Vampire Diaries Video: Elena Plans Her Future With Damon — and Their Kids

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Take a deep breath, Vampire Diaries fans, because we’ve got an exclusive Damon-Elena clip from Thursday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c) that’s literally designed to break your heart — and trust us, it will succeed.

Damon and Elena begin the clip by discussing potential honeymoon destinations for Alaric and Jo, but it doesn’t take long for Damon to redirect the conversation to his girlfriend’s future, asking her where she’d hope to be in five years, were she a human.

What comes next is a dream come true for every fan of this couple: a play-by-play of Damon and Elena’s perfect life together, complete with wine, massages, an apartment in Tribeca and “of course, eventually” two kids.

The bittersweet reality, though, is that Nina Dobrev only has four episodes left as a series regular, so even if there is a happily-ever-after for Damon and Elena down the road, it’s unlikely we’ll see it until that inevitable series finale flash-forward.

Hit PLAY on the preview clip above, then drop a comment below: What’s your dream future for Damon and Elena?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Stelena deserved to plan their future together, they should have been the ones becoming human. Not Damon and Elena. This show is all wrong.

    • Riana says:

      Damon’s not becoming human

      • Jackson Lockhart says:

        For Elena I’m pretty sure he would. It was the last episode in season 4 where he stated the reasons why he wouldn’t become human stating him dying sick and old and she is still young. That was him telling her he would not be a human if she was a vampire. If they both got the chance to be human and have a family, I believe he would take it to stay with her for the rest of his life.

        • Hannah says:

          You have my last name.

          • Danny says:

            OMG! LOL!! This is horrible, what the heck are they doing with Damon? This is not Damon. I cannot wait until Elena is gone so we can have the REAL Damon back. I’m sad Nina is leaving but this is so bad. Their acting plus the writing is comical. Agree with poster before me about if it wasn’t so funny it would be painful. Why are they still pushing this farce?

      • Becca says:

        I was laughing and feeling sorry for Nina….how is that possible. Tvd writers can do it though.LOL This is a complete joke and poor Nina is struggling through this scene. If the lines weren’t so funny it would’ve been painful to watch.

      • Michelle says:

        Why is tvd keeping these two together? They have no chemistry and they have been bringing the ratings down for three seasons. This is not entertainment and the scene proved once again how boring they are.

    • Mariah says:

      OMG you got to be kidding me, aren’t you over stelena already?Delena saved us from 2 years of fake and boring stelena, delena was the best thing that happened on the show, if you are still stuck with stelena go watch season 1 all over again and leave for the rest of us who can appreciate a beautiful love story enjoy Delena.

    • usernamenever says:

      I totally agree with you about Stelena but Damon is not becoming human. They will probably save that little tid bit for the series finale.

    • michelle says:

      Totally agree! This is ridiculous Damon loves being a vampire. I been with this show from the start & this was Stefan’s dream not Damon’s.

    • Punch says:

      U have no sense Stefan is too “boring” Damon nice up the show

      • Liz says:

        LOOOL. Damon is the boring one. He became DULLena and whiny ever since they put him with Elena. Ian admitted it in an interview…you know it’s bad when even the actor doesn’t support your ship.LOL

    • gsav says:

      so true

  2. Alison says:

    Someone sedate me. Oh my god. Why are they doing this to us before ripping them away. This is shipper heaven. I’M NOT FINE.

  3. amy says:

    I haven’t watched the show for 2 seasons because I got bored of Delena and the show was turning into the Ian show. I am/was a Stelena fan BUT, more importantly a fan of the entire show since the very first episode of the first season. This show was my favorite show and couldn’t wait for a new episode. I bought season 1 thru 3 only. I continued reading the recaps on a couple of sites and read the comments from fans/former fans of this show. I cannot understand why the producers continued allowing Julie and Caroline to write for this show. I mean people were frustrated, they gave up on the show, they complained about the way the show was going. Even “Delena’s” were getting bored of Delena. I get why Nina doesn’t want to stay with the show, it’s been failing and going down in the ratings for a couple of seasons. It’s just a matter of time before the cw give this show the axe. I thought since Nina was leaving I would watch the remaining episodes. Kind of a days gone by, send off. After watching this clip I know I couldn’t watch it. Don’t want to sound like a spoil brat not getting her way but what does it take for the shows owners to realize, DULLENA is the reason this show has lost viewers. If they want the ratings to go up even if it’s for a couple of episodes (because Nina is leaving) why not give the fans what they want, STELENA.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Nina only wanted to do 6 seasons from the beginning. It has nothing to do with ratings.

      • amy says:

        No, her contract was 6 years. If the show was still hot she would have signed on for another season. TVD’s made Nina a celebrity. Because of TVD’s Nina got to travel, get free designer clothes, free tech stuff, free cars, free designer purses, etc. TVD’s used to be a popular show and Nina was invited to premieres, was on covers of a lot of magazines showing different clothes, exercise, etc she had talk shows lining up for her to come on their show, etc. Now that TVD’s ratings have taken a nose dive very few offers are coming in. Nina and the gang were hot and in demand. Think about it, Nina has being invited to everything from the Emmy’s to premieres, and etc for about 3 and a half years. The past year and a half Nina hasn’t been on magazine covers, showing up for events etc. Nina wants as far away from this sinking ship of a show as possible. She has to in order to get her career back. It’s sad that Delena ruined this show

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      Agreed. Dele a ruined the show for me. I stopped watching when I saw them coming toward the end of season two.

    • Sara says:

      The fans want a happy Delena ending because they deserve it, if u are still stuck with a fake couple like stelena go watch season 1 all over again and leave us having our happy delena ending.

      • Ashley says:

        Shows a flop since delena happened check the ratings it’s pure lust that relationship and stelena was love they were each other’s Rock when Stefan was going through his past inner turmoil and bloodlust Elena was there and Stefan was there for Elena when she lost her love one and difficulties she faced emotionally like the time he took her on the carousel when she found out Caroline was a vampire he wanted her to still feel like she can be normal and have these sweet romantic moments. They grew with each other and Stefan always communicated and told Elena everything their love was innocent and pure and delena is just pure lust and animalistic.

        • Elizabeth says:

          I couldn’t say it better. And I just don’t like who they became together. She selfish not pure. He not nice enough to be the sweet guy but not bad enough to be the sexy bad brother. Boaring

      • amy says:

        Lol, but “fans” have literally stopped watching. This show went down hill in the ratings since Dullena got together. Facts are facts. Why not end this show with some kind of dignity and on a high note. Fact is Stelena is why people tuned in with a pain in the a- ss older brother Damon. Damon WAS hot when he was a player. This whimpy puppy dog Damon is a bore. It’s frustrating and disappointing to know that this show used to be number 1 and now because of DULLENA it barely gets a mention. So sad

      • Kahrynna says:

        So true i hate all these comments of people saying that shes leaving the show cuz of the ratings and to give back stelena i love delena they are perfect i wanted them together since the beginning so everyone else just stop hating on delena

    • Punch says:

      Selena mi rassssss Delena mi say to the world oh

    • Ashley says:

      In the same boat as you.

  4. Sissi says:

    They are soo cute. The Best Webclip Ever

  5. Sissi says:

    You Stelenas are just jealous that Elena actually wants this and it is not just a visioun put to their heads by travellers

  6. Mel says:

    I love Delena, but nothing about what Elena said was my dream come true for them, sorry Andy. Damon’s right. He’s Matt in her vision of the future. If I’d wanted Mattlena I would’ve shipped Mattlena and spoiler alert I didn’t Elena’s biggest wish for herself is to turn into her father???? Dr Gilbert, married with two kids by the time she hits 25??? Ok.

    Sorry to be one of those annoying negative commenters Andy but I hated this clip, LOL. IDK I liked the ‘passion, adventure, even a little danger’ vampires-living-forever version of Delena I guess???? Planning white picket fence futures doesn’t interest me at all and TBH if that’s what S7 would’ve been with Elena around maybe we dodged a bullet.

    Is there anyone else out there who likes Delena but isn’t here for all this boring thirst for humanity, marriage and 2.4 kids from a 20 year old on a vampire show???

    • 221bsam says:

      I agree with you completely, married with two kids would be Dullena & my worst nightmare ;)

    • pressingissue says:

      wow. i stopped liking elena long back and but delena, they did have an undeniable chemistry. now its like poof! gone! i felt nothing for them watching this scene. i don’t feel bad at all for damon cos in his heart of heart, he doesn’t want to be human. thats stefan’s thing. no part of this fantasy was particularly damon-esque. i felt a lot more sad for stelena’s life that could’ve been than delena’s. that was a shared dream between stefan and elena, both of their ideal life. this one belongs to only elena with damon guest starring as matt donovan. the chemistry has fused and their story just isn’t that compelling. it wouldve been better if they’d just given delena a respectful ending and gradually shown them moving on when damon had decided to let her go. now this storyline feels rushed and forceful at pushing the whole elena’s human life craving stuff.

    • Elizabeth says:

      That’s why she is at heart not.meant for damon. It was Stefan because at heart.She wants that boating human life always has and so Does Stefan. They pushed elena with damon to long. Damon is the fun brother the one who loves.being a vamp

  7. Denise Sayer says:

    Wow! Out of character for Damon much!!!! Damon has never, ever wanted a human life nor shown any desire to be a father – just look at the crap job he did as Jeremy’s guardian – which is to say not at all.

  8. Jamie says:

    They better give us a happy Delena ending because if they don’t, all past 6 season of their love story development it would be a waste. Both Elena and Damon deserve their happy ending after all they have been through. DELENA FOREVER<3

    • Danny says:

      Who ever said they are getting or deserved a happy ending? Plec nor Dries ever said that either brother are getting a happy ending with Elena. In one of her texts she even said that they knew/have the ending and it doesn’t matter if it ends now or later, meaning Elena was never the brothers ending. DULLena is NOT a love story.LOL

  9. donna says:

    ew. they look so unnatural together

  10. usernamenever says:

    It’s sad news that Nina is leaving the show but I am happy that I no longer have to suffer through Delena scenes. Nina and Ian are two talented beautiful people but they have no onscreen chemistry. The scene above bored me just like every other Delena scene. I’m sure the writers will find a way to give Delena their happy ending when the show reaches its series finale status. Delena almost ruined TVD the ratings don’t lie!!!

    • Cass says:

      Unless Damon ends up with Bonnie – THEY have had lots of chemistry this year. Damon deserves a strong and independent woman. Bonnie is that and more.

  11. Alexandra says:

    Stelena fans are the ones who haven’t payed attention to the show, otherwise i can’t justify how they can still like Stelena. Anyway to refresh to some of you your memories. Here i will write down some facts. In season 1 when Bonnie touched Elenas hand, she had a vision of her future, she said, she saw fog, a crow and a man, and she said this would be only the beginning, in the next episodes we see that a crow presents Damon and wherever Damon goes, the crow fallows him, just like the fog. So Damon was always Elenas future. Remember when Stefan said to Elena, wherever I go death fallows? And when Bonnie touched Stefans hand she said she felt DEATH…Then in some episode its been said to Elena that one man is your soulmate, the other your destroyer, Elena died because Stefan chose Matt, while Damon was the one who protected her life always, in her diary before erasing her memories Elena wrote: ”Dear me,Yes you loved Damon, you loved him with a passion that consumed you. And then when Damon died, the void he filled was too deep.Facing an eternity without your SOULMATE you went off the deep end, you turned into someone you weren’t, a monster”. So it is pretty obvious that her soulmate is Damon and her destroyer Stefan….In season 5 Qetsiya the witch said to Damon : ”Century after century, i’ve watched versions of Stefan and Elena find each other like magnets, it’s always the same story, falling in love, there is a shroud around the future, Amara was Silas one true love, but I never said he was Amaras”….Elena : ”The moment I saw Stefan, i can’t describe what I felt”….Katherine fell in love with Stefan the moment she saw him for the first time, remember?….Silas to Amara : ”When I look at you,i see an angel”….Stefan to Katherine: ”When I see you, i see an angel”. MAGIC IS NOT TRUE LOVE, TRUE LOVE IS NOT REAL UNLESS IT’S RETURNED, UNLESS IT FEELS FREE..Elena said : ”Being with Damon it’s like I’m being free”….So Elena and Stefan got together because of the doppelganger prophecy, but in order to break that prophecy Elena had to find her true love, which was Damon, even when the travelers were playing with their minds to get them together, they didn’t succeed because Elena had found her true love which was Damon. Plus even if none of this was true, Elena and Stefan were never meant to be, they hadn’t had real love because even the time they were together, they were always eclipsed by Delena, what person fells in love with someone else if they are so deeply in love with their partner? So Stelena wasn’t true love. True love never gives up, true love is more powerful than anything,more than your own fears, complexes, enemies, death and memory loss, and that’s why Elena and Damon got through all this obstacles together. What makes a love story ”epic’ are the obstacles that the couples manages to get through and them sticking together. The moment Damon and Elena got together, they had eyes only for each other, THAT IS TRUE LOVE…Remember when Elena asked Stefan : “Do you think i’ll be able to talk with Damon, like i’m talking to you? and Stefan said: ” You can’t be friends with someone if you are in love with them”….That’s TREUE LOVE. That’s why Damon and Elena could never stay away from each other…When Rebecca asked Stefan if he wanted to erase all the memories of Elena after Elena told him she had fallen for Damon, he said in a heart beat :YES, DO IT, ERASE IT ALL…..While Damon said he would NEVER erase a memory he had with Elena, no matter what. That is TRUE LOVE….When Elena became a vampire, Stefan made her feel like a toy who needed to get fixed and told her ”I don’t want you like this, I don’t like you like this” making her feel even more worse about her self, while Damon made her happy even in death, made her laugh even in her worst days, and Elena her self said : ”That’s what love should be about,make you glad that you are alive”….Damon said that he is fine with her either she is human or vampire, and meantime he never stopped looking for the cure to give it to Elena because he wanted her to have the life she deserved, THAT’S REAL LOVE AND WHEN IT’S REAL,YOU CAN’T WALK AWAY…No matter the ending of Delena, the journey is what makes a couple EPIC not the ending. The harder and more epic the journey the more unforgettable the couple. Delena is the real couple of the show and will be remembered for that.

    • Liz says:

      Oh honey.

    • gues says:

      Okay, I didn’t bother reading most of this rant, but I did pick up a few things:

      – You’re right, in the S3 finale, Elena said, ‘That’s what love should be about, make you glad that you are alive’ only you conveniently left out the fact that she was talking about STEFAN!

      – How, in your mind, does Stefan’s desire to erase the pain Elena’s caused him prove that he doesn’t love her, while Elena asking Ric to erase her memories of Damon prove true love?????

      – ELENA chose to save Matt, not Stefan.

      – Stefan NEVER said he didn’t love her or want her as a vampire. The ‘broken toy’ thing never held water for me, it was simply something the writers made Elena say so that DE shippers could make Stefan the bad guy and justify DE. All Stefan ever said was she wasn’t supposed to be a vampire – and he was basing that on the fact that a) she TOLD him she never wanted to be a vampire and b) she wasn’t adjusting to being a vampire. He was trying to give her what she said she wanted. And, in case no has noticed, if Elena wants the cure and a happy, human life….then Stefan was RIGHT!!!!

    • Rhonda says:

      Beautifully stated….just wanted to add that Damon refused to be friends with Elena when she asked him, but after Stelena broke up, they became just that….friends. It was too painful for Damon to opt for friendship with Elena when all he felt was intense love for her. He’d rather not see her or hear mention of her name than be friends with her. This proved the love Damon had for Elena went far beyond the love Stefan had for her. Delana is the epitome of true love and they will go down in history as the epic love story of the Vampire Diaries.

      • Fran says:

        You people make everything a competion. Damon and Elena both loved/love Elena the same, they just have different ways of handling things. Stefan would rather have her in his life in some way even if he couldn’t be with her romantically- Damon couldn’t be around her if they weren’t a couple. It doesn’t prove that one love is better or more intense than the other…. Just that they are different people and handle heartbreak differently. Geez.

    • Fran says:

      I couldn’t get through this…. But a few of the beginning points you made could be spun a different way to fit Stelenas as well. Everyone is watching the same show, people just like different couples. The show has always known this and willingly played to both sides. Not everyone is going to feel the same way you do and, you know, that’s okay.

      • Noel says:

        Very well said Fran! Since it’s the last few episodes with Elena can’t the fans just quit fighting about whose better Stefan or Damon. At this point it doesn’t make a difference they both loved her and they both are going to lose her. What good comes from arguing….nothing and it just shows how immature everyone is.

    • Stephany Bond says:

      Wow!!! Insightful!

  12. Melissa says:

    If Damon becomes human he will die, just like Katheren. He’s too old and he will die. so naturally he won’t become human.

  13. zed says:

    I can stop laughing! What a selfparody- at its best!!
    I can see Elijah rubbing Elena’s feet when she comes home from a day of of being brilliant resident surgeon! But not Damon! HAhaha- Damon;”you made me Matt Donovan in your dreams!” There you have it- Elena doesn’t know a first thing about who Damon really is.t he was looking for an innocent sweet little town girl?! Shall we not forget that he fell for Katherine, who was someone exciting! It just shows how Delena is so super NONEPIC stuff! It just screams – where is a scalpel to finally surgically remove Delena out of TVD!!! LOL Yeah, Boring!

  14. Punch says:

    Any body who prefer stelena is an as whole Damon is much more cuter funnier more romantic and the best one.Stefan is “UGLY” deffinely not fun and boring that is why elena prefer Damon so you people deal with it.

  15. Tia says:

    Its high time that Stefan and Elena got back together now. If Damon and Elena were meant to be what did the first three seasons mean? Seriously are we fools for watching the first three seasons? The writers make us feel sorry for watching the first three seasons. I’m glad Nina is leaving. I bet she realized that the writers are losing track of their own mythology.

  16. gsav says:

    frick this

  17. Hodan says:

    Lots of salty Stelena fans here. LOL

    Sad to see this would the last season of Delena. Anyways, I am just going to enjoy the remainder of Elena’s time with Damon. I wish Nina all the best in her future endeavors. I also hope TVD does better next year. Salvatore brothers here we come!!!

  18. sam says:

    It’d be interesting if elena became human (by accident like katherine) and then damon got sucked into 1903 prison world and tried to find the magic (he’d be with kai) and elena could go frind jeremy whilst stefan, caroline and bonnie try to find a way from their side to bring damon back and jo and alaric have their baby and then when Damon got back he could take the cure and get married to elena and stefan and caroline can go over for dinner and delena can announce they’re pregnant…. I could support that :P

  19. Nicole says:

    It’s news like hearing Nina Dobrev’s leaving the show that makes me thankful I didn’t get fully involved! I’ve made peace with the fact that Damon and Elena aren’t gonna end up together! :(

  20. Morgan says:

    Neither Damon or Stefan will become human. Remember what happened to Katherine…they will die if they do.

  21. Jovonne Beyreis says:

    Hahahaa!! Ewwlena wants to have two kids so they can distracte each other while she and Damon bump pelvices?! Nice fantasy there with getting your feet rubbed, “potential mother of the century”!! Oh, I hope DE gets sucked into a black hole. A celestial event! I’m sure the Gemini coven can find one in the Galaxy somewheres.

  22. NOLA Girl says:

    I would only add Stefan couldn’t truly love Elena as a vampire, because it wasn’t who she was supposed to be. He could only love the good Elena. Damon told Stefan something to the effect that if they were following this fairy tale to its conclusion, he wanted to be clear that he was good with her either way. That sold it for me. If it was me, and one could only love me when I was good and perfect, but the other loved me when I was good and perfect but also when I was ugly and flawed, I would pick door number the two, the one who loves me either way.

  23. Caitlin says:

    Stelena and Delena are both lame. And shes gone. So lets all move on, shall we?

  24. SM says:

    Well, that was awkward. Their lack of chemistry is just painful these days.

  25. Reya says:

    Oh dear lord, they are gonna spend the next few episodes fanservicing those broken DE hearts aren’t they?

    I’m gonna hit the snooze button until all this DE fluffy nonsense is over and the actual plot begins.

    I mean SERIOUSLY have these people been watching their own shows AT ALL? Has Damon ever seemed like the kind of guy to turn human, become a bartender and part time massage therapist for Elena along with their 2 kids to make the picture perfect??

    As someone below me perfectly commented, She turned him into Matt Donovan LOLZ!
    Heck, I could even imagine Stefan like that but NEVER Damon Salvatore.

  26. Sara says:

    Wow that was painful to watch. Can we take these two characters out of their misery already? It’s clear that neither Ian or Nina want to be doing this with each other–they have ZERO chemistry anymore. Just make it STAHP!

  27. clau says:

    Honestly, the story has been dragging and I don’t see how they can turn it around in a couple of episodes and give Elena’s caracther a decent exit. Furthermore, with so many good characters leaving the show, especially, Elena, what future can the show have….at least in my opinion, this will be the last season I’ll be watching.

  28. lola says:

    This is a cute clip but watching what this new group of writers, editors and producers has done to Delena over the last couple of seasons is really hard. This season especially they’ve watered their relationship down so much, knowing Nina was leaving and trying to manipulate the story to make Elena as irrelevant as possible, meanwhile while forcing other characters and dynamics in an unnatural way. No wonder ratings are crashing. Delena’s was such a great story and the consistent building of their relationship from S1, along with Nina and Ian’s magical onscreen chemistry, is what helped to put TVD on the map and certainly what kept it their. It’s sad to see such an iconic couple suffering from weak writing, staff turnover and irresponsible producers dragging the show out past it’s relevancy. They’re destroying the best thing they ever created and turning something that could have lived in history as one of the biggest genre successes ever into little more than a footnote about the pitfalls of ignoring a tv show’s quality, in favor of quantity.

    • Marc says:

      Wow. Didn’t know the delusion went this far. Their ratings have gone down ever since the “magical, epic, delusional, toxic, codependent” couple graced our screens. They were and never will be “iconic”.

      • Seriously. I’ll concede that they had the potential to be an amazing “will they, won’t they” couple. But by having them get together and pretend to be a normal young couple was ludricous and boring. It only got worse when they broke up. I’ve been watching clips of the first 3 seasons, and there is no way that Elena would have fallen so deeply in love with Damon. I know alot of Delena fans are feeling cheated by Nina’s departure, but I personally feel cheated after investing 3 seasons in the amazing love story between Elena and Stefan, for them to retcon everything to fangirl over Ian Somerhalder.

      • lola says:

        I’m not delusional at all but thanks for proving once again how rude and immature certain people in this fandom can be. I constantly hear it’s the Delena shippers who are the bad element and yet, somehow, it always seems to be the ANTI Delena shippers who consistently show what they’re made of with their rabid and unprovoked attacks on others. I’m secure in my opinions and don’t need to prove anything to myself by name-calling and agressive negativity directed toward the things that other people enjoy. Maybe you should give it a try.

        • Rachel says:

          Umm, maybe you should look at your pal Punch. I think he is a GREAT representation of the delena ‘shippers’.*wink*

          • Sophie says:

            Or lola can just look at JP tweets and that will show her how rude and immature her dullena shipper buddies really are.lol So glad JP shut them down…..talk about rabid and unprovoked attacks.

      • guest says:

        lol of course Delena is iconic. That’s not even debateable. As far as ratings, they’ve been in steady decline since S1 and remained at a relatively consistent degree of decline per season until mid-S5 when Elena was bodysnatched by Katherine and Damon was reverted to his S1 persona. That’s when ratings dropped off substantially and never recovered. The rate of decline escalated in S6, which not by coincidence, is the season that they erased Delena’s entire relationship along with half of Elena’s personality. Obviously, it’s all part of their attempts at forcing Caroline as the new female protagonist, Steroline as the lead angsty lead ship/power couple, as well as heavy fanbaiting by the cast and certain entertainment media for the potential of Bamon. Clearly, it isn’t working as ratings are now hitting series lows virtually every week.

    • Bianca says:

      Oh My…”best thing they ever created”LOL

  29. Jane says:

    This is nauseating. What have they done to Damon?? If this is his end I will be severely disappointed. Damon never wanted that life. He LOVED being a vampire. He’s supposed to go off and be like Eric Northam or Lestat not some 9 to 5 dad in the suburbs. Being human and having a family is Stefan’s dream that has been hammered into viewers from day one. So first Damon steals his brother’s girlfriend and then gets to live Stefan’s dream?? No thanks! Elena talking about having to have two kids so they can occupy each other while she and Damon get it on gives me the creeps. Seriously what in the world did they do to these two characters?? Thank goodness Elena is gone after this season or there is no way I would continue to watch this show.

  30. Savita Naik says:

    I love Damon and Elena together. They are the true lovers. And I love that he wants to know her fantasies, her future…..I love them together.. So sad that she is leaving the show. They have chemistry and magic when they are together. Stefan is more her friend than lover, Damon is all fire and I love that!

    • Bianca says:

      They are not true lovers and they have no magic or chemistry. He doesn’t love her if he did he would’ve told her about the cure before now. He is selfish and has abandonment issues which was addressed in last ep….’true love’ would put the needs of others before themselves. Damon was “fire” and interesting before they shackled him with DULLena.

  31. Mina says:

    Someone shoot me already!!! I can’t stand the torture of DULLENA any bloody more!!! 😠

  32. jack says:

    It should end with a Damon and Elena happy ever after together and nothing less!!!

    • Ninafan says:

      The only happy ever after is Elena taking the cure and waking up from this nightmare we have had to endure for three seasons. Then she picks herself and leaves Mf. That is a happily ever after.

  33. stefanie says:

    elena is taking the cure, not damon. if anyone remembers right only 1 cure 2 cant take it. elena becomes human and realizes damon is not for her. she probably tries to rekindle feelings with stefan cause lets face it they gave always been there even with her being inlove with damon. flashback season 5 episode 18 was heartbroken when her visions stopped. hello feelings! anyways she is gonna end up dying on wickery bridge where she was destined to die not once but twice. not the ending i have been waiting for. stelena will always be together no matter what life or death. they are soulmates!

  34. Asma Naeem says:

    Delena is the best and for Elena Damon would do everything changing into a humann is not a big deal for him

  35. Jackson Lockhart says:

    i totally agree with you. Stelena is the past. Elena and Damon are clearly the better couple.

  36. Guest says:

    Wow, have you forgotten the ” what we had was REAL” scene with Stelena?? Delena had a sirebond. Wouldn’t start calling people idiots, if you won’t be unbiased.

  37. Liz says:

    and you are clearly DElusional.lol Better couple, he won’t even let her make a choice if she wants the cure or not…yeah that’s clearly the better couple

  38. guest says:

    Delena had a sire bond, Stelena had a witch curse. The difference is Delena fell in love and that caused the sire bond. Stelena fell in love because of the witch curse. See the difference? Just because Stefan said it was all “real” doesn’t make it true. Elena also said about the visions when they were happening that they felt “real”. She couldn’t tell the difference which is why they were both so devastated when they ended. Don’t you understand that was the point of ALL of that? Stefan’s words were pointless because the doppelganger curse made it impossible for them to know what was real and what wasn’t. That’s not saying that they didn’t love each other, just that it was all initiated by the curse in the first place.

  39. Marc says:

    The sire bond is still there….just wait until the end.LOL DULLena “epic”LOL