Bones Sneak Peek: Hodgins Gives Angela 20 Million Reasons to :-O

Any financial setbacks Bones‘ Hodgins has suffered in recent years are poised to be wiped clean, and then some.

As seen in this exclusive clip from Thursday’s milestone* episode (Fox, 8/7c), Hodgins’ recent invention of an “ultra-rubber covering” has elicited the interest of a company with deeeeeeep pockets. And provided the deal passes muster with his lawyer, Hodgins and wife Angela could be rolling in dough.

As good as the news is, Angela sounds a tiny sad trombone. Press play above to hear what point she raises.

* This Thursday marks the Fox drama’s 206th episode. Maybe you can appreciate the significance, maybe it is lost on you. Either way, here’s a bonus video of Angela’s portrayer, Michaela Conlin, spelling it out for us, with a charming anecdote:

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  1. kmw says:

    This episode makes Bones the longest running drama FOX has produced and of course 206 is the number of Bones in the human body. I am interested to see how they mention every single Bone in this episode, which they are supposedly doing. Should be interesting

  2. A says:

    206 BONES IN THE BODY!!!….I was always ok with Hodgins not being a millionaire, even when he lost the money they STILL both had/have good jobs, with a hefty salary each.

    • Matt says:

      I was never ok with it but only because the way he lost his fortune was so unrealistic. That part of the plot, like much of the Pelant storyline, was written by someone with no idea of how the world really works.

      • Boiler says:

        So given what hackers have been able to do you don’t think that was realistic? Highly unlikely but probably will happen someday

        • With the number of high-ranking witnesses, including a prominent member of the US Justice Department all witnessing in real-time the events that led to the draining of all of Hodgins’ assets, the likelihood that the majority of those transactions could not be overturned is minuscule at best. While there may have been significant losses, the majority of the financial estate should have been eventually redeemed.

          • skrable2 says:

            Thank you. This point has bothered me for years. They were able to show that Miss Julien’s bank account was manipulated, and had that reversed, and yet Hodgins’ assets were permanently gone?

          • Jane says:

            Thank you. That was always so unrealistic to me. The idea that he would not have been able to recover the majority, if not all, of his funds just never made any sense to me. Also, not all of his funds would have been that liquid so they wouldn’t have been that easily stolen. I admit I’ve pretty much given up watching this show so it really isn’t an issue for me any longer but it would have been nice if they had done a better job of explaining it.

        • Matt says:

          A lot of his fortune was tied up in brokerage and stock options related to his family business interests, it was not liquid assets that could be stripped in seconds. Most of the transactions required to turn these types of assets into cash are restricted by federal law to face to face transactions requiring notarized documents etc. Obviously most viewers would not necessarily be aware but as someone who works in finance it just bugged me.

          • Cyndi says:

            Also would this not have been classified as theft? Isn’t there an insurance for that? They had legitimate witnesses. Plus forensic accountants would’ve found something.

  3. Ya know, I don’t think that Cam really has any standing if the deal goes through. She made a big frekking stink about making sure that Hodgins didn’t work on the invention at work. So um tooooo bad for them

    • Veronica says:

      I took it to mean that Angela is concerned there might be repercussions for Cam because she kept him from developing it on the job. Clearly, Hodgens should justly receive the money, but they wouldn’t want to see Cam in trouble.

      • Mau says:

        @Veronica – you are right (imho). They’re worried that Cam will get in trouble with the Jeffersonian. It has nothing to do with her actual claim to the money – she has no claim.

    • Kim R says:

      Haha! That is the first thing I thought as well. Is has nothing to do with Cam. It was not Jeffersonian related. It was not developed there so, really, I’m not sure why Angela even brought it up. If they are successful they have nothing to feel badly for. :)

  4. Anne says:

    This episode looks so good! Looking forward to it. That second video had me go awww. i love this cast so much <3

  5. kmw says:

    Yes episode looks good. I never liked any part of Pelant arc, but Angela and Hodgins losing their money was never that big of a deal. This story is intended to give Angela a reason to not have to work. She always said she is an artist first, them getting rich will allow her to get back to that, at least temporarily

  6. Kendall says:

    I want to see Hodgins go on a show like Shark Tank and then complain about a conspiracy where Big Glass is sabotaging his efforts to market his invention.

  7. jj says:

    I hope they get to keep all of them. It is still a small amount compare to his original fortune. It was absolutely stupid to have him lose all his money to Pelant. (The worst and most drag out storyline in Bones.)

  8. J Vasquez says:

    I love the show..Bones and Booth have a love that only happens once in a life time. Talk about soulmate… Its beautiful.. Hodgins and Angela are perfect for each other. And the others are terrific. Wendell, Cam and the rest. I hope they give each character the great ending they deserve, including Zack give them closure and off to the sunset..Hodgins should get all his family money back and his 20 million deal….Bones is and forever will be my favorite show of all time… HATS OFF to everyone involve with the show.