The Voice Top 5 Performance Recap: No Place Like Home(town Visits)

I hope you checked your cynicism at the door while watching The Voice semifinals, which featured the Top 5 contestants’ visits to their hometowns.

If you didn’t, you might’ve had horribly unkind responses at inopportune moments — like, for example, involuntarily gagging at a particularly unfortunate Voice-themed pizza presented to Joshua Davis on his return to Traverse City, Mich., or wondering “How many industry connections does one contestant need?” after Naomi Judd and Big & Rich crashed Meghan Linsey’s return trip to Nashville. (Quick poll: Will her A-list connections hurt or help Meghan with voters?)

Thankfully, we’ve got Pharrell Williams — megaproducer, N.E.R.D. member, falsetto-hook provider, grandpa-shirt aficionado and “Caught Out There” co-writer – to help recalibrate our earnest-o-meters. Take, for example, his glowing review of Koryn Hawthorne’s sickeningly good “Oh Mary Don’t You Weep” cover: “I know there’s somebody who watched this performance that was told ‘No’ today. They were told no. And after seeing that performance, it’s like you realize the impossible is just a word, because it can be done. And dreams can come true.”

Alright, alright… I surrender to the good vibrations! I’ll even promise to download Sawyer Fredericks’ debut CD and help this dang show make a household name out of its next inevitable winner. Are you happy, Peacock Network?!

Actually, I am, too, since — after a stutter-step start — the bulk of Monday night’s performances were pretty solid, if not spectacular. And on that note, let me get to doling out letter grades/reviews.

Team Adam: Joshua Davis — Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” — Grade: C+ | I’m not exactly sure why Adam bothered to assign Joshua one of the most heartbreaking ballads ever written — only to accept him delivering it with all the pain and despair of a guy ordering a soft-serve vanilla cone. I mean, sure, Joshua has a lovely scratchy tone, but there was so little oomph behind his words that I found my attention drifting to the fact that I couldn’t hear any sound coming out of his guitar on the opening verse — and on the way The Voice band violinist’s aggressive playing nearly overpowered him on the final third of the performance.

Team Pharrell: Koryn Hawthorne — U2’s “One” — Grade: B- | It’s not exactly “I Have Nothing,” but “One” is rapidly rising on my ranking of Ballads That Are Less Welcome on Reality Singing Competitions Than the Words “Special Guest Kim Kardashian.” Pharrell got the staging right by putting Koryn in a gleaming tunnel of lightbulbs, but the teenage diva’s performance never really ignited. Maybe if she’d dialed it back even further on the verses — an area where Koryn could really use some mentoring — the number might’ve built to a true emotional crescendo, but as performed, it was more hot plate than inferno.

Team Blake: Meghan Linsey — Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One” — Grade: C | Uff da — Meghan’s approach to this lover-done-wrong ballad was heavier and more unnecessary than the ten-ton false eyelashes that’ve been obscuring her eyes the last few weeks. (For the love of Gwen Stefani, who’s styling this poor chick!?) The set piece — Meghan leaning against a wall in a moodily lit “room” — was evocative, and the opening verse showed a surprising restraint (despite a handful of flat notes). But by the bridge, Meghan was in full screeching-hawk-digging-talons-into-a-chipmunk mode — once again confusing volume with feeling. The fact that her big glory note was messier than a toddler eating overripe raspberries only added to the country vet’s yo-yo-esque bounce between the disastrous and the divine all season.

Team Xtina: India Carney – Sara Bareilles’ “Gravity” — Grade: B | Against a sparse backdrop of piano and strings, India dialed back the vibrato a bit and delivered one of her most delicate vocals of the season. Sure, her delivery can get a little theatrical in spots when from-the-gut emotion would be a better fit, and while it didn’t do anything to convince me she deserved last week’s Twitter Save over the incomparable Kimberly Nichole, I’d still rank her as second-best from the Coaches’ Picks portion of the telecast.

Team Pharrell: Sawyer Fredericks – Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” — Grade: A- | A tip of the (bowler) hat to Pharrell for hands-down the best song pick of Round 1 — a rock ditty that’s almost half a century old and yet still retains its topical urgency in 2015. “For What It’s Worth” proved a perfect fit for Sawyer’s timeless warble — and gave him a chance to show a bit of menace, too, on lines like “Paranoia strikes deep/ Into your life it will creep.” (Don’t dismiss him as simply adorable, America!) Yeah, I might’ve liked him to sing the melody line on the choruses rather than trying out ad-libs that put the focus on the weirdly positioned background singers, but that’s a minor complaint. At this point, it’s Sawyer’s world: We’re just voting and downloading in it.

Team Adam: Joshua Davis — The Band/Bob Dylan’s “When I Paint My Masterpiece” — Grade: B | I’ll admit I dug Joshua’s second performance slightly more than his first — since he at least brought a playful wink and added gruffness that shook some of the moss off his Soothing-Voiced Elder Statesman Bringing Coffee-House Realness persona. I’m with Xtina — Nate on the drums kinda stole the show — but I’d be foolish to discount Joshua’s chances on the finale, given the past successes of other contestants cut from similarly sensible cloth (see Nicholas David, Terry McDermott).

Team Pharrell: Koryn Hawthorne — “Oh Mary Don’t You Weep” — Grade: A | I’m surprised Carson Daly didn’t credit the Holy Ghost (complete with #DivineInterventionOnTheVoice hashtag) for providing harmony on Koryn’s gargantuan vocal performance. I mean, seriously, Koryn’s entire body seemed overcome with a feeling or an energy that was far beyond her tender years — and it left me utterly awestruck. Clad in a long white dress — and flanked by an army of similarly dressed background singers on platforms behind her — the southern teen took control of a fantastic, percussion-heavy arrangement and nailed nearly every note with the kind of passion that’d make legends like Patti and Aretha throw their hands (or at least one hand) in the air. I won’t lie and try to pretend I understood more than 20% of the words coming out of chica’s mouth, but I felt each and every one of ’em.

Team Blake: Meghan Linsey – George Jones’ “Tennessee Whiskey” — Grade: A- | I didn’t envy Meghan the task of following Koryn’s soul-scorching epic-ness. But the seasoned pro didn’t seem the least bit rattled as she placed herself in front of a row of burning barrels, engaged the band and oozed her way through a sexy-cool country jam that brought out the best parts of her growly tone. The only thing about the performance that felt odd to me was Meghan’s decision to return to a twang-y sound, after hearing all season how she doesn’t actually want to be a country artist anymore. But what do I know? In Blake (the guy who is never not in the finals) we trust, right?

Team Xtina: India Carney – Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” — Grade: A | Ohhhhhhhh… so this is the vocal beast India Carney I’ve been hearing about for weeks now! Almost as if spurred on by naysayers (like yours truly) who insisted she had no business winning the Twitter Save over Kimberly Nicole, India came roaring out with a gorgeous, nuanced vocal that breathed anguished life into Michael Jackson’s planet-championing ballad (also a big moment for Haley Reinhart back in her Idol run). It didn’t hurt that Team Xtina outfitted India with a stunning red gown, a literal (but very cool) backdrop that went “woosh!” and disappeared midway through the song and so much wind that I had to double-check if gasbag Adam Levine was running his mouth again. (I kid! I kid!) India, almost a foregone conclusion for elimination this week, laid down a pretty bold challenge that, like the plague victim in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, she’s not dead yet!

Team Pharrell: Sawyer Fredericks — Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” — Grade: A- | Dear Pharrell, Let’s get one thing straight: Sawyer Fredericks does not need/benefit from background dancers. Not a pack of bopping Ariana Grande types like you gave him last week, and not a single, life-sized ballerina in a music box that he got for Top 5 night. So stop trying to make Sawyer + Dancers happen; it’s not going to happen. The good news is, Sawyer’s vocal on Christina Perri’s soaring love ballad was so pure of tone and perfectly in tune that I quickly forgot about that chick in the tutu (I mean the dancer, not Kimberly Nicole, whom I’ll NEVER forget) and was able to hear the very familiar lyrics like they were hitting my ears for the very first time. But enough praise for Mr. Fredericks — we need to make sure his head doesn’t get too big, seeing how he’ll have a crown to fit on it come this time next week.

Should Go Home: Joshua
Will Go Home: Koryn

OK, your turn. What did you think of The Voice‘s Top 5 performance night? Who were your faves? Who’s in trouble? How badly did you miss Kimberly Nichole? Take our poll below, then hit the comments to expand on your thoughts!

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  1. Ally says:

    Koryn’s “Oh Mary Don’t You Weep” and India’s “Earth Song” for the win! JOSHUA NEEDS TO GO. He is in way over his head at this point.

    • Greta says:

      Josh’s ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ was so soft and soothing I thought the show was running a Lunesta commercial by accident.

      • JT says:

        Itunes disagrees — Josh is 23 spots higher than Koryn and 50 higher than India…

        • BobbieJo says:

          Just because a bunch of desperate housewives buy his elevator music doesn’t mean he is good.

          • Sherr says:

            Just because your taste in music only encompasses stuff that hits eleven on the blast-o-meter, doesn’t mean that well sung quiet music can’t be gorgeous and powerful in its own right. So are you saying that Bonnie Raitt singing “I Can’t Make you Love Me” is elevator music? You know, it is possible to like both. Maybe not for you, but for people who can think outside of only one musical genre.

          • Kim Moores says:

            No, sherr. He was all sorts of awful tonight. And he’s gonna get rewarded for it. That’s awful

          • BobbieJo says:

            Darling, there is a reason Joshua is ALMOST 40 YEARS OLD and has not made it in the music business. He has no charisma, no star quality and a very limited vocal range! You could go to any bar, any lounge or any coffee shop in any city and hear someone better than him!! I honestly suspect most people are voting for him because he’s “nice” and a cute baby. THE END!!

          • Cathy says:

            LOL! Desperate housewives. That’s a good one. And pretty much the only ones voting for this Starbucks Sensation.

          • Lisa says:

            Actually, I have no doubt he will make it, but for the competition, he kinda got blown away.

          • C says:

            Or, you know, people like me (I am not middle age nor am I a housewife) who will never vote for someone who doesn’t actually play an instrument. Your aesthetics encompasses predictable run after predictable run with a glory note at the end (throw in some prancing on stage, too); whereas, I want an actual musician who plays instruments and won’t become the same tired, over produced pop music that drowns any hint of good music on the radio.

          • jennilee says:

            For once, I agree with you BobbieJo.

          • Katie Killjoy says:

            C, that’s actually the most idiotic reason to not vote for someone.
            Choral singers are just as much musicians are people playing instruments.
            Rather, you just want and instrumentalist.

          • @c… There is only one person in the top 5 that does not play an instrument (Koryn). When you said you don’t vote for singers who don’t play an instrument I hope you know besides Josh and Sawyer India is a classically trained pianist and Lindsey actually plays guitar as well…

            It’s more than glory notes it has plenty to do with execution and being polished for many of us listeners… I for one love india’s polished musicality.

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            Bobbie Jo hit the nail on the head, no star quality, no charisma. Pleasant to listen to does not mean great performance, like Nick Fradiani

        • gayle says:

          Because Why? His supporters have mOre $$ To buy itunes? Certainly not about talent-

      • Mark Gomez says:

        It was good for a lounge singer! Move over for the 17 yearolds

    • JT says:

      I thought the song choices were pretty bad tonight. Koryn and U2 — not a good combo. Koryn and the other song — could NOT understand a word. India doing Gravity — boring, And Sawyer is going to lecture us with a 60’s anti-war song…What?

      • Soma says:

        JT, he is not lecturing you. His coach chose the song , his voice was a perfect pitch for that choice of song. For such a younf man he rocks, he has a command for arranging and emoting, understanding the words and he can tell a story thru his song choice.

        • JT says:

          So why is his coach giving him a 60’s anti-war song? It either means something or it comes across clueless like using the Rolling Stones to sell dish washing liquid.

          • JT says:

            “I Can’t Get NO Cle-eeen Dishes…”

          • Sherr says:

            The song can be taken as a societal commentary relevant now and not just an anti-war song. Think.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I was more disturbed by the smiling. He sounded good, but I didn’t get the impression he had any idea what he was singing.

          • MC says:

            Angie – ITA. I think the song went completely over his head, but he hit the notes. I think Jacquie Lee also had a problem coming to grips with some of the more adult lyrics that she sang. It seems that the majority of people won’t notice if you hit the notes, however.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Totally. There are some songs where smiling isn’t ok. I do love India, but her smiling on Glory really bothered me last week as well. That being said, Sawyer’s vocals tonight and India’s vocal on Glory made me overlook that detail.

          • River City says:

            That gives me an idea. Dish washing liquid is easy to make, I might start a little business with River City Dish Washing Formula. A great way to sparkle!

          • Lisa says:

            Even if Sawyer DOESN’T get the lyrics, he has been able to make it sound like he does.

          • MC says:

            @Angie – Unfortunately, I thought Sawyer was more vacant than usual this week, in large part due to the demanding material that he had to interpret. I didn’t enjoy his two performances at all because I could see that Sawyer was “feeling” his way through the songs in a very tentative fashion.

          • Indi says:

            I think his smiling has more to do with his happiness with the crowd than not feeling the song. He’s 16, he knows what we’re experiencing in our country right now, but he’s also still in that age group where a crowd of people smiling back at you can be infectious. He brought himself back on track several times, which showed that he’s aware. Let him be a 16 year old vocalist for goodness sakes.

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            or calling anything the rolling stones does music

        • jules says:

          Very well put. I totally agree with you. I also believe that he will WIN.

          • jules says:

            With Soma that is

          • Lisa says:

            Agreed, he is head and shoulders above the pack.

          • Jules I agree, also many times when he sings his expression does this thing where”he LOOKS like he is smiling, just the way his mouth moves. But I believe he knows what is going on out there in the world and knows what the song is about. Just because he lives on a farm doesnt mean they dont have news or CNN! I love this kid!

        • paul says:

          Sawyer does not relate to 90% of the songs he has sung. So having a “booming” voice means nothing.

        • Birdy says:

          Been dying for Sawyer to do some Buffalo Springfield or CSN&Y, and thought he did a great job on For What It’s Worth last night. But, really, did we need the dancer? No, no, and no. I wish they’d stop with the overdone production stuff with him. He doesn’t need it, and it doesn’t fit his style.

      • Gailer says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Koryn needs to enunciate, Michael mentioned it too. She has amazing powerful voice.

      • analythinker says:

        I agree with you about Koryn’s performance. I couldn’t hear a single word out of that song except maybe ‘weep’, but I might even have inferred that one from the title. I skipped Sawyer’s performance altogether, but that’s a scratch in the head. He’s already an old soul trapped in a 16-yo body.

      • Jenks says:

        Do you honestly think that song has no relevance today? Have you listened to it? Have you read the news? Regarding Sawyer’s performance of it, he may be a little young to fully appreciate some of the lyrics he’s singing, but the kid has a voice that is far beyond his years. What it comes down to for me is whose music do I want to listen to in my car, around the house, etc. I don’t care about his stage presence. I enjoy listening to Sawyer and he is the only one whose music I will pay money for.

        • Eileen says:

          Totally agree with you!

        • Hayder B. Hayden says:

          I never saw (or heard) what others see in Sawyer until last night. To me, he has been very good week to week, but at no time did he ever move me. I groaned when Pharrel introduced For What Its Worth. The last thing I wanted to hear was another worn out song off classic rock radio. But somehow, between the arrangement and Sawyer’s vocal, he made that song sound both timeless and relevant. I was impressed. In this season of great performances on this show by so many different artists, that may have been the best of the entire year.

          • Kaykhaslider says:


          • Kaykhaslider says:

            Last night was a snoozer, fell asleep after awhile. Watched the performances via popvortex.

            See ALL of Sawyers’s Itunes filled the Voice rating charts again last night. I wonder how much of his popularity is due to multiple purchases and votes, or new purchases and votes? All of the Voice, Itunes seem to fall off the charts weekly. Sawyers are the last to fall off. But they do fall off. No individuals voice song has sustained a #1 on itunes for more than a week, well not even a week. Does that mean that only Voice followers are buying his Itunes songs and voting? The Voice ratings are up a little.

            According to preliminary national estimates from Nielsen, NBC’s “The Voice” averaged a 2.4 rating/8 share in adults 18-49 and 9.8 million viewers overall — up a tick from last week’s season low and standing as standing once again as Monday’s top program in adults 18-49. Competing reality contest “Dancing With the Stars” on ABC (2.1/7 in 18-49, 13.3 million viewers overall) was up 0.2 week-to-week to post its most competitive finish of the season (just 0.3 behind).

            If only half of the viewers bought his records after the Voice he would have over 4.9 million in U.S. sales. “Thats a lot of sales.

            The wildly popular “Happy” sold 13.9 million copies around the world.

        • }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}hE IS THE ONLY SINGER I BOUGHT I TUNES FOR. HE SOUNDS

      • Barbara says:

        Actually, it’s a song noting police brutality during Vietnam War protests. After students were killed at Kent State in OH, it was, AS IT TODAY, a timeless song.

        • Davmon says:

          i agree it was lovely and timeless. It was written (and sung) by Stepehen Stills about a minor local LA protest in 1966. The lyrics apply to general issues of the day–the generation gap, the Establishment vs anti-Establishment, protesters vs police, each side not listening and being self-righteous–so that listeners could apply the song to a variety of societal ills and circumstances. All still relevant…But it was not written as an anti-war song. The confusion is apparently due to the song “Ohio” which was written by bandmate Neil Young. Stills and Young were both in Buffalo Springfield 1966-68 and in CSNY 1969-70. In 1970 after the Ohio National Guard killings of 4 unarmed student protesters at Kent State, Young penned “Ohio”–and was joined by Crosby, Stills, and Nash in performing it..

        • tealeaves says:

          “A thousand people in the street
          Singing songs and carrying signs
          Mostly say, hooray for our side “

        • Yes The song is fitting for what is going on out there today! As well years ago!

    • MC says:

      I was so excited that India chose “Earth Song.” It’s a very special song (a favorite of mine) and she absolutely killed it. Wow, wow, wow! The best moment of the season for me. It was also the perfect dress for the moment. Great job, India. You’re the winner in my book!

      • The Beach says:

        While I agree that India was really good tonight on Earth Song I still prefer Haley Reinhart’s version on Idol. I thought it had more grit and emotion and it’s still on my rotation.

        • MC says:

          I loved the restraint in this version. It’s actually the most understated version of “Earth Song” that I’ve heard. The temptation is to dial it up to twelve from start to finish on this one, but India told the story through song in a more gentle fashion. I’m also thinking to myself, “I wonder if there should be someone on this website who is not completely obsessed with Haley Reinhart.” I guess I have to be that person.

          • The Beach says:

            Nope, I’m really not Haley-obsessed at all (but I agree that many are). I just happened to have enjoyed her version of that song quite a bit.I didn’t intend to sound like crazed fan and, in fact, I liked India’s performance a lot.

      • Hayder B. Hayden says:

        I have loved India from the beginning, but she has made it difficult for me with so many performances where technique overshadowed emotion. Last night–for the first time all season–she gave two excellent performances. Of the two, Earth Song really stood out. She looked amazing in that flowing red dress, but that would have meant nothing without her flawless vocal. The restraint and control in voice stood in stark contrast to everything that was happening behind her. Her voice was the calming eye of the hurricane happening all around her. I don’t particularly care for that song (and I don’t know why Slezak had to throw in a gratuitous Haley Reinhardt reference), but India sold me on it. She was glorious.

    • JM1 says:

      India was really good tonight. Liked her a lot and liked Meghan best overall. With respect to all the Koryn lovers on here, I am ready for her to go.

      • Sharon says:

        Megan needs to go home!

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Meghan was the outlier to the downside tonight. Impressive voice, but it does nothing for me. It’s like looking at a giant bodybuilder. I can admire his physique, but pheromones wise nothing is happening for me. And this is coming from someone who normally loves the bigger voices.

          • JM1 says:

            That is fine, I ain’t mad! I just think otherwise. Her voice is a level above most of the others’.

          • danin says:

            Angie, it’s funny.I felt the same way about her when I watched her on Can You Duet.Her then partner though vocally if memory serves correct wasn’t as powerful vocally, really brought the sex.And you could tell he really supported her and thought she was something special.

          • danin says:

            I wasn’t finished.Somehow or anothermy comment got posted. She HAS grown since I saw her on CYD.And I thought tonight she did not over sing on either song.Yes,she hit some prettygravely places once or twice on tthe first song.Overall though,I think she did a nice job w/both songs.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I dunno. Something about Meghan’s voice really turns me off. I’m not arguing she isn’t talented. She clearly is. But I hear no beauty in it. And when she tried to dial it back on that first song, she failed miserably. The only dynamic level she can apparently do well is pedal-to-the-metal fortissississimo, which should only be used sparingly. She does entire songs at that level, and I invariably end up checking email or catching up on the news.

          • JM1 says:

            Wow a lot of time spent talking about someone you don’t like. I never understand that. I’ve got some I don’t like but I don’t write an essay about it.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I spend just as much time listening to the ones I like as I do with the ones I don’t like. And I try to give credit where credit is due. I loved Home earlier in the season. Even some of the ones Slezak was giving grades of C to I loved. And I’m not trashing her like I’m seeing other posters trash contestants. I’m just saying she’s a talented woman whose voice doesn’t do much for me.

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            Perfectly stated

    • JM1 says:

      On a separate note, I enjoyed Nate Reuss a lot. I don’t love the song, but love watching him sing.

    • River City says:

      Bad song choices (IMO) for Joshua. He can’t make you love him now. I think he is done.

    • Gladys Bond says:

      I agree. I felt both of those ladies sang beautifully and with so much emotion. Both are winners and deserve to get some type of contract if Amerjca doesn’t vote and keep them in. Joshua is not in the league of those left in the last 5.

    • Nancy says:

      Agreed. Josh — yawn. And a show without Kimberly? Not worth enduring the endless commercials and empty judge chatter. The contestants seem worn out (esp. Koryn, who I like). The judges seemed to be running on empty.

      • Nancy says:

        I meant Koryn’s first song. Agree that her second song was pretty amazing. I also liked India’s second song but those background visuals … desperate?

    • Karl Le says:

      I”M RIGHT WITH YOU!!!! It’s great to Josh still in because I use his time for bathroom breaks. Sure Sawyer has a nice tone to his voice but he has a limited vocal range which makes song he sings sound the same. I keep waiting for some vocal fireworks during his performance that never happens. Megan is great but she doesn’t need to win this contest. She’s already reinvigorated her career just with the exposure. KORYN’S Rise has been epic. She was so, so, so nervous at first. Now, she works the crowd and TV cameras like a pro! GO KORYN!

      • DVRRules says:

        You don’t have a DVR so you can hit pause? You really should get one. Almost all cable companies offer them with their packages nowdays.

    • Kaykhaslider says:

      Who will go home Koryn, and next week It will be India.

    • gayle says:

      Was Meagan guaranteed a spot in the finals if she graced the voice with her presence ?

    • Yes! What the heck? Koryn wow that was great! The second song!

      • Jill Moy says:


        You picked Sawyer to win before anyone else…congrats! I only heard India’s blind, nobody elses except a few near the end, and said on the blog, INDIA WILL WIN! Well, I need a first or second to keep my long streak alive. NICK on AI still alive for my streak! You did good with Sawyer, he’s a shoo in! I don’t get the attracttion for him but others do!

        I still dislike (TBOFW), MEGHAN….TERRIBLE SINGER!

        • Jill, but I think your choice NICK will win! Its slim pickins out of the three left, so out of those three I think Nick will get it. I will absolutely die if Jax wins. She is so horrible. The worst singers on the voice that have been sent home are 50 times better than Jax! Everyone thinks Megan is great and I cant stand her. What initially turned me off was at the beginning she would bitch about her ex and the band she was in with him. No one wants to hear a mamby pamby sulky, bitter person on live tv. Ever since I havent liked her. Josh’s song choices werent as good as the others But he is charting higher than India. By the way I loved India’s performances!

          • Jill Moy says:

            JAX A$$ is one of the worst singers ever, BECCA! She, I swear, couldn’t win a karaoke contest! The judges at karaoke contests are at least sane, not like the three jackass judges and AMERICAN VOTERS, who love the big JAX OFF HOAX!

            Her winning will be a HOAX alright! LAUGHABLE! She’s not fit to carry CALEB’S JOX STRAP…LOL!

          • Jill, Jax doesnt even slightly compare to how good Caleb sang! He never got called out for pitch problems. The only time he was even a bit off was when he had the damaged vocal chord. His voice! I just loved it. Power x10 !!!! And both guys, Clark and Nick just remind of a Lee Dwyze winner! Certainly if Caleb isnt makng fame or money these guys definitely wont! My prediction for Sawyer is, I think he will be the biggest star the voice has had! Im predicting it now! Like MIchael said he could burp and get it on I tunes! He just reminds me of all the singers of my past, when I was kid.

          • Jill, Megan is at number 5 on i tunes, Sawyer at 2 and 3 with both songs! I dont get why Megan is at number 5 and India and Koryn are way, way behind her. That means India or Koryn could go home! Josh at number 10. So who do you think will go home? I like both India and Koryn! I want Megan to go, but theres no way if she at number 5.

          • Jill I just read Jax got voted off! Is It true? im west coast and cant watch yet!

          • Jill Moy says:


            That’s what I meant: JOX STRAP isn’t good enough to carry Caleb’s JOCK STRAP, let alone compare to him! I hope sales doesn’t effect the elimination process! I think Josh or THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTER should leave the show!

            I think Josh is going. People are saying INDIA! WHY?????? SOME, even MICHAEL says Koryn is leaving. I like Koryn but she’s a tad overrated. Her tone TO ME is a little annoying. She is certainly much better than M and J! I think Josh is going but I wish MEGHAN (the oldest 29 yr. old in history) leaves!

            All Meghan does is scream with that ugly twang in her voice! Even if she leaves the show, she has a career in Monster Movies!

          • Jill Monster Movies or movies about Trailer Courts! LOL

  2. Angie_Overrated says:

    And to all those people who said India was incapable of a moment… :)
    Go, girl! You earned your spot and then some.

    • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:


    • Deeanna says:

      I had my doubts based on what she has done up to this point but good for her to finally justify without a shadow of a doubt she belongs there.

      • safado says:

        I think india owes it all to her incredible mentor, Cristina.
        Tonight she gave India this timeless feedback: “…that’s all I hope to be inspired by as far as other artists are concerned, is watching a storybook unfold before your eyes and watching each page get transgressed into life.”

    • OhMy says:

      She was quite good. I was very happy she left her vibrato at home where it belongs. If only Koryn would do the same (not a good night for her).

      But India did a very good job. Can’t say she will win the competition (who knows?), but she definitely won the night.

      Angie, you are a voice professor if memoy serves — why is it that amatures (and the occasionall professional) have such a difficult time controlling vibrato?

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Sawyer’s is simply inexperience, but his is very easy to fix. Ditto that for Koryn. A month of lessons with a good teacher and they’d be done with the goat for forever.
        India’s is different. Hers is a very light voice, and light voices have light vocal cords that are more elastic and flutter when the air passes through them. There’s nothing technically wrong with her vibrato, but it’s not a sound we normally hear, which is why so many people are opposed to it. But technically speaking, there’s nothing wrong with her vibrato at all.

        • OhMy says:

          Interesting. It is such an unpleasant sound when it’s not controlled.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            There are quite a few jazz and lighter opera singers who sound almost identical to India. Listen to Cecilia Bartoli. Same exact voice type, same exact vibrato. I’d be lying if I said I love Bartoli, but she was the premiere light mezzo for a decade or so. A lot of the old MGM movie musical singers have the same voice type as well. It’s definitely not the most current sound.

        • wild_child says:

          would you just accept the fact that most of us find her vibrato very unpleasing to the ear and just let it be…please. you continually fill this comment section week after week as about that awful sound she produces. i don’t care what the technical reasoning behind it is all I know is that my ears hate it.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Hey there, Wild Child! Good to see you again!
            I think you might be mistaking me for someone who cares what you think.

          • Jenks says:

            I enjoy hearing an opinion regarding the technical side of things from somebody who actually knows something about vocals beyond “my ears hate it.”

          • wild_child says:

            the overwhelming majority of people who buy music have absolutely no knowledge when it comes to the technical side of music What it boils down to it what you like hearing. Period so please don’t oversimplify my answer. India’s goaty voice is an unpleasant thing to listen to and I’m glad she’s been controlling it as of late. I don’t need a music degree to know what sounds good and what doesn’t.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Wild Child. You have lambasted me on several occasions for not fawning over Sawyer, yet you come here week after week to tear apart India.
            Shut up. No really. Shut up. Now. Just do it.

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      Haven’t been a huge India fan all season but I think she won the night tonight Angie, showing beautiful restraint on both songs while still showcasing the power of her voice.
      I was really thrown off by the arrangement on Koryn’s second song, expecting something more along the lines of Springsteen’s version with his Seeger Sessions Band which is more upbeat and uplifting. She sang it well, I guess, but man that was a dreary arrangement.
      And I just can’t get on board with Sawyer, I can’t figure out why because I do enjoy the tone of his voice, but he just doesn’t connect with me in any way despite performing two songs that I really like.
      And FYI to Adam, don’t go bad mouthing Blake about never having heard Joshua’s second song, and then fail to mention that it’s actually a Dylan song recorded by The Band.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        India’s most likely gone tomorrow, but what a way to go! Both songs were so damn well executed. UNLESS….. the bottom two is her and Joshua. India has proven herself to be the Twitter save beast and she took out Corey despite him having the biggest social media following behind Sawyer. She took out Kimberly!
        If the bottom two is India and Koryn, I am going to be very very upset.

        • bobsaccamanna says:

          I don’t think Pharrell is helping Koryn gather up votes by mentioning God in every other sentence after she sings. We get it, she’s an inspirational singer but some of us who watch the show are sinners, lol we count too.

          • JM1 says:

            Here’s to us sinners!!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I don’t understand his insistence on connecting Koryn with God. I’m fine with whatever her faith is, but I think there needs to be a little more separation of church and state on the show. It’s getting to be a bit much.

          • Gailer says:

            Haha yeah it bothers me when he does that

          • Mack_attack says:

            All of us are sinners, I think he’s just trying to get the bible vote on her side.

          • Kaykhaslider says:

            I don’t think he did her any favors by having her sing “all” inspirational songs, or by not helping her,harnessing her nervous energy. She seemed more comfortable in the blinds.

        • analythinker says:

          I’m ready for Joshua to go. And while I’m at it, Meghan too. I needed her to sing subtler yesterday.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Those are def my bottom 2 as well. I was pro Meghan until last week’s hollering of Amazing Grace. Yes, I know a lot of people disagreed with me on that one as it hit #5 on iTunes, but I don’t care. I hated each and every solitary second of that performance. Tonight was not an improvement either.

          • analythinker says:

            If those are our bottom two, then it’s a very strong Top 5.

        • Audrey says:

          If the results are based on itunes, I’m ready to be very very upset. :(

        • daynamonet says:

          I just can’t if it’s India and Koryn. I just can’t. 2 of my favs again, i just can’t. India and josh or koryn and josh, just anything but india and koryn please!!!

      • MC says:

        I had a problem with Sawyer’s performances on Monday precisely because I like those two songs so much. I just have a higher standard for anyone who sings them, especially the Buffalo Springfield song. I thought Sawyer was very tentative on both of them and definitely did not connect well to the songs, especially “For What It’s Worth.”

        • Leigh says:

          I think Sawyer hit both songs. Especially 1000 years. I’m old and have heard every version of both. I’m a critical observer most of the time but couldn’t find fault with Sawyer

      • danin says:

        Bob, I thought the same thing! What a tool Adam is,not mentioning Dylan!

      • MC says:

        ITA about India. The restraint in “Earth Song” is what made it so memorable. It’s often a loud, forceful and very bombastic song. India nailed it with a softer approach that was perhaps better suited to the inherent power of the lyrics. She also delivered a powerhouse moment at the conclusion. Very impressive job.

      • Akdar says:

        India is way too theatrical for me. Both her and Koryn are always way over the top.

    • Lisa says:

      She had her moment tonight.

    • Alex says:

      She’s obviously a technically gifted singer and has a lovely voice but man does she bore me. No personality. No individual style to interpret any song. She’s basically a really talented parrot singing songs like the originals. Her singing is lovely but she has no soul in her singing. There’s no passion in it. She thinks singing lovely is the same as singing with emotion and passion. I’d gladly take Korryn or Kimberly any day.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        If you thought there was no personality, emotion, or passion in Earth Song, I don’t know what to tell you. My guess is you went into the performance biased by your past experiences as opposed to judging her performances in the final 5 on their own merit.
        All that being said, I also love Koryn and Kimberly.

      • neet neet says:

        India is a technical singer only. If she could sing from her soul she might be exceptional. Personally I believe she has gotten this far with her looks. Shame on you America, it is the VOICE.

        • Jill Moy says:

          NEET NEET,

          OH HORSE PUCKY! She’s good looking but no raving beauty! I suppose The Velvet Teddy Bear and Candice Glover won on their looks….two rhinos????????

          • Jill Moy says:

            NEET NEET,

            Talking about American Idol….Same thing, America votes! It is a popularity contest but India has a decent voice, never screaming like that Hyena Kimberly! In her case, she could be a baby hippo and I bet she would still be around!

    • Birdy says:

      She sure did! She’s shown great versatility in her songs the last 2 or 3 weeks, and has shown us her lovely, lovely voice. I thought she was fabulous last night and deserves a a spot in the final!

  3. Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

    I felt that India and sawyer were the only 2 that nailed both their songs both emotionally and vocally. I really loved koryes second song as well. PLEASE VOTE FOR INDIA!!! Talk about Major comback

  4. Deeanna says:

    I missed Kimberly tonight but most everyone did a good if not great job. Hate to say it but Josh seems like someone in the back of a coffee shop compared to the others.

  5. India won both rounds for me.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Agreed. Already downloaded both. Despite Koryn being my overall fav, I’ve downloaded neither. :( I hate U2 with the white hot passion of a billion supernovas, and I’m not into religious music.

    • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

      Exactly, she DOMINATED

    • Jerry says:

      Not in my opinion. Her first performance was nothing special.

      • danin says:

        I agree w/Jerry.Gravity,beautiful song,but it was all technique from India on this and I didn’t feel her.On Earth Song,she let go of technique was rawer and flung herself into it and she DID move me.Best I’ve seen/heard her.

  6. Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit says:

    If Joshua or Meghan don’t go home tomorrow, I’ll be throwing things at my TV.

    I think Koryn’s “One” deserves a higher grade, and Meghan’s Sam Smith a lower one – Koryn actually tamed the beast nicely on One, and Meghan completely ate I’m Not the Only One with her growl.

    I know I’m one of the few, but I love Sawyer and his gritty voice, and I actually think he’s getting better at stage presence. Koryn is controlling her nerves. India had some of the best performances she’s ever had on the show.

    Joshua…I fell asleep. Meghan – I don’t even want to talk about how bored I was on the second song.

    Since Sawyer is a lock for the win, I’m calling the rest as Koryn (I think Kimberly’s votes will go to her), India, Meghan, Joshua.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you. I’ve not been a Sawyer fan, but he was probably my second favorite tonight behind India. Koryn was #3 for me only because I hated her songs, not because she performed them poorly. And India took the night easily IMO. Easily!
      Meghan… ugh. I’d argue she was the worst of the 5. Those were painful. Normally Joshua takes home the trophy for the “get the hell off my tv” award, but Meghan won that one handily tonight. That was bad. Real bad. Both songs. My ears! They hurt even still!

    • TC says:

      I highly doubt you are one of “the few” who loves Sawyer’s gritty voice. His iTunes sales alone prove otherwise. And he was phenomenal tonite

    • Sherr says:

      I’m hoping your TV kicks the bucket tomorrow night, for sooo many reasons.

  7. Mge says:

    I’m happy that India knocked it out of the park tonight. She has been struggling sometimes with connecting to the song or getting too crazy with her vibrato, but I thought both songs tonight sounded fantastic. Gravity in particular was just beautiful.

    • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

      100% agree, I think she was so shaken up with what has happen in the past few weeks, thinking that she might go home. Maybe she was like if these are my last 2 performances on this stage, I am going to beast my way through. So happy for her, VOTE!!! 😃😃😃

  8. Ralphthegoat says:

    I don’t miss Kimberly at all. One less screamer

  9. Ralphthegoat says:

    They r all very Talented but Sawyer is a few quantum Levels above the rest. Like a 2015 Neil Young. I get that same feeling that I did back many moons ago when I first heard Neil Young at the Cellar door in the village. No one has moved me like that Since. Not even roger mcg

    • Ralphthegoat says:

      Didn’t finish typing. Not even roger mcGuinn. But Sawyer does bring all the good feelings back. He is truely very special. Once in a lifetime performer

    • Soma says:

      Ditto! I so agree with you

    • gus says:

      Sawyer is a modern day folk singer. He has so much untapped potential. His song renditions, though, aren’t any more special than the original artists’ renditions. He’s not fully cooked yet. However, it’s refreshing to hear raw vocal talent instead of contrived and affected vocal technique.

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      I like Sawyer, but I can’t agree with the Neil Young comparison. He has to demonstrate that he can rock like Neil before he earns a comparison. I need to hear a Hey Hey My My or Like a Hurricane before I can even consider him in the same breath.

    • JudithQ8 says:

      Thank you – FINALLY someone in my age bracket who GETS it! I’ve been comparing Sawyer to Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and if you remember her, even Buffy Sainte Marie, for weeks now!! They were superstars with wonky voices! If you have the “it” factor, who cares if you sound like a Goat Boy!

  10. Evan says:

    If Joshua doesn’t go home tomorrow, I give up. And if Koryn goes home, I’m fully convinced what has long been speculated about the show being fixed since that would mean all four coaches are in the finale. And speaking of behind-the-scenes decisions, who decides performance order? It makes it quite obvious that the show is biased toward Sawyer when he performs last or near last every week. Regardless, he’s still good and still likely to win so I guess it’s a moot point. Meghan had a good night, and India really impressed me. Koryn’s first song was good but her second was phenomenal. But Joshua was just bland on a night surrounded by much much better performances. I would be disappointed to as him make it to next week, especially because the next likeliest to be eliminated had a great return to form this week (India) or had one fantastic performance tonight that supplements a season of monumental growth (Koryn).

    • Kaykhaslider says:

      Tonight Koryn, next week it will be India. If it is really, only about the “SCREAMERS” that leaves Meghan coming in third.

  11. Sierra says:

    Here are the (early) iTunes rankings:

    iTunes [Monday, May 11, 2015 7:30 PM PDT]

    16. Sawyer Fredericks – “For What It’s Worth”
    22. Sawyer Fredericks — “A Thousand Years”
    32. Meghan Linsey – “Tennessee Whiskey”
    45. Joshua Davis — “I Can’t Make You Love Me”
    55. Meghan Linsey —”I’m Not the Only One”
    68. Koryn Hawthorne — “Oh Mary Don’t You Weep”
    92. India Carney – “Gravity”
    97. India Carney – “Earth Song”
    117. Joshua Davis — “When I Paint My Masterpiece”
    145. Koryn Hawthorne “One”

  12. I am west coast so havent watched the show yet. It starts in 15 minutes. But I Tunes Sawyer at 28 with Megan behind him at 43. I didnt see India. I saw Josh below Megan. I still dont know how the performances went! I only looked at top 100 on i tunes. Saw everyone but India. Does this i tunes ranking usually suggest who would go home? Because I have read the comments here and everyone said India did fantastic! I believe she did and cant wait to see!

    • Russ says:

      It is very early on the Itunes vote. With each having two songs it makes it harder to determine how well the artist are doing. Right now based on Itunes at this moment you could say Sawyer and Megan are probably safe. While the other three are at risk. that could all change by noon eastern tomorrow though.

      • Russ wow I just watched India do gravity and I agree with Blake that sometimes the softest moments are the most powerful. That was my favorite performance by India and Im still watching cause Im west coast. I took the time on commercial break to write how good I thought her performance was, even better than Koryns “One”. Havent seen all of the second performances yet!

  13. danin says:

    Wow! Are grades are pretty much in sync,Mike.

  14. BobbieJo says:

    Sawyer was easily the best ON BOTH SONGS. Not even close people! He is the best and as you will see in two weeks, he is THE WINNER OF THIS SHOW WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! He will also be the only person on this show with an actual career. The rest of these jokers you will never hear from again. LOL. India’s voice was all over the place on Earth Song and her spastic motions were hilarious and stupid! That deserved a C+ for bad vocals. Could anyone make out what Seizuryn was even saying half the time? Reminded me of that Mia Z chick on too much caffeine. LMAO. Point being: Sawyer wiped the floor with them all.

    • TC says:

      BobbieJo- you are embarrassing all of us true Sawyer fans. Please stop

      • BobbieJo says:

        I am entitled to my opinion and will express it as I want!! By the way Sawyer already has both songs in the Top 10. HE IS UNSTOPPABLE AS EVERY SINGLE SONG OF HIS HAS MADE TOP 10!!!

        • Gailer says:

          Does it matter that Blake’s people always get the vote? I don’t know much about how he wins.

          • River City says:

            Blake has won with less talent than Meghan,,, so that is a force in the voting, to be reckoned with. But the situation of Sawyer becoming so popular this season, creates a split among Country / Folk fans that could drop-the-ball on getting Meghan the win.

          • Shannon says:

            Cassadee, Danielle, and Craig did consistently well on iTunes while Meghan has not (half her songs outside the top 25).

        • And If Josh goes home his votes will also go to Sawyer because they are both folk type music!

      • Birdy says:

        I’m a huge Sawyer fan, but really, TC, I agree with you. To not acknowledge some of the other great performances just because she is obsessed with Sawyer is infantile. I adore the kid, but c’mon, India was great last night, too! The other performances weren’t my cup of tea, but some of them were pretty dang good, too.

        • TC says:

          I know Birdy. It’s as if it’s blasphemy to enjoy other performances from other artists. If I lived in the bizarro world where Kim Jun BobbieJo was the leader, I’d probably be sent to the firing range for throwing in a few votes for some of the others besides Sawyer.

      • bmccarren724 says:

        Spot on there TC. Sawyer may win, he is just phenomenal, but I think all of the performances on this season have been good; and some great. It’s easy to be a Sawyer fan. I’m not sure he’s changed much over the season because what he has is so natural. There is no denying how much better Koryn is since she began. India is also gifted as well as trained. Meghan is so versatile and Joshua so warm that they’ve all got something good going on. Sawyer is, truly, ready to be produced so in that I think he’ll win. Normally I eschew reality TV because it always seems to devolve into a soap opera. Glad that’s not true here.

    • JM1 says:

      Yippee . . . here comes Bobbie Jo again. We get it – you like Sawyer and you personally have controlled this whole season with your evil genius. Buh-bye.

      • BobbieJo says:

        I never said I controlled it. We just helped it along so the DESERVING would win. Too bad they did not give him much REAL competition. LMAO

        • Sherr says:

          Bobbie Jo..I like Sawyer, too, even though I hate admitting to liking anyone you like. But why do you have to be such an annoying, snarky know it all?

        • Mge says:

          If “the deserving” were to win, that would mean that the person with the best voice would be the winner. Of the people remaining, Sawyer is vocally the worst, so he would not win. He just puts out a great feel behind his songs that people latch onto, which is why he does so well.

        • ScaryGirl says:

          Sawyer who appears to be a gentle and kind soul, would be so embarrassed by you. He really deserves better. I see a restraining order in your future.

        • analythinker says:

          If Sawyer doesn’t have REAL competition like you said, you should be enjoying massage at the beachside now instead of working hard gathering people to get rid of the nonexistent competition.

      • TC says:

        Ha ha! Thanks for the laugh JM1. BobbieJo single handedly makes us Sawyer fans look bad

  15. tvtjw says:

    So… Can we just take a moment to discuss the insane fact that “Oh Mary Don’t You Weep,” which I couldn’t understand a word of, was graded higher than “A Thousand Years,” which was such a gritty, heartfelt take on a usually light song? What the hell?

    • OhMy says:

      There was no way that “Mary” should have been an A.

      • tvtjw says:

        Oh well, just Slezak trying to get over the loss of his golden girl, Kimberly, by substituting another loud, over-the-top singer in for undeserved high grades. Not of any discredit to Koryn, of course. I usually enjoy her music and like to listen to her performances, but Mary did NOT deserve an A, especially not over A Thousand Years.

    • gayle says:

      If you didn’t understand the words . Did you feel the song ? It was like being in church and felt so GOOD!! A +++

  16. Angie_Overrated says:

    Hey, NBC. I hear you’re still looking for a Dorothy for The Wiz.
    There’s this girl named Koryn Hawthorne…

  17. ladycaravan says:

    Why would Koryn be going home?? I thought “Oh Mary” was amazing and enough to keep her in the competition!I’m not sure about the U2 song (U2 didn’t do Josh any favours last week either) but she toughed it out!

    • JM1 says:

      U2 was the band that got my all-time Voice fave, James Wolpert, ousted, as well. It does not seem to be a good fit for this show! Have there been any killer U2 covers on The Voice, ever? Anyone know?

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      The problem wasn’t U2. One is a tremendous song, but Koryn was terrible on it. I was excited when it was announced that she would be singing it, but totally disappointed in her vocal. I think her problem was that she didn’t connect with the lyrics. She has probably never experienced the type of heartbreak and been through a difficult relationship as portrayed in the song. Her youth was the problem. I was so happy that she rebounded on her second song–that one was in her wheelhouse and she nailed it. I don’t know if it was enough to save her, but it was damn good.

      One more thing–I think we need to pause for a minute to appreciate just how good of a vocalist Bono actually is. It can’t be a coincidence that so many bad performances on these talent shows occur when performers take on U2 (add Clark from AI to this list). Bono makes it look easy, but maybe he deserves more credit than we give him.

      • JM1 says:

        +100 about Bono. He deserves all the credit in the world for having an amazing voice. And the main thing is how much feeling goes into it. That’s why, I think, it’s so hard to cover him . . . even if you can hit all the notes it’s nearly impossible to match his emotion and conviction.

  18. monicaplace says:

    Mostly horrible song choices tonight. Liked Koryn’s second and India’s second. Really have never gotten the Sawyer “magic” until “A Thousand Years. “

    • Soma says:

      This young guy will go far if the label A&R people does not screw him up by trying to label him something he is not. VOTE SAWYER!!!!

  19. deb says:

    India was the best tonight. The problem is popularity and the age groups. Josh us shouldn’t be in top 5 but those Wolverines just love him. Not a big Sawyer fan either but his fan base (girls) is overwhelming that he will take the competition. Meghan, with her ‘country’ support..don’t understand why it to the voice to vet Red ignited. Love India!!!

  20. PlayTheGame says:

    I’m thinking it’s India and Joshua in the bottom two instead of Koryn and Joshua. It may actually be India whose booted because she still hasn’t shaken that vegas lounge act persona, technically good, and completely background noise. iTunes buyers don’t seem to be buying it. If he’s not gone this week, Joshua will certainly be gone by next week at most. It will be screamer Meghan, Koryn, and Sawyer in the finale with Sawyer for the win – as though that wasn’t evident by week 2..

  21. Eurydice says:

    Poor Joshua, that violin wailing behind his head almost completely drowned him out. Everybody seems to have improved over the season but Sawyer is kind of magical.

  22. TT says:

    So sick of Pharrell playing the God card every single week for Koryn to pander for votes! I want her gone just so he’ll STFU.

    • gayle says:

      That’s just a mean statement – the young lady is a Christian inspirational artist ! Thank you PW- thank you God!! She is truly anointed !!

  23. SAl says:

    coaches need to coach and stop begging for votes. They are there to coach not to ask America to vote for their artist. Better voices have been eliminated because their coaches have done their job and coach not beg for votes.

  24. Jay R. Deuel says:

    Sawyer Fredericks looks like John Denver and sings like James Taylor, so let him sing John Denver’s Perhaps Love or Today or Sweet Surrender; or James Taylor’s Your Smiling Face or Long Ago & Far Away, or That Lonesome Road; or Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up or You’re Still You; or Dan Fogelberg’s Longer or Leader of the Band. He could win the whole thing.

    • JM1 says:

      You’ve listed half of the 70’s soft-rock category! What, no “If” by Bread? Tee hee. :-)

    • Leigh says:

      I’m not sure what if you’re trying to be facetious or not. But I think he’s going to win the whole thing with what he’s doing now. Hope his coach doesn’t lead him down some rabbit hole.

    • Akdar says:

      I think Sawyer would be great doing some of David Gray’s songs like Say Hello Wave Goodbye.

      • TC says:

        I’ve been saying for weeks that he should do “Babylon” by David Gray. “Into the Mystic” is another one I think he’d kill (in a good way of course)

      • Mack_attack says:

        I was saying that he needed to do something by David Gray a couple weeks ago. He is perfectly suited for those songs.

  25. Kim Moores says:

    India stole the entire damned night. Lord girl was on fire.
    Rightfully, India sawyer and koryn should be safe. But iTunes seems indicate otherwise… Sigh
    What’s the iTunes look like so for?

    • I guess God was giving her voice all the rest and SLAYED effortless

    • River City says:

      Sawyer has both songs already in the top 10. India , Koryn and Joshua are charting but hard to tell yet who has the advantage among those 3. Meghan seems to be doing well with Country and running a ways behind Sawyer a ways right now. Either India, Koryn or Joshua will be elimination.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      We’d been waiting for India’s moment since the live rounds started. No better time than the semi-finals to finally deliver!

      • Kim Moores says:

        Girl SAAAAAAANNNNG for her life.

        • Birdy says:

          She sure did, and pulled it off magnificently! But what the hell is going on that Meghan’s two less-than-impressive (to put it kindly) songs are charting higher? I suppose it’s Blake’s fans trying to push Meghan up, but people should vote for the singer, not her/his coach.

  26. analythinker says:

    I often wonder what’s behind the decision for song choices. Are the contestants only allowed to sing songs that hit certain number on Billboard? I’d imagine it’d be easier and MUCH cheaper to get the rights to lesser-known songs, no? Unless you’re a fan-favorite who will get on Top 10 of iTunes no matter what you sing, lesser-known songs is a formula that would work the best for you (obviously if you nail it) because you can sort of ‘claim’ the song as yours on iTunes.

    For example: I wanted Will Champlin to sing The End Where I Begin (The Script) because I think it would have been PERFECT for him. It shouldn’t have been difficult to get the rights since Danny was a coach. Not that I think my pick would have affected anything at all, though, it’s just an example.

    Has it never crossed any coach’s mind? I’m sure their musical knowledge is more than just Top 40 songs.

    • There are songs people like, some might call those “good” songs. The contestants stand a better chance if they 1) sing a song that people know and like vs a song people are unfamiliar with 2) sing a great song rather than muddle through a so-so one. Great songs were probably hits. So they sing hits, not crap that didn’t chart, didn’t get airplay, and didn’t go down in history. Sawyer and Joshua are there because people love(d) those songs, not because they have great voices.

      • analythinker says:

        Hm, I happen to have a very different opinion. If I like a great hit song, I would prefer the original any day, unless the contestants do it better/different (Amanda Brown’s Stars, Amber Carrington’s Stay, James Wolpert’s A Case of You, etc). Stars did better than Dream On on the chart and it wasn’t well-known at the time. THIS is the kind of breakthrough with lesser-known songs I was hoping for. Seems like Adam’s the only coach fully grasping the idea, hence I only listed the contestants on his team. And because Adam has done the formula, I think the idea wasn’t so far-fetched.

        • Yeah, Adam’s song choices have worked super well for him over the seasons. Adam, aka the King of the 4-chair turn, has consistently had the best talent available in the blinds and he’s won twice, because he picks bad songs.

          • analythinker says:

            I don’t recall ever pointing out Adam’s bad song choices as it wasn’t part of the conversation. Since you brought it up, I thought I’d mention that I’m not one ga-ga over everything Adam has done on the show, he has his share of bad choices and bias. However, be my guest and name another coach who picked a lesser-known song that worked.

          • You’ve missed the point. Adam picking lesser known songs and songs that weren’t good songs hasn’t worked for his contestants. It’s a bad strategy that people don’t respond to.

          • analythinker says:

            *sighs* We must be on a different wavelength if you call songs that charted didn’t work. Alright then.

          • Tessanne won singing Pink, Simon and Garfunkel, and Whitney Houston. Adam’s experiments with his other singers got them sent home. His “music appreciation lessons” have sent all his other contestants home–and nearly derailed Tessanne. Only rarely does an unknown song hit big like Let Her Go for Cole. Most of the time, the songs nobody knows end up not being bought on iTunes because they were either crappy songs to begin with or unfamiliar enough to not stick.

      • tealeaves says:

        I disagree that great songs were probably hits. Lots of great songs are not hits and lots of hit songs were not so great. It is most important that the artists connects to the song and gives a great performance. Next,it is important that the song is not something that has been done to death on these shows unless it is an exceptional version of the song that stands up against all the previous versions.
        I am not someone who is constantly shocked by who goes home and who does not. In my experience, every season there are contestants that sing a number of the same old standard songs, and get sent home, and sites like this explode in outrage and shock that they were sent home. I am not surprised. I am bored with contestants singing the same old songs and I am clearly not alone in that.

      • tealeaves says:

        Musicians win these shows by not performing the same-old-same-old. Fans of the same-old-same-old insist they did not sing the songs you need to sing to win, so they must have won for some other reason. And so it goes.

  27. PlayTheGame says:

    And on a shallow note, Meghan stopped wearing her hair like my 80 year old grandmother! She looked great.

  28. Russ says:

    So last week I saw a few mention the wild card. Hoping Kimberly would get back in through that. I have looked all over and can find no mention of it. With next week being the finals it seems like there will be no wild card unless they do it on Wednesday night this week. Anybody got a link to the wild card info ? Or was it just wishful thinking by some ?

  29. Sherr says:

    Can Koryn sing anything other than inspirational music or bombastic ballads? Talented girl but needs work on her shrill vibrato. Shameless choices on Pharrell’s part. Grrr. I like India, but her “Gravity” didn’t begin to measure up to Sara Bareilles’ original. Really unimpressed with “Earth Song”. She didn’t pick it up until the end. Emoting doesn’t make up for so so singing or pitchiness. For a highly trained singer, I expected more.

  30. Julie says:

    India should go home

    • Birdy says:

      Why should India go home? She’s got the best voice of all the female contestants left. Although if you prefer screaming and yelling, then, yeah, I guess you’d want her to go home.

      • gayle says:

        Best voice ? That’s subjective to personal taste – India is a college -trained classical vocalist – you can’t compare her to Koryn, a teenaged natural talent –

  31. Rob says:

    Sawyer needs to sing some Temple of the Dog songs or Perl Jam songs. He sounds a lot like Eddy V.

  32. Angie_Overrated says:

    Very interesting results on iTunes. Bottom three are clearly Koryn, India and Joshua. I just need Joshua to be one of the bottom two. Either Koryn or India (take your pick, it doesn’t matter) will eat him alive. Dude needs to go. And now.

  33. Lisa says:

    Sawyer is unstoppable. Michael compared him to Secretariat. If he’s Secretariat that would make Koryn the horse that came from way behind, and is trying for a photo finish. Meghan is damn good, but I don’t know if her previous country career will be a help or hindrance. India just flat out shocked me with her second performance. Perhaps 2 comeback kids. Finally, Josh. Although I love his voice immensely, from a performance standpoint, he got run over by 4 Mack trucks. I hate to say it, but the lesser of 4 evils is for him to go home this week.

    • T. B. Hammer says:

      1 chance in 3 that he will go. Either Josh, Koryn or India are finished. Are they still doing the twitter deal or is that finished now??

  34. Lynn phillips says:

    Loved Sawyers cover of what it’s worth enough to buy it but I have bought most of his music. The kid is a genius. Koryn gets better every week as does Megan but I really miss Kimberly. She was the most entertaining and I always looked forward to her and Sawyers performances the most. Don’t know what the attraction of Josh is. He has no range and his voice isn’t unique. I would be ok with anyone but Josh. I thought this season was going to be Xtinas to win but now not so sure. If only Kimberly was still in it.

  35. Lost says:

    I really don’t understand why Sawyer is the front runner here, I see he has talent and I can respect that but he just seems so one noted to me /:

  36. Mark O says:

    I’m sorry but Sawyer just reminds me of Mary-kate and Ashley. lol

  37. ja says:

    its called the voice and india has it even when she is good one week and not the other it happens to all singers some songs hit while others dont but they have the voice go india since the beginning

  38. skrable2 says:

    Meghan reminds me of that veteran beauty queen struggling to win one final tiara. With her background and connections (and the Team Blake diehards) it’s just a shame that more deserving singers will go home ahead of her.

    Sawyer and Koryn are my current favorites, but I really miss Kimberley

    • Jill Moy says:


      Beauty queen, for the oldest 29 yr. old in history? Watch the old Frankenstein movies…his monster creation is more attractive than Meghan and it’s grunts produce better sounds than her singing!

  39. Lottie thomas says:

    I don’t think that someone like Megan should be on the Voice.She was the Background singer for Blake .So she has experience and I don’t think its fair for the others

    • Jill Moy says:

      EXPERIENCE doesn’t help her….she’s awful…terrible twang to her voice and a screamer. And that face! She and JAX A$$ over at AI need to marry each other

    • gayle says:

      Why did Blake pretend to not have a prior knowledge of Meagan? I agree about the unfairness – NBC threw out the integrity of the program with that move – I thought the judges were “discovering” new talent – not trying to resurrect careers that faltered – should that not be a series in itself ?

  40. I think most of the song choices were just great, except for josh’s. Josh has a great voice and I would rather have him stay over Megan. Im just not into Megan. So I think he might be going, not because of talent, but song choice.

  41. Luis says:

    I’m about to get hated, but: Am I the only person who does not like Sawyer’s voice? I think I’ve only liked like two of his performances, the rest have been boring to me haha. I LOVE INDIA tonight! Glad she shined tonight!

    • Timmah says:

      I happened to turn on the show tonight for the first time in a few weeks, and I’m with you on Sawyer. I am totally baffled as to what the appeal is. He completely ruined that CSN song. India was great though. The others I mostly fast forwarded through.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        For me at least, it’s a coping mechanism. I already know Sawyer will win, so I have to make peace with that and find the good even if I’m more or less on the same page as you two.
        India, however… agreed. She was great indeed tonight.

        • Timmah says:

          If Sawyer is a lock to win, then I’m glad I checked out of the season already. I mean, I’m the first to defend someone who’s not the best singer if they make interesting artistic choices. But Sawyer doesn’t even do that. I’m just stumped.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Does it really matter who wins though? I think the game really begins once the show is over, and the show is merely used for exposure. It was really interesting that it seemed Pharrell was way more into Koryn than he was Sawyer. I wouldn’t be surprised if he took Koryn under his wings once the show is over. Eventually one of these people will be a star. Too many people have gone through the door for it to not happen.
            But if we do assume that it does matter who wins, I wouldn’t be able to watch this season either.

      • Jill Moy says:


        You are so right! The kid has no range and is ordinary as a singer! I’m flabbergasted! Even if he were to get an F for a performance, he would still out sell A performers and win the show….AMAZING!

    • No, Luis, you are not the only person who finds Sawyer’s performances boring. I’m with you on that.

    • MC says:

      It wasn’t a good week for Sawyer imo. It reminds me of the dialogue from an early Seinfeld episode. “So Elaine, in your movies, is the sex real or is it simulated?” “Oh, it’s always simulated….except with George…that’s in my contract.” Sawyer delivered very simulated, pale imitations of two great songs. Sawyer is guaranteed to win this season, though.

  42. Leigh says:

    Having listened to the all original versions against Sawyer’s songs I’m surprised to admit he does them justice. He tells us which version he is performing and that helps. Remember he is 16 competing with much older prefomers. I also think we are listening to a star develop on live TV while his voice is still changing. Good grief… Non of the other performers had that to deal with. Except maybe Koren.. That’s just me.

  43. Bonnie says:

    Just finished watching on the west coast and can’t say who should go home. They’re all good in their own right. Honestly, the only reason I watch is to see what Sawyer is going to sing next. We need more role models like Sawyer. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  44. Pcan says:

    Sadly, I’ve been voting for the best of the worst. They all have “good voices” but none of them stand out this season for me. I like Sawyer and Joshua best, I believe they are doing good because people are tired of the screaming in all the women songs. Geez, I actually like to hear a song, the music, their voice. I like the girls, but I usually put it on mute, sing the song. Louder isn’t always better. And the dramatics…I don’t know who screamed more Koryn or India…India has a much better voice when she is singing not screaming, and there is a difference.
    Meghan she sings good just don’t feel the connection. I guess I think she should be better considering her past experience. My top 4 would be Taylor, Joshua, Koryn and India. I think India and Koryn are more talented than the guys but they scream almost every song and peoples ears hurt.

  45. marcia proch says:

    i miss kimberly so much!!! i do think out of those still there, it will be between india and sawyer,
    and my feeling is sawyer will win! like koreen, but had problems understanding what she was
    singing about most of the time. joshua is wonderful, but i don’t see him winning the whole thing.
    hopefully they will all get contracts and make records. meagan has been there, done that, and
    i feel shouldn’t be on this show! all her celeb. friends helped turn me off even more on her!

  46. Alice says:

    Sawyer needs to go. Everytimes he comes on I mute my tv. He just can not sing at all. Nobody over the age of 16 will really like his music. Sorry but that is just the truth. I read a comment today about how these winners do not make it in the music business. Well this is why, because somebody thinks he has pretty blue eyes so they vote for him. I do really like Koryn’s singing. She really puts her all into it. Instead of voting on looks why doesn’t the people vote really on the music, but they won’t.

    • Leigh says:

      I have to disagree. It’s not looks for me. I’m more impressed by the voice. I actually listen to each performance against the original songs without videos. Sawyer is doing excellent. That’s why it’s called “The Voice” not “The Looks”. Geezz

    • Sharon says:

      Totally disagree. I am a grandmother and love sawyer! He has the most potential to be the next star in the music industry. When that happens with or without the voice I will buy all of his music.

    • MC says:

      I don’t necessarily think that looks are the main factor, but many folks believe he is a role model. Sawyer is the perfect person to win a talent show like this because it’s based on personal popularity. How can anyone speak out against him? He’s adorable and innocent. I disliked his paint-by-numbers performances this week, but it feels like kicking a puppy. Sawyer, and Jacquie Lee for that matter, will have to mature and maybe then they can express more believable emotions. This was a big obstacle for both of them imo during their respective seasons of “The Voice.”

      • JM1 says:

        MC, you said it. I think it’s that he’s a blank slate that viewers can project whatever they want onto.

        • MC says:

          ITA. Sawyer is a compassionate kid and maybe he’s an “old soul,” but people are projecting too many talents on him imo. He has a gift for music, but intellectually and emotionally he’s still growing (just like any sixteen year old person that I’ve ever known). He would be a true genius indeed to fully appreciate (at his age) all of the historical context behind Kent State, the Vietnam protests and the recent unrest in this country. This context encompasses more than just the past few decades. I’ll leave it at that.

    • Akdar says:

      Koryn puts me off by being soooo serious and Pharrell selling her constantly as “inspirational”. It’s depressing. She’s 17 years old and she need to get some life and have fun.

  47. Kim Davis says:

    This is one of the best seasons EVER!!!

  48. Kim Davis says:

    Sawyer And Koryn are so Amazing
    The song a thousand years and oh Mary don’t you weep.
    Blew me away they have to be going to the Top for real!!
    Also India and the Earth song Great!!

  49. Kelly Ford says:

    This season of The Voice has been the best ever. I believe that Sawyer Fredericks should win everything because he has been consistent on every one of his performances. His gift of singing is something that can’t be taught he had to have been born with it. I truly believe and pray that this young man can go anywhere he wants with his career. His parents must be very proud of him cause I know that if he were my child I would be really proud of him.

    • Eileen says:

      What a nice, genuine comment. I’m a piano teacher and a grandmother. I not only appreciate Sawyer for his God-given talent, but for his wholesome, humble image.