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NCIS: Who Was the 'Significant Loss'?

NCIS Dorneget Dies

As part of TVLine’s May sweeps/finale preview coverage, NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg revealed, “We will suffer a very significant loss at the end of the season,” in the penultimate episode. “I can’t tell you specifics, but we’ll suffer a loss, and that will emotionally drive us into the finale.”

Now, with this Tuesday’s airing of the episode “Lost Boys,” that loss has a name:

Ned Dorneget.

As some (or many) of you predicted, the Probationary Agent — now assigned to the Cyber Operations division — did not live to headline any eventual NCIS: Cyber spinoff. Rather, he died while on a mission with McGee in Cairo, Egypt, blown up by one of the insidious S-bombs that the team was tracking.

The loss prompted Gibbs to reflect on the agents and colleagues he has seen perish over 12 seasons, likely feeding into, as Glasberg described, “a big sort of Gibbs moment at the end of the finale,” airing next Tuesday.


Matt Jones (who now plays Mom baby daddy Baxter) began his recurring NCIS run in November 2011, with Season 9’s “Sins of the Father” episode, when Dorneget was brought in to sub for DiNozzo (who had been excused from investigating Sr.’s possible role in a murder). Later that same season, “Dorney” lobbied for a spot on Gibbs’ team… to no avail.

Jones’ return for these first two episodes of May sweeps brought his total NCIS appearances to six.

Was Dorney your pick to be the “significant loss”?

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  1. It was said. Especially when Gibbs saw him with everyone who died.

  2. Bob Backus says:

    It was obvious, they only brought him on to kill him. “Significant loss” no! Only 6 episodes, a fun character, but not even close to a significant loss. The hype was total crap! Reminds me of Geraldo’s Capone’s secret vault.

    • Bos says:

      Agree. This was about as predictable as the show has become.

    • Mallory says:

      I Think they meant “significant loss” to the team…Not necessarily to fans. Like the loss will drive the team In A specific way…

      • Pennagirl65 says:

        Exactly, the significant loss was to the team and the other hype was the person is a fan favorite…which for most is Ned Dorneget.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Some people seem to be conflating actual quotes with their amped-up “interpretation.” The Internet version of the game “Telephone.”

    • aph1976 says:

      I don’t think the show said the significant loss would mean something to the fans.Dornaget dying is a significant loss to the characters because it’s someone they know and he went out a hero in a way because he was trying to save lives.

  3. Callie says:

    I called this the second they announced Dorney was coming back. They wouldn’t kill anyone from Gibbs’ team after the whole Cote debacle.

  4. Bec Thumma says:

    Once again they trick us into believing a main character is going to die and then kill off a guy who’s only been on 4 eps. Shock and Awe…ticks me off.

    • P says:

      It’s May sweeps. Accept that the marketing departments are going to pull out all stops to get eyeballs. Is it fair? No. It’s probably not ethical or moral either. But we’re talking about Corporate America whose greed is unsurpassed (which is a good thing only in that our retirements are conveniently dependent upon their success given all the 401Ks out there.).

      Still at this point, we should not be surprised. They were not going to kill off Gibbs, McGee, or Tony. NCIS is not Grey’s Anatomy. Its ensemble cast is much smaller. It doesn’t survive without one of those three remaining.

  5. auntiemm says:

    Booooooo. So Gibbs may or may not get shot next week, has an epiphany with Franks, adopts the boy next season, retires and the show ends.

    • Dean says:

      we get it you hate Gibbs.

      • auntiemm says:

        Absolutely not and quite the opposite. I’ve been waiting for the setup to finally end the show and it may be coming. In my opinion this has been the best season since the seventh.

  6. Dj says:

    Is Gibbs going to pull a Heady.

  7. Zorkel says:

    Though unsurprising, it’s disappointing to see them kill off their only significant gay character.

  8. Hattie says:

    Ridiculous. Dorny was not a significant loss, nor was he a fan favorite. I forgot he existed until he reappeared in the last episode. When will shows/networks learn that hype like this just disappoints and anger fans.

    • Connie Edwards says:

      Are you speaking for all fans of NCIS? If so, you didn’t check with me–I liked Dorny’s character–just like I’ve liked most of the characters who start off small in the series–Jimmy Palmer, McGee–yes, McGee was just a character like Dorny in the beginning. I’m sad to see him go, and he was this fan’s favorite, why not stick to giving your own opinion–instead of pretending to speak for others. SMDH

  9. Dean says:

    Expcted considering he plays the father of Anna Faris’s son.

  10. Laine Geier says:

    I have not watched NCIS since the blonde came on. I hope she is going off. She is a terrible actress. I realize she had a tough act to follow after Zeva left. I hope she comes back. Also, if Tony leaves, I don’t know if I will watch it. He is the bomb. He and Zeva were great together.

    • Dean says:

      Yet your still whining about it you want a cookie for whining about your favourite character who’s name you can’t even spell properly?

      • Zeva is Ziva, Heady is actually Hetty, and I’m actually becoming sick of all these departures from the NCIS realm. Ziva, Dorneget, LaSalle’s girlfriend Savannah from NCIS: NOLA – are the writers intentionally wanting to anger people??

        • Jay says:

          And don’t forget Diane. I know she was only an occasional guest star, but I loved her episodes and her character.

        • Madoqua says:

          Maybe all these characters got better offers, meaning roles that will allow for more diversified character development, for other shows from other networks. Nothing kills an actor’s career faster than being stereotyped. Some of the greatest actors ever known were character actors. Right now Mark Harmon is a star, but before he became Gibbs he was Ted Bundy. I still see him leaning on his crutch as he stood by his yellow VW laying in wait for his prey. I also see him as the summer school teacher who was a positive influence on a few apathetic students. Mark Harmon started out as a character actor who plays evil, average, and hero extremely well.

          • Gia Farin says:

            OMG! I thought I was the only one who remembered when Mark Harmon played Ted Bundy!

          • NJJoany says:

            I remember him as a hero in West Wing where he died saving someone’s life (Allison Janey)

          • NJJoany says:

            I loved him as a hero on West Wing – died saving Allison Janey’s life

          • Kathy says:

            That role in The West Wing is what got him the role of Gibbs.

          • John NYC says:

            I’d have thought his Det. Dicky Cobb opposite the wonderful Marlee Maitlin for 44 episides of Reasonable Doubts would have gotten him a look with roles like Gibbs.

      • Bos says:

        So, Dean no one can express their feelings about the show except you? I agree with Laine. Bishop adds nothing to the show. If a cardboard cutout standing in front of the plasma reading a card excites you – then so be it. I loved the characters of Cate and Ziva. They had moxie and brought action to the show. I am bored to tears watching this inept character.

        • Cat says:

          Not surprised about Dorneget. Still can’t stand Bishop. She is terrible. Stopped watching after the first episode. Ziva was and will always be my favorite.

        • Connie Edwards says:

          Well, hate to disappoint you, but I’m getting sick of all the whining a certain small group of “fans” do because they can’t stand the fact that Cote left to go do other things, and are taking their juvenile hatred out on who replaced her. Better yet, write Cote and demand that she return–my suspicion is, you would be ignored. I like Ellie and am not bored–the only thing that bores me is the continual whining that comes from certain people who are on an imaginary vendetta.

          • Charlotte says:

            Well said Connie. I appreciate that Ziva’s departure upset a few fans and, I appreciate that Bishop is nothing like Ziva but, Cote chose to leave. It was her perogative. The producers didn’t decide to throw her out just to upset the fans.
            The show was then left needing to have someone who was Ziva’s opposite in order to avoid typecasting the role of the female position in the field team. They needed to freshen the show somewhat, and not make a stale storyline of who was going to be Tony’s partner in the whole will they/won’t they idea. I feel that many are not even giving Bishop’s character a chance because they sadly cannot see past Ziva.

            I watch NCIS because it is NCIS – the whole concept, cast and writing makes the show, not a single character.

            Ellie Bishop is strong and vulnerable at the same time. She has a type of intelligence and insight that none of the other characters have. The show sadly only explored this for a few episodes in the beginning but, I am hoping that there will be more to come from her. She has fit in easily with the team and has caused no conflict at all. It is nice to finally have a female character after Ziva that knows wholeheartedly where her loyalty and morals lie, and not one that is so secretive and ready to turn on the team whenever someone from her past pops up. And please, please (for all those Ziva fans) don’t get me wrong – I actually really liked Ziva at times. I just feel that it is time to move past her and evolve with the show.

          • flootzavut says:


            I also find it quite hilarious how many fans apparently aren’t able to spell the names of their favourite characters. Who, one wonders, are Cate and Zeva? ;)

            Not to mention that so many of these people say 1) they haven’t watched since Ellie joined the cast and 2) they hate her and think she’s a dreadful actress. If they haven’t watched, how on earth do they know? Could they be – gasp – lying???

            Cote fanatics/Zivabots have been predicting Michael leaving since Cote announced she was leaving, and yet last summer he re-signed and took on more responsibility in terms of directing – maybe producing as well? I don’t remember. Yeah, he’s jumping ship first chance he gets

            I liked Ziva a lot, but Cote is a grown woman and I don’t know why these people think they get to demand she lives her life to suit them. You’d think after almost two years they’d’ve got over it, but no, still throwing tantrums every chance they get.

          • Carm says:


          • Bos says:

            Connie, “Certain small group of fans?” Seems you are in the minority on this.

          • Bos says:


          • suzi says:

            “Cote fanatics/Zivabots” (love this) are the most vocal, but they are far from the majority. I liked Ziva and was sorry to see Cote leave, but I respected her choice and have accepted Bishop as a team member.

          • Jess says:

            I agree and well said Charlotte and Conni

          • Mary says:

            Connie .You bore me to tears

        • John NYC says:

          When they lead off with a statement such as this one “I have not watched NCIS since the blonde came on.” meaning they’ve never actually SEEN her work then a certain level of mocking and dismissal seems appropriate. How can anyone’s acting ability be judged When. You. Do. Not. Watch. The. Show? and have stated so emphatically?


    • Eirlys says:

      You haven’t seen one episode since Bishop joined but you know she’s a terrible actress???

    • Eirlys says:

      @ Laine Geier You haven’t seen one episode since Bishop joined but you know she’s a terrible actress???

    • flootzavut says:

      If you haven’t watched since “the blonde” comes on, how do you know she is “terrible”?

      If you already stopped watching, how is threatening to stop watching if Tony leaves significant?

      And she’s called Ziva, not Zeva.

      Oh, and lastly, Michael Weatherly signed a two year contract a year ago – after Cote de Pablo quit – and took on more responsibility beyond acting. Much as you may want ‘Tony’ to leave (I’m assuming you know these are real people playing these roles, though considering the grasp of reality people are showing, I’m not 100% certain…) to prove the show has somehow died without Ziva/Tiva, evidently Weatherly was happy to sign on for two more seasons even though Cote shows no sign of returning. Doesn’t look like he’s about to jump ship.

      Sheesh. A small but vocal part of this fandom make the fandom as a whole look like total idiots with crap like this. Engage brain before opening comment window… chance’d be a fine thing.

    • Pennagirl65 says:

      Too bad you can’t spell ZIVA. Such a fan.

    • Nini Jones says:

      You already said you stopped watching it so if they take away Tony how are you gonna stop watching it? Just curious, can’t keep up with are you watching it on not?

  11. Violet says:

    No NCIS death has ever been more obvious. They didn’t even try.

  12. tyranthraxus says:

    Killing off McGee and letting Dorneget live would ‘have been a significant loss’.

    Do I think they will pull another Retirement arc for Gibbs again? No I dont. They have shown that he has no idea what to do with himself out of work. He could I guess build things for peoples charities but I dont think he would be fufilled in that.

  13. Carol McGuinn says:

    Crewman of the week. Too terribly obvious.

  14. Annette says:

    Well, I knew it was Dorney a couple weeks ago. This has gotten so predictable these days.

    As for Gibbs, he won’t die, cause he is the ‘star of the show’.

  15. Elaine says:

    Who is the actress who will be playing Ned’s mom?

  16. A Fan of TV says:

    Since when is ‘significant loss’ the same as ‘significant character’?

  17. Chad Jansen says:

    Nope. A tertiary character at best is far from significant. Why not bring back Cassidy Yates and bump her off?

  18. Onyxwings says:

    Okay, I have to say this. A significant loss … Yes it was. Dorny was part of Gibbs team. Period. To his character and to the show it goes on without him obviously. But this was another agent who worked with Gibbs who is now gone because they didn’t get the leader in time. Look past the “TV” hype and realize the impact this DOES have. And even though he was no Kate or Jenny or Franks, he was still a team member. Look at how much loss Gibbs had had to endure… Minor character or not he has a wall he had to hit soon. Even as a cyber specialist he ran into danger and saved how many lives. Give the man his due … He worked to be an agent and his first field assignment he put his life down to save countless others. It was a great move in the story line, and very interesting way to use the character.

    • suzi says:

      It was obvious to me that he was going to die, but I agree it was a great loss for the team, and especially Gibbs

    • Connie Edwards says:

      Thank you, very well stated.

    • Jenn says:

      Well said! Someone who has obviously watched since day one! Gibbs takes EVERY loss personally! The scene at the end with the “ghosts” of Gibbsmas past I believe was put there to remind us all of the loss he has endured and each one significant.

    • John NYC says:

      Indeed he was written as was the teams interactions with him as a nice, well liked member of the agency. That scene outside MTac was great.

      This was largely about INTERNAL dynamics from my view and not viewer emotional impact except via the teams (Gibbs!) reaction.

  19. Peggy says:

    I wanted Bishop to die and bring back Ziva.

  20. Peggy says:

    I wanted them to kill Bishop and bring Ziva back.

    • Hege says:

      And how will they bring back Ziva when the actress didn’t want to do the show anymore? Cote left. Live with it.

      • Johnathan says:

        They can’t. They want the executives to kidnap cote and force her to come back and be on the show because “that’s what fans want”.

        • Bos says:

          The actress (Cote de Pablo) did indeed leave on her own. She later dropped hints that they could not agree on contract demands – who knows?
          The problem here is when someone comments negatively on Bishop, there are those who assume it is the result of “Ziva love.” I loved the character of Ziva for many reasons; but, as many of you say, she is gone. My problem is the “character,” NOT THE ACTRESS! To me, “Bishop” is a dud.
          I have watched every single episode of this show until this past January, when I gave up. The story-line could be mailed in. I watched last night hoping the writers would be taking things in a different direction – pumping some life back into this show. However, the killing off of Dorney seemed to be nothing more than a gimmick to draw in viewers. Killing him off will do little to affect the show. He has only been in six episodes! I was more upset when they found Laura Macy’s body burned in “Patriot Down.”
          If you love Bishop, fine. If you love NCIS, fine. It is a free country; so watch it. I, for one, find it too predictable, boring and the new character “Bishop” (for me) has done nothing to add a needed spark to this show.

  21. Larc says:

    A regular or regularly recurring character on NCIS would have been a significant loss. Dorneget was neither. I was afraid they had brought him back as a red herring to have us thinking he would be the loss when it would be a truly significant one instead. Happy my fear was for nothing.

    • John NYC says:

      “Significant” for the team and it was portrayed as a significant emotional loss as we saw them interact quite warmly with him and then they’re initial reactions both inside the bullpen and on the tarmac to his sacrifice.

  22. Bos says:

    Significant? No.

  23. Built him up just to kill him.. he could have had a greater influence.. Could have put him with a real psychop who had been sent into the dept to clear house, but worked to keep the team together.. Couldn’t you find someone else to knock off? The blond psychologist doesn’t have enough character.. She doesn’t pull it off well at all. I miss the kick-butt Ziva.. and Jamie Lee Curtis was the best psychops..

    • John NYC says:

      Kate’s sister?, I believe she’s actually a psychiatrist. The Curtis character was just plain creepy, and not in a good way IMHO. Plus she, like David, clearly always had agenda’s far separate from the NCIS’ goals.

  24. Bella says:

    Yep, I called it.

  25. Jackie says:

    No, I was hoping Bishop was going to die!

  26. J Lamb says:

    My family was sad that he died (a hero). We all were so pleased with his development as a “character who got his act together”. My 18 year old was really disappointed too. We were looking forward to seeing him become part of the team. Seeing Gibbs see him with those friends he has lost was powerful, and very sad too.

  27. Elizabeth says:

    I thought they’d kill fornell

  28. Alfredo says:

    How about not putting the huge spoiler right in the headline? Thanks a lot…

    • Johnathan says:

      How about not going anywhere near entertainment websites before you see the episode you don’t want spoiled?

  29. I was pretty convinced it was Dorney that would die right around the time they said he was going to guest star for the finale arc, we heard about a shocking death right around that same time, Matt Jones hasn’t been on NCIS in two season’s so why bring him back if they weren’t going to use him, just to kill him off?? Plus, Matt Jones is in the show “Moms” and probably doesn’t need NCIS anymore. It was a very predictable death and I wasn’t shocked in the least. This is my opinion so please, don’t freak out on me but the writing is getting very bad at this point. GG is one of the head show runners but everything that is written, has to go through GG so this is all on him. I too, think Season 13 will be their last. We haven’t heard anything about the show being renewed and I’m suspecting we will hear about it this week but I still think we are heading toward the end of the series. Demo ratings are down the lowest they’ve ever been, viewership ratings are the lowest they’ve been since season 4, and if they keep Bishop which I know they are planning to…I won’t be surprised if we hear that Season 13 will be their last.

    • NJJoany says:

      Ratings were released today (date ending on May 3rd) and NCIS was way, way above the second show & the rest. It was on the news today – look it up. And, the season finale of Blue Bloods was no. 5. Of course DWTS and the Voice had 3 or 4 of the 10 spots. Check last weeks ratings – very interesting. I think NBC only had the Voice and most of the shows were CBS with ABC’s DWTS. Therefore, don’t think they’ll just yet. Look at SVU – it’s in season 16 & still made the top 20. Network’s not going to kill the Golden Goose.

    • Melora says:

      You people make me laugh with your hatred of Bishop. You need to get over it. Ziva is NOT COMING back. Your obsession with her is disturbing. Its not the ZIVA NCIS Show its called NCIS. I wish they would do a show where she is killed off screen and the team helps solve her murder. And the ratings are not dropping. You are delusional

      • Pennagirl65 says:

        Doesn’t matter if Ziva would come back or not. The Bishop character isn’t written well. Everything has been treated differently for this character than any of the other characters that have been Probationary Agents.

        • Jake says:

          Exactly – I get Ziva ain’t comin’ back, but that doesn’t mean Bishop isn’t a lousy, poorly written character played by a bleach-blond with bushy dark eyebrows – yowza!!

          • Max says:

            ” bleach-blond with bushy dark eyebrows”, yes, what a totally asinine comment to justify not liking a character–she’s a poorly written character with dark eyebrows! GASP!! OMG!! The horror of it all! I suggest you Goggle blondes with dark eyebrows and see how many monstrosities roam the planet–oh look, Marilyn Monroe was one–wow, “yowza” indeed, it’s sad when one’s IQ is the same as one’s shoe size. SMH

  30. bill says:

    The special effects have been absolutely terrible the last two episodes. The bus explosion last week looked so fake it was kind of embarassing.

  31. Lisa says:

    Yes, ok I get it. Dorneget was not a significant loss to us as viewers. Apparently, his death IS a significant loss to the team. Gibbs usually reacts by throwing himself into his work, but this time he was distracted. Although I do agree that the hype suggested it would be significant I don’t recall anything specifically stating that it would be significant to us. Rather for the team.

    • aph1976 says:

      I’m wondering if Gibbs might feel a little guilty about how he treated Dorneget in the past and Gibbs knows Ned died been a hero and that’s why he was distracted.Plus it could be interesting if Gibbs reveals that he knew Dorneget was gay but didn’t care.Also i’m wondering if it’s a coincidence that it’s been 10 years since Kate died.

  32. as524 says:

    Can see losing Dorney being a significant loss to the team and he was fairly popular whenever he appeared but this death was not a surprise. Most fans called it the 2nd GG’s interview appeared.

    & really, at this point who really cares about yet another completely Gibbs centric season finale (complete with yet another appearance by ghost franks – who needs to stay dead and gone from the show).

    Gibbs centric finales are beyond boring. And Gibbs out on yet another mission of revenge is tiresome. Plus the character is beyond old enough to be forcibly retired from field duty by how.

  33. Some of you are idiots. Just because he wasn’t a “significant” character to you, doesn’t mean he wasn’t for others. How do you know he was a fan favorite, can you read everyone’s minds? Just shut up.

    • hud says:

      GeeZuss, people get a life. It’ TV. It,s Bonanza 2015, same show every week, Ziva, Bishop, who cares anymore? I record and watch so I feel I can toss in my 2 cents. The obvious character to go would be………Ducky……………..Palmer takes the slab, have a flashback ep. Then Ducky can visit as a ghost. Make sense?

  34. mamamitzvah says:

    Yes, I did figure it was Ned Dorneget. I heard that everyone had their contract renewed & saw Mr J on Mom so I figured as much but…oof, still hurts.

  35. Paloma says:

    Dornegat was just a red shirt.

    Not a significant loss, but an expected one.

  36. mike says:

    Hardly call him significant in any sense of the word. Significant would have been one of the core team..or even Vance. But an agent who barely had any screen time? Hardly.

    • John NYC says:

      It’s all in how his loss is written in it’s impact on the onscreen team: and that’s at the control of the writers.

  37. iris soto says:

    I didnt like the fact of Zuma leaving bishop isnt quite the replacement . She is the sychilogist she is the one to read the people nxt move but ziva needs to come bck .and dorneget shouldn’t have died they should fam his death in order to get the bomber.and i dont want Gibb to die or i wont see bcuz any more.i dont think anyone there can talk his place .the team is breaking up and they’re the one that makes ncis.

  38. armed grandpappy says:

    My prediction for the series finale.
    Dinozzo gets married and transferes to the fbi in a spinoff show.
    McGee goes back to working cyber.
    Elle goes back to the NSA.
    Ducky retires and Jimmy takes over as the medical examiner
    We finally find out what Vance destroyed in his file and he goes to prison
    Gibbs finishes another boat and sails off into the sunset………with Abby!

  39. snappy says:

    The loss was predictable. Sorry they had to off an old recurring character – Ned was a quirky one. Is next season the last season of NCIS? If not, they need to punch up the writing and get some interesting character actors. This year has not been a good one for writing and characters.

  40. Nita Qualls says:

    I really was glad Dorney came back. Just wish he hasn’t came back to die. He would had added a lot to the team. Too many deaths too soon. With Diane and all. Gonna miss his character. Just wish they would have let him stay in Cyber and brought him up when needed. Not to die.

  41. Something tells me the loss of Ned Dorneget is a red herring to make viewers suspect he was the “significant loss”, when in fact the bombshell will fall in the final episode on who “really” will not be returning to the series so that we eagerly await the start of next season to see “if” that character is really dead or whether the death was faked as part of the plot to “get the bad guys”.

  42. As soon as they said a ‘fan favorite’ and we heard Dorneget, I knew he would be the one killed off. They’ve gotten so predictable. And what was it with the CGI effect of the dead agents?

    As for this being a Gibbs-centric finale….what a surprise. Again, predictable.

  43. Ally says:

    It was a significant loss for the Team. While it wasn’t significant for us, I’ll take it! I didn’t want any of the originals to go, not even Bishop.

    • Ally says:

      by the way, I loved the episode. Especially the montage at the end. Great to see all the past team mates

    • John NYC says:

      ^ This^, as I and others ran through the list, Ducky, Palmer etc. I didn’t see anyone I would welcome leaving.

      They’re an entertaining group.

  44. Pennagirl65 says:

    Of course it would be Ned. (sadly not Bishop). TPTB seem to kill off the favorite characters while leaving others alive. Stupid death….Dorneget was my next favorite recurring characters behind, Mike Franks and Agent Fornell.

    • John NYC says:

      Some one who appeared in all of four episodes before their final turn is a “favorite character”?


  45. Larien says:

    I love Dorny’s character. Am really upset it took them this long to write him back in and then kill off his character! Doubt he’s our “significant loss”. Am thinking maybe Ziva comes back and she gets killed off!! That is the last straw for Gibbs, and off he goes back to Mexico! Anyway, this season is better than last season so I won’t complain much. Can’t wait for next week…

  46. BAC says:

    Dorney was not a major loss. He was only on 6 episodes since 2011. A main loss was like Ziva and Kate before her. It could have been any character who is in nearly every episode. That would have shock value and have people really talking. For example, ABC’s Greys Anatomy killing off Derek…that was a shock and people are still talking about it.

  47. Kelly Boeder says:

    Did anyone else notice that Dorney’s “alter ego” Gilroy Libbs is a switchup of Leroy Gibbs? I thought that was cute.

    • Patti Hickam says:

      I was wondering when someone would bring that up. The look on Gibbs face was priceless when he heard the name.

  48. paula says:

    OK, first let’s acknowledge that a minor character on the show has found enough career success that the show writes him out. Matt Jones has a part on Mom as well as a series of commercials so he’s working. Good job! So yes, I was pretty sure he would be the death on the show. I was surprised that the CIA agent was his mother so we’ll see where that goes.
    On the various spellings of character names in reviews – some of the names have unusual spellings (according to Spell Check) so the computer will often change the spellings. Proof read people but let’s cut everyone some slack there.
    Gibbs seeing the 6 dead agents was awesome. They were photo shopped in and the scale wasn’t always good – Paula Cassidy looked much bigger than Kate or Jenny – but it was OK. Also with Mike Franks and Chris Pacci standing with Ned Dornegat it shows NCIS doesn’t just kill off female characters (a frequent fan complaint).

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      If I had a nickel for every spelling of Ziva I have seen in my emailbox over the years…. It’s amazing, really. Almost worth a slideshow.

      • Bos says:

        How about when people spell your last name :) There are those who do not watch “closed caption” and do not necessarily know the spelling. I am not sure a slideshow – making slight of your readers’ abilities – would be prudent.

        • John NYC says:

          But surely more should be expected from those of apparently diehard fandom for a character that’s been on as long as she was?

      • paula says:

        Yes, I’m sure you’ve see some interesting spellings. I think the computer most often wants it to Eva or Zita.

    • Bos says:

      They forgot Diane and Macy.

      • paula says:

        Good point but I think it was just supposed to be NCIS agents. Diane was an ex – not an agent – so if it included her then Shannon and Kelly would have been included. Also Macy was NCIS but an NCIS:LA character.

        • Bos says:

          Yep, I got that. However, Paula’s comment was about NCIS killing off “female characters,” not agents.

          • paula says:

            Yes, the comment was about killing female characters. So that would include Macy, Diane, Shannon and Kelly. But they’re there for a fallen NCIS agent so the six they showed were fallen NCIS agents. Also I’ve checked the credits and Kate and Jenny were CGI’s in while the other 4 were actually there so that’s why the scale (Kate looked smaller than the others) looked off.