Ratings: Grey's Dips for Second Straight Week Since You-Know-What

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy this Thursday drew 7.9 million total viewers and a 2.2 demo rating, down 9 and 15 percent week-to- week — its second straight decline since Derek was tragically killed off.

Leading out that, Scandal returned to 7.5 mil and a 2.2, dipping 4 percent and a tenth. American Crime (4.3 mil/1.0) meanwhile celebrated its (surprising) Season 2 pick-up with gains of 19 percent and a tenth.


FOX | A double helping of Bones averaged 4.5 mil and a 1.1, up 6 percent and a tenth from last week’s series lows.

NBC | After hovering around series lows for several weeks, The Blacklist (6.7 mil/1.4) finally rebounded, adding a few eyeballs plus two tenths in the demo.

THE CW | Vampire Diaries (1.3 mil/0.6) inched up a tenth from its series low; Reign (960K/0.3) was flat.

CBS | Big Bang Theory (14.3 mil/3.5) ticked up, but was down 14 and 29 percent from last year’s season finale. A double pump of The Odd Couple (8.5 mil/1.8, 7 mil/1.5) fell shy of its week-ago outing. Elementary (6.9 mil/1.1) dipped a tenth.

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  1. Gallifreyan13 says:

    It’s only natural that the rating deep for GA since Derek was killed off. But let’s be honest this hasn’t been its best season. Most of the episodes have been down right boring .

    • B says:

      That’s a stretch. This season has been more tragic than boring. I just can’t believe it’s performing the same as Scandal. No one’s saying anything about Scandal’s lackluster ratings. I guess because it’s a newer show?

    • Luli says:

      I was one of the people who said that they were done with the show after season 11, but I gotta say that last nights episode, even though some parts were hearbreaking (Rip derek), it was a good episode. And that ending…. I just loved it. Kepner ftw.

      Also I can’t say i liked dereks aftermath episode because I didn’t, at least not the first hour. We’ll see what happens, don’t know if i’m coming back for next season…

    • Grey's Fan says:

      Season 11 has been one of the best seasons of GA in a long time. I don’t see Season 12 being the end game for GA – if it was, why would the kill Derek? No, Shonda and ABC have plans to extend GA for several more seasons.
      Personally, I loved the poetic irony in the way Derek died. Mark/Lexie dying was for more traumatic and sad.

  2. helixro14 says:

    Good. Actions have consequences. So does arrogance.

    • Diana says:

      I completely agree with you. Hope SR feel how bad was her decision about kill Derek.

      • nurseJAZZ says:

        Greys Anatomy was great. What I find puzzling is Shonda Rhimes is getting all the blame because her name is very prominat so that’s all everyone knows. If people really take the time to fact check they will see that a writer writes the director has a huge job because the director is the one that has to bring the script to life. The director brings out the creativity in the actors. The person who has the FINAL SAY DURING POST PRODUCTION IS THE EDITOR. The editor job is even bigger than the writer or the director because the editor does the cutting, the editor use L cut and J cut when editing a film. The editor also focus heavily on rhythm & pacing. Some times when scenes are shot it doesn’t make it to production because the editor cuts it out. The editor job is important because the editor provides the finish product.

        • Nancy says:

          UM it’s YOU who needs to do your fact checking dear. PD said in SEVERAL interviews that “There was very little discussion” about him leaving and that he did NOT want to leave! She kicked him off He didn’t want to leave. And he said he was as shocked as the fans.

        • Francesca says:

          You might want to do some fact checking. Dempsey said outright in an interview he wanted to stay. Rhimes is the one in control and wanted him gone. Shonda didn’t just write the epi. She is the creator and ultimate higher power of GA. So don’t even try and put this on the editor lmao.

    • Christina says:

      I just hope it keeps declining!

    • Nila says:

      Definitely agree!

  3. Sammy says:

    Greys was good you guys. They addressed the obvious elephant in the room kind of. Meredith and Amelia will likely clash there again. And I hope its good. Ya’ll need to watch. At the end of the day a death was the most plausible way to let go of Patrick Dempsey. He wouldn’t have come back much like Sandra Oh was done last year. Saying he’s off in DC doing who knows what was ridiculous. This will be great. Even though Shonda-Reality is much different than any normal reality. At the end of the day, stuff like this can happen. Husbands and wives who have this great love and have endured so much can also die.

    • Cas says:

      The death rate for that hospital and it’s employees have to be higher then most workplaces…

    • Nancy says:

      NO we don’t “Ya’ll need to watch”! Stop telling fans what to do. I can quit the show if I damn well please. And I have. The show is dead to me. I have not watched in two weeks and don’t miss it. She kills off EVERY cast member who leaves, you know except for the ones who kiss her ass.

  4. Mrs. Tran K says:

    And que a comment from Mr. Tran K in 5….4…..3…..2

  5. Stacey says:

    It’s actually back at the level it was doing before the big shocker. The last two episodes were high for their season to this point average (or the second half of the season). With the final next week, it might have a bump. The real issue is September! But then people may have the summer to change their minds or depending on weight of the season finale, it will decide who comes back…

  6. Mr. Tran K says:

    Now that Grey’s has already been renewed, wonder if ABC is thinking about a proper “final season” for the Shonda Rhimes medical series. As for American Crime, not happy about the show returning for a second season and Elementary still has high hopes to get renewed for a Season 4.

  7. Shar says:

    Poor Shonda – all she really did is go with the actor’s wishes to leave ( Sandra and Patrick ) and now she’s taking the heat for doing it in a dramatic and final fashion. Was the episode flawed? Yes, far too many of us watch too much TV to let the no CT thing or Derek’s dive for his phone go, but overall Derek went out a hero.

    I’m looking forward to Meridith’s next chapter.

    • guest says:

      i think most fans are mad and upset with the way derek was killed off and how other characters got a better send off or funeral then derek received. i have been a fan since 2005 and loved meredith and derek together and thought they would be together till the end of the show. i know actors move on from tv shows but there is no chance for PD if he wanted to make an appearance in one episode or even a series finale because he is dead. it is ironic that he died from a brain bleed when he was considered to be one of the best neurosurgeons. the episode with the car crash seemed rush like why couldnt he put everyone in his car and take them to the nearest hospital or his phone happened to ring when he was making a u turn when there was no service and why did he reach for his phone when he was talking on bluetooth in the beginning of the episode. i will still watch but i still get upset over dereks death and i know nothing is going to bring him back unless it is a dream and he is actually alive but i doubt it. if shonda puts meredith and alex together i dont know if i could watch it. for me i want her to be a widow for a while because i do not want her to move on so quickly after dereks death even though there has been a time jump.

    • Nancy says:

      WRONG. SO asked to leave yes. PD did NOT however ask to leave. Read his interviews.He was as shocked as the the fans and was willing to stay. Shonda CHOSE to kill him off. Even IF he asked to leave? She did NOT have to kill him off. Apparently she lets the actors who kiss her fat behind to live. But the others?She kills them off in horrible ways. Derek did NOT die a hero. he died an IDIOT! She did NOT have to kill him off. That is her only go to way. And is sucks. ER did it better.

  8. wrstlgirl says:

    American Crime renewal boggles the mind but it’s not the first time, lol. I swear as I was watching last night they’ve been having he same conversation since episode two. My favorite part of the show is the story of the Gutierrez family. I’m way more interested in that than I am in the main murder arc.

  9. Boiler says:

    So the CW has a renewal for Reign but chose not to continue HoD which, relatively speaking, is killing Reign. Yea they are really smart there

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I will invite you to take a second (or 10) to ponder: Which CW show do you think sells better internationally — the soapy one that has an innate international flair, or the quirky one that is about a subsection of the USA that only Americans find fascinating?

      • Boiler says:

        And Matt, what do advertisers in The US think when a network cancels a higher viewed show? This is a reason network viewership dropping and CW is the worst

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


          • Boiler says:

            Well do me a favor as you obviously don’t agree, ask CW at the upfronts please:)

        • Zayne says:

          The CW does just fine with iZombie, The Flash, Arrow, and now their new DC spinoff. They’re becoming a destination for genre television.

          • Boiler says:

            Doesn’t say much for the genre as ratings for even the best one are shaky. Most would be considered flops on network TV. I think CW killing itself but no one except HoD fans agree. Guess I need to be 25 again.

    • dman6015 says:

      The only decent show on The CW now is iZombie. You can cancel all the rest. Heck, move iZombie to another network and cancel The CW.

  10. Vanna says:

    Crossing my fingers…NBC please move The Blacklist

  11. Will says:

    You missed out – it was a good episode. You’re still dealing with the fallout between Mer and Amelia. I’m liking April with her take-charge attitude, but man…poor Jackson.

  12. Drew says:

    Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t on in the DFW area (and possibly other places). It was taken off due to severe storm warnings. I don’t know if that means anything about this dip.

    • Anna says:

      Nah, that was not a storm warning, they just had a storm again on Grey’s! Very original stuff! Very high quality. Such fun.

  13. Jan says:

    Not surprising at all. I stated I would continue watching through the end of this season, but I changed the channel halfway through last night’s episode. I am not interested in new interns or the aftermath of Derek’s death.

  14. Mary says:

    I feel like this season has been stuffed with too much big things and we are not at the season finale yet. Maybe people have had too much too fast after seasons of lackluster writing?

  15. Susan McDaniel says:

    Dont you see that killing him in a CAR crash was a personal FU at Patrick Dempsey. And it was a Porsche, come on people. Having no one else in the episode , was another way to scream that Shonda WILL have the last word. The whole brain surgeon parallel was further erasing of the character. The 5 second funeral, with no one speaking about him..Absurd.
    This was personal, and the fans should not have to be subjected to that .
    No one will get the real story, but I applaud Patrick Dempsy for his responses to it all. Dont you think it strange that NO ONE from the cast has made any direct response to this event? They probably were warned within an inch of their own contracts, and had to sign agreements to stay quiet. Even if he was misbehaving, he would have had at least ONE friend on that cast and screw that would have stood up for him.
    Yes it is a televsion show, all made up stuff,and shows thrive on fans. This show put Shonda Rhimes on the map, and it happened because of the fans, and WHO they wanted to watch.
    The biggest complaint I have, was the way in which it was done. If it was amicable, there would have been a way different ending, and they all would have been on the talk shows afterwards.
    This was THE central characer on the show, no mater what the name of the series is, he emerged as the star. The fans who supported this show were totally dismissed by Rhimes. She put her personal feelings first.
    That has not gone unnoticed.

  16. Grey’s was totally pre-empted by weather related issues in TX. Wonder if that was a contributing factor.

  17. tvfan says:

    Grey’s was still the 2nd highest rated show of the night, after the Big Bang theory… And is beating scandal in overall viewers. Their ratings are still higher than before 11×21, and unless the ratings drop significantly next season, abc will not want to cancel it any time soon. The past two weeks it has been the number one drama on TV, it still gets viewers and people talking about it 10 years later.. Abc makes so much money off it the only way they would cancel it next season would be if Ellen (and the other originals) didn’t resign, because that truely would be the end of the show. Although I am still upset that Derek died and everything, as long as they still acknowledge his death, I think that the past episode showed it can and will go on without mcdreamy, and that there are still many more stories to be told from Grey Sloan…

    • Grey's Fan says:

      I’ve thought for a while now that Scandal will end after five season (next year) and Grey’s would be renewed for two (or possibly three) seasons to bring it to 15 (same as E/R).
      The killing off of Derek seems to indicate this is the direction they plan to go – if Shonda and ABC had planned to end Grey’s after Season 12 they likely wouldn’t have had the permanent end to Derek – just let PD go and have him return for the final episode.
      The new interns – the doctor who arrived in the ambulance and the guy who eats brie while delivering labs – will likely be back next season along with one or two others (I hope Alex’s little sister is one of the new interns that the stories for the class can revolve around, much like it did with Meredith). The two idiot interns – gossiping in front of the patient and removing the cage – seem like day players who won’t be back.
      I can already see the new class eventually taking over in a few years.
      I think of the “original” characters whose contracts are up after Season 12 the ones who need to re-upped for another season or two (three) are: Meredith, Alex, Callie (I know she’s not technically an original but it seems like she is) and, Bailey (though I think they could sign her to a contract where she wouldn’t be in every episode).
      I could see Richard (and Catherine) just making occasional guest appearances – coming in every now and then to inspire/awe the attending and interns with their awesome surgical skills.

  18. FAC says:

    Its depressing. They kill of Derek, Callie and Arizona broke up and Jackson and April are in shambles.

  19. ninergrl6 says:

    I loved last night’s Reign. EPIC battle scene. It’s too bad more people don’t watch it. Expecting season 3 to be it’s last :(

    • Dragonfly says:

      American Crimes with 4.7 mil and 1.0 demo was renewed and Forever with 4.93 mil and 1.2 demo not, can anybody in ABC can count?

  20. Ray says:

    Grey’s killed Derek and the show is starting to give viewers a reason to tune out. First, a 1 year time jump to get past mourning Derek and April’s baby. Then put April and Avery on the rocks. Then put Hunt with one foot out the door because Amelia fell apart. Then to really piss off viewers lets put a wedge between Alex and Wilson, the only couple worth watching on the show. Finally, lets stomp on the fans who have been there since the beginning and have Meredith sell the house that Derek built for her. What’s next, start a bonfire with the post-it above the bed. This better be a Bobby Ewing like resurrection story be are being fooled with. That really Derek is in a coma dreaming this depressing coulda have been reality. If Izzie can sleep with a ghost than Grey’s can do a reset.

  21. anonymous says:

    in the Boston area the first episode of Bones was delayed by about 20-25 minutes and the second episode didn’t air until 11:30 pm because of the Tom Brady press conference so I think that had a lot to do with that

  22. buffycar says:

    The series ended for me with the episode before Derek was killed. I won’t watch it or any other Shonda Rhimes show now.