Post Mortems

Gotham Finale Post Mortem: Scoop on Bruce's Discovery, Fish's Fate, The Riddler's Mania, Mr. Freeze and More

Gotham Season 2 Preview

Fox’s Gotham wrapped Season 1 on Monday night with a brutal, “Who will be the last goon standing?” mob war that promised to make do-right Detective Jim Gordon’s job all that much harder come fall.

Elsewhere, Edward Nygma revealed his questionable alternate personality, Leslie’s therapy session with Barbara was anything but therapeutic and Bruce Wayne unlocked a huge piece of his batty family puzzle.

Is Fish Mooney now chum? Has Bruce lost an important ally? Which cool criminal might descend on Gotham next? In the slideshow below, executive producers Bruno Heller, Danny Cannon and John Stephens, plus a few cast members, share insight on the freshman finale’s big twists — as well as tease what’s to come in Season 2. (With reporting by Scott Huver)

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  1. Joey says:

    While I think the fall finale was better, it was still a good bit of TV. Nygma’s little meltdown at the end of the episode was fun to watch. My only question is…Victoria Cartagena and Andrew Stewart-Jones have been credited for every single episode this season. Seriously, what was the last episode they actually appeared in because I’d love to know how their agents got them credit when I doubt they even appeared in half the episodes this season.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      They were series regulars — that puts their name in the credits, regardless.

      • Joey says:

        And does this differ from cable series, like Game of Thrones? Because the series regulars in that show are not credited for each episode.

        • Dys says:

          The fact that Game Of Thrones has such a large cast probably has a lot, if not everything to do with why they don’t list anyone who isn’t in a particular episode. There is no set rule for how regular cast members need to be credited. The point of series regular status isn’t always to ensure that people will be in every episode anyway, rather to ensure that they are under contract so they can appear when needed (unlike with recurring stars who may be wanted for some episodes but may not be available due to the less firm contract.)

          • Joey says:

            I’m under the same impression, however I don’t think there’s really any need for a main cast member to be listed if they don’t actually appear in the episode.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            @Joey: Because with many shows, it’s part of the series regular contract.

            Think of it this way: “Fine, don’t put me in every episode, while keeping me from pursuing regular work elsewhere. But I’ll be damned if my name isn’t in the credits then.”

          • Joey says:

            Darn them, making things more difficult for we, the viewers! *puts fist on table non-aggressively*

  2. C says:

    Oh Bruno Heller, Mr. Freeze’s origin HAS been told, numerous times in numerous mediums, including a critically acclaimed episode of B:TAS.

  3. Kevin says:

    The Barbara storyline was silly. She undergoes this transformation in the span of 2 episodes?? Ridiculous. One of the few flaws tonight . Hope she doesn’t come back.

    • KCC says:

      But Edward Nygma can go from being a quirky CSI nerd to a psychopathic cop killer in 2 episodes? Barbara always seemed a little unstable to me. Then being kidnapped, tortured and brainwashed by a serial killer pushed her over the edge. It makes as much, if not more sense than Nygma’s transformation as far as what we see on screen. Of course we knew Nygma would become the Riddler, but Barbara appears to be a new character and I thought they set up her going crazy pretty well.

  4. jrex says:

    Is Morena Baccarin signed to be back on Gotham for the second season? Hasn’t she been picked up for some other show next season? Her storyline as Leslie Thompkins did not seem resolved and the character has been integral in modern Batman mythos. I’m willing to accept that Barbara Kean may not turn out to be the Barbara Gordon in the comic books who ultimately becomes the mother of Babs Gordon aka Batgirl. I must say the battle between Leslie and Barbara was more shocking than I expected.

    • Cas says:

      I hope Morena won’t be back. She bores me everytime she is on. There is just something about her character I can’t stand…

  5. James D says:

    Meh. I was hopping for something more. it was pretty dull if you ask me. except for outbreak by Riddler and the very last scene with Bruce and Alfred. What the heck was that crap with Barbara seriously that was just dumb. really hope they buckle down and get their duck in a row for season 2 because I personally wasn’t enthralled with the majority of this season. Sorry.

  6. The Kaibosh says:

    That was just, bad.

  7. Drew says:

    I enjoyed the finale a lot. It was a great payoff to the season. The Barbara/Leslie fight was more intense than I expected.
    It will be a shame to see the “case of the week” element go away. Unless they do more short arcs, like the Ogre arc. That worked well.
    The 90’s cartoon series did an episode featuring a TV character named the Gray Ghost who Bruce was a fan of as a kid and that had some influence on him. I think it would be cool if they used Gray Ghost as a sort of early vigilante figure that Bruce follows (and probably figures out the identity of). This one would end up being a failure in the long run, no doubt, but could give Bruce some ideas.

  8. Kieran Czyzniejewski says:

    Well heres a few questions:
    1. Is Fish really dead or is the fact that she fell into the water just a fall back to say she lived and use her again?
    2. Penguin states he is the king of Gotham, how so? Maroni’s men hate him and will likely refuse orders from him.
    3. When will season 2 come out, I cant wait!

  9. Temperance says:

    What an awesome show, and the finale was awesome. The teasers for season two… well, let’s leave it at ‘summer will be too long’.

  10. Rachel says:

    The only thing that makes me want to watch season 2 is that damn batcave. Damn, that looked cool…

  11. The first 20 minutes of Gotham was amazing. Then Fish showed up with her Mad Max rejects gang and the whole thing went in the toilet. The Selina thing was awful. The Barbara thing was good. The Riddler thing was great. The cave reveal was dorky. Fish not really dying: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  12. keith says:

    As soon as i saw them searching the library i knew they were going to find the cave. I lost it. I was screaming. Great episode.

  13. mike says:

    Really disappointed they made Nygma a schizo. Seems like a way to easy way to write him. Also very disappointed in Selenas rapid decline. She sure turned on Jim awful quick.

    Enjoyed Maroni getting whacked. Very glad Fish is gone. Carmine sure seemed to give up awful quick though. I picked up on Babs being nuts pretty quick. Girl is OUT THERE. Like GONE. Is Oracles birth now in question?

  14. Joey Padron says:

    season finale was so good. can’t wait for season 2 this fall!

  15. Nick says:

    I’ve been kind of ho-hum about most of Gotham. There have always been things it’s done really really well, though, and this finale was a good showcase. I liked it a lot.

  16. Brian Sanders says:

    I give this season an overall C-, I’m very disappointed with the show and I’m not coming back. The writing was lazy and it leap of logic didn’t make any sense. Why shoot Fish Mooney and then she show up fine? Or suddenly Selina Kyle join Mooney group after saying all season that she is a loner? Or the worst, Barbara going Co Co for Cocca Puff where did that come from! That is how the whole entire series was, some great moment getting buried by bad plot development. The show was supposed to be about the city but you barely got that, The Mayor just disappear just like Chispus Alle and Renae Montoya, Barbara ex just disappears. They was part of investiagationof GCPD and that storyline just got dropped, this is one of the many mind blowing thing this show does. This show was just like Revolution a few year back, another show that had a interesting premise but was poorly developed. It wouldn’t be bad if the acting was good but the only people that made the show watchable was Robin Lord Taylor as The Penguin, Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock and Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma/The Riddler. I know it was supposed to be a crime drama but it fail on that level, it could of fit in with any of the other CBS crime shows (that’s not a compliment), then it went all 50 Shade of Grey/Hannibal with the last 2 episodes with the Orge that could of been on Crimimal Minds episode (once again not a compliment). It like the show runners wanted to make a crime drama and not put alot of work into it and this is what they got. The fight between Barbara and Leslie was like the writers saw Empire fight between Cookie and BooBoo Kitty and said oh let throw that in. I was really liked the pilot and I thought the show was going to get better but I was let down and it fell apart.

    • Nasmir says:

      Barbara’s parents had a lot to do with how she turned out. Her childhood could not have been happy with parents like she had.

  17. Azerty says:

    I am glad Angel Baptista lived on Dexter because I definitely didn’t like see him dead. Seriously Gotham had up and down, I will probably back next year because they said they are dropping the Case of the Week. I want to see where they are going with the Penguin. I know a lot of people disagree but the mob war was the best part of the show and I wished we could have seen more of Flacon vs Maroni; both actors were great. This episode for example felt rush. It would have worked better if it was a 2 part episode. I would also like to see a Court of Owl storyline for Bruce next year. I know Thomas Wayne has been Batman in several alternate universe but I think with the Batcave cliffhanger they should go there and make Bruce’s father a member of the court.