The Good Wife Recap: Gone Girl

Has there ever been a doubt that The Good Wife‘s Kalinda Sharma is a disciple of The Church of Nancy Sinatra?

Her boots — polished leather, knee-high, ridiculously sexy — have always been made for walkin’. And in the Season 6 finale, that’s just what they did… to whatever enigmatic destination her wall safe of cold cash, firearms and fake IDs (c’mon, you know she’s got ’em for at least a dozen jurisdictions) allowed.

We’ve known, of course, that Kalinda’s farewell was coming (ever since Archie Panjabi announced last October her plan to exit the series). What was less certain was whether or not CBS’ brilliant legal drama would give long-time fans some much-craved resolution between Kalinda and her estranged pal Alicia — a rift prompted by the revelation Kalinda had slept with Alicia’s hubby prior to their becoming friends. That resolution also would also bring together Panjabi and series star Julianna Margulies, two women who haven’t shot a scene together in some three years. (No, last week’s barstool flashback — a two-camera affair which isolated each actress in extreme closeup — most certainly does not count.)

Well, as sure as Chum-Hum is fictional Chicago’s favorite search engine and as definitively as Elsbeth Tascioni dislikes anti-Semitic bears, showrunners Robert and Michelle King finally delivered The Great Tequila-Shots Reunion/Goodbye Extravaganza of 2015 — and it made me (as Beyoncé might say) a little drunk in love.

We’ll break down the specifics of #Kalicia in just a moment, but to be fair, that was far from the only headline coming out of the aptly titled “Wanna Partner?” (a moniker that, alas, did not turn out to foreshadow Finn Polmar in his legal briefs, giving, ahem, dictation to the Lady Florrick). Peter running for President of the United States? Louis Canning knock knock knockin’ at Alicia’s door — and pitching a business partnership? Kalinda escaping Lemond Bishop’s invitation to check out his new resort and spa (The Shallow Ditch) in scenic Cicero, IL? I grade those arcs as follows: B(b-b-b-b-b-but can you survive a primary if you did hard time in the clink?); B(et against them in court at your own peril); and A(lcohol and Alicia are a nice fit).

Let’s break down the main arcs in succinct fashion — while raising some questions about their implications for Season 7:

HUSTLE AND FLOTUS | Are you ready for President (OK, Vice President) Peter Florrick? Don’t laugh, folks — Alicia showing this kind of incredulity feels thisclose to cruel (despite the whole “slept with hookers” and “prison stint” backstories that aren’t going to play so well in a primary campaign). Turns out the Illinois Democratic Party wants its formerly disgraced/currently high-flying governor to seek an even bigger post — enter the Presidential race with the goal of being picked as Vice President — and not only does his willingness represent the culmination of every one of Eli Gold’s lifelong dreams (except maybe a second chance with Natalie Flores), it also guarantees Alicia won’t be able to shake the hilariously short-fused campaign manager from her life anytime soon. (Huzzah!)

Peter wants the approval of Alicia, Zach and Grace — but Alicia makes the sharp-eyed and flinty observation that her husband has already made the call to proceed, that he shouldn’t put it on his daughter’s head. (Grace’s “Are you still gonna pretend you’re married?” is the episode’s most blunt, flawless line of dialogue.) Even worse, that memoir of Alicia’s is merely one of Eli’s tools to rebrand the Florrick marriage and the public image of Peter’s wifey.

Still, if Alicia agrees to take the ride to D.C., it’ll mean sacrificing any shot at romantic fulfillment/an authentic personal life. I mean, think about it: If Peter polls well in Iowa and New Hampshire, the implications for our heroine will be fascinating — especially after her brief, disastrous attempt at grabbing her own piece of the political pie in the State’s Attorney showdown. Can she shut down her need for true love to fulfill her need to… serve the greater good/exert influence on a national stage/chalk up another Florrick family win? What kind of damage control would she have to perform to restore the luster to her tarnished St. Alicia halo? And — if she goes along for the POTUS ride — are there enough hours in the day for Grace to pray away the vultures who’ll zero in on the incredibly separate lives/residences maintained by the Illinois first couple? No more after-hours drinks with Finn (or anybody else) while hiding under a baseball cap if Alicia goes this route, I can tell you that much.

FIRMING THINGS UP | The case of the week involves one of Alicia’s old clients (Jacob Rickter) who manages to miraculously contact her while stuck in a secret police facility called Homan Square without having ever been booked, and questioned until they confess. (What the what?!?! Let us thank the Kings for shining light on yet another scary-type development happening in this country while the majority of us are anesthetized on Chipotle and premium cable.) Alicia turns to He Whose Bedroom Eyes Can Be Consulted for Legal Strategy/Confidence Boosting/Victorian-Style Wrist Grazing as she navigates the case from her new home office, and when he says “heck yeah!” to going into business together, they pair up on the mission (and ultimately succeed) to free their man from the clink.

Bigger than the outcome for Jacob (at least in terms of the larger Good Wife lore), though, is whether Finn will take up Alicia on her proposition from last week’s episode (that they go into business together) or any other kind of proposition (maybe even an indecent one). Alas, though, just like viewers who’ve been frustrated by the two tippy-toes forward, one leap back of their pas de deux, Finn (who’s been courting his ex-wife for the last few months) seems to be over it, too. “There’s something there — between us. And we push it. Then we say we won’t. Then we push it again. And I can’t live that way,” he explains before walking away from Alicia in a way that seems very final. It’s sad, to be sure — Finn and Alicia really did seem to have somethin’-somethin’ between ’em — but I always questioned whether Alicia could truly find love with a man whom she might not have truly come to know if not for the sudden and senseless tragedy of Will Gardner’s death. Then again, even if their love affair was probably doomed from the start, I kinda wished they’d given it the old college law-school try, y’know?

Who is it at Alicia’s door at the end of the hour, then? Not Cary, as I’d hoped — but Michael J. Fox’s Louis Canning — enraged that his wife was fired as a paralegal at Lockhart-Agos-Lee — and asking “Wanna partner?” And that’s where the Kings leave us.

THIS IS WHERE KALINDA LEAVES US | Bishop’s “personal attorney” (aka henchman) Charles Lester starts poking around to figure out Kalinda’s whereabouts — trying to intimidate Alicia, Cary and Diane — but it’s the sexy investigator herself who ultimately pops up in a supermarket frozen-food aisle and tells him she’ll meet with his jailed boss (if he leaves her friends alone).

Kalinda skips her meeting with Chicago’s biggest drug kingpin (and his cronies), and instead surprises Alicia in a bar, orders some tequila shots, wonders why her old pal didn’t pass to Lester the enigmatic note we saw two weeks ago (which was Kalinda’s confession to bringing down Bishop — and in the process exonerating Alicia, Cary, et al from any culpability).

It’s a beautiful denouement to a relationship long-time fans have been missing and mourning for too long now. Alicia admits when she lost the election, she “gave up: anger, jealous, daring what people thought” — and it made her miss sitting on a barstool next to Kalinda. The typically pithy Ms. Sharma gets real, too, admitting she doesn’t like talking much, then adding her time as friends with Alicia was “the best I ever had,” then apologizing “for screwing that up.” Like the glasses of alcohol before them, though, Kalinda disappears into the night, into foggy memories, mere moments later.

Kalinda finally tells Lester she was the woman who brought Bishop down — and that the files she found implicate him, too. “What is it with all these tough-talking women?” he growls — sad about the death of “demure.” He’s so impressed, he offers to become her business partner, but instead, she slips on her shades — and slips into the daylight, never to be seen again, I suspect.

What did you think of The Good Wife‘s Season 6 finale? Were you satisfied with the Kalinda-Alicia resolution? How about Alicia and Finn? And Peter as Veep? Take our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. dman6015 says:

    Hate to disappoint you, Michael, but they most definitely did NOT film that bar scene together. Don’t care what the Kings say in the next few days, they were not sitting there at the same time. There was a point during a two-shot of them where there arms overlapped, instead of bumping into each other.

    • dman6015 says:

      where *their*

    • Peevey says:

      Yes….total insult to the fans. Not watching next season. Don’t give a …. anymore.

    • Christine says:

      Conspiracy theories! I love it. Very appropriate for this show.

      • Marc says:

        It was the Kings screwing with all the fans who obsessed over the idea that the actresses hadn’t been in a scene together. You’ve been played! That’s what showrunners do these days when comments fixate on something silly. They make fun of it. It happened on Lost and BSG. Weiner does it on Mad Men. Gilligan probably did it on Breaking Bad. They did it on TNG and openly admitted it

        • TaMara says:

          That was my thought, too. They were definitely screwing with all those people who’ve been talking like they KNOW what’s going on behind the scenes. I laughed.

          But I will have to say this, I’ll give TGW a couple of episodes next season, but that might be it. This season just dragged and I kept looking at the clock tonight wonder when it would end.

      • Concerned says:

        How is it a conspiracy theory? Pretty obvious they simply weren’t in the scene at the same time

        • Christine says:

          I guess I’ m not as observant as the rest of you, because it wasn’t obvious to me.

          • scott21 says:

            I think it was obvious that JM didnt talk to Archie she was talking to the woman Alicia thought was Kalinda. the woman was on the set for reason because she look like Kalinda from behind. And the angles werent match at all

        • Red says:

          I’m amused that people are so outraged about that. It happens a lot when they are filming TV, as far as I can tell. For example, one of Lana Parrilla stand-ins on Once Upon a Time has the same color and length hair, but a rather different cut to her hair. That makes it fairly obvious when it’s the stand-in the other character is talking to, when the scene is being shot from behind Regina’s shoulder.

          • C says:

            You know, I think it’s less about the use of a stand-in that people are upset about and more about the circumspect circumstances. Every other bar scene they’ve ever shot with these two clearly had both actresses in a single frame. The camera angles and framing here was a bit oddly chosen –close in and careful?– relative to things they’ve done in the past. They’ve kept the two characters apart for 2.5 seasons (supposedly to aid the story?). They put a lot of press into the fact that the two characters would share a scene in the finale. The scene itself was only about 3 minutes long. And they know there has been rampant speculation about the two actresses not getting along. But still, they had to resort to some creative shooting to make the scene happen.

            There could have been a perfectly good reason for the way they shot it. But because it’s like a giant elephant in the room that no one will address, but everyone is willing to talk around – I’m not surprised that people are a bit miffed. Two professional actresses should be able to shoot a 3 minute farewell scene for a character’s final story arc.

      • Dmac says:

        Hardly conspiracy theories, just plain old bad editing. Go back and watch it again and watch the waiter or notice how they never look each other in the eyes, nor does any part of their bodies cross the middle section. It was shoddily done and just sad.

    • roberto says:

      If thats true how sad and unprofessional that they couldn’t do one last scene for the viewers. Whatever rift is between them it must be big. As far as the episode it was ew so so. TK

      • KevyB says:

        I don’t know why this is such a “conspiracy”. There is ZERO reason for the two most important characters on this show to never share a set together for 2 1/2 seasons. This didn’t benefit the storytelling so it was done for one of two reasons: the women couldn’t be bothered to be professional in the same room OR one of the women had enough clout to make it happen. Archie Panjabi has NO clout. Yes, it’s circumstantial, but people get convicted on circumstantial evidence every day.

        I love how Emmy-obsessed Julianna Margulies and Christine Baranski are, yet why should a show that COMPLETELY RUINED its best character win anything? And if that scene WASN’T green-screened then they need to confiscate all of Margulies’ acting awards!

    • TV Gord says:

      Wow. The loons are out tonight, aren’t they!?

    • bluefairy says:

      I watched it again and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I think you’re just overthinking it. By this logic, any scene in which two characters do not touch each other could be CGI.

    • C says:

      I’ve re-watched the scene several times – their elbows crossed into frame (when they almost touched) but there was no actual overlap. I think Jace Lacob had it right – they filmed the scene once together for coverage and the rest was over the shoulder trickery with stand-ins. The cutting was certainly choppy in parts – at the end, there’s a cut back where Alicia should be in profile (after she says “that’s too bad” and turns her head forward), but in K’s frame she’s still looking towards K – which is why I think most of it was done with stand-ins. They had limited frames to work with. Regardless, the filming of the shot was odd – especially when compared to other bar scenes they’ve done.

    • Denise says:

      You know, I thought they didn’t film any scenes together either, but after seeing the recently posted Vanity Fair article, I wonder if they filmed one scene together from the front.

    • Susan Rubio says:

      Agreed. They toasted shot glasses as a close up on their hands, and that sealed the deal for me. The long shots when we saw both of them reminded me of the split screen technique they use when an actor plays two people.

  2. jlai100 says:

    I hope I’m wrong but it seemed like the Alicia/Kalinda bar scene was not as “genuine” as I think it was. Someone on twitter mentioned CGI…….

    • BrightLight says:

      Add me to the list of people who think the bar scene was CGI…and bad CGI at that. To me, it looks obvious that the person sitting across from Archie Panjabi was NOT Julianna Margulies. If it had been, then why not show at least part of her face and not have it covered by hair that didn’t look exactly like JM’s hair did on her shots. The acting seemed forced as well at least on JM’s end. Of course that’s just my opinion. I’ll miss Kalinda though, she was one of my faves on this show from the beginning.
      This whole episode was flat for a season finale which actually was fitting as the entire season felt that way to me. I will say that I was MORE than thrilled that Lewis was at the door. Hope Alicia takes him up on his offer.

  3. B says:

    I knew Canning would be behind the door to ask to partner up as soon as his wife showed up. I hope Alicia turns him down. Wasn’t the whole point of starting anew to get away from exactly the kind of backstabbing antics Canning specializes in?

    I’m still hoping we haven’t seen the last of Finn, although I figured they wouldn’t end up as partners.

    Now that I know Kalinda didnt get shot immediately after, the last shot of her, strutting away in her sunglasses like the badass she is, was the perfect ending. Maybe not the most satisfying for all, but the most fitting.

  4. Marie says:

    Am I really one of the few that thought this episode for a season finale was really disappointing?

    • B says:

      No. It felt pretty predictable and hollow.

    • Carol says:

      The season finale (actual the entire season) was underwhelming. What was the point of this season? It felt like the show went in circles. The poor supporting cast (Kalinda, Diane, Cary, David, etc.) did not have much to do all season. The ending for Kalinda was anticlimactic – a big build up that fizzled like a wet firecracker.

      Also, why is Alicia still married to Peter when she clearly wants to move on with her life? The kids are grown and don’t care if they get a divorce. Finn was right to back off since Alicia wants to cling to Peter for his political clout and still have a relationship with him.

      BTW the Alicia/Kalinda scene was so fake and awkward that it was laughably bad. It just felt random like they knew the fans wanted a scene and did it reluctantly without being in the room together. This behavior is completely unprofessional.

      • B says:

        At this point, staying with Peter is pointless on Alicia’s end. It makes it hard to believe her as a tough, take charge woman when she won’t just divorce him already. Here’s hoping that “I’m done with all of it” to Eli was a genuine declaration that she’s done with the marriage. I’m not going to hold my breath.

    • No. I kept switching back to Once Upon a Time, which was FAR more enjoyable.
      This show died back in Season 5. :|

    • Anya says:

      It was the weakest finale of all six seasons. I don’t think they’ll ever fully recover from Will’s absence (who by the way is going to be in another TV show: Masters of Sex)

      • Jess says:

        Honestly, I think the show is doing creatively better without Will. Because he was only ever really a love interest for Alicia. Now, Cary finally got a story line, and Alicia is free to explore her other options because she doesn’t need a man. Also more screen time for Diane. Show’s better without Will.

  5. Beckers0505 says:

    Great episode! Loved every minute of it! Feels like the old Goof Wife show I fell in love with!! Can’t wait for next season!

    • Pash says:

      I personally felt like the episode, much like the entire season, was underwhelming and poignantly without purpose. I am interested in hearing the point of view of someone who actually enjoyed the finale. What exactly was it that you liked?

  6. Christine says:

    I will seriously miss Archie Panjabi’ s Kalinda, but her character and story was so ruined in the last season, there’s not much to miss. Thought Zach’s scene was kind of awkward and thrown in there randomly. “See, we still have two children, for viewers who may have forgotten”. My favorite scene was Alicia burning Kalinda’s confession.

  7. Concerned says:

    Lol they were definitely NOT in that scene together what is up with Juliana?? Is she just jealous? I bet archie and Christine baranski have a lot in common…

  8. Jared says:

    I’ve loved the Good Wife from the beginning but this season as a whole was probably one of the weakest for me. I still never got the impression that Alicia would have ever wanted to run for states attorney based on past seasons, so having that storyline last all season was a drag(only to kill it after two episodes). I’m not sure how much story is left to tell at this point but if Alicia and Canning do partner up I’m gonna have to tune out. I hope that’s not the plan for next season…

  9. Angela says:

    So the episode was more about Kalinda leaving and everything else was fluff. I agree about the bar scene

  10. DJ says:

    What exactly was the supposed “feud” between Panjabi and Marguiles? Enlighten me because I really don’t know.

    • Evan says:

      The “feud” is that as we all saw, Panjabi’s portrayal of Kalinda and her subsequent popularity was eclipsing Marguiles as the star. People wanted to know/see more about Kalinda, and less about what was actually going on with the star of the show and her character. So after she became one of the producers (as is standard for stars who have long tenures on shows) she allegedly started using her position to ever so slowly start to push Panjabi to the side.

      Fans have always noticed, and the producers/creators are constatnly confirming it without full out saying it by always talking about the “other person in charge who usually makes the final decisions”. Be very curious when the show does come to its natural end if people start actually talking about it without fear of reprecussion from anyone.

      • smartysenior says:

        Everyone on the show is eclipsing Marguiles in the acting department which is why fans are so unhappy now that the scripts are ignoring the excellent cast and featuring far too much Marguiles. Baranski did more acting in her small little part than Maguiles did all night. If Marguiles has the power to dictate scripts it would explain why the show is in trouble.

        • radiant says:

          Archie Panjabi, Christine Barinski, and Alan Cumming have superb acting skills and are enjoyable to watch. Julianna Margulies is so-so. Diane needs more fun scenes! With Panjabi gone, more Baranski might help the show stay palatable.

          In the meantime, I’ll watch Maryann Thorpe on Cybill.

          • Denise says:

            While it does come down to personal opinion, Margulies has been nominated for a SAG, Emmy and Golden Globe for just about each year she has played this role. She has won at least one of each. She is really quite good. That said, I would LOVE for Baranski to win an Emmy. I think it may be Cumming’s chance next year since they will have him on a full-time basis.

      • Kathy says:

        The showrunners/creators are always in charge. A producer never trumps a showrunner, not even the star. I have never read where the Kings have said Margulies makes the final decisions. Never.

        I thought the problem with the Kalinda character started with the ex-husband storyline. That’s where I lost interest in the character, and it really never got back on track.

        I have seen various people describe the source of the feud in detail, but what is the source? I’ve followed the show for years but feel like I’ve missed something. How do you guys know for certain?

        • Dmac says:

          I would suggest you go back and read some more interviews with the Kings. Several of them have one or both of them saying Julianne has the final say. She isn’t just the producer she is the EP and her say matters.

          • Kathy says:

            I have read many interviews with the Kings, and I don’t recall them ever saying Margulies has final say. Do you recall where this was said?

            JM has never been listed as an Executive Producer.

          • Megan (@MeggieToTheMax) says:

            I’m pretty sure it’s a running joke in Hollywood that giving someone an EP credit is a pointless ego inflating thing to do because it effectively means nothing. Get Shorty is probably the first time I’ve seen this mentioned. Entourage as well at some point, iirc. It’s why the are usually double the number of EPs on a show or movie than producers.

            Not to mention, it hardly matters to the show. The character was supposed to have slept with her husband. Mark me up as the type of person who would not be so friendly with someone after I had learned that.

            And Kalinda is a great character, but she’s had terrible stories well before this supposed “rift” The whole husband story was awful.

  11. Sharron says:

    Soooooo, are we not gonna get Alicia and Finn together?? BOO.

    I also am skeptical about that bar scene.

    • Jane says:

      I think Finn’s decision was only so Mathew Goode could go film Downton Abbey’s last season. After that finishes he’ll have time to come back to The Good Wife and tell Alicia it didn’t work with his ex-wife.

      • Arien says:

        Downton is not the problem – its shot right now and will be finished by the time TGW starts shooting season 7. But Matthew Goode said in an interview that he doesn’t want to move his family to NY again for half a year, and he also has child #3 – a son – on the way who is due in August.
        So, sadly, I don’t count on Finn returning for a significant arc next season.

  12. summerswing says:

    I was disappointed as well. The Kings have given all the reasons why they needed Alicia to hit rock bottom and that all of this was planned, but by this time no one wants to watch the show anymore. I thought that Alicia seemed bored and blase when Kalinda was trying to talk to her. Like she was on something.
    I do agree that they ruined Kalinda’s character in the last year – she used to be this smart creative feisty woman and this past year they just had her sleeping around for stories with whomever.
    I love Diane and Carey and am sorry that they have made them the enemies – because I loved this show when they all worked together. Too bad Will was killed

  13. abz says:

    After realizing it wasn’t going to be Kalinda at the door, I thought for sure it’d be Peter at the door asking for a divorce. I was so disappointed in that ending. Canning of all people. I hope she kicks his ass to the curb and rejects the offer. Hated it. Also, really disappointed that that was it for Alicia/Kalinda. That scene was so short. I can’t believe that was it. (Side note: at one point I thought they were gonna kiss lol). This episode didn’t really feel like a season finale. And the excuse the Kings gave of raising expectations was so stupid. I usually have so much faith in them and the writing of the show, but on this issue effed up big time. Their excuse made no sense and while I was happy to see two of them together again, that did not make up for anything.

  14. kn1231 says:

    Am I the only one who thought it would have been more satisfying if Kalinda had died. Could have made for good material in the upcoming season (if it gets renewed). I think Alicia teaming up with Canning makes sense. Cary and Diane turned their back on her, now I would like to see Alicia get a little bit of pay back. I prefer Alicia when she is not working with them anyway. Also, please can we have Matthew Goode back next season! Thanks!

    • Maria says:

      Yes more Mattew Goode!!! I mean seriously it can’t end that way right?!!

      • kn1231 says:

        I definitely thought they were about to profess their love to one another, and then he walked away. You are right, it can’t end that way!

        • Peevey says:

          He’s tied up with Downton next season….hence, no romance.

          • B says:

            Even if he is in every episode of Downton’s last season, he ought to be able to come back for at least the last half of the season. I’m hoping they go that route.

  15. Maria says:

    I mean it was sad that Kalinda left but I’ve known the whole season she was leaving so I had time to accept it. Now I am mad about Finn and Alicia! I mean we’ve had this flirtation all season and then it just ends?! I mean am I the only person who gonna miss Matthew Goode’s beautiful blue eyes every week?!! I want more Finn!! He and Alicia would have been HOT!!

  16. TGW fan says:

    Monet tear than average episode, and glad to see Kalinda closure. But if they truly filmed together (and I don’t believe they did) I felt Kalinda’s goodbye was heartfelt,but Alicia’s rang a hollow for me. Too little too late.

    Peter for VP? Um no. Not happening but whatever it takes to get him in more episodes peaks my interest. (Though Alicia needs to leave him.) maybe that is how they an on ending the final season with Alicia and he back together with Peter in the White House .

    And Canning behind the door? The man must be part cat with nine lives. He was dying about five episodes ago? That arc alone makes me feel like Alicia “I just don’t care anymore”. At least I won’t be ruminating all summer about the finale.

  17. Katrina Scott says:

    I am quite baffled at this CGI conspiracy theory. It makes no sense when you watch the scene, especially at the beginning when Finn leaves and the camera pans over to Kalinda sitting down at the bar next to Alicia. They were in that shot together. I believe the two actresses filmed the shots where they were both facing the camera. I don’t believe that was CGI. Besides, that cost money and I don’t think the Kings would waste money just to mess with fans. TGW is not a top-rated show. It needs its fans. Now, those over the shoulder shots may have included stand-ins.

    • gortezy says:

      Because people feed on rumors and conspiracy theories. They just love it. It’s exciting for them that way I guess.

      • Peevey says:

        Split screen CGI is cheap which is what was used here.

        • Katrina Scott says:

          How do you know it was used here? I really would like to know what in this scene gives it away.

          • C says:

            I don’t think people can honestly confirm it either way. I lean towards the thought that they filmed one take together and several other takes with stand-ins. I think when the camera panned right at the beginning, they were definitely in the same frame. But the theory is that because neither actress crossed the middle of the frame when the camera was held straight on, it could have been done with splitscreen CGI. You add in the fact that the over the shoulder shots were filmed close-in so the face of only one actress was ever visible at the same time, and it does make you wonder – were they working with stand-ins? I’ve re-watched the scene a couple times and I do think their elbows crossed into frame when they drank their tequila. That to me indicates that at least one take was done together. And the scene was 3 minutes long. Would they really go to all that trouble to split screen CGI – with people moving in the background etc. – just so two people didn’t have to film together? I find that pretty unlikely.

          • Morisot says:

            The brick wall as the background – great for a “split-screen” shot. I wish the scene had been shorter. The longer it went on, the easier it was to be sure of the split-screen. All I kept thinking was Patty Lane and Cathy Lane — the “remarkable cousins” on the Patty Duke Show — both played by Patty Duke. (It’s around in syndication — a half hour of split-screens!)

    • George says:

      why can’t they both be in the room at the same time to shot the entire scene together tho? why have stand-in’s at all? I don’t think they used CGI here, and I do think they shot the one part where the camera was wide to show them together, but they definitely had stand-in’s when they were talking and the camera was only focusing on one of them. Its just weird.

  18. gortezy says:

    Awesome ep! Feels like the old TGW I’ve always loved, though I didn’t like seeing Canning at Alicia’s door. Excited for Season 7.

  19. Lauren says:

    What an underwhelming and dull finale that fell in step with what I feel is the worst season to date. The Alicia Kalinda scene was cheesy and frankly, unnecessary, after what has happened. Peter running for President..what a joke. Please find something worthy for Diane and Cary to do next season. The paralegal mess was unbelievable. I wish Matthew Goode could return as Finn but have no expectations of that happening either – can’t really blame him. More Canning is the proposed solution to their ratings woes?

  20. Kay says:

    As an episode this was strong, but as a lead-in to S7 it was really disappointing. I was a million times more excited over the last two seconds of the S4 and S5 finales. I’m over Canning and I’ll miss Kalinda (though good for AP for moving on – she deserves better). I am also pretty annoyed that they played up Alicia and Finn’s chemistry apparently with the sole intent of demonstrating that he is not Will. If the only non-platonic partnership with Alicia on the show that the writers want to explore is with Peter, then they need to find a new dramatic angle. I used to find them fascinating but am not excited for ANOTHER season of their political marriage.

    Also, what happened to the “I don’t have friends” scene from the preview? Was looking forward to that one.

  21. Diva DIary says:

    I can’t decide if the scene between them was real or not and I don’t think Alicia will team up with Canning. I think Canning was there for his wife. I really don’t want Alicia to go down the immoral road with Canning; however, it would be rather interesting to see Alicia take down Cary and crew, but I don’t see why she would do that.

  22. Sherri says:

    I want Finn and Alecia to get together. And I want Alecia to put Alecia first and dump her husbands butt. Its been drawn out long enough already. She is a smart intellifent woman and it makes no sense thst she continue to “act” as Peter:s wife. She cares about her childrens emotional well being and living a lie and asking your children to participate in that lie doesnt make sense any more! Writers are you listening? I am sure there is lots of juicy stuff you can write about Alecia leaving Peter for Finn and Finn’s ex wife going wacko on them. The Peter and Alecia melodrama is boring. Put it to pasture where it belongs.

  23. Tim says:

    This show is just so well written, it sucks it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Just the story of Jacob getting detained was very suspenseful. I could tell the ending since last week.

  24. tr chavez says:

    We need another romance in Alica

  25. drock says:

    Who cares if the actresses did not act together. It was still a great scene in a good episode

  26. Tarajifan says:

    Actually think they deliberately filmed the bar scene the way they did to cause controversy. People take a REALLY good look at every shot.

    • TGW fan says:

      Regardless, a proper response to those characters’ final words to each other would have been a heartfelt touch or hug. If someone I was angry with gave me a sincere apology -esp knowing I would never see them again- I would have hugged the person . That is why the whole ‘last scene’ tango so hollow to me. It was perfunctory

      • suzi says:

        I agree. I was on the fence about the validity of the scene, but grew annoyed at myself (and the show) after rewinding it a couple of times. It was the lack of a hug, or any physical contact at all, that made up my mind.

        • C says:

          mmm – but Kalinda and Alicia have never been physical with each other in that sense. I actually think a hug would have been OOC for K. I can only remember them touching twice (a bar scene in Hybristophilia and a playful hand slap in Ham Sandwich I think). Even with other characters – physical contact for K has been pretty limited outside of sexual encounters/lovers and violence.

          It seemed that her broken sentence “I um..” was that unstated sentiment you’re looking for. I sort of liked that it was done with subtext. Fill in the blank. I’m gonna miss you? I wish I wasn’t leaving. I totally understand the desire for more than that, but I think it would have felt awkward if they’d gone that direction.

        • TGW Fan says:

          Yep if someone apologizes to me as Kalinda did and shares her regret over their friendship and then says we won’t be seeing each other again, darn right I am hugging them good bye . Alicia was cold in that scene to me.

  27. yuri says:

    The jury is out on whether the scene with both Alicia & Kalinda on the bar was actually shot together – it looked just slightly off to me, but perhaps it’s because I was looking for it. Though these days, it’s amazing what you could do with splicing things together, so as long as they coordinate their eye level, that scene would technically be possible to manipulate (HIMYM is a good example of a show that did it well). I doubted such thing would happen in a legal drama, but this show has gone above and beyond to do unnecessary things in the past.

    BUT the reaction shots and dialogues were definitely not shot together. That is why you can’t see anything past Kalinda’s hair & Julianna’s wig (not even nose) when the other was talking. It’s funny how later on Alicia saw someone who resembled Kalinda in the bar because that’s probably who they used for their dialogue.

    • Gwen says:

      The Kings have toyed with me for the last time. They knew all the comments about having the two actresses in the same room, and they purposely made sure that they did not touch to fuel the fire.

      and Canning at the door? Reason enough to finally give up the ghost on this show.

      It’s a shadow of its former self, and it’s sad. It definitely used to be the best show on TV. Those days are over.

      asta pasta gang.

    • Angie says:

      That woman Alicia saw at the bar after Kalinda left is actually Archie Panjabi’s stand in. Good call:)

  28. Mr. Tran K says:

    I give the season finale an A. Sad to see Kalinda going out with a bang and I still don’t know if CBS is going to renew TGW for a Season 7 and if it does, it should get a proper “final season”.

  29. Jess says:

    Probably useless to ask at this point but: what on earth happened with Kalinda and Lana?

    They made it seem like a big deal with Lana being involved with Cary and Bishop (what with that mysterious keycard and getting the wiretap tapes) and then Kalinda admitting that she took their relationship seriously. Then suddenly Lana gets called into an office and we never see her again. Did the FBI kill her? (I kid, but…) Did Kalinda decide to sever ties for reasons never explained? Did Bishop take her out and Kalinda never noticed?

    Like make things Kalinda-related in the last few seasons, I guess the writers just dropped the ball.

  30. Alex says:

    What a lame sendoff for a wonderful character. Makes me want to stop watching TGW knowing Kalinda’s departure is all about MArguiles’ ego…

  31. Anna says:

    I’m really gonna miss Finn, I really started to care for him. A lot. I understand the actor chose Downton Abbey over TGW but I still think he should come back. DA is just a couple of episodes per season, there’ll be enough time to come back in the second half of season 7.

  32. tvadictmom says:

    Couldn’t stop chuckling when it was Channingcat the door. Great ending for the season.

  33. Kathy says:

    At this point, I don’t care if they filmed the scene together. I just want that aspect of the show to be over. I don’t know what happened between the actresses, and neither does anyone else. I see a lot speculation though. People say it’s jealousy, but by the third or fourth season, I think Margulies had won an Emmy, SAG and Golden Globe. Was there a reason for her to be really jealous by then? I can’t remember. I don’t put much weight in Margulies being a producer. That’s often a bone they throw to actors and writers after the show has been on the air for awhile. It’s an extra check and a title but not much power. She is the star though.

    Season 5 showed that TGW can be a stellar show with or without the Alicia/Kalinda relationship. Season 6 was good but not excellent. They need to figure out how to get back to excellent.

    • gortezy says:

      My thoughts exactly! Although I don’t believe it’s jealousy. Reportedly the two actresses have different working styles. JM wants to shoot in as little take as possible so she can go home right away to her family (she works 14 hours a day) while AP wants to film over and over until she can get a perfect scene. Probably, JM wants to have none of it and just let AP have it her way even if they have to film separately. This makes more sense to me.

      • byekalinda says:

        Hi gortezy!

        Yes as far as rumors go, yours is much kinder than the other one! :) But, speaking politely, it is “fairly odd” to have two great actresses, who’ve done some of their best work together, not have legitimate scenes together over the course of 2+ years. Even *angry* or *tense* scenes, where Alicia is seen “uncomfortably tolerating” a former friend who betrayed her, would have made for some excellent drama from these two true acting pros, right?

        But no, the actresses totally don’t share *any* camera space, which makes it look like personal “beef” of some sort…. Again we can only speculate here, because Archie’s not ever going to complain publicly, is she? She’s already gained so much, career-wise, from this great show, and she deserves all the praise she got. Julianna’s been fantastic too, and has the multiple award nominations to prove it. So far so good…

        But speaking less politely & more plainly… are the producers bleepin’ crazy?! :) Don’t they remember how awesome the Kalinda/Alicia dynamic was? Okay, mini-rant #1 over! :) It’s because we really liked Julianna & Archie’s chemistry that we’re now mad at *somebody* for this apparent roadblocking of potential dramatic gold… They could have written a realistic reconciliation for the characters seasons ago, but instead nothing! Again all we have is rumors & question marks about the split, but something kinda stinks here, don’t it? Mini-rant #2 over :)

        Ah well, it doesn’t matter any more now, does it? Kalinda’s gone.

        • TGW Fan says:

          Now I am on a mission to go back to former seasons and see if they ever really did film together . at least back to the “finding grace” episode and the “clothes to Minnesota” episode . Maybe those were products of CGI. Heck may as well go back S1,episode 1 knowing what I know now about the conspiracy and CGI

          • byekalinda says:

            Haha, yeah these days who knows what’s real or not! An actor can even convincingly hug or punch *themselves* now! See “Orphan Black” for cool self-fights :)

            But of course Julianna can’t really be jealous of any other actresses can she? She’s won or been nominated for everything since her “ER” days and is still queen of the Emmy’s, along with Claire Danes from “Homeland”, and maybe a few others who get nominated like every other year…. And she’s a great actress either way, but for some weird reason – we may never know – they didn’t manage to shoot scenes together… And now it’s over.


  34. queerbec says:

    If Alicia joins Canning, who has vowed to destroy Argos, Lockhart and Lee, won’t that send AL&E into a panic since Alicia knows a lot of their secrets, and would perhaps cause AL&E to make her an offer she can’t refuse, I.e., named senior partner? It’s time for Alicia to divorce Peter–stringing out that marriage strains credibility plus it’s boring. If Alicia has become one of those power women that Lester is now afraid of/impressed with, wouldn’t she have dumped the Governor long ago and not put up with his nonsense. I hope they haven’t dumped Matthew Goode for good. He added so much more to the show–had better chemistry with Alicia than almost anyone.

  35. Jerry says:

    The Good Wife used to be one of the best written shows on television and it didn’t have unbelievable plot holes like this past season. Sadly, it is no wonder the ratings continue to plummet. We are to believe that a long time hugely successful drug kingpin would keep tons of self-incriminating evidence easily stored on his personal computer in his home office that could be taken by the police with a search warrant at any time or by an associate who wants to betray him??? AND, we are to believe that the “Illinois Democratic Party” wants Peter to run for president in hopes of getting vice-president…the same “Illinois Democratic Party” that unjustly forced his wife to withdraw from the State’s Attorney Race and he just simply “forgot” that small detail?? I mean, come on Robert and Michelle King…so disappointing. I’m just glad that most people I know stopped watching last season so they didn’t have to see how much worse this show has gotten. I just pray that they take the time over the next few months and actually outline and write a believable final season to try and repair the damage they have done.

  36. Sue Prince says:

    Altho I’m sympathetic with Michael fox’s character (Canning), he is difficult to understand and difficult to watch. PLEASE don’t hook him up with Alicia as a partner.

  37. Eran says:

    Quite frankly, I couldn’t care less if the actresses were astral projecting themselves into the scene, it was clearly they most they could get out of an obviously complicated situation. For me, personally, I didn’t miss any form of physical contact. Neither character is famous for their PDAs but Will should have been brought up. They both lost him and it was a missed opportunity imo, on the writers’ part to acknowledge this other key element that will always tie Alicia and Kalinda together to some degree.

  38. KRide says:

    Did anyone else have the feeling the Vice President run came out of the blue? I still think possibly he had something to do with Alicia having to opt out of the SA race and that whole scandal. I think maybe an invitation to run for President is his reward for screwing Alicia over. I remember specifically when she was meeting with Mr. Landau from the party he said if she opted out before a recount took place the party would make sure she was taken care of politically. I think when she pushed back they offered the same thing to Peter and then he advised Alicia to keep fighting when he knew it would blow up in her face.

    Maybe it’s the conspiracy theorist in me, but it all seemed to good to be true. With Peter’s scandalous background and his family secrets he doesn’t seem to be the best candidate and it really doesn’t make the most sense to me. Out of every candidate out there why would they choose a governor from Illinois who has had so much run ins with scandal?

    • John says:

      I think the run for President/ VP shows Peter was not involved. He needs Saint Alicia to counteract his past. If she is perceived, even unjustly, as someone who engaged in election fraud she wouldn’t help him; she would hurt him.

      And they really have to end this sham marriage, it no longer serves any purpose and couldn’t survive any serious media inquiry.

      • TGW Fan says:

        I mean Peters governor (of IL no less) for a few months and suddenly the DNC wants him to run for Pres/VP? This after they force Alicia out of the states attorney’s office ? And funny when Alicia was talking to Kalinda she said ” when I lost the election”. She didn’t lose. She was asked to step down. This whole season is absurd and the attention to detail is sad. Needs to end after season 7

  39. Dmac says:

    Soo, no mention on the two women NOT filming their scenes at the same time. My niece is in film school and she let me know that in one of her classed they are using scene as a teaching moment on bad editing. I have no clue about editing, but if I can spot it…

  40. Deion says:

    I am disappointed that they gave Alicia two love interests this season only to have her end the season with neither of them in play. I’m not sure what that sets up the Florricks for in Season 7, but I look forward to Alicia starting over again. I don’t see how she partners with Louis Canning against Cary and Diane, but they are in a weaker position without Kalinda to pull them out of the fire. Makes it a more fair contest.

  41. Jessica says:

    Given how Alicia’s been talking about love, and given how much she wanted the State’s Attorney position, I don’t think Alicia’s goal is to find true love. I don’t think she believes in true love, and I don’t think this show is about her finding true love and a happily ever after in the traditional sense. I think this show is about her finding herself and her calling and being a strong, independent woman, who takes care of herself however she needs to, professionally and personally and as a mother and individual. Hence her having an affair and flings and will she/won’t she moments. And I think more of those will come along as she will find more confidence to pursue them despite being married to Peter for political reasons. And I think she would like potentially being the First Lady because of the influence she can have in the world. But it would be hard for them to win with all that has come out about both of their lives.

  42. The finale was a HUGE disappointment… I heard someone ask if others knew Canning’s wife worked there, & misheard the name as Peter’s, leading me to recall the scene recently of Alicia holding her name alongside the others on the wall & think, “Who didn’t know?!” (Especially since they tried to toss her, etc., recently.)

    Also, Rob Reiner was sitting somewhere all night, wondering who had the right to waste his Vizzini like that!!

  43. byekalinda says:

    This “Kal-icia Travesty” aka “no-scenes-together fiasco” has overshadowed the goodness of this show for some viewers. Others just happily accepted that they have separate scenes & continue to enjoy the show nonetheless. Either way it’s been fun watching the Kings totally sidestep any rumors of the actresses’ beefs.

    Since Archie has never publicly complained about being sidelined, all her fans can do is speculate & target their helpless anger at Juliana. What we know for sure is that the Kings have way more invested in this show than we, the unhappy fans of Kalinda could ever have… sure our opinions may matter a little, but it’s still the Kingses baby we’re judging. :(

    Thanks Archie, you were fabulous! The show’s still great but a big piece went missing a while ago. Miss you & will watch your next show!! :) Love to all, even the Kings, haha!

    • byekalinda says:

      And can anyone blame us for wanting more Kal-icia goodness? Juliana & Archie really were awesome together weren’t they? Even *they* admitted it in this finale.

      Ah well, it’s too bad the Kings let Kalinda’s story arcs slide… it made us desperate to pin the blame on “Margulies is a meanie!” Of course, based on rumors from “a guy who works on the set says…blah, blah, blah” & “it’s so obviously JM’s jealousy about the first Emmy, right?” Haha, the internet rocks! :)

      Bye, Kalinda… *sob*

    • plez says:

      All the producers (which includes Margulies) had to do was post a behind the scene picture of Archie and Margulies working together and that would have ended the fiasco as you call it. The fact that they did not do this feeds into the fact that Margulies has a problem with Panjabi.

      • TGW Fan says:

        Absolutely! If there was nothing that’s easy to fix. The fact there they haven’t refuted it proves there are issues. To what extent only they know. Sad to be vested six seasons in and feel like “oh who cares?? ” anymore about the show. I couldn’t wait till Sunday. Now I fall asleep waiting for sports overruns to conclude that fall into TGW time slot.

      • byekalinda says:

        Yeah, it seems like a deliberate prank by the producers, assuming they knew “Kal-icia” fans have been longing for a nice reunion of our two favorite characters! They didn’t touch or hug or nothing!

        Anyway it’s a big compliment to the Kings that so many of us care this much about what two of their fictional creations do or don’t do, haha! They got us hooked on the Kal-icia friendship like a drug… then yanked it away & we’re all still throwing our tantrums about it :) :) :) 3 years later!

        But Archie will be fine. This show boosted her marketability astronomically, so I’m sure she’s grateful to the King’s for casting her, no matter how it ended or if Julianna ever liked her. She wins either way! We can only write our own fan-fiction now, where Kal-icia continues, “Korrasami-style” :) *Avatar Legend of Korra reference.

        Bye Kalinda, thanks Archie we love you!

  44. Dee says:

    Disappointed in this season. Boring. Ever since Will left, the show has not been the same. And now Kalinda leaving, not sure if I will watch next season.

  45. byekalinda says:

    Kathy, what happened is that the Kings created such a warm friendship that us “Kal-icia” fans really wanted to continue to grow… Corny as it sounds, it made us happy to see them together, then Alicia mistrusted Kalinda after she confessed to “that thing” with Peter. 3 years later & still no reconciliation…

    So we’re mad! Mad enough to blame Julianna despite our sketchy “I know a guy who says…” evidence, and our “It’s so obvious!!” speculation. Archie’s never complained, and why should she? This show made her world-famous! But we, her fans, hate that Kalinda’s subsequent storylines were never as good as when Alicia was her friend…

    Kudos to the Kings & Archie herself, for making us care so much about their creation! And the opposite to JM for messing it all up… that is, if she actually did, ahem! Don’t take us too seriously, deep down we know it’s just a TV show with imaginary characters… But we’re STILL MAD!! :)

    Bye Kalinda… *sob*

    • Kathy says:

      Well, Kalinda never confessed to sleeping with Peter. Alicia found out through the investigator. Here is my thing, could Alicia (as defined in those early seasons) ever really be friends again with Kalinda after learning of the affair? I don’t think so. The character would not forgive and forget that particular betrayal. When the Kings pitched the show to CBS, Kalinda and Peter sleeping together and Alicia finding out later was part of the storyline. Of course, at that time, they had no idea the friendship would become so popular. After Alicia found out about the affair, I personally would not buy Alicia becoming close to Kalinda again. Being civil to her? Yes. Being close friends again? No. She could never really trust Kalinda again. She barely trust Peter! For me, the storyline ended the friendship.

      • byekalinda says:

        Hi! Yeah, that makes sense from a betrayed friend’s standpoint… how do you trust the person again? But on TV shows things usually happen faster than in real life, including forgiveness cycles! So show her in pain/anger for the rest of season 2 (or was it 3?), then they gradually but definitely reconcile over the following season… kinda like they tried to do this week :) but it’s coming way too late now, ain’t it?

        Then again, the fact that they didn’t even have *tense* realistic scenes together (except the Minnesota hotel room one, I think) makes it seem like it’s the *actresses* not just the characters who are “beef-ing”, so unfortunately it’s Julianna (not Alicia) who gets blamed for it all, fueled by the unfortunate rumors of a “jealous feud” and by the producers’ mischievous, weird split-screen, over-the-shoulder, “Orphan Black”-ish, stand-ins only, type of editing!

        Obviously the whole matter wasn’t a big deal for the Kings, and Archie will be successful wherever she now goes, but if you liked this last scene with the two of them, then you can understand why we wanted many more. It’s sweet to see them getting along & helping each other out, right? They’re both such awesome actresses!

        • Kathy says:

          Oh, I can understand why fans would want more. After Alicia found out about Kalinda and Peter, I think the writers may have wanted to eventually rebuild the friendship because that is what fans demanded. But in some ways, I think they kind of wrote themselves into a corner. Kalinda’s betrayal was huge. Not just that she slept with Peter, but actively became friends with Alicia afterwards. She encouraged the friendship. Kalinda came into Alicia’s home, interacted with her kids and with Peter. Alicia confided in her, which does not come easy for the character. In real life, a woman would feel like a fool after finding out. The two of them only became close because Kalinda was untruthful. I think we are meant to understand that she knew that, which is why she always wanted to help Alicia. It was her way of making amends. Considering how Alicia is written, it would be difficult to realistically rebuild that friendship. The thing is, the writers could not have predicted the chemistry between the two characters when they plotted out this story. And as much as I truly enjoyed the Kalinda/Alicia friendship, I agreed with Julianna when she said it didn’t make sense for Alicia to become very close with Kalinda again. TGW is not a soap opera. Unfortunately, once Kalinda was outside of Alicia’s world on the show, the writers didn’t seem to know what to do with the character. I think that limited Archie’s screen time and her storylines.

          • byekalinda says:

            Yes you’re totally right, the writers had their hands tied ’cause neither Kalinda nor Alicia are “open-book” or “forgive-and-forget” personalities… It was a bit of wishful thinking on my part :) The *tense* and *wounded-friend* scenes would have been dramatically great if the writer’s could have written them though… but then Alicia’s more prone to use the “cold-shoulder” than have an open confrontation, yeah? A politician’s wife’s got to hide her feelings all the time. And Kalinda’s got her emotional walls way up too, poor Cary! :) So sad. I should watch A Shonda Rhimes show today to get my high-drama-quotient fix, haha!

            And credit where credit is due, Julianna is a g-r-r-r-r-r-reat talent, and the hardest working actress on the set, since she’s in every other scene! I saw her interviews on The Hollywood Reporter Emmy Roundtables, and the only other actresses she’s *jealous* of are the ones who only have to do 10 episodes per season & get to go home early to their families :) She’s always nominated & applauded for her great work too, so she’d have no real need to close Archie or anyone else out. Archie’s early success even helped Julianna’s show, so the rumored speculations against her are probably more an emotional thing than a rational deduction. Hurting fans lashing out with snark.

            Hey I like the way you express yourself, Kathy. Are you a writer on the show? Ha! :) :) :)

          • byekalinda says:

            But it’s kinda weird, right? That the actresses were never on set together? That’s what set many tongues a-waggin’!

        • Kathy says:

          For whatever reason, I’m unable to reply to your posts below, so I’m replying here.

          I am not a writer on the show or anywhere else, but thanks!

          I agree that Alicia does not do direct confrontation well, or she didn’t in the past, but I think that was part of her overall WASPy persona.

          My opinions about the Kalinda/Alicia friendship are separate and apart from whatever happened between Julianna and Archie. I don’t know what happened between those two, but they did great work together. They may not have been on set together this last season but they were on set together in at least the first four seasons.

          It’s not that weird though. This things happen on sets all the time but we usually don’t hear about it. Here’s the thing, if there is tension between an actor and the first name on the call sheet, the showrunner and the network are going to look after their lead.
          For instance, if an actor was not getting along with Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes would probably find a reason to have that character dismembered by Huck.

          • byekalinda says:

            Yes! Then Annalise Keating would bring in a couple of bright-eyed college kids, and proceed to skillfully instruct them in the art of making such trivial, petty concerns as, you know… *manslaughter* & stuff… breakin’ a nail & whatnot… totally disappear like it never happened! :) :) :) Shonda for president! Haha!

          • byekalinda says:

            And Alicia wouldn’t twitch a single muscle on her well-trained politician’s poker face! :)

  46. Sabrina says:

    This season finale was not good as previous years. I really hope Alicia does not take up Canning’s offer as I don’t wish to see his character on a more regular basis as I find him very annoying. If the show does decide to go that route I doubt that I’ll be regularly tuning in. I would much rather see Alicia work by herself.

  47. JR says:

    Best written show on tv. Keep up the great work!

  48. byekalinda says:

    Haha! Just found out that ArchieP, a Brit herself, is starring in a top British thriller series called “The Fall”, with Agent Scully & Christian “the-dominant-finally-submits” Grey!!!! Just pictured Kalinda & Sir Spanks-A-Lot in a whacky episode of The X-Files!!! What would Molder say…. HA! Go Archie, do yo’ thang! Forget them pesky Florricks! :)

    • byekalinda says:

      Oh wait, I just remembered the Molder guy was later on a show called “Californi-cation” so he’s probably seen it all & BEEN it all!! The truth is out there :)

  49. Please please please let Finn stay in the Good Wife. He is perfect for Alicia. He is perfect.

  50. ellajwade says:

    Who ruined this once excellent show? Oh wait, maybe it was when Josh Charles left because it has only floundered in his absence. I have lost all respect for Alicia’s character. Put her back in the courtroom and firm with Cary and Diane and get this show back on track. Quit trying to cram in Michael J. Fox. He is a terrific actor in a comedy, but do not like his character at all in this show. Eli and his daughter have been lost since the election. Does Alicia have to be in every scene? In Season 1, I wouldn’t have missed an episode. Now, I could care less. How about some spark???