Mysteries of Laura Renewed at NBC

Mysteries of Laura Renewed

Mystery solved: The Mysteries of Laura will be back on the case next season.

NBC has renewed the Debra Messing dramedy for a 13-episode second season, TVLine has confirmed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the critically lambasted series will be retooled to put more of a focus on the crime-procedural aspect of the show vs. Laura’s home life.

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  1. Jammy says:


    • AddieM says:

      Are people who are complaining about TMoL renewal even given the show a chance…

      • klary says:

        Yes, I watched the pilot and it was awful.

        • The Kaibosh says:

          Here’s a novel idea: continue not watching it. Wow that was tough.

          • Jammy says:

            I fully plan on continuing to not watch it, but the problem is, this show that I fully plan on continuing to not watch, this show that WILL be canceled next year, this show will be taking the spot of at least one show that I had fully planned on continuing to watch, but can’t, because some idiot gambled on THIS show over one or maybe even two shows that I had fully planned on continuing to watch.

      • whatdwhat says:

        People are complaining because they’ve seen the show and gave it a chance. It’s just not good.

    • Grey says:

      I told you guys Messing has some dirt on or special pull with NBC executives. Its the only answer.

  2. Bobbi says:

    Love the renewal news. Yeah, laura.

  3. Joel says:

    Interesting that they already announce they only renewed it for 13 episodes. Must be using it as spackle if other shows do poorly.

  4. You have got to be fu**ing kidding me. What hacks over there are renewing these lame series?

  5. jim says:

    It’s a mystery to me. Probably one of worst concepts and poorly written shows. Wonder why cable kicks but on the big three.

    • roedecker says:

      No, the concept is great, it’s only poorly executed. Just see the original series, it’s more Murder She Wrote than a cop show.

  6. Mr. Tran K says:

    Not happy about the news but I hate to wonder if the upcoming season of Laura is going to be placed on Sundays mid-season after football is done.

  7. Carla Krae says:

    Yay! Such a fun show.

  8. whatdwhat says:

    I know that Mindy Project is on a different network but Laura getting a renewal and Mindy getting cancelled is a travesty.

    I love Debra Messing and wanted this show to do well c’mon- it’s terrible. Nbc should have kept Bad Judge instead.

    Don’t even get me started about Selfie.

    • T says:

      Oh man, Bad Judge had its icky moments, but overall still quite fun. I miss that show.

      I agree with a commentor above that it speaks volumes that the second season is only 13 episodes long…

  9. shaw says:

    Oh. Yes. Thank you . Love Laura

  10. Sandra says:

    I am happy, I like the show, cute actors, too – in Germany its on on Monday, perfect show for a week to start

  11. Mary says:

    Well that is unexpected. Did not see this one coming at all.

  12. TV Gord says:

    I’m stunned that this ill-conceived show is getting a second chance.

  13. mich says:

    AWESOME NEWS!!! LOVE this show! Laura hits the spot when I want to laugh but not lose brain cells in the process! Show is clever & fun, great writing & great characters. Could do with a little less “sex driven” dialogue … there’s enough of that on tv, I think the characters are strong enough they don’t need the crutch!

  14. Carol C says:

    I’ll be glad to see them focusing more on her job and less on her family.

  15. Missy Kelly says:

    So, it was a Debra Messing starring vehicle another “insert actress name here” saves the world. The thing is from the beginning of the show. It was never a one person show. It is an ensemble piece. It is not a bad show. Just the starring part was wrong. After the first five episodes, they started to see what worked and what didn’t. This week, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the show open and credit were more ensemble and not just her. Glad they are giving it a chance to see what happens when they focus on the good stuff.

    • I agree it’s better now that it’s not so much about the break-up and her only, but more ensemble oriented. I do love the humor mixed with mystery. They just needed time to get it right.

      • Steve Ungrey says:

        I swear half the people that put this show down must have had pilots that NBC passed on. There are far worse shows that NBC could have renewed.

        • Yes. they could have renewed THE SLAP! If that comes back, there needs to be massive firings at NBC FRON THE TOP DOWN!

          • 3dhouseofmagic says:

            did you even watch the Slap? Aside from having the worst.title.ever. the Slap was a great show in character study. the ending went flat-it needed another episode to tie the loose ends-but great, engaging acting and storyline.

  16. lame says:

    Someone has friends in high places. Not only ripped by critics it’s numbers stunk.

  17. Davey Elmer says:

    I don’t watch the show and so this news only impacts me in that it means it gives me an excuse to say this: Greg Berlanti is EVERYWHERE.

  18. Lana says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised by this. Now I need ABC to go back and uncancel Forever.

    • Georgia Madman says:

      No kidding

    • I agree, bring back FOREVER. The concept is different and at least it is not vampires. How they keep renewing the Bachelor and Bachelorette is still a mystery to me. My girlfriend was on and because she would not follow the script they provided, she left. All those reality shows are a scam and just want to generate viewers. She (my friend) was told from the beginning who was going to win. Same with Dancing with the Stars. But they cancel FOREVER, which is a mystery, but then the demographics are 18-49 which speaks volumes.

    • Not going to happen. Renewing The Mysteries of Laura wasn’t any kind of surprise. It was OUTRIGHT STUPIDITY!

  19. DavidSask says:

    “Mysteries” of Laura and they are only now figuring out focus should be there?!

  20. Morgan says:

    Can we trade? This for Constantine? Because I know which had the more interesting concept.

  21. saynay says:

    This smacks of desperation. NBC has a big slate to fill next season, so they probably need whatever they can get, especially if any pilots bomb.

  22. DLP says:

    I thought this show was already cancelled.

  23. Saabgirlatx says:

    So underrated! Love love this smart, witty comedy (dramedy??). Very happy it will be back even if only one season. Tune in folks!!

  24. AddieM says:

    Thank goodness… I love this show

    • AddieM says:

      I must admit the concept of the show is a bit messy but the characters are fun and have great chemistry. Less focus on Laura’s home life can really boost the show in the right direction.

    • Care says:

      I agree. I love this show. Very cute. They just need to get rid of the formula where the first four suspects are not the murderer, and the second one always runs, before being caught to give a crucial piece of evidence. I love the the humor and the cast, so I don’t miss it!

  25. Debbie M. says:

    NBC renewed this and cancelled About A Boy? Sad face.

    • drhenning says:

      I liked Laura much better than About a Boy despite who the producer was.. The only neat thing was when Crosby Braverman popped up… That gave me hope that he wasn’t going to die… I also thought Laura got better as the season when on… Happy to see another season but also thought Forever was a far better show,,, I guess if Forever was on NBC, it would’ve stuck…

  26. NKyle says:

    I actually really enjoy this show. As others have said very quirky and fun with a great cast. Very glad to see it get another chance!

    • Et Al says:

      Because without this renewal, NBC would be the first network in decades not to renew a single freshman show. This pity renewal of 13 episodes spared Greenblatt the headlines of that “historical” event.

  27. analog says:

    I watch this show but it’s incredibly formulaic. They even have a bit where they chase a fleeing suspect every week. That needs to change next season.

  28. DarkDefender says:

    How is this renewed and Constantine cancelled? Sinceriously!

    • AddieM says:

      From the simple fact that Constantine ratings sucked! TMoL repeats did better than new episodes of Constantine…

  29. N says:

    Since my other shows were canned. I’ve got Laura! Wheee

  30. Babygate says:

    I happen to love this show as is. The only part I don’t like is the very annoying twins and the fact that they air the episodes in a very inconsistent fashion. Other than that, I love the cast. They are phenomenal and I love the quirkiness. I’m glad it’s coming back.

  31. Georgia says:

    A refreshing show! Love Debra’s character! Glad it has been renewed.

  32. retsim says:

    Well done Deborah i guess the mortgage will be paid for another year .

  33. Jericho says:

    Was this part of the deal to renew Undateable? Wait, is there actually any leverage that the studio had to make this happen? While Undateable is watchable, TMoL just sucked

  34. TheDus2009 says:

    renewed this over Constantine? what the heck?!

  35. Leo says:

    Thank God…
    This made up for Forever cancellation.
    Thanks NBC…

  36. Pam says:

    Good news. Was starting to find it’s way to being an interesting show to follow.

  37. MJ says:

    This is great news. I enjoy this show. I don’t mind them showing her home life. The kids are annoying but I don’t mind looking at her boyfriend Tony. I would much rather her be with him than Jake.

  38. Joyce says:

    Amen! This is the cancelation I am most bummed about.

  39. Georgia Madman says:

    Michael, you and the staff should do a story about which cancellations most bummed you out.

  40. Morgan says:

    Odds are they’re gonna “tweak just a few things” and change the show completely, making it an utter failure.

  41. kirads09 says:

    Frankly surprised. I gave up after the first few episodes. Didn’t draw me in. I do like Messing though.

  42. GraceM says:

    Maybe if NBC stopped playing their game of one new episode followed by two or three repeats the show would do better in the ratings.
    It has nothing to do with Laura’s home life and more to do with the fact that the show is never on.

  43. Alia says:

    And the spanish one has been also cancelled. Second season, that’s a big surprise but please Jake and Laura MUST be together. Now I only hope ABC cancels Grey’s and CBS renews NCIS: LA, Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five-0.

    • jm says:

      Check your facts, please. It was not cancelled. They take their time
      From season 1 to 2 it took 3 years… from 2 to 3 took 2 years… etc…

  44. tdelp says:

    i am really happy this show is being renewed. This is the kind of show that lets me sleep without nightmares. THank you to who ever renewed it, NOW BRING BACK FOREVER

    • How about people like you GO AWAY FOREVER? You don’t have a clue what intelligent television is if you thought both of these shows should have been renewed. That’s why NBC gets away with putting on the crap they did this year.

  45. karen says:

    dont understand why so many hate it its fun and enjoyable so glad to have it renewed

  46. BrianR says:

    Did you critically lambast it. I liked the mix of personnel and professional.

  47. Lori says:

    Love this show and I am happy about the renewal

  48. victoria cohen says:


  49. I like this show it is refreshing; it doesn’t emphasizes wild sex, adultery, gay inclinations, I love her insights; I also like Forever, American Odyssey, The dome, Blacklist, chicago PD, the NCIS (except the New Orleans version, the Alabama guy’s accent looks like it going to choke in his own saliva….