Vampire Diaries Recap: Worst Bachelorette Party Ever

Vampire Diaries Elena Human

After a hellish few weeks of dimension-jumping and humanity-awakening, The Vampire Diaries slowed things down a bit on Thursday to examine each of the characters’ next steps.

Is Damon “ready” to start a new human life with Elena? Is becoming a cop, and potentially killing someone, too much for former werewolf Tyler to handle? Should Alaric and Jo leave Mystic Falls for the sake of their new family? And how do you solve a problem like Lily Salvatore?

Let’s start by tackling that first question: No, no he is not. Elena took the cure all by her lonesome this week, triggering a return of her memories, a renewal of her feelings for Damon and, unfortunately, a major vulnerability against Lily, who went all one-eyed ripper on her future daughter-in-law. (Full disclosure: I might have taken some editorial liberty with that description, but I stand by it.)

Though the brothers Salvatore were able to sedate their mother, they weren’t able to quell Damon’s inner-conflict about whether or not to take the cure. “You’re so afraid of losing me that you’ve convinced yourself you can endure a human life,” Elena insisted. And it looks like next week’s episode will only further complicate Damon’s decision… as if you thought it was going to get easier.

Meanwhile this week…

Vampire Diaries Elena HumanWHOA, BABIES! | The only thing I love more than Alaric Saltzman’s apparently endless collection of plain sweaters is his apparently endless amount of love for Jo and their future child… actually, make that future children. We learned this week that Jo is carrying two humans in that baby basket (confession: I don’t know how kids are made), triggering a beyond-words-beautiful speech from her future husband about how keeping his family safe is his only priority. Does that mean he might actually take up Matt’s suggestion to leave town with Jo and the kid(s)? I hope not; this cast is already dropping like flies!

Vampire Diaries Elena HumanANGER MANAGEMENT | OK, let’s get one thing out of the way first: that Matt/Tyler confrontation was weirdly hot. Even Michael Malarkey couldn’t help but ship the best friends as Matt coerced Tyler into a fight, all in the name of building up his tolerance for anger. After all, if Officer Lockwood accidentally kills someone — an oddly topical issue for this show to touch upon, by the way — he’d be forced to wolf out all over again. (Not that we really have to worry about that, since this is Tyler’s third-to-last episode on the show… but I digress.)

WOMAN ON THE VERGE… | And then there’s Lily, who not only ruined Jo’s bachelorette party — she did everything but eat the stripper, to be honest — but also tried to make a meal out of newly-human Elena. After she attempted to kill her lonely self, she was sedated and locked in the Salvatore dungeon, but her threat to destroy what Stefan loves — the mysteriously M.I.A. Caroline Forbes, perhaps? — felt anything but idle. I guess it didn’t help that, in the episode’s final moments, we saw Kai and the Heretics about to break free from their prison world. (As if it wasn’t enough that she crashed Jo’s bachelorette party, Lily and her friends have to go and ruin her wedding too? Not cool, Mama Salvatore.)

TVD fans, time to weigh in: Are you glad Elena is human again? Do you think Damon will take the cure? And what nasty tricks do you think Kai has up his sleeve? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AddieM says:

    Damon will not take the cure.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I don’t think so either.

      • tyranthraxus says:

        With everything pointing to no he dosnt take it, I hope he does. Just so we can get some different storylines for the last season

        • Rick says:

          Season 6 Elena Take the Cure and Damon wants to take the cure also. Damon has lived longer then a humans life time. If taken he will start to grow older and die, the same as Katherine. So why is Elena and Damon acting like they have forgot this very important part of removing Katherine from the story?

          • patty says:

            That’s exactly what I was thinking and the fact that no one has mentioned it is stupid I think the writers have forgotten smh!

          • Christine says:

            I actually hadn’t remembered this detail and had thought the same thing, but a while back I saw others discussing the fact that it wasn’t taking the cure that caused Katherine to age–it was Silas sucking the cure from her blood to become human himself. So Damon would not age so suddenly and drastically like she did. And since Elena would only have aged a year or two since being turned, it wouldn’t affect her if Damon sucked the cure from her blood like Silas did to Katherine. Hope that makes sense! :)

    • Cornelia Klassen says:

      I wish he could of token it because he and Elena would have had a wonderful ending with them to together as humans. But I guess it’s to late. We love you Delena. ❤️🙏 it was a really good show with you to in it.

    • Rick says:

      If he take’s it, he will die. Don’t forget Katherine she turned old fast and died, because she had past human life time.

  2. Kevin says:

    I know some people will disagree, but I find s6 of TVD a strong return from s4 and the disappointing s5, s6 focuses on these characters’ lives and does some much needed character work for a lot of them in a long while. Anyone else thinks Jo’s 2 children will be twins too hence a future gemini coven storyline once again?

    • Madison says:

      I agree! I think this was a great episode and I loved the episode before that as well when Caroline got her humanity back. I’m loving this season.

    • Ag says:

      Well they are twins…. She is pregnant with 2… They are either identical or fraternal twins

  3. Abby says:

    It warmed my heart to see Kai.

  4. Madison says:

    Sadly I think Damon is not gonna take the cure for some reason, either his hand will be forced or something else I don’t know but it sucks because the show focused on romance so much only for Elena to get neither brother which I both love and hate. I’m looking forward to season 7 though and what’s in store for Stefan and Caroline because I love them. An episode without Caroline Forbes is never as good as it could be. She would have LOVED to plan that party. Her presence was missed.

  5. Kinsey says:

    This was a really good episode! I really enjoyed it. Wasn’t a Jo/Alaric fan at first but their scenes tonight were really cute. I also enjoyed Damon and Elena scenes more than usual. No Steroline=depressing but other than that it was a good episode. Lily drama was heartbreaking poor Stefan and that comment about Stefan being sorry LILY DON’T YOU DARE HURT CAROLINE IN ANY WAY.

  6. Riana says:

    Lily was trying to drain the cure from Elena so she wouldn’t be a vampire anymore.

  7. Ashley says:

    Damon isn’t going to take the cure. He’s still on for season 7 and if he was human he would have to disappear with Elena since Nina isn’t in season 7. I think it is so stupid that after years of building up the relationship of Damon and Elena that it’s all fallen to shambles in a mere 3 episodes. She hasn’t mentioned wanting to be human at all since Katherine took the cure and then out of no where it’s in every sentence? I mean it was one more season for her to take part in and make TVD have an amazing series finale. I’m disappointed. She’s going to have to leave her witch best friend, vampire best friend, vampire boyfriend, vampire ex/friend, and vampire hunter brother! After all they’ve done for her! UGH.

    • Riana says:

      It couldn’t be helped when your leading lady decides to honor her 6-year contract and then leave.

      • m3rcnate says:

        They COULD have written it so he does take the cure and they go off and live happily ever after outside Mystic Falls. But they want Daemon on the show for S7 so they write her most likely being compelled to leave on her own and forget about Daemon and Stefan.
        I will say this, after like S2 or 3 the actress has pretty consistently said (when asked which brother she wants Elena to end up with); “Neither”. That she thinks both are dangerous and wants Elena to have a happy normal life and marry a great normal guy (she has mentioned Matt at least once as a guy that fits that bill, though i would say hes falling apart right now). So Nina is getting her wish it looks like (not saying shes getting it cause she wants it, she doesnt have that clout).

      • Cas says:

        While maybe it couldn’t be helped they still could do things differently. Maybe they shouldn’t have jumped the gun on early renewal. 6 seasons would be the perfect amount and they could have wrapped everything up nicely. I can’t imagine ratings next season will even be remotely what they are now.

  8. jerrired says:

    Ugh Andy, how could you find that fight hot. lol The fight annoyed me so much because Matt and Tyler have the only consistent and health relationship on the show. Let Matt and Tyler’s bromance stay without the drama. We get enough of that on the show. Anyway, anyone have theories on how they’ll resolve this twin baby thing? No way they’ll send Alaric away, when he just returned. I hope they’re not going to kill Jo or her babies…that’s too dark, even after we learned Damon killed Sarah’s mom.

    Cannot wait for Kai’s return. He may return just to die, but Kai has definitely been one of the biggest highlights of the season. So if this is his swan song, I hope it’s a big one. Overall, all right episode. Elena’s happiness about becoming a human again actually made me smile. It was the only Damon and Elena moment I liked in the last three seasons. But zero chance of a human Damon.

  9. ZainbR says:

    Well if Damon will take the cure he will die just like Katherine but Elina won’t she is only 17 !!!!

    • omar says:

      My exact thought!! I was like: wtf damon, if you take the stupid cure you’ll die like Katherine. I can’t understand how nobody have mentioned that part yet. Elena just lost a couple of years, but Damon more than a hundred.

  10. Michelle says:

    I got to give it to Elena, lol. Not even an hour to being human and she’s already in danger.

    I hope Damon takes the cure, I really would like to see him navigate life as a human, after being a vampire for so long.

  11. Minnie says:

    I swear Tyler kept that same expression on his face for 6 years straight. Ya know, that “what the fudge am i doing here” face…

  12. gotasecret says:

    Pretty sure Julie Plec and Shonda Rhimes are trying to one-up each other on who’s going to write out fan favorite characters in the worst possible ways.

    • Kevin says:

      not really, while nina dobrev is a fan fave actress as she is very good, elena sure as hell isn’t a fan-fave character the way derek was

  13. TVDLuva2009 says:

    GREAT info about Bonnie. Oh wait, you did none! This site just can’t stand her for some reason.

  14. zed says:

    You know how the writing for a show is bad when you have a scene where one’s best friends are so super disconnected- I am talking about Bonnie and Elena and the Cure business! And Elena not talking it through with her best friend Bonnie??? And Bonnie having to address it- and as for Delena and all cheesiness they have crammed in cos Nina is leaving is just overload of yuck. Sorry- but the whole story feels kinda botched.
    Did I miss something or… why wasn’t Caroline there at the worst hen party ever?!
    Can we move on to season 7 already?!! Want vamp-witches and blood flowing and Bonnie saving the day and great Defan teamwork with Caroline of course being herself and resourcefull!!
    Now I just can’t wait for Elena to depart!

  15. Sara says:

    Not feeling the whole Lily storyline….should have let her die. It just feels so repetitive. There is always someone trying to get ‘revenge’ on the brothers and their friends. Change the baddie and story up slightly, but it’s the same thing. They need to do a story line where law enforcement (govt’) finally wakes up and decides to start figuring out why so many people disappear and die in that freaking town! Something based a bit more in reality would be a nice change.

  16. Ally Oop says:

    I’m still annoyed at the show’s writers. Didn’t we learn that older vampires can’t survive long after taking the cure because they die of old age soon after?

    • Fran says:

      I’m still confused on that. I’ve heard people say older vampires will automatically age and die, and then those that say that only happened to Katherine because Silas drained the cure from her… I have no idea which one is right…

  17. Baileigh says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, however since Bonnie took the cure from 1994, it won’t be there in 2012/2013 for them to force feed it to Katherine.

    • Gerri says:

      It’s another dimension cure. Not just back in time.
      WHICH means there is also another cure in the dimension Kai is in.
      I am hoping Damon takes THAT cure at the end of Season 7 and reunites with Elena, (she’d have to Cameo in the series finale)

  18. Nona says:

    It is obvious that Damon cant take the cure and die. I mean the one leaving the show is Nina not Ian. Ian has to remain in the show. SO if he takes th cure he will remain human but not die cause Ian still has a contract to the show he is not leaving

  19. Amanda says:

    People keep talking about how if Damon takes the cure, he will age rapidly and die like Katherine. However, the only reason that happened to Katherine is because Silas drained the cure from her. So, I think we are to assume Damon would be fine if he took the cure as long as no one drained him.

    My prediction is that human Elena is in danger once the witch-vampires and Kai return, so she goes away into hiding. Damon has to stay a vampire to help save everyone from the danger, and he promises Elena he will come join her after it is safe. Who knows if he’ll take the cure, but at least that set-up gives a good story for why Elena would leave without Damon.

    • zed says:

      I think so too. Because now she has the cure in her system and if someone drank it they would be cured as well and she would then ages as Katherine. Makes sense for her exit.

  20. Trish says:

    “Promise me this is forever” …. no actually, never mind… I want to become human again…

  21. B says:

    She wanted to leave. She’s wanted to leave since she broke up with Ian. I’m assuming that his decision to date her close friend didn’t help matters. Their chemistry is nonexistent at this point. She’s clearly emotional removed from he scenes with Ian/Damon and it painfully obvious she’d rather be anywhere but on that set! I think she’s thinks she’s going to become a star like former CW Gossip Girl star Blake Lively but that’s never going to happen! Blake was able to transition into a movie star because of connection to the fashion industry, her stunning looks, her close friendship with Anna Wintour, and her marriage to Ryan Reynolds! I watched The Age of Adeline and it was the perfect vehicle for Lively. She shined in one of the best romance movies in seen in years! I always thought Leighton Meester was the best actress on the series and hope that she someday makes it to the A-list!

  22. Jessica says:

    For the people thinking the reason Katherine died after taking the cure was because of her age, you’re wrong. It’s because she was a doppelgänger and the cure had a different side effect to a doppelgänger, which made her age and die. If Damon takes the cure, he will not die. He will be fine.
    Why would you think, after what happened to Katherine, he would take it?

  23. Gerald says:

    Just to be clear, Damon “Taking” the cure with Elena is: she drinks it and then he drinks her blood while the cure is in her system? I imagine that is a limited time deal, just like you have 24hrs to get the vampire blood out of your system before you die. Am I getting that right?

  24. Rick says:

    Season 6 Elena Take the Cure and Damon wants to take the cure also. Damon has lived longer then a humans life time. If taken he will start to grow older and die, the same as Katherine. So why is Elena and Damon acting like they have forgot this very important part of removing Katherine from the story?

  25. cas says:

    I do not think that Damon will take the cure. Also, Elena is human again, does she just leave to a new life leaving everything behind since Nina is leaving the show? I don’t see that happening. Another thing is she’s human again and Klaus is out of hybrids…

  26. Shalon says:

    Damon wont take the cure.nina is leaving he doesnt have a reason to be left human

  27. Emm says:

    i actually hate elena being human again, now she’s again that fragile girl she’s been in the first seasons, in my opinion damon and elena should have been living their vampire life for a while and after some time they still could have taken the cure, become human and have children etc.

  28. Emm says:

    And by the way damon wont age with the cure running through his veins and as elena has only been a vampire for about a year she wont age either even without the cure in her system