    • Briggs says:

      I’ve read bad fanfic, That wasn’t it. But you are certainly welcome to your opinion.

    • MoshiMoshi says:

      Totally agree, that episode was hard to watch and not in a good way… Please let Barry’s time travel erase this awful season.

  13. Danielle says:

    Actually most of the Arrow fandom on tumblr knew about the sunset closer. Apparently, someone spoiled it awhile back because they were there during the filming saying that he saw Stephen in a Porsche driving into the sunset with a ‘blond’. That only means one person.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I’m not sure the point in sharing that, but… OK.

      • Nate Mayhew says:

        Maybe it had something to do with “OK, who in their office pool had “Oliver and Felicity ride off into the sunset, all Danny and Sandy-like, with nary a care in the world” as the ending for Arrow Season 3? [Crickets] Nobody? Yeah, me neither.”

        Ask a stupid question, followed by a snarky response when you get a stupid answer, get a snarky and equally stupid response from me. At least that’s what they say. ;)

  14. hello says:

    I really really hate Felicity at this point

    • Lysh says:

      …Because she saved Oliver from falling into a dam?

    • Shelley says:

      Well, I love her and all the characters, even those that make you hate them.. I liked Ray in this. I liked Malcolm. Ra’s is dead. It seems they left so many possibilities for stories in season 4. I’m happy too.

      • Lou says:

        Me too! I really love her. I actually like and enjoy all the characters (aside from Malcolm) so I’m always sad when anyone gets hate.

      • CJ says:

        Me too.. im not really a Laurel fan but even in the scene she had with her father, they gave katie something meaty to work with and her acting skills came through. I was impressed. overall, OG3 are my faves on the show, from the beginning and going forward. Call me biased but the original team is the reason i liked this show

      • Christina Raab says:

        Loved Felicity in the suit. No matter the logistics of size. The girl saved the hero! Love Olicity!

    • Sam says:

      That’s a shame because she’s AWESOME! Love love love her.

    • Paul says:

      Haters gonna hate, hate, hate.She just pulled a total Pepper Pots. Great surprise. Actually, now that I think about it, there are a lot of Pepper/Tony and Oliver/Felicity parallels, particularly as it looks like Felicity will be in control of Palmer Tech and it’s likely that will be made into Queens Inc (per the future newspaper in The Flash). Pretty damn happy about those parallels.

      • Lex says:

        Yay! Someone else noticed Felicity pulling a Pepper Potts! If it worked for the Iron Man suit, why not the ATOM suit (and I know the ATOM is the poor man’s Iron Man, but not the point). I love the parallels too, and I can use the word “Olicity,” but even I refuse to use the Tony/Pepper portmanteau ship name. Even if I love them.

    • lame says:

      Back off hello, you never had a chance with Ollie

  15. GraceM says:

    I thought we were supposed to find out more about Oliver’s ex-girlfriend/mother of his unknown child this season? That’s what we were told back in November when we had the first Arrow/Flash crossover.

    Ever since then I’ve been waiting for that to happen.

  16. Matty Si. says:

    So Ray dies? How is this whole Legends of Tomorrow show going to work?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Obvi he doesn’t die but (I am guessing) is saved by miniaturization-capable nanites that reconstitute major portions of his damaged bod. Ergo, a legit Atom.

      • herman1959 says:

        Plus, evidently, every time there’s a big explosion on these shows (The Flash and Arrow) some one comes out of it with more superpowers.

      • Matty Si. says:

        Long time reader here so I appreciate the reply to my comment. Big fan!!

      • lame says:

        It’s the same technology Felicity used to shrink the flying suit to her size. Only Ray will be a microscopic version with strong odor of a bag of charcoal.

    • CK says:

      If he’s truly dead*, then maybe Rip Hunter uses his powers to pull these guys together right before the moment of their death, which would mean that Garber’s character, and Captain Cold may bite the bullet next week and explain why Sara wasn’t resurrected.

  17. Drew says:

    So glad that season 3 is over. I am just not sure that they will be able to undo the damage next year.
    About a year ago, I said that if they pushed the Olicity thing, it would ruin the team dynamic. Diggle would become a third wheel and the chemistry that made Oliver and Felicity work as teammates would be gone. I was right about that. And I’m not talking about the Lyla drama that Diggle will get over. I am talking about the fact that everything that worked about the show was torn apart by poor writing this year. The writers wanted to go bigger and twistier, and it resulted in a story that just felt false. The decisions that characters made were nonsense. Plot twists had nonsensical resolutions. Oliver lost more fights than he won and looked stupid. Felicity and Lance were destroyed as characters. Ra’s was… Pathetic. I hope the writers acknowledge what went wrong and work to fix it, and don’t do the normal “it was great! Let’s go bigger!” BS that writers tend to do when they don’t want to see their weaknesses.
    They failed this season.
    But it wasn’t a complete loss. The Speedy reveal was awesome. Willa totally pulls that off. And Laurel’s arc was pretty well done, until they fast forwarded her progress.
    Ted is a good new character that I would like to see again. Same with Tatsu. She is awesome. Maseo was cool too, until the last few episodes.
    I sincerely hope that next season gets back on track. But if they stay on the current path, I don’t know if it will be worth watching. And this is a huge thing. Arrow was my favorite show on TV until this season. I used to look forward to it every week.

    • Shelley says:

      @ Drew. There are a lot of what you’ve itemized that I agree with. I’m glad this season is over. There are great possibilities for next year. There a lot of open ends for amything to happen. I, for one, am glad that Oliver is happy finally. I’ve mentioned this in another post that everything that Oliver has had to endure this year, he deserves happiness. Arrow was hard to watch this season. However, the Green Arrow had lots of humor in the comics. That’s what I missed this season. I’m going to enjoy the happy high for the summer hiatus. Because, we all know that bubble will burst first thing season 4.

      • Drew says:

        The happiness wasn’t earned. That’s the thing… Whether you are talking about a shocking death, or a romance plotline or whatever, it means nothing if it isn’t honest and natural.
        I don’t need this show to be light and fun like the comic book character. The Flash is light and fun. This show is supposed to be taken more seriously. If there is lightness, it needs to make sense. Nothing here made sense, so the whole season was hard to watch, just because the writing went so far down hill.
        I am so bummed by this season.

        • lame says:

          Name one thing in this entire season that is naturally honest. It’s an acted out version of a comic book.

          • Drew says:

            People who shrug and say “It’s a comic book” are missing the point. It’s not a comic book, it’s a TV series. It’s an adaptation that asked us to take it seriously when it premiered. We did. Their job is to make us believe in this superhero story and that means telling as honest a story as possible. They failed at that.
            And since when can’t comic books be taken seriously? There are plenty of great stories in comic books.

    • Kevin says:

      How did Olicity ruin the dynamic between Oliver and Diggle???? If you recall Diggle was the one who pushed Oliver to be with Felicity. It was Olivers desire to protect the team at his own risk that created this rift.

      Next season has more team arrow…HIVE, Damien Darhk, Felicity’s evil dad, so trust that Team Arrow will be the center of it. What I need Arrow to stop doing is creating new heroes like its discounted Tuesday at the theatre…that is what ruined Arrow this season in my opinion.

      • Drew says:

        Diggle was sidelined all year long. He might as well have left the team when Sara was born, because they did nothing with him all season.
        Yet Olicity got way too much screen time. The show was practically 90210 in tights by the end.
        With Oliver and Felicity as a couple, Diggle can’t possibly be on equal footing anymore, the same way Oliver and Felicity aren’t a part of Diggle and Lyla’s team. The difference being that the trio was the core of the series. They just tore that down.

        • Nicholas says:

          Diggle was sidelined because of LAUREL and ROY that were out on the field way more than he was…this had nothing to do with Olicity.

          • Drew says:

            But it did. They used Laurel and Roy too much. That’s true. But even when Diggle was there, he was no longer on the same footing as Oliver and Felicity. You can’t take 2/3 of the show’s core and put them in their own little bubble and then pretend that the remaining 1/3 is still an equally vital part of that equation. Diggle wasn’t in that convertible at the end. He is not a part of their team or their family unit anymore, because they turned that family unit into (potentially) an actual family. Just like Felicity and Diggle can’t be a part of the Oliver/Thea family… There is a wall up around Oliver and Felicity now.
            Imagine Buffy, Willow and Xander… could that have remained the same if Buffy and Xander were an item? It’s a delicate balance for a TV show. Team Arrow had that balance, even with all of the other characters in their lives, the core of the series was those three people. But now it’s not. It’s those two people. Diggle doesn’t need to be there anymore.

        • pfruit says:

          I agree with Kevin. Oliver & felicity while not dating have been a couple all season( a miserable couple) but a couple none the less because her relationship with ray was a joke. In the end when Oliver wasn’t around everyone still looked to Diggle as his second to make the big decisions. That was evident in last nights episode when Malcolm was handing out orders and everyone just stood there until Diggle told them to do as he says. beyond that they may have made a point to say that he would be in the field less but from season 1 diggle has only ever gone out in the field when it was absoluty necessary and usually for recon. so this season wasn’t that different than the rest.

          Also I can handle an intense Oliver but his brooding all season was way worse than felicity’s crying or laurels whinning. This seasons whole point was mainly to show Olivers growth. In the flashbacks after the virus was released he decided to isolate himself and be alone which was a parallel to him deciding to trust his family and try to be happy with felicity.

          In all honesty this is a CW show so relationship drama is a given but I rather deal with him being with Felicity than trying to stick to the comic book when he hooked up with Laurel’s sister not once but twice. That’s gross!

          In s4 I want to see Oliver be the green arrow, hold down a job, and be in a healthy relationship. That would show some real character evolution.

        • kath says:

          Diggle was sidelined so that Laurel could be the one going out in the field with Oliver and Roy. It was one of the most ridiculous parts of the season, that Diggle was running comms or being back-up while Laurel and Roy or Laurel and Oliver were out fighting.
          Don’t forgot last season there were a ton of complaints that Diggle and Felicity were sidelined while the show became the Oliver&Sara Hour.
          I think that the strength of this show is the core of Oliver/Diggle/Felicity. But while it is based on a comic book, another of its strength is that the characters are allowed to develop and grow. Oliver’s relationship with Diggle has changed but it’s nothing to do with Olicity, it’s about how Oliver and Diggle have grown as characters.
          We’ll see what happens next season. But I’ve always thought that the easiest way to give Oliver a relationship and keep it from becoming a soap opera is to put him with Felicity because unless there is artificial angst thrown at them, they would be the couple least likely to take away from the other parts of the show because they would fit together most easily, unlike all the work and time on them they would have to do to put Oliver with Laurel or Helena.

    • Kate says:

      I don’t think making Olicity happen ruined the core dynamic. IGNORING the core dynamic to make way for Laurel this season is what affected the show. There were episodes earlier this season when Felicity was with Ray and Diggle was sidelined because of a damn baby and apparently they forgot that he’s a trained soldier and Laurel had to go out in the field instead. Please stop blaming Olicity for other shortcomings. Not saying the way they handled Olicity this season has been perfect because it hasn’t, they could have improved a lot of things, but there were so many more problems on this show and a lot of them had to do with the fact that they forgot what worked in favor of pushing someone/something that clearly doesn’t.

      • Drew says:

        But Laurel isn’t responsible for the chemistry of the team being off. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity were the core of the series. They were three parts of the whole. Taking two thirds of the team and starting a new team with them at the center (a relationship) throws that core dynamic off balance. That part has nothing to do with Laurel.

        • Kate says:

          She’s partly responsible because they shifted focus off the core trio and put focus on Laurel’s origin story as BC and how she fit into the team. So instead of those classic season 2 episodes with Diggle/Felicity and Oliver, we had to fit Laurel in because she’s now in on Oliver’s secret.
          Also I honestly don’t think making Olicity a couple would throw the team off. I think now that they’re together, they’ll just go back to normal. Keeping them apart was a problem, I admit, but now that they’ve got that angst crap out of the way, I think it’ll be fine. Except now Diggle is on the outs with Oliver so sigh. It’ll be tough. But I have hope they’ll get back to it. Those three are the best part of the show. The reason I watch.

          • Drew says:

            In season 2, we had Roy and Sara on the team. That didn’t change the core chemistry, just like Laurel isn’t responsible for changing the core chemistry.

          • Kate says:

            Response to Drew from below: Roy and Sara on the team in Season 2 didn’t change the core trio chemistry because Sara was already trained. They didn’t spend time forcing her in the team or spend time on her origin story. She just fitted in. Roy was barely there anyway. Although I will argue that Diggle and Felicity were sidelined for a huge chunk of season 2 post episode 10 until around episode 18, to make way for Laurel and Sara Lance family stuff. Sorry but it’s true.

          • Drew says:

            Again, you’re talking plotline, not chemistry. Yes, Diggle and Felicity could be sidelined for episodes, but they remained at the core of the series as a whole. This isn’t about minutes on screen. This is something far more basic to the creation of the series.
            Adding characters who take up screen time doesn’t matter to the core of the series itself. However, messing with the dynamic of the three characters who held the series up is where things are thrown off balance.

        • kath says:

          Diggle isn’t side-lined for good. The producers know that the core of the show is the Olver/Diggle/Felicity team. Just look at how the May sweeps always goes back to focussing heavily on them.

          This season, Felicity got sidelined into the Ray Palmer story while Diggle stayed with Oliver. In the fall, Diggle was all Team Oliver with no sympathy for Felicity’s feeling that Oliver has want to be with her. In the Nanda Parbat episode, Felicity got shoved out of the lair twice so that Diggle could talk to Oliver alone and then the men went to rescue Malcolm while Felicity ended up in Ray’s bed.

          The writers will mine the Diggle/Oliver conflict for the drama for a few episodes, which will give you some nice O/D scenes, and by Christmas they’ll be buddies again. Don’t worry.

          • Drew says:

            You’re talking about the plotlines. I’m talking about the balance of the team and the chemistry of the characters. Felicity was away from the team with her own story for most of the season, but she and Oliver still revolved around each other. I’m not talking about them being buddies. There is a reason why it’s called “chemistry”. It’s a specific blend that brings something to life on the series. When you start messing with that chemistry and pouring in a little bit more of one thing because you think it will only make the mixture work better as a whole, you really just throw the balanced blend out of balance. The writers took the balanced relationship of those three characters and decided to add more romance between Oliver and Felicity because it would make the fangirls swoon. By adding more of that element, they increase the Oliver/Felicity ratio while keeping the Diggle content the same… which means that his role in the creation is diluted. Instead of being 1/3 of that chemistry, he is now less than that. There is no amount of bonding with Oliver that they can write in to fix that. This isn’t about the storylines, it’s about the foundation of the entire series.

        • Lucy says:

          I completely agree. How is Laurel to blame for any of this? The writing for Laurel this season was actually the strongest its been since the series started. If you’re going to blame Laurel for taking attention away from the main plot, then you may as well also blame Ray (a character I never cared for), Thea, Malcolm (for trying to build their relationship) and Det. Lance (remember his dragged out vendetta against Oliver). The fact of the matter is, the dynamic of the core three, the dynamic that made me fall in love with the show in the first place, is no longer the same, and I do think that the focus on Olicity is partially to blame. The other part is I just don’t think the writing this season was as strong as its been in past years. Also, I used to love Felicity. She was the definition of a female character that didn’t need physical strength to be strong and brave and by the end of today’s episode, I barely recognized her.The fact that she had to be reminded that saving the lives of innocent people in the city instead of focusing on Oliver was baffling to me. The only thing that makes me happy about Olicity being together is now we don’t have to hear her cry talk her way through ever single episode anymore.

          • Liz says:

            I don’t think Laurel is to blame. I also don’t think Olicity is to blame either. I think the writing has been problematic for everyone this season. I’d actually blame Malcolm over anyone. Trying to fit him into the show has made everyone act weird this season.

          • B says:

            The writing has been subpar this season across the board. I don’t think any single character or plot is to blame. The season was very inconsistent (as someone pointed out last week, look at how the succession to Ra’s changed repeatedly throughout the season). They just need to tighten up, stop trying to shoehorn in new team members every other week, and get back on track.

          • pfruit says:

            my issue wasn’t the writing so much as the editing. At what point did oliver go to help flash? was it when he first returned to starling to go get Nyssa? Also there was an episode 2 weeks ago when Diggle called laurel felicity? little stuff like that drives me nutz

        • Lex says:

          The chemistry was off because Felicity was shoved over to Palmer Technologies so Ray could be seen as the hero of a future spin-off, Oliver was killed (in part) so Laurel could put on a mask and pretend she’s her sister, and Diggle was benched because (again) we had to watch Laurel get her ass kicked. The entire trio was off to make room in the Arrow Cave for Laurel, even though up until after The Climb she had never even shown Diggle or Felicity respect as anything other than Oliver’s employees – she never was big on the whole “basic courtesy” thing. Oliver’s gone, and poof! Diggle and Felicity are the official Laurel cheering section, even if she’s never made any effort to apologize for her complete dismissal.

          And there was a relationship between Oliver/Felicity from the start, even if it was just her embarrassing crush and his amused tolerance. One of the best dynamics between Oliver/Diggle/Felicity is when it plays of the flirting/sexual tension between Oliver and Felicity. Diggle’s kind of the straight man; Felicity makes an innuendo, Oliver responds to it, Diggle smirks at the two idiots who should just give up and start making out. Their being in an actual relationship doesn’t change that.

  18. Jose says:

    Am I the only one thinking that Oliver killed Ra`s ways too easily? 10 episodes ago oliver couldn’t even land one hit and now he just beat him in 2 seconds? i get that he trained with him for 3 weeks but the guy is hundreds of years old…. how do you catch up to that level in weeks?

    • herman1959 says:


    • Ginger says:

      I didn’t remember the exact amount of weeks, but Oliver didn’t come in to this training as someone like Ray or Laurel. He was already a warrior who almost beat Ra’s once before. Then Ra’s put everything he had into Oliver, as he was an ally not a threat – so he thought. All of that combined with Felicity’s words and hope, is enough to give a superhero the edge he lacked the first time. At least that’s what I saw. Ra’s ego was always going to get him. Plus, he wanted out. He wanted Oliver to take over for him. At any cost.

    • B says:

      I don’t think that we’re supposed to assume one week of our time necessarily equals one week within the show. Unless the time was stated at some point and I missed it?

  19. James D says:

    I’m really sorry but that sucked. all I can say is I hope the writers regroup and bring back the magic that made this show so fun to watch. It was cool to see Speedy suit up, and it was cool to see the Atom actually become the Atom and not an Iron Man clone. other than that I could care less about any of it. It makes me hurt to be so negative about this show, and this is only my opinion but this show took a serious hit during this season and considering how strong AOS has been and the plethora of Comic shows coming up Arrow needs to step up its game next season or it will fall off my must watch list.

    • Joe says:

      Agreed… The fight between ra’s and Ollie was absurd…suddenly he can beat Ra’s in seconds when previously he couldn’t even scratch him…Only thing worse is making the man who killed Sara (by using his own daughter as a weapon) the new Ra’s…what a mess a once awesome show has become!!!

      • James D says:

        Yeah Joe I’m totally with you… I can’t even talk about making Merilyn Ra’s Al Ghul what where they thinking. It is a complete injustice to the Character of Ra’s, the fight with Ollie only made it worse for both characters in my opinion. I won’t even mention how thoroughly they’ve butchered Black Canary and Laurel. Like I said in my OP i really hate badmouthing this show but seriously they dropped the ball this season.

      • Paul says:

        I think it worked because Oliver not only had something to fight for – a reason to live – but because he was better prepared this time. In 3×09 he went into the fight way underprepared. SInce then he had trained with Malcolm and also Ra’s so he knew his moves now. Plus Ra’s was losing it. They said the lazarus pit wasn’t working on him as much so I think he was getting weak.

        • pfruit says:

          I agree. I think where the show failed was in not spending as much time showing oliver training with ras’ and the league as they did of him recouping when Ras stabbed him. We needed more time watching the so called brain washing & more time seeing him fight with a sword.

  20. kate says:

    I liked it. I know they wanted it to seem like a series finale but they are treating the first three seasons as a trilogy (it is based on a comic book) and the next is when they have to ride in to rescue probably looking more like the Green Arrow and my guess a variation of Oracle. Though I could see them getting bored and start chasing Hive and that is what brings them back.

  21. Ellie says:

    Fun season finale with quite a few surprises. I really enjoyed season 3 as a whole but I’m a sucker for a well told hero story. Oliver’s journey to reclaim his identity was a rollercoaster ride right from “a man cannot live by two names” in the premiere. I thought Hong Kong was a refreshing break from fighting nameless bad guys on the Island. Tatsu and Maeso were great characters and I loved how their story mirrored Oliver’s and Felicity’s. I enjoyed Nanda Pabat this year too. Matt Nable was able to convince me he’s like 200 years old. Glad to see Ras go however. As always Oliver, Diggle and Felicity are the reason I tune in every week and I can’t wait to see where there relationships go next season. Overall, great season imo

  22. Dewsterling says:

    Considering anyone who has ever watched a TV show, seen a movie, or read a book or script surely saw that episode coming from a veritable mile away, it’s disingenuous to say that “no one saw it coming”. One would have to have been either blind or interacting with media for the first time ever.

    From the moment Sara died/Malcolm Merlyn returned and set Oliver up to challenge Ra’s, surely everyone knew that the intention of the writers was to manoeuvre him as head of the LoA.

    In as much as Oliver has been playing the “I love you, but I can’t be with you” card since season 1, the writing was on the wall that he was going to pretend to quit the vigilantism business and literally drive off into the sunset with Felicity. What’s ridiculous is that he and Felicity are now adulterers while they do it.

    • Sol says:

      Adulterers?! That marriage isn’t even real, is it? I totally didn’t think it was real. Yikes.

    • Amanda says:

      Yeah, I don’t think the Nanda Parbat “marriage” by that chanting lady was legit.

    • Nicholas says:

      I guess you also missed the part where Felicity says at the end “Preferably a place where we can get the Nanda Parbat marriage annulled” even though it was a sham marriage, Felicity wasn’t going to just ride in to the sunset with a married man.

    • Lex says:

      Yes. Let us go stone the adulterers, and their Porsche!

  23. Ms Thing says:

    If Felicity can fly in the A.T.O.M. Suit, then, I can totally but Laurel kicking a$$ as Black Canary.

    • kath says:

      Felicity helped build the ATOM suit. All t hat’s required to fly it is the tech, which she’s expert at.

      • Lou says:

        Yes! I was kinda annoyed that Ray was getting all the credit when she essentially made it work. I was upset that Felicity basically propped Ray’s journey to hero this season but her getting the save the day in the finale made up for that. I’m a very happy Felicity fan.

  24. Yesterday says:

    Well… That was season 3. And now it’s over. And I’m glad. At this the enc of the season I’m left with only one question. What is the point of this series? All season they’ve done only one thing (besides push Olicity), and thats take the superhero out of the superhero show. And for what? Honestly I find it hard to like or even understand Oliver.

  25. Dj says:

    There were some really great things about this season Malcolm, Thea,Nyssa and Katana. But overall this was the worst season yet. Digs taking a back seat and staying behind so Laurel could go out and fight instead of him, Felicity constant weekly sanctimonious speeches. Ra’s being an underwhelming villain. Really bad writing, but at least it set up interesting plots for next season.

  26. anna says:

    “The thick of it” has a word for this season of Arrow. Seriously, felicity in the atom suit…… (hangs head in shame/horror)
    I am just hoping the dc people take back artistic control asap.

  27. Dean Buckley says:

    He lost the Arrow identity because Roy confessed to being the Arrow and then faked his own death. As far as the world at large is concerned, the Arrow is dead.

    • BrianR says:

      So he can be Al Sahim and keep the cool league outfit and be the dark arrow instead or the black arrow or ……………………

  28. herman1959 says:

    Well, they fooled me again – I really thought that Oliver was going to get on the ship (in the flashbacks) and go home this time. But no, he didn’t “feel like it”…what?

    • Kevin says:

      He’s going to Russia.

    • Drew says:

      How many plot points this season amounted to a shrug and “because we say so”?
      Oliver didn’t go home, why?
      Oliver wasn’t killed on that cliff, why?
      Oliver killed Ra’s, how?
      How come the team wasn’t killed by the virus in that dungeon?

      • kath says:

        To answer the last point, Malcolm explained that he secretly innoculated the others in the dungeon through some sort of skin to skin way. Yeah, it’s a comic book show but at least they tried to account for it.

        • Drew says:

          Yeah, they McGuffined their way out of that the same way they threw in cheap reasons for everything else. But the explanations were afterthoughts. They wanted shocking twists and drama, and they didn’t care about story.
          A cheap excuse doesn’t make a good explanation.

          • Lame says:

            I’ll agree with you to a point, this isn’t ” the grapes of wrath”, the Lazaris Pit, more than proves that point. There are times as in all comics where suspending reality lends to the enjoyment.

    • CJ says:

      lol no idea what that was about too… and isn’t coast city in california or was i reading the ship wrong?

  29. kath says:

    Lots of good stuff (Oliver and Diggle’s relationship, Malcolm’s price for helping, Thea’s new outfit), some not so good (Oliver is still married to Nyssa).

    When Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisburg and Marc Guggenheim (along with Jake Coburn) all write together, the show is great. When they’re split up working on different shows, all the shows suffer.

    Annoying: this is the third finale where Felicity and Diggle (s1) have had to tell Oliver they support him and he’s not alone and he can win the fight. It’s a lesson Oliver has already learned once this season and the finales of s1 and s2. When is it finally going to stick?

  30. Sam says:

    I don’t care if it made no sense, Felicity flying the ATOM suit was PERFECT. It wouldn’t even work if not for her so…yeah. I loved loved loved that moment. She’s kickass! Love her.

  31. keenen says:

    I can’t believe the show I loved so much this year left me feeling bored. I am glad for the fans that watch for the love story,but for fans like me that watch for the action, superhero aspect it has been an underwhelming season. The whole “Demon” storyline was boring, and to me the heart of the show has always been Oliver and Diggle, not Oliver, Felicity and Diggle. The circle of people has gotten too wide. I was way more interested in Olilver and the Huntress, or even the police officer, with Felicity as a good friend and member of the team.

    I found the Barry scenes to be annoying. It always fails when they try to have him throw out “quips.” I also thought Oliver and Felicity could have been a little more considerate about flaunting their happiness in front of Ray. Making Nyssa bow to Malcolm was a little much.

    I have to confess i have fast forwarded a lot of this year, and have always fast forwarded the flashbacks.

    I long for the Oliver of the first season. I don’t need my superheros to have tons of emotional growth, I need them to go out and take care of criminals!

    I really don’t care about Laurel, her father, Roy or Thea.

    • Lame says:

      Groot has to be your ideal hero.

    • Lex says:

      I just want to say thank you for not going straight to the “shippers ruin everything!” line that so many people use when the show isn’t exactly what they want. The show is about Oliver’s growth as he becomes a hero, and that includes more than just action sequences. And I do feel you on this being boring in terms of overall story — I would have thought it impossible to have a character like Ra’s al Ghul and completely misusing him – bad casting and bad writing end up being a waste of an awesome character. I argue the same thing could be said about Laurel, though these last few episodes having her with Nyssa and bonding over Sara made me like Laurel more than I ever have before, but that’s still not saying much.

      I’m mostly in it for the character relationships (not just the “ship” ships), but I agree on the action/overarching plot season 3 was a hot mess – the episodes were uneven, stories were poorly paced, I think they went about transitioning Laurel into the Black Canary, was a terrible, boneheaded move. One thing that did occur to me on the action side – it will be (or at least should be) a long time before Laurel even begins to be capable of doing the tandem fighting we saw in season 2 with Oliver. And I think that’s the kicker – as an early season in a TV show’s total run, season 2 was pretty close to perfect.

      And don’t count out Nyssa now – you know there’s going to be some conflict stirred up with Malcolm being the head of the League, so it ain’t over until it’s over.

  32. Adrian says:

    Did anybody noticed the “coast city” boat when Oliver says goodbye to Tatsu? They also mentioned the disappearance of a pilot in last nights the flash…. Is green lantern coming to the cw??

    Anyway I thought the finale was good and I can’t wait to see what will happen in season 4!

  33. Abby says:

    My explanation to the “happy” ending… It’s all a dream. Oliver fell over the side of the dam and hit the water to be washed up somewhere having dreamed the rest of it. That’s my prediction for the Season 4 opener.

  34. stephanyteatai says:

    Haven’t seen it yet and despite the summary of it, I still look forward to watching it. Thanks :)

  35. Gordon Rick says:

    Let me see. Season 1 ends with mad billionaire with earthquake generator attacking Starling City. Season 2 ends with roided up criminals attacking Starling City. Season 3 ends with assasins with a bioweapon attacking Starling City. Can anyone come up with a different ending for Season 4 other than “Starling City gets attacked by????”

  36. Mary says:

    It can’t measure up to season 2. I love the show, suffice it to say there were times when I was going to Chuck it. Hope next season is a better storyline. Love the characters.

  37. Laura says:

    Did any one else notice Oliver said, “…my father thinks I am,” not “thought?”

  38. Kate says:

    Good season finale. Not the best but solid considering this season was kind of a mess. I hope we get back to what works next year – Diggle/Felicity/Oliver as the core of the show. When they’re out of sync, the whole show is out of sync. Enough with focusing on the origin stories of others. I’m not here for Laurel or Ray’s origins. This is ARROW. Get back to it.

  39. Chris says:

    God that was lame…I didn’t think this show could get any worse but surprise…we’ve reached a new low. Between S3’s headache inducing flashbacks, suddenly one dimensional characters and vomit inducing romance writing, I think I’ve reached my end. At this point there’s nothing about season four to look forward to.

  40. Jen says:

    My bet is Ray set up the explosion so he could disappear, and the papers he had Felicity sign transferred ownership of the company to her. That frees him up for the new show and hidden identity, while bringing Felicity and Oliver back to town. Just a theory.

    • pfruit says:

      totally agree! She has to rebuild the company as new owner maybe give Oliver a job. Make it Queen consolidated again. There is no way that Felicity finds out the company got blown up with all those people jobs at stake and doesn’t go back to handle it esp with it being originally olivers familys company.

  41. April says:

    I’m thinking that this finale was a set-up to re-tool the series. No more Arrow (since everyone thinks the arrow is dead) so now it paves the way for Green Arrow to arrive on the scene. A lighter version of Oliver. A new baddie can be introduced. New set of flashback. New ATOM as a metahuman not a suit. And Diggle as a new vigilante. I wouldn’t call it the best season finale. But I understand why there were no major cliffhanger with Oliver. Sets up a clean slate for season 4

    • Lou says:

      I agree. They put the hood and Arrow to rest. They set up everyone’s heroic origins. They’ve alluded to Diggle getting a costume. Oliver is finally happy and settled in a relationship. Now it paves the way for new things.

      • B says:

        This is why I think season four could be really good despite this season being not as stellar. If they do it right, a reboot could be what was needed.

        • Kate says:

          This season was like filler. It got stuff out of the way. It got Felicity and Oliver angst out of the way (although they’ll likely have more with baby mama drama coming but I think they’ll work it out together instead of being apart now). We got Ray and Laurel’s origin to costume heroes. We got hints about family and H.I.V.E. It was all painful but necessary I guess. I can live with that.

    • Isobel says:

      All good ideas I agree that’s what season 4 should do

  42. Joey Padron says:

    Good season finale. Glad Ra’s Al Gul is dead. Interesting Malcolm is now new Ra’s & owns The League. Cool to see Thea in Red Arrow suit. Sad what happened to Ray at end. I guess he’ll be alive & okay in the past in Legends of Tomorrow. Glad Oliver & Felicity are going on road trip. Guess they’ll be back home in a few months later in season 4.

  43. Lou says:

    Felicity’s face after she saved Oliver was the cutest cupcake face ever omg! She’s so precious. I’m sad she got some hate this season but I still love her. I think keeping her at odds with Oliver most of the season really did her zero favors so fingers crossed she’ll be back to her wonderful self next season. I know some people don’t like Olicity, that’s fair, but I’m constantly in awe of their chemistry together. (Please don’t hate on me, it’s just my opinion!) I think they could be great and I’m glad that they’re finally together because forcing them apart has been painful to watch. Here’s hoping for a better season 4.

  44. Jewell says:

    So with Malcolm as the new Ra’s, does that make Thea Heir to the Demon?

    • herman1959 says:


    • LK says:

      Ras isnt a title… its a man’s name… that whole storyline didnt make sense.. plus how can Ras die? He’s immortal..

      • AnnieM says:

        Not without a dunk in the Pit. He’d just stay dead.

      • shutuprob says:

        Let me put it this way: Ra’s isn’t Wolverine-level immortal — there’s nothing inherent in his physical form that makes him immortal. It’s the Lazarus Pit itself that is his healing factor. Thus, he’s like any other human when he gets stabbed or otherwise mortally wounded — he dies. He only comes back if he’s ever dunked in the Lazarus Pit again. And *that’s* assuming that Malcolm and Nyssa don’t agree on one thing, the *smart* thing — which is to have him cremated.

  45. anon says:

    So that ending has to mean FLASHPOINT is happening next Tuesday and everything is going to be reset for next season right

    that explains how they will fix any continuity errors for the 4 Arrow verse shows airing next season

  46. CJ says:

    yeesh so many negative nellies about Olicity here… she’s FELICITY! Overall supergenious/hacker kickass techie shero and friend – how could he not fall for a woman who always tells him about himself and slaps the wake-up into him? she always knows what to say, whether she be a friend or love interest. I agree, this season was a little all over the place but you can’t knock the EPs giving Oliver something to be happy about to take him to the next level – he’s always BROODY! but hey, not everyone can be happy with his love choice but i sincerely doubt “Olicity” was the main problem with the season. yes, it was there, but they had things to deal with also, he didn’t stop fighting crime to get it on with her – he gave her up to do that. anyway, something was off this season but it don’t think it was because the producers gave into something that brought ratings up higher than all seasons. All about the fanbase – low ratings = chopping block

    • Ashley says:

      Yeah, I agree. Haters like to blame Olicity and pretend like there wasn’t tons of other issues going on that had nothing to do with them. The Ra’s storyline could have been executed better, there were structural/format issues, people also didn’t like the show being used as a launcher for spin-offs, too many suits messing up beloved dynamics, etc. Also…the tone was SO dark. Everyone suffered the WHOLE season. People need to remember that that’s a big thing that affected this season. They have said they’ll go back to a lighter tone in Season 4, though. A balance. So that’s good news.

      • CJ says:

        i sure hope they do. emotions where so crazed this season, it was practically draining. the Ra’s storyline couldve been better b/c i wasn’t expecting him to ask Oliver to be his successor… i was like HUH? didnt make sense to me. i also felt like there were too many cooks in the kitchen at one point. I guess we see if off b/c Oliver was not around to shell out responsibility – i’m very used to hearing him tell others what to do. After he “died”, it was Digg, then Laurel, then Felicity, then Roy started to do this own thing, then Malcolm popped in from his dark corner in the foundry, then back to Oliver…. and then they lose him all over again… all over the place. i just hope season 4 gets back to the team dynamic of OG3.

    • Liz says:

      Agreed. I thought Olicity was fabulous in this episode. I thoroughly enjoy their relationship. She’s his guiding light and I love who he is around her. He softens, he becomes something relatable. The relief I felt watching Oliver finally be happy was such a wonderful change. It was so great seeing him smile and Felicity is the reason. I’m very happy because I’m a big Oliver Queen fan and this is all I’ve wanted. Him to be content. At long last.

    • Coz it makes Oliver look like a dumbass remember in s1 b4 Felicity when he was smart i miss that

      • Lame says:

        You lose your edge when someone rams 24 of a 36 inch blade through your chest. Kinda distracts you from your original goals.

  47. Ann says:

    That episode felt more like a series finale to me…strange, because it’s been renewed hasn’t it?

  48. Ashley says:

    I loved the finale, really loved it! Oliver Queen finally being able to be at peace (temporarily, we all know he’ll be back) is everything.I loved Olicity finally being happy together, and Felicity was the queen! Her using the suit to save Oliver was a stroke of genius on the writers’ part!
    The season overall, however, had structural issues. They need to go back to something closer to the Season 2 format for the episodes, but I get that the show has to evolve as the story expands. They are creating their own JL with all these shows. I just think the Ra’s story line had a lot of holes. But I’m looking forward to Damien Darhk (hopefully he’s Felicity’s father), HIVE and Diggle’s sl with that, Oliver in Russia fbs next season, and Olicity of course.

    • Liz says:

      I just said a similar thing below. Seeing Oliver content and happy was so satisfying to me as an Oliver Queen fan. I’ve been rooting for his happiness, even more so this season. He deserves it after the years of pain he’s endured. I’m thrilled with this finale. The season did have its problems and was depressing and messy as a whole but Oliver’s journey was a good one. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they make things work in Season 4.

  49. javadude54 says:

    Felicity learned how to fly the ATOM suit by reading the manual. Didn’t you see the specs for it all over those computer monitors?

  50. A says:

    I LOVED IT! The series can end now and I’d be fine