Vampire Diaries Recap: Wedding Crasher

Jo Alaric Wedding

Thursday’s Vampire Diaries wedding had it all: something old (Jo’s dad), something new (Damon’s fresh outlook), something borrowed (Liv’s dress, probably) and something blue (poor Caroline). Oh, and let’s not forget Kai’s bonus gift for the bride: something awful.

Seriously, if you thought Jo and Alaric’s nuptials would go off without a hitch, you’re clearly new to this show. In the episode’s final moments, just as Jo was prepared to speak her vows to the man she loves, the least-invited person ever decided to crash the wedding and stab the blushing bride. Sure, I’ve grown to love Kai since we first met him back in 1994, but I would have been happy with a simple post card.

Unfortunately, Jo wasn’t the only mortal seriously injured in the onslaught; Elena also took a nasty tumble, and by the looks of that promo for next week’s season finale — what’s this about saying goodbye before it’s too late?! — I wouldn’t expect to see her back on her feet at the top of Nina Dobrev’s final hour. Or even at the bottom.

Now, it’s time to hit the “rewind” button and discuss what happened before everything fell to pieces:

Damon Elena WeddingDAMON’S PROMISE | In an attempt to shake Damon of his thirst for the cure, Stefan took his brother to one of his old start-over houses, where he used his vision-inducing power — the only power he employs even less than his flight these days — to give Damon a horrifying glimpse into his future as a sad, lonely, pathetic… human. (Ugh, I can barely write that word without puking onto my keyboard.) But did it work? In the words of Ms. Mercedes Jones, heeeeellll to the no.

After catching a glimpse of an adorable elderly couple, Damon realized just how badly he wants to grow old with Elena, a revelation that led to one of the most moving speeches in Vampire Diaries history: “I’ve been a vampire for a long time,” he told her, standing appropriately at the altar before the ceremony. “It’s been a blast, but I’d give it up in a second to be your husband, your partner, to have your kids.” Naturally, the only appropriate way to follow this up was with a literal roll in the hay, so I can’t blame either one of them for indulging. (Also, kudos to them both for managing to brush out their sex hair in time to walk down the aisle.)

Caroline WeddingPUMPING THE BRAKES | Now, for a considerably less successful love story: Caroline and Stefan sat down for their first real talk since she regained her humanity, and while he appeared all gung-ho about their future as a couple (“That’s what falling for somebody is; it’s being vulnerable, giving up control”), Caroline surprised us all by rebuffing his advances and choosing herself. “Control is all I have,” she told him. “I don’t think I can give that up.” Personally, I think Caroline could stand to go easier on herself and Stefan; people react to grief in different ways, and blaming her actions on this budding relationship is only going to deny them both more happiness in the long run. That ain’t what Sheriff Forbes wanted!

TVD fans, your thoughts on that final twist? Do you think Elena will survive? And what about Jolaric’s kiddies? Drop a comment with your hopes and fears for next week’s finale below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. morgan says:

    Wow what the eff was that episode is that really what julie p had in mind when describing this as some epic ride! Epic failure maybe

    Omg could that DE scenes have been more vomit inducing!!! honestly

    Stefan remains the worst…. allow caroline to grief for a minute you insensitive looser (please julie put a stop to the horrible coupling asap)

    • Olivia says:

      I agree with everything you said. Not sure what they are doing with Stefan, his character seems to be getting worse and worse. Don’t know if it’s solely the forced steroline or if it’s Paul being done with this show too. lol

      • morgan says:

        i know right paul looks like he would rather be anywhere else than playing stefan and its shows and has shown for the past 2 seasons

  2. valeriel40 says:

    There was some really great music in this ep! Anybody know any of the songs?

  3. KellyE says:

    That was a GREAT episode.. Really intense.. Damon’s speech was kinda sweet.. Steroline were adorable as usual (Missed you, Caroline).. Loved Stelena’s little moment as well!! The end was great.. Pumped for next week..

  4. John Allan says:

    I called it when Bonnie and Matt were choked out by seemingly no one. Seriously, they thought Kai was gone? If these people were real I’d smack them for being stupid and annoying.

  5. Becs says:

    My Predictions: Elena will have gotten amnesia from her bump to the head, forget everything and everyone about her previous life, and go start over elsewhere, living a normal, vampire-free human life somewhere else

  6. shelton23236 says:

    So how does katherine die when she takes the cure but Damon wont??????????????? When katherine took the cure she died because all the years as a vampire caught up to her and just because it’s Damon taking it that means he won’t die? Typical vampire diaries directors favoritism

    • Riana says:

      Katherine had it sucked out of her by Silas. He also would have started aging soon had he not been killed so soon. The cure keeps you alive as long as it’s inside of you.

    • Juilz says:

      When katherine took the cure didnt she become the age she would have been if she didnt die so like 900 years old or something wont that happen to damon aswell. Or is elena dead so damon wont take the cure. But if elena is dead wont that send damon spirling just like caroline then turn off his humanity and erase every memory of elena just like elena did to him. “The Vampire Diaries” is just repeating itself over and over again with different characters doing the same thing other characters did before. It’s getting a little predictable.

  7. amanda says:

    Lol, another boring Dullena episode and forcing the brother sister team together. Lol. Swan song, it’s over. RIP Vampire Diaries

  8. Fran says:

    I didn’t find Damon’s speech moving at all, I found it sappy and out of character. Im actually glad Elena will be gone next season although I think its too late for the show. Ita gone too far off the rails for me.

  9. jpeg says:

    I’m confused. Wouldn’t Damon die if he takes the cure (I mean die within a few weeks or months)? When Katherine took the cure, her many years as a vampire caught up with her and she died within a few weeks. Why wouldn’t the same thing happen to Damon. I know he’s not as old as Katherine, but still, 170+ years is too old for a human to survive.

    • Nubia says:

      Riana says:
      May 7, 2015 at 7:45 PM
      Katherine had it sucked out of her by Silas. He also would have started aging soon had he not been killed so soon. The cure keeps you alive as long as it’s inside of you.

    • Al says:

      Silas sucked the cure out of Katherine, which caused her to age.

      • shelton23236 says:

        Someone please explain this to me. how will Damon get the cure? Elena already guzzled the cure down. Damon can’t feed off elena cause if he does than He will sucks the cure out of her and she will die. And it aint like he can just prick her finger and drink one drop of blood and be cured. If it was that simple than everybody would take the cure and become human.

        • CruellaSlayVil says:

          Ok here’s how it works. When Katherine took the cure she was fine, until Silas sucked the majority of it out of her when he drank from her, making his blood the cure. With the cure out of her system, she started to age because she was over 500 years old, and died.

          When Elena took the cure she became human and her blood became the cure. If Damon feeds from her, he’ll become human and as long as no one bleeds the cure from his body, he won’t age like Katherine did and he’ll live a normal human life. If Damon drains the cure from Elena, she will age. Because Elena has been a vampire for like 2 years, her aging process will almost be unnoticeable so nothing negative will happen to her. If Damon gets drained of the cure, his body will play catch up like Katherine and he will die because no one lives to be 170+ years old.

          • shelton23236 says:

            Well we obviously know that damons not gonna take the cure because elena is leaving the show. He’s not gonna take the cure and than let her walk off into the sunset without him.

  10. Nubia says:

    So is Elena really going to get killed off for next season, not cool if that happens!?

    • CruellaSlayVil says:

      Um, not sure where you’ve been but Elena isn’t just getting killed off for the next season. Nina is leaving the show.

  11. CruellaSlayVil says:

    First off, Kai is sexy. Let’s get that out of the way. The 1903 prison world has done his body good. Delicious.

    Loved the Defan scenes with Stefan showing him how his human life with Elena could turn out. He made a lot of valid points but it was sweet when Damon saw the elderly couple (frisky grandpa) and decided he wanted that for him and Elena. I personally agree with Stefan, Damon isn’t cut out for life as a human. He’s been a vampire for way too long and his only motivation for changing that is Elena and well that’s just not enough because there’s no guarantee she’ll be around to live that life he envisions for them. *cue Kai knocking her on her ass which more than likely means she dies*

    Jo has been nothing but annoying since she was introduced but I think stabbing her at her own wedding was a bit much and seriously, can Alaric win for once? One would think that in a room with vampires and her entire coven, someone should be able to save her. Or maybe not and she’ll actually die which sucks because again, Alaric never wins. Can he get some sort of happiness, please.

    Caroline and Stefan teetered a little to close to the “I’m doing questionable things because of my feelings for you” Delena storyline and I’m voting no. If they’re going to make them happen at least be creative enough to give them their own path and love story. Caroline DOES NOT need to be the new Elena and become consumed and obsessed with Stefan. Instead of making her reactions about Stefan it would’ve been better to say everyone grieves differently and that’s why she reacted the way that she did. Blaming it on her feelings for Stefan was lame and much like Alaric, Stefan deserves a win in the love department.

    Kai is back (and sexy) but I really really hope he left the heretics behind. Mainly because the idea of the heretics is stupid and I’d like that storyline dead before it starts. I don’t care to explore this ridiculous siphoner loophole that allows a witch to continue to have access to magic after they’ve been turned into a vampire. It’s dumb and it makes no sense. That being said, I’m looking forward to a Bonnie & Kai stand off. She needs to keep up her change in attitude and kick his ass once and for all. But not too soon because he’s a really good villain.

    Liv’s boobs were amazing.

    Lily is annoying but if they move forward with this god awful heretic storyline, she’s probably going to be around for a while. I liked that she came back but once it was revealed that she literally cares nothing for her sons, she became pointless. Even the random connection to Enzo couldn’t keep her relevant or useful. We already have a resident ripper. Goodbye.

    Speaking of Enzo, can he get a actual storyline now? The Sarah fiasco is over and whatever this is with lily is boring. I at least want to know his last name, that’s not asking for a lot.

    I don’t know when Tyler is leaving but I do know that I won’t care. They had me with the idea of him and Liv being together but once that fizzled out he went back to being blah. A untriggered werewolf Tyler is a boring Tyler. I liked him better as a hybrid.

    Matt is so out of place and I have no clue why they’ve written him to last this long. He should’ve died at least 2 seasons ago. He has no real life in Mystic Falls, he should’ve left with Jeremy.

    Lastly Elena dying. Can’t say that I’m sad because I’ve hated her for a while now. I’ll probably be emotional but more so for Damon, Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie. Not because she’s actually dead. My main concern is how they’ve written Damon to react because we all know, a emotionally distraught Damon is a very dangerous Damon. If they snatch him back to season 1 Damon I am going to be pissed. Not that S1 Damon wasn’t fun but it’s S6 and there’s no sense in taking him backwards. They also DON’T have to have him suddenly fall for Bonnie. It’s not illegal to have a male/female relationship that remains as a friendship. I swear they’re allergic to that on this show.

    • Consuelo says:

      I like how u some of the show. Yr response was the best of the comments. Yes Elana dies. Nina and Ian were a couple in real life. Damon and Elana, but they broke up and Ian is engaged with someone else. Go figure so she is all jealous and leaving the show. I never liked her anyways. I think Bonnie is my favorite actress on vampire diaries. I hope she keeps this kick ass new look and attitude.

      • CruellaSlayVil says:

        Ian actually married Nikki a few weeks ago and Nina broke up with him so I doubt she was phased. Nina also said in a interview years ago that she only signed up to do 6 seasons so this isn’t a shocker to those of us who remember her saying that. She is a good actress but the writers completely destroyed her character and it was beyond time for Elena to go. I’m hoping that Bonnie will be the new lead because Caroline just doesn’t have what it takes to carry the show as lead.

        • Cath says:

          I like your summary of the show too. I agree about the friendships staying friends…actually feel that way about Stefan and Caroline. Wish they wouldn’t have messed with that friendship because they don’t have the chemistry to keep me interested. If tvd HAS to put friends together than Bonnie and Damon have way more chemistry then the other two.

  12. John Durant says:

    Looks to me like Elena dies. The season finale will be the gang mourning Elena’s death and flashbacks remembering her life.

  13. Carla Krae says:

    That ending! OMG! Please live, Jo. Alaric needs a win, dangit. The man has had so much tragedy.

  14. Felicia says:

    I have a feeling Tyler is going to kill Kai (since Chris Wood is now on the new show) and that Lily and her buddies will be the new big bad for the next season.
    Damon will probably have to choose between healing Elena and losing the cure or losing the ability to be human with her.
    Someone may have mentioned all this already, but it seems highly likely seeing as how the promo looked. Elena probably will either get compelled away or leave by Damon’s wishes so that she can live the life she wanted and meet someone who can give her the things that he now can’t. It would make a lot of sense, just a huge bummer Nina isn’t doing the show anymore, it won’t be the same at all. It wouldn’t be surprising if next season is the last, but it would be cool to possibly see a spinoff with the Salvatore brothers

    • CruellaSlayVil says:

      Damon can’t heal Elena. It’s one of the drawbacks to the cure, vampire blood no longer works and she can’t be turned back into a vampire either. Katherine drank vampire blood and threw it back up. If Elena is dead she’s just well…dead. Outside of magic, there’s nothing a vampire can do to save her.

      • Felicia says:

        Oh yeah I forgot about that. I wonder how that will make sense then because she looked pretty dead. I feel like they could have sent her off in a much better fashion aside from making it more drama and death

        • CruellaSlayVil says:

          Well if they kill her off then that will effectively end the “will Elena come back” debates before they can start. Nina has made it pretty clear that she’s done and having Elena die will solidify that. Therefore the people who actually liked Elena won’t sit back hoping that Elena will return. With her taking the cure, thus rendering vampire blood and vampirism useless, and the other side being gone…when Elena dies she’ll be gone for good. I mean there’ll be people that keep hope alive, like they do with Katherine, but those of us that are smart will know better.

    • chantal says:

      I kinda hope next season is the last and I never thought I’d say tht but the show jus ain’t gonna be the same. ELENA is the main character how they gonna do the show without her? I jus don’t see how its gonna be good anymore and now they wanna kill and hurt everyone thts left How cruel

      • CruellaSlayVil says:

        Elena is a main character but she’s not the only one. The Vampire Diaries is a story about the Salvatore brothers, not Elena. The show will be just fine without her and according to the people that have actually read the books (I have not) Elena actually dies in book 3 and the rest of the series is written with Bonnie as the lead female. If they follow that, making Bonnie the new lead female while keeping the brothers as the male leads,the show will be fine. Elena didn’t even have a major storyline this season, she was just kind of there in the background (after Alaric compelled her memories away) which was smart since she’s leaving or dying I should say. The show needs a new focal point anyway, there’s only so many much you can write about the Stefan/Elena/Damon love triangle. People were beyond over it.

  15. chantal says:

    They better not kill off Joe and her babies its bad enough were losing Elena. Poor Alaric has been through enough, those babies are a miracle Joe wasn’t even suppose to have kids and now wat ur jus gonna take it all away!?! There’s only so much us fans can handle. Your already takin Elena from us and leavin Damon alone please don’t take Joe and her and Alarics babies!!!! :-(

    • CruellaSlayVil says:

      It’s actually really predicable that Kai would show up and put a end to Jo’s pregnancy. Just like it was predictable that she was pregnant with twins in the first place. Her pregnancy is a threat to his status as leader of the coven, it makes sense that he would try and kill her. I mean he’s Kai. If he doesn’t kill her now he’ll eventually succeed in the future.

      • Jessy says:

        I have a feeling that only one child wil die in the womb from the stab wound kai inflicted upon jo, thus enabling jo and alarics (and the childs) freedom from his tprment about the potential for the whole merging debaucle.

  16. Katie says:

    I’m sorry but did they just have someone kill a pregnant lady. That’s a bit dark, even for this show. It’s become redundant and lazy that every woman Alaric loves, they kill.

    • annie897 says:

      Im starting to get mad at this show can they have atleast one happy ending i mean really killing unborn babies???realy?? And elena cant die shes part of everything and ughhh!!!! -_-

  17. adun says:

    The only reason why im still watching dis show is because of bonnie and kai

  18. Ali says:

    I hope Elena dies

  19. spu says:

    Jolaric’s kiddies are obviously dead! And Elena DYING??!! Couldn’t care less. I mean Jo’s in the hospital and while explaining it to Alaric she makes it about herself?! I mean, really??!

  20. Bria says:

    Really hoping they DONT kill Kai. If his new pilot doesn’t last past a first season, I hope they bring him back…… (most pilots are being axed as quick as soon as they air)

  21. I don’t think damon will take the cure. The fact that he announced he would and hasn’t yet, means that there will be a hitch somewhere along the line. I do think damon as a human would be a more interesting story though

  22. kitti098 says:

    If they kill elena off there gonna loose alot of veiwers shes like the main character wtf….and poor alaric😥😢 they should make jo be injured but not dead and atleast one of her babies should stay alive i mean come on vampire diaries needs a happy ending especially for poor alaric.and if nina realy doesnt want to be in the show they should make it so she can come back like have elena visit Jeremy or live with him or something but not kill her!

    • annie897 says:

      Yes!! I know i have a feeling if they kill either one of them of jo or elena this show is gonna loose alot becuase i wont be watching it..there gonna have to be careful with what the do with the next episode

  23. kelly says:

    Please please please sombody tell me if joe and twins died???? I missed last episode soooooo confused!

    • Precious says:

      Yeah..Jo was killed along with the twins which I think is kinda sad considering that Alaric has been suffering heartaches since the beginning of the show..he ll probably wish he was THE ORIGINAL VAMPIRE HUNTER so he could kill Kai,but Damon has already helped with that

  24. annie says:

    One thing is that they killed of Jo and the twins, but the fact that no one even cared about it except Alaric and it ended up being a elena moment instead, is just ridiculous. Elena will most likely wake up, but Jo is dead for good, along with two unborn children. Its like that time Caroline told Elena that she always makes things about her, no matter the situation. Well guess what, the Elena show is back on.

  25. Rebecca says:

    Am I the only one who thinks they underplayed Jo’s death? I mean she was my replacement Jenna and I am heartbroken that they both just died horribly but at least Jenna got more than a “it’s okay Rick keep fighting” like wtf? I loved jo. Now I’m a little behind on episodes but seriously I will not watch this show anymore if Alaric doesn’t get his happy ffin ending I’ve been rooting for him since the beginning of his existence !