Reign Drama: Will Kenna's 'Connection' With Renaude Destroy Her Marriage?

Reign Bash Kenna

At this point, Bash and Kenna’s relationship on Reign is hanging by a thread — and newcomer General Renaude appears to be sharpening his scissors.

“It’s pretty obvious from their first episode together that there’s a spark of something that could happen,” Renaude’s portrayer, Vince Nappo, tells TVLine. “They’re both very honest with themselves and other people when they’re making tough decisions. They do things because it’s exactly what they need at that moment. They’re also both being held in place, so they had this immediate connection in the woods. I think we’re going to see that progress.”

And things are only going to get messier as, per The CW, Kenna “crosses a line” with Renaude on Thursday’s episode (9/8c). Of course, Renaude’s intrusion into the world of Kash — or is it Benna? — doesn’t come without some considerable guilt, at least on Nappo’s part.

“I started to cram when I first got the part,” he says. “All of the relationships are so important, and there are so many different combinations, but then I have to try to forget that I know it when we’re filming; Renaude has no idea who Bash is.”

And Nappo knows viewers aren’t going to love him for coming between a fan-favorite couple. In fact, being seen as a troublemaker is something he came to terms with fairly early on.

“I guess that’s going to happen when you kill a man with your bare hands in your first scene,” he says. “I’ve done quite a bit of stage combat over the years in theater, but never on camera, so that was awesome.”

Reign fans, are you still holding out hope for Bash and Kenna to get over their issues? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the couple below.

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  1. pamela says:

    bash+kenna=divorce. should have never happened, they were only paired up to end the triangle with mary, francis, and bash which i’d rather go back to considering what a soap opera the show has turned into since the first season.

  2. Michelle says:

    I don’t even watch this show anymore, I stopped like 4 or 5 episode into season 2. The show used to be really good, especially in the first half of season 1, & somewhere near the end of that season, things started to go wrong. It just became repetitive and I began to dislike all the characters, with the exception of Bash of course.

  3. Daphne says:

    Duh it’s Kennash! ;)

    • Amber says:

      I love them too and I know they’ll be together in the end!!! Holding out for a Kennash baby :) but also I hate how the show is starting to lose its main focus…

  4. ? says:

    I liked this show so much towards the end of last year, but this year, I don’t think the writers have any plans for anything at all. They’re twisting themselves into pretzels trying to create romantic drama and conflict that no one is invested in, as if there weren’t plenty of other sources of drama they could mine. So dumb.

  5. Lane Wescott says:

    It’s BASHKEN for me. I’m upset because they’re making Kenna so slutty. She has a good man who has saved her many times. What would she do with a general? He’s gone on missions all the time. That was her stupid gripe with Bash: gone all the time! I am hoping she is already pregnant with baby Bashken. That is her only saving grace. I love REIGN a lot and I don’t abandon it just because I’m not happy with the stories. THAT is stupid. Do you read a book, don’t like one chapter and refuse to finish it? NO. Stay loyal.

    • Dmac says:

      But the stories are the show and if you don’t like any if the stories they are telling what is the point of watching. This season has been a mess, badly written plots and people breaking up and hooking up for no apparent reason, add in a rape for the purpose of causing Mary to cheat. This show isn’t needs to fire their writers and start over.

  6. brandydanforth81 says:

    In episode22Kenna gets engaged to,marries,sleeps with General R so yes she and Badh are done sadly.Greer & Leith break up too,

    • Lane Wescott says:

      If it’s gonna take years and lots of money for Greer to get an annulment, I don’t think Kenna can do it any faster. I don’t think Kenna will go through with it after all. A general is just an army man in battle and on a horse most of the time. Stick with the best man you already have, Kenna. BASH.

  7. Skaddadle says:

    I could care less at this point. I stopped watching this show about halfway through season 2 when they completely screwed up the Frary relationship. They were like the only couple on here i even shipped and season one was sooooo good because of their relationship and how much they both cared about their countries and each other. And now it’s just crap and they have completely ruined their relationship and the show for me. And I don’t like any of the new characters either. Conde and Narcisse annoy the hell out of me. Same with princess claude. Hopefully they find some way to make show good again by next season.

    • Lane Wescott says:

      It’s a great show and under appreciated. They work hard at this. Those actors are put through grueling hours in frigid cold conditions and in heat. The affair with Mary and Conde is to stretch out Francis’s very short life. It’s a necessity. The additional characters are good ones. We just have a tendency to cheer on the good and boo the bad, as it should be! Never ever give up a good show like this. So much junk is on television. This is different and enjoyable. I appreciate it all the way.

  8. H says:

    Kenna will be with any man who’ll pay for her ridiculous gowns. That’s the raison d’etre of the character.

  9. AddieM says:

    I can have you Bash if no one wants you.
    I’m ok with Bash and Kenna splitting up, never liked the union from the start, they tried to make it work but it was all forced. He’s the most decent man on this show, how is he so unlucky in love.

    • Lily says:

      Bash is unlucky in love, because he is a decent man…. that is just the way the world works, unfortunately.

  10. Lys says:

    I really like the vibe between Renaud and Kenna, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing them get involved.
    Seeing Kenna’s story with perspective, I can’t help but think that every person we meet in life will have a completely different opinion and view of us depending on how they have met us, what they have seen, and how we have interacted with each other, which is just a matter of chance. Renaud and Kenna meet quite freely, in an environment outside of all eyes, outside of court, and they just see from the other what the other shows that moment, which makes for a fresh start for both, a completely unknown person. Renaud sees traits of Kenna that would have come unnoticed in another setting (a brave, solid, independent woman; not a shallow girl just obsessed with futilities, as others who know her from court imply), which is freeing for her and certainly gives her room for growth, plus there’s an intimate connection between them right away, away from formalities and courtlife.
    That intimate, straightforward, honest first contact sets the path for the following encounters and what they think one of the other.
    In addition, Renaud is very respectful of Kenna since the beginning (and he doesn’t know / doesn’t see Kenna’s passionate activity with the male gender) and that’s something solid to build on. Kenna also seems to appreciate that from the first moment they meet, so both treat each other with respect. This, their intimate way of relating to each other and their outlook on life seem promising as in compatible, and it looks like it can bring happinness to both of them.

    And Kenna is definitely quite miserable with her life, even if Bash tried to ‘make things work’ again: friends yes, but Bash and her seem rather uncompatible. And I’m not talking about Kenna wanting dresses or futilities, but you can’t ignore the fact that people’s preferences might be opposite and there’s no point in making anybody miserable for that, condemning them to a miserable life with the shackles of self-control, and compliance to rules, as well as formalities alone.

    To sum up…: go Renaud and Kenna! ;) It seems like a freeing and refreshing relationship.

  11. Lily says:

    When will Kenna learn, that all of these men are just using her? Historically Renaude, like Conde, was involved in the Amboise Conspiracy. All I can say is, Bash better not take Kenna back…. she is just going to cheat on him again.

  12. Kalli says:

    I am a lot more interested in the politics plskthnx. The parallels between Conde and Bash; Lola, Greer and Mary; and Catherine’s destructive hand in every pie were rather well handled this week and if every week had this much thought put into it, viewers would come back. I can see already how the writers plan to bring their romantic sideplots back in line with historical events in the same way s1’s final arc did, and it should be an interesting ride. Focusing on Kenna to the exclusion of all else is reducing the show to something it’s not, and it doesn’t seem to be pleasing people – it’s too complex for a romantic trashy show, but it’s not just a political period piece.

    • Lily says:

      Agreed…. the politics of “Reign” are much better, than any of the romantic relationships. Though, I did enjoy how Mary toying with Conde’s love all season, would eventually cause him to become the historical Huguenot leader.

  13. Boiler says:

    Andy I think you need to use your time more wisely than recapping perhaps the lowest rated network show. If HoD got this love may still be around

  14. Joe says:

    In my opinion Kenna and Sebastian are nothing close to what would qualify as good.

  15. tess says:

    I LOVE Bash. I hate how he keeps getting his heart broken. He truly loved Kenna. Remember during the plague he held her before knowing she was not infected. I hate how stupid Kenna has been. Earlier in the season she appeared to grow, but she seems to back to her spoiled self. Bash has always been way too good for her. Greer married for security and riches, look how that turned out. The general seems more like a mercenary to me. Bash has a noble job, which she encouraged him to seek. I have a feeling she will learn she is pregnant with Bash’s child and lie about it. If she doesn’t realize the good things she has with Bash soon, I hope Bash finds love else where.

  16. Ella says:

    Like Kenna cares about her marriage. All the women on this show have turned into a joke this season.

  17. P Nix says:

    I love this story. It has reawakened my love of history. I realize this is fictional based on fact. I love it. Hate Conde! Love Francis and Mary! Love Bash…Kenna????

  18. P Nix says:

    Why keep such as Simpsons(mindless chatter and SpongeBob) and Family Guy. My two favs are ‘REIGN’ and ‘REVENGE’. and all the vampire and survival shows…go away. I love all the NCIS series and Law and Order SVU…Battle Creek is good, and Blue Bloods is great. No more Good Wife…Yuck! Castle gets renewed how many years??? Gees!! just my opinion.