Arrow Recap: Fool Me Once... — Plus: Who Died? And Who's at Death's Door?

Arrow Tatsu Kills Maseo

“Cloudy with a chance of death” is the best way to describe Arrow‘s penultimate episode of the season. But by the end of the hour, the fate of one character is crystal clear.

At the beginning of Wednesday’s episode, as suspected, we learn that Oliver has been putting on an act for Ra’s, but — twist! — he’s actually in cahoots with Malcolm! Alas, Merlyn points out to Oliver that earning back his friends’ help might be difficult since he did too convincing of a job as Al Sah-him. So Oliver sends someone they will trust: Tatsu, who warns Team Arrow that their home is in great danger. Diggle and Laurel are on board to save Starling City, but Felicity — “There is no him left,” she declares sadly — needs some more convincing to fight for Oliver. (Finding out that his last thought before the fall was of her seems to do the trick.)

But when the gang arrives in Nanda Parbat, they get a far-from-friendly welcome as the League immediately surrounds them. (Side note: The trip marks Malcolm’s third(!) flight between Starling and Nanda Parbat in this hour alone.) An epic battle breaks out as Felicity tries to hack into the plane that will transport the virus, and there’s a lot to love about the sequence: Malcolm’s saving Laurel’s life and her making it clear that she won’t reciprocate; Felicity’s thinking she took out an assassin with her tablet; Ray’s flashy last-minute arrival in the sky; and of course, Tatsu and Maseo’s emotional sword fight. “Thank you for releasing me from my prison,” he says after she delivers a deadly stabbing.

Things get worse as the group is captured and chained up. All the while, Oliver continues to play his part, spilling the news of his upcoming nuptials to Nyssa in front of everyone, including a shocked Felicity. Even when he does eventually drop the mask with Diggle, tension remains. “You lost my trust. You lost my respect,” Dig tells his former friend.

Meanwhile, weaselly Malcolm tries to save his own skin by revealing to Ra’s that Oliver has been faking it. In an apparent effort to prove his allegiance, Oliver lets Ra’s release the Alpha Omega virus on a prison cell… the one containing Felicity, Diggle, Laurel, Ray and Malcolm! (All this after he asked them to trust him!) As they slowly pass out, Al Sah-him marries a reluctant Nyssa, who makes a desperate, failed attempt to attack Oliver with a concealed knife before their union is sealed.

Elsewhere in the episode:

A NEW LIFE | Thea tracks down Roy, err, Jason, who is living a normal, boring life, working at an auto shop and not fighting crime. She presents him with his old costume and suggests that now that people think he’s the Arrow, they don’t have to know that he’s Arsenal, too. After hitting the sheets, Roy calls Thea out on her go-to move when things get tough. “I’m not running away. I’m running to you,” she insists. But Roy wants more for Thea, who wakes up alone to a gift (the Arsenal jacket) and a note (“I always thought red was more your color anyway”) from her ex. Raise your hand if you’re totally on board for this!

CORPORATE CHANGE | Before leaving for Nanda Parbat, Ray has Felicity blindly sign some paperwork, which turns out to be for transfer of ownership. (You’re really not going to read it first, Felicity?!)

WAY BACK WHEN | As for this week’s action-interrupting flashbacks, I understand why they are a necessary part of Arrow‘s structure; what happened to Oliver over the five years he was away and the people he met along the way are a big part of his character journey. (Imagine meeting Slade in Starling City without having first gotten all that history of his time with Oliver on the island.) But this season, they give us information we could have easily gathered in the present. At the very least, this week’s glimpses — summed up: Maseo wants the cure to save his son, but one doesn’t exist — could have been condensed into a single flashback sequence toward the beginning of the episode.

Arrow fans, what did you think of the hour? Did Oliver really let Ra’s unleash the virus on his friends, or did he switch it with some sleepy-time potion? Could Malcolm’s millionth betrayal be a part of a grander plan by Oliver? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lysh says:

    I hope the Flash explains how Oliver shows up in Central City; the timelines don’t always flow well between those shows. But I thought it was a great episode! The Tatsu/Maseo scene was so heartbreaking. And I’m sure Oliver switched out the vials.

    • Christina says:

      Maybe nexts weeks episode will show Oliver explaining somethings to Barry. The timelines are off and ir really sucks!
      Loved Tatsu/Maseo part! Beautiful! And a surprise. I did not expect to end it this way

    • Jerry says:

      I came to say the same thing about the timelines. If they continue to do crossovers next year they need to make sure the episodes sync up.

      • tyranthraxus says:

        One of the shows was delayed a week (Flash). Which meant that the shows dont synch up.

        • Jackson says:

          The shows do sync up. Flash’s penultimate episode airs, after which Arrow’s finale will air, and then Flash’s finale. Also, as noted, now that the marriage is over, they’re returning to Starling City (promo gives it away) so I’m sure there’s a way Oliver will get permission to help The Flash.

          • herman1959 says:

            Permission! When has Oliver ever worried about getting permission? The proms show a definite Flash/Arrow/Firestorm team-up. The fact that the shows are or aren’t in sync at the end is not the issue. The middle issues were not in sync because the order of the Flash episodes were changed for the purposes of exposition – some things needed to be explained or setup. The EPs stated the same as reported here on tvline.

          • alan says:

            The promos are giving away way too much. Think next time I’m just gonna turn the channel when it ends.

          • herman1959 says:

            Response to Alan: I agree that The Flash promos give away too much, and I’ve noticed that the EPs do a lot of spoiling themselves…I don’t get it.

  2. Dave says:

    good solid episode. Hope the finale ends on an awesome high note. I feel the Ras story needs to end

  3. Christina says:

    I have one problem with this: the producers were teasing a cliffhanger all week. But, honestly, how much of a cliffhanger is it when there is no way they would kill the whole team all at once?

    The Tatsu and Maseo part was beautiful! Loved it! And I like how Laurel have grown this season, but there is just too much of her kicking ass that I can’t buy.

    The flashbacks were too much the whole season. It feels like they could have told the whole thing in one episode’s flashback. just a waste of screen time.

    Felicity not reading the papers was so stupid. She is a really smart person and we are supposed to believe that she as VP just sign stuff as Ray asks her to.

    And seriously Oliver, your patner in crime was Malcolm?? You should have known better buy know.

    I liked the episode, but I kind of expected more. I have to stop reading those spoilers. I end up creating far more creative scenarios in my head.

  4. CourtTV says:

    Of course, the gang survives but I wish the promo for the finale was a bit more mysterious.

    • Jim says:

      Yep, agreed. There’s no real intrigue any more as trailers, promos, etc. spoil everything.

      • Karen says:

        I learned on a the emergency awesome you tube channel that the shows do
        not produce the promos and trailers.

        • Georgia Madman says:

          I LOVE Emergency Awesome! Since I don’t read comic books anymore, he helps fill in stuff for me.

          • Briggs says:

            I *love* Charlie! I had to go to bed last night before he posted, but I watched it first thing this morning. I’ve been watching since he started doing season 2.

      • Elissa says:

        My son refuses to watch the ‘sneak peeks’. ‘THEY RUIN EVERYTHING’ he says.

  5. Eo says:

    I really thought that Tatsu was awesome in this episode. Really hoping that she can come back next year and help out the team some. Maybe continue training Thea and Laurel. The scene between her and Maseo was really heartbreaking. Few surprises tonight- I thought Oliver and Maseo might be working together- didn’t really think it would be Malcolm. Excited to see Thea suit up next week.

  6. James says:

    Nanda Parbat must be much closer than I imagined. I’ve always pictured it somewhere in Asia, but they fly back and forth far to much and too quickly for that.

    I would not be surprised if someone dunks Maseo into a Lazarus pit sometime soon.

    I love Katana in the comics, so I’m happy they finally brought her into the team.

    I hate to say it, but I’m ready for this season to end. I’ve just not been feeling the whole Al Sah-him thing.

  7. Daniel says:

    Tatsu and Katana stole this episode. I swear if Arrow doesn’t make her a series regular I wil be disappointed. One episode of her made the Black Canary arc disappear in to the unknown.

    Man Dig and Oliver are clearly headed for a rough times ahead.

    Poor Felicity knocked out thinking her boo was evil and married another woman.

    Nyssa nice try killing Oliver the last second.

    • Sam says:

      Katana was AWESOME. When she strolled into the room like it was a runway, I was like damn gurl.

    • kath says:

      Nyssa should have tried killing Oliver when they were in private, not in the middle of the ceremony when everyone could save him.
      Stupid plotting.

      • herman1959 says:

        Or, was it? Maybe she’s in on Oliver’s plan and they had to pull that stunt to make it work. Anyway, I’m sure that Oliver switched the vials so Team Arrow is just temporarily knocked out. Plus, the people who died from the virus bled from the mouth first, but our gang never bled…they’ll be fine.

        • B says:

          I’m still hoping that Oliver and Nyssa end up on the same side–if they aren’t already. They both need to get Ra’s to stop thinking he has absolute power over their lives.

  8. Chris says:

    I really like this season. I don’t understand the hate. I just don’t like the the China flashbacks that much.

    • Shelley says:

      I hated it. That’s all. The flashbacks are all I like. The Ra’s stuff is awful.

      • Daniel says:

        The flashbacks, so you like the one thing most people hate

      • Drew says:

        Agreed. The flashbacks are more interesting and feel more honest in terms of storytelling than anything in the present. I wish they would do away with the Starling City/Ra’s stuff this year and just focus on the flashbacks.

      • kath says:

        The Ra’s stuff has been horrible all season. No logical consistency, a Ra’s that is a joke, and WTH? all over the place.
        First being Ra’s is heredity (Nyssa) and then it’s the result of a prophecy. And then it’s hereditary again so Oliver has to force Nyssa to have sex with him.
        First Malcolm must pay with his life for killing 500 innocent people. Now Oliver must kill the whole of Starling City, innocents all, so he can be Ra’s. But since Alexandria wasn’t really destroyed by cholera, none of it makes any sense.
        They should have left Ra’s in the comics. Slade was a much better villain.

        • Kathleen says:

          Here Here. The worst story arc ever.

        • B says:

          Exactly this! There is no logic in the twists they have taken with this storyline. Maybe the writers thought making Ra’s hard to predict would make him scarier, but it just makes him wishy-washy.

  9. Jo says:

    This show is full-fledged drama and a soap-opera.

  10. nashieb says:

    That obvs wasn’t the Alpha/Omega. Them people in China were bleeding out their noses/coughing up blood so team arrow should have had blood coming out of everywhere with how close they were. It’s some type of sleeping gas.

    • Patrick says:

      Ollie secretly dosed them with the vaccination, probably a long time ago.

    • KC says:

      I think it was sleeping gas. Like you said, they weren’t bleeding. It’s part of Oliver’s plan. He’d never leave them there to die. The fact that people actually believe he would is so hilarious and dumb.

  11. Beth says:

    Totally feel writers have stolen the Batman story especially with marrying Raj daughter. That being said if I were Oliver I would be pretty pissed that the closes people to me have no faith and gave up so easy. I mean really all of them think Ollie is so weak and would totally give in so easily.

    • James says:

      I agree they’ve mixed a lot of Batman into Arrow, but they’ve been doing that since season one. On the other hand, there has always been the view that Green Arrow is just Batman with a bow…particularly in the early comics when he was a rich kid who had an arrow cave and an arrowmobile, etc.

      • tyranthraxus says:

        So am confused re Palmer Tech. I assume Ray is moving back home/ another city which makes me think he has made Felicity boss of the local branch.

        Its been a long time since Oliver has really BEEN Oliver Queen.Since season 1, we have had less Oliver Queen and more Arrow. Its been somewhat gradual , somewhat rushed but in this season in particular there hasnt been a great deal of Oliver Queen. Its been all Arrow/Other.

        I think it all really started last year in Season 2 when he lost the business to not only Isobel Rochev, but when he lost his mother and then again to Ray Palmer as the company because Palmer Tech.

        I liked that the show showed both lifes.. now it seems its moved too far in one direction

        • Jackson says:

          Palmer is moving to the spinoff. This way, his company (former Queen’s company) is back into play to help Team Arrow.

          • herman1959 says:

            Yup, per the transfer paperwork Felicity signed, Oliver Queen will be back in control of the company (and another reason that Roy had to confess to being The Arrow).

          • Georgia Madman says:

            What if Felicity becomes the CEO and Oliver has to work for her? She could dog him constantly about that. Could be hysterical.

        • James says:

          Part of the history of Green Arrow in the comics he that he lost his company and his wealth and devoted himself full time to his crime fighting. So on that, they are doing exactly what the story should be.

    • Zack Murray says:

      This is my issue with the story so far. OK taking Lyla while she was with Sara may have been a bridge too far, but the two who say they have Oliver’s back are not backing up these words with action. They display no faith in Oliver when they should…talk about living without hope.

      • B says:

        I have trouble with this, too. Also, Oliver didn’t take Sara, and clearly didn’t allow any harm to come to either Lyla or the baby. Knowing he was himself should just make them go “Oh, okay, she was safe the whole time and now we can go back to helping Oliver.” It’s also crystal clear that Oliver and Nyssa would never marry by choice, so I don’t even get why that’s a problem for them at least in regards to Oliver.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      Batman never married Talia, and Nyssa and Oliver don’t love each other.

  12. Drew says:

    Sigh. All of these twists are so hollow and predictable. They keep going for shock value rather than having the plots mean anything. We all knew that Oliver was faking it. We all know that the sidekicks aren’t dying. The only things I don’t know are A. When they put in a wormhole between Nanda Parbat and Starling City, and B. Why Felicity went… Again. How is she not dead? It would have been more believable to have her using satellites to hack the plane from her office… But then she probably wouldn’t be able to whine so much.
    The only part that was interesting was the Tatsu/Maseo stuff. That was sad. She should have the spinoff.

    • Sam says:

      Yeah, the twists were all predictable but then this whole season has been predictable. I thought Felicity was awesome here! She had a reason to be there, to disarm the plane and when she threw her tablet, it was so funny. Plus everyone in this episode was whining and moaning about Oliver’s betrayal or whatever, not just Felicity. Tatsu/Katana was so incredible though. Love her!

      • aunni says:

        drew always hates felicity (before secretly, now openly) so don’t worry

        • Drew says:

          Yeah, I’m known for keeping my feelings a secret.
          I liked Felicity a lot before. This is an entirely different character. So yes, I dislike this Felicity. I wish they could bring back the one I liked, but I don’t know if it is possible.
          Have you ever noticed that you spend an awful lot of time commenting on me personally? Are you obsessed with me or something? Should I worry?

        • Sam says:

          Um, ok? I don’t care who hates who. I was just responding to a comment with my opinion.

      • AddieM says:

        How exactly was Felicity awesome??

        • Sam says:

          I just love her standing up to Malcolm. She hates him, rightly so. Let’s him have it. I admire that. The part with the tablet was awesome too.

    • Pat says:

      Loved Felicity in this episode. You might as well ask how Laurel could take on those league of assasins. This episode was really good. Can’t wait for next week.

      • Drew says:

        I don’t buy Laurel up against them either.

      • Sam says:

        Tbh, it was stupid that any of them (aside from Malcolm) could take on the league of assassins. It bugs me that Nyssa got beat by Oliver all the time. She would be better than him. So you kinda have to take these things with a pinch of salt.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      Why does everyone assume they got there in under an hour?

  13. jrex says:

    By the rituals of the League Nyssa and Oliver are now married!? Wonder how they’ll get out of that cliff-hanger? As for the “virus” released in the cell with Team Arrow surely the writers don’t expect us to believe they are in real danger from that?

  14. John Diggle says:

    Dude! why make the title of this article that… all i did was type in arrow as i was about to watch it and i see the major spoilers in the title of your article… Not cool dude.

  15. kate says:

    I think the timelines are off but I had been sort of thinking that some Flash person might have been a good choice but having him save them all probably is easier.

  16. Jo says:

    When will they cancel this soap-opera/drama? When they run out of the drama and the darker things in life? I grade this episode a failing grade. It’s done.

  17. James D says:

    there were certainly some good parts to this episode, the fight scene was well done, Laurel coming in to her own and kicking some butt is really appreciated it’s about time they give her some love. But unfortunately it suffered from the same thing that has plagued this season. It’s melodrama has gone so far over the edge it’s almost become laughable at this point. the Ra’s storyline is utterly flat this episode took it to a new level with the wipe out a population in order to wipe the slate clean and start over, Hum… sounds familiar where could I have possible heard that same exact speech before? I honestly could care less what happens to Felicity now and I’m starting not to care about Diggle either. This “cliffhanger” is an empty threat it is so obvious that they’re not going to die. So frustrating I say this every week and I honestly mean it, I love this show but this season just isn’t up to the Arrow standard. I can only hope the writers room can comeback next season refreshed and give us something better, I like the sound of bringing in H.I.V.E

    • Jo says:

      I honestly don’t care what happens to Oliver Queen. He’s selfish and mental. He should’ve told his buddies that he was gonna act out the “air to the demon thing”. I can’t believe they renewed this show.

      • Teresa Rhoda says:

        The flashbacks show Oliver as a torturer….torturing people so that they reveal their knowledge. If the person doesn’t know anything they cannot reveal anything. Oliver knows this and this is why he did not include his team in his plan. Essentially he was protecting his team and his plan. He had to allow for the possibility that a team member could have been taken by RAG for this purpose. Perhaps he was being both selfish and unselfish. I have very much enjoyed this season and am looking forward to the next.

    • Drew says:

      Agreed. People have been singing the praises of Daredevil lately (and rightly so). A year or two ago, those articles were being written about Arrow. The stunts were great,whereas this season has suffered from obvious wire work. It was grounded in honest purpose and emotion, not this forced BS. I want the old Arrow back. This isn’t character development, it is character assassination.

      • Jo says:

        I agree. Season 1 was good to me. Season 2 was okay. A- or B for Season 2.

      • Kathleen says:

        The fight scenes were awesome. Tatsu was heart wrenching. Not much else. Never felt like stopping a show as this episode has given me. This sucked big time. Do you read this writers?

        • Jo says:

          I hear you

        • Drew says:

          I follow them on twitter, but don’t really do twitter very often.
          The fights in season 1 were great. Like when Oliver went to save… Umm… Whatever his step father’s name was.
          This was better than some this year, but far from where the show was before.

      • James D says:

        You said it perfectly Drew. It is complete character assassination. I don’t understand what possessed the writers to do it?

    • Sam says:

      That’s funny because I feel the exact opposite. I couldn’t care less about Laurel finally getting some love. I’m invested in Diggle and Felicity. They’re awesome. The Ra’s storyline is pointless though. So freaking pointless.

  18. Jason says:

    I would rather Thea disappear and Roy return as a series regular. Bring back Colton!!!

  19. kath says:

    That was HORRIBLE. There wasn’t a single storyline in the episode that wasn’t depressing, including Roy leaving Thea without talking to her about it. (Season 3 theme — take away Thea’s agency) Tatsu held Akio as he died in her arms and then had to kill her husband; meanwhile everyone else died. Ra’s needs to have died four episodes ago.

    This episode should have come with a warning to any viewers who were already depressed that they may have suicidal thoughts after watching.

    Olicity is well and truly dead. If Felicity or Diggle ever forgive Oliver for what he did to them in this episode, they are wimps and not worth caring about.
    I hope you’re satisfied, Arrow writers, you took a fun show and ruined it.

    • Jo says:

      I agree. Season 1 was good to me. Season 2 was okay. A- or B for Season 2.

    • Sam says:

      If Digg and Felicity forgive Oliver they’re wimps? LOL. Please. THIS IS A TV SHOW. Come on now.

      • Kay says:

        Why shouldn’t they forgive Oliver..WHY does O need forgiveness really..He did what he did to SAVE them all..I don’t see your point.

        • Sam says:

          I agree with you! I think they will forgive Oliver. I’m disagreeing and laughing at the person who thinks D and F will be wimps if they forgive Oliver which is a joke to me.

      • kath says:

        It depends if you look at the characters realistically or if you just accept whatever the show dishes out.
        If Diggle and Felicity were real people, they should not forgive Oliver for what he did to them — not trusting them enough to tell even Diggle what he was up to and for having them think that they were dying. That’s the kind of betrayal that is very hard to come back from in real life, and that Diggle and Felicity shouldn’t forgive him.

        • AddieM says:

          ..And yet I feel Oliver does not owe anyone an apology for not sharing his plan. If they cannot understand why Oliver did what he did, then they are better off leaving Team Arrow.

          • Georgia Madman says:

            I hope he gives them that ultimatum at the end of the show and that’s the clifthanger. I think Oliver has been working for Argus and Lyla has known this all along.

        • Brigid says:

          And yet Diggle and Felicity kept Roy not dying from Oliver and he forgave them. The guilt Oliver felt that Roy died because of him was gut wrenching and he understood. Just saying!!

    • Drew says:

      What did Oliver do that was so bad in this episode? Knock them out with some smokey potion at the end, when he pretended to kill them? It was unforgivable writing, but I think they’ll get over that part.

      • Sam says:

        Exactly. Agreed.

      • Jo says:

        Oliver. Don’t care if he’s acting. He’s selfish. Cruel to his friends.

        • Patrick says:

          His friends treat this as a game. They play dress up, and then soundly thrash some ruffians. But that isn’t what’s happening. There are millions of lives at stake. Ra’s chose Ollie. If Ollie doesn’t play nice, or appear to, Ras would have killed everyone in Starling City. That is millions of people. And that would have happened after Ra’s killed Felicity, Digg, and their loved ones.
          Now, Ollie is trying to prevent a WMD of being deployed in Starling, again, which would kill millions. I’m sorry if he has to lie to his friends and hurt their feelings. Big picture, people.

          • Jo says:

            Big picture That it wasn’t thought through. He just woke up one day and said “maybe I should be the next ras uhl Gaul”

          • Kate says:

            Exactly. He’s doing what needs to be done. Hurt feelings is better than dead right? Yeeesh. People need to get some perspective.

          • Rachel says:

            Thank you!

          • Jo says:

            You’re welcome

          • Drew says:

            Which is also why the no-kill policy never made sense on the show. He is fighting a war and should take it seriously.
            Imagine if the cop in Garland tried to shoot those terrorists in the leg… Probably wouldn’t have worked as well.

          • Jo says:

            Again. Big picture. Perspective. Come on Oliver! You can do better than that. Use your mind. Oliver Queen is dead.

          • Patrick says:

            This is for Jo. Ollie didn’t wake up and decide to be Ra’s heir. Ra’s was ramping up the violence to force Ollie’s hand. If Ollie hadn’t agreed, Ra’s would have deployed a WMD and killed everyone in Starling. People get that, right? Ra’s would have systematically killed everyone around Ollie to force his hand. And, most of them are one step up from useless in a fight, so that would have taken a long weekend.
            Oh no’s, Ollie kidnapped Dig’s wife!!!!! Ra’s would have cut her into small pieces to get what he wanted, and that was Ollie (or, as I suspect, his offspring). Ollie is doing what he has to in order to get out from under the League. Him and his loved ones.
            Also, ditto on the no kill decision. Stupid and pointless. That’s when the show started to decline.

        • Kay says:

          Are you an Idiot.?? Really..WHAT EXACTLY did he do that was so “selfish”..?

          • Jo says:

            I already said it. He should’ve told his friends what he was doing so he doesn’t bring up so much drama. Things would’ve been better. Maybe Team Arrow would stay home instead of having their lives at risk. Realistically, their lives are at risk more since Oliver kept things from them. It doesn’t matter if he’s the Arrow.

          • Jo says:

            Kay. I already said it. He should’ve told his friends what he was doing so he doesn’t bring up so much drama. Things would’ve been better. Maybe Team Arrow would stay home instead of having their lives at risk. Realistically, their lives are at risk more since Oliver kept things from them. It doesn’t matter if he’s the Arrow.

    • AddieM says:

      The only person Oliver owes an apology is Diggle because of the Lyla issue otherwise everyone else needs no apology, Oliver is acting like this so he can save the city and their lives as well…If they can’t get over what Oliver did then they need to leave team Arrow!

      • Georgia Madman says:

        I think Lyla was in on her kidnapping. I think Oliver is working with Argus on this plot. How did he know about Ras having the Alpha Omega if it weren’t for Argus?

  20. Rachel says:

    I need more tatsu. I love her character! She’s on screen for 3 seconds and I’m like, when will she get her own show? Or will she join team arrow?

  21. Sam says:

    That was a pretty solid episode. I liked it! I’m in shock! Diggle and Laurel kicking ass was good. Still think the canary cry is laughable but I liked the fight. Felicity is awesome and she was right about Malcolm all along. She gets to say ‘I told you so!’ In your face. Her throwing her tablet and then realising that Malcolm knocked out the LoA dude was priceless and so cute. Fantastic moment.
    Katana was sooooo good. I love her a lot. Killing Maseo was expected but I actually welled up when she broke as she sang to him like she did with Akio. I really hope we see more Katana in season 4.
    The LoA storyline is the worst part of this season though and makes no sense. And for Oliver to trust Malcolm of all people is just so stupid. Diggle is justified in his anger.
    Thea/Roy were cute and I’m happy she got closure and also he kind of passed the torch over to her. Speedy here we come! YES!

  22. Concerned reader says:

    Why is the spoiler the actual URL address? Hello? This is the kind of dumb move TV Guide online makes!!

  23. Does anyone think Tatsu Yamashiro looked a little like the Cheshire character from the Young Justice cartoon, or is it just me. The way she looked dressed with the mask.

    • AgentPhilCoulson says:

      That’s Katana’s comics look. There are a lot of similarities between Cheshire in YJ and Katana, though.

  24. Amy says:

    Am I the only one who still loves this show? Granted, I think Season 2 was the best, but I really don’t have over many complaints about this year. Superhero TV has always required a certain suspension of disbelief as to what characters will and won’t do and will and won’t forgive, etc because it’s a fantasy world with heightened stakes. I still see a lot of the themes that made me fall in love with Arrow in the first place. I wish a few things had been done differently- less angst for Oliver and Felicity, less back-and-forth with Ra’s- but I’ve enjoyed it so far and would rather focus on what I’ve loved rather than what I haven’t.

    • Jo says:

      Of course you’re not the only one. There are tons of good reviews here. If you were the only one, Arrow would not have another season coming. Yay For you! Boo for me.

    • KC says:

      Not at all. I’ve been entertained this season. They’ve done some crap things though but then they did in season one and two also so it’s balanced, I think. I wish they’d done some things differently but overall I’m fairly happy.

    • AddieM says:

      You are not alone… I’m enjoying this season but I could do with much less Olicity drama..I like this Ra’s storyline, it’s abit out there, but very enjoyable IMO

    • Patience says:

      Olicity is cool. The only thing that’s bad is them going back and forth. I loved tatsu and maseo fight. This episode was actually good.

    • brenna says:

      I agree with you Amy. Each season there have been mostly things I’ve loved and a few things I haven’t. It still a great show and Season 3 has been just as entertaining. Hopefully, next season the identity struggle will be over and they’ll get back to fighting alongside each other and for each other and it will be just a little lighter.

  25. GirlvsTV says:

    So, I watched against my better judgement and that was just as depressing as I thought it would be. Felicity, Diggle and Tatsu were awesome but the rest can go hang for all I care. I’m thinking it might really be time for me and this show to consider a ‘conscious uncoupling.’ It’s definitely gotten to the point that my negative feels outweigh the positive. I don’t see how they are going to make much money on DVD sales, who wants to rewatch this mess and depress themselves all over again? In addition to Oliver’s ‘death,’ that was literally the dumbest ‘cliffhanger’ ever. Who would actually believe they’d kill off almost their entire cast, including two of the most popular characters? This season has been nothing more than series of ‘gotcha’ twists strung together with plot holes and inconsistently written characters.

  26. KC says:

    One of the better episodes of the season. Good things: Thea/Roy sexy times, Felicity, Felicity & Malcolm sniping at each other, Diggle getting angry, Nyssa trying to stab her hubby-to-be, Katana. I was a mess at Katana and Maseo. A MESS. Bad things: Double crossing Malcolm was predictable, Ray flying is just not believable on Arrow sorry, Thea not being included in the action although I understand why, Oliver not telling the people he loves about his plan. It’s just dumb by now. Overall, I was entertained. I’d give it a B rating.

  27. Gordon Rick says:

    Good episode. Excellent fight scene (except for Laurel, she does not seem to be improving). Thea as Speedy is awesome. Can’t wait to see what happens next week/

  28. Alichat says:

    The only thing that was unexpected in this episode was Nyssa trying to kill Oliver during their wedding. I really thought she was going to try to kill herself before the wedding and Ra’s al Snooze was going to stop her or save her. And I agree, the flashbacks brought the flow of the episode to a standstill. One small flashback (or none) was all that was needed.

  29. AmyB says:

    thought the episode was awesome. agree that it seems odd his team would lose faith in oliver so quickly. Part of the drama I suppose…
    Am I the only one that thinks Malcolm is still playing the part? He was known as the magician. The LoA would assume he would turn on anyone to save himself as he did in the past. I think it is all part of the end game. Oliver must become Ra’s to save those he loves. Once he’s Ra’s he will release Nyssa from their vows.

    • B says:

      I think it’s very possible that Malcolm was playing a part there. Because there’s no real reason why anyone on any side would trust him. Honestly, if he didn’t go to Ra’s and “betray” Oliver, that would probably make the League more suspicious.

      It could also be possible that Oliver knew that would happen and took it into account. I think it has to be one of those options.

      • herman1959 says:

        Ditto: I think Malcolm is playing a part. The plan that he and Oliver crafted (A) couldn’t work because the timeline was moved up, so now they’re on Plan B.

  30. m3rcnate says:

    I have to say this was a much better episode than many before it. There was great comedy (classic Felicity moments like throwing the Tablet) and cool easter eggs, like maybe all this time Speedy aka Thea ends up being Arsenal, and the Atom mentioning he was adding a “small” change to his suit (shrinking power anyone?). There was great action, good plot development and none of the characters were annoying (looking at you Laurel and Felicity).
    Weaknesses? I have to agree, the flashbacks didnt tell me anything i didnt already assume, and they broke up the rhythm the episode had. I also dont understand the point of the show pretending like the broken vial released a deadly toxin killing 6 main characters to then 30 seconds later show them 100% alive and well in the previews for next weeks episode. That level of fabricated tension is just silly.
    Oh and i liked the twist that he wasn’t brain washed, though it felt weird to believe that he could be brain washed so easily given his mental toughness, i was currently believing that he wasn’t faking it.

  31. Paige says:

    Finally! An episode I could actually watch. I haven’t watched an episode in 5 months (keeping up only with the recaps) because this season has been so god-awful. It finally shows signs of improvement. Producers of Arrow: pretty please make season 4 worth sticking around.

  32. S. says:

    Just in shock. Utter, utter shock. Yes, the team survives, but how? Seriously, how? And Al Sah-him actually marries Nyssa?!? Just in shock, that’s all.

  33. N says:

    One has to wonder how much of this season has been hurt by the producers being tied up with new shows like The Flash and the upcoming Supergirl, as this season has just felt off.
    First, has the League of Assassins done anything on the show to make them seem like a credible worthwhile threat other then there amazing ability to assemble fire pits at a moments notice. Seriously though, I can buy Malcolm and Diggle taking out several of the so called assassins, but were supposed to buy Laurel is now able to take on several elite assassins at once. Perhaps if we had seen Laurel in deep training id have a different reaction, but Laurels transition into the Black Canary has been far to rushed after taking forever to happen. It doesn’t help either that she has to follow Catiy Lutzs great performance as the Canary. Another problem is that, Following Merlin and Slade as the big Bad, Ra’s hasn’t really done anything that awful besides out Olivier and stab Thea, whom he then cured. Ra’s talks a big game but we haven’t really seen him in action, and it hurts the story. Also, like someone else wrote on here, its amazing how quickly Olivers friends have all lost faith in him, especially felicity, who you would think would be the one person to fight for him..I also cant wait to see how confusing next weeks Flash will be given how out of sync everything seems. One last thought, as soon as I saw Roy as Jason, I immediately thought of Jason Todd, the 2nd Robin, im curious if anyone else thought the same.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      He made Oliver look like an amateur, he stabs Thea to force someone to join him, he forces his Daughter (who’s probably gay) to marry a man she doesn’t love, and he’s going to kill an entire city. How is that not awful?

      We have seen Laurel training, but you don’t need to see it in every episode to know it’s happening.

    • Nicky says:

      N I agree. I just wish they had given Laurel more screen time training with Nyssa. It just seems so unbelievable her fighting three LOA.

  34. Luis says:

    Have I not been forever saying Nanda Parbat must be like a bus ride away from SC?

  35. GeoNeo says:

    Thanks for giving away a huge plot point in the f**king headline!!! All I did was Google ‘Arrow’ and the first thing I see is ‘Maseo dies, killed by Tatsu’. Unbelievable.

    • eye says:

      That kind of thing has happened for years. Were you googling so you could watch the episode online? If so, bookmark the proper page next time.

  36. Pat says:

    It was a very good episode and I am happy to know that Oliver has been playing Ra’s. I also can understand how Diggle feels about ever trusting Oliver again. Even though Oliver explained to him what he was up to, just the thought of how his wife was kidnapped and his baby girl was left there all alone in the apartment just makes me so mad as a Mother. As for Malcolm, I am not sure he has actually turned on Oliver. This could be part of the plot that they both agreed upon in order to take down Ra’s. I just hope I am right on this one because if I am not then Malcolm might not have to worry about dying at the hand of either Ra’s or Oliver but instead by his daughter Thea.

  37. Dj says:

    Malcolm must have one fast jet and It was pretty fun when Felicity thought she took out the LoA guy only to find out it was Malcolm. My favorite part of the show might have been Roy setting Thea free. Thea has been the best thing about this season and she for me will be a welcome addition to team Arrow.

  38. mike says:

    Either the vials were switched (maybe he was carrying the insulin on him this whole time) or Barry shows up and gets everyone out. He’s obviously in the episode judging by the teaser.

    About time we see Katana in costume.

  39. brenna says:

    The only complaint I have is that I can’t see the next episode right now. I really really want to see Oliver defeat R’as and I can’t wait to see the full scene where he says “my name is Oliver Queen.” Love when Felicity threw the tablet, the look on her face was so excited, and then crestfallen when she saw Malcolm and said “Oh, that makes more sense.” Funny Felicity. The action sequences were great. It has been very hard this year when we see Felicity and Diggle at odds with Oliver because I’ve always thought that those three relationships were the best on the show. Excited about Tatsu and Thea. Of course, no one thinks that Oliver would let them all die, but it made a very shocking ending to show the wedding as they show all the friends passing out. Diggle and Felicity were sweet in that scene and that last scene of them passed out, Diggle has his arm protectively over Felicity. He’s the big brother she never had. I love this show.

  40. Mattie says:

    The mess that everyone is talking about how this season had been and that the writers never knew what to do with Oliver and the rest of the characters this season, started in this season premiere, when Sara was killed , From Ep1 of this season everything started to fall apart. If it was not for the killing of Sarah none of what is happening now would be happening and it got worse when then the reveal of who killed Sarah. Those 2 things triggered all the mess that is happening now, there is no other reason

  41. Ella says:

    Man, I was so conflicted this entire episode! I couldn’t decide if Oliver was good, bad or ugly, lol. I still don’t know. I have a feeling he’s going to throw them all into the Lazarus pit. The Maseo vs Tatsu fight was spectacular, yet heartbreaking. RIP Maseo :( I loved Laurel fighting like the warrior the Black Canary is supposed to be and little signs of the old Felicity I fell in love with. LOVED her thinking she knocked out a member of the league with her tablet, only to realise it was Malcolm’s arrow that did it, lol. I will never find Olicity organic or attractive and so those elements of the episode were like getting a root canal. I suppose it beats bitterness and hair pulling but please, Ray telling Felicity she was his friend was a joke. There was an attraction and a flirtation from the moment they met, they were never friends. The Diggle/Felicity moment towards the end was incredibly poignant. I would have liked to see more of Laurel, which is always the case, but in particular, her reactions to Oliver. I couldn’t care less about the fauxmance that is Roy and Thea. Plus, I prefer Roy TO Thea (whose voice I cannot stand) so would have preferred to see the latter leave the show :/

  42. Zah says:

    As it has been clearly said many times, THEY ARE DOING A SEASON 4! So the whole season (if they continue doing 23 episodes a season) can’t just be Oliver, and he is not jut going to get three seasons worth of a team, in one season! so Felicity, Dig, Roy, Laurel, and even Merlin, are all alive. I’m excited for their big escape! They have to be alive, but they aren’t, or at least shouldn’t be able to escape that easy. Ra’s and Oliver should have a final battle, that is longer and more emotional than the Tatsu- Meseo fight, which was pretty amazing! They need to go BIIIIGGGGG if they want to keep going with this show.. I love this show. It’s my favorite. So i’m hoping that with a character as big as Ra’s, they can really do something amazing! Please comment back, I need more options on what i said. I need some reassurance please!

  43. Boston2AZ says:

    I haven’t watched in quite a while. (I bailed over the Black Canary “journey”.) But I did watch about half of last night’s episode. When did this show become Game of Thrones?

  44. 134sc says:

    I enjoyed it. Except for that ending. A cliffhanger that I don’t buy for a second isn’t a cliffhanger.

    I am ready for this Ras-Batman srotyline to b done. Its not Arrow anymore. I mean its still interesting to a degree, but its not the show I signed up for anymore. I hope next season changes that

  45. Arsenal says:

    “Raise your hand if you’re totally on board for this!”

    I’m not on board for this. I’d much rather have Roy over Thea, but that’s obviously not gonna happen.

  46. brixguy says:

    Please toss Maseo in the pool of lifey goodness!

  47. Elle says:

    Did anyone else notice that Malcolm mentioned flying to Nanda Parbat with Ferris Air? That makes two Green Lantern references so far that I’ve noticed. The other reference was on the Flash a few episodes back.

  48. Briggs says:

    Very well done. This was a great episode.
    First of all, Malcolm kept surprising me. Nature of the beast. I wonder how the season is going to end for him. I have this image of him and Thea fighting back to back or side by side, just because of how long they’ve been training together. But he had some of the best lines this episode.
    Oh, Tatsu. Hard enough to watch her deal with the death of their son, but watching her sing to Maseo after having to stab him was heartbreaking. I’m glad he got what could be perceived as a ‘good’ ending. He deserved that.
    I hate Shreve. Just going to put that out there. Hate. Him.
    Felicity was dealing with a lot this episode. The poor girl. Hopefully the season finale ends on a good note? Though the moment she thought she’d taken out the guy with the tablet was priceless.
    And, BTW, can we talk about Ray? What the heck, dude?! Were you going to tell her she now owns an entire company? Or let her find out on her own? Though Felicity didn’t ask what she was signing, isn’t there some legality that says he has to tell her?
    Laurel doing her thing, fighting the good fight. Good for her. Though I hope she and Nyssa get one more scene together.
    I was both happy and sad for Thea. I understood why Roy did it, but still. I can’t wait to see her in the outfit, though.
    Oh, Dig. Love you, bro. And I feel for you. Oliver has that punch coming, and I’m willing to bet he knows it, too.
    And poor Oliver. He has a lot to answer for, but he’s trying to do what he feels is the right thing. It’s just not working out the way he planned.
    I really felt bad for Nyssa. I mean, I know she’s not completely innocent, but I don’t think she deserves what her father is doing to her. And for those who are complaining about a lesbian being forced into a heterosexual union, I just have one question: **Is it somehow less heinous for it to happen to a woman who’s straight?** I know it’s a popular trope in romance novels, but really? How about just having outrage because a woman is being forced to marry someone against her will? Don’t make this a political issue, wrong is wrong. Ra’s is a *villain*. This is an *evil* act. The end.
    I wonder how this wraps up next week…