The Voice Season 8 Semifinal Results Recap: Four Score!

Better to be struck down one week short of The Voice performance finale than to never make the semifinals at all? That was the question facing the Season 8 Top 5 as they learned which three of ’em would serve as ladies- and/or lords-in-waiting at Sawyer Fredericks’ upcoming May 19 coronation ceremony. (Oh, let’s not feign shock, folks, the kid’s win is as inevitable as Adam Levine purchasing another $500 pre-weathered t-shirt before summer’s end.)

Still, despite the absence of suspense surrounding the identity of the successor to Craig Wayne Boyd’s crown and sash, Carson Daly managed to throw a few twists our way — enacting a “safe,” “safe,” “in jeopardy,” “safe,” “in jeopardy” announcement order instead of the typical “save the bad news for last” episode structure. (Sorry, folks, I tried to make that sound exciting!)

Anyway — I’ve got American Idol‘s Season 14 performance finale to recap in about 13 seconds — so I’m gonna cut right to the chase!

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Team Pharrell: Sawyer Fredericks
Team Blake: Meghan Linsey
Team Adam: Joshua Davis (oh good grief!)

Singoff for the Twitter Save
Team Xtina: India Carney — Kelly Clarkson’s “Dark Side” — Grade: C- (yikes — what happened!? And do you think Xtina regrets not pushing for Kimberly Nichole to win last week’s Save?)
Team Pharrell: Koryn Hawthorne — Beyoncé’s “If I Were a Boy” — Grade: B+

Naturally, I did what I could with only 140 characters, as evidenced below:

For once, it was not all in vain.

Saved: Koryn Hawthorne (#JEAH)
Eliminated: India Carney

OK, your turn. What did you think of the Season 8 semifinal results? Did America get it right with the Bottom 2? Was the right artist saved? If not, what would you have done differently? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Gina B says:

    Ansel Elgort tried to fix the vote again by saying he’d follow anyone who tweeted #VoiceSaveIndia, but he was too late this time!

      • Terry says:

        Doesn’t matter. Sawyer has this in the bag. He has since day one. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a contestant so completely run away with the competition from the very beginning like Sawyer has. And I ain’t even mad.

        • Susanna Kingston says:

          I agree with you totally, BUT, even Pharrell doesn’t really want him to win. He wants Koryn, and for the life of me, I don’t know why. Not enjoying her performances, and she is not nearly as good as they are saying. India blew hot and cold, but she seems like a nice girl. Hope Meghan doesn’t take it, as she is just too professional already, and shouldn’t have been on this particular show. Blake could have helped her behind the scenes. She’s very good, but, not appealing to me. Josh sings very well for a bar setting, but an entire concert of his folk songs might not go over well. We shall see.

          • Enlightenment says:

            Could it really be that? Sawyer has a really strong and huge fan base, Koryn not so much. Pharrell, appears to help her more. Sawyer will win, and Pharrell knows this, as everyone else knows. He’s helping the other teen on his team because he wants his other contestant to be in the finale also, give him credit.
            Sawyer and Koryn has remained rock steady in the face of all the malignant, and scurrilous commentary made about them. I think people sometimes forget that they are teenagers. They come from different backgrounds, but both have strong faith, and strong family ties.
            Two very young and truly gifted artist, going in two different directions, yet there are those who praise the one, and throw shade at the other.There is a thing, it goes: “The child who is being everything you want needs your support. The one that’s struggling needs your help. He’s not trying to hurt Sawyer, he couldn’t even if her wanted to. He also doesn’t strike me as unintelligent. You have a win in the bag, why would you cut off your nose to spite your face?
            It’s can be said that maybe, it’s the insidious comments like yours, throwing shade, to eliminate Koryn’s non-existing threat to a Sawyer’s walk-away win. Could it really be that?

        • Evan says:

          Sawyer is boring – I don’t see the appeal in this dude. I’ll take Meghan any day – she is a true singer and can hit notes and carry a tune far beyond the capabilities of Sawyer.

          • Exactly – THANK YOU! And he looks like Cousin It.

          • Sharon says:

            No way Megan just turns me off. Even the sweetest of songs are ruined by her belting. If she wins THIS IS TRULY FIXED BY BLAKE. She doesn’t belong here. Go home Megan. You shouldn’t have been here from the beginning and I dislike everything about you.

          • Jeff says:

            You’re completely wrong or have no sense of what good music is. She has been in the business and is more talented than any artist left in the competition and if she doesn’t win it is rigged.

          • KCMullis says:

            I was really impressed with Sawyer in the beginning but it has been pretty one note since then. He is still amazingly talented and should only get better. I think I’m leaning toward Koryn or Meghan. As for sitting through an entire concert, don’t think I could do that with any one of the remaining contestants. Kimberly Nichole, absolutely could, but sadly she is gone. India has a beautiful voice and seems like a genuinely good person. I was just underwhelmed by the performances.

          • Christina Johnson says:


          • Christina Johnson says:

            Evan, this is one of the only comments based on facts. sawyer sucks, meghan deserves the win

        • STEPHANIE says:


          • Jamey says:

            I really thought that India should be in the final and hate she is out. I do think that those in high school or small towns have an edge because everyone will get behind them and they like to tweet, vote and buy iTunes.

            The final four do not interest me as much as past seasons, so will read updates here.

          • MRWO says:

            I agree. Kimberly, Megan, India, and Koryn are the strongest singers. Those are the four that need to be in the finals.

          • Parvati Shallow says:

            SAWYER DOES NOT DESERVE THAT SPOT IN THE FINALE. This show is called THE VOICE, not the amateur kid with a nice personality.

            Id be happy to see Meghan and Koryn winning. Sawyer needs more years of practice. After that, i might like his music.

        • Carol B says:

          I don’t get Sawyer’s appeal. He is boring…boring…boring, and so is Josh. Meghan…not sure why she is there..something is off with her. I love Koryn, and India and I liked Kimberly as well. All three very dynamic singers.

          • Dana says:


          • sebastian says:

            The Show is called “The Voice”. To be honest, Kimberly sounds like Kermit the frog, Koryn likes she is going to cry anytime, Megan ruins with her drama voice every song and India, …well she sounds like a Withney Housten 2.0 reloaded.

          • Sharon says:

            Your right it is very sketchy that Megan is even in this competition. I thought we were searching for new talent. She is a “has been”!

        • Christina Johnson says:

          if sawyer wins the whole thing. ill stop watching the voice. its not about the voice anymore, but popularity. ill be so damn pissed at america if sawyer or joshua, the mediocre finalists, win.

    • BobbieJo says:

      India was already on borrowed time despite whatever D List celebrity endorsement she could conjure up! Thankfully MYSELF and A GROUP OF FELLOW SAWYER FANS decided to throw her a bone and give her a few more weeks. We are personally responsible for her beating Corey Kent Whoever so she and her fans should really bow down and kiss our feet. Those who do not support Sawyer also will find themselves on the wrong side of history AFTER HE WINS and becomes THE ONLY TRUE STAR TO EVER COME FROM THIS SHOW!!! The Voice really NEEDS SAWYER and they know it as he has already earned them OVER A MILLION DOLLARS in itunes sales alone. To those who think he will not win: WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU SMOKING?! lolz

      • Blank Slate says:

        Is this a joke post or do you truly believe you are the end all and be all? Your all caps screaming and absurd assertions gave me a great laugh.

      • Larkwoodgirl says:

        Arrogant Much?

      • jag says:

        What? What do you smoke? I notice that you’ve been bragging this for more than a month now. Its kinda wierd making your self important here. Go to your room and throw a tantrum if that will make you happy.

        • Enlightenment says:

          Bobbiejo: needs mental health. She’s on here all the time, because she has nothing else to do. Do you know what kind of pain a person carries when all they can do is spout poison and negativity? Notice it is always bobbiejo and none of the group she is reportedly part of. I mean wouldn’t you think they would at least give her an amen?

          Bobbiejo: Hold on, don’t give up, don’t worry you don’t have to cry. God sees what you’re going through. God is willing and able, your pain didn’t catch him by surprise. If you let him, he’ll ease your pain. All you got to do is step aside. All you got to do is follow jesus, and pray for help. He’s helped millions and he’ll help you too. So if you step, step aside lean not on your own understanding, let GOD work in your behalf. Get out of his way, lean on Jesus and trust him. You need jesus in your life. God loves you. Go listen to Tamela Mann sing these words and you will instantly feel better and lifted up. GOD BLESS you bobbiejo

          // / By Tamela Mann

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            Your religious babbling is about as relevant on this sight as her puerile assertations

          • Enlightenment says:

            It was a joke Alan Dvorkis. Geez, I didn’t think anyone would take my ridiculous,religious psycho babbling seriously except the person making her puerile assertions I am not a religious fanatic.

      • Gary K says:

        What are you talking about? Sawyer may, in fact, win The Voice, but DO NOT delude yourself into believing that he is most talented vocalist in the competition… HE IS NOT!! He is a nice kid, with a nice story which resonates with middle America, but THIS IS A SINGING COMPETITION, and his voice is far from dynamic or compelling. India was the most talented VOCALIST – by far!!

        • STEPHANIE says:

          I Agree gary. India was the best and Kimberly was good too. its a popularity contest. that’s all. no longer about the best singers. I probably wont watch it next year. its turning into a joke

        • dlraetz says:

          This is a performance competition as is every singing talent show. Vouce, style, musical interpretation, genre, stage presence, social media savvy and how man songs you sell on iTunes all contribute to the win. Otherwise India would be singing with ten Juliard students and no one would be watching

        • bark says:

          You have too many/unnecessary/incorrect commas.

      • Carol B says:

        Wow…a bit full of yourself… It is pretty obvious that Sawyer will win, but the question is why? He is a boring on trick pony who needs a hair cut very badly. The better singers have already gone home as they often do…and we are stuck with Sawyer.

      • J says:

        Was BobbieJo the name of one of Sawyer’s cows? Just wondering…

        • Sharon says:

          that’s not nice! Sawyer is the only true artist on the show. His music will be as popular as John Denver’s or Neil Diamond’s one day and he doesn’t have to get into ridiculous costumes with tons of makeup and over the top backgrounds to entertain us.

          • Debbie says:

            I totally agree! The background singers are annoying and often over-sing the contestants. I like that Sawyer generally does not have accompaniment and you can actually hear his voice. Some may find him boring, but I really enjoy the character of his voice and the ballads that he has sung thus far. I would buy his CD…I find his music to be soothing and enjoyable to listen to.

        • J Actually my real name Becky! It is one of the cows names! LOL LOL and I love that he names his Cows. When he named off some of the cows, I just cracked up when he said my name! Love him!

      • Christina Johnson says:


  2. Gailer says:

    Nothing surprises me anymore

    • JM1 says:

      Seriously, Slezak . . . C- for India and B+ for Koryn? Were you watching this with the sound turned off?

      • OhMy says:

        I think he regularly does.

      • TC says:

        Agree. Koryn butchered that song.

        • BobbieJo says:

          Koryn butchers everything she sings. She should go work for Arby’s. I hear they have a new smokehouse sandwich and I’m sure they could use her help! lol

          • Greta says:

            You know how much I love my Beef-n-Cheddar!!

          • Enlightenment says:

            Perfectly right. Sorry folks like it or not. get it or not this kid is the real deal. Give it a chance. Put on a great headphone, sit in a chair, close your eyes, Listen,

          • Gemina says:

            Very stupid comment… i guess that someone who s talking the way you do got no thing smart in head…Support someone. don’t mean to destroy the other who are concerned…c’estl’ de l’envie et de l’imbecilité…vraiment eucoeurant… Really stupid

          • Enlightenment says:

            I think you said that somebody’s comments about the other contestants shows they don’t have much in the head, and their envy and stupidity makes them truly imbecilic and truly disgusting.
            I hope that you weren’t saying that about me. My comment was only to feed the trolls.

        • wild_child says:

          Koryn sounded a lot better on her save me song than India did who was off pitch. She picked a terrible song choice

      • Mytake says:

        India was way better. No contest.

        • Alex says:

          India screeches and yells her way through songs with no passion or emotion. Korryn isn’t the perfect singer but she sings from her soul. I’ll take that any day. Think Dylan, Cobain, Cocker, etc

          • Greta says:

            I’m now thinking of Dylan, Cobain, and Cocker… and curiously, I found there’s no room for Koryn.

      • Birdy says:

        Must be he was. I swear, I don’t get his obsession with Koryn and his almost-continual under-rating of India’s performances. Seeing as he was also obsessed with Kimberly, I can only assume that he is a huge aficionado of the screamin’-diva sound.

        • Enlightenment says:

          You insult a culture of music because you known nothing about it and can’t understand. They sing this way, to praise GOD and to offer prayer and hope. The music was born out of slavery. That screaming as you call it is pain and the power of hope.

          I Double dare you, // / By Tamela Mann

          • Mr crabs says:

            Huh? Too much drama. The final five got all kinds of praise, days dedicated to them, a key to a city, parades, parties….. I hope to hear some happier songs from the remaining four. But I guess being in pain, protesting war, being heartbroken, getting drunk, is all people want to hear on this show. Joy is not an emotion that sells I guess. But I still watch, because I like drama.

      • thats the best way to watch this show

    • kevstar says:

      I said last night if India goes home, something is seriously wrong with America. India could stand on her head and sing perfectly and Wonder Bread Land would still vote for Joshua and Sawyer.

      • Harley says:

        WONDER BREAD LAND? So now it’s okay to use racial slurs as long as they are not against black people. That is just sad, racism is racism and should not be tolerated by any group or from any group. BTW, I call em like see em no matter who is doing the racial slurring.

        • Jules says:

          Wonder Bread Land is a place where boring, bland people live. No one said anything about race except you.

          • JM1 says:

            I took Wonder Bread Land to mean the same thing as Harley. What color is Wonder Bread?

          • wild_child says:

            Wonder Bread can be white but it can also be brown. You do realize Wonder Bread makes wheat bread, don’t you…trying to find something racial in an innocuous comment and failing miserable. Nice try, buddy

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            The implication speaks for itself. Other references would not have come across as racist. Wonder Bread was a racist term in the 60s. I am sure there are those that remember.

        • P-Applecakes says:

          Thank you. I get so tired of the racial card when someone of color is eliminated. Take a look at the winners of the previous seasons. Javier Colon, Jermaine Paul, Tess Ann Chin. Come on. Don’t make it a racist platform where one does not exist. Too much of it in the world today already. Let’s just all enjoy the music, vote on our favorites and realize that music is so personal and we all get something different from various performers. Let’s not talk about the “idiots” that don’t agree with your point of view.

      • Tishijo says:

        Nah, they would still vote for Meghan whose voice goes into power mode and sounds like the impact of metal on concrete in a car wreck! And she is a “ringer” having been a seasoned member of a successful band that broke up. It was too obvious when 3 chairs turned for her, but not Blake who knew her from the past when she opened for him on tour. Country will win the voice every time because America has no taste!

      • Julie says:

        There is something wrong with Americans! Here we have a country with a population of around 300 million and this is the best talent The Voice can present! Come on folks, your country has produced some immortal singers such as Sinatra, Presley, Streisand and so many more. Reality TV will never make world wide stars! Clarkson and other who have won AI are unknown outside the US. Sure, it’s fun to watch these programmes. However, in order to become a world wide “star”, one must have that inbuilt genius and that certain “something” that sets that singer apart from the herd.

        • Lori says:

          Adam Lambert came from AI and he is a, global superstar!! Unfortunatelt, singer from these shows never seem to do much afterwards any longer

        • Mack_attack says:

          Kelly Clarkson was in England a few weeks ago doing radio station interviews, so I assume that they know her. Check out the Daily Mail site and see for yourself.

          • Julie says:

            England does not constitute “the world”! Performers such as Swift are well known on the world stage. I doubt if Clarkson has conquered Europe, Australia and Asia.

          • Viajero says:

            Clarkson is certainly very well known in Latin America. Her biggest hits were played on radio all the time and she topped the charts in several countries more than once.

      • Alex says:

        India can sing pretty and has good technique but she has zero personality. She brings nothing to her performances. She doesn’t have her own style so her songs sound like a parrot copying what it’s heard. Her performances are emotionless and bland. No passion.

        • Birdy says:

          Alex, I totally disagree with you. India is charming, and because she hasn’t pigeon-holed herself into a “niche,” people think she’s lacking in persona. I’d rather see the versatility she has displayed than, for example, Josh’s ballad-only style. Nothing against him; I like him, but I think India not only has the better voice, but is more versatile and interesting to listen to.

          • Alex says:

            Joshua actually has a beautiful voice. But his song selection is sorely lacking and I keep waiting for him to have a break out moment which he hasn’t had. There’s so many songs he could do and would be great at: David Grey, Swell Season, slow Pearl Jam, more The Band, Springsteen, etc but he seems uninterested in being mainstream. He wants a nice little Jack Johsnson like niche career.

  3. sara says:

    Oh look! The two black women are the bottom 2. Again. This is why singing shows are tanking. Pathetic.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      If it were just two black women, then whatever. But it’s India and Koryn, when Joshua just keeps skating by with Ambien-like charm. A week after — mind you — Kimberly and India were the bottom two. I was too flabbergasted to even vote.

      • Puzzled says:

        Amen!!! I still can’t imagine him any where except a coffee shop.. I don’t understand who votes for him!

        • Eileen says:

          Sadly, Middle America votes for him and many other White Guys With Guitars. That’s one reason why the bland Kris Allen won over the incredible Adam Lambert. Middle America votes for the”safe” people, not those who are adventurous, creative and genius. I’m not lumping Sawyer in the WGWG category. He’s an exception because he has The Voice.

      • bobsaccamanna says:

        Joshua is the only contestant I know who could take a classic song by Dylan/The Band and make it sound like Air Supply. The fact that he is still around and India, who IMO was getting better and better every week, is gone is an atrocity. And the duet on another classic tonight, Drift Away..just no.

        • Viajero says:

          Bobsaccamanna: You perfectly describe my problem with Joshua. Unfortunately, there is also a reason why Air Supply charted a lot higher than The Band ever did.

      • Jill Moy says:

        ANGIE O,

        Just because Koryn is a fav doesn’t, in your case always mean in your eyes that she’ll win! You are BI-POLAR maybe????

        Case in point: You went on and on how great India was that final night of hers! you praised her throughout that blog! Then you say….I THINK INDIA WILL GO HOME! PROVES MY POINT! TALK TO THE HAND!

        Also, does ASHLEY ring a bell? You made fun of her because she liked Corey, something I never do! So, WILL THE REAL TROLL PLEASE STAND UP!

    • Oh look another moron thinking everything is based on skin color. Guess what: Gary Busee called he wants his paranoia back.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        ….says the lily-white poster.

        • Cynthia cook says:

          You can be racist against whites. Just saying from another “lilywhite’ you ‘n’ GROW UP

          • Cynthia cook says:

            That’s ‘n’ for no contents you nazi

          • Cynthia cook says:


          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Did you seriously just throw the “N” word at me? Really? That’s rich.
            BTW, I’m white. But that’s awesome. I like outing stupid people, white or otherwise.

          • BobbieJo says:

            So then when did you come out of the closet, Angie? lol

          • Greta says:

            In the past 7 seasons of The Voice, there have been 4 caucasian winners, 2 black, and 1 asian. That diversity seems pretty representational of America, right? I don’t think race (or sexuality) have ever been issues on this show.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Greta, if you believe race had nothing to do with this week’s bottom two or last week’s bottom two, then I don’t know what to tell you.
            Did you miss the part where I just got called the N word a few posts above this one? Racism is very much alive and well in more ways than one.

        • A.R. Vega says:

          LOL right? White people sticking up for white people. I am Hispanic so I can be unbiased here, and I think this season has been incredibly racist. The white folk keep cruising through, even though they are clearly not as talented as the black folk. I am done with The Voice this season. Enjoy your white guy with guitar winning this zero-credibility show. Peace out.

          • STEPHANIE says:

            I agree with you. the best singers were voted off. Kimberly and india deserve to be in the finals. the long haired dude and the guitar strumming dude should be out. they stink. I wouldn’t take their records or tapes if it were free. its just a popularity contest now. how awful

      • I happen to love Gary Busey! He has the favorite mug shot! LOL

      • Cynthia cook says:


    • Sarah, I kind of agree, because over on american idol the best performers this year were black Quentin and Qaasim, and then Adanna Duru and Sarina Joi were also awesome. Now they have 2 underwhelming performers left as the top 2 ! Neither has a stage presence at all.

      • MC says:

        I have to agree with you about the talent of those four, although I did find Quentin’s pitch problems to be distracting.

      • As for all the race talk here, I protest with Dont Shoot Portland, I am white,but the great thing is we have a 75 year old white woman with a walker, who is a great-grandmother and she is there to protest every time with us. She is kind of famous! Look up “Great Grandmother Ready To Lose My Life Protesting” US NEWS. Her name is Nan Wigmore and she is the cutest lady with her walker! She is out there with Blacks,Gay and Lesbian, Gothic, Couples,Dogs, teens,Hippies, Anarchists, and all kinds of different people fighting for justice! We can all learn something from this sweet old lady! She really is not a weirdo. She looks like the grandmother next door that bakes cookies for the neighbors! Just a last thought I dont vote by color, but by who I think is great, like Sawyer on one show and Quentin on another! I do agree though, that some of the best singers on both shows, that are getting sent home, should not be going home at all!

        • That article in US news about Nan Wigmore is how she took a 3 day bus trip to Chicago with her walker alongside to protest about Occupy, but now she is about Black Lives Matter!

          • Im off on a tangent! Chicago police took her walker and medication and she never got it back! I think she LOL, and the transgender mayor of Silverton Oregon who sells his own hi- high heels on ebay, for lots of money and to raise money, Stu Rassmusen, also the ONLY transgender politician, him and this old woman are my heroes! LOL Oops sorry Slezak Im off subject! I will get back to talking about the wonderful singers! I was just trying to throw some “True” humor to lighten up the race talk!

    • dlraetz says:

      I never warmed up to India and it had absofreakinglutely nothing to do with her color. It had to do with her technical perfection while missing failing to truly connect with the heart of the song. So can we get off the ‘it must be a racial thing’ and admit some people like folk songs, some like country, some like coffee house, some like musicals and some like soul. This season had too many people fighting for the pop/soul vote. Meghan drifts into country just often enough to excite that base and came in with an already established voting base. Sawyer is the teenage heart throb. Joshua sings love songs to his wife and reminds a ton of middle age housewives of when their dates sang to them. That left Koryn and India fighting for the same spot. It’s really that simple

      • Shyvonne Paul says:

        Even if my comment doesn’t get read, I compliment you on how well you have reality checked The Voice contestants and wholeheartedly agree with your completely accurate assessments.

      • Tanya says:

        I agree! Everything was so technical and I just didn’t feel the emotion.

      • Davmon says:

        i could not agree more. The general snarkiness among commenters has often gone out of bounds, whether about contestants’ looks or other folks opinions. This ugliness gets in the way of enjoying a light-hearted PSEUDO-reality show. I was distressed to see the bottom two were Koryyn and India, but not because of race or color. But because i feel they (and Sawyer) are amateurs competing against pros in Meghan and Josh (as well as Kimberly earlier). And Koryn and India sing in a similar vein with Meghan and do it consistently better (never more apparent than on the 3-way joint effort on Faithfully). I happen to think Koryn does it better than India, so I was glad she got the Save. But you are right, Blake has Meghan slide back into country just enough to siphon off some of the This Is the Blake Shelton Show fans. Personally, I like all of these talented people. Meghan, who has had some great moments, even though, I consider her the weakest link, vocally; but she may have the strongest coach. Joshua, because I am a singer-songwriter fan and I enjoy him doing acoustic rock of Paul Simon, Beatles, Sting, and Dylan. India, because I loved her Blinds offering of Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind–I do not believe coach Xtina ever helped her a lick. And those youngsters with old souls, Sawyer and Koryn (and Mia Z earlier). Koryn is like a young Mahalia. And Sawyer has a fresh openness to life and music that is contagious. Did anyone notice the jazz variations on For What It’s Worth? The boy did more than just sit around talking with Mia Z; he learned a thing or two.

    • OMG Grow up… another Jack-Wagon comment

  4. Evan says:

    Thank goodness. Now next week I can just enjoy the original songs and wait for Sawyer’s crowning.

  5. Brooke M. says:

    Both Koryn and India should have made it to the finals. Even though Sawyer is definitely going to win at least there will an illusion of competition with him, Meghan, Koryn and India. Josh is good but not THAT good.

    • Gailer says:

      I really think Blake is going to do it again with his voting block

      • jc says:

        For once I’m hoping Blakes ‘voting block’ comes in full force for the finals and helps meghan win because I’m tired of sawyer by now. We need an underdog to win.

        • wild_child says:

          and you think Meghan is an underdog? The only contestant this season with a built in fanbase? The one contestant this season who was crowned the winner on a national television show with her ex partner/bandmate? The one contestant this season with a CMA nomination and a couple of hit country songs? The one contestant this season with the likes of Naomi Judd on speed dial. LMAO at you considering Meghan Linsey to be an underdog. You may not care for Sawyer but at least he is a legit up and coming artist with zero industry connections and had to build his fanbase organically from episode 1.

          • Katie Killjoy says:

            Meghan has absolutely no chance of winning this.

          • Harley says:

            True, she should never have been allowed in the sow to begin with.
            She had a previous recording contract with a major record label, a Billboard Top 8 Album and and I do believe a CMA Award for best new duo. She should NOT win this show
            but probably will with that Blake fanbase

          • JM1 says:

            Let’s rehash. She was in a duo that had just put out an album and was just making a name for itself, when her partner fell off the wagon, entered rehab and everything they’d worked for fell apart. She’s not a criminal.

            And who says this show is only for novice singers? Pretty sure the main rule is you just can’t currently have a recording contract. It’s not news that SO many voice alums have been in the business, from Javier Colon to Tessanne Chin (both had albums out before the show). Like them, Meghan’s here fair and square.

            I also don’t believe the stuff about multiple e-mail accounts, etc. “Somebody’s facebook” sounds a little made up to me.

          • Katie Killjoy says:

            We can keep throwing out her accolades you guys…
            she’s not going to win.
            She’ll probably take 2nd place though.

          • MC says:

            Did I imagine that Cassadee Pope was on “The Voice”? I seem to recall her winning that season of “The Voice.”

          • Teresa G. says:

            Heck yeah!

          • Teresa G. says:

            Heck yeah! Sawyer from the ground up. All ages, all genres.

          • zzlobster says:

            lol well done oh truth sayer

          • Sheila says:

            I agree. Meghan is not an up in coming artist. She is an established artist. She may not be the superstar but she has had exposure. Didn’t she use to work with Blake back in the day.

          • P- says:

            Oh, is that built into the rules? Obviously, Meghan does NOT have the fan base and or industry connections she needs to become a artist. Why do you think she came on the show? Because she was already famous?

          • TC says:

            Spot on Wild_Child. Spot on

          • Susanna Kingston says:

            I’m with you on this. Blake should have helped her from behind the scenes, and not on this show. I never vote for the really professional hopefuls. She has enough industry support as it is. Sawyer is so appealing, and I truly like his unique voice. He seems to be a nice kid too, and with the right songs, I can see him being more successful than previous winners with NO experience. Josh is good at what he does too, but Koryn is just not my type at all. She is often way off, and I don’t get all the support for her. Kimberly was excellent. but another example of an already professional contestant. India was so good some nights, and really not so hot on others. Still, she seems like a really nice girl.

        • Mge says:

          Agreed. I almost never root for Blake’s voting block (since the block supports people like Jake Worthington) but this season I am. Meghan is leaps and bounds above Sawyer in my opinion.

      • Sharon says:

        If that happens( that Meagan the wanna be wins the Voice) it will surely be a huge injustice for all to see. She does not deserve what happened tonight .Anyone else should have stayed but her. She is a has been!!!!!! She’s had her time and should have gone home tonight with her awful screaming voice. Blake is going to totally look like a fool after pronouncing to everyone “Sawyer is definitely the front runner” and he is even without the Voice he will be a star. She is just plain terrible. After this competition we will never hear her name again.

        • Donna Ryland says:

          I think it’s a sad day when we have to read all the hurtful UGLY things some of you say.For God sakes can anyone of you who speaks so nasty of some of the contestants that have worked their ass off practicing and getting on stage and give their all can you just say well done. You p r Apple act like your going to get something from this personally……..This is meant for entertainment not all this negativity! I know I couldn’t do it,I think the last 12 have been great. Here’s my option of who’s going to win………. They are ALL winners to me! Only God knows who will win. Final though…..can’t we all find just 1positive thing to say about the contestants? Love conquers all! God Bless ALL the contestants. I applaud all of you for the time you shared with us and most of all …….Be True To Thine Own Self.💟

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            This is a singing competition. People have opinions of voices. Go to church, listen to your choir and praise them. Leave God out of an opinion column. That is right, an opinion column. Bobbiejo is psychotic and therefore more annoying than those that believe God needs to mentioned at all costs, but not by much.

        • P-Applecakes says:

          Mean spirited!

    • Brook, Not so sure, I read “somebodys facebook” and they are telling everone to get multiple e-mail accounts, office and home, and use the multiple e- mail accounts to make Megan the winner! I hate this crap, Whatever happened to just ten phone call votes per person (back in the day). It was easier and fair! I want Sawyer to win but Im not so sure anymore with Blakes people doing massive and multiple e-mail accounts. Plus all the other ways to vote WITH those multiple e-mail accounts for Megan! She has already had her chances and this is the perfect chance for Sawyer. Oh well if he doesnt win I think he will still be a huge star! I really believe it this time! I almost guarantee it will be Megan and Sawyer for finale!

      • I dont think Megan deserves the top 2 over singers like india and the others. But I think because of their e- mail account voting she will end up in finale with Sawyer! These 2 could not be more far apart in Personality (Megan has none), Humbleness (Megan doesnt have that either) Just Yuck! I cant believe she is there over India, and I wonder if she will beat Koryn out next?

        • JM1 says:

          Humbleness = not a word. Humility.

        • P-Applecakes says:

          You are mean.

        • P-Applecakes says:

          Really? Perhaps it’s because she is a better, more consistent vocalist than India. I loved India on some nights, and others, not so much. And isn’t it nice that you know Meghan so well! Obviously not a fan, but that’s ok. I think that they are all talented. They are people with hopes and dreams and FEELINGS for heavens sake! Get over yourself and quit being so MEAN!

          • PApplecakes There are plenty of people who dont care for Megan. Why dont you go bother them also? We all have our own favorites and not so favorites. Our own choices! You GET OVER YOURSELF. Not everyone likes the same person you like! I happen to like Sawyer and there are PLENTY of mean comments about him. ARENT THERE?

          • P-Applecakes says:

            I’m sure there are a lot of mean comments about the others. My point exactly! We all do have our favorites but at what expense to the others? They are all more talented then me, and probably the others on this site. I just think people are mean spirited and that would be my point.

      • guest says:

        If there is really only one chance at anything in life, then there are a lot of us that have a dismal future ahead of us. Meghan’s chance was shattered when her partner had a substance problem that ended their act and future. She is trying to pick up the pieces and go on. I never heard of her by name. I never listened to her sing. Now, I’ve heard of her, and The Voice made that happen. Isn’t that what this show is about–giving people with experience a chance to get the recognition they were struggling unsuccessfully to get? If you’re watching to see young unexperienced people get a chance, Idol seems like the show to watch, and recently even those contestants have more experience than in the past.

  6. LADY_in_MD says:

    I’m glad that koryn got through she has been one of my favorites but I’m still bitter about Kimberly
    The fact that Christina had one of the strongest teams ever on the show and now has no one while Joshua gets through I liked him at first but about a month ago he should have been gone snooze fest! I can’t with this show sometimes

    • Nancy says:

      I wonder if The Voice will learn from the mistakes of Idol. Can’t anyone devise a different voting system that allows for a fair shake for all contestants? If bland contestants like Joshua continue to prevail over talented female artists, then some of us will just stop watching. Like me. Didn’t bother to watch tonight and may watch the final (I do like Meghan), but it is just gross to see a repeat of what happened on Idol — powerhouse women getting knocked out of the competition by cute mediocre male singers.

      • MC says:

        You have won the award for post of the day. Congrats! :)

      • Bri says:

        Well, m’dear, it’s girls and women who deliver the votes for the mediocre boy and man.

      • Davey says:

        What is unfair about the voting? The number of votes are limited. Every contestant has the same places to get votes. I don’t think the iTunes top 10 rule is fair though. There’s no conspiracy going on here. Joshua does have people who like him though they don’t post here where most people can’t stand him.

      • Jules says:

        I think a lot of the problem is counting the ITunes votes for so much more than the others. Sawyer has sold a bunch so there’s not even any suspense as with any of the who have huge ITunes sales.

      • securtis2 says:

        Kimberly should have won it. I was watching every week and snoozed off last night and didn’t watch tonight. Kind of lost faith in the show.

      • cbevans2014 says:

        I couldn’t agree more. I have 8-10 Voice episodes waiting to be watched on my dvr now. Ever since Mia Z was ousted (followed by Kimberly Nicole), I feel like America’s listening skills need a tune up. I wonder if everyone just kept their eyes closed (i.e. blind listening), would it affect the voting? I surely do hope so coz in my humble opinion, the best voices are no longer in the running. Sad when a pure young talent like Mia Z gets cut out so early in the contest, and I’m bummed that her save song wasn’t available to purchase. Her talent is worthy of great success and, hopefully, both she and Kimberly will go on to prove that. I’d buy either of their albums in a heart beat.

        • davmon says:

          Glad to see someone else pining for Mia Z. She was/is fabulous. So talented. Such stage presence. So sure of how she was approaching the material. She was a jazz artist singing the blues. Amazing in one so young….I hope she got enough exposure from the show that she will be able to tour and make recordings. I would love to see her live some day, but I live far from PA….My other early fave was Sawyer; and thankfully he is still going strong. In an earlier post, I noted that he seemed to be doing jazz variations on For What It’s Worth. Maybe a new talent acquired from all that time hanging with Mia….And, you know, Mia still has three songs in the Top 20 on the Blues Chart, even though she left the show five weeks ago.

        • Saiber says:

          you couldn’d understand what Mia was singing. That is her Problem. She swallow every single word. Thats like a fish singing.

  7. Jill Moy says:

    Oh well, she came in 5th! Streak over! After great night she goes! USA , YOU ARE CRAZY! Meghan and Josh are better? HOGWASH!

  8. Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

    I’m gonna miss india. I hope Christina stays on the show and shuts everything down next season. Very happy for Koryn though!!! Koryn needs to sing either Sweet dreams, Georgia on my mind, Id rather go blind, or Skyfall!!! 😃😃😃

    • sara says:

      Koryn has no chance. Unless she becomes either a white man with a guitar or one of Blake’s country cult’s favorites.

      • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

        While she may not win due to Sawyer Unstoppable likability and fan base, Koryn could potentially knockout the other 2 in out of her way, though meghan would be challenging

      • P-Applecakes says:

        Does Adam have a pop cult and Pharrell an R & B cult? Just wondering why country music fans are cults. What can be said of the other genres????????

    • JM1 says:

      I liked Xtina a lot this season! Am sad she’s out of singers. But . . . at least this means we get to enjoy her nothing-to-lose assessment of the finalists next week. No one throws shade better. :-)

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I think it would be hilarious if Christina was all like “yo, people, Sawyer can’t sing. Neither can Joshua. I know because I’m a singer. Vote for Koryn or Meghan. Don’t be stupid.”
        Can you imagine the uproar from the Sawyer-voting contingent? She would need to beef up her security team. I obviously don’t think she’ll do that, but she just might give a watered-down version thereof. It’s pretty clear she’s on team Meghan and Koryn.

  9. cici says:

    I’ve been losing interest for this show since Rob left. Now I just lost my last reason to watch. Really wanted someone from Team Xtina to win.

    • Amy says:

      You and me both, although I would’ve liked to have seen India make it to the finales no matter whose team she was on.

      • cici says:

        Sure. I was rooting for Team Xtina because I thought the 3 of them were really good. But dreams crushed one week after the other :(

  10. 2Blessed says:

    It was India’s time to go, she never quite found the right song choice or Emotional/vocal connection/correlation until last night. At least there’ll be a competiton for second place between Meghan and Koryn. And on another note, it sucks to have a talented season where the best never make it all the way to the end. Le sigh. Just like Season 4 and 5. Anyways, can we pleaseeee have an Xtina, Pharrell, Blake, and Shakira season? Fat chance it’ll happen but a man can dream, right?

  11. bill says:

    On BIG stages like The Voice, the three girls kill it (usually, though not tonight). But on my hometown stage, where there’s no room for laser shows or big production numbers, I’d rather hear Josh….or MiaZ, long gone but not forgotten.

    • davmon says:

      Well said. Most of us see shows in smaller venues. And you’re right, Mia and Josh and Sawyer) have an exquisite sound for more intimate settings. If you are an artist, it is more about the music and the chance to perform it, than fame and losing yourself in stardom….But I wish all these finalists manage some measure of success.

  12. Kim Moores (#YASS) says:

    Yikes, what happened?
    when has anyone ever sounded reasonable on hometown week?

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      The democratic process has failed us is what happened. This does, however, better explain Right Said Fred and Chumbawamba. Josh should have been in that bottom 2. No question.

      • RealityBites says:

        Actually the democratic process worked just as it always does. The apathetic lose. You yourself just got through saying you didn’t bother to vote.

        But there’s not much point to the hand-wringing. This is entertainment, not an actual career maker. While there will be a winner, our votes don’t actually matter because no matter who wins, we won’t remember him or her in a few months, we won’t buy his or her album, (if indeed, they even put out an album) and we won’t bother to trot to whatever club he or she might be playing at because we’ll all be on to the next round of shiny new and we’ll all get worked up about that and give our sage weekly pronouncements over the next group of wanna-bes. lather rinse repeat. It’s just a time killer, no more.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Um, please don’t put words in my mouth. I downloaded songs and voted the max # of times I could. I didn’t vote in the Twitter save because I was too flabbergasted that the whites sail through while the far-more-talented non-whites all have to sing for their life every week.

          • JT says:

            Why do you keep making this about race? Blacks have won the Voice 3 times, whites 4 times. That means blacks have won the show 43% of the time when they only represent 12% of the population.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Perhaps because it is pretty clearly about race?

          • Katie Killjoy says:

            Black women.
            Particularly black women.
            They do not, ever, prosper on this show.

          • JM1 says:

            Angie –
            Even when we disagree about our fave singers, I always appreciate your comments and your technical knowledge. This time, though, saying it’s about “whites” versus “non-whites” is astounding. Perhaps it’s that India was overshadowed earlier in the season and never gained a following and Koryn has sung multiple songs that people have never heard of. Perhaps it’s that this show has a middle-of-the-road following or an older following that votes for the classic rock songs that Josh & Sawyer sing. I don’t know. But it’s not “clearly about race.” We all hear things differently, is all. None of my favorites has won a single season yet. But life goes on.

            Have a good rest of the week and don’t let this show get you down. xo

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            JM1, I’ve never once had a favorite even get close. So I’m right there with you. Actually this will be the first season my favorite from the blinds made the finale (Koryn).
            But in a season with this many talented black women, I refuse to believe that race had no part in the outcomes for last week or this week. Nothing you can say will convince me otherwise. I’m not overly upset that India is gone even though I was rooting for her. I never expected her to win. I’m more saddened by who the bottom two were for two straight weeks. I just can’t believe race played no part in this whatsoever. No way.

          • JM1 says:

            Angie – I can’t dissuade you and I can’t read everyone’s minds, either. I’ll just say I’m glad your favorite is still in it. Here’s to a fun finale!

          • RealityBites says:

            Um, I didn’t put words in your mouth, I simply repeated what you said in a previous post. You said didn’t vote — And you just said again you didn’t vote. So you said it, not me; so that’s hardly putting words in your mouth. It’s very true that your not voting in the twitter save is not the single reason India lost the twitter save, she lost by quite a bit if the percentages posted are correct. So whatever your reasons were for not voting in twitter save, it’s certainly not just on you for not voting.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Arguments with you tend to go round and round in circles. I wasn’t referring to the democratic process of the twitter save. I was referring to the democratic process that led to the bottom two. So yes, you did put my words in my mouth.
            Don’t twist my words, please.

          • tvtjw says:

            Oh, God, make it stop – your ridiculous opinion that “the whites always get it easier” is probably going to give me a brain tumor if you don’t knock it off. If you want to make this about race, you go for it, but keep it off of boards that are not here to discuss your desire to perpetuate a racist culture. Talking about and blaming things that don’t go your way on race is petty, cowardly, and worst of all, just encourages racism. “How do we get rid of racism? We stop talking about it.” – Morgan Freeman

            Now, let’s take a look at how our beloved, on-the-pedestal whites are making it through each week. Sawyer is a no-brainer – not only does he appeal to the 12-16 year old demographic (as we saw on his hometown visit,) he appeals to the 17-24 year old group of kids who are getting back into listening to folk music and CCR and like his tone and that he is doing what many young adults are finding. Anyone older than that, specifically my grandparents’ age (as I am 14)? He sings what they listened to! That’s how Sawyer is continually getting through. Meghan is getting all of Blake’s usually-country votes, as well as the votes from her old fanbase. Simple explanation there. Joshua? Personally, I love him, almost as much as Sawyer. Joshua is getting the middle-aged crowd (i.e. my parents, still 14 here) to vote for him. He is singing a calm, consistent song that is very pleasing and easy on the ears. That also appeals to a lot of teenagers – we don’t like screaming, as most adults think we all do. I’m sure Joshua is also getting the “older age” vote that Sawyer isn’t – again, gritty, simple, and relaxing. Now, Kimberly and India both shared a common problem – they SCREAMED and BELTED and HOLLERED. Nobody needs that week after week. When Kimberly was supposed to get “emotional” during Creep, it was still overdone, loud, and intimidating to watch her sing. India never found any emotional connection. Koryn, well, I do enjoy her, but someone has to end up in the bottom two and one of those spots went to her. She doesn’t appeal so much to the teenage crowd, although she is a teenager, because none of us know any of the songs she is singing. The older crowd has already picked up on Joshua and Sawyer and left Koryn behind, sticking her in the bottom two.

            See, rational thought is fun, isn’t it?

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Sorry. I don’t agree.
            [notice how much more succinct I am while getting the same point across.]

          • tvtjw says:

            Notice how you give no explanation to validate your ignorant point.

          • Enlightenment says:

            Please stop making this about color. I’m a non-white and I find it insulting. No female soul singer has ever made it to the top three. “Ever,” most female soul singers just happen to be black. In case you haven’t noticed soul music is not high on the selling list, Rap yes, Soul no.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            @tvtjw – notice how your asinine and poorly conceived Tolstoy-length post isn’t worthy of a legitimate response…
            Here, let me paraphrase your response for you in a much shorter version:
            “I’m a stupid white person who likes bad music, and anything that doesn’t fit in with my narrow definition of music must be terrible.”
            There. See? You can get your point across in a much shorter post, no?

          • Viajero says:

            I think that while race might have something to do with it, the likes of Kimberly, India and even Koryn were facing an uphill battle irrespective of the color of their skin. Too many people (particularly those who watch these shows) just don’t like powerfully voiced female singers, particularly if they do a lot of rock, blues or pop-rock songs rather than the diva standards. Thus the endless complaints about screeching, even when their pitch is perfect and they are singing their songs the way they were intended to be sung. The Voice has had only one winner with these characteristics, but even Cassadee only pulled ahead when she started mixing in country ballads. There is a reason why so many of my favorites over the years have gone out somewhere between the Top 8 and Semifinals. I’ve almost come to expect it.

        • RealityBites says:

          LOL…Oh good lord. If you could covert that ability to backpeddle into a backstoke you could compete in the Olympics…

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Please don’t confuse your poor reading comprehension for my ability to backpeddle.

      • tvtjw says:

        Alright, @Angie_Overrated, as I’m sure you feel big and tough arguing with someone who’s somewhere between one-third and one-half your age, I just thought I’d tell you I do not have a narrow definition of music. My musical tastes include just about everything that isn’t country or thug rap, in fact, I enjoyed Koryn on the show (oh wait… she’s black… can “stupid” white people like her?) and will enjoy her performance again next week. Quit arguing non-existent racist points.

        • davmon says:

          The back-and-forth between you and Angie was brutal but informative. Neither of you can give ground because you are arguing different things: her FEELINGS and your OPINIONS. And feelings cannot be argued. Ever. Both of you are right: her feelings that race plays some part; and your opinions that other rational considerations are at work. This is America–race matters. As Lincoln said, we are all about becoming a “more perfect union”. And that becoming is slow and tedious with lots of ups and downs. But American music is thoroughly infused with race. Slave music beget the blues and jazz. The blues inspired white blues (country), swing, pop, rock n roll, rhythm n blues, soul, funk, and rap. We should celebrate all of it, because it all lifts us to feel better or deeper about the human condition. And in this little vocal competition, it comes down to a combination of how people FEEL and THINK. This season, there has been a lot of “black music” sung by differing artists. And there was a lot of male rhythm and blues singers early on as well a four or five soul divas–these were both white and black, plus a Filipino. I do not like to separate it out, because it was just about good music and artistry. But if i must…I feel there were four great black artists in the competition and am glad they all got into the Top Ten. At six, there were still three. Pretty darn good. At five, two. At four, one….Oh well. But IMO, she is the right one. Koryn is an authentic type who is reinvigorating enthusiasm for body-shaking inspirational music like we haven’t seen since Mahalia Jackson and Ethel Waters. She is fabulous. I have honestly enjoyed all of the Top Six and I would add Mia and Rob and Caitlin to the mix. But at the end, it comes down to just a few. Sure, i would trade them all, except Sawyer, to have Mia Z back–but that is me. I am OK with the results…I might have moved out Meghan before Kim or India. And in the end, is it whiter than it deserves to be? Well, hard to say. Because I feel Kim and India had gotten about as far as they should; but I feel the same about Josh and Meghan. I am rooting for the authentic young old souls of Koryn and Sawyer as the final two….both Team Pharrell. What can we say about him? He had four of the Top 6 on his team at one time; remember Meghan and Kimberly were his. Not to mention my fave Mia Z. What a season by the bohemian…ok, black…coach and all round good guy!

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          @tvtjw – Hey, kiddo. You came swinging at me. I’m not going to go easy on you just because you’re a lot younger or less educated. You swing first, I’ll knock you out with no consideration for age or education handicaps.
          @davmon – I really enjoyed the first point you made in your post. I’ve already spoken my mind on the matter, so I’ll leave it at that.

          • tvtjw says:

            Oh, my God, I have never disliked another human being as much as I dislike you. Age and education handicap… huh, well, age is never a handicap, and do I sound uneducated to anyone but you, as your biased opinion doesn’t count?

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            That’s really interesting, tvtjw.
            Now ask me if I care.
            The answer is no.

        • TVTJW Please dont use the word thug! Thug Rap??? Not Cool! And I am white!

    • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

      Hey kim, what song suggestions other than Beyonce would u suggest. Here are mine:
      Shake it out – Florence and the machine
      Georgia on my mind – Ray Charles (Acapella)
      I who have nothing – Shirly bassey version (with orchestra)
      I’d rather go blind – Etta James
      Make it happen – Mariah Carey
      California King bed – Rihanna
      What u think?

      • Kim Moores says:

        I got furious with excitement with Koryn on Beyonce and I looooooved it.
        I enjoy your choices except for the F+TM song because those never go well for people aside from Schuler.
        That said…I wanna hear some Blues rock Koryn if not Beyonce.
        That Jack White rendition of Love is Blindness sounds good to me!

        • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

          YASSS, for the finale I want to Koryn to sing either something rocking like make it rain/love is blindness or something CELESTIAL like I who have nothing with the whole orchestra with her!!!

          • davmon says:

            You know, something I thought about a couple weeks ago…Remember Mickey Newbury’s American Trilogy (also done by Elvis): Dixie + All My Trials + Battle Hymn of the Republic?….Now, I would not want Koryn to sing Dixie, which was a blackface minstrel song…but can you imagine All My Trials leading into Glory Glory Hallelujah… OMG…Koryn would send us all…

  13. Katie Killjoy says:

    That’s all I have to say.
    Josh bored his way into the finale…

    • Obviously you are in the minority because he’s still there…

      • Katie Killjoy says:

        Like I give a damn?
        I was in the minority, clearly, when Jake Worthington took 2nd place.
        I was in the minority when the Swon Brothers took 3rd
        I was in the minority when Juliet lost to that big mistake.
        That doesn’t stop what I’m saying from being true.
        Josh has not earned a finale visit based on last night.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Allow me to amend your final sentence:
          “Josh has not earned a finale visit based on last night, or based on any previous performances for that matter.”
          There, much better!

          • OhMy says:

            I wouldn’t vote for him or buy his music. But, let’s be honest, neither of the two contestents “singing for their lives” sounded good tonight. Koryn was really bad. I would have kept India based on last night. But, we will hear from neither again (not that we will from Josh either).

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I wouldn’t know. I turned my tv off when Joshua was called to safety.
            I get that the chances of becoming successful from one of these shows is close to 0%, but from a competition standpoint, it’s very difficult to watch Sawyer, Meghan, and Joshua coast to the finale when very talented young black women have to fight with their backs against the wall despite all of them being able to sing circles around their competitors. I’m not even what I would consider to be a “social justice warrior” but I was pretty upset with who the bottom two were relative to who the top 3 were, if that makes sense, all based on their bodies of work.

          • slo@8 says:

            Josh does not have the talent to warrant his ranking. Bland, boring and basic

          • Jill Moy says:


            I’m calling you out on this: You didn’t even know who Koryn was until a few weeka ago! Nobody picked Koryn to win from the blinds, including you. You even said in recent posts you were surprised how good she was, indicating several times you hardly knew who she was! Go back and look at the older blogs! At least I don’t lie!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Jill, please, if you’re going to attack me with my own words, please do so with my own words and not the ones that you made up in your head.
            From the comments section of Slezak’s article on March 3, 2015 (FYI: Little Caesars girl is Koryn). If you want to convince yourself that I fabricated this cut and paste, be my guest and check Slezak’s archive.
            “There is a bizarre level of cuteness coming from the young girls and women this year. Last night with India and the young country singer, tonight with the girl who sang the Miranda Lampert song, the Little Caesars girl, the girl from Mississippi with the perfect skin, etc. They’re just so damn cute and so adorably earnest….
            And can I have a moment of silence for Little Caesars girl’s low notes? Those were money and I very literally got the chills. So so good.”

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Jill, also from the same article’s comments section:
            “I dare say Koryn might be my favorite this season. That’s an uncommon voice. It’s like Toni Braxton if Toni Braxton were a lot better.”

          • Katie Killjoy says:

            Slay that troll Angie, slay it!

        • Libster says:

          Just because you say it doesn’t make it true. Clearly Josh is good otherwise why is he getting the votes and selling on iTunes well enough to make it to the finals? He may not be your taste, but he is to many others. Sawyer is a snoozefest…the kid looks like he’s on Prozac and what kind of music do his fans think he will make? Folk music is what the show says. That can be great music, but it sure as hell isn’t get up and dance stuff. During their duet Josh clearly outsung Sawyer in tone and style. I think Sawyer and Koryn both have potential, but they need some years behind them to get there. Josh and Meghan both have lived some and, in my opinion, it shows in their voices and in the way they sing. Having said that, I’m pretty sure Sawyer has it in the bag, but I don’t see him becoming the show’s first superstar at least not for a very long time.

          • JM1 says:

            Libster – THANK YOU! It is fine to prefer one singer over another. But I’m sick and tired of hearing people insist that any of these finalists can’t sing, or is terrible, or “does not deserve” to be here.

          • Katie Killjoy says:

            No…he hasn’t earned a finale visit. I maintain that heavily.
            Also, Sawyer easily outsang Josh in that duet.
            The guy is a snoozefest and unfortunately snoozefest seems to be peoples favorite meal right now.
            Doesn’t stop it from being a snoozefest.

          • safado says:

            Josh singing “Drift Away–a perfect fit. Songs and performances like that sell records, too. They’re sure not “boring” to everyone. (Now myself, I find divas boring.)

          • Katie Killjoy says:

            Meanwhile I find uninspired, sheepish singing to be the most boring of the all.
            Aka, Joshua.
            I can sincerely enjoy soft vocals, but soul-less or uninspiring performances is where I cross the line.
            Josh is absolutely incapable of performing as though he isn’t tired of trying to fight for the career he’ll never get.

          • Spoken Rainbows says:

            Adding my I’m just saying and unasked for two cents… you were on a decently spoken roll, then threw that uncalled for shade at Sawyer which made you sound like a HATER. He’s still a young man and is having his moment worth listening to in time on The Voice. Say what you unnecessarily want to about him. But choosing Pharrell as his coach speaks volumes about the longevity of using wisdom in your youth. So too is Koryn’s future beyond this competition in an A-list producer’s good hands!

          • Lipster, you talk truth. I thought Joshua outsung Sawyer in the duo and although he can’t win, he isn’t as bad as some here think. I happen to like Air Supply lol re another poster. I have had my favorite win including this season. I did get excited about Koryn and her song “Make it rain” was the only one I bought on ITunes. I almost bought Meghan TN Whiskey song the other night and still might and I’m not even into country and even Joshua with Budapest had a moment.

          • Libster says:

            I “threw shade” at Sawyer and get called out for it, but all of the shade thrown at Joshua and Meghan is perfectly okay? Double standard, dear. I stand by what I said about Sawyer. He seems like a very nice, wholesome young man, but I do not think he is in any way ready for a big time music career at this point. Looks to me like he has some growing up to do first. And I said that in my original post…I think in a few years he has potential to be a successful recording artist, but he’ll be eaten alive right now. I think these singing shows need to raise the minimum age to 18. There are many extremely talented young kids out there, but they aren’t even close to being fully formed and while they may have nice voices, they will be even better and more marketable with some more life experiences under their belts. He appears to be comfortable when he sings, but he seems very out of his comfort zone when being spoken to and responding while on stage. Not a hater, just trying to inject some realism into the Sawyer frenzy.

      • Joy Mayfield says:

        I thought this site was better then this chick with her side bar racist comments.. she probably just votes all night so no one except someone white would win rather they have talent or not. My black people you can’t complain if you don’t vote and beat prejudice people like this white trash with negative comments.

        • Jill Moy says:



    • Shiloh says:


  14. Allie says:

    I’m done.

  15. ja says:

    no I think adams guy should of left not india man they just dint want a women coach to win do you america very dissappointed not going to watch the voice probably on of the guys will will adam artist or blake come on

  16. Beverly Hill says:

    Koryn – I do not understand why people think her voice that is always quivering and her hand shaking is good music. She sounds the
    same on every song . I do not understand and I am sure India was thinking the same what more does she need to do. She out
    sung everyone last night . You could tell her heart was broken when she did not make the top three.
    No need to watch any more – Sawyer is going to win.

    • Debbie willis says:

      Agree wholeheartedly!

    • MC says:

      Exactly. It was easy to see that India was visibly shaken by not qualifying for the top three in the voting. Slezak asked, “What happened? That’s what happened. India was too devastated to really focus on the Twitter instant save performance. I don’t agree with you about Koryn, but India was indeed heartbroken even before she started to sing tonight.

    • Katie Killjoy says:

      You must be a Joshua fan.
      Opinion disregarded.

    • Spoken Rainbows says:

      Koryn is aware of the spirit-filled ‘calling’ on her life and it shows every time she sings. Most people talk with their hands. She does the same thing when vocally in her element. Pay attention to what you’re doing with yours if they’re unoccupied while getting your own soul-stirring inner groove on and expressively out. Not only will you understand her motioning hands, there’s a stronger possibility of getting over this pet peeve! As for sounding the same, it’s called ‘signature styling’.

      India has been classically trained. That made a noticeable difference in her emotional delivery when she tried to competitively be a powerhouse. She did open up after Kimberly Nichole was gone. But it was a little too late for the last woman standing on Xtina’s team. Of course she can sing, and was heartbroken. Goals are goals. She’ll get where she’s going once her vocal sense of musical direction is clear. Choosing the right genre is also a must.

      Don’t stop watching. That’s what sore losers do! I’m sure you’re better than that!

    • Birdy says:

      I don’t think India gave her best performance last night, but she was still better than Koryn, imo. And I think it should have been Joshua and Koryn in the bottom two, with India safe. I’m scratching my head as to why a gal with such a lovely voice is gone, and Koryn, Meghan, and Joshua are not.

  17. wild_child says:

    I would say of the top 8 every single one of those contestants had at least one performance that blew me away from Koryn’s Make It Rain to Kimberly’s HOTRS to Sawyer’s Shine on to India’s Stay, etc. Everyone of them has made me understand why they made it so far, everyone except Joshua Davis that is. I really really don’t get his appeal. He’s elevator music and has yet to have a stand out performance goes to show you that a WGWG can be mediocre in every respect and still make it far.

    • Music Lover says:

      Completely agree. Josh in the finals makes NO sense. His singing puts me to sleep (and not in a good way)
      There were many, many contestant better than him.

  18. ja says:

    team xtina had ththe best team in the voice very disappointed with America India should have been in the final just don’t want a girl coach to win it all I’m tired of Adam and Blake always winning come on this is the voice

  19. Kathy says:

    I think Koryn should have been top 3 easily. She’s continued to improve and is amazing. I like Sawyer but not sure he should be top 5 talent wise. Great kid, though.

  20. N says:

    I was looking for a way to vote
    For my favorite, India, only to find out before the show was over in Colorado that she was eliminated so disappointed that I won’t watch the show any further- India
    Was far and away so much more talented than the others that I can’t accept this outcome -yea the kid has a nice hat and haircut thing going on but really not much more- very sad decision

    • Donna Ryland says:

      I agree, she was to me anyway a beautiful young lady that brought a lot to the competition. God knows who will win ,I just hope whoever wins makes it big and stay in the art race. Country music is NO more real country someone murdered it with this 2015 mess they call country. I’m so glad I have a ton of the real Country music to listen to🍸I sincerely hope that whoever wins doesn’t lose sight of who made him the winner..🌻🌼

  21. Tina says:

    Why bother watching? All you have to do is look at the iTunes chart to know who stays and who goes and who is #1. BORING

  22. ja says:

    for the life of me I cannot believe India’s not in the finals Josh should have been out since last week should have been Kimberly in Indian like I said American this is the voice this is not voting for coach Team Christina had the best team sorry girl should have been your year for the voice

    • davmon says:

      Team Christina was in great shape once she got Kimberly and Rob on board with India. But I felt Christina’s coaching did not seem to help them much. Rob was special; really overlooked. India was great in the Blinds, and never as good after. Kimberly was great on Hound Dog, What’s Up, and HOTRS–but there is a bad patch in her voice that can grate and the theatrics were gonna turn off some unfortunately….But how about Team Pharrell which started with Sawyer, Mia Z, Kimberly and Meghan–not to mention Caitlin Caporale and Ashley Morgan and Paul and Lowell. And later, he would steal Koryn. He was loaded. Four made it to the Top 6. [And Mia should have been–but I know her music was a bit rarefied for mainstream taste.]

  23. jw says:

    I’d have thought Meghan would get tossed off long ago. Don’t be surprised if she pulls this out in the end. Not that I’m hoping for that. I think Sawyer should take the crown this cycle.

  24. Joe says:

    My biggest fear is that Joshua may actually win this thing.

    • Davey says:

      Sawyer is winning, that’s what makes this season kind of pointless. Every one on the show knows this. I don’t know how the other singers perform, knowing that Sawyer is in the top 10 on iTunes every week.

  25. Christine says:

    Wow, the two best performances of the night were rewarded with being in the Bottom 2? Could not have anything to do with the color of their skin, could it?

    • Charles says:

      Christine, I have the feeling it has to do more with agei, ndia was too upand down (so was Megan but has the “Blake block’) and so the two oldest and too youngest – I actually think it will be Koryn vs Sawyer now.

    • MC says:

      Yeah, there’s really no doubt about it. Koryn and India delivered the two best vocals of Monday night and everyone else was a distant second.

      • JM1 says:

        With all respect, I dissent. Koryn’s singing makes me want to throw things at the tv.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Koryn I’m a little less sold on based on last night at least, but India absolutely blew everyone out of the water last night. No question.

        • MC says:

          India was an A or A+ (especially on “Earth Song”), but Koryn only had to be a B or a B- to finish way ahead of the others on Monday night. I thought it was a lackluster night for the other three singers.

        • tvtjw says:

          Wait, you’re not “sold” on Koryn? Is that because she’s black? Pure racism, and pure sarcasm coming from me.

    • Sunshine says:

      Enough already…do yourself a favor and let this color thing go…no one can change your mind if this is how you really feel. Whether you’ve lived this as your truth or not, choose your battles wisely. This one will only hold you back when it’s your time to shine!

  26. ja says:

    sorry to say this but very disappointed that India is out of the voice I will no further watch the voice good luck to the rest of the artist

  27. Charles says:

    tthe hey final got it right-it will be Megan or Sawyer but the best performance of the night was Sawyer-Joshua duo-clearly beat any other.

  28. Cynthia cook says:

    Koryn made me cry. I adore her. I was singing thru tears. Pharrel said it, she sings to soothe pain.

  29. Summer says:

    I thought Joshua should have been in the bottom 2. He didn’t sing as well as koryn did. Next week koryn will be the one to beat.

  30. warren says:

    Send home Joshua, keep India

  31. MAB says:

    I am happy with the results. I did prefer India to Koryn though. Koryn voice has a harshness to it.

  32. Kim Moores says:

    We all knew TWO black girls with big vocals couldn’t be in the finale.
    Otherwise the finales would have more of them.
    With this, Koryn becomes the first fully black woman in the finale ever.
    Not making this about race, just pointing out a fact that was pointed out weeks ago:
    When have black women with big voices ever made it to even the semi-finals?

  33. Sheila says:

    I know that Meghan Kinsey made it however she has been off the last couple of weeks — didn’t sound like herself. Koryn gives her all each week and deserves to be there. Joshua Davis, really. I would definitely have Sawyer. He is a joy every week.

  34. Delecia says:

    Well i am ready for the finale! I watch the show every Monday and I don’t understand why people complain when it America who is voting “snoozefest Sawyer” or “quivering Koryn” or even Joshua.. The reality is the people enjoy snoozefest Sawyer and Koryn and even Joshua. Koryn and Sawyer seem to be America’s favorite’s because they’ve grown, and there is this raw, unchanged “thing” about the two of them. they have stuck to being original and that is what America seems to be backing them. None of these artist forces anyone to vote for them…. they sing wiith hopes that America will vote them through.. hence we have our four finalists.. Congratz to all of them.

    • Elk says:

      Refreshing to see comments without meanness. Thank you. They are each just doing their best to continue. It is too bad when someone has to leave, but the votes just weren’t there…..don’t blame those who voted for their favorite/s….blame those who didn’t vote. Those of you making nasty comments about these singers and each other because you don’t care for their taste in music should be ashamed.

  35. Bob Byington says:

    Rather had seen Joshua leave! Not India’s best performance but still is more talented than Joshua!

    • Sheila says:

      India was an excellent singer. In my opinion she deserved to be there in the finals and not Joshua. Sorry, Joshua fans.

  36. Moria says:

    Again, people don’t seem to get you only get one vote per twitter account. Even saw people on twitter continuing to vote over & over long after the show was done. Catch up!

    • JM1 says:

      Haha – guilty! I don’t tweet much and I re-tweeted (for India) several times b/c I wasn’t sure it went through. I need to catch up, indeed. :-)

  37. Jeff says:

    #StriveForFive is a live and well! Team Blake

  38. danin says:

    Loved the trio of women singing Faithfully.A+

  39. Shiloh says:

    I don’t understand Joshua making it again. He’s OK, that’s all.

    • JM1 says:

      Adam’s been a grouch all season. Could you imagine how bad he’d be if he didn’t have a singer in the finale? Maybe he’s lobbied hard?

  40. Kaba says:

    Happy for Koryn
    Devastated for India after such an awesome night
    Completely confused as to who is voting for Joshua, but whatever.
    Not a single team Xtina member in the finale…instead we get Joshua Davis to close out the night with a spoonful of Nyquil

  41. Andrea says:

    Koryn should have been in the top three. Joshua should have been in the bottom two.

  42. Lori says:

    Oh how awful… what a total bore. Such a good season to start and this is what we are left with … A Robot with no ability to relate to people and has cows for friends, a girl who sings like she has Parkinson’s and is at a church revival every time, a low key coffee house guy that could be muzak if you weren’t watching and one gal with an awesome voice and talent — but not the nicest personality. YUK all around. Gone are the voices that blew us away : Kimberly, Sara, Mia, India. Who even cares anymore — my fav show is such a disappointment — even the judges lost their funny bones… and this was the only confessional week. All told what should have been an awesome season turned out pitiful. So sad :-(

    • AB says:

      Your “robot with cows for friends” is a 16-year-old kid with amazing talent who has obviously captured the hearts of many fans who keep plunking down their buck-twenty-nine on iTunes to keep him at the top of the chart every week. Bye bye to “all those voices who blew us away”…I’m sticking with Sawyer, thank you very much!

      • Lori says:

        Those Sawyer votes are from 13 year old girls who love his long blonde tresses. If you are voting too — may you are 14? We hear each week about being the total package — well Sawyer is NOT at all. He may have a likable voice — but the sheltered kid has no personality. How is he going to promote his music? Put him on a show like Ellen or Fallon and he’ll freeze — has cannot carry on a conversation — he just gives that spooky smile that never changes. Someone told him when he came on the show to smile and he does throughout everything he sings. I never see angst, sadness or anything that touches his heart. He comes off weird and one-dimensional. Even once he wins — he will be remembered till the credits fall and then he too will “drift away”. Oh well. We’ve had runner ups go on to fame before — hoping we see and hear from Kimberly again!

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          You aren’t allowed to question the Sawyer fans. It’s ok to call Koryn, India, Meghan, and well… everyone… whatever you want, but to criticize Sawyer is treated as a crime against humanity punishable by death.
          I am not a Sawyer fan, but I wish the best for him post show. It would be good if the show had a star from this, and I hope his rabes-riddened fan base put their money where their mouths are and buy his albums and go to his concerts. I’m highly skeptical of this actually happening for many of the reasons you state, but it’s my hope nonetheless.

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            I think his raw talent is legit. I think he has much to learn. I too think his voice is special. It is subjective for sure, but his voice gets to me and does so in a good way. His face often does not match the emotion, but the voice does. I think potentially he is amazing, presently a joy to listen to.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I hope you’re right, Alan. I harbor no ill will towards Sawyer. I’ll never buy his music, but I respect that he’s doing his thing and wish him and every one of these folks the best. Very tough industry where very few make it. And I hope you buy his album.

        • SarahRose says:

          14 year olds? Lol. Try 50’s and 60’s…people that remember Dylan, Denver, Lennon, et al. Did you follow his fan base and responses? Sawyer, if handled correctly can become one of the unique untouchables. There is no denying Sawyer has captured hearts across all ages….and for good reason. His kind and unspoiled persona is refreshing and welcome by many. His personality does not require our approval. That too will continue to develop with good managing and with time. What Sawyer has, you can not buy….you have “it” or you do not.

          • Shyvonne Paul says:

            That’s exactly why he chose Pharrell. To comfortably trust someone who can open the right doors where your destiny is concerned matters. I hope that beyond being attached to The Voice(upsets do happen)… Pharrell is instrumental in his development as a recording artist. BTW, I’m 56 and at first listening along with feeling Sawyer’s vibe, John Denver came to mind.

          • Eileen says:

            Thank you! A very intelligent comment.

        • Libster says:

          “…weird and one-dimensional.” You nailed it!

        • TC says:

          I hate to break it to you Lori but I have friends, co-workers and family ranging from 10-74 years old that are voting for Sawyer. So your theory that he is only getting the tween vote is seriously flawed. He appeals to all ages based on his musical style and personality. Which, may I add, it thankfully nothing like yours. Just exactly how old are you? By judging from your post, you are a 14 year old bully. If you are in fact older, then that makes it even sadder.

        • Sierra says:

          “We’ve had runner ups go on to fame before”

          No one from The Voice has gone on to fame. Not the winners, not the runners-up, at least not so far. Will it change? Only time will tell.

    • MC says:

      I still think it was a great season because of Mia, India, Koryn and especially Kimberly. I also like Meghan, although she has a tendency to oversing. It was pretty awesome free entertainment and the best collection of talent on a show like this in a long time.

  43. MiT says:

    Koryn… Needs to stop taking deep, ill-timed breaths into the microphone, and to choose a tune that will allow her to finish a few long notes cleanly. She is at the point in the competition where she can no longer hide behind her vibrato for the entire performance. I understand that her background is gospel, likely hence the style. However, those two habits absolutely need to be addressed to have any chance to win this type of competition. I have to wonder whether Pharrell has even broached the subject with her. Perhaps all of his eggs are in Sawyer’s basket.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      What do you mean “hide behind her vibrato”? Anyone singing well is going to have vibrato. Constant straight tone is what you need to avoid, not the other way around.

      • MiT says:

        Hi, Angie :)
        Meaning that Koryn’s voice rarely stops wavering, and it hides the notes that she does not hit as cleanly. Again, I sense that the gospel background is on display there. I am not intending to denigrate that background at all. I just feel that in this type and level of competition, her voice loses a bit of merit when she rarely if ever holds a truly pure note. Agreed absolutely that a bit of it carries a nice aesthetic. However, Koryn is at the other end of the spectrum. It seems she is all vibrato.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          When she gets nervous, her voice quivers. Is that what you mean? She has two vibratos, if you will: the good one and the bad one. The quiver? Yeah, she needs to get rid of that one ASAP. That’s bad breathing. Her other one I think is really pretty, which is the healthy, slower one.

    • Susanna Kingston says:

      Pharrell has shown me that he really wants Koryn over Sawyer. It’s so obvious as each has moved on. He just is not a good judge at all, and doesn’t seem good at choosing songs for Sawyer to sing. Maybe, he figures he will do all right on his own. He has the winner right before him, but clearly wants him gone. I believe India, Kimberly and Koryn caught his eye, and he doesn’t really care if he takes the prize. He consistently stood for all their performances, and gushed over each every night.

  44. Ronnie says:

    I knew when Mia got voted off that this season would be a mess. And then after Kimberly’s elimination last week, I was done. All this voting by young Tween girls for someone because they find him cute has been going on since that lame talent Sanjaya was on American Idol and makes these shows disappointing on so many levels.

    • BeckyS says:

      I didn’t care for Mia’s singing, but that’s simply a personal choice – I agree she should have been kept on longer. She, Kimberley, Hannah and Sarah seem to be too individualistic for this competition. That’s sad.

  45. Katie Killjoy says:

    I’m gonna try and post this complaint about Meghan now:

    How am I supposed to be content with a woman who approached a Sam Smith song with the tenderness of an abusive, alcoholic husband to his doe eyed, shy and broken wife?
    Was I supposed to enjoy the pure vocal abuse of “I’m Not The Only One”? Cause I didn’t enjoy a second of it.

  46. Carolyn Pagnano says:

    Josh should not be in finals! A joke! No. It needs to change because you can have a town that gets behind you and you can be caterpolted to finals. Something has to change moving forward
    Not fun and mire. Lost luster thus season even though so much talent….

    • Davey says:

      So you’re berating a town for getting behind their hometown singer? All the contestants have the whole of America voting for them.

    • TC says:

      I highly doubt that a relatively small town in Michigan is fully responsible for getting Josh through week after week. He’s got fans all over the country or he wouldn’t be in the finale

  47. In music myself, as far as I’m concerned, the season ended with the elimination of Kimberly Nichole! This again is another idol that will far exceed the winner. What more can be said?

    • BeckyS says:

      I agree that Kimberley is leagues ahead of many of the remaining contestants – but she showed such a personal style that apparently wasn’t broad enough to draw the votes she needed. With the exception of Sawyer (and maybe Josh), the rest of the top 7 or 8 are fairly similar – not really a lot of originality there. Good singing, yes, but breakout star? I would be very surprised to hear most of these folks on the radio a year from now.

  48. pealeaf says:

    Agree with so many comments. I think the show is highly engineered and it’s best to watch it from that point of view. Last season was the first I watched ever and I never imagined CWB would win it. I thought Kimberly Nichole was gonna win this season. WRONG. At least India won’t win it; she had so little personality. Whoever said “Pageant Singer” was right. It all seems to come down to the least common denominator I guess. Country is big, Christians vote. Inoffensive folky singing is popular to the masses (or at least the ones who vote).

    • melindaeve42 says:

      One last thing- at this point, I don’t think the issue is who is “better” than the other – it’s who is the most voting people’s favourite. That’s all.

  49. BeckyS says:

    This is my first season watching, and I’m discovering that America is voting with their hearts & their comfort zones, not their ears.

    I’m astounded that Koryn keeps getting selected, as she has had pitch problems from the beginning – and now it sounds like her voice is about one week from laryngitis. Really, she’s in danger of damage because her voice isn’t ready for this much power singing. I do believe the talent is there, but for her sake, I hope she doesn’t win.

    Sawyer has an interesting voice, but it’s a little uneven in power. He doesnt move smoothly from regular volume to power, punching a few notes with an awesome sound, then it’s like he just turned the volume dial down. A minor quibble, but that’s the level we’re at here. Meghan also has some smoothness and tonal consistency issues, but is musically very solid. I also like that she can handle a variety of styles.

    Why do I like Josh? Well, I didn’t think he had that much going for him to start, but he’s growing on me – a lot of that is because of his sheer joy in performing. You can tell he’s having the best time ever. There’s something appealing about that level of confidence. Even Meghan seems a little nervous sometimes, but Josh knows he’s born to be on stage & it shows. The only other competitor with that confidence was Kimberley, and I am still boggled that she didn’t make it. I guess she wasn’t mainstream enough, but I truly believe that if the votes were purely on talent, she’d still be in & would be the frontrunner. No one has put out a song to match House of New Orleans this whole season.

    • BeckyS says:

      Whoops, House of the Rising Sun

    • tealeaves says:

      The vast majority of people have no idea what a “pitch problem” is. So, in fact, most people are not voting on who is the best technical singer. Most people do not know or care who is the best technical singer. That’s not what people vote for. They vote for the contestant that they enjoy the most. They also vote for contestants that they want to see again next week.

      • BeckyS says:

        Hearing pitch problems (or as Blake says, “being pitchy”) is a physiological thing in the ear that some folks have & some don’t, to a more or lesser degree. I always heard it referred to as playing / singing in tune. Basically, a note is too high or too low by just a hair, and if you can hear it, it’s going to drive your opinion of a performance down as much as poor artistry. It’s why I’d rather listen to Josh than Koryn – no reflection on their relative appeal – because Josh is simply more solid at this time. Koryn will get there, but the unfortunate emphasis on power ballads (and her nerves) doesn’t help. Right now, her singing simply isn’t enjoyable to me because 1, her pitch problems and 2, I truly believe she’s pushing her voice harder than it can take (until she’s a little older & it’s stronger).

        • Birdy says:

          Becky, totally agree with you about Koryn. She is unquestionably talented, but the “power” singing is overdone week after week. She sounds as if she’s straining her voice for the sake of volume, and doesn’t seem to have learned about dialing it back and/or when nuance and subtlety is called for. And she always looks to me as if she’s in pain when she’s singing, rather than “emoting.” I like her, I think she’s got great potential, but I also think she’s not quite “ready for prime time.” A lot of people seem to like the all-out, all-the-time performances on this show (not just from Koryn).

    • birdloverus says:

      I think we’re all stunned that Kimberly was knocked out. She was my favorite for the win. I rarely use iTunes, but I downloaded her House of the Rising Sun. How on earth was she voted out?? She had everything going for her! I hope someone signs her to a contract. I’d buy her CD!

    • Susie Q says:

      I think Kimberly will wind up a star on Broadway. Joshua has a pleasant voice that appeals to the Baby Boomers, AND… his eyes are better than Paul Newman’s! His joy in performing is obvious. I try to listen to performers as if hearing them on the radio and that is how I rate them. India has a fantastic voice and lots of potential. Of all the 12 good voices, I think she could become a super star once she finds herself. Don’t scoff. Her voice is as strong as Whitney Houston’s and reminds me of the lead singer (name escapes me) of the Fifth Dimension. Koryn sings with a lot of heart, but I always think she has a mouth full of mush and don’t always know what she is saying. Sawyer has a good voice and a very mild, young personality. I think he’ll win because the young girls love him. My least favorite is Meghan. Her style of singing grates and I think she is only in the final because she sang ‘Amazing Grace’ and a George Jones country tune. It doesn’t hurt that she has some country power house backers either. I agree something should be done about I-tunes voting. I do e-mail, but no facebook, twitter or Itunes and don’t understand why those votes should count for more than others. I do understand that plunking down money may carry more weight than a personality vote by call in, so don’t know what the answer is, but 10 votes to my one?

      • Sierra says:

        #1 Marilyn McCoo was lead singer for Fifth Dimension.

        #2 The iTunes 10-to-1 vote ratio only applies if the song in question reaches the Top 10, and at that point, the “bonus” seems warranted, given how hard it is to crack the Top 10.

      • davmon says:

        Enjoyed your comments. I am a second season person, so still a bit new. I fell for Sawyer’s opening salvo on the old mountain song “Constant Sorrow’ when the three chairs turned in three seconds..and he went on to be so fresh, authentic, and different. I felt he won it all in those three seconds. After turning, Adam & Pharrell and Xtina sat there stunned at how amazingly good he was. He has had several very good songs, especially Simple Man and For What It’s Worth. But I love his enthusiasm and commitment to a throw-back sound of folk and folk-rock or even pre-country. He set my standard for the show–holding out for authentic and different….The next closest was Mia Z with her startling takes on blues rock classics, doing her jazz stylings. Might have seemed affectation in anyone else; but she has fronted a blues band for five years already at 16. Astonishing! What amazing talent in one so young; and again, she is authentic and different. Wanting to expose the mainstream to a blues sensibility. What wonderful ambition without pretention….Then, Kimbely hit “her stride with Hound Dog and What’s Up and HOTRS; bold yet sensitive phrasing that also seemed authentic and fresh and different…until either Xtina or Kim overdid the theatrics (which not everyone would go for) and she got careless “pocketing” in a wild onion patch in the big lush pasture of her voice…what a courageous and interesting talent….Lastly, Koryn who I barely noticed early but was clued in by time Pharrell chose her over Caitlin to save in the Lives. When she sang Make It Rain, morphing a white guy’s blues into a gospel-infused dirge, it was stupendous. Chills went up my back 8 or 10 times per listening…Talking about authentic and different; she invokes the sound of old “race records” from a young Mahalia Jackson from the 30s or the frenzied physicality of the young girl who steps out front of the choir in the black church on Sunday morn–and soars . And she, like Sawyer and Mia before her, blossomed under Pharrell who recognized where she was special and helped her bring it out. She was close to as good with O Mary. But like you, I worry some that she is taxing her voice by cranking the throttle all the way at a tender age. But each of these have been an unexpected joy. Kudos to The Voice for finding them and to Pharrell especially for the TLC he showed in bringing forward these special voices.

  50. Big_Al says:

    I VOTE that next season the producers of The Voice, eliminate the iTunes numbers!!!! Not all of us uses iTunes. I vote but I don’t do iTunes!! I’m still wondering who voted for Joshua, I didn’t cast a single vote for him this season!!!! I’m a big Elton John fan, so I like pop rock!! But nothing he sang grabbed me! Kimberly and or Indian should be in the finals!! Not Joshua!!