What Was Big Bang's Bigger Leap? Is Nashville Needing a Nanny? Is Coulson Alive? Best CW Gorilla? And More Qs

Mad Men

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Mad Men, The Flash, Person of Interest and Nashville!

1 | If you’d had to bet on who would off Outlander‘s pesky Horrocks, wouldn’t your money have been on quick-tempered Jenny rather than her cool-headed husband Ian?

2 | Was Mad Men‘s Peggy skating around Sterling Cooper & Partners’ vacant office, while Roger played the organ, the greatest visual the show has offered this season?

3 | Though Secrets and Lies was meant to be an anthology series with only Detective Cornell returning each season, shouldn’t the show find some way of finishing off its Crawford business before moving on to a new crime? (Some of us refuse to count hints of resolution in “Cornell Confidential” as canon.)

4 | Did you feel a pang of nostalgia for the early days of The Good Wife‘s Florrick-Agos when Cary brought a box of old case files to Alicia’s apartment?

5 | First a kitten, now Brown Jenkins…. Shouldn’t the 17th-century PETA be all over Salem’s Anne by now? On an unrelated note, how divine was Lucy Lawless in Countess Marburg’s first showdown with Mary?

Bates Motel6 | Since Bradley moved far away from Bates Motel after faking her death — and was supposedly broke — why did she bother buying mousy brown hair dye? And given the creepy lighting and Vera Farmiga’s haunting delivery, wasn’t it all too obvious that Norman was talking to “Norma” and not Norma, thereby undercutting the “twist” ending?

7 | What, did Gotham‘s Fish do the head-shaving and skull-piercings on the boat ride over? Meanwhile, did Selina’s own hardcore makeover break your heart a bit?

8 | Did seeing Castle‘s Rick and Kate engage in some impetuous twirling make up for the fact that a Carly Rae Jepsen performance was shoehorned into the episode?

NCIS_Deaths9 | Did NCIS‘ CGI’d “dead people” long-shot look like a cutscene from NCIS: The 16-Bit Videogame? And how did the show resist putting Dorneget in a red shirt at least once?

10 | Person of Interest‘s Machine calling Harold “father” — could you just die??

20Qs-SHIELD11 | Is what Avengers auteur Joss Whedon meant to indicate in recent interviews that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Coulson in fact is alive in the MCU, yet still believed to be dead? As for the TV show itself, did the QuinJet control tower not realize they were communicating with “two” Agent Mays? And didn’t you kinda love what Hunter was doodling?

12 | So what do we think, Forever fans: Was Henry poised to tell Jo his secret, or would he have found another way to avoid sharing the truth? (And are you surprised to realize how much you’ll miss ABC’s unfortunately inaccurately named drama?)

13 | After seeing the size of Grodd, did The Flash‘s Joe, Cisco and Barry stop to think what exactly they were trudging through there in the sewer? And who did scary gorilla better: The Flash or The 100?


14 | New Girl‘s Schmidt is going to be a giant groomzilla, isn’t he?

15 | Did Christina Aguilera essentially sabotage herself from making the Voice finale by staying neutral during Tuesday’s Twitter save, rather than begging her fans to rescue magnetic rocker (and proven iTunes commodity) Kimberly Nicole over the inconsistent (consistently low-charting) India Carney?

16 | OK, Arrow, we simply have to know: Where is Nanda Parbat?! How does everyone get there and back so quickly? (Is Malcolm actually Captain Jack?) Finally, a poll: Is The Flash‘s 2024 newspaper headline (“Wayne Tech/Queen Inc Merger Complete”) hinting that a) Oliver gets his company back, b) forms a new one or, given what Ray did this week, c) new Palmer Technologies owner Felicity becomes a Queen?

17 | Was Charlie’s death on Supernatural karmic payback for her so blatantly using a Surface?

18 | Did black-ish manage to make homophobia kind of hilarious via Jenifer Lewis’ “Not in my family! Not gay! Not gay! No no, baby, no! Black Jesus! Black Jesus, help me!” meltdown?

19 | Juliette’s post-partum troubles aside, why hasn’t Nashville‘s Barkley-Barnes hired a full-time nanny yet?  Or are they trying to squeeze every penny’s worth out of poor Emily’s salary? And what was behind the creepy, outta-nowhere shade Deacon’s sis directed at Rayna in the final seconds of this week’s episode?

wendy-williams-lea-michele-lookalike20 | Whoa! Couldn’t Wendy Williams’ latest nominee for “Celebrity Look-a-Likes” pass as Lea Michele’s actual twin sister?

21 | Even if Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jackson doesn’t know what to make of her, how much are you loving the badass new April?

22 | We want a Scandal spinoff that centers on Jake and Russell just sitting around, drinking and doing Joe Morton impressions. Who’s with us?

23 | Who else mistook the Civil Wars song that played as Vampire Diaries‘ Jo walked down the aisle for a duet by Nashville‘s Scarlett and Gunnar?

Louie24 | Was Thursday’s nightmarish Louie enough to make you never want to sleep again?

25 | Which Big Bang Theory finale development was more far-fetched: that Flash comics superfan Sheldon has waited all season to sample the CW series, or the random decision to write in that Leonard technically cheated on Penny nearly two years ago?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tedi says:

    19. Nashville – I don’t think I can trust the writers with a nanny storyline esp. with Juliette being as she is now and poor Avery having to deal with it. I know they would try to make Misunderstood Avery and Sweet child rearing Nanny a thing and I just would not stand by that. So lets put a nanny on the back burner.
    Is it horrible to hope that after Deacon gets the liver, Beverly codes and dies? We would be rid of her horrid character for good.

    • murn says:

      Nope, not horrible. I’d like to see Beverly go too.

    • neaorlean says:

      It would be horrible, because Deacon will blame himself for the rest of his life. I just want to never hear from her again, but I’m afraid that won’t be the case. I wonder why Rayna didn’t offer her a record deal, after all, it’s what she ever wanted. Now that Deacon has hope, horrible Beverly can blackmail Rayna for whatever she wants – Rayna wouldn’t risk disappointing Deacon again by not doing what Beverly wants.

  2. bill says:

    On Forever, Henry would have lied to Jo. No way would his secret be revealed now if the series was going to return.

  3. Spoiler Junkie says:

    25: TBBT: The second one seemed quite far fetched and highly irritating. Leonard’s revelation came out of nowhere. And we know he can’t keep secrets let alone one of this magnitude for two years. SMH!!

    23: I definitely did. I thought ” Hey! This sounds like a Scarlett/Gunnar duet”

    17. Charlie’s death was was so dark and cruel. It was heart breaking to see her body like that.

    10. The Machine addressing Harold as father is one of the most epic moments of POI.

    6. “Norma” was meant to be obvious. The show is no longer hiding Norman’s craziness. We have already seen “Norma” appear more than once in this season.

    • Kristen says:

      25: It is not totally out of character for Leonard. He cheated on Priya in Season 5 when she went back to India, but they were still together. He made out with some girl he met and the comic book store, but backed out before sleeping with her. The series glossed over his cheating by having Priya reveal she slept with someone else. I agree it was very irritating though, and so is spineless Raj, in my opinion. What a horrible message to send, it’s better to be uncomfortable in a relationship and feel pressured to do things you don’t want to do than to be single. Who would have thought at the beginning of the series that Howard would become the most likable of the guys?

  4. Boiler says:

    On Nashville Juliette did hire a nanny. Avery got rid of her

  5. Laura says:

    25 – Ugh, I hated Leonard’s “secret”. I’m of the mind that if something like that is an isolated incident that is deeply regretted and will never be repeated, keep it to yourself and suffer in silence.

    Unless he really was trying to sabotage things…

  6. kirads09 says:

    #10 – The machine’s communication to Finch was surprisingly very emotional and I loved his reactions through that tense exchange and situation. Please renew this! Love POI

    #25 – in all their many “off again” breaks in their relationship, I would find it hard to fathom that Penny hasn’t been with someone else and technically “cheated” herself, even if so far undisclosed. So that part seems like a non issue in my mind.

    • dman6015 says:

      Yes, she has been with other people when they weren’t officially dating (Zack, her “ex-husband”). The point was, he did it while they were a couple.

  7. kirads09 says:

    Re: Gotham and Selina. Didn’t break my heart as much as I am afraid of how it WILL break our young master Wayne’s (isn’t David Mazouz totally amazing for his young years – only 14!! Kid’s gonna go very far) .

  8. Vivi says:

    4. The Good Wife:
    Oh yes, I love those two together. Florrick-Agos was one of the best things on TGW.
    11. Agents of SHIELD:
    Yes, believed to be dead… I think it would be way to confusing for cinema watchers only if Coulson would pop up in one of the movies and that´s why they decide not to. It´s easier if he just stays “dead” in the MCU although it´s sad. Maybe they can do something about it if they bring someone else back within the MCU (don´t want to spoil Avengers 2, so…. staying vague). And I love almost everything Hunter does, so… yeah! (and… he had like 5 minutes screen time in the last two weeks combined… I´ll take whatever they give us).
    16. Flash/Arrow
    I have a theory that airplanes in the Arrow/Flash world can travel super-fast… otherwise the geographics don´t make any sense at all… there is this discussion on some sites about the distances between Central C. and Starling City is… (and cool, I didn´t notice the headline…)
    17. Supernatural:
    It´s because apparently they just have to kill off every interesting female character… seems to be a rule…

    • Phil Coulson is believed to be dead, and he must let the world think that he is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.

      Wait, I may be thinking of someone else…

    • Daisy says:

      On Supernatural, EVERYBODY dies and only Sam, Dean and Castiel get to come back. Charlie dying though, was seriously tragic.

    • Drew says:

      Yeah, they always kill of the women, like John, Bobby, Rufus, Agent Henriksen, Samuel Campbell, Mark Campbell, Johnny Campbell, Christian Campbell, Kevin Tran, Benny…

      • Sarah says:

        Just because they have killed off several male characters does not negate the fact that they always kill off their female characters. Yes they are truly terrible at holding on to any interesting characters, but the very few that survive and are showcased in the majority of episodes, are men. That is simply a fact of the show.

  9. Gotham: Yes I was disappointed to see Selina turn to the dark side. Hopefully there’s some ulterior motive behind it and she will redeem herself. Sad to see Forever go. Loved the show.

  10. Daisy says:

    7 | What, did Gotham‘s Fish do the head-shaving and skull-piercings on the boat ride over?

    I figure A LOT of time had passed because she had also seemingly completely recovered from a gunshot wound to the stomach. Plenty of time to get a new do.

  11. Mr. Tran K says:

    Number 2 says it all. Never in a million years have I ever seen Peggy Olson roller skating.

  12. Drew says:

    17. THAT is the question you have about Charlie’s death? Nothing about them recreating Jenny Calendar’s death from “Buffy”? Or the witch that was turned into a rodent on the show, just like Amy on “Buffy”? It wouldn’t have been as bad if Charlie had actually said, “Oh crap, I’m Jenny Calendar”
    13. The Flash did it better.
    16. With Legends of Tomorrow doing all kinds of time travel fun in the DCTV universe, wouldn’t it be trippy to have young Bruce Wayne from “Gotham” show up? They don’t have to mention what year he was taken from…

  13. Mare says:

    Supernatural: Charlie was the designated death this season. Last season it was Kevin. They kill everyone off, nothing new. I mean, not even their own relatives are safe, let alone their friends!

    The Big Bang Theory: I don’t at all buy that Leonard cheated. That was irritating and low of the writers.

    New Girl: Scmidt is totally going to be a Groomzilla!

    Forever : Still not over this shows cancellation! And Cristela’s :-(

  14. Kirk says:

    Big Bang was a huge disappointment — and not very funny. I think we have witnessed the show’s jump-the-shark episode.

    • NJMark says:

      They kind-of alluded to that when Sheldon says he sticks with a TV show until the series ends, no matter what the drop in quality.

  15. HRG says:

    On Forever- He told her. It was time. No questions asked. Too bad the show has died. It was fun!

  16. Alichat says:

    8) I will admit, it did make me forget how weird it was that Jepson was there.
    12) I would have liked to have seen how season 2 played out with Jo in the know.
    13) So if Grodd can access people’s minds…..control them….then can he read them? Could he not read Barry, Joe, Cisco, or for that matter Eobard Thawne’s mind and see who is the human to trust? Or am I giving the gorilla too much credit? ;-)
    16) Felicity isn’t the new owner…..she’s just the new CEO, right? Didn’t Ray just sign over the CEO responsibilities to her (which technically he can’t do with out the board signing off, but details…) so she will run it in his absence?
    21) I’m glad April didn’t completely give up on the fiance in the car. I’m hoping that whatever travails they put Jackson and April through, it doesn’t lead to a breakup.
    22) I kinda feel like that scene was a shoutout to the fans (like me!) who are tired of Rowan and all of his speechifying. It seems that is all Rowan does now…..monologue and boast.

  17. as524 says:

    # 9 – The dead people scene looked even more blatantly fake than what they did with Kate in Life Behind His eyes back in season 9. Expect better from the show. Akso there were other who lost their life who belonged there far more than Franks did. that just very poorly telegraphed the idea that we’re stuck with seeing him during yet another Gibbs-focused finale (yawn!)
    As far as Dorney in a red shirt, it was so very obvious that he was the one who was going to die, unfortunately.

  18. Sanna says:

    Norman helped dye Bradley’s hair before she left last season.

  19. Georgia Madman says:

    7 | Selina broke my heart and will surely break Bruce’s heart next season. But it seems to soon for her to go bad.

    8 | Enjoyed the Castle dance. Not sure why they had Carley Rae on. Its not their demographic.

    12 | Forever — absolutely crushed that this was cancelled and learned about it on my way to work. Gonna buy a BIG bag of M&M’s and retire to my bedroom and power watch all the Forever episodes. Hopefully, we’ll get a DVD or Netflix will save Forever like they did with longmire. Anyway, Henry tells Jo. He can’t explain away the picture.

    16 | Arrow, would LOVE that new Palmer Technologies owner Felicity becomes a Queen. In the meantime, she could be his boss and just dog Oliver’s butt for giggles.

  20. Georgia Madman says:

    How about Richard Castle guesting on iZombie? It would be a hoot! The Castle zombie episode was one of my favorites and iZombie is my current freshman favorite now that Forever is gone.

    • everart says:

      Would love that!! Agree that iZombie is the best of the new shows after Forever.

      Heartbroken that Forever won’t be back, besides Castle it’s the only show I watch on ABC.

  21. ally says:

    Re: Gotham – there was a “two weeks later” chyron after the boat, and before we saw Fish again.

  22. GildedRose says:

    Leonard cheating on Penny on The Big Bang Theory was just contrived. I didn’t buy it for a second. Totally called the Sheldon/Amy twist though & I don’t mean the breakup ;)

    As for Arrow… I vote for C: Felicity becomes a Queen! Mr & Mrs. Oliver Queen just has a sexy ring to it. I’m totally read for it!

  23. Sarah says:

    16. Nanda Parbat most probably might be fictional form of the real mountain called Nanga Parbat. That mountain is in the Himalaya mountain range, so most probably India, Pakistan or Tibet.
    Also, parbat means mountain in Hindi.

  24. S says:

    Arrow – 16. c) new Palmer Technologies owner Felicity becomes a Queen. This needs to happen and I hope this what will really happen.

  25. Daphne says:

    16. a poll: Is The Flash‘s 2024 newspaper headline (“Wayne Tech/Queen Inc Merger Complete”) hinting that…?

    c) new Palmer Technologies owner Felicity becomes a Queen. :)

  26. Megan says:

    #16 – On the poll…C of course! Felicity Smoak: CEO of Queen, Inc. and wife of Oliver Queen :)

  27. GJay says:

    I can see Oliver and Felicity Queen running Queen Incorporated together.

  28. Minerva's Daughter says:

    No. 16. Didn’t you hear? Nanda Parbat is apparently in New Jersey, just off the turnpike, per Marc Guggenheim ;) As for the poll question, I’m gonna go with C, Alex: Felicity Megan Smoak marries Oliver Jonas Queen and although she hyphenates Smoak-Queen, she does rename the company Queen Inc. to honor her husband’s family’s legacy.

    Oh, as for No. 10, yes, I couldn’t believe I was bawling over a conversation between an artificial intelligence and her “father”. Now, THAT is good storytelling and character building!

  29. Bibi says:

    Regarding Arrow, I believe it’s C, Felicity becomes a Queen! Super excited for the season 3 finale! I’m hoping for a happier Olicity after all the pain they’ve endured this season.

  30. amellukfans says:

    16) Arrow……… Got to be c) felicity becomes a queen
    19) deacons sister annoys me why you ask………. It feels like she’s doing it to get back at rayna and try and desperate them😞😞😬 and that is BIG NO!!!!

  31. Kit says:

    #12 – Forever. Heartbroken it’s cancelled especially with the garbage ABC is promoting for the fall. That being said, I think he told Jo because of the level of trust and caring he has for her.
    #21 – Grey’s Anatomy. I like that April is a bit of a bad-ass but I hope the show doesn’t change her character too much. The new edge should augment her wonderful nature and likeability.
    #25. TBBT. Leonard has cheated before (on Raj’s sister) so that wasn’t so much of a stretch. I get him saying it now, he wants to start marriage with no secrets but it would have been more in character when they got engaged. My take-away was the flare of jealousy Penny showed. She really cares about this little geeky man-child. I don’t think they’ll get to Vegas – either Sheldon or Amy will call and they will rush back – but they will get married just like they initially wanted – small indoor church wedding, black tie, no butterflies. And, just maybe we’ll get to hear her last name.

  32. Natalia Torres says:

    16. Arrow. letter C. Oliver and Felicity.

  33. Kelli says:

    16. Becomes the queen. Did u see that the team surroundered Felicity in the battle this week, queen she is!

  34. Luis says:

    16. Merlyn has the TARDIS on speed dial #UltimateUber.. Season 4 – Felicity renames Palmer Technologies “Ollicity Unlimited.”

  35. Angela says:

    #6: *Shrugs* Sometimes people feel an urge to change their looks when they try and “make a new start”? Maybe she just wanted to change it for the hell of it?
    And no, the oddity of how that conversation was staged didn’t affect the twist for me. Even if you realize early on it’s a vision, it was still gripping in terms of seeing just HOW creepy this vision would play out (with the way “Norma” was talking about Bradley and Norman’s little intimate moment, I honestly thought he was going to imagine her hitting on him/flirting with him for a moment), and that made the moment shocking in and of itself.

  36. Larc says:

    #7 – Fish is looking so increasingly different that I’m starting to suspect she will pop back up next season, but played by somebody other than Jada Pinkett Smith. Selena usually has her own motives and I don’t think would be so easily led into being an underling for Fish or anybody else.

    #12 – I didn’t just realize I’ll miss Forever, but knew I would from the first hint it might be canceled. No way Henry would tell Jo everything. He would be more likely to make up a plausible scenario to explain the strange events in his life that she sees.

    #21 – April has probably decided she can do just about anything she sets her mind to. This could lead either to her becoming heroic or to a mighty fall. Knowing Shonda, I’m betting on an epic occurrence of the latter after a short period of the former.

  37. Cam says:

    #22 If it means both of those ‘assembly line soldiers’ sent to bang Olivia by her father get the hell off this show and Scandal goes back to being about Olivia the fixer and not about B613 then YES PLEASE!!!

  38. Patty says:

    I pick c!! Felicity becomes a Queen

  39. Drew says:

    So wait. People actually want Oliver to get his family business/reputation back by simply marrying Felicity? Ick. That would be huge for him and Thea. If it came from someone else, it means nothing.
    But the shippers will ignore that, because they would accept Felicity turning into a ninja turtle if it meant that she and Oliver would spend more time together.

    • Ashley says:

      What part of Oliver and Thea deserve Queen Consolidated back? Their 0 degrees and no caring for their family companies make it hard to justify them ever getting the board to vote for them. Felicity on the other hand is proven to be have a brilliant mind, lead people and be innovative. She will do a much better job then either of them ever could. If she changes the name back to honor the founding members of the company what is wrong with that? Haters just have to hate…

    • Ashley says:

      Felicity runs the company now because Ray transferred ownership to her. The only way Oliver gets it back is if she gives it back to him, and I don’t think he’ll want her to do that. She knows a lot more about running a business than he does (we saw that in season 2 and she was VP for Palmer Tech) and they can still run it together. So it makes sense to conclude that Felicity becomes Mrs. Queen in the future. I love that the newspaper hints at it, just like with Iris marrying Barry and writing about his disappearance.

  40. emily says:

    16c sooner or later she will become Felicity Queen. that’s not even a question ;)

  41. Beth says:

    Out of all the things I was screaming what about on The Big Bang Theory……there is one big thing that trumped both of the two questions above, but I guess comedies don’t usually have cliffhangers!!!

  42. Kendall says:

    25. I think it was most far-fetched that Sheldon was eagerly “necking” at the beginning of the episode and apparently ready to propose at the end of it.

  43. Sarah j says:

    3) yes they should have wrapped up this season better. However I guess the deleted scene that those in the U.S. got to see online answered questions.
    16)nanda parbat must be super close. I think that Felicity and Oliver marry and run the company together.
    19)they need to hire a nanny stat. That look Beverly gave Rayna was interesting
    23)yes I did but will have to download the Civil Wars song

  44. niloofar says:

    10. Yes, the look on Harold’s face was heartbreaking, after doubting his creation all season long. I cried during that scene and with Pink Floyd’s music, the scene was perfection.Best season finale this year.

    22. Jake and Russell were hilarious.

  45. Sami says:

    Question 16: I think it’s gonna be answer c. Signing over the company to Oliver would be stupid because he doesn’t really know what he’s doing but Felicity does. I’d love them to get married eventually and rename the company and make it their own together.

  46. cmmorgan32 says:

    16. Arrow: I think the real question that should be asked is where is Starling City located in relation to Nanda Parbat. IIRC, Nanda Parbat is located in the Hindu Kush (per dialogue from ep. 15). As for how Oliver gets the company back, I think it will depend on whether or not there are plans to explore the “Oliver as mayor” storyline anytime soon.

  47. Eric says:

    16. Felicity will be CEO and Oliver will be bringing her coffee every morning at work as her EA. To even things up she brings it to him in bed every morning of their married life.

  48. Tom says:

    17 | Was Charlie’s death on Supernatural karmic payback for her so blatantly using a Surface?
    You saying there’s something wrong with using a Surface? Not everyone likes Apple.
    18 | Did black-ish manage to make homophobia kind of hilarious via Jenifer Lewis’ “Not in my family! Not gay! Not gay! No no, baby, no! Black Jesus! Black Jesus, help me!” meltdown?
    A little. I thought they handled everything quite well, I hope Raven’s back more next season
    25 | Which Big Bang Theory finale development was more far-fetched: that Flash comics superfan Sheldon has waited all season to sample the CW series, or the random decision to write in that Leonard technically cheated on Penny nearly two years ago?
    Easily the Flash thing. I can buy Leonard having kissed someone.

  49. P. says:

    16. C Olicity ALL thz way !

    21. I ove that bad ass Apri too !

  50. 16 . C. Olicity ALL the way !!!!

    21 . I love bad ass Apri