Backstrom Cancelled at Fox

Backstrom won’t be back.

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Fox has axed the Rainn Wilson-led procedural, creator Hart Hanson tweeted Friday.

The short-lived series was based on a series of Swedish novels about a cranky, eccentric detective who notices details others don’t.

Backstrom‘s season finale, which has become its series finale, aired on April 30. The episode had 2.8 million viewers and a 0.7 demo rating, down significantly from the series premiere (8 mil/2.0).

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  1. AddieM says:

    What…had never watched it but heard good things only…

  2. thisismenow says:

    Not you too Kimberly. :( It’s like the entire staff at TVLine has made me their personal punching bag. Okay, who is going to tell me Mysteries of Laura is cancelled? Michael?

  3. English says:

    BUMMER! Fox has ruined my whole week.

  4. Mr. Tran K says:

    I knew the series was going to be a huge disappointment and it did. Guess Rainn Wilson will find another TV gig sometime in the near future.

  5. Rachel says:

    Not surprised but still disappointed :/

  6. Wendi says:

    Horribly disappointed. I really wanted at least another season. It got so much better every week.

    • So agree – it just improved and the cast jelled more each week

    • Deadpool says:

      Yet crap like Bob’s Burgers is still going, the Simpsons has been on 20 years too long and the god awful Last Man on Earth gets a season 2

      • bgtaylor4 says:

        Sums up why, like NBC, I’ll simply not trust Fox to air a show to get hooked on — only to get burned. Only liked two new shows last season — Red Band and especially Backstrom — and though I’d love to watch TV, just too much crap on. Network TV going down the same drain (sewer) that cable is. Guess I can read more books now.

        • BrendaJ says:

          Agreed. And so many shows take themselves way to seriously. Backstrom had an excellent ensemble cast and the perfect balance of humor and drama. Very sad it’s not coming back.

        • Suzy says:

          I loved Backstrom…I was looking forward to watching it and just found it’s canceled…can’t get hooked on shows anymore…big disappointment!

      • Golden lover says:

        I can’t believe this show was cancelled. Just found out about cancellation. Too bad really liked this show Agreed! Timecto cancel the crummy shows. Not Backstrom!

    • Tigerh8r332 says:

      It started slow but DID get better every week. Characters had depth. The lead was cast wrong, in my opinion, or it would have taken off

  7. Lyn says:

    Well this just plain sucks :( Why, why, why do programming directors insist on putting every show on Thursday evening?? I wholeheartedly believe that if this superior show was on a Tuesday as an example it would have been a HUGE hit for FOX. When Rainn Wilson brought this entourage of fine actors and stellar writing to us I knew they were doomed. I so hoped that the powers that be would have just stuck with them 1 more season. So bummed.

  8. curtlyon19 says:

    many bad curse words. this was EXCELLENT

  9. m3rcnate says:

    Predicted this. Watched the first episode, maybe two? It was way too dark, boring, and unfortunately (as a guy who lives in Seattle and thinks the PNW should be shown more on TV) the constant gloomy/rainy atmosphere didn’t help the show any. Also another cop show? Another wacky/dark/weird detective? Nah, that is played out.

    • Sanyi says:

      Keep watching Hawaii 5.0?, it’s mu-u-uch better/

      • Big john says:

        Thought it was one of the best new show of the season, fox needs to wake up and put on shows that the viewers want to see instead a of all of those reality shows.

        • T Price says:

          I’m with you! I loved the show, and was proud that it was shot in my hometown of Portland, OR. Why can reality crap like the Kardashians stay on the air year after year, but something great like “Backstrom” can’t survive? I will never understand this.

        • clarence says:

          Totally agree. Almost all of those reality shows suck. This show was possibly the best show I’d ever seen on FOX.

    • connie says:

      I love Backstrom, I’ve been waiting for it to return. BOOOO !!! I’m bummed, really bummed.

  10. Disappointed. This show grew on me more with each episode. Thought the pilot was just plain jarring but I came back each week and found myself loving the whole cast – especially enjoyed the relationship between Backstrom and Valentine.

  11. javadude54 says:

    Canceled? One thing I’m really going to miss about the show is…. hmmmm. I got nothin’.

  12. Jason Andrews says:

    I’m you the American public I don’t know a good show when I see it

  13. dj says:

    We really enjoyed this show. Sorry to see it and The Following cancelled

  14. Keith says:

    It was a good show,but I am not surprised it got cut

  15. JB says:

    That’s disappointing.
    The first episodes came across like a bad House rip-off, but they got better as the show progressed.
    Too bad, Wilson has more talent than 99% of the “actors” populating TV dramas today.

    • creativethoughts2000 says:

      I totally agree.. TV is becoming all idiot TV or reality ignorance.. anything with any grit to it.. gets bumped..

      • Lana says:

        We fell in love with this show from the beginning, loved his shocking mouth and loved seeing him becoming more appreciative of his group around him. I loved his dynamics with Valentine and adored his whole team and couldn’t wait for them to solve the murders. America and the powers that be can not handle different, they want everything to be so the same and safe, I would hate to have life that boring all the time. What a shame but Fox is known for canceling fun shows and leaving boring ones on.

      • Paula carr says:


  16. auntiemm says:

    I really hated the pilot but gave it another try and was hooked. Just got better week after week.

  17. Gail says:

    We enjoyed the show. My husband, daughter and I enjoyed watching Backstrum and found his dry humour interesting.

  18. Larc says:

    Good! There are more than enough super jerks in real life without having to watch one for “entertainment.”

  19. John says:

    Disappointed, great cast and enjoyable characters. Eventually everything on Tv will be reality shows that are all scripted.

  20. kmw says:

    Sorry this show never had a chance. Beyond the description of the character which turned me off from wanting to watch, they put it against two strong shows on Thursday. I am sorry for fans who liked it though.

  21. Lisa D says:

    Save Backstrom excellent writers!

  22. frustratedwithbadtvshows says:

    Not at all surprising that the show was cancelled. The previews for the show looked interesting but the writing was uneven. Get Hart Hanson back to Bones so that he can fix the show he helped to make a success.

  23. Nicki says:

    So bummed! My husband and I watched it every week and just loved it.😖

  24. lddopp says:

    I liked the show. It had a fantastic season, and series finale. I just will say why cancel this with all the other trash on tv. All the celebrity “reality” shows for example.

  25. Tara17 says:

    That’s too bad. Everyone I know likes Backstrom, but it was in very competitive spot and I never saw it being promoted.

  26. Kate Moening says:

    I really liked this show – fun interesting characters, and a great way to see Rainn in a new light. Bad Decision.

    • Barbara Haga says:

      I agree. Let’s hope another network with greater tolerance for unique perspectives and writing brings Backstrom back!

  27. dman6015 says:

    It was a no-go from the first episode.

  28. Matt says:

    The only show on TV that I watched…

  29. Julie Nichols says:

    Backstrom is a good show. Networks don’t give new shows a chance. ABC cancelled Forever another good show. Makes you not want to watch anything new because they just get cancelled.

  30. dsrbroadway says:

    Hollywood really needs to stop trying to make Rainn Wilson a leading man, whether on TV or movies. Or at least move away from his Schrute personality that was only ever good in small doses. Just the ads for Backstrom were aggressively insufferable. This show was doomed from the start.

  31. Wesley says:

    Shame how a half way decent show can be canceled so quickly because it doesn’t relate to the mindless individuals who think shows like “Keeping up with Kardashians” and other nitwit type programming of this sort is good viewing. Backstrom did engage you with some thought process throughout the show even though it was rough around the edges at times. Unlike the numbing BS from DW the Stars, American Idol and all the other stupid crap aimed at the our young people the show did have some sense to it. Fox TV like most, cater to the whims of the young masses instead of those of us who have grown up and actually watch TV for a purpose. Too bad this show was actually getting better each week.

  32. Big john says:

    Can not believe they take a show off the air like this and they keep shows like amazing race and the voice on the air

  33. That figures, I loved that show! So they pick up up that stupid Last Man On Earth for a second season, but cancels Backstrom! Well I guess now I really have no reason to watch FOX next season! I should have known they would cancel it, sense anything I ever like on FOX especially always gets canceled, especially if I really like it! I mean I kinda liked Sleepy Hollow, but I missed some of its 2nd season and have never went back! But this I watched every week! It would be great if Netflix picked it up, then they could make it even naughty then it already was,lol!

  34. Kim Mosel says:

    Noooooooooo this show was awesome. Maybe dark but definitely worth another season. I will miss this show

  35. Temperance says:

    Terrible show. Truly unwatchable.

  36. carl says:

    Backstrom was GREAT!! Fox should have let this series develop longer. This is as bad as when Fox cancelled “the Tick” in 2001, which could have been a huge hit. WTF!!!

  37. Chaos says:

    Not surprised, but very disappointed! I admit that the first episode really didn’t draw me in and I almost didn’t keep watching. I kept it on my DVR for some reason though and ended up ‘binge watching’–and loved it. Possibly my favorite show of the season.

  38. James says:

    Crap, I liked this show.

  39. Dale says:

    I guess I will have to read the books. Doubt they are as good as the show.

  40. Tara yates says:

    dear Fox TV,

    You cancelled Backstrom and The Following… No more Fox for this household. Those were the two shows keeping us watching. Gracepoint was also good.
    A series having a small following shouldnt equate to cancellation. There may only be 1-3 million people watching but we are dedicated watchers. You took my shows so i am done with you. Backstrom was the.last.straw!!!

  41. JoeK says:

    Cancelling creative, interesting shows like Backstrom and Battle Creek, is why network tv is dying. I don’t know why they even have scripted shows anymore. Both of these shows had millions of viewers…but that’s just not good enough.

    Netflix, AMC, the CW, Yahoo, Comedy Central and others like them, have replaced the networks on the creative programming front. Both Backstrom and Battle Creek must have been cheap to make, so every dime they earned from the shows was profit.

    I’m sure they’ll be replaced by more ‘reality’ shows…which I loath with every fiber of my being. That they associate that drek with reality, is an insult to any creature with brain cells. Maury Povich has more journalistic credibility than their ‘news’.

    Every good show picked up by cable, is another nail into the network’s coffins. They can’t die a real death soon enough.

    • Annamaria says:

      I’m Italian and this evening we had the last episode of Battle Creek. I loved it and Backstrom too, so I agree with you and I’m really disappointed.
      I don’t understand why series like Cumbia ninja, Salem or what in Italy is called C’era una volta (once upon a time?) can survive and those two not.
      I think it’s a pity.

  42. Betty says:

    I can’t believe this funny funny show has been cancelled. My two friends and I loved it (we’re 70 plus) and I’m sure a lot of other people, old and young, “got it” too. It’s the only show that makes me laugh out loud and I will sorely miss it! Fox, please reconsider!

  43. Tams says:

    I really enjoyed this show, so I’m very disappointed, but not surprised. It’s competition was Scandal, The Blacklist and half an hour of it was up against Mom. The time slot kind of doomed it before it even aired. I have to wonder, though, if at some point during the season the creators/writers had a feeling they weren’t returning, given how the season/series finale ended.

    • bgtaylor4 says:

      Scandal? Somebody actually watches ABC? Except for Castle — absolutely nothing to see on ABC. Oh wait — am watching Celebrity Family Feud this summer. But the commercials for shows this fall or now — abysmal and no interest.

  44. laura says:


  45. AnneTM says:

    I am really disappointed. I liked this show a lot. FOX may be moving into the area where I will never watch a new show it launches because it always cancels them.

  46. mel says:

    Loved backstrom!! its to bad it was cancelled it was a witty sarcastic show, hoping something similar comes out soon

  47. Pj says:

    Bummer…this was a good show. Good acting and plot lines. Man, I’ll miss watching Backstrom. I don’t watch much network TV, but I thought this one was good.

  48. Mary Jordan says:

    Why would you do this? This is a great show!

  49. Ricky says:

    Its depressing!! Was such a good show! Guess FOX just lost me as a viewer