Dancing With the Stars Semi Results: Did the Right Couple Go Home?

DWTS Noah Galloway

Monday’s performance show for the Dancing With the Stars semifinals didn’t technically have a theme, but I’d like to propose one that became evident during the two-hour broadcast: “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other.”

It’s hard to openly discuss this season’s Final Four without acknowledging the Insensitive Elephant in the Room: Even though Noah Galloway has been nothing short of inspirational in his efforts on the dance floor, he just can’t match Rumer, Nastia and Riker in their skill and range.

I imagine this is a dilemma that Carrie Ann, Len, Julianne and Bruno face each week. Noah can’t help lacking in certain areas — grace, fluidity, et al. — but when those elements are so crucial to great dancing, it’s hard to consider his presence in the semifinals totally fair.

Even Noah’s paso doble from Monday night, while among his best of the season, was vastly overpraised by a judging panel that seemed to overlook actual content in favor of cool tricks — or, as I like to call it, the Patti LaBelle Effect. Noah was totally committed to his matador character and showed off some serious physical strength in the number… buuuuut, when you look at the overall routine, it consisted of much less actual movement on his part than the judges might have had us believe.

All of this to say: If only three couples could advance to the Season 20 finals, it has become pretty darn clear who those three couples should be. (You’ll have to scroll down, though, to see if those three couples did move on to next week’s finale.)

And because I’ve already spent enough of this recap putting Noah on blast — I usually have a cheery disposition, I swear! — let’s revisit Noah’s sweet proposal to girlfriend Jamie Boyd, which even got resident cynic Tom Bergeron tearing up:

Feeling sufficiently weepy? Excellent. Let’s move on to some other highlights from Monday’s performance show:

BEST OF THE NIGHT | Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy (Contemporary Ballet) | I’ll be honest: My knowledge of ballet technique mostly comes from repeat viewings of Center Stage and Save the Last Dance (once was enough for you, Black Swan). But you don’t have to be a pro to know how rigorous and exhausting this dance style can be. Despite Rumer and Val’s limited knowledge of ballet, both dancers performed the choreography with such ease, they were practically skating across the ballroom floor.

BEST OF THE NIGHT: RUNNER-UP | Riker Lynch and pro Allison Holker (Contemporary) | I have a soft spot for any and all Allison Holker contemporary performances, thanks in part to this legendary So You Think You Can Dance number from 2010. (I’ll wait while you watch.) But Riker, as he has done for most of his Season 20 run, matched Allison at every step of this complex routine. No, his lines may not have been completely straight, and he may never be as emotionally in tune as his partner tends to be. But contemporary is such a specialized style of dance, and such a difficult one, that mastering this tricky choreography is a feat worth serious praise.

MOST SENTIMENTAL | Nastia Liukin and pro Derek Hough (Viennese Waltz) | Nastia’s current DWTS set-up — in which she basically gets to dance with whomever is feeling well enough at the time — has had me feeling a bit grouchy about her recent weeks on the show. But after watching Len reminisce on his glory days of dancing, leading to Nastia and Derek’s most elegant and genuine performance yet, my heart made like The Grinch’s and grew three sizes.

And now, those results:

Riker Lynch and pro Allison Holker
Noah Galloway and pro Sharna Burgess
Rumer Willis and pro Val Chmerkovskiy

Nastia Liukin and pro Derek Hough (?!)

“Last night was a magical night — not just for us, but for everybody here,” Liukin said. “To be able to finish my experience with that dance meant a lot.”

OK, your turn. Did Nastia and Derek deserve to get eliminated? Who are you pulling for in next week’s finale? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Al says:

    Noah is a great inspiration but he can’t dance. He Barely moves

  2. Steve says:

    Noah should’ve gone home.

  3. sara says:

    Noah definitely should have gone home. Nastia was robbed.

  4. Mr. Tran K says:

    100% pure disappointment. Nastia Liukin truly didn’t deserve to be eliminated, she definitely deserve to be in the final three. Did the right couple go home? NO! NO! NO! I adore Nastia Liukin from the beginning and she’ll be my Woman Crush Wednesday this week.

  5. Lynne says:

    With the fact that Noah is still in the competition, its clear to see who will win next week. He is inspirational yes, but he is getting sympathy scores and votes. I only caught his second routine last night and there was very VERY little dancing on his part and should NOT have gotten the perfect score it did. Riker has been nothing short of amazing this entire time and he JUST got his first perfect score last night for BOTH routines.

  6. Bruce Smith says:

    No way! As inspiring as Noah is to watch, his dancing is not to finals par. The show has been pulling a lot of shenanigans recently to get ratings higher. It doesn’t always seem to be about the dance anymore. Honestly, I’ve been watching sense season 1, but …..

  7. Angela says:

    Definitely surprised by these results, yeah. I like Noah, and respect and admire his skill and the way Sharna was able to work with him on their dances. But I seriously expected him to be going home tonight. I’m guessing the fact that people seem to like him as a person, and maybe the fan revolt against Derek constantly making it to the finals in recent years, played a factor. Still, though, yeah, Nastia and Derek should still be there.
    I’ll be very surprised if Noah wins next week, though. I’m totally fine with Rumer and Riker making it to the top three, and will be just fine with either one of them winning :).
    I also agree on Nastia and Derek’s dance that included Len last night. Hard not to get a little misty-eyed at that-it was a very sweet tribute, and I’m glad that Len was able to get out on the dance floor at the very end as he did :).

  8. D says:

    I am sorry that Nastia and Derek were eliminated. It will make the finale less. Why did Val say that Nastia was boring. I thought he sounded jealous of Derek’s success and popularity but took a swipe at Nastia who is just an admirable young woman. Shame on you Val.

    • I agree with you that I thought he was throwing major shade Derek and Nastia’s way but what he said was that they were so perfect they almost seemed perfect. It was like an insult wrapped in a compliment. One thing I never did see from Derek and Nastia was a passion for each other – and that’s what makes couples on this show so fun to watch.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Nastia showed more passion with Sasha. Had she been with him the whole season, I think she would have made it to the finals. She was boring with Derek. Excellent skills, but no “love” of the dance with him.

    • cyclone says:

      What Val said was that when you’re TOO perfect, you’re boring. Yes they get scored in dancing but it is not about sticking the landing like Nastia is used to. The show is live and it is more exciting when unexpected things happen, so if you are too perfect as Val said and you don’t leave any room for error then you’ll never be in the moment.

  9. JRC says:

    Noah should have been sent home weeks ago. I appreciate his service but that doesn’t make him a dancer.

    • noah stink period..let the real dancer take his place

    • Em says:

      Could not have said it better myself.

    • Carol McDade says:

      It is obvious that the double amputee has been an inspiration. But this is a dance contest, no? Am I wrong? The guy can’t dance and looks ridiculous in my opinion. The first few shows were entertaining while our soldier tried to dance, gave it his all, etc… But come on folks be fair!
      May not watch next season if soldier wins. People watch this show to see beautiful dancing that always turns into a nail biting finale between 2 amazing dancers/partners.
      If the double amputee wins. Then it’s no longer about dancing, but about emotional manipulation. I don’t appreciate dwts insulting our intelligence and our ability to appreciate good dancing. No way I’ll be cheering for this guy if he wins. More so, Ill be changing the channel before his acceptance spill. Not believable and not hijacking my brain for an applause.

  10. Truly Noble says:

    Noah should have been eliminated.

  11. Ann says:

    I’m pissed off .Derek and Nastia definitely deserved to be in the finale. Noah should have been eliminated

  12. cari says:

    Bastian was great and should have made it to the finals. However, I don’t feel that she would have won.

  13. amber says:

    Noah stinks as a dancer I think it’s more pitty

  14. J weisleder says:

    Life sometimes is not fair. Congratulations to all the finalist

  15. Debby says:

    Noah should have gone home. Is there no control over who is eliminated.

  16. Pam says:

    I stopped voting 2 seasons ago. Now I may stop watching. DWTS needs to get back to basics. People how are young enough to dance and are not just inspirations.

    • whatdwhat says:

      DWTS is about seeing how far a non professional dancer can progress. It has nothing to do with youth.
      There’s no conspiracy about Noah progressing. Even if he scored straight fives from all the judges – the viewer votes would have pulled his overall score higher than Nastia who doesn’t have much of a fan base. She may be a better dancer but it is what is. It’s basic math.

      • Shame on ABC and the producers of DWTS (aka PWTI) says:

        Hmmm, basic math. Really? If that is what DWTS has come two, then frankly, Noah should not have been allowed on this show – the show is called ‘Dancing With The Stars’, not ‘Posing With The Inspirations.’ We all knew (and know) who will win this competition next week (the show had a similar issue with the other “war-hero as celebrity” nonsense) – fans voting is fine, but it is up to the producers of this ‘show’ to ensure they keep the show as a dancing contest, not an off-shoot of GMA.

        There is a fine line between inspiration and opportunism. I think we know the difference. Shame on the DWTS producers and ABC – their once fine show has become a mockery of dancing and nothing more than yet another prop for ABC’s synergy with GMA and all the other ‘heart-tug’ nonsense that they use the public airwaves to promote. Shame on them.

        Fans – be careful who you vote for and what you wish for – you just might get it …. DWTS becoming PWTI. Good luck with that. A pure sham, opportunism and snake-oil salesmen never goes very far for very long.

        • whatdwhat says:

          Check your pbs listings. They broadcast competitive ballroom dancing.

          If you don’t understand the basic math they use in DWTS by now, that’s your own fault. It’s just an elaborate game show /popularity contest- nothing more.

          Seriously, calm down.

        • broncfanwa says:

          DWTS has always been about America’s FAVORITE dancer, not America’s BEST dancer. Favorite and Best aren’t synonyms.

          • Mr. Zero TV says:

            Nice point. I think what the poster upthread was considering was not so much ‘Favorite’ vs ‘Best’, but ‘dancing’ vs ‘posing.’ At least that’s what I got out of his rant, but that’s just my guess.

            But he does bring up a good point. Is the show about dancing or posing? Noah is a courageous guy and is well regarded as he should be. However, did his agent put him on this show for all the wrong reasons? He’s not dancing – I think most everyone on this thread can agree with that. He may well be America’s favorite ‘poser’, but not a dancer. Nothing wrong with that, but that’s what we have.

        • Angela says:

          @broncfanwa: Thank you. I love all the people here who are like, “This show’s nothing more than a popularity contest!” or “You mean this show might be RIGGED?!” Yeah, welcome to the world of reality television, folks, this isn’t anything new.

        • Grace says:


      • Cathy says:


        • Humu says:

          I wanted to comment on ur technicality statement and missteps remark. I noticed that one of the judges said they had been very hard on Natasia which supports ur remark, and then look the other way. It wasn’t fair for the judges to put such strict expectations on Natasia, who clearly grew to be a more talented dancer, and clearly by the overall scores in the semi-finals was by far rated as one of the top contenders, even granted immunity for the dance off, and then give Noah higher scores than deserved. It was obvious he lacked technically period, bc he was very handicapped, and they weren’t grading him on that. It was all about his inspirational aspects. Judges have to grade everyone equally, and it didn’t appear to be that way at the end. He was always on the bottom of the leader board towards the end too. How can a judge even compare the two? It’s like comparing apples to oranges, so to speak. Nothing wrong with either fruit, both good, but very different in taste. I don’t think such handicapped people should be on this kind of show. It’s unfair to that person, other contenders, and even the judges. The tittle is dancing with the stars. He’s not a star in that sense of the word. He could be honored for his abilities with people like him with other handicaps in a “special” dancing with the stars show and then the judging would be more in character with the performance level. He was no where near the dancing performance as Natasia, and I’m sure he’s got to know that. Another reason people with such handicaps should not be on a show like this is bc it puts the judges in an awkward position. It’s a whole different category of talent to have to judge. I agree as well with the comment made from another person who said that fans voting is fine, but the producers should ensure that this show is about dancing contest competition, and if technicality and missteps r of critical importance in their decision making, especially critical towards the end bc they even say they get tougher at that point, then this last semi-final competition did not make any sense at all. Natasia was the most graceful in form, technically, female celebrity dancer. From head to toe. I’m not pleased with this elimination either, and I always thought that the three finalists should have been Natasia, Ryker, and Rumor. They WERE the best dancers. That makes all the sense in every aspect, and would have been a much more entertaining finals, with the OBVIOUS best technically talented dancers who EARNED their 10’s! I’m not sure I’ll watch the finals either. I don’t know yet. I love the show, but this last incident was EXTRAORDINARILY upsetting and unfair to the dancers who really earned to be in the finals. Very shocking indeed!!!

      • Carol McDade says:

        Yes, because dwts planned it that way. They are baiting for Noah votes. If Noah was a bigger man, he’d step down.

    • t manor says:

      very well put. I agree 100%

  17. Moria says:

    Yeah agree Noah seems like a great guy but we’ve seen what he can do. Personally I hated that paso doble, mostly because it wasn’t one, also Noah barely did a thing. Giving it a 10 was a joke. Sad Nastia is gone but I was having a terrible time choosing between her, Riker, & Rumer. I wish all could win. But now with 2 to chose from, I think I’ll vote for Rumer. If Noah wins, I’ll be super annoyed.

    • Moria says:

      Have to add, as someone trained in ballet, Rumer’s swan lake dance made me cringe. It was not ballet at all, yet not contemporary. The whole time I kept saying “no no no no no.” Embarrassing choreography. No idea why their first dance didn’t get all 10s though. That was BS.

      • Disney - please go in and fire every failure and creep in your ABC-TV mgmt team says:

        Yes, but Rumor runs around half-naked for 15 weeks! That must be good for something! So she can’t dance, so what? So she isn’t a good actress either! So she isn’t as good looking or talented as her mom! Who cares? Does she look good in a not-there ‘dance’ outfit? Yes, then fine, she stays and goes to the finals.

        In the end, it will come down to her and the war-hero. Guess who will win? This show has nothing, **NOTHING ** to do with dancing any longer, just as it has nothing to do with ‘Stars’. The show is called ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ Stars???? What stars? A wanna-be failed actress/daughter of celebrities, yet another Olympic ‘talent’ and a war hero. None of whom can dance a lick, but no one cares. This show has become a show about ‘a cause’, about ‘proving a point’, about ‘ feeling good for someone else.’ A disgrace and insult to the viewers’ intelligence.

        DWTS – RIP. Your time is near. As soon as Disney goes in and fires Paul Lee and the other talentless fools who run ABC TV, there will be a house cleaning, and first piece of broken down furniture that will get thrown out the window will be this once fine program called DWTS.

        They blew it. They had a nice show, apparently couldn’t compete doing the normal fox-trot and ballroom steps with outfits that were appropriate. They had to go the ‘shirtless, oily body, ‘Twister-posing’ dance routine. Selling out ones’ values and soul for a dollar is no cause for celebration. There is quite a bit of ‘selling out’ going on at DWTS these days, and frankly, it is stomach turning and pain inducing. But we watch anyway – maybe it is the oily bodies, or the hero-worship, but either way, it leads to nothing in the end. This show’s days are numbered and ABC TV is about to take an incredible fall next season.

        • whatdwhat says:

          Calm down. You’re acting like they’ve replaced the Olympics with synchronized pole dancing. This show was never meant to be taken seriously. If you want to watch a serious ballroom dancing coMpetition- check your pbs listing.

          As for your Rumer rant – go home, you’re drink. She has natural grace and talent. She has been dancing really well and at a surprisingly high level. I doubt you can pull off a classical ballet in 3 days.

          • Carol McDade says:

            Life is not fair? So let’s vote unfairly against people who have busted their butt to perform extraordinarily well? Hmmm. That’s ridiculous.

        • Cathy says:

          You are delusional. Rumer is the only one who CAN DANCE. Everyone keeps saying how “great” a guy Noah is. So what?! No one knows him personally. He might be an @hole in real life. The judges are looking the other way when usually they are sticklers for technical performances; the phone lines are always busy even when it’s not voting time (try it yourself right now); and last night, they brought in a dance group that was all about patriotism. Guess who that was for?? It’s a farce. Someone should sue ABC networks for fraud and rigging the show.

        • Angela says:

          …yeah, you need to chill. You’re taking a reality competition series WAY too seriously.

  18. Rick Wagner says:

    Sad. Let’s be completely fair here. Noah was very courageous coming on the show and has done a great job with his limited abilities. However, with all due respect, thank you, Noah, for your service and sacrifice for our country, but, of the four couples in the semis, Noah should have been eliminated.

  19. cocoamina says:

    Noah is no dancer. Nastia and Derek were robbed. It was all a sympathy vote. Beginning to think it is really all rigged after all.

  20. judy says:

    yes, Noah’s a great guy. But it is a dance competition and so far he really hasn’t danced. Sentiment over talent isn’t fair for anyone and I don’t think he’d want that way.

  21. Jean Smith says:

    No way. This is a dance competition and although he made great effort to have made it to the finals is a disgrace. Shame on DWTS. The whole thing is rigged.

  22. mbailey109 says:

    Nastia or Noah. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Noah has walked through most of his dances and has had help from other dancers. Sorry, it is a dancing contest and Nastia can dance.

  23. Bill says:

    Nastia was absolutely robbed, very disappointed!

  24. Marsie Villano says:

    Noah should have been eliminated .
    Sympathy for him that is why he is winning but …
    Not fair that Nastia was eliminated
    Is it because Derek ‘s foot and been
    Winning in the past!!!!

  25. jen says:

    This is a complete joke. I am so disappointed. The finale next week had the potential to be unbelievable. Nastia, Rumer and Riker would have been the most competitive final ever. I think the bad edit Nastia got is the reason she is gone. I am pretty sure that Noah won’t win. But still I don’t get it. Noah seems like a nice guy. But to be in the finale? I honestly don’t get how people vote. It’s not about who you like. It is a dancing competition.

  26. joe says:


  27. Tammy Miller says:

    For someone who has hardly ever watched this show, and only watched last year to see Duck Dynasty’s, Sadie, and tuned in this year to watch Twitch’s wife, Allison, I’m not sure if I understand the concept. Are you supposed to already BE a dancer?? They seem to have a lot of Ice figure skaters, (already dancers), music performers (already dancers), Olympic champions (already dancers). They may not be “professional” dancers, but they dance. And they usually win.
    I however enjoy seeing someone who is not a professional performer try and learn and excel to the point I can’t tell who is the professional and who isn’t.
    I LOVE NOAH!!!!! I VOTED FOR NOAH!!! He is doing what no one else out there can do.
    He IS DANCING against unbelievable odds. My God people. How can say he’s not dancing. I don’t get it. But I may not understand what the show is about.

    • Noah has many great qualities. Professional DANCING is not one of them.

      Any soldier would be ashamed to get sympathy votes to “win” a competition where it’s obvious he is not meeting even half of the DANCE requirements (look them up).

      Get educated – professional dance has strict criteria of which you clearly do not know.

      • Tammy Miller says:

        Me??? Get educated? Did you even read what I said? I don’t really watch this show!! Have barely watched it for the past 2 seasons. Even then certainly not enough to know what it’s supposed to be about. How about jumping off your high horse and educate those less fortunate than knowing what this esteemed show is all about!!
        Why have people on here who clearly can’t dance to begin with, unless it’s just to get joy out of humiliating some people. Which is one reason I’ve never followed this show. I’ve seen that on here and did not enjoy it at all.
        At the end of the day it’s another reality TV show with judges and America’s votes. It’s entertainment. Right?? Isn’t it? If you like that sort of thing. And in this case I LOVE NOAH! Thank you!
        I much prefer SYTYCD!! That’s just me tho!!

        • cass says:

          I agree about SYTYCD, so much better! I loved that show around 2007/2008 (including season with twitch and Allison) and then the first time I watched DWTS, I was shocked by how boring it is compared to SYTYCD. Especially at the beginning, the dancing is hard to watch. But Willow, Riker, Nastia, and Rumor have been amazing.

    • Leigh Ann Shirley says:

      I agree! Well said! Love Noah and Sharna!

  28. Mona Horwitz says:

    I have often thought the vOuting to be ‘rigged’. Too often the wrong people ‘go home’. Willow or Noah ?hmmmmmm

  29. Cara says:

    Can’t stand Nastia. Gymnastics is not dancing so not sad to see her go. It’s about bloody time.

  30. alex says:

    Though Noah is a hero and insperation, he should have been voted off at least 2 weeks ago.
    The integrety of the show is in question and might as well be Dancing with the Most Popular.
    My favorite show is becoming a disappointment.
    Thank you

    • darlajean says:

      Alex I agree. This used to be my favorite show. What they have done this season us horrific. They worshipped rumer because of who she is, shoved her in our faces so much, sent willow home way too early, now noah in the finals and not nastia. I was voting for her last night and got a busy signal for a while and finally got through. I read someone couldent even vote because her number was busy. If that many people were voting for her, how did she go home. Maybe it was busy on purpose. She was never in the bottom and tonite she goes home? Same thing happened to Bethany last season. I have been watching since season 1 and it has been my favorite show ever since. I never wanted to believe the show was rigged but now I have no doubt that it is rigged. Even marks parents said it. I am no longer going to watch DWTS anymore after this season. It should have been an amazing finals but instead I won’t be watching it. I want ryker to win now but it will be rumer winning with noah coming 2nd.

      • cass says:

        Weird and sad. I never fit a busy signal voting for Tyler, went right through. Someone on that show must not like her because they showed that “I don’t want to talk about that” clip again.

  31. Melissa says:

    Ok, so…it is a dance contest. REALLY? Like it or not, the guy with one leg and one arm cannot dance like a gymnast! That was a rediculous elimination!

  32. Don says:

    Is this a dance competition or a sympathy competition, If you have one injured vet on the show then you should have 12 injured vets on the show. That way the least proficient dancers would be eliminated. If points are given for military service. and missing limbs then not one would be sent home. The whole show, and the judges are becoming a crock! Time for a cancellation and replace with All In the Family reruns!!! More entertainment value.

    • Show me the money - it's just about the money now at DWTS says:

      If we place all injured vets onto the show, will ratings go up?? If so, let’s do it!!

  33. Karen says:

    Noah definitely should have gone home. I have to say though, after he proposed to his girlfriend on the show last night, I was pretty sure he’d be in the finale.

  34. Noah has learned some aspects included within a dance performance (expression of dance character, emotion, etc.) but he can only do these with his face & arm.

    Highly admire Noah’s support system and motivation…. but he cannot dance.

    The sympathy votes need to stop – insulting to any true veteran soldier.

    Excellent article – spot on.

  35. Nancy Buckner says:

    I’m pleased Nastia & Derek went home. It gets very old season after season seeing him get paired wt a partner whom has obvious one leg up, i.e., some dance experience. My daughter was a gymnast for years and they have hours of ballet and lyrical. He’s a “dance hog” or what one might call a fame hog. Seriously, traveling across the nation weekly back and forth is insane, just do he could star in DWTS as well as wt the Rockettes! Then, when he was injured, it absolutely drove him crazy Sasha was in the limelight and not him, thus the “trio dance” on two different occasions. Although it’s obvious he’s a favorite of the judges, he needs to cool his jets for a while. Time for Val or Allison. Really Tony needs to be spired with someone with promise and drive!

    • Donna Marie Jones says:

      Well said! Yes someone else should win! And Sasha was great. He should be a pro. And I agree why do Derek and Mark get all the young and / or Olympians or those with some experience. And yes, would live to see poor Tony get someone young and good and have a chance on going further again!!!

    • Lisa strom says:

      So it’s ok to penalize Nastia because Derek is a “fame hog”? I don’t agree.
      The producers wanted Derek on the show, he didn’t hire himself. They are the ones footing the bill. Derek is a tremendous rating draw and yes, he does get more talented partners because the producers need him to stick around, again for ratings. He’s also a brilliant choreographer and gifted coach who brings out the strength in his partners. if you’d met the man you’d know he’s a decent guy who is proud of what he has accomplished (who wouldn’t be?) but not arrogant. Regardless of anyone’s personal feelings about Derek this is still supposed to be a dance contest and Nastia should have been in the final because she can dance.

    • KristinM says:

      Totally agree Nancy – the “Dancing with Derek Show” got old a long time ago and I am glad they got voted off as well. Between Derek, Mark and Cheryl those three were/are the judges favorites. Poor Tristan got paired with the worst and if I were him I’d never go back on there again. I hear also that Derek has it in his contract that if he doesn’t get paired with who he wants he refuses to do the show. Well, I hope he’s had fun on DWTS because he doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the movies and he and Mark fell flat on their face when they left for a season and then came crawling back. He is a hog, to me he seems very full of himself and totally phony – I don’t think his sister ought to be a judge either – Maks was a guest judge on one episode and that was okay, but Julianne needs to go. Tired of the judges favoritism and I’d like to see some new faces although I think this may be the last season – if not, the next to the last. It’s clearly rigged and as people said, the sympathy votes are not needed. I also don’t believe Derek was injured because the day after he managed to jump from the floor onto the seat of the fake train – I’ve never seen anyone with a sprained ankle recover so quickly…not to mention he had to get his face in every scene as usual…

  36. kate says:

    Surprised but not shocked but was more worried about Rumer at the moment. Riker first was already a surprise but he probably landed inexplicably in the bottom enough that he probably got more votes. But Val was right in his assessment of their weakness they were perfect little figures that was actually kind of boring. I honestly forgot about her a lot. Funny this actually makes Riker a front runner with the ability of his professional who might be as good non ballroom choreographer on the show.

  37. JBC says:

    Noah said in an interview that he proposed to his girlfriend this week because he knew Riker, Rumer and Nastia were all good dancers and he didn’t expect to be in the final 3 next week, and was grateful to get as far as he did. DWTS has always been a popularity contest and he has many fans. Just for him to take on the challenge is amazing. Many people are responding to that. He is inspirational, just think of our wounded Vets watching, having someone to root on. (Thank you for your service Noah and blessings in your future). All my latest votes have been split between Rumer or Riker, I think they both are evenly matched. Great season. Very enjoyable.

  38. Diz says:

    Thank you. Noah can’t dance and should have gone home week’s ago once the cuteness wore off at about week 2.

  39. Cathy says:

    I have to agree, Noah should have been gone a couple of weeks ago, I love the show but it’s not a dance competition anymore. While I appreciate Noah and respect him for taking on a competition like this with all he’s been through, this is a competition and he should never ever gotten a ten. This has become a popularity contest and the judges used to be fair, but not anymore, this season they have joined the public and judged unfairly.

  40. alysia says:

    Noah is a great guy but definitely does not deserve to be in the finals

  41. angie says:

    It’s a dancing competition and Noah can’t dance….simple. he should have gone home weeks ago. Its insulting to the contestants who were robbed of their chance. He barely moves and doesn’t even have an expressive face. If i were him i wouldn’t want to win on an obvious sympathy vote. Good article.

  42. Deanna says:

    Noah doesn’t dance…he is led around by his partner and shouldn’t be in the finals over Nastia…that being said he sacrificed his arm and leg for our country so I thank him so much

  43. Deanna says:

    Noah hasn’t danced even close to rumer, Nastia, or ruler…he is led around by his partner and shouldn’t be in the finals over Nastia…that being said he sacrificed his arm and leg for our country so I thank him so much…but he doesn’t belong in the finals of dwts

  44. Werner says:

    I have great respect for Noah’s courage and service, but REALLY. I lost total respect for DWTS for actually have him compete in this competition. At this stage he is only getting sympathy votes, thats all. Tonights results are a joke. He should do the right thing and retire from the show to give Nadia the 3 rd spot which we all know she should be in.

  45. raisia says:

    No offense to Noah because he inspired a lot of people. And can dance for a person with one arm and one leg, but the only reason he’s going to the finale is because people feel sorry for noah. Derek and nastia had a good chance of winning so did the other couples to, but Noah should have gone home.

  46. raisia says:

    If Noah wins I will be very mad. Ryker and Alice should win.

  47. raisia says:

    I think Noah proposed to his girlfriend on dancing with the stars so he would get more votes

  48. Mary Harris says:

    So unfair. This is about dancing., not sympathy. Noah should have gone home the first week. DWTS has become a real let down .I will no be watching it next season, that’s fit on. Very disappointed this season

  49. Lisa strom says:

    Sorry, but Noah should not be in the final, this is supposed to be a dance contest.

  50. Fred says:

    This competition is a farce. Though Noah might be a nice guy and a hero to some, he’s not a dancer and shouldn’t have gone this far. It’s sad to see the best dancers have to leave the show. This is no longer a dance competition, but a soap opera.