American Idol Recap: Thank God Almighty, There's Three at Last!

It’s hard to say anything too harsh about an American Idol finalist immediately after experiencing his/her “Hometown Visit” package.

Misty-eyed mamas. Weeping dads. The contestants themselves embracing Fox affiliate meteorologists, kissing schoolkids and choking back their emotions when they realize they’re officially stars (or something pretty damn close).

Lucky for me, Wednesday’s Top 4 performance night — featuring one painful elimination — was (despite the absence of Quentin Alexander and Joey Cook) about as solid a night of performances as we’ve had in Season 14… no small task considering the remaining vocalists were all suffering some combination of jet lag/sleep loss/anxiety/terrifying proximity to Scott Borchetta’s Goatee of Doom (TM pending).

Still, since we all knew the end-of-episode drop-kick (based on last week’s votes) was bound to be as painful as it was unpredictable, it was hard not to read the homemade contestant banners and overbearing Harry Connick Jr. jokes as if they were tea leaves. Interestingly, the judges declared this week’s Round 1 (Scott’s choice) as a win for Jax, Round 2 (Hometown Dedication) in favor of Rayvon and Round 3 (Judges’ Pick) squarely in Nick’s corner. Did that mean Clark would be axed? Surely, Nick singing in the 12th and final slot meant he was safe, yes?

I’ll get to the ouster in a moment, but first let me hand out letter grades for all 12 performances:

Rayvon Owen – Jason Derulo’s “Want to Want Me” — Grade: B | Rayvon’s falsetto sounded smooth and effortless (except for that string of extra-high notes where he went a little squeaky) on a track that Jordin Sparks’ Icky Ex (and soon-to-be So You Think You Can Dance judge) Derulo performed on Idol just a few weeks back. Problem was, though, Rayvon’s vague smile and tepid “Whoos!” extinguished any sexual fire on a song that’s supposed to be all about seduction and desire. So while a surface listen might leave you saying “Ooh, pretty!” a deeper reading unearthed an antiseptic approach where something dirtier was needed.

Clark Beckham – U2’s “Beautiful Day” — Grade: C- | Clark hit a higher percentage of notes on U2’s sunny anthem than Lee DeWyze did back in the Season 9 performance finale, but his cover was still pretty painful, like having a Q-Tip jammed hard into your eardrum (whereas Lee’s actually went a step further and punctured it). Beyond the flat notes in the opening verse, the repeated (unfortunate) cracks in his vocal, the inability to stay in the pocket and the off-kilter final glory note, though, Clark was also giving off an awkward, disconnected vibe — as if he was trying to tell his sometimes nemesis and possibly future boss Mr. Borchetta, “Dude, I’m not really a rocker!” It’s OK, Clark, we believe you!

MB2_1539_hires1Nick Fradiani – Patti Smith’s “Because the Night” — Grade: B+ | In the Aesop’s Fables version of Idol, Nick would definitely be playing the role of the hare. Think about it: His “slow and steady” philosophy made him look like a mid-pack player for the first half of the season, but by staying in his lane (and staying consistently in tune) he’s become a strong possibility to win the whole dang race. And despite his lack of Moment-Moments (TM, Mariah Carey), I can’t be that upset about it. Sure, Nick didn’t really make any changes to the melody or tempo of the classic rock anthem Scott chose for him, but unlike Clark and Rayvon before him, Nick brought to life the yearning, burning energy of the words coming out of his mouth. I’d have liked a gentler approach to the verse — which would’ve made the choruses even more explosive — but the heather red v-neck almost made up for it.

Jax – The Who’s “My Generation” — Grade: A- | Hat tip to The Man Who Finally (Mercifully) Replaced Randy Jackson as Mentor (sorry for taking you back to that dark time in Idol history): I wouldn’t have put “My Generation” in my top 500 (or probably even 1,000) song suggestions for Jax — but it actually turned out to be kinda perfect for her. Girlfriend got a chance to engage the crowd, jam out with the Idol band drummer, drop to her knees and rock a ridiculously shredded t-shirt. But unlike some of her prior attempts to grunge it up, this time around Jax’s vocals were tighter than Keith Urban’s t-shirts. What I dig about Jax is she seems to have some real musical knowledge — from classic rock all the way through Taylor Swift — and she’s really learned how (and when) to bring some snarl and sass to her performances. Knowing that the last impression voters got of Jax also happened to be her weakest vocal, I’m a little worried she could be at risk next week. But just like the Jersey teen can’t seem to live without her painted-on “X,” I can’t really fathom a finale without her.

Nick Fradiani – Andy Grammer’s “Back Home” — Grade: A- | Confession: I was unfamiliar with “Back Home” ’til I saw the leaked song spoilers for Top 4 night and looked it up on YouTube. Still, Nick’s total immersion in the ditty — and his clear elation as he ripped into the chorus — gave me glimpses of the post-show success he could be, especially when paired with footage of his emotional hometown visit. And maybe that’s because on a season where too many song choices have felt like random stabs at grabbing something (anything!) off a pre-approved list of 25 or 30 tracks, Nick (the guy who chose to stay with his band in Connecticut rather than chase a dream in L.A. or N.Y.) zeroed in on a number that sounded like what he might write himself. Yeah, exec producer Per Blankens cheated us on hearing any extended snippets of the original tracks played at his hometown concert with his band Beach Avenue, but raging optimist that I am, I’ll just hope he’ll get to break one out next week. (Oh, who am I kidding: They’re gonna make him sing “I Don’t Want to Be,” aren’t they?)

Clark Beckham – Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay” — Grade: B+ | Clark was wise to choose the kind of old-school soul jam that made him a front-runner right from the start of the Season 14 voting rounds, but the execution fell just a tiny bit short of past glories like “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” or “Sunday Morning.” To be fair, Clark rocked it out behind the piano and put some stank edge on his big notes, but there was something just a wee bit lounge-act about the arrangement (and that cheesy “moon over the water” backdrop). Plus, that final growly howl didn’t quite land — and underscored the concern that Clark’s instrument may be a little bit worn down as the competition nears its end.

MB2_2164_hires1Rayvon Owen – Stevie Wonder’s “As” — Grade: A- | Harry Connick Jr. took the words right out of my brain (they hadn’t even made it to my mouth) when he noted that the “joy and physicality” of Rayvon’s “As” were the two ingredients that made it so special — and made it superior to so many of the handsome fella’s “close, but no cigar” performances of prior weeks. Not since “Jealous” on Top 24 night had we gotten to hear his buttery tone on something that wasn’t a dirge-y lament (while still being completely in tune), and while it may have been too late to count in the voting, it’s a nice reminder that Rayvon’s got more than one dimension to utilize in his post-Idol life.

Jax – Evanescence’s “My Immortal” — Grade: A- | Like Jena Irene in Season 13, most of Jax’s greatest hits have come when she’s behind the piano — and “My Immortal” ranks among the very best of ’em. I know (because I do read the TVLine comments section) that the teenager’s lilting tone is polarizing, but I appreciate that she understands the importance of dynamics, that she can convey genuine depth of emotion (and not fall off the note) when she’s applying a feathery touch as easily as when she’s bringing down the vocal hammer. Better still, Jax didn’t follow the Idol Playbook and walk away from the keyboard mid-performance: Instead, she continued to plink away at the piano, her face registering the angst behind Evanescence’s haunted ballad, leaving me holding my breath in the best possible way.

MB2_2458_hires1Clark Beckham – The Weeknd’s “Earned It” — Grade: B+ | Props to J.Lo for noting how crucial it was to hear Clark tackle (and conquer) a very current track — and for picking a Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack cut that gave him a little bit of a J.T. “Suit & Tie” vibe. I agreed with Harry that the opening verse was a little vacant — but the good news is Clark’s swagger kicked in on the chorus, allowing him to master the song’s tricky cadences and nail those “Rev. Beckham yowls” his fans know and love. (Although the last couple may have gone slightly awry from a pitch standpoint.) But let me shut my pie-hole and pause here to let Clark’s most rabid fans work in some variation on “Clark, you’re perfect/ You’re always worth it/ And you deserve it.” (Oh, you know you wanted to!)

Rayvon Owen – Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful” — Grade: B | It was interesting the way that Team Rayvon reharmonized a classic love ballad with minor piano chords, but while he “made ‘You Are So Beautiful’ his own,” he also made it… kind of sleepy? OK, OK… to be fair, it was a very tender and tuneful lullaby that was pulling my eyelids downward, but I’m just not sure he fully sold me on the “Guy who’s almost worshipfully in love” intent of the lyric, y’know?

Jax – Paramore’s “Misery Business” — Grade: C | Let’s file Jax’s night under the classic adage “Two out of three ain’t bad.” But in that equation, “Misery Business” will most certainly get placed in the folder “One that got away.” Girlfriend never quite managed to keep a comfortable pace on the rapid-fire sing-speak verses, and with a dinky, Dancing With the Stars-flavored accompaniment, the choruses lacked any kind of genuine bite. Worst of all, though, the just-a-touch-too-high chorus brought out a stridency in Jax’s tone that I haven’t heard since the troubling times of “Beat It” and “Blank Space.” I’m just praying such an iffy last impression won’t make folks forget the good stuff that preceded it.

Nick Fradiani – Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be” — Grade: B | I know it was the Judges’ Pick and not his own, but damn I really did not need the sixth rendition of “I’ll Be” over the last 14 seasons. I mean, aren’t there less generic songs the judges could’ve foisted on He Whose Teeth Make Everyone Else’s Weep With Envy? (Hey, how about “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”? Or “If I Could Turn Back Time”? You’re welcome if you made it all the way past the 2,000 word count of this recap, Scott Borchetta!) Nevertheless, Nick gave another fine, workmanlike effort on this one — while following Edwin McCain’s original template as exactingly as a Martha Stewart Living intern folding a fitted sheet (with video encouragement) for the boss lady. Which is to say, there wasn’t a single note or ad-lib that made Nick’s distinguishable from Edwin’s.

At the end of the two-hour installment, Ryan doled out the bad news: Rayvon was eliminated, leaving a Top 3 of Nick, Clark and Jax. Next Tuesday, one more singer will get cut at the top of hour — leaving a head-to-head showdown for the May 13 confetti shower.

Should Go Home Next Week: Clark
Will Go Home Next Week: Clark

On that note, I turn it over to you! What did you think of Top 4 performance night? Who were your faves? Who’s at risk? And who do you feel deserves to be the Top 2? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. esqape says:

    I’m going to miss Rayvon’s voice, lips, hate, eyes, nose, ass….everything. He is a future R&B star in the making!

    • Clark should have left tonight. I think he has been phoning it in the past couple weeks. Rayvon did a real nice job tonight, but given tonight didn’t matter in terms of voting, he still was better than Clark last week. Although I did enjoy Clark’s Judge’s Pick performance more than the other 3 picks they did for everyone else, his first 2 performances were rough and then super predictable. Jax was fantastic on 2 out of 3, and Nick was great on 2 out of 3. So by that thinking Jax and Nick should be in that finale. They both have been pushing themselves and growing and learning, Clark has been relying on his past great performances way too much. All 3 have had their moments of inconsistency, but Nick and Jax deserve the spot.

      • Temperance says:

        Rayvon should have gone home, what… six weeks ago? So, no, not a bit. But you are right that Clark has been coasting for most of the show.

      • Meh says:

        The problem with Clark is that he always thinks his song selections (minus the songs chosen for him) and performances are good enough as they are hence why they have stayed the same. He just doesn’t get it. It’s too bad because his voice is wonderful.

        • Gailer says:

          My problem with clark is he screams out of tune

          • I agree! I actually turn the volume off when Clark sings / screams. But I must confess that I enjoy watching his amazing lips move.

          • Benjamin says:

            That screaming on high notes and those “dead eyes” are not new.. even in those previous “A” rated perfomances he used to do it (it’s sick that just right now some people notice it :P).. and that’s the problem!, he only recive praises week after week back then for the same kind of performances.. that’s why he doesn’t understand at this point all the critics or what’s wrong about his song choices… you all feed the beast Clark’s Lovers!.

            But overall (even when i consider him not appealing) i think he is talented and that his spot is totally deserved. He’s just like Caleb Johnson.. a “solid” one trick pony during the entire season that deserve to win.

            I’m glad that the twitter safe didn’t ruin the top 3.

          • Tyler says:

            There’s a difference between screaming and growling. The divas on the voice scream. Clark growls. I’ll take growling over screaming.

          • Rere F says:

            Jax has been out of tune every week and on every song.

        • karenb says:

          I’m not sure that he has a problem. He must be doing something right since he’s made it to the end.

          • TheVapors says:

            The “screaming” at the end of “Earned It” is called the climax–of the song.

      • AIftw says:

        Rayvon lol. His flat falsetto and annoying face are gone. He only surpassed the highly gifted Tyanna because America loves an underdog and he got sympathy votes.

      • TinaaP says:

        Clark’s Earned it was the performance of the season. WTF is Sleazak thinking only giving it a B+. Back Home was A worthy? What a joke!

        • TinaaP Slezak gave Clark a B+ on Earned it, because he saw it done way better 3 weeks ago on the voice by Rob Taylor! Check it out on u tube! Rob Taylor got an A from Slezak! Should have been A+ for Rob!

          • This x 1000! Clark is lucky to escape the bus that Scott and the Idol producers threw him under last week.

          • Love The Voice, I agree with that! LOL

          • MLM says:

            my reply is actually for @LoveTheVoice but there was no reply underneath – Clark threw himself under the bus last week. Scott & the producers were trying to help him, but he thought he knew better and his songs and performances were horrible.

          • karenb says:

            I crack up every time I see your user name go by. Hilarious!

          • KarenB Well I tried to change it back to my real name which is Becca and I screwed up my word press and it was a mess. It just did not want me to change my user name, so decided I had to keep the Calebswackofan name! The spirit of Caleb would not let me change my name on word press! LOL

          • karenb says:

            Nah, you should keep it. It’s great

          • Kathy Cochran says:

            Then I wonder why Clark’s Earned It charted on iTunes in the top 100 (top 23) and the other guys was like 1100 or something

          • But Rob Taylor on the voice made it to number 4 on i tunes for Earned it. So obviously Rob killed it! Also last year most of the contestants were charting the last few weeks. Especially Jena and Caleb, but also Sam, Alex! Jena went to number 2 with creep. But I think its because of song choices. Last year the song choices were great. Dont like Borchetta messing with their song choices! so Yet Im not saying its the contestants fault at all! I believe if they had great songs to sing they would all be charting right now!

        • Adrian says:

          I definitely agree… it should at least be A- and it is clear that the producers have an agenda to push Jax and NIck to the their final two, but Clarke has a pretty firm fan base. This contemporary and sexy pick will push him to the grand finale!

          • Mary says:

            And he will end up like Caleb, last year winner, nowhere. Even his current song the judges gave him, he still made it sound old school. I hope his fan base sticks with him after the show is over because he is going to need it. If his fan base didn’t hear his off notes then they are turning a blind eye toward him.

        • Oh yes, Tinaa, Clark earned an A on that song. I felt it

        • Meg says:

          Clark’s voice on 3/4 of Earned It is so beautiful. If he just didn’t screech at the end, that could have been his moment of the season. I bought the studio version hoping he left it off the ending; sadly he did not.

        • karenb says:

          TinaaP ITA! What in the world?! Is doesn’t get much better than that. And Nick with the A’s?? I think not!

        • TheVapors says:

          America has voted and Clark’s “Earned It” continues to trend in the Itunes Top 100. I watched Clark’s performance on youtube and a live performance by The Weekend from Jimmy Fallon (not the autotuned overproduced “official” one). Clark killed it! When the camera cuts away to the other three contestants during Clark’s performance you can almost see the cartoon bubble over Nick’s head “This dude just won this thing.” lol

          • karenb says:

            Yes I saw the same thing! Nick has the same look on his face too on the Dock of the Bay. Jax and Rayvon are swinging back and forth, singing along and then there’s Nick. Lol.

            And about the Earned It song-I have to admit that I wasn’t familiar with the song (however I am familiar with the book and movie ;). I just heard the original on the radio-and yuck! I immediately turned it off, hooked up the aux cord in the iPhone, played Clark’s version, and all was well again. Haha

      • Lisa says:

        Sadly, it DOES seem like Clark has stopped trying. I agree it does seem like he’s throwing a lot of weight on his past performances and like he’s phoning it in. I’m actually surprised that he didn’t get cut tonight, after the issues from last week.

        On the other hand, I do worry about the future of butter when Rayvon’s music hits the airwaves. His voice even melts butter.

      • Fangirl says:


      • Hayder B. Hayden says:

        I wouldn’t say that Clark has been phoning it in–that implies a lack of effort on his part. Rather, I think his limitations have been exposed. He produced his best work in the early weeks, and during that time we saw what he is capable of doiing. Since then we have found that was all there is. When he tries to stretch himself, he comes up short. Clark has a great voice, but he has limited creativity. Still, I think he’s likely to be your next American WGWG.

        • Jeremy says:

          Yeah that is what is great about Idol, it really exposes your limitations. Clark simply can’t sing a rock song. He can sing Michael Bolton style ballads and he did sing the other 2 songs quite good but the U2 one really showed he can’t rock or sing out of his comfort zone. He is good, nothing I would buy or listen to, but he does have a good singing voice for his style.

        • karenb says:

          Hayder, if I had to pick a WGWG I’d pick Nick. At least Clark can play piano and even sing without an instrument. Nick has rarely put down the guitar the entire season.

          • TheVapors says:

            I agree karenb. Nick does good imitations of other people’s songs. Do we need another Daughtry?

      • Lola says:

        Rayvon “phoned it in” most of the season, hence five (5) spots in the bottom. It was his time to go.

      • Tyler says:

        Well, you can say Nick has been “phoning” it in for the greater part of this season. There’s really nothing innovative about him. To me, they pretty much all sound the same.

    • Rae Martin says:

      So, soooooo glad Rayvon is gone. His flair for the dramatics was really wearing thin on me! My vote is that it will come down to Clark and Jax…either one could take it. They are both phenomenal!

    • safado says:

      I’ll never understand why Rayvon didn’t carch on more than he did. His voice is beautiful. If anyone needs proof, he won every single time he went head-to-head with any of his competitors. (And I’d bet he would have beaten Jax in a sing-off tonight.)
      But I agree with you. We haven’t heard the last of him.

      • JM says:

        Safado, I don’t understand it either. I love his voice.

        • Nan says:

          This is a kind of loopy theory, but I think his hat was a drawback. And the one time they showed footage of him w/o his hat, his head looked like a bowling ball spread with Chia Pet seeds. He should grow his hair out into a flattering style and ditch the hat.

      • Desiree says:

        He had a string of really bad performances and started playing catch-up too late in the game. I also don’t think he deserved to beat Joey and Quentin in the Twitter Save crap based on what he’d done till that point. He just got lucky he was up against all of the polarizing contestants.

        • Lola says:

          Agree. He should never have been there last night. Should have been Quentin and or Joey. Clark was stronger for a longer period of time this season than Rayvon has been and, I’m sorry, but he has a little bit of an Andy Williams vibe.

      • Brandy says:

        Totally agree. He was my horse in the race all season. Seeing him get saved week after week was a thrill and made this season much more enjoyable for me. So sad to see him go.

        • Granny C says:

          Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        • Toni says:

          I agree!! I must have a TIN ear but I don’t think JAX or Clark can REALLY sing. We should have been able to vote after they did their 3 songs> I feel the outcome would have been different. I really didn’t think that was fair. Who needs 2 nights of 3 finalists for 2 hours anyway??

      • Jeremy says:

        I hated Rayvon’s falsetto schtick. It is a type of singing I simply don’t like unless you are Prince, and even then it’s questionable. I like seeing a guy sing well in their natural singing voice rather than trying to be any Gibb or something. The few times he sang without falsetto he was very good. Still, not any type of music I would buy. Only Nick is really a genuine singer. I pegged him to win weeks ago.

        • pmcd says:

          I just find Nick’s singing and performances boring. Same thing no matter what. He’s ok but I would prefer to see a Jax vs Clark finale. Frankly, I would place Rayvon far above Nick as far as vocal capabilities go though both seem to be boring. Rayvon is not boring because of vocal dynamics. There’s something else I can’t quite place, but I find Nick boring because of vocal dynamics, more precisely the lack of them.

          • Kerry says:

            Nick is OVERATED. Sounds the same every week. Yes, Rayvon is better than Nick.

    • Dianne says:

      Rayvon sounded fine tonight but I just couldn’t get over the fact he stayed over people more deserving. The Twitter Save needs to not continue next year. Let the votes stand!

      • T.B. Hammer says:

        My pool picks for eliminations was messed-up this year by Rayvon and the twitter save. At least I had all my points put on his elimination tonight, and wasn’t swayed by those that thought Clark was done tonight.

      • Joe says:

        He overstayed his welcome. He deserved the boot tonight.

      • Kara says:

        The Twitter save is for diversity.

        • Ally says:

          Oh no no no. The Twitter save ended up working AGAINST diversity since it eliminated nearly all of the distinct contestants and kept Rayvonilla around a month longer than he should have been.

    • AIftw says:

      Whispery screeching Jax needs to go home next. Nothing to with “hating”, she just flat out sucks. Clark and Nick for the finals. J-Lo needs to continue choosing Clark’s songs for him because he NAILED it. Btw Slezak what are you smoking?

      • Rere F says:

        I totally agree Alftw, So so ruined My Generation and she pee’d me off when she dropped the British flag. She needs to learn some manners. Slezak needs clean his ears out,she sucks!

        • Janet Belrose says:

          agree!!! she is the WORST in the top 3 that I can remember. ugh. And “whispery screetching” describes her voice perfectly. And listening to the judges praises is sickening too. I’m esp ashamed of Keith. “My Generation” was t-t-t- TERRIBLE!!!

        • I was thinking the same thing….up beat tempo is not good for her!! She did a decent job in “my immortal”. However,I didn’t really like her rendition of”my generation” and to top it off… “misery business” wasn’t good either.

        • Hayder B. Hayden says:

          My Generation was a terrible song choice for Jax. I don’t know what Scott was thinking when he assigned her a song that exposed everything that is wrong wither her voice. She has no power, and no business singing an up-beat power song unless the product is coated with a healthy dose of auto-tune. Someone on here noted last week that Jax wants to be an Avril Lavigne-style rocker chick, but she just doesn’t have the pipes for it. At best, she’s your next Keshia. One part vocal, two parts auto tune, and she’s good to go.

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            Plus when you tackle Generation, you r immediately compared the Roger Daltrey at his best. There r few if any that are going to sound good in that spot. I also thought it was a terrible song choice. It felt awkward. It is very much a 70s song and has little relevance for Jax. I thought it was unfair for her to have to take that on. I thought she did ok with it, but that is just not her vibe. The praise was more manipulating by the judges, praise everyone and attack Clark. Slezaks love for it is obviously subjective but truly hard to believe.

          • Woodmeister says:

            Perhaps not the best vocal(I enjoyed it though) but flat out the best performance of the night.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Woodmeister, I agree – it was a good performance and a decent vocal. I enjoyed it and I’m not a Jax fan.

          • Some Dude says:

            It was the best performance of the night…if you like really inauthentic, play acted performances (I don’t).

        • CMB says:

          Even though I’m not British, I was surprised to see her wear and then throw away a flag. It was very disrespectful.

          • karyn says:

            It also shows a shocking cluelessness. To wrap a flag around you is a sign of respect. To let it fall to the ground shows extreme disrespect. To do both in 30 seconds is a mixed message, to say the least. I think she’s just oblivious and thought it was a “rocker chick” thing to do.

          • Rere F says:

            Jax was very disrespectful when she dropped the British flag, she really needs to learn some manners. I was so pee’d off I started yelling at the TV like she could hear me.

      • Really Nick needs to be in a Karaoke bar for real.

        • galaga6846 says:

          thank you, I’ve been saying this all season!

        • Jeremy says:

          You don;t understand rock music is you think Nick is karaoke. Nick is a great rock singer. He isn’t the Michael Bolton Clark style of singing, Springsteen was the perfect choice. Nick sings songs in tune, flawlessly with almost no errors each and every week. He has a genuine rock and actually is just being himself. I pegged him to win weeks ago. He isn’t a poser.

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            I have listened to nothing but rock and roll for over 50 years. Nick is not a great rock singer. He is not a great singer. Rock singers bring edge, they bring a screw u all attitude to their music. My Generation may be one of the best examples, which Jax butchered, but point being is Nick is absolutely a good karaoke singer, who brings nothing unique, original or for the purpose of this reply, cutting edge to his music.

          • Tyler says:

            ITA Alan Dvorkis. I said this in an earlier post.

      • terri says:

        Jax and nick top 2

      • Ginger Snap says:

        Voted for everyone not named Jax.

      • Jeremy says:

        Jax is like punk for Disney. It’s as if one of the girls on a Disney sitcom for tweens went to the mall, bought punk clothes and than danced and sang as a rebellious kid rather than actually being one. I can see her being really successful for 9-15 year olds but it’s too foo foo and role playing her version of punk rebellion for me. It is like a girl dressing up as Gwen Stefani for Halloween or something. But personally, I just don’t like the voice anyway but I can see how come could like her.

      • Why are we voting for Jax? says:

        Agreed. People think she’s edgy because she has a weird accent. The only times listening to her isn’t painful is when she’s quiet. She’s not versatile at all! People, vote for Clark and Nick! And yeah, it’s a shame when you compare her to like Caleb/Jena/Alex or Candice/Kree/Angie, all of whom could out-sing her in their sleep

      • donewiththevoice says:

        I don’t know why but.. am I the only one who feels that the hate towards Jax are all coming from Women… I wonder… #ismellenvy

        • Hayder B. Hayden says:

          The other demographic is men who listen with their ears. #shecantsing

        • Rere F says:

          If you are suggesting that IF the hate comments are coming from woman that if is jealousy you are sadly mistaken. Who on on earth would want to be her. She is so fake, she can’t sing that great, that “X” on her face does nothing for her, she isn’t even cute or pretty. So if that is what you are saying then you are also saying that boys or men like the way she dresses and acts.

    • GH says:

      Rayvon’s likeability and his penchant for performing under pressure, will be assets in his career. He also has a very good voice and his good looking. To his credit, he had a good Idol run.

    • Jill Moy says:

      RAYVON’S ATTEMPT at singing DERULO’S song was a comic masterpiece! Check out Derulo singing it on The Voice, flanked by contestants Kimberly and India (for you India haters: She blew away that high pitched whining voiced wannabe star, on this song)! Jason had a nice falsetto on the song! Rayvon had nothing close on his performance!


  2. Mike says:

    I’m okay with whoever wins this season. Wish there was a 30 min seperate results show, but we cant get anything in life…

  3. Jill Moy says:

    JOAX AGAIN??????? TOO BAD!

    • Jill Moy says:


      • Jill Ok I went to u tube and saw My Immortal! SHE RUINED IT SOOO BAD. I am a huge Amy Lee fan and am disgusted! She could not hit Amy’s notes. Its a dark song and relates to Amy’s sisters death and Jax brought absolutely no emotion about that to the song. If you are going to sing a song about loss of life than bring the emotion. That goofy blonde doesnt even know what the song is about! Ugghhh!

        • Janet Belrose says:

          agree. She is BAD. Should have been gone weeks ago….

        • Hayder B. Hayden says:

          In a million years Jax could never hit Amy Lee’s notes or replicate her power, but the real crime here was draining the song of all emotion. She lost the desperation and angst, and turned it into a children’s lullaby. I’m all for making changes to a song to make it your own, but if you destroy the song in the process, then you have failed. This was a fail. (And btw, the song was written by the guitar player, Ben Moody, about the death of his grandfather–but you were close. Jax missed by a mile).

          • Jeremy says:

            I don’t think that is correct My Immortal was about Ben Mood’s grandfather, unless you can show me absolute proof, I will chalk it up as a rumor. I am pretty sure My immortal, Haunted and Even in Death all relate to Ben Moody’s short story about the death of a lover and the lover lingers after death. That is why it is called My Immortal as the lover still is around after death. Jax belongs on a Disney sitcom for tweens.

          • HayderBHayden I hate it when anyone tries to sing Amy Lee or Ann Wilson from Heart is the other one. The girls cannot hit the notes of these 2 women!

          • Why are we voting for Jax? says:

            I agree. I think Slezak is getting swayed by the judges. Jax is the worst top 4/top 3 contestant I’ve seen in recent years. Clark is actually solid and talented. I hate how the judges keep putting him down because they don’t seem to think he’s marketable… Jax isn’t marketable either, just bc she sings with a weird accent and plays piano doesn’t mean she’s “unique” and “edgy”

          • Why are we voting for Jax? says:

            And don’t think I have anything against girls with “weird accents.” Jena was amazing. She could actually sing. @Slezak – Jax doesn’t have dynamics, she’s always either extremely soft or off key. Listen to her in group performances. She was literally drowned out by Qaasim and Daniel when they sang together haha. If you want dynamics, listen to Jena.

          • Liz says:

            She’s not even a REAL blond….

          • Hayder B. Hayden says:

            What devilry is this? Burn her!

        • Jeremy says:

          I have seen Evanescence 6 times and Amy Lee has even hugged me before backstage. Jax had emotion and effort there but her voice is just too Minnie Mouse teeny bopper for me. Jax is like punk for Disney. It’s as if one of the girls on a Disney sitcom for tweens went to the mall, bought punk clothes and than danced and sang as a rebellious kid rather than actually being one. I can see her being really successful for 9-15 year old girls but it’s too foo foo and role playing her version of punk rebellion for me. It is like a girl dressing up as Gwen Stefani for Halloween or something.

          • Jeremy its a frikkin joke that Jax thinks she could even hold a candle to Evenesance!

          • Jeremy you are right on about Jax, the disney idea or how about even Nickelodian kids on childrens shows? LOL

          • Jill Moy says:

            WHY ARE,

            JENA (GINA) IRENE MUMMBLED AT A LOW VOLUME! You could hsrdley understand a word she sang! She needs to form a group with MIA Z over at The Voice and call themselves THE MARBLE MOUTHS!

        • Jeremy says:

          By the way Calebswackofan, My Immortal was written by Ben Moody, it is not about Amy lee’s sister’s death. That song is Hello. Anyway, why no mention this year about Caleb?

          • Jeremy, DUH! LOL its written by Ben Moody already new that, but read an article that SHE RELATED to the lyrics because of her younger sisters death. Therefore added the emotion to the song that only Amy could bring Hope you understand what I am saying! SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! At least Caleb and Jena charted last year, these kids are not even in the top 100! Last thing I knew Caleb was working with Lizzy from Halestorm! Why? Is there a rule he should be mentioned or something?

          • Jeremy says:

            Not sure where you got that Amy Lee related it to her sister’s death but it is not about her sister. Maybe she thought of it later, but Ben didn’t write it about her sister, unless you can find proof otherwise. Probably a rumor someone made up. It is most likely about the same things Even in Death and Haunted are about, which is a lover dies and still lingers, which is why it is called My immortal. “Your presence still lingers here, and it won’t leave me alone.” Search for Ben Moody’s short story and you’ll see it is the base for Haunted, but Even in Death and My Immortal I am pretty sure are about the same character.

          • Jeremy Look up “Song Facts My Immortal” He wrote it because of a movie he saw, there are 5 different versions to the song, and Amy Lee did (Relate) Not write, but related to it through the death of her 3 year younger sister. The song had different lyrics in the beginning and they are listed at this “Song Facts My Immortal” So I guess we can agree to disagree! LOL

          • Jeremy and I just looked on Wikapedia for the band. There were 5 versions and Amy Lee later wrote the “bridge” to the song So the “song facts” article was right on point.

          • Jeremy says:

            You have no proof the song relates to Amy Lee’s sister. Because she wrote the bridge doesn’t mean that if the song is about a dead lover lingering just like Haunted and Even in Death are. Did you read what I wrote? Do you just like spreading rumors?

          • Jeremy we agree to disagree!

          • Jeremy Im just going to say you are right about everything and know all about it, so we can end this stupid conversation. You are absolutely right about everything You are so smart! This is over!

          • Jeremy says:

            From that same Wikipedia article you are talking about says: “Lyrically, it talks about “a spirit staying with you after its death and haunting you until you actually wish that the spirit were gone because it won’t leave you alone.” Did you just skip that part of the article? I figured that was what the song was about even before I read that. How many demo versions of the song doesn’t matter. Again, I’m waiting for proof it has to do with Amy’s sister.

          • Jeremy this isnt a court case. We are just not going to agree!

          • Jeremy, Amy Hates that song anyway! Look at Ultimate. guitar,com interview called Amy Lee hates My Immortal. HA HA HA Gee I wonder why? Reminds her of something.

          • Jeremy says:

            I just showed you a quote from the same article you are quoting that is exactly what I have been telling you. Evanescence plays My Immortal every single show. Her hating it or not has nothing to do with the lyrical content. Do you even read the lyrics? It is about a lover that is immortal not a sister that dies as a baby. It’s a Ben Moody song and you know that. Read Ben Moody’s short story about the person being haunted by the dead lover. Why do you just make up stuff and then go on the internet and spread rumors? You have nothing to back it up. If you showed me some proof that the bridge was about Amy’s sister I would believe you but I see none. I’ll post you the story.

        • RedInDenver says:

          agreed. Notice how she used her FALSETTO when she had to hit those high notes? I’m so sick of her affectations (cutesy pronunciation) also. She’s got pretty decent control; but to me her appearance and pronunciation is gimmicky. She relies on all that stuff, rather than actually having an amazing voice.

          But it’s obvious the judges are pulling for her (and Nick). They’ve gotten P.Od at Clark.

        • Jill Moy says:



          • Jill Well at least Britney was cute. She had that going for her! Jax is not cute! Britney could also dance really good and perform. Jax cant do any of that! She cant perform or dance. She doesnt have that “thing”. Madonna wasnt the best singer either, but she also had the “Thing”. I just dont like the new artists at all like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift! Prince is having a concert on Mothers Day in Baltimore. Rally For Peace!I wish I was going. I absolutely love Prince! I will be watching CNN because they have been showing all the news in Baltimore. I hope they show some of the concert! Some of the ticket proceeds will go to Baltimore Youth Projects! What a great man Prince is!

          • Jill There is a new Daddy Dearest! LOL

        • Jill Moy says:


          I agree with you about today’s singers, SWIFT, PERRY, etc., etc.They stink! PRINCE is good, I like him a lot! I know what you mean about Madonna. Spears is good as an entertainer.

          JAX A$$ WILL NEVER AMOUNT TO SH**! She is so bad one couldn’t pay me to see her! What a farce!

    • Temperance says:

      Same troll, different week. Zzzzzz.

  4. Lauren says:

    Wow, everyone sounded so much better when singing without the pressure of waiting for their chair to light up! This is how the whole season should have been – everyone singing in a predetermined order and then doing the elmination. I hope this is how they’ll do it next season.

    • Erin says:

      I hadn’t considered that, but you’re right. I didn’t miss that gimmick at all. Much better performances all around.

    • Margarethe says:

      Absolutely. This season’s elimination procedure has given us subpar performances, especially from the younger singers. The entertainment value would be so much improved if everyone wasn’t sh**ing bricks waiting for their names to be called. There’s a lot wrong with how they did this one-night-a-week format, but that’s the biggest one. I’m not a Per Blankens fan – last year he screwed things up as well.

    • Jen says:

      soooo agree! Loved them all tonight, even Rayvon, who hasn’t always been my favorite.

      Although… Slezak, wouldn’t Nick be the TORTOISE in that scenario, not the hare? It was the tortoise who was slow and steady and won the race! The hare’s the one that blew it by speeding up and then chilling out.

      Doesn’t matter what animal he is, though, because he’s great. But my heart is with Jax!

    • Amy says:

      I couldn’t agree more. The whole chair idea has been hideous, and last week’s elimination in the middle of the show was the worst of the season. This was a much better format, one they should stick to next year.

  5. khs says:

    I think Clark’s final two performances will push him through to the finals…..with our girl, Jax! Great run, Nick! Great show tonight.

    • pl says:

      I think Jax will go home next. While Clark’s performances still got my 20 votes. Although the best Clark performance, was the one teased in the Hometown Visit package, as Clark started to get down with that choir! That was the performance I would have liked to have seen him give!

      • River City says:

        I think it’s a real coin toss this time — but my guess is that Nick will go home next and not make the finale.,,,,,,

      • Joe says:

        I’d vote for Clark just to spite Scott and his attempts at deliberately bussing him. But I like Clark too so my votes are dual-purpose.

        • Terry says:

          I felt that too!

        • karenb says:

          Same for me Joe. I can’t believe that no one’s brought up the fact that Clark got through doing his own thing and showed the judges and Scott a thing or two. For all we know Clark has been the front runner all season. Maybe no one is even close to him in 2nd place. And Scott is like yikes I can’t direct this guy. haha

          • Reasonable says:

            Some pals here have the theory that many formerly half-committed voters, and Rayvons former voters,,, will split between Clark and Nick,,leaving just enough room for the Jax Pack to weigh-in enough votes to squeeze her into the finale/top 2….

            Looking at the total body of work, Clark should edge-out Nick– for a Jax vs. Clark finale.

        • shawnuel says:

          You are SO right.

      • We can only hope that Little Miss Muffet goes home!

      • Why are we voting for Jax? says:

        Guys please vote for Clark and Nick…Jax can’t even sing

      • fmichaels says:

        Jax has an excellent chance of winning not because of talent but because the teeny boppers have open tons of accounts to vote for her. it’s crazy, my students showed me their notebooks with all their account info for gmail and FB. One student had over 25 accounts, thats over 500 votes from 1 person. This new way of voting stinks. The most talented won’t win in this case. I hope I’m wrong

    • karenb says:

      I hope he gets through but I think the judges negative comments were an effort to bus him all over again. They want a Jax/Nick finale. They don’t want Clark to foil their master plan haha

      • Chloe says:

        Thank you! My husband and I said the judges hate him because he won’t conform to what they want but if you look at the sales, except for last week he sold the most so who’s right? I’d say he should stick with his gut and let the judges continue to be the idiots they are!

        • River City says:

          When we DVR, we cut-out all the Judges banter and Borchetta’s little skits as advisor/mentor. it’s the only way the show is even watchable.

        • Mary says:

          The problem with your theory is the idol viewers will purchase during the season but where are they when it really counts. The judges negative comments are right on the money, however; people are saying he is being bussed. If cold stares and screeching is your cup of tea, then go for it. He is a lounge singer and it is obvious he is not willing to compromise so his sales might even be smaller than the last two winners. I hope all you die hard fans put your money where your mouth is when it is time to pony up.

  6. Jay Russo says:

    At this point, I only care for Jax, and yes I know she has haters. But she’s the only one who doesn’t play it safe and actually interests me.

    • AlyB says:

      I wanted Clark and Jax to go to the end and was leaning toward Clark taking the crown. But these last few weeks I’ve lost any feel I had for Clark. So much so, I hope Nick makes the finale with Jax. I am hoping for a Jax win for sure at this point.

      • Jaszy says:

        Clark gets on my nerves. He just screams! Why don’t the judges see that that’s not singing?!?!

        • Amy says:

          I agree.

        • Catherine says:

          If you want to talk about not singing, let’s talk about Jax and pretty much everything she does. Stylizing everything the same way and toning good songs down due to lack of ability to sing is not artistry and doesn’t deserve to win a SINGING competition.

          • Chloe says:

            You are so right! You know how you cringe when someone rubs their nails over a chalkboard! That is what it feels like to me when I hear Jax sing!

        • Olivera says:

          And Jax whispers, coos, whines and slurs in a highly affected fake voice and is nearly impossible to understand half the time. Your point?

          • Jax is a horrible mix of Betty Boop, Minnie Mouse, Dora, AND CHARLIE BROWNS TEACHER! All of the above when singing. Also a little bit of Olive OIl from the Popeye movie! That was the most horrible singing ever!

        • Joe says:

          Well when you have JLo who doesn’t sing AT ALL on the judging panel…then how exactly do you expect her too know singing technicalities? She can comment her arse off on the fashion front, however.

      • Elk says:

        You took the words right out of my mouth.

  7. Kayk says:

    Jax’s 2nd song was THE best! I wish iTunes would put out all their songs, the ones they offer from among multiple-song nights are NOT usually the ones I wanted to buy! Jax for the win, please!

  8. KatyLynn says:

    You only gave Clark’s Earned It a B+??! Best performance of the night by a mile. The judges had to go run over him with a bus again with the comments. Nick’s Back Home sounded like everything else he’s done and you gave it an A-? Really?

    • Andrea says:

      Clark was off-pitch several times in that song, that’s what brought the score down. Although his deer-in-the-headlights performance quality probably didn’t help his score much either

      • Jaszy says:

        I was SO hoping that Clark would go home. I was soooo hoping! I really hope he gets eliminated Tuesday night!
        The top 2 for me is JAX and Nick. They have been since the beginning!

      • Morisot says:

        I thought Clark had talent in the beginning, but he has just completely gone off the rails.

    • Holly says:

      Agreed! Nick is so un-interesting! He is a perfectly fine singer, but that’s about it. Clark has gorgeous, sexy vocals. A Jax/Clark finale would be very interesting.

      • River City says:

        Nick is a good singer. Likeable and a good, hard-working, motivated front-man for a successful band. He just doesn’t have the whole “X Factor”. But to be in the top 3 will help him a lot after the tour, with bookings.

    • karenb says:

      Dock of the Bay needs to be an A too

      • Olivera says:

        Yeah, Clark deserves higher on several songs. Meanwhile, all of Jax’s have been inflated. I think she is graded on a fifteen to twenty point curve by Michael every week. lol

        • TinaaP says:

          Definitely agree. What is with Sleazak being so pro Scott Borchetta and Jax/Nick and anti Clark?

          • JBP says:

            This guy has been an anti-Clark since the beginning. so dont be suprised.He likes Quentin who is sadly not in the competition anymore :P

        • timewarpnut says:

          I also agree with this! Very biased reviews, but it is his blog… I think Clark’s last two songs were A’s, for sure! And Nick is “daughtry 2.0”, all the way!

          • Amy says:

            What’s your definition of biased? “Doesn’t agree with me?” It’s a singing competition and if you read through these comments, there are fans and haters for all four of the contestants. Michael is just sharing his view which is no more or less biased(read: subjective) than any of the rest of us.

      • karenb says:

        So I went back and watched the performance and I would like to revise my score from an A to an A+. Clark was totally engaged and his vocals were pretty darn perfect. I agree with you Slezak 95% of the time (knocked down from 100% due to prior Phillip hate lol) but this performance was excellent.

    • Hank says:

      That was my favorite performance too. By FAR.

  9. Jill Moy says:

    JAX A$$ In the final is comedic! Good lord! These constant great grades by Michael is mind boggling! She couldn’t compete in a karaoke contest, and she’may win American Idol?????????? She is such a phony…..her voice and everything about her! That face could stop a clock!

    • Leslie says:

      She is the worst female to have ever made the finals.

    • Katie sullivan says:

      Jill I agree with you My generation looked like a high school performance. My Immortal which is one of my favorite songs she butchered. Jlo praising her for doing a softer version of the song makes no sense at all. Jax couldn’t perform that song as written, it is way above her ability and the Paramore number well that was a mess. I would like to see a Nick and Clark finale but Jax has all of her little Jaxpack power voting by opening tons of FB and gmail accounts to vote her into the finale.

      • Jill Moy says:



      • Chloe says:

        Yeah the only thing about My Immortal was that compared to the other two songs she sang it was ok. When she sang the first two lines I thought might not be bad and then it was awful!

      • Jaszy says:

        All this hatorade is only making JAX stronger! There are still millions of people who disagree with you! Go JAX!

    • fmichaels says:

      I read Michaels blog all the time very rarely comment but this time I am compelled. I think Michael is wearing the rose colored glasses Scott does when it comes to Jax. My Generation while it was a fun performance vocally it was a mess. Many spots were flat and out of tune. My Immortal which is an eerie ballad was a strange song to pick as a hometown song. Her rendition was a d+ at best. That song has beautiful full rounded notes and a strong melody all which were lacking in jax’s performance. It is clearly not a whispering screechy song which is exactly how she sang it. I have to laugh at JLo actually liking her vocals on it. Misery Business was a disaster. Aside from pitchy vocals the arrangement was way off in left field.

      • karenb says:

        Do you remember Scott saying in the beginning of the season that the next Idol winner would “not have the best voice, but would be an artist.” I think he had Jax picked out from the beginning.

    • Nedsdag says:

      Jackie sang “My Generation” like a stay at home mom at a karaoke bar on a girls night out with her friends. Rocker check my behind.

      • River City says:

        I heard that song so many times on classic rock radio in the past, that I would be happy to hear it was banned from all TV and radio.

    • Oh God JIll! I havent watched but now am tempted! Are you kidding me right now? Jax did My Immortal? DO NOT TRY TO SING AMY LEE! She is one of the only true rocker females and has such a powerful voice and I bet JAX OFF RUINED IT. Im afraid to look and see how she butchered Amy Lees song!

      • Jill Moy says:


        If she wins this, this will be the biggest farce of all time! Just the thought of the JAX OFF winning this thing makes me crazy! I think Danny Boy would be a more worthy winner than this fake! How she made it to top 100 is a mystery! Is she Harry’s illegitimate child or???????????????

        • Jill Jax Off wont win, I dont think! If we look, no females have been winning, other than Candice, most of the other winners are guys! I think Nick will take it because he is WGWG ! Last year it was white guy without guitar. Caleb was the only guy that didnt play an instrument! Alex, Sam CJ, Dexter they all played guitar. But I think Nick will take it! I dont really like Nick that much. I think he is too Boy Bandish to pull off rock guy. I think thats why I liked Caleb he didnt give a damn and he just cracked me up busting microphones on the floor! Falling on the floor! And his voice! I myself believe that both Caleb, Daughtry, and Lambert are all way better than Nick! As far as rock music. I know better singers than Nick right here in Portland that play bars! He also makes weird faces and licks his lips between each sentence he sings. Watch him! He got voted off America’s Got Talent! LOL Once again a winner that will not really prosper or be a big star! Like Caleb last year, Candice the year before and going years back, all the winners who are doing nothing! Oh and I think Borchetta wants Jax to win, and he will be disappointed if Nick or Clark win!

          • Jill Moy says:

            Well, Ihave Nick to win, you know that BECCA! Yeah there’s plenty of better singers! I hope JOX STRAP loses! I hope you’re right and she doesn’t win! I feel Adanna should be here!

          • Jill I did find out all the kids are in California for the finale right now! Looked on Daniels facebook and saw pictures of them all reunited for the finale! So I i will watch this coming week. Cant wait to see the BETTER PERFORMERS that were sent home too soon! Adanna, Qaasim, Quentin, And yes even little Daniel! And others that were sent home because of save- on rayvon!

          • Jill Moy says:


            I STILL THINK JAX A$$ and MEGHAN on The Voice have careers in MONSTER MOVIES! What UG MUGS!

    • donewiththevoice says:

      Can you just face the fact that even tho jax is not as good(vocally) as the past finale-girls of other season like Jesica Sanchez, Kree Harrison, Candice Glover… she is marketable! Would you rather see a fat black chick dance in a music video with awesome vocals than see a pretty slim blonde gal with a unique.. Although not powerful vocals?

      All these hates are all supported with a worthless argument
      . That “this show is a singing competition” that’s true but singing nowadays is not just about singing alone… looks
      matters more now than the voice. .. this is true even in The voice.

      So pls if you’re going to say she’s not a good singer.. remind yourself that it doesn’t matter. . She’s cute marketable edgy unique and all the makings of a popstar… and those contestants that do have vocal finesse lacks these characteristics.

      So if you hate jax deal with it

      • Hayder B. Hayden says:

        You’re so right. They should rename the show Auto-tune Idol. Thats what i t will take to make Jax a star.

      • Rere F says:

        WOW, I know in a past comment about woman hating on Jax the fake it was because you think she is cute and has a good body! I would rather listen to someone that could sing than someone that thinks they can. And Jax can’t sing.

  10. Some Dude says:

    You should have a separate poll for “Worst Song of the Night”. But maybe that’s being too negative.

    I have to admit that I don’t really get Jax’s up-tempo, rocker performances. They do nothing at all for me. She has a beautiful voice, and a song like “My Generation” showcases it pretty poorly.

    It isn’t that she doesn’t have stage presence–I think she does. But to me, it feels pretty awkward every time she prances around on the stage like that. The judges and Scott seem to think that’s the sort of performer she is, but I don’t think that’s the sort of performer she’s meant to be at all.

    For me, Jax doing “Beat It” remains one of the worst things I saw all season.

    • karenb says:

      I think they’re trying to set her up as the headliner/leader of the tour.

    • MC says:

      I missed two or three episodes this season, but it seems that Jax has received the least criticism throughout the season. She’s been the favorite all season and the inference that Jax must be good (due to the lack of serious critiques) filters down to a large portion of the voters.

      • Dianne says:

        Yep, that’s exactly what has happened. She has potential but she’s given many of the rock bottom worst performances of the season. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Poker Face, Blank Space and many others would have gotten anyone else kicked right off the show. She is just the “Producer’s Pet” of the season.

        • MC says:

          I think many in the AI production office thought the very talented Jena Irene should have won last season and they decided (at least two or three months ago) that Jax offered similar marketability (if not similar talent). Jax is likeable and also does well at the piano She operates in essentially the same genre of music as Jena, although I prefer Jena’s voice and slightly more sophisticated approach. There are enough similarities, however, that it’s understandable TPTB are backing Jax.

          • Some Dude says:

            That’s a really interesting thought. I read an article recently about Caleb’s fate post-Idol, with Interscope pretty much straight-up refusing to promote his album. I mean, I kind of get it, and clearly, winning American Idol isn’t a guarantee of anything, really, except having an album released. In any case, it kind of makes sense they’re trying to avoid making the same mistake twice. Though it doesn’t explain why they’re so gung ho for Nick (whom I think is a solid singer and a cool, humble guy, but probably not destined to be a pop music star).

    • CK says:

      You are forgetting Blank Space, I still can’t wrap my head around that one!

      • Some Dude says:

        Ohhhh yeah. That Taylor Swift song. I’d forgotten entirely about it, you’re right. I think Jax is actually above singing songs like that–that’s the kind of track that sounds all right with slick recording studio production, but it’s just soooo light weight as a vocal performance. Not interesting at all.

  11. Debbie Okrainetz says:

    I am tired of hearing Clark criticized! They say great things about everyone but him and yet he is so unbelievably talented. Sure they are all good–perhaps he does not put so much emotion in it but when I listen to Stevie Wonder–neither did he and he is considered pretty amazing.

    • Jaszy says:

      Clark’s overrated! I can’t get past his lifeless eyes and the fact that stupid girls (making our gender look bad) swoon over him…ughhh! JAX and Nick are where it’s at!

    • Chloe says:

      I have to agree that in the beginning he was miles ahead of the pack. After weeks and weeks of being torn down, it has effected his performance. Don’t get me wrong I still think he’s great but I can tell this has gotten to him. Last season there was that cute young guy from Florida that lived with his grandparents. The same thing happened to him. You could tell he was relieved when he got voted off. I hate the judges for doing it. The truth is in concert very few people see the facial expressions of a performer.(unless you are watching a televised concert) I wish someone would tell Jennifer where to get off on this you aren’t feeling it. My opinion is Jennifer feels everything too much and dramatizes everything like she’s 12. These singers don’t need that crap!

      • Mary says:

        Jennifer has a point, if you get no feelings or emotion from a performance why would you spend the money to see someone in concert. I disagree about not seeing a performer when you are at a concert. A small intimate one, which is where Clark will end up playing with his type of music, you do see their expression. Also even at a arena concert they have screens so you also see the performers.

  12. Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

    In my mind, Jax’s “My immortal” was the best of the night!!! Honorable mentions to Nicks “I’ll Be” and Clarks “Earned It”

    • Gailer says:

      I have no horse in the race and I felt that might have been the best of the entire season

    • Mary says:

      I must be in the minority because I did not care for it at all. I had a hard time making out what she was singing. I even watched it the second time thinking I missed something, but nope still didn’t like it. I don’t really care who wins at this point, but I thought they all did better this week on some of their songs. If AI comes back next year this is how it should be done. Everyone sings then eliminate. NO MORE Chairs.

  13. James says:

    All the eliminations this season have seemed so awkward. Tonight’s was the least uncomfortable for some reason. I find I’m really missing the chrome stools of doom from earlier seasons…don’t like the electric chairs of Christmas (red and green lighting).

  14. Libster says:

    While watching Jax perform My Generation I had a sudden feeling of deja vu and flashed to Caleb. For some reason I just don’t care for her and think a lot of her performances are contrived and without real feeling…she puts on a show, but much seems more cheap theatrics than being moved by the song. It was Rayvon’s time to go. Pretty voice and I think he may get better at performing as he gets older. I’m a Clark girl all the way, but Nick impressed me with his second song and I didn’t hate his third.

    • Leslie says:

      Everything about her is contrived. My friend commented on that while we were watching and I thought that was the PERFECT description for her.

      • Temperance says:

        Since you can watch youtube videos of her being the same for years, I’m not sure how that could be. In short, no, she’s not fake. She’s less fake than Keith’s highlights, JLo’s makeup, and Harry’s modesty.

        • River City says:

          Many artists “contrive” their performances. Like…. Lady Ga Ga,,,, Katy Perry,,,, Arianna Grande, etc. How many times do we see Beyonce or Rihanna just wearing the same type of clothes, just standing at the mic and singing plain and simple- so they don’t resemble puttin’-on-a- fake-act.?? …..This is show biz……… You put on a good show one way or another,,, or go back to the coffee shops. ..The difference between a good karaoke singer and a top 5 talent show contestant, is the ability to put-on-a-show while you sing.

          • Desiree says:

            I imagine there may be a market for Jax in the 8-14 year old “tween” range but I really don’t think her shtick is going to appeal to many adults. They may be able to make some money off her if marketed correctly (and auto-tuned) but I doubt it. The established female singers you mentioned as being “contrived” either have excellent (or distinct) vocals or great looks or a combination of both. Jax has none of that.

      • Liz says:

        Soooo contrived!!! Hate how the judges have taken upon themselves last week and this week to comment on how “honest” and “humble” she is….girl is anything BUT! Plus she has no voice. She sang “My Immortal” soft only because she hasn’t the chops to sing it powerfully.

        • Jeremy says:

          Jax is all about dressing up and playing a role, like a Disney version of punk. Go tot he mall and have your mom buy you the punk fashions and then go die each other’s hair. Even with The Who song she wore that flag around her. I mean it’s so fake, but I can see her being popular for 13 year old girls. In that regards she is relevant. She reminds me of those sitcoms on Disney channel for tweens, kind of like Hanna Montana. Like Avryl Lavine, you know the 9-15 year old girls kind of thing. Hey there is big money in that age range.

  15. MAB says:

    I enjoyed the show tonight. I like all of the top 3 but I just wish Nick was a little more original. Jax had a fail with the last song but that was the wrong song for her. Yet Jax is the most interesting of the three. Every performance isn’t the same like Nick. Clark, I don’t want him to win. Him and Scott are not a good fit. He was my favorite all the way through with Jax as my second. The last couple of weeks Jax has been my favorite. I really hope she wins.

    • T.B. Hammer says:

      At least Jax brings some variety to the show, with different looks and types of songs…….

      ..Even when she isn’t real good on the song or performance, she is at least interesting…… Nothing against Nick or Clark………but without her, things get rather predictable and boring…… if she doesn’t make the finale, it’s going to be a dull one ……

      as Nick and Clark will just wash, rinse, repeat their same type of performance songs and styles.

  16. Fdo says:

    This season sucks, slezak is starting to suck… “they’re officially stars (or something pretty damn close” come on these kids are just baaaaad. If they were on the voice they wouldn’t even made it into the top 12, maybe not even win a battle and slezak is giving so much hype to them… #notgoodmafrend

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      I heard nothing tonight to give me even a glimmer of hope that any of these kids will be a star. There was nothing special about any of the performances. It was another mundane show in the worst season of AI. I could hear better singing at a karaoke bar down tje road. I’m sorry, but this group doesn’t impress me. I wouldn’t buy their music; I wouldn’t cross the street to watch them perform. Not moved by any of them.

      • HayderBhayden That is exactly the same way I feel and this is the first year I havent had a favorite! Im lovin The Voice though and I usually dont! SAWYER is my fav!

      • Fdo says:

        That’s right and it freaking bother me that there are people like mr slezak who tries to sell so much what is left of this tv show and he’s destroying other singers like the ones on the voice i mean india carney (the one he is trashing right now) is so much better than jax and thats a fact. So much going wrong with Slezak’s grade … idol is not going to have an idol this year, just some wannabe singer … #thatstrue

    • FDO Yes Thats exactly right what you say! Especially for this year. Horrible finalists on Idol. They wouldnt even get a chair to turn over on the voice! Sawyer over on the voice is the one who will make it big! Also I just looked at I tunes. None of them are in the top 100 of pop charts or rock charts! Last year at this time Jena and Caleb both were both at least in the top 20 the last few weeks of the show. I remember Calebs Faithfully charted, Jena’s Creep charted, lots of their songs! That could be an indication of no record sales for the winner because even though Jena and Caleb charted they still arent selling records, so that means FOR SURE there wont be any music sales for this winner!

      • Hayder B. Hayden says:

        Loot at it this way: The Voice lost two of it’s best performers ridiculously early (Mia and Kimberly), and it still has three performers better than anyone in AI’s top 12. AI lost it’s two most interesting performers, and it became a snooze fest. The best performance last night was Nick’s “Because the Night,” but I could stop at just about any bar in America with a live rock band and hear a version just as good. Jax can’t sing without auto-tune, unless she’s doing her affected twee thing, and believe me, that get’s old fast. She would be a perfect fit as a vocalist for Nouvelle Vague, doing slowed down versions of 80s hits. As a headlining solo performer, fuggedaboutit. Nick could be the front man for tribute band, but I don’t see him selling out arenas. I thought Clark had potential, but he’s turning out to be a flash in the pan. Overall, not an impressive group.

        • HayderBhayden, Yes I myself know better singers in bands than Nick, right here inn Portland. They play the bars! He is not anything that great and we have already had a Daughtry which I think he is trying to be like! Good luck with that. He reminds me of a Backstreet Boy trying to portray some rock! I just cant believe Josh is still in The Voice and not Mia and some of the other singers they have lost. I love Koryn and Sawyer!

  17. Kim Moores says:

    Jax was awful on My Immortal. Please don’t get it twisted, that was bad.
    She sucked on Misery Business so bad I hope Hayley William’s never clears that song ever again.
    Clark sang Earned it with no edge and only applied edge at the last 20 seconds.
    Rayvon was…nice.
    Nick…ignored Nick all night.

    • Jaszy says:

      You’re a JAX hater….JAX was awesome!

      • Kim Moores says:

        I am 100% Jax neutral. I just her on her performances and btdubs I loooooved White Flag so take the seat back home with Rayvon.
        That said, nope. Jax was awful on her last two songs.

        • Dianne says:

          She was awful but I knew Michael would give her A’s and underscore some of the others regardless. “Beautiful Day” from Clark wasn’t the best but it was better than at least two of Jax’s.

        • Katie sullivan says:

          agree 100%, last two of Jax’s songs were awful. to me she is hit or miss but lately a lot of misses. I’m also not a Jax hater but the truth is what it is.

        • Benjamin says:

          I feel exactly the same about Jax.. She have a chill personality and is quite likeable.. but her particular tone doesn’t work well everytime.. lately she’s like a serial killer of classic songs (not in the good sense) and i don’t understand all that praise for average performances.. just for “trying”.

    • karenb says:

      I think the arrangement on Misery Business was the problem. I think she wanted to rock out but that wasn’t going to happen with the dude on the acoustic guitar.

      • Jaszy says:

        There IS an acoustic version of that song and Haley rocks it out just like JAX did! Trust me, it works! But of course, it’s Haley’s song so she sings it better but I applaud JAX for stepping up to the plate. I don’t think she would’ve ever chosen that song for herself…I mean, it WAS the judges’ pick and then they didn’t even like it! What lunacy!

        • Jaszy says:

          I meant * Hayley…so many versions of that name…

        • karenb says:

          Yes I’ve heard the Paramore acoustic version and it’s great. Tonight’s performance just didn’t mix well. That being said, there is only one Hayley! Hard act to follow.

        • Hayder B. Hayden says:

          The judges think she is something that she’s not. She’s not a great singer. She can’t go big or uptempo. Her voice just isn’t that good. Scott thinks he can fix most of her problems, but I didn’t know we were watching Auto-tune Idol.

      • Kim Moores says:

        No, Hayley does an acoustic rendition of this.
        My issue was the voice on the song. She doesn’t have the chops or vocal force for that song, at all.
        When Hayley sings it the absolute anger is palpable and her words cut through like a knife being driven through the heart by stomping on it. Jax sounded like a lion cub attempting it’s first roar AND she didn’t embody the anger of the song.

        • Holly says:

          So true! Why did the judges pick that song for her? It requires someone with a BIG voice and Jax does not have that kind of vocal ability at all. That was a judges’ fail big time!

    • danin says:

      I ignored Nick too!

    • Leslie says:

      It definitely wasn’t great but better than her other two.

  18. TinaaP says:

    Nick sounds the same every performance. Not sure how you can say Clark should go home. Ridiculous.

    • DavidN says:

      Totally agree. Nick is the guy who fronts the band at that bar on the corner. How he has made it this far is beyond me

      • Jeremy says:

        Nick is the best, and has been the best for weeks now, and if you can’t see that, you are looking at him wrong or you simply don’t have a good rock music education. He isn’t the ballad Sam Smith type. Scott nailed it when he picked Springsteen for him. Nick sings perfectly in tune, in key, and does the song correctly. He has a great voice and adds just the right amount of Nickness to his songs. He isn’t a teenager wannabe trying to play a role, he is a genuine musician past the teen and early 20s trying to be cool stage of his life. I knew he’d win a long time ago. Nick is like an adult playing with a bunch of children.

  19. Gailer says:

    I have no clue who will go home next week!

    • karenb says:

      I know! Usually Idol is so predictable in the final weeks. I really have no clue who the top 2 will be.

  20. Jaszy says:

    JAX was SUPERB tonight! Loved all of her performances! And NEWSFLASH, judges, there IS an acoustic version of Paramore’s Misery Business, JAX was inspired by that version.

    I was hoping Clark would go home tonight ’cause I can’t stand the dude….but I didn’t like Rayvon either.

    I however am happy that Nick made it. I’ve been saying since the beginning that Nick and JAX were my final 2…that just might happen. Come on JAX! Knock that square off his pedestal!

    JAX FOR THE WIN! with Nick as runner-up!

  21. Annette says:

    Hoping for Jax & Nick for final,but think Jax will win this season!

  22. Andrea says:

    Was hoping Sarina would run up stage and give us all a performance this show has been sorely missing :)

  23. KPAX1989 says:

    I think Clark was back in a pretty BIG way tonight, but the judges were still harder on him than anyone else. How could round 3 “go” to Nick with I’ll Be? And Jax’s 3rd song was a complete mess. Ridiculous!

    • Chloe says:

      I called that one! Not who they would say won each round but I told my husband the judges won’t give Clark a round. Look for weeks the judges and Scott have had it in for Clark but I truly hope it backfires. I think it’s going to be Nick and Clark in the finale.

  24. John says:

    A lot of the songs tonight didn’t fully land the way I would think they should at this point of the season, but man, Clark owes JLo a huge thank you for giving him Earned It. Instantly made him current and viable at the right point in the show.

  25. danin says:

    Clark is no Rob Taylor(The Voice) on Earned It, but what a great surprise! Whoever picked that for him ought to continue to pick his songs! I thought AS was a train wreck for Rayvon.He couldn’t touch Elliott Yamin singing Stevie. And I figured out Nick’s problem.Too many nights playing in bars where nobody’s listening.THAT’S how he performs.Like he’s in a loud&noisy place so he just sings and doesn’t engage. I did like Jax sitting at piano, whatever that song is entitled.For me that’s when she’s strongest. She doesn’t have a commanding enough voice for songs like My Generation.

  26. I think they all had their moments on that stage tonight…But Nick has all of them beat, I would of given Nick an A+ for “I’ll be ” because I think he killed it !!! By far… Nick has been bringing it every week with his amazing vocals !!!!

  27. Leslie says:

    My favorite performance was Earned It from Clark followed by As from Rayvon! Nick was the same old same old on all three but good enough I guess. The worst of the night were My Generation and Misery Business by Jax. Both terrible! She should NOT have made it this far and is the worst and most embarrassing female to make the Top 3 since Jasmine Trias and Nikki McKibbin!

    • safado says:

      Well, she’s not the end of the world, but she seemed better in the early part of the competition. I don’t know why that is.

  28. darcy's evil twin says:

    Well, I’ve never been a Jax fan but I must admit her “My Generation” was very good. I also enjoyed Nick’s “Because the Night” and Clark’s song from the Fifty Shades of Gray soundtrack. I’d never heard “Earned It” but I really enjoyed his performance.

    • The Beach says:

      Thanks, Darcy for your very positive post. It’s was cool to read one that found something nice to say about each finalist instead of so many other posts spewing vitriol at anyone who is not their favorite.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        LOL there’s no shortage of vitriol here, is there, The Beach? I’m not sure what’s happened. This used to be an engaging message board where people posted interesting comments and remained polite. Even the critical comments were typicaly infused with humor. It’s been overrun with juveniles who think a good rebuttal to a comment with which they don’t agree is “Well you’re just stupid”! If the comments are indeed monitored then the monitor needs to be fired.
        I thought the majority of last night’s performances were good. I even enjoyed two of Jax’s songs, even though “My Immortal” has never been one of my favorites (that Paramore song was a mess). But it’s kind of been that way all season. I watch the show, read the comments here, and wonder if I watched a different program.
        I wasn’t on the Nick bandwagon but he’s growing on me, slowly but surely. I really like Clark a lot but he needs some coaching to refine his craft. Rayvon’s voice is wonderful. Jax is not my cup of tea but I have enjoyed a few of her performances.

        • karenb says:

          I’ve been wondering where you’ve been this season. You always had funny comments. We need more of those around here.

    • Granny C says:

      “Earned It” was a new song to me, and it seemed totally unmusical. I couldn’t grab onto the melody at all. Maybe that was Clark’s fault, maybe the song itself sux, like so much of contemporary music. But I’m going to miss Rayvon something fierce. Best voice of the competition.

  29. Blank Slate says:

    It’s Bruce Springsteen’s BECAUSE THE NIGHT. She was recording something else down the hall when he gave her the go ahead to record the song, adding a few twists to the lyrics here and there.

    • gary rispoli says:

      NICK its easy to see who the best all around performer is . he is so much better than the rest .Clark was going good but choked under the pressure the last few weeks he has crashed and burned hell either be back on that corner or the holiday inn. Jax and Nick a great final . clark didnt win a round hes third. Nick also seemed to have the most fans at his parade 12000 wow great season thanks

    • Sherry L says:

      At least she did end up with a co-writing credit and recorded the song for her album. Billy Preston wrote “You Are So Beautiful” and he was the first to record it.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      If my old memory serves me correctly “Because the Night” was one of the songs that didn’t fit with Springsteen’s “Nebraska” album so he offered it to Patti Smith.

      • Hayder B. Hayden says:

        It would have been the Darkness On The Edge Of Town album. I saw him twice on that tour, and he performed it in both shows.

  30. Rlwebbjr says:

    Still think Clark is the best voice, but you know the show wants you to go, when the only thing the judges can say (Keith) about a performance is that he’s singing too perfect?!! Try to sound a little more tired? Their favorite is obviously Daughtry, I mean Nick, who can do no wrong.

  31. JM says:

    I will miss Rayvon. To me, Jax won Round 1, Rayvon Round 2 and Clark Round 3. Nick should have gone home.

  32. tryingtostayinterested says:

    It was soon good to see Eliott Yamin during the hometown visit segment. Seeing him reminds me of how lacking this season has been of a breakout performance. Elliott vs. any of the remaining contestants would be no contest, he would blow
    them all out of the water.

    • jazziemo says:

      That’s my feeling. I love Clark’s voice but Elliot Yamin has a voice like very few artists and certainly in the top 5 of all seasons of AI. He should be at superstar level. Hoping we hear more of him soon.

    • Trying, I went to the Idol tour which has Eliott Yamin and I went because of him not the Idol, Taylor Hicks. That was an amazing concert which featured Elliot, Daughtry Kelly Pickler and a power house singer named Mandissa among others. I love Elliot Yamin. He is a true Southern gentlemen and great singer. I wish he had become more of a star which he deserved

      • tryingtostayinterested says:

        I agree completely. He has not yet received the recognition he deserves. I hope that happens soon.

  33. Laura says:

    Disagree slightly with your grades, but agree more than I usually do. My Generation deserved an A+ because it was the best of the night, Clarks last two performances deserved an A- while Nicks Andy Grammers cover was more so like a B and I’ll be should of been an A. I also LOVED Rayons Stevie cover! Overall great night for Idol! Correct top 4!

  34. Kim Moores says:

    His performance was good as hell and the iTunes is just sinful good.
    Oh my LORD

  35. danin says:

    You got to give it to Clark, he was the only one who sang 2 songs out of his comfort zone.And by comfort zone I mean all the old,familiar soul songs(that I love but are over done).He took on rock w/U2 of all songs and contemporary which Rob Taylor slayed on The Voice.Good for him.I hope w/time he can find his body while he sings.

  36. Nick says:

    Sorry, I think Clark will and should move on

  37. tealeaves says:

    There were a lot of good song choices tonight. Because the Night, Sittin by the Dock of the Bay, My Generation, I’ll Be… I can not complain about the song choices tonight.

  38. Chloe says:

    Jax should of been eliminated! Rayvon sold more songs on ITunes. We had 9 people watching and cringed when Jax performed. I’ll admit she did okay on My Immortal but the other two were awful! In past seasons guys that didn’t make it to the final three have had more success than a lot of people who have won. I hope history repeats that and Rayvon goes on to a successful career. Nick is the clear winner! Clark will get a contract no matter where he lands. Clark sold more on ITunes which I’m sure Producers are watching. I know I would buy anything Nick sang because I love the timbre of his voice. I still can’t stand the judges and truly believe they ruin the show!!!!

  39. Diana G says:

    Jax should have gone home weeks ago. Clark all the way!

    • Desiree says:

      I agree. The fact Jax outlasted Sarina, Adanna, Joey, Quentin and Rayvon is almost comical.

      • River City says:

        And I heard the Great Oz say that she will also outlast Nick. . Putting her and the Jax Pack on the yellow brick road to the finale.

  40. MSamler says:

    Quite honesty, I no longer care who wins American Idol. This has been a mediocre season at best. And I am more than tired of the judges. I don’t see any of these guys becoming the “star” idol has produced in the past. It’s kinda sad. I’ve watched since the beginning and seen some amazing singers, whether they won or lost. But this to me has been one of the weakest seasons ever. On the plus side. I do like the change in the format.

    • Great show..great format this year..Only on once a week..Voice should do the same..Love Clark..He needs to win..This is the only show that showcases young talant and win or lose..exposure was the key

  41. Lyda says:

    You’re a tool Slezak. Again Clark isn’t going home. The worst tonight was Jax. Her last song was a complete mess and deserved a D. That said I dislike the Nick pimping. he had one strong performance and the rest were just average.

    • Kim Moores says:

      Clark is head and shoulders above the rest in iTunes right now and Slezak is so convinced Clark is going home.
      No, Jax is gone next lol. Let’s be real.

    • Jill Moy says:

      A TOOL????

      • AIftw says:

        Have to agree. Saying Clark should and will go home is pretty “toolish”.. He is leaps and bounds, talent wise, above the rest of the competition.. His style and all that kind of stuff is easily fixable. Jax is everything that is wrong with music today. Everything is contrived and the emotions are utterly fake. She nailed “White Flag” though and have to give her credit for that but beside from that performance she has sucked.. Nick sounds good but nothing is unique about him. He sounds like Rob Thomas and Trent Reznor had a love child on the shortbus.

    • Ally says:

      I would not say he is a tool but he clearly latches onto an early favorite and then loses all sense of objectivity afterward. He did the same exact thing last season with Jena: praising her even when she didn’t deserve it while knocking the others every opportunity over the most absurd things, especially the guys! Jax was clearly the worst tonight and very likely will be out next. And deservedly so!

      • tamara10111 says:

        YES to everything you said. And this isn’t even his ultimate favourite (*cough* Quentin) so this is the ‘mild’ version of Slezak favoritism just imagine!

    • Lisa says:

      Michael’s job is to recap and give HIS opinion of the performances on the show. They are not necessarily going to be in agreement with yours and I get that you (collectively anyone posting their opinions) differ. However, hating on Michael for the letter grades he gave, then offering your own letter grade alternatives gets annoying. Again, not directed at one person. There’s no reason to get personal when his opinion is just as valid as yours and giving HIS opinion IS his job.

  42. Ally says:

    I don’t want to sound mean, but what exactly is the appeal of Jax?

    • T.B. Hammer says:

      She’s the leader of the Jax Pack and ready to lead the charge against the Zombie invasion. Who cares how she sings? This is a popularity contest anyway. If it wasn’t, Katherine Winston, Adanna and Maddie Walker would have been in the top 5.

      • Jeremy says:

        Jax is so Disney Hannah Montana. It is like Hannna Montans went to the mall and bought a bunch of “punk” clothes and then played rebellious teen at the school talent show.

  43. The overpraise that “Earned It” is getting in the blogosphere is hilarious. It was alright, but those last 30 seconds were horrendous

  44. Mr. Slesak you hate Clark so much that you forget to see the strength in him.. i like everyone but as a musician i would go for those who can sing.. the style doesn’t really matter because in this business musicianship matters a lot, musicianship is a gift , … compared clark to nick i would go for clark.. nick is good but has the same style with the past winners.. like Philip,Chris D., and the likes.Mr. ….you like quentin for his style?how about his pitch?. be fair ..

  45. Lynn says:

    Sucks our votes don’t count in the Northwest maybe Ravon and Tyanna would still be there! They can really sing..but judges want Jax even tho she is off key most of her songs..but she is different!

    • Amy says:

      The only time your votes didn’t count was during the tweet-off’s and Rayvon won every one of those.

  46. AIftw says:

    With all due respect, Mr. Slezak, your harsh critique of Clark and over support of Jax is a bit speculative to say the least. We all know Scott Borchetta is trying to manipulate the viewers into hating Clark because he clearly wants Jax to win because she is more “coachable”. What is your reason for hating him? With that stated, I’d like mention that Clark’s rendition of “Earned It” was phenomenal. Jax’s performance of “Misery Business” was flat out terrible and she was exposed. Funny Borchetta claims Clark is a “1 trick pony” when its painfully obvious that Jax is just that and I wouldn’t be surprised to see HER at a Holiday Inn lounge.. Have a good one

    • buttercup says:

      I agree about Slezak hating on Clark! Its really sad coz I really do enjoy idology for being unbiased (atleast before. Now I dont know whats happening, Slezak hating on Clark While worshipping Quentin! Sad. Very sad.

    • tamara10111 says:

      Totally agree, I posted this before but it doesn’t seem to have shown up!
      This is the point in the competititon when Slezak begins blatantly underappreciating performances by the ‘frontrunner’ contestant he doesn’t like- actually that point came a while back. Jax’s reviews always go like, “Sure, she might’ve hit a hinky note here and there BUT” and Clark’s reviews are, “Sure, he hit those growls and ad libs that rabid Clark fans love, but something was missing”.
      This is a repeat of Jena vs. Caleb all over again. (and other earlier seasons probably, that I haven’t followed his recaps of)

      Also, I rewatched ‘Your Man’ and it was really great- there weren’t runs all over the place and a long drawn out high note wasn’t thrown in there to create a ‘moment’, but he turned that boring country song into a bluesy, sexy John-Mayer-esque track, especially with that mini guitar solo in between. Whatever, I’m voting for Clark for unbelievable consistency (that not one of the other finalists has shown) and I hope others aren’t swayed by Michael’s blatant biases. This isn’t a hate on any other contestant, just a rave about my favourite :)

  47. Bob says:

    Terrible song selection by the judges for Jax. Hope They didn’t lose the Idol for her…. Or is that Their plan?

  48. Alan Dvorkis says:

    I am done. So the judges searched for reasons to put Clark down, and make Nick seem like the 2nd coming. Nick sings well. NIck has no star quality. He brings nothing unique to the table. He bores me, not as much as Rayvon, but luckily I wont have to hear his falsetto, where I can never understand a word he is saying, ever again. I only hope that Nick does not win. He seems like a nice fellow. He is not an American Idol. Peronally I prefer Clark. I think he has the biggest upside, but jax originality and occasional forays into beauty, would not be a bad choice either. Glad the judges and Scotts sabotage of Clark did not work. That is the best news of what I felt was a rather boring show.

  49. lking says:

    I just don’t see Clark as a viable re ordinary g artist in today’s music scene unless he goes the Christian route. That said, I expect him to win. The voters will not reinvent the idol wheel and he will be the lady guy standing. Also I think ha will not be in the final bit Nick will. I hope the West Coast is not cut out if the voting for the idol.

  50. Simon says:

    Just face it, Clark isn’t going anywhere. They may as well give up trying to sabotage him, because it’s just gonna make it look bad when he wins. I think on the finale night they’re gonna bring him back to front-runner status, just like they did with Phillip. Remember how people thought Phillip deserved to go home on top 5 week?

    • Smokey says:

      I learned that P Squared was going to be a front runner and probable winner somewhere around top 10 that year. I was doing a music project with a group of college girls .. and when something came up in conversation regarding Idol…………. every single one of the girls lit-up and said “Did you see Phillip Phillips?” And those girls and thousands like them, were going to vote like crazy for this guy. And I hear his songs on radio around here often, he is well known now among those I discuss music with.