Ratings: Person of Interest Closes Season 4 With Series Lows

Person of Interest Ratings Low

Ironically, numbers may be what unplug The Machine.

CBS bubble drama Person of Interest on Tuesday night wrapped Season 4 with 8.2 million total viewers and a 1.1 demo rating, down 5 and 21 percent to series lows.

Opening the Eye’s night, NCIS (14.2 mil/2.0) held onto its series low, while New Orleans (13.3 mil/1.6) slipped 9 and 16 percent, tying its own demo low.


ABC | Dancing With the Stars‘ results show (10.1 mil/1.4) slipped 18 percent week-to-week, Agents of SHIELD (4.5 mil/1.5) was steady and the Forever finale (4.1 mil/1.1) ticked up a tenth to its best demo number since Dec. 2.

THE CW | The Flash (3.6 mil/1.4) dipped a tenth; iZombie (1.9 mil/0.7) added a few eyeballs while steady in the demo.

NBC | The Voice (8.8 mil/1.9) slipped 14 percent in the demo to a series low. Undateable‘s highly entertaining live outing (4.3 mil/1.3) added a tenth in the demo, while Chicago Fire (6.7 mil/1.6) was flat.

FOX | Hell’s Kitchen (3.4 mil/1.2) and the New Girl finale (2.2 mil/1.1) each ticked up, while Weird Loners‘ finale (1.6 mil/0.6) was flat.

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    • My question to everyone who is complaining that POI didn’t wrap up the Samaritan arc by the end of this season I’d ask, would you rather they had wrapped it up now WITHOUT Shaw’s involvement/rescue, or would you rather they wait until next season to do it during some sort of multi-episode story arc that involves the resolution of the Samaritan arc and rescue of Shaw? I’d prefer the latter to the former, and I’d bet so would everyone involved in the making of the show.

      • I say the Control lady put in a hole and saved by a regular Marine, no Seals and stuff just a regular Jarhead, and then from their the Whole Marines as we got your location Hurt. I love hurt but boy he is aged. The do need to get Shaw back in action.

    • If so DVD time. Now watching the episode where Root plays them at then end of season 1 is great to know before hand that is what she is doing and see how it is done! I missed quite a bit of this season and will not watch probably because of the drug commercials and the Samaritan level of side-effects with said drugs so order season 4 and catch up to fill out the old collection. Did you see Caprica, that cut out at 1.5 season. CBS needs to pick that up, that was Great too.

  1. alex says:

    pretty sure decisions have already been made so POI should get renewed, season 5 will likely be the last though.

    • Well they have kinda run the gauntlet of stuff. I hope they don’t go out by tossing kids in it and thinking it will be saved? Though I must admit, the computer transformed over to a kid with the cyclon eyes would be interesting?

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    Hope Person of Interest gets renewed in a matter of days now that the season is done and if it does, it may get a proper “final season”. As for Forever, I think there’s a 51% chance the series should get canceled because no matter what Paul Lee decides on what to do with the series, the execs may or may not be happy about it.

  3. Daisy says:

    I love POI but I feel like it lost its way this season. I hope they get another season to fix it but it just felt like our protagonists kept losing all the time to the enemy. Not even the season finale gave us much to feel good about for very long. The whole season was just a big bummer.

    • bj says:

      I hate to say it but I agree with you. It used to be about helping people then it became a giant conspiracy. And this past year it’s become a battle they can’t win. I know some people like these giant conspiracies that go on for years and years and years, but I’m not one of them. RL is dark enough at times. I like to see a win once in a while in my fantasy world.

      • KayCeeCee says:

        100% agree with the both of you

        • 1000000000000% disagree with all of you. They still help people. And sometimes, much like life, you have to accept small victories when you can. And I hate muddled conspiracies on shows more than most. It’s the worst thing about American Odyssey and it’s ridiculous on almost every show. But Person of Interest isn’t that. There is a conspiracy, but it’s not convoluted and ridiculous. We know everything already. It is A government secret known by few and protected by several, but we’re not wasting time on searching for the secrets. We get to see Team Machine in action, doing their best to fight and live to see another day. If you want to just go back to the case of the week where they almost always win and the status quo remains forever quo, watch Bones. Or any other CBS drama. Enough Law & Order reruns to go around. Perry Mason? Matlock? So much sameness, so little time.

          • ray says:

            i 2500000000000% agree with everything you just wrote. I’m loving every moment of POI this season as well as the last couple. We have enough shows like law and order, hawaii five-o, bones, etc. where everything is resolved at the end of the episode with nothing really changing. Boring.

          • Eurydice says:

            For me, it’s not so much about conspiracies or gloomy plots, it’s that the arc is taking too long to resolve, and that kind of thing can be just as boring as the case of the week.

          • Daisy says:

            I agree with Eurydice. I quite enjoy season long arcs and even vast conspiracies but this particular one with The Machine vs Samaritan has dragged on way too long with very few successes for Team Machine. It would be better if Team Machine won at least one great battle while Team Samaritan worked on a comeback of some sort. This season and much of last season was just one loss after another. Boring and depressing.

          • Normandy says:

            You notice how as POI has grown with acclaim the past couple seasons where websites gush about how topical and evolved it is, that there are people whining about how Carter was killed off or that they’re not helping random people every week who are immediately forgotten the next. On this very website one person complained that POI should be a show where everyone goes home happy at the end of every episode and nothing bad should ever happen to them. POI and The Good Wife are anomalies on CBS, and that’s only a bad thing for the people who can’t get enough of NCIS: Topeka, CSI: Anchorage and Criminal Minds: Omaha.

          • KCC says:

            I like the way they developed POI as well. Every day Samaritan does not destroy the Machine is a win for the Machine at this point. I thought the finale was great. We got to see Dominic put down and the week before Root finished off Martine, that’s two really bad guys, so team Machine is making some headway. I think we’re at the “It’s always darkest before the dawn” point in the story. And what a surprise! it came in the finale. I’m anticipating a resurgence of the Machine in the new season (I hope there is one) and a lot more wins. As Pink Floyd said: “Welcome to the Machine.”

      • DenClara says:

        Yeah have to agree with your statement. The writing is good but it would have been great to see team machine making in roads against defeating Samaritan. Sometimes I feel when stories drag on for too long people begin to lose interest especially when the heroes seem to be constantly losing the battle. One show that made that mistake in always letting the villain win was the reboot of ‘V’ and that show ended up being canceled!

        • Daisy says:

          ‘V’ is a good call-back. It seems that if ‘V’ had started well after the invasion rather than the beginning instead of the beginning, then all of the efforts of the humans wouldn’t have seemed so doomed to fail from the start. I wonder where the original started in the storyline…

          • If you want to blow your mind see the season and a half of Caprica, DVD or Netflix? Man that sucked me in. V was decent but could of have better looking space shuttles. A better looking Queen Lizard, doubt it!

        • Your talking about the Lizard girl I guess. Love how she took care of Momma. That is one sharp momma, the one who took care of her momma.TV Line-Monitors, sharp Momma? She was good on the Mentalist too. That show I loved but it got old with Red John and then after glad he was gone it seemed to be even worst. Wishing for what you want and getting it doesn’t pan out at times!

      • There’s another world besides a fantasy world! SS BdM, women soldiers winning WW2. An American version and a German version, PZ2 game morphed.

    • JPMD says:

      If folks have the opportunity to revisit season 1 versus this season, you’ll see the series has drastically changed, notably in ways already mentioned by others. It has become obvious, that viewers are unhappy with the change in focus, as per ratings numbers. If the show gets another season, hopefully the writers will go back to what made this series such a success. If not, next season will indeed be its last.

    • Well the end with the guns blazing everywhere and nobody falling pretty sad.
      But the light blinking on the old box of computer parts, smile things are on their way up and up. Toss Root and some looney stuff into next season more and her and maybe Shaw with a romance and walla the greatest season ever. Shame we got to wait on Seasons. Terry Jacks, Season in the Sun!

  4. Boiler says:

    I for one am glad that a network, CBS, at least on the surface seems to view popularity as most viewers and not the demo. How can a show with half the viewers of a CBS show be considered more popular. Lets give CBS a break

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      CBS better renew several of its own drama roster in a matter of days before the upfronts starts one week from today (referring to CBS). Keepers: NCIS, NCIS: LA, Elementary, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds and Hawaii Five-0. Goners: Battle Creek and Stalker. Possible final season: The Good Wife and Person of Interest. Still not 100% sure on CSI: Cyber.

      • CBS might as well give me a ticket on the ride to Ausswitz with Person of Interest though I do admire Elementary, NCIS LA at times, Blue Bloods and Haiwai 4.0 at times. Now and then maybe something else.

    • Gee they have put up with Letterman all these years I think they have had enough of a break! Bye Dave, silly at times, most just sad. His last show I think maybe he will make his move on Scarlett or J.LO, why not?

  5. ziggy says:

    Could the networks that are using live streaming on their shows now be affecting the ratings numbers? Does anyone know?

    • kirads09 says:

      Seems to me ratings systems need to upgrade/modernize to take that into account. People watch in so many different ways anymore. Can’t go by just “live” eyeballs alone.
      (maybe they don’t? I don’t fully understand how it all is calculated),

    • mary says:

      Everything affects Nielsen. The system needs an overhaul. So many people I know take weeks to watch shows. And even more use Hulu or buy the season discs.

      • Patrick says:

        But advertisers don’t care about those alternative viewers. And advertising sales is how nets get their money. So, the nets have no interest in tracking these alternative streams. They don’t make enough from those streams to produce the shows.
        When we talk about the ratings, we are making a huge mistake. The Neilsen ratings don’t give a flip about who watches the SHOW. They are tracking who watches commercials. If you aren’t watching the commercials within a few days of them airing, you aren’t a valuable commodity.

      • Georgia Madman says:

        I stopped watching all CBS shows when I went to Hulu. CBS doesn’t make their shows available on Hulu. I was a big POI fan but Hulu was more important to me.

        • Well if Big fan then Amazon and DVD’s. I did not pay a lot of attention to it and then when I woke up and realized a character as Root was there, Love it now. Best show but has got dull. And a little lame as you could hide from a machine looking for you but you got their picture so people can find you. Same as the Navy Seals outside the cave here, go away Seals, I is up to stuff! Will the monitors here let me say Naughty or are they on the level of the Huffington Gestapa?

  6. billfrawley says:

    As soon as the Feminists and blacks took over this show it was doomed.

  7. Kate says:

    I hope POI gets renewed and it really ought to just have one more season (unless they really have future story, and since CBS doesn’t own, journeys to Netflix because I know it will still take a bit for Shaw to return). What’s funny, looking at the numbers, what on earth did people watch last night?

  8. kirads09 says:

    I honestly don’t understand the numbers. One of the best shows on TV still as far as writing, story telling and certainly acting . Can’t believe it is even “on the bubble”. Maybe they need to SOMEHOW get back to the “number of the week” but how – from where they are now.

  9. Coach Taylor says:

    Network TV should adopt the cable model, or at the very least something similar. Run 13-15 episodes without a break, and end it would make for more compelling TV. Half the shows could air first half of the TV season and the other the 2nd half.

  10. Bwhit says:

    I thought iZombie was great last night. I like that Major is more involved in the storyline and the main characters are starting to interact more, I’m hoping for renewal! Chicago Fire was good too, I don’t want it to be the season finale next week.

  11. Howie says:

    Every show this year has bored me to death. The only compelling show on any of the major stations was How to get away with Murder, everything else was a bore especially with NBC ruining the Blacklist episode by episode.

    • Eric7740 says:

      I think that prize goes to the writers of The Blacklist, not NBC.

    • Leah says:

      I’d lump HTGAWM with the rest of them. I couldn’t even finish the season, it was so dull. And those law students were terrible actors.

  12. DAG says:

    I love POI. However, like someone else said, there were so few wins for our “team” this year. And, last night, was no better. I hope it’s renewed because I want to see how the story ends.

  13. erika says:

    R.I.P. POI and Forever

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      POI isn’t going anywhere and if it gets renewed, it should get a proper “final season”. As for Forever, it doesn’t bode well for its renewal chances and Paul Lee better do the right thing if he’s planning to pull the plug on the series.

    • mary says:

      It’s a given POI is renewed(syndication). The only issue is what day it will air Fridays or Sundays. That’s CBS’ way of filtering.

      • Patrick says:

        Depending on costs, I could see canceling H50 and moving POI to Fridays. Maybe it lasts a few more years there, but I’m not sure.

  14. Anna says:

    So surprised that ratings for “Person of Interest” were low. Please do not cancel this series. It is one of the few intelligent & well written shows on television!
    The plot & characters have depth and every episode is incredibly interesting.
    This program is one of only two that I turn the tv on for. (The Black List being the other.) If they cancel P of I, it will result in CBS just contributing to the “dumbing of America”, as so many other networks have resorted to.
    Would love to see it back in the line up next Fall with season 5.

  15. Joe says:

    Tvline is the one and only website that thinks poi is a bubble show lol…TV by the numbers aka cancelation bear had poi a lock to be renewed… Poi just started the syndication gravy train and inked a deal with Netflix to air first three seasons…

    • drhenning says:

      Except CBS does not own POI while they own the others.. POI might end up somewhere else if it is dumped by CBS… My gut feel is the lower numbers for its lead-in caused the low ratings last night… NCIS was up against 2 popular reality shows ( Voice and Dancing)… I would bet it gets higher than normal delayed viewing because of it…

  16. RedReddington says:

    So happy about Agents of Shield.. Now it just needs to get renewed!

  17. Daniel says:

    It’s worth noting that, despite its series low, NCIS was still the top-rated program of the night, even beating The Voice!

  18. Missy Kelly says:

    Numbers are down across the board every show, every network last night – not taking this personally for POI but rather reflective of the evening rather than the show.

  19. connerc says:

    I find it interesting what is considered a bubble show here versus elsewhere. tv by the numbers has POI as a 100% chance of renewal and Hawaii 5-0 at under 50%. Here, POI is on the bubble and Hawaii 5-0 is a safe bet. I think POI is a safe, but not sure bet. I think Hawaii 5-0 has a better than 50% chance at renewal, but not a safe bet by any means. How much does 5-0 cost to produce and how much does another season add to its syndication deal? I think the answers are key to its renewal.

  20. Sara says:

    Samaritan: Time for you to play with the ratings numbers.

    • Leah says:

      Then again, I’m sure Samaritan would prefer to Correct everyone who watches this show.

      • hud says:

        Myself I enjoy all the commercial interruptions. Letting you know whats coming up on the next program, cut to the local “news” promo.Wonder how the writers manage to write a coherent story accounting for all the breaks taken. Way back when I thought pay TV was supposed to stop all this. Guess I’m not to smart.

    • I doubt Samaritan could run with Dianetics . A loon from there called me and by his conversation seem so girl at a place sucked him into it so he was living with them, working for them, seemed he had no car, staying at their place, probably be used for slave labor and I asked him if they let him watch TV and it seems they was letting him watch L Ron Hubbard TV, propaganda. Something as Samaritan will take hold but not til the rich feel threatened. The regular masses out here could die in the millions and probably not affect that. Twin Towers could be knocked down in every big city and probably not affect that.

  21. AW says:

    I hope POI gets renewed. This season has been difficult to understand especially with all the tech words zooming by so quickly. I would like to see this show reach 100 episodes and see the Machine choose a name for itself soon too.

  22. Vivian says:

    POI will get renew for another season. I don’t think it taking too long for the story between The Machine and Samaritan. I don’t like that most shows try to wrap it up and does not give it justice. I likes watching show that evolve from its beginning and making it better rather than the same old concept.

  23. everart says:

    How terrible, POI is only in the top twenty rated shows on television. Last week it was the 18th rated show, this week !gasp! it will be the 20th. What a dramatic fall from grace. The sky is falling. Pull down the sets.

  24. Person of Interest with Root is usually on a good level, without her still interesting at times. I am wondering in this series as with the final why the rather porky lady of control just don’t sick the Marines in on John Hurt and his bunch. And no Jethro jarhead 1 sniper, the whole package, Tanks, Apaches and Raptors. And I love Amy Acker, that stuff with the shrink off the charts.

  25. Alvin says:

    I very much enjoy watching the show .I like the plots and the build up from week to week.I feel if the show is cancelled then it’s cancelled. As far as I’m concerned each season finale brings good closure as far as eendings goes. So with that being said it’s been a good show. If the powers that be decide to go for another season I will be front row seat every episode. If the powers that be decide to end the show it will be missed but I have really enjoyed the show and would wish it well.

    • I watched the first season end again last night and wondered how many people saw that coming as Root playing Howard and Reese? That was put together about as good as anything I have every seen. The show has got a little stale! One of the few I watch. It runs with my Paranoia!

      • Show has changed alot from since it began, Reese and Finch have taken a back seat to Root running everything, and at some point they lost me when Root got to be on the same caliber of combat as Reese and Shaw. She beat and killed Martine who was Reese/Shaw good. It needs to retool the characters a bit

        • Now I’ve missed a lot this season, doing things and stuff. I will order season 4 when available and watch it. Root is right up my alley considering I’m about as Insane, the Lord was here and I have the Alien Hand Syndrome. I think actually she has not been in it enough but that may just be a sexual thing for her. Remember though Root was kinda on Shaws level back when she was going to torture her with the iron and shaw said she kinda like that and root told her good cos she did too? I know just from watching the old seasons the show needs to stay on for it still comes up with some stuff now and then that is a far stretch. Of course all this stuff is going on with Samaritan you would think somewhere the Army needs to get involved and not give the Limey Brit Hurt the stuff. So the Army takes a back seat to Samaritan, not in my book. I would like to see the Control Lady saved by the Army with maybe a hint from the machine on where she is. I would say after 4 years it would be hard to keep things interesting in the show so I could see the drop off. NCIS to me is just living on the stars, I hardly even watch that anymore. Far as root killing the girl, that was good. Now they need to get Shaw back into the plot, her and Reese together make a good combination. I’m wondering if the Black guy that just got killed, the leader can’t think of his name if his stuff was not hurting the show. I liked him and thought he was good and I like Elias and I especially liked Eliases 2nd in command. To me they got to watch making it too far fetched if they are planning on staying on the air. To me though Root and those 3 scenes dealing with the Shrink and then John and the machine giving him the directions to fire was about as good as it gets. And that remark of hers about John ” I wish I had a pet”?

  26. kim says:

    Poi was not that interesting this year. The whole Samaritan storyline it’s just really dull. Where they really really screwed up is the whole “reese has a love interest”it doesn’t work, there is no chemistry between iris and reese, it makes reese look dull, iris doesn’t fit in I am hopeful that if the show gets renewed that they don’t bring her back because she just doesn’t fit in. Apparently the fans love zoe,every time she shows up, the fans are happy happy hhappy, she wowouldbe a gr8 addiaddition to the cast. The chemistry between her and jim is much better, Jonathan Nolan says that everytime Paige turco is on set she brings light.

    • This fans only happy when Root and her she God turns up! Iris seems alright, Zoe too. The Samaritan thing has got to be too much and Howards baby needs to advance and destroy that taking Hurt down the dark hole too. I think Reese and Shaw make the best team though Shaw and Root seem to be fun together too. It’s the best show on CBS for my money. I got like a Dollar and 38 cents! CBS, keep it on and I will send you that minus a stamp, a envelope and a 5 cent pencil! Shame you got to Bribe people.

  27. morio morning says:

    If you cancel (Person of Interest) I’m done with your Network>

    • I wrote that to CBS. com. Only the local news on 27, CBS. Don’t watch a lot anyway but now and then something. On AOL news said it was being renewed. At least let Root and her God get rid of Samaritan after taking the little kid Samaritan out into the woodshed for a good old fashion spanking. Then once the kid runs out and away let Root invite Shaw into the woodshed for some old fashion fun in the hay, John can join too. Hell the whole cast, party away POI! Writers of that show, got a neat twist for you. Bring the millions, well have Amy Acker deliver them to me and I will tell her? Best show on TV when Root is being led by her She God. Good and decent at other times. I got the DVD’s and will get the next season when available. To go back and watch it again and know what is happening and how they put that together is pretty neat.

  28. rowdyred says:

    Why is this article resurfacing on the same day that POI’s renewal is announced? There should be an “if/then” sort of algorithm to catch that kind of thing.