Revenge Recap: 'Eternally Yours, Victoria Grayson'

Revenge Recap

Despite her deserved reputation as one of the Hamptons’ preeminent phoenixes, Victoria Grayson did not rise from the ashes on Sunday’s Revenge.

She did, however, manage to raise some serious hell — sent directly from the source, no doubt — via a highly incriminating (and highly faked) break-in scene at Chez Victoria. “This wasn’t a suicide at all,” remarked the oh-so-astute Louise. “This was murder!” Dun, dun, dun…

Naturally, both members of Team Clarke were called in for questioning, during which a whole mess of secrets finally spilled out: Amanda learned that David has cancer, Jack found out he “won” the battle for Amanda and she told Ben that Mason “Crazy Capote” Treadwell is still alive. He is, after all, the only person able to corroborate her airport alibi.

But the biggest secret, unfortunately for Mandy, was saved for last: Victoria and Mason were working together to frame her for murder, the details of which were revealed in a posthumous message from the Queen of video selfies the Hamptons, herself. And right on cue, Detective Ben showed up with cuffs — and not the good kind.

Elsewhere this week…

ANTISOCIAL WORK | Despite the world literally exploding around him, Nolan actually managed to forge a healthy, romantic, stress-free relationship with Tony — which meant it was only a matter of time before it all came crashing down. Frankly, I’m surprised Tony merely broke up with Nolan upon learning that he’ll soon be adopting a child; I figured the unrealistically hot social worker would end up getting the Aiden Mathis Special for sure. (So there’s still hope!)

‘GOODBYE, AMANDA’ | At the top of the hour, Jack — and the viewers — were basking in the glow of the former Hamptonite’s new, clothing-optional life in Los Angeles. But it wasn’t long before, just as Mama Porter Grayson feared, Jack’s connection to Amanda lured him unwittingly back to the scene of the (alleged) crime. Too bad he wasted his first interaction with her, serving up a cold glass of “Goodbye, Amanda,” because by the time he arrived at her house to make things right, she was already being hauled off.

Revenge fans, any idea how Amanda is going to weasel her way out of this one? And what do you hope to see in the season/series’ final two episodes? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Doo Bee Doo says:

    Glad I started watching the show again tonight – Mason Treadwell/Victoria’s plan to frame Emily is a vast improvement on Mar-go Lame-marchal.

  2. Saif says:

    Oh no she didn’t! Wow!

  3. Dan says:

    Andy if the series was going to end, wouldn’t ABC have said so by now? What are they waiting for?

    • Doo Bee Doo says:

      I had a theory last week after I learned that Victoria blew herself up and that the last episode of the season is called “Two Graves” – maybe ABC is holding off on saying that the show is ending so that when they kill Emily off in the final episode it will be the most shocking of shocking brilliant deaths in television history. I mean, yeah, ABC has a practice of not announcing renewals until late. But they have hinted before that the series probably couldn’t have a happy ending, and Emily’s death would be the mother of all shockers.

      And then if ABC decides to renew after all, they can always do like Buffy and bring Emily back from the dead.

      • Drukin says:

        At the begining of the series Emily’s voice over stated there’s a saying that when you set out on the trail if revenge you should always dig two graves one for the victim of your revenge and one for yourself,
        So I would surmise that two graves will be the last.
        I hope so ,as too drag it out any longer would be ludicrous

    • I have a feeling that they are negotiating an abbreviated final season and are asking the actors to take a major pay-cut. I don’t see the need to drag it out any further but would hate to see it end without resolute closure.

  4. kdn1231 says:

    I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, if the series ends with Emily behind bars or dead then we all just wasted 4 years on this show. If Emily needs to suffer, kill David. I have also been a huge advocate for Charlotte, and I am really hoping she takes he sister’s side and isn’t annoying has hell next week. Two episodes left, and they (imo) are the two most important episodes of the series.

    • Robert says:

      Charlotte was also involved framing her i bet

    • Gael says:

      Totally agree with you. An all-for-naught ending would be a waste of all of this.

    • Well, one thing going for us…Shonda Rimes doesn’t write this show so the odds of Emily dying are much lower than they could be.

      • Dan says:

        THIS! lol

      • laariv says:

        Sunnil Nayar is much worse then Shonda.If Mike Kelley original creator this show stayed than everething will be ok.Nayar ruined last two seasons Csi Miami so much,that fans are still in schock.He killed of every man in Emily life just to force veird romance betwen her and Jack.And yes Ben will be killed too,so that Emily and Jack can finally slleep together.

        • Muffy says:

          But the creator was behind J/AE since S1. They’re endgame. Either one dies or both ride off into the sun set.

          • laariv says:

            No creator was for Ems and Aiden.According to Emily Aiden was love of her life,Jack was childhood crash.Barry Sloane was series regular since season 2,and it was decision new producer Nayar to kill of Aiden in season 3.Mike Kelley didnt agree where this show is going,so he decided to leave.

        • You might be wrong about your last prediction, at least as far as I’ve heard.

  5. James says:

    It’s like finally this show just got good again, too bad this wasn’t a year long mystery

  6. Jimmy says:

    I thought this was a little lame. The old Amanda would have seen this Mason Treadwell betrayal coming from a mile away. It was beyond obvious.

    • Alichat says:

      Well, I have a hard time believing Nolan can’t track down that video which Victoria…..who has zero hacker skills….was somehow able to delete immediately from the server. And a money trail….there has to be a money trail to Mason and one to whomever she paid to attack her in the garage. If they end this show with Emily dead or in jail, I’m going to be seriously pissed that I wasted 4 years on this mess.

      • Kym says:

        Well Margeaux already paid White Gold, but didn’t go through with it, so maybe she used her to stage the attack on Victoria. Nolan better put his computer skills to good use, these next 2 episodes. I will be mad if one of the gang doesn’t get a happy ending, they have all lost so much; Declan, real Emily, Patrick, Aiden, Jack’s dad, the bar, Amanda can’t have kids etc. It would be nice for her and Jack to raise Carl together.

      • cass says:

        Exactly!!! I like the IDEA of Victoria and Mason framing Emily, but they do NOT have the skills. This entire series, Emily and Nolan have been able to do all kinds of crazy unbelievable things because they are the experts and are “so good at what they do.” Victoria and Mason knowing anything about technology to send and delete that video is laughable. I mean Mason used a typewriter to write his life’s work!!!!

    • NutsnBolts says:

      She’s been pretty distracted so not necessarily. But she obviously didn’t even consider/remember the deal with Mason when she came out as Amanda. Too busy trying to prevent that drive from hitting the news. Coming out as Amanda in haste she skipped a step. So you make a good point. Her first thought should’ve been “Mason is going to contact Victoria.”

    • desiree says:

      You’re 1000% right. The moment he approached her car with the handkerchief in his hand I was like, “well…he doesn’t want to leave any prints behind…he’s obviously planning something…I really hope they are able to wrap this all up in a satisfying way…

    • Ella Wade says:

      I agree. Why do the writers always think we are not smart enough to know that?

  7. diane says:

    I knew Vicky and Mason were in on it. Those sly old revengers. Jack without a shirt = me happy.

  8. tamera says:

    I love this show but if it ends ruining Emily and company you have wasted my time. She deserves a good end not Victoria. Wish you would have killed her before this.

  9. Ricky Lee Jones says:

    The second grave will be for Mason. Mark my words lol

  10. Kym says:

    Is Ben in on this frame up or are his feelings that hurt? The promo looks good, Margeaux needs to be choked and I want to know now what Louise finds.

    • NutsnBolts says:

      He’s doing his job and feelings are hurt. I think Margeau deep down knows Amanda is innocent. I think she’ll learn through her research all that Victoria is/was. She still needs to learn the truth about the death of her father and the death of Aidan. She will pull away again from trying to avenge someone. It’s really not her thing. It’s annoying to watch. Maybe she will end up with a copy of this Victoria video that self destructed from Amanda’s phone. That is once Nolan finds it and anonymously sends it to her.

  11. Scott says:

    so what was the point of having Nolan get close with Tony?

    • NutsnBolts says:

      To show us the true Nolan. Tony’s not gone. He’s just emotional and nervous about the big change coming his way. Once he has his ducks in a row guaranteed he will want Nolan to meet his little boy. Who knows what happens from there.

    • Lucie says:

      I still don’t trust Tony and I hate the way they write Nolan in love. I know he is supposed to be a geek but, please, he should have a little confidence by now.

  12. Jeffrey Sean Keith says:

    Notwithstanding, this is how it should end I think Amanda,Jack,and Charlotte,need to have a three-way,and then sail off into the sunset,”if Amanda is cleared”! I have honestly felt that way for awhile,it is the just,much deserved ending!

  13. peace2speak says:

    Okay, I totally bought that Victoria was dead before, but not with the whole “burned too intensively to be recognized”, I’m totally rethinking that. Especially since Victoria called Mason right after Emily’s TV interview; that means she must have been planning this for weeks and would have had time to plant a “fake” dead body and falsify dental records.

    • NutsnBolts says:


    • Sally Pazsak says:

      I agree. Victoria is not dead at all, another one of her scams!!! Please don’t let Victoria get the last revenge, this story was about Amana aka Emily getting final revenge and clearing her father, Let her get the happiness she deserves with Jack. Not Victoria, and not the other two witches either, I never liked Margeau and the Red Head, they never fit in.

    • April says:

      Great point. I guess they left it like that incase a new season comes out and we need Victoria again.

  14. Tamara says:

    I have many theories. While I could see Amanda sacrificing herself for those who have suffered for and helped her, my best guess is that Victoria is still alive. Emily will have one final plan to end it all and kill them both, but in the end, David will take her place (and provide the Clarke DNA). He’ll have discovered his cancer is terminal. They’ve made such a big deal this season of Amanda being able to take care of herself despite him wanting to protect her. He’ll finally get his chance. Her death will be faked. She and Jack will have that (fully equipped, I’m sure) boat he’s been working on. Charlotte will have her sister. Nolan will get Tony back and his little family will visit Amanda’s.

  15. parstl says:

    Why couldn’t Emanda have just paid Mason whatever he would have made with a best seller plus more…. I understand Margaux’s motivation for wanting to hurt Ems but the whole Louise thing seems contrived…it’s like the writers got rid of so many characters they had to use her for something. I too will be angry if Ems ends up dead or in jail–she was the victim as a child. Also it would hurt any viable chance the show would have in being sold to syndication in a year or so…which might be a long shot anyway.

  16. Jsn says:

    This makes little sense. Wouldn’t the airport have security cameras and footage to confirm Amanda’s story?

    • NutsnBolts says:

      Yes it would!

    • desiree says:

      Shhhh…there’s no room for logic here…this is Revenge!!! ;)

      • Chris Oliver says:

        I have to say, that was THE BEST REVENGE EPISODE this season! I have so many reservations for what to expect next! I still have the hope for a Season 5, but if this ends with Emily/Amanda behind bars, I agree with what everyone else have been saying, waste of 4 years! I hope this episode is a preview of how much BIGGER and BETTER the show will conclude!

    • Dan says:

      YES I THOUGHT THE SAME THING!!!!!! ahhhhh lol

  17. lenabenas21 says:

    Series finale is titled two graves. Common saying, before you begin a mission of revenge dig two graves. Who just embarked on an epic mission of revenge? Mason and Victoria. Those two graves better be for them. Sure Emily went on numerous revenge missions but she never wronged anyone who didn’t have it coming. And I don’t care how cliche it comes off, Amanda and Jack belong together and should walk off into the sun with little Carl. I was hoping Nolan would get a happy ending too but I’m not sure after tonight… poor Nolan.

  18. scotlore says:

    For someone like Amanda who spent years learning about inner workings of Victoria and Conrad Grayson and plotting her revenge against them it is hard to see how how she didn’t see this one coming. Victoria is a cockroach and only a nuclear war could truly kill her. *hairtoss*

    • scotlore says:

      She is simply unkillable. Heck, if Conrad showed up in the last 5 minutes of the finale I’d buy it. Unkillable those two.

  19. nate says:

    Ok so. Who attacked victoria in the parking garage. I’m sure they would’ve showed if it was Emily

    • Lucie says:

      It was part of Victoria’s set up to frame Emily.

    • Tamara says:

      Pretty sure it was White Gold. Courtney Love is listed as a guest star in the next episode. My hope is Margaux find out it was her who attacked Victoria and it was poke holes in the murder case, and she’ll do the right thing and clear Amanda.

  20. Fantastic episode! Bens probably in on it also! I want Amanda and jack together! I want everyone to still be alive! This is a fun show

  21. tvfirsthand says:

    Please Check out my blog, for Once Upon and Time and Revenge

  22. bella says:

    I feel so angry, I just hope there’s a turnaround before the end of the season or I would be really pissed. Victoria can’t get away with this,it doesn’t make sense, what was the point of the whole revenge then?

  23. Krissy says:

    If Ems is ever killed. I’m done with watching Revenge. I’ve not missed a single episode. Same applies to Nolan and Jack. Don’t bother to think of messing with David again

  24. Margaux was clearly in on the plan. I thought it was strange last week when she did a 180 on crazy red head. Emsamanda can’t stay in prison long. It just doesn’t make sense. Maybe the second grave is hers but just like Mason and her father, her death would be fake

  25. castle bones fan says:

    I just stated watching again (missing a few esp) and was glade I did! loved this esp. can’t wait till next esp to see what happens!

  26. Lauren says:

    With all of the ridiculous things Nolan has pulled off computer/tech-wise, I would seriously throw my shoe at the tv if he couldn’t get that video back. I know Victoria had her own tech guy, but he even admitted to not being on Nolan’s level. I don’t really know anymore what a happy ending would be, but I’d like to feel some satisfaction for the characters I’ve been watching for years.

  27. Oscar says:

    Since the first episode I have expected Amanda to die. I would not be disappointed. They started with that quote.

  28. Walter says:

    If Victoria ends up as the big winner I’ll be disgusted with this show!
    Second Grave – I hope it’s Mason

  29. Kelly says:

    I believe that Amanda will get her happy ending with Jack and his son. Ben, Mr. Treadwell, charlotte, Margo and Louise can go to hell. Nolan gets a happy ending and the Ultimate surprise is that the Really Emily Thorne who we saw so called died in Amanda’s arms is really alive and gets her own revenge for identity theft and every other thing Amanda did wrong in her Name.

  30. Meg says:

    Series Finale (we all agree it needs to happen): Mason – or perhaps Charlotte? – is the 2nd grave. Nolan and Margeaux team up to clear Amanda, Louise leaves the Hamptons. Amanda buys a golden retriever puppy and flies to CA and the puppy greets Jack on the beach, Jack looks up and sees Amanda. They embrace and embark on their Revenge-free lives. (And I hope Emily VanCamp gets a new show, I like her.)

    • April says:

      Haha cute plot ending ideas! I think Mason will be the second grave. As much as I don’t like Charlotte, Margaux, and Louise I think they will all make peace with Amanda by the end of the series. Nolan is way too good for that guy, so I’m glad they broke up. He falls in love way too easily. He’s a great catch and ought to be a little more picky.

  31. aatx1228 says:

    As someone who has watched from episode one, you could really see several issues with the show.
    -The underlying storyline was just too thin to sustain 22-24 eps for 4 seasons.
    -Because a cast and crew become a family, story lines were twisted or hammered in to keep actors/threads on the show. Some of the actors should’ve left when their story ran its course.
    -The core actors/creator seemed to want to bail or shorten their seasons.
    -This was the 1st season I could tell that on certain occasions the leads Van Camp and Stowe were either phoning in or their hearts weren’t in their usually charged encounters…the usual banter b/t Van Camp and Mann seemed to be missing a spark as well.

    All that being said, I have enjoyed watching and will appreciate the final 2 episodes. The show was never supposed be a hit and lasted 4 seasons on network TV. That’s quite the accomplishment.

  32. N says:

    I love this show…..Nemily

  33. B says:

    Epic! RIP Victoria! This season is giving me season one goodness. I think David Clarke will confess to killing Victoria and Amanda will sail off on a yatch/boat with Jack into the sunset with Nolan after Nolan, Jack, and David track down that Truman Capote wannabe Mason! I’m so hoping Louise and Margo get the red sharpie treatment in the series finale because those idiots deserve what’s coming their way courtesy of the Wonder Twins.

  34. Billy Carr says:

    I hope that Amanda get out of her impossible issue, but Revenge always says when plot a path of revenge dig two graves. With that said come on now let her ride off in sunset with Jack.

  35. KMarz says:

    Please don’t end it it’s a good show and a lot of shows ended too soon:) Jack and Emily I want that to happen first it would be nice to see things work out on the show since most things do not

  36. Gael says:

    If I’ve been along on this ridiculous journey just to watch evil triumph over all, I will never again watch anything these writers are involved with!

  37. Diana says:

    For quite some time I am thinking that in the end it turns out that Victoria is Amanda’s birth mother. That would be sick, right?

  38. hooked on revenge says:

    What about 2 graves – Emily and her father – who both sneak away with Nolan’s and Jack’s help? Since it hasn’t been renewed prior to filming last episode, they have to leave a few strings dangling in case it gets renewed. Or David could die of lymphoma and his grave near Victoria’s if she is really dead. All of the revenge for nothing.
    And i suspect Victoria could still be alive with Margaux’s or Charlotte’s help. I also think Emily can still have children.

    Speaking of which – does it seem like Emily Van Camp could be pregnant? She used to wear extremely form fitting clothing and now it’s loose with a lot of blazers….just sayin’

  39. Sandy Moschetti Young says:

    I think Jack, Nolan and Ben will work together to solve this crime. Wow, that was a surprise Mason and Victoria working together. I love this show.

  40. Sheri Castillo says:

    Why not simply get the video from the airport the night Emily tried to stop Jack’s flight. That proves her alibi…..airports, even small private ones have a lot of security cameras…..

  41. April says:

    Big plot twist. Kudos to the ending of the episode. However wouldn’t there be video footage at the airport or street where he got in her car or federal building where Mason was waiting for Amanda when she handed the briefcase in (how Nolan can so quickly forge all that is beyond me)? How can they think Amanda wouldn’t have cleaned up the scene at the penthouse either? I wonder when Victoria was talking to and meeting with Mason recently. What timing that Ben wasn’t there just as she was actually seeing that video message.. I wonder why Mason chose to be Team Victoria over Team Amanda. She just cleared his name, got him out of jail, gave him a way to escape to the Maldives etc. what has Victoria done for him lately? How did Victoria even know Amanda wasn’t going to be home when she got into her house and blew it up?

  42. Alina says:

    Since no digital picture or video is ever really gone from a device, Nolan will recover Victoria’s video telling Amanda she is framing her, David will be cured, and Amanda and Jack will get together and Amanda will get her happily ever after! This is how i hope the series will end!

  43. Joe says:

    Framed for a crime she didn’t commit, sounds just her father

  44. Dan says:




    was no one else thinking this the entire time?! Come on!!!! Amanda is not going to jail because her alibi was that she was in the airport where they videotape everything!!! i really hope the writers didn’t let that fact slide by… feel so bad for amanda :(

    • Brad says:

      To everyone screaming about the lack of airport security footage: I agree with you, but Jack was on a private plane flying out of a private airport. There doesn’t have to be cameras. There should be if millionaires/billionaires store their planes there, but there doesn’t have to be. However, (maybe this is too “real life” for a TV show but..) Emily/Amanda drives a Tesla. In real life, it’s a $100K car with a sophisticated GPS system and all they have to do is look up the location history from the Tesla and it would prove that she was indeed at the airport. Super simple, but the writers probably don’t want to turn their show into a car commercial.

  45. AddieM says:

    Even though Madeleine Stowe said this was it for Victoria, I doubt she’s dead. I have a feeling she’s out there somewhere and how convenient that they identified her by just her teeth. She’s underground somewhere. This can’t be it for Victoria, I feel Conrad is alive somewhere and they are finally working together to bring down Emily.
    Nolan better put his genius on and get Emily out of this.
    Now I know why I never liked Louise, she’s flaky and crazy!

  46. MDC says:

    This show makes my head hurt. So you are telling me that a private jet hangar where multimillion dollar jets are stored has no security or no security cameras, no record of who comes and goes? Also Victoria lived in a suite? There are no hotel security cameras? Come on! Who helped erase that video? Maybe that tech guy Victoria was working with? Surely not Mason. Then Ben gets to be the lead investigator on a case of someone he was seeing? Why would Amanda willingly give him the keys to her car without cleaning it? Hopefully he won’t be content with solving the case by arresting Amanda and actually does some more digging. The plot holes are endless. Don’t know what Louise and Margaux contributed to this episode as I skipped their scenes. Probably the same as usual…nothing. All I ask for when this ends in two weeks is for happy endings for Nolan and Jack. That means Amanda can’t die or be imprisoned. I’m leaning toward Amanda having to fake her death to avoid prison. I just can’t accept her possibly being killed by Courtney Love.

    • Jjohnson says:

      I wished that the script(ers) would bring Aiden back ,somehow, we have seen it happen in other shows. They had a place in Europe where the two of them could finally fin d peace

  47. S.uddenly says:

    In addition to the airport security cameras; Ben can’t be such a bad detective that he wouldn’t find it suspicious that Emanda would give up her car keys to him to search for Mason’s finger prints if there was a chance Vic’s blood and hair might be in there. Not to mention that wad of hair that Mason pulled out of that envelop was a little over the top.

  48. Ella says:

    Every time Louise shows up on-screen, I want to choke my TV.

  49. Ruth says:

    I hope it is renewed. I think the writers could take it in an interesting direction.

  50. Sahar says:

    The writing for Revenge is seriously getting worse. I love most of the characters but I hate how there is little continuity in any of the story. For starters, Daniel Grayson tried to kill Emily when he shot her yet that point was only brought up once by Emily herself. It was only fitting he die protecting her. Second Victoria did a lot of horrid things especially to Emily as a child but that also didn’t get brought up by anyone except Emily. Emily didn’t kill Victoria’s fiancé Conrad did but Victoria did actually kill Emily’s fiancé. Daniel is responsible for the reason Emily can’t have kids and Victoria knew that but then tried to blame Emily for Margeaux losing her grandson even when Margeaux told the truth. Non of this makes any sense. The writing is so poor and it simply doesn’t tell a real or somewhat relatable story anymore. Finally Louise is such a pointless character! For us to believe after everything Nolan and Emily did for her she would be disloyal so easily is absurb. And after she tried to kill Margeaux and now they are cool, it just makes no sense. Nolan and Emily don’t even try to talk sense into her they let her believe all these lies Victoria spilled. This show is all over the place!!!

    • cass says:

      I agree completely! The writing has been inconsistent long before this season though. I rewatched the whole thing and there were so many times I though, “that makes no sense!”. For example, when Emily threw her laptop of evidence into the ocean, she said her revenge didn’t involve putting the Graysons in jail anyway. Then later on she was on a mission to clear her father’s name (wouldn’t that be a lot easier with the evidence she threw away?)

      • cass says:

        The whole frame Victoria for murder plot was so stupid too. Basically, she was planning to run away with aiden and her whole revenge was going to end with Victoria in prison for murder, Conrad going about life as usual, and everyone still thinking David Clarke was a terrorist.

      • Sahar says:

        Yeah, I know! I used to think this was a great show and I couldn’t wait until the next episode. Now I am just watching so I can to see how they are going to wrap this thing up. The writers have done a very poor job I think, this season especially. Most of the stuff that happened this season didn’t make any sense. The fans know the story and the characters and for them to believe that we actually think most of the stuff that occurred this season would be believable is crazy! What I don’t understand is if Emily really killed Victoria why the heck would she leave Margeaux a suicide note?!It is so stupid that they expect the fans to believe that Margeaux and others would think Emily could have forced her to write that note. Also where is the hotel security from this supposed break in. In a ritzy hotel like that, no one saw anything. I am over it…