American Idol's Quentin Alexander on His Most Inventive Performances, Wildest Outfits and Favorite Mentor

What do H&M, Annie Lennox and New Orleans “bounce” music have in common? All of them turned out to be integral parts of Quentin Alexander’s American Idol journey.

The Season 14 sixth-place finisher stopped by TVLine HQ for a freewheeling interview about his run on the show — how he managed to convince producers that Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” fit a “Party Anthem” theme, what process he used to come up with his unusual stage outfits and why he messed with Harry Connick Jr.’s notes midway through his performance of “Are You Gonna Go My Way” (AKA the moment right before the duo’s tense on-camera confrontation).

Also on the docket: Quentin’s failed Season 12 audition, his struggles with pitch throughout the competition, his unique arrangements of “I Put a Spell on You” and “You’re the One That I Want,” his favorite mentor, and his hopes of making a national impact in his post-Idol career.

Press PLAY above for the full video Q&A, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Mike says:

    Pls be our next superstar. ScottBorch believes in him. I can feel and see it. I hope he’s “one” of at least two or three the “ones” this season that makes a REAL american idol impact. Pls Lord. Please.

  2. Kim R says:

    “Live with Regis and Kelly”….heehee.

  3. Brenda Howrey says:

    What a nice young man! He really was raised right. I miss both him and Joey on the Idol shows now- hope they make a change and include the top 7 on tour!

  4. Jess says:

    So awesome! Love Quentin, he’s a great kid and I hope his dreams come true!!

  5. Lloyd says:

    Nice interview. He’s a smart and articulate guy and seems to have a good idea about what he wants. :)

  6. Denote says:

    Finally, I’ve been waiting for this interview! Thanks Michael! I think Quentin is awesome, so much talent and love his artistry.

  7. Jess says:

    Quentin is awesome! I wish him all the best and I want to see him succeed. He seems like a genuine cool guy

  8. LZB says:

    Quentin should have won this season. And Joey and Qaasim should have been right up there too. This show is not doing a good job of supporting the immense talent that has been on it since the beginning. The show needs to change. Instead of being a survival-type competition, in which the contestants are engaged in an endurance contest, they should be nurtured. Whatever support is offered, it is obviously not enough for any of them. Every season, as the show progresses the contestants and their performances seem exhausted and less interesting. And YES I definitely want to see Quentin’s Love Potion No. 9. And, Michael, I’d love to see an interview with Qaasim, because I’ve got lots of time now until Quentin, Joey and Qaasim show up in the Final show. I’m not wasting my time now watching the rest of this now-dull show this season. Maybe not next season either, if this show doesn’t shape up, so to speak.

  9. Jaclyn says:

    No flowers, Michael??

  10. Danelle says:

    I never watch these interviews, mostly because I don’t gain insight into the idol process. I watch Idol for Idol. I like to listen to music and watch the competition unfold. I just don’t have a vested interest in any of the kids post Idol, even the ones I vote for! LOL Of course I wish them the best but I could really care less. I guess that’s why I don’t get the the outcry over contestants being “bussed” or “tortured” or “pimped” or “propped”. I live for the moment I guess. :P

  11. galaga6846 says:

    I agree, I really, REALLY want his post-Idol body of work to truly reflect who he has shown himself to be on the show and on interviews. I’ve been so disappointed with my favorite contestants post-Idol music.

  12. pls says:

    please dont give the flowers to jax haha

  13. Angel says:

    Thank you Michael, I’ve been waiting 4ever for this. I love Quentin so much. He is such a well spoken young man and I am glad he got to express his truth’s so we can see what we already knew in that he is an amazing young man with a lot of talent. He has passion and he cares for others. I hate that the show and other media outlets painted him in this angry young ungrateful man. That is not who he is.

    Thanks Again and yes I need Quentin to give me all the songs, the fashion and acting and whatever talent he has. I need it ALL!!! 1Love!

  14. Fangirl says:

    Why have you never interviewed Qaasim? LOVE Quentin~ nice interview…

  15. Faye says:

    Please Please, Quentin, put some songs on youtube or wherever ….I need to see him as much as possible !!

  16. m guil says:

    I was looking forward to see quentin now i could care less for the rest of idol just waiting for finally just to see quentin

  17. Amy in Missouri says:

    Great interview! I agree with both of them that “Dark Side” is his best recorded song. I really hope he gets signed.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Bring on the music! I cannot wait to see what he comes out with in the future!

  19. Mytake says:

    I hope he does great post Idol!

    Michael, next time you do an interview please don’t sit in FRONT of a bright window with the camera at you face and that super glare behind you. Makes it harder to see your faces when you are in somewhat of a silhouette mode. I’m sure you’re familiar with not taking someone’s picture while the camera is facing the sun. Same principle.

  20. karenb says:

    “I’m glad I could clear that up for you.”


    Ahh Quentin!! You’ll be missed! You are the most unique artist that idol has ever had in all of its years! Lots of luck!

  21. Tina says:

    Am I the only one who finds him soooooo sexy??? I don’t get all this fawning over Clark and Nick. I’m like “I’ll take Quentin please!” lol

  22. Mary says:

    Thanks for the interview. Quentin seems to have a level head and I hope he is able to progress further on his journey. American Idol might not have been the proper showcase for his talent, due to the demographics but I am sure glad he made it this far. He is one I will definitely keep an eye out for.

  23. Diane d8 says:

    All the contestants are great

  24. Scott says:

    Great interview! Really respect and appreciate Quentin’s artistry. On a side note, that story about “In The Air Tonight” is not true, just an urban legend that Phil Collins has debunked, but glad it helped him get into the lyrics!

  25. Carola says:

    Love him! He is such a sweetheart and a great personality!
    Really hope and pray big things happen to him! Scott Borchetta please sign him! He is unique and special. THank you.

    • Susan says:

      Great interview, For me the season is over. Quentin was just unique and easy on the eyes. I hope he gets the career he wants to have. I agree that a voice that is real and raw is sometimes or many times more interesting than perfection. Quentin just knows how to be sexy. Last time we had that was Adam Lambert who is still bringing it in the “Ghost Town” video.

  26. Noah says:

    After the Quentin fiasco with Harry and the obvious Sham Job by idol to oust Quentin my family and I no longer watch American Idol we watch The Voice. P.S. If Idol is smart they Will get rid of Harry next season.

    • Bill Boehmer says:

      Nice work on trying to rehabilitate his image. Unfortunately I witnessed his disrespectful night on idol and no amount of revisionist history will make me think he should have continued. He got what he deserved.

  27. Lyn says:

    Big miss for Idol to not have Joey and Quentin on the tour!! Great job Quentin! Thank you for so many great performances. Amazing artistry!

  28. dmakdesign says:

    For some reason I’m always trying to guess who gets to be the recipient of the bouquet each season (although I was peeved more than I thought when last season it went to “two” recipients). I thought for sure Quentin would be the first guy to receive it! It has to be going to Jax then…

  29. ara says:

    Lovely interview! I thought it would be longer than Joey’s, haha.

  30. danin says:

    Love this kid. He’s beautiful. Inside and out.

    • danin says:

      And his character, made of integrity and authenticity, was clear as a bell from his earliest appearance on AI.

  31. judith myers says:

    He had the best command of the song and performance of all the contestants. He was an interesting singer with soul in his voice. I would pay money to see his act. His voice is true and Harry Conneck is a has been lounge act.

    • Jill Moy says:


      He was ok! He did it to himseld with his actions! Only a couple complained about a superior Adanna leaving the show: now she had it all! Don’t expect a big career for Quentin! I liked him but he is overrated! Had he dressed normally (meant, like most Idols), he wouldn’t have stood out and never would have made top 24! He had pitch problems on every song!

  32. Leticia Prado says:

    Quentin, I have just started to love you more than I already did.

  33. Jill Moy says:


    It was no sham! Most people didn’t like what happened with Harry so he got less votes! I predicted on a blog he’d leave! Whenever a contestant talks out of turn, they are GONE! He should have shut his mouth! Walking over to Harry didn’t help him either! I liked him too and I didn’t like him either! But he did have pitch problems! I don’t believe he would have won anyway!

  34. BradyBunch4U says:

    Quentin is a star. He has that IT factor. I know Scott see’s it and signs him. Q is sorely missed as no one left is as mesmerizing.

    • Jill Moy says:


  35. ABox says:

    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, Quentin is, without question, the star of season 14.

  36. MamaLis says:

    Impressive interview! Nice job Quentin! We’ll be watching for you!!!