Bruce Jenner Tells Diane Sawyer, 'I Am a Woman' in 20/20 Interview Special

Bruce Jenner Interview

Speculation about Bruce Jenner: The Interview has been on overdrive since the 20/20 special was first announced earlier this month. (Will Jenner reveal he’s transitioning? Will it be handled appropriately?) Within minutes of Friday’s broadcast, we had our answers: Yes and yes.

“I’ve been thinking about this day forever,” the Olympian-turned-reality star began at the top of the hour. “How do I tell my story? … I’m me, I’m a person. This is who I am.”

Within the first five minutes, Diane Sawyer posed her subject with the question on every viewer’s mind, prompting Jenner to say for the first time, “For all intents and purposes, I am a woman.”

Looking back at footage of himself from the 1976 Summer Olympics, Jenner remarked that he was “running away from who I was.”

A particularly telling moment arrived midway through the two-hour special, when Sawyer asked Jenner if he regrets taking part in E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians. His answer was pretty amazing:

I had the story. We’ve done 425 episodes, I think, over almost eight years now. And the entire run, I kept thinking to myself, “Oh my God, this whole thing … the one real, true story in the family was the one I was hiding and nobody knew about it. The one thing that could make a real difference in people’s live was in my soul, and I could not tell my story.

It should also be noted that, according to Jenner, this is the last interview we’ll see from “Bruce.” His next interview will take place after he becomes the person he calls “her.”

Beyond Jenner’s story, the special was used to educate viewers about gender identity, troubling issues plaguing the transgender community — specifically violence, depression and often suicide — and to offer a basic history of the transgender movement.

Did you watch Jenner’s emotional interview? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the special below.

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  1. L says:

    I dont know about this… seemed like that special was just intended to promote his upcoming reality show.

    • Lizo says:

      Ahh yes, the old ‘let’s pretend I’m trans to get viewers plot’. Cause that’s a thing. :/
      Of course it was to help get viewers, Jenner is a celebrity. But more important it was about them telling their story with a legit journalist. Jenner has been the local of ridicule and gross “speculation” for months now. They needed to tell their story

    • AS says:

      Well, the reality show is going to be about his transition, obviously he is going to come out first.

  2. Cassie says:

    I was extremely moved by Bruce’s honest confession. I hope this helps others who are going through the same ordeal and helps promote acceptance.

  3. Dawn says:

    this article should be updated to use proper pronouns to talk about Jenner. Also get rid of the scare quotes. It’s transphobic and really not okay.

    Jenner has shared that she is a woman and this should be respected.

    • lauren says:

      Actually GLAAD posted on Twitter that Bruce is not yet using female pronouns, so TVline has it right. #Facts

    • Tony says:

      I’m almost certain it was stated by Ms. Sawyer that she was told she could use the familiar pronouns during the interview. So I don’t see anything wrong with the article doing so in recapping the interview

    • Dawn says:

      And I wanted to correct myself as I’m seeing others use They pronouns and also as so far from the interview Jenner is using to refer to themselves.

      • TV Gord says:

        “They” is grammatically incorrect, unless Bruce is becoming two people.

        • Spence says:

          “They” is very much the appropriate pronoun for anyone who is trans, in between genders, or no gender. It has nothing to do with grammar, but with what someone is comfortable with, it all just depends.

        • Mick says:

          They has been used as a singular gender neutral pronoun for years.

        • tessa171 says:

          The singular they has a long history. It is not grammatically incorrect, and it is particularly useful for precisely was the OP was trying to communicate. For reference:

        • TV Gord says:

          I’m sorry that I’ve hijacked this topic with grammar rules, but I just want to make one more point from the first quote in the link provided by tessa:

          “She kept her head and kicked her shoes off, as everybody ought to do who falls into deep water in their clothes.”

          That is correct, because “their” corresponds to “everybody”. I have no quibble with that. I’m well aware that there are plenty of blogs out there where people try to rationalize the misuse of correct grammar, but they are mostly by people who want to change the rules out of convenience. I’m of the belief that we don’t get to change the rules (even of grammar) just because we don’t like them.

          That’s the last thing I have to contribute to this aspect of the thread. I would much rather readers would scroll down to my thoughts on the Jenner interview. Again, I’m sorry that I diverted attention from the more important topic.


          • Lizo says:

            Well when the English language was being created (as with all Latin-based ones) they weren’t really thinking about how there are multiple genders in the world. So it changes. We don’t have the appropriate language. Additionally, languages change – they cannot and will not stay stagnant. The use of ‘they’ is becoming common usage and will become “grammatically correct” after a while. Think of how many new words have been created over the last hundred years, the last decade. Change is inevitable. So clinging to the “grammar” argument is thinly-veiled transmisogyny.

          • Lizo says:

            And also, you’re not *that* sorry for derailing the conversation. If you were, you wouldn’t have kept talking (or have brought it up at all)

          • jj says:

            Language is constantly evolving with new words and new grammatical rules. For example, ye (second person plural) was replaced by you and eventually thou (second person singular) was also replaced by you.

          • AS says:

            Transgender people aren’t “changing the rules” just because it’s convient. In the English language, there isn’t always a pronoun that a person feels describes them, so they are forced to use “they”, which is gender neutral.

            Also, I, personally, believe that rules are not set in stone. The English language has certainly evolved. New words and uses of words are constantly being made. That’s why dictionaries are updated. It’s a large group uses a word in a way you don’t approve of, who are you to tell them to stop? I didn’t say anything about you using a colon, dash, and parenthesis in a way that has no grammatical value.

          • Deborah Collins says:

            TV Gord, you are absolutely correct. It’s a shame how many people seem to endorse the use of incorrect English. I especially hate to hear teachers do that. It’s interesting that many of those replying to your post have made grammatical errors.

    • TV Gord says:

      During the interview, he said he’s comfortable with ‘he’ for now.

      • Dawn says:

        Yes. I was incorrect and jumped the gun. Thank you for correcting me!

        But they is still an appropriate pronoun in general. Even though it is also grammatically correct. If it isn’t – who the hell cares? It’s someone’s identity.

  4. sd says:

    he/she looks happy, thats what matters

  5. Wee says:

    Good for Bruce! (Not sure which pronoun Bruce prefers) People need to be more educated on this issue and how gender identity and sexual identity are completely different things. This is a good start.

  6. D. says:

    well Kris took his You know what’s, so it makes sense that he just going to complete the job, i’m going to start my transition to dragon tomorrow

  7. Dj says:

    Much respect to Bruce and his family for supporting him. But I will say I don’t believe the Kardashians spin that no one contacted them to take part in the interview.

  8. luke says:

    So he is a male who identifies as a woman? Is this how this works? I am asking seriously… His drivers license lists him as a Male and if using a public bathroom he uses M instead of F?

    • L says:

      I dont get it either.. you are born man or woman based on what “parts” you have.

      • eileen says:

        Male and female are sexes. Gender is more complicated. Gender is considered a social construction, meaning it does not necessarily align with our sex in all cases. In several places around the world there are more than just two genders. It can be tough to wrap your brain around ithe at first, but we are born as male or female, but identify as masculine, feminine or some other variation.

      • jj says:

        Sex and gender are two different things. I recommend reading up on that difference. Once you have a good understanding of that you will find it easier to understand transgender etc

    • Jessa says:

      Bruce feels inwardly female, and has his whole life, and is making the transition to be outwardly (physically) female now.

    • rowan77 says:

      It’s not that difficult to understand. Although his body was born with male body parts, his brain is that of a woman. He always thought of himself as female and that his outsides doesn’t match his real identity. Look at this this way – let’s pretend you wake up in the morning in a woman’s body. You’re still you, just in a body that doesn’t fit your identity. That was Bruce’s entire life. He hid it until he no longer could. Now he’s finally able to make his outsides match his inside. By talking about it and doing a docu-series (NOT a reality show that manufactures events and edits to create drama) about his transition he’s showing other trans-gendered people that they are not alone while educating the public about transitioning. I say more power to him and I hope his transition into being a “her” will be supported by family and friends.

      • nursejazz says:

        Remember, he said that even after his transition he will be attracted to women. He said that he has never been attracted to men. Diane asked him if after his transition if he is still attracted to women would that make him a lesbian he said no. He said that he would identify himself as asexual.

        • rowan77 says:

          I’m not sure why this makes a difference. Transgender doesn’t have to do with attraction to either sex, it has to do with your own gender identity.

    • Lizo says:

      The other commentors replied really well so I won’t echo what they said. But I will add that you can get all your official documentation to list your chosen gender (at least in Canada and in many US states).
      As for the bathroom, they would use whichever bathroom they feel most safe using. Most trans people use women’s bathrooms as the risk of physical & sexual violence is much lower. Women will use looks and comments to degrade a trans person, but in a men’s bathroom, men will use beatings, rape and sometimes even murder a trans person in the space. While neither should happen, I know which behaviour I’d rather encounter

    • E says:

      Genitalia and brain-sex develops during different stages of fetal development, which opens up to the possibility that these thing don’t match. Brain sex is developed during a surge of testosterone in males and a lack of one in females. I’m a female (xx) who has a male brain which leads me to have more male “features” like tall, big hands, big feet, attracted to females, adhd and other things.

    • Rex Mundi says:

      It’s nice to see people who don’t understand honestly trying to become educated on the topic. Too often do we see ignorant people who would rather jump to hatred of judgment, instead of understanding.

  9. LADY_in_MD says:

    I’m glad that they talked about the issues of suicide within and violence against the transgender community
    I was kinda hoping to at least get a name!

  10. BrightLight says:

    This isn’t meant to take away from Bruce’s announcement, but Stewie Griffin told us all this in 2009. Of course he also said he was an elegant Dutch woman but that’s beside the point.
    In all seriousness though, congrats to Bruce for finally being able to be the person he (since he is apparently not using female pronouns yet) has always felt he is. As long as this is what makes him happy, I’m not sure why it should bother anyone else.

    • Angela says:

      As long as this is what makes him happy, I’m not sure why it should bother anyone else.
      This seems so logical and reasonable a thought, doesn’t it? Amazing that some people out there can’t seem to grasp that line of thinking.

  11. TV Gord says:

    The Bruce Jenner interview was interesting, educational and well done, well presented. It answered a lot (not all) of the questions that people would naturally have, but mostly, it just showed that Bruce is okay with what he has decided (incidentally, he says the pronoun ‘he’ is what he’s sticking with for now.

    At one point, I felt kind of sad that it has taken him until age 65 to be able to live the way that makes him a happier human being, but then I thought that if he had transitioned when he first wanted to, some of his children would never have been born, so that’s probably why he seems to be okay with the way things have gone.

    The hardest part of the whole two hours wasn’t about Bruce at all. It was part about all of the violence that people going down that same road have faced. The videos of beatings, the number of Americans who have been killed this year alone, just because they were different. I certainly “get” that some people don’t understand (I can’t say I fully do, either, though I want to), but what I really don’t understand is the urge to harm anyone who is on such a rough personal journey. I guess–being a live and let live kind of guy (unless you’re hurting someone)–I never will “get” why people want to injure or kill someone else just because they don’t fit the expectations of who others think they “should” be.

    My hope is that people will just let Bruce be Bruce…until he’s ready to decide the next step. He’s less of a Kardashian since he left Kris, so that already put him a tiny bit higher in my estimation. ;-) I don’t know whether this interview will make anyone more accepting than they were before, but I hope it makes some people more understanding.

    • Angela says:

      The hardest part of the whole two hours wasn’t about Bruce at all. It was part about all of the violence that people going down that same road have faced. The videos of beatings, the number of Americans who have been killed this year alone, just because they were different. I certainly “get” that some people don’t understand (I can’t say I fully do, either, though I want to), but what I really don’t understand is the urge to harm anyone who is on such a rough personal journey. I guess–being a live and let live kind of guy (unless you’re hurting someone)–I never will “get” why people want to injure or kill someone else just because they don’t fit the expectations of who others think they “should” be.

      Wholeheartedly agreed on this. I don’t understand such violent reactions, either. Never will.
      I wish Bruce luck with his journey. May he continue to do what he wants with his life and be happy.

    • Lizo says:

      As an activist, your response is what I always hope from people. Not everybody is going to “get” it, but we don’t have to. Just accepting and respecting a persons choices/identity is all that matters right.

    • nursejazz says:

      Good for Bruce as long as he is happy. I think that the Jenner side have given him there unconditional support. I was surprise, but happy that Kanye helped Kim to understand Bruce’s decision. I don’t think Kris or the rest of her family really love Bruce. Even though he came into their lives from when they were young and I am sure he did more for them than Brody and that side of the Jenner clan, they don’t respect him. I think most of that was due to Kris.

  12. Carrie says:

    Interview was really well done – informative about the transgender issue overall and gave Bruce an opportunity to tell his truth. Easy for others to judge but he spoke of his lifelong struggle with humility and honesty and a little humor and I am left feeling nothing but compassion and respect for him for coming out and a lot of respect for the Jenner children that are supporting their dad. Brandon is just a great guy and Bruce is blessed to have the love and support of his kids, when many other transgender people are rejected by their families. No matter what folks may think about Kim and Kanye – props to them both for being supportive. I hope this interview helps his daughters and stepkids accept Bruce’s journey as well. Great job by Diane Sawyer – such a class act, always.

  13. Cc says:

    Did you guys giggle a bit at his political and religious segment? So, he doesn’t like Obama, despite the President’s efforts for the T community, is a republican, and super religious. That’s all fine but I’ll laugh my butt off if he reveals he is against gay marriage. What an ironic twist that would be.

    • Lizo says:

      Ya, I never understand why oppressed minorities vote republican. Like they *actively* want to make your life harder. I get the fiscal side of it, but I don’t care how much I save on taxes if I’m not alive to spend it.
      Sadly the gay community is really transphobic :(.

      • Drew says:

        Republicans were the ones who fought for the rights of black people to vote. They were the Ines registering this early black voters. The democrats didn’t start pretending to care about minorities until they found a way to twist it into a political advantage. Even the wonderful JFK voted against early civil rights bills as late as the 1950’s.
        All of that is just history. Maybe you should try to understand the people that you disagree with before making comments like that. You still don’t have to agree with them, but at least you can stop viewing them as mustache twirling cartoon villains.
        As a conservative, it doesn’t surprise me at all that he is a republican. There are many republicans of every kind. Not all agree on every detail, but what group does?
        It is easier to sell the idea that this group is democrat and that group isn’t, because it creates a herd mentality and gets people to rally in one direction. Ever notice how the gay vote, the black vote, the Hispanic vote, the woman vote and every other major group vote is amazingly democrat? Except the evil white racist extremists… They’re conservative, natch.
        Don’t fall for the ad campaigns. Recognize when you’re being Don Drapered and the world will become much clearer. Like I said, it doesn’t mean that you have to agree with the other side.

        • Rex Mundi says:

          Your tempered and rational post is very appreciated, but I have to take issue with using the Republican Party of 60 years ago and beyond to defend the Republican Party of now. What they fought for in the past cannot change the fact that they’re currently fighting against LGBT rights across the board.

          • Drew says:

            There is a notion that there was some sort of huge shift in the parties at some point, but where is the evidence?
            Your comment kinda supports what I said. You grouped all LGBT people together, as though they all think the same, feel the same and vote the same. Not every gay person supports gay marriage, so where do they fit into this? Are they written off as mindless, brainwashed self-haters, or do we accept that they simply have their own thoughts and beliefs?
            I agree that you’ll probably find more people who oppose gay marriage in the republican party, but those same people will usually fight to defend the right to be gay and to have civil unions that extend all legal rights to partners. They usually oppose the “marriage” part because they worry that it could infringe on their religious rights. It isn’t a far-fetched concern when you look at recent headlines where churches are being punished for not performing gay weddings.
            (Note that I say this from a third corner of the debate. I don’t think that the government should be involved in defining personal relationships at all. Civil unions all around, as far as I’m concerned)

        • Cheyenne says:

          What the Republican Party has become is not what it was 50 years ago. These repubs would reject Barry Goldwater (considered an arch-conservative back in the day) as a flaming liberal and would scorn Ronald Reagan as a RINO.

          • Drew says:

            There is always a broad spectrum for either party, but I disagree that the parties have somehow shifted sides. Most conservatives these days still hold Reagan in high regard. Some elements of the democratic party do as well now (this is fairly new. The benefit of passing time)

          • james says:

            not all Republicans are against transgender, not all Democrats are for gay marriage, not all blacks are criminals, not all whites are racist, not all cops are bad. Can we please stop finding groups of people to generalize.

          • Drew says:

            I was writing on m phone before, so it was hard to type out everything that needed to be said. I didn’t want to leave my response as a vague comment, so I will give some examples of how similar the political landscape is now versus the 1920’s/1930’s.
            In terms of how the media plays things and hides other things, we know what Russia was like back then. Not a great place, right? But when journalists went on tours there, they were shown nice, clean, beautiful scenery and people pretended to be super positive around them. What often was written about Russia back then presented the idea of a utopian society where nobody went without and all of the world’s troubles were solved. The same thing happens today, all the time. It’s literally true of documentaries like Michael Moore’s visit to Cuba in… I think it was called “Sicko” (the one about healthcare), but the same type of stuff happens all the time. If you look at the reporting of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, facts and evidence were no presented on news programs or written about in articles. I had to dig up the official release of 911 calls and other evidence in order to get past the media narrative and look at the facts (one example being a racial slur that networks like CNN attributed to Zimmerman on his 911 call, but it was clearly not a racial slur when you listen to the actual, undoctored recording).
            So the media is the same. The spin and game playing is all the same.
            As for political parties, one only needs to look as far as FDR. He and Obama are very similar in their thinking. Many view FDR as a hero. I would disagree. But then, he was a democrat and I’m not. He depended on heavy government involvement in everyone’s lives. Tight control and regulations. This is the same as modern democrat ideas, which tends to be more pro-government than conservative ideals. Today, democrats put everyone into social groups so that they can be easily herded into the voting booths with talk of hate and wars against everyone’s rights. Back in the 1930’s, FDR did the same thing, but used unions as his method of grouping people together for easy management. The execution of the idea is different, but the core philosophy is the same. Gather people under one umbrella and make them fear for their lives so that they’ll have to vote for you. Herd mentality usually leads to less questions asked and fewer thoughts challenged.
            Mind you, this isn’t me slamming democrats in general. I’m talking about politicians, which are corrupt on both sides. This is just the playbook of the democratic party, which hasn’t changed much over the years, and it gives a clear indication what the opposing side of the argument would believe.
            In term of how minorities are treated… Well, FDR opened a health resort (mystical healing properties of some spring or another) for those who suffered from polio… unless those who suffered were black. They weren’t allowed to bathe in the same waters.
            Sorry for the ramble. I just don’t like leaving things vague. It sounds like there’s no real point to make.

    • AS says:

      I think you can have Republican values and still be a minority. One of the main Republican beliefs is that the government shouldn’t be controlling everyone’s lives. Some Rebulicans don’t want the government saying people can’t have abortions or gay marriages or sex changes, because they believe the government, and other people, should stay out of it.

  14. rose says:

    Trying to understand but this is so confusing. Might have to read up further on transgender

    • E says:

      Go on pubmed and read real science articals on development, it’s a better sorce then random blogs. Happy learning. :)

  15. Catherine says:

    Can anyone tell me where I would find a link for this interview? I’m in Ireland

  16. Jeri says:

    I think Bruce wanted it to be his story in his words, rather than a episode of KUWTK authorized by Kris. I think that was a good decision by Bruce.

  17. Brenda Young says:

    Will the episode air again? I missed the 2nd half! :( I would really like to see it again please?

  18. Ronnie says:

    I thought they did a really tasteful job with this interview. With the whole reality television angle it could have been totally sensationalistic, but instead I think it really humanized them as a family. They didn’t pretend that everything was perfect and admitted there was some struggles. I’ll definitely watch the docuseries this summer. Good luck on your new journey, Bruce!

  19. sam says:

    Am I alone in just kind of in disbelief about this? I mean obviously it’s happened but it’s just kinda weird someone so high profile has come out as trans. It’s amazing and I hope it gives other trans people the courage to be who they are!

  20. Butters says:

    I am I the only one that found Jenner unlikable?

  21. JIMBO says:

    what a ?. living in that family. what do you expect. ratings ratings ratings!!!!!

  22. susan says:

    I truly believe Kris Jenner demasculated Bruce. He will be a much better woman than she could ever be.

    • Pat says:

      Susan, your comment about Kris Jenner demasculated Bruce is so wrong, Bruce married Kris knowing that he had identity issues, and that she was a very strong ambitions woman. Bruce chose to engage in a marital relation with a woman for the third time, that’s a choice and he’s now making the right decision, but it was his choice.

  23. Carl says:

    He fathered children and sexually is still attracted to women….what happens after sex change operation ?

  24. Timmy says:

    I saw some of this interview and consider the time I spent watching to be wasted minutes of my life that I will never get back again. And Diane Sawyer cheapened herself by conducting this interview. There is zero reason why two hours needed to be spent on a nationally broadcast interview on this topic other than to boost ratings for yet another self-important, self-promoting reality show on the E network.

  25. Doaa says:

    Why everyone find it hard to accept it
    this is America
    they have accept n dealt with gays and lesbo n bisexual
    so there is nothing new about it

  26. YaYa says:

    Whether he is happy or not he will have to live with his decision. He knows God made him a man and he knows what God’s Word says, it’s an abomination to Him. I personally will love him as I am instructed to. Love the sinner, not the sin. More than that pray for him and all others who are struggling with this issue. Peace and blessings to all.

  27. Denise says:

    He is really sick and need Dr’s help, I wouldn’t never want dates someone that emotional display like Jenner.

  28. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    Last week I watched the whole 20/20 Special with Diane Sawyer where she interview Bruce Jenner. It was on demand. I was impressed of him coming out as a transgender. Amazing interview.