Will Forever's Jo Learn Henry's Secret? The Series' Stars Have a Theory

Forever Jo Discovers Henry's Secret

Let’s get one thing out of the way straight off: Forever‘s Ioan Gruffudd isn’t in love with the idea of Alana de la Garza‘s Jo figuring out what’s really going downstairs at the antiques shop.

“I shudder to think of it at the moment,” Gruffudd said, laughing as he considered the notion of his character’s immortality becoming public. “The beauty of it is, the audience knows the secret and nobody else does, apart from Abe.” (And, of course, Adam.) “I love the dynamic and the tension that’s always in the air.”

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So he must adore Tuesday’s season finale (ABC, 10/9c), which finds Jo growing ever more suspicious of the eccentric Dr. Henry Morgan — and increasingly frustrated with his flimsy explanations and disappearing acts. We won’t tell you whether or not the good detective gets close to Henry’s truth during the hour; either way, you won’t want to miss the final few moments of the episode.

When TVLine spoke with Gruffudd a while back, he clarified that “I think it would be amazing if all the while Jo knew something,” citing an idea he and de la Garza have kicked around on set: “Wouldn’t it be great if Henry came ’round to Jo’s apartment, and maybe they were on the cusp of starting something romantic, and then Henry walks into… a whole room dedicated to profiling [him]?” Gruffud mused, laughing as he envisioned “photos, maps” covering the walls. “Alana came up with that.”

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For her part, de la Garza said she thinks the series — should it be renewed for a second season — “definitely could” work if Jo became privy to Henry’s unkillable nature.

“The relationship is based so strongly on their friendship,” she added. “She’d probably feel a little betrayed, because… ‘I trust you with my life and you didn’t tell me?’ But in the same way that Abe knows, I think Jo can know, as well.”

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She added that in the wake of Jo’s husband’s death, “She can probably handle almost anything. After that, having a guy that doesn’t actually pass away would be OK by her.”

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  1. So, since the episode already aired in Canada, how aboot asking some Canadians, eh?

    • Geoff Tate says:

      Hey, self rightous ‘murrican… We don’t say “aboot” any more than all ‘murricans are bible thumping big mac eating oil loving war mongers.

      • I’m in Mexico and it was a joke. Laugh with it.

      • Lara says:

        Actually, some of you do say “aboot.” And “eh.” I’ve worked with a few Canadians here in ‘Murica. No need to get so offended over the regional peculiarities of your fellow Canadians.

        • Gern Blanston says:

          I just had a Canadian sales person come to where I work last week and he said “aboot” and “eh”. Both more than once. It was awesome.

    • ER1986 says:

      I won’t spoil it, but the episode was wonderful. There is a flashback scene with Abby and Henry that gives you a hint of what might happen with Henry and Jo.

  2. Georgia Madman says:

    So looking forward to the episode….and hopefully Season 2. This show is SO good.

  3. david7118 says:

    Let’s really put a twist on it and have it revealed in the last few moments that Jo’s real name is Eve and she too is immortal and was once married to Adam.

    • davej13 says:

      Along those lines, I thought that at some point, Jo would get killed in a shootout or such and come back to life for the first time and learn that she is immortal.

    • Carol C says:

      Love it!

    • Nonnaru says:

      Didn’t Adam say his first death was in 44BC. If Jo were actually “Eve” she would be a heck of a lot older than both Adam and Henry.

    • iaman says:

      It’s not reasonable for Jo to be immortal, because of the way she’s been written all along. Jo is a fantastic character, and very good at what she does — for a non-immortal. If she was an immortal, then like Henry, she would know considerably more than she does, on a much wider variety of subjects.

  4. Tiffany Warner says:

    The great thing about this show is that it could be excellent either way. If Jo figures it out, it’s going to be great watching the dynamics change and how they change. If she doesn’t yet, there is a lot of character and relationship building that will still be wonderful to watch. I’m still wondering (assuming the show gets a future) if somewhere down the line, Jo won’t end up an immortal herself. Maybe? Maybe not?

    • On this show, it was proven that they are created, not born, so the possibility is there for what happened to Henry happening to her, which would change the dynamic of their relationship, with him becoming Yoda to her Luke.

  5. Maria says:

    “..and maybe they were on the cusp of starting something romantic…” Ioan, are you trying to melt the fandom into a giant puddle???? (’cause I’m totally cool with that…)

  6. No spoilers here, but it is a very well done episode. Perhaps the best of the series.

    If you’re a fan, you will really enjoy it.

  7. Dwayne MacKinnon says:

    Having seen the episode (thank you CTV) I gotta say that I will miss this show quite a bit if it’s cancelled. Been a fan of Ioan’s since Hornblower, love Judd Nelson, love Alana, love everybody in this cast. I will say that the episode can work as a series finale if it comes to that, but I hope it doesn’t.

  8. Jenna says:

    So excited, yet sad, about this episode. The series really needs to be renewed, and appreciated.

  9. S. says:

    Love this show. Keeping my fingers crossed for a second season. PLEASE!!!

  10. Mike says:

    It feels as if the series has dropped the ball. For the most part, this is a routine “Sherlock Holmes” rip off with the immortality plot taking second fiddle. We rarely see Henry “die” anymore or even be in real danger of being exposed. Most of the show is pretty boring. They should do much more exploration of Adam and Henry and even give us more about Judd Hirsch.

  11. thisismenow says:

    Within a week we’ll know if this truly is the final death of Henry Morgan. :(

  12. Dee Potter says:

    I hate that they canceled Forever.

  13. Anna says:

    I really hope hey don’t cancel this show. If I could save just one bubble show, this would be it. And that is saying a lot, since many of my favourite shows are bubble shows… Just renew Forever, people, okay? Okay.

  14. dioxinblues says:

    I hope this show gets renewed. It’s the little engine that could…and should!

  15. Ally says:

    Fabulous episode; Made for good drama. Much to see in Season 2, hopefully…

  16. N says:

    I love Forever! I don’t want it to ever end!

  17. arial2 says:

    I want Jo to know about Henry’s immortality. Even better, we should find out that she’s immortal, too, and was afraid to let him know. I like having a show about immortality that, for the most part (Adam), doesn’t necessitate a sword fight every week. Henry’s life is so much more peaceful than Duncan McCleod’s, despite the human “murders of the week.” If I want constant life-threatening tension, I’ll watch SHIELD in the hour before Forever. Hope ABC renews this wonderful series.

    • iaman says:

      It’s not reasonable for Jo to be immortal, because of the way she’s been written all along. Jo is a fantastic character, and very good at what she does — for a non-immortal. If she was an immortal, then like Henry, she would know considerably more than she does, on a much wider variety of subjects.

  18. ljd213 says:

    Fingers crossed for a second season of a delightful show. Such warmth and humor amidst the humanity.

    Bring it back, ABC, please.

  19. JeffDJ says:

    The finale was indeed good (CTV here too!), and the last 5 mins were great. I really hope the series is renewed. Of this season’s crop of new shows, this is my fave.

  20. Bill Boehmer says:

    This show should be given more time in another time slot.

  21. sherylnantus says:

    Reblogged this on Sheryl Nantus and commented:
    Love this show – great writing, excellent characters… hope it makes it to a second season!

  22. Nitemar says:

    Hope they are one of the couples kissing for the first time (per your May sweeps scoreboard).

  23. Regina says:

    Please, please, please renew Forever.

  24. Donna says:

    I am looking forward to next season and seeing Henry tell Jo his lives story. They make a beautiful romantic couple that works well together. Henry needs her also to love and trust in him..I truly love this show.

  25. James says:

    You cant remove the unrequited love or the sexual tension it’s compulsory in these type of shows.

  26. Manny Barros says:

    Forever reminds me of other shows that needs more time to develop. The foundation is there for successful series, only time is needed for development and success!

  27. Please you let Jo in on the secret and now you want to cancel. please reconsider and bring it back. maybe she can get a transfusion of blood from him and become immortal to.

  28. william says:

    what is that song they use and what band ?

  29. Beverly Mack says:

    Forever is a very good program, why would you cancel it?

  30. lemor davidovici says:

    I hope if the tv show forever comes back. that Adam will somehow get better & also get revenge at Henry by going after the people that henry loves & cares for !. Adam will either make Jo & Abe suffer. or Adam will force henry to make a huge choice who will live & who will die !!.

  31. lemor d. says:

    Adam admires henry for getting revenge !. because it shows that even the good guys have a sick, evil side !. but Adam will get better & make henry suffer for going after his own immortal kind by going after the mortals that Henry loves !!.

  32. Deejr says:

    Jasper knows Henry Hart Secret