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The Originals Post Mortem: EP Explains [Spoiler]'s Death, Klaus' New Position

The Originals Aiden Dies

How are you holding up, Originals fans? Monday’s episode was kind of a biggie… for so many reasons.

Not only did we lose Aiden — one half of the elusive #JaidenRainKiss — but Klaus, who was framed for Aiden’s murder, is now down for the count, thanks to his siblings. And that’s to say nothing of Dahlia, whose presence in the Big Easy continues to tug at the very fabric of the Mikaelson family.

During a screening of the heartbreaking hour, executive producer Michael Narducci fielded questions from reporters, both about this week’s biggest twists and about the final three episodes of the season. Who’s ready to get spoiled?

WHY AIDEN? | “We knew off the bat that we wanted to tell a beautiful Romeo and Juliet story between Josh, a vampire, and Aiden, a werewolf,” Narducci explained. “Our goal was to create a complicated, layered person who was put in many dilemmas with regards to his loyalty to the pack. … Every one of us loves Aiden and every one of us is really sad to see Colin Woodell go. He was such an incredible actor, a beautiful performer, a star in the making. But we felt like that was the best story. With any death … if it’s right, then that’s what you have to do. And that’s what it was in this case.”

That said, death wasn’t the only possibility for Aiden. Narducci revealed that the writers “had talked about many different endings for Josh and Aiden. We’d talked about the possibility of them running off together, we’d talked about the possibility of one of them being captured and the other having to risk everything to try to save them.” Ultimately, though, death seemed the most appropriate way to end their Shakespearean romance.

JOSH’S REVENGE | Simply put, Josh is “wrecked,” and while he’s full of rage towards Klaus — whom he believes killed Aiden — Narducci said, “The first thing he needs to do is wrap his head around how he’s going to recover from this grief.” Only then can he even begin to think about retaliation; Josh has only been a vampire for a short time, so taking on Klaus right now wouldn’t be the smartest move (unless, of course, he’s eager to join Aiden… wherever dead people go on this show now).

The Originals Aiden DiesFAMILY FEUD | Narducci notes that it’s very telling how quickly Klaus’ siblings believed he killed Aiden, further proof that Dahlia’s plan to tear the family apart is working. “But Cami knows the truth, and once that truth starts to get out, our characters are going to have to figure out who could have done this and why,” he adds. And speaking of Cami, she’ll be in “every episode for the remainder of the season,” so look forward to some exciting developments on her end.

HAYLEY & JACKSON | There’s plenty of wolf-y drama afoot, as they’re “reeling from the loss of the guy who was, in effect, the Vice President,” Narducci says. “Hayley, as a leader, is going to have to work with Jackson to find a way to earn back [the wolves’] trust.” On the romantic end, even though Elijah is clearly still in love with Hayley, his sense of familial duty will prevent him from attempting to split up her marriage. Besides, “over the course of that marriage, she found herself having legitimate feelings” for Jackson, too.

KOL’S RETURN? | Last, but certainly not least, Davina will continue to attempt to bring back Kol. Despite a minor setback — Narducci says there are some “pretty important witch shenanigans going on this week” — Davina will get “one little ray of hope, one possibility of what she might be able to do … in her quest to resurrect Kol.” And, hey, that’s something! (Right?)

Originals fans, how crushed are you by the death of Aiden — and, by extension, Jaiden? And what do you hope to see in the final three episodes of Season 2? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. Lani says:

    I’m done with The Originals now. I usually don’t say that about shows and dislike when others do it, but I’m done. I stopped watching some time in season 1 and then Josh/Aiden along with Hayley/Elijah got me back into the show and I started watching the show again in season two. Josh and Aiden didn’t even get a chance and then you kill Aiden off talking about some Romeo and Juliet BS, it sucks. Josh along with Aiden barely even had a storyline on their own and like I said as a couple they could have did better with writing them. Then Hayley and Elijah had no real chance together. Then with this whole Rebekah, Kol and Finn in other people’s bodies got too much with me and this witch crap. I am truly done with this show, just done.

    • MK says:

      Same! I loved this show the first half os season 1, then it kinda redeemed itself towards the finale. But this season I’ve had no interest in watching.

    • AddieM says:

      This is what happens when you watch the show for ships…I’m glad TO is not afraid to take risks and not accommodate any fan service

      • Fran says:

        I have to agree with you. Its one of the reasons I like TO so much. While “ships” are there, they don’t dominate the storylines (unlike TVD). I hope they don’t change a thing.

      • Lani says:

        I don’t only watch shows for the ships and if you read my comment I said I watched the show in the 1st season but lost interest. But in this case the ships is what got be back into the show. But I also talked about the whole in other people’s bodies was annoying me as well and it just took away from everything.

        I still watch a lot of shows with ships I don’t like. So this does not apply to me.

        • AddieM says:

          If Aiden/Josh and Elijah/Hayley brought you back to TO it means you do watch the show mainly for the ships. Most of what you mentioned is about how these two couples never got a chance. The Rebekkah, Kol, Finn body swapping seemed to be just a secondary issue in your comment. Anyway like I said, I’m glad TO does not pay attention to ships.

          • Lani says:

            It wasn’t really secondary, for me. i mentioned the others in passing because I didn’t want to go into too much detail. A ship group me back but it wasn’t all that made me stay. The body things and other things were getting to be, the ships/deaths were just the final straw

    • latae says:

      I agree,I’m not watching originals no more either Josh and Aiden was the only decent storyline going on.and that when they got screen the writer gonna talk about they wasn’t gonna have happy ending when they barely let them have whole storyline to even get that I really don’ what happen next.

      • James says:

        So you only like shows that service shipper fans? How sad.

      • alex says:

        I feel quite the opposite, think that was the weakest storyline in the show and added little to it, glad it’s over with.

        • Jenn says:

          I absolutely love The Originals! And how boring would it be if the went ahead and put Hayley & Elijah together right away? I’m glad they killed Aiden off! The only thing I eished is for them to kill Josh off as well! They did nothing for the sow. I absolutely love Klaus and I’m just sad that he took the blame for Aiden’s feather , and his family was so quick to believe it! On the other hand, I’m really getting sick of Rebecca trying to find ways to kill Klaus!😡 at the end though I would like to thank the writers for putting together such an amazing show!👋🏻 #teamklaus #teamtheoriginals

    • MJ says:

      That’s fine stop watching. No one is forcing you to watch. Good riddance

    • Katie foley says:

      This show is going downhill fast. I hated this show at the beginning and then as I watched on I started to love it, even more then tvd but now I actually dread watching the episodes, but I at least want to finish this season. I loved halijah, and that’s the whole reason I got back into the show is because of them. I cannot stand Jackson and he bores me to no end. And Hayley just annoys me now. Both TVD and originals need to step their game up, quickly.

      • Ben Nay says:

        If your only watching the show for ships, then quite frankly your watching the wrong show. Based on last nights episode and last weeks episode I for one am excited at what they have in store for us.

        • Katie says:

          I’m not only watching the show for ships. But it definitely played a big part in getting me interested back in the show.

    • Sara says:

      Hayley & Elijah is what made we hate both characters back in Season 1. I hope they dropped it.

    • says:

      I was hoping that Jackson would go but someone said he will be in season 3 and I am a elijah and haley fan. Another season of him great

      • Katie says:

        Ew. Can we not lol. I hate Jackson. He bores the crap out of me and I hate that he’s acting like the father of hope.

        • well…technically he’s the STEP father of Hope. and I haven’t seen him overstepping any boundaries in the “daddy department” He’s only been seen loving the child and protecting her. Let’s be honest here, Klaus has a dark past. Jackson has only experienced Death and Despair at the hands of this man. If you were in his shoes, would you trust your step child, or ANY child for that matter, in this man’s hands? Biological parents aren’t always the best kind. I find it refreshing that a show is showing a different kind of family. One that is growing more and more common. Men stepping up to fill the shoes that lesser men couldnt.

  2. Z. says:

    I kept hearing how tragic and heartbreaking the death was going to be, i’m not in the last bothered by it, the cast needs thinning out a bit and I never liked the character. Josh and Jackson need to go next

    • Isobel says:

      I preferred Aiden to Josh, if one had to go I would’ve chosen Josh, I agree with Jackson being boring, Cami as well

      • ChrisGa says:

        Loved the character of Aiden and Colin Woodell is a very good actor(and hot as hell). Would’ve much rather seen Josh bite it; never been a huge fan of that character.

    • AddieM says:

      Definitely not Jackson…he’s a sweetheart

      • Evan says:

        You are fooling yourself if you think Jackson is going to survive this season!! Klaus already told Hayley that if she crossed him he would massacre the wolves and kill Jackson… and I’m guessing he is not going to be happy when he wakes up!

    • Rebecca says:

      I agree, so does Haley. Her character is getting annoying.

  3. Tara says:

    Nobody cares about boring CAMI! seriousy they´ve been trying to sell her for the past 2 years and its not working…… gawd this effing show is getting on my very last nerve!

    • emily says:

      Nobody? Speaks for yourself. I LOVE CAMI!! <333

    • AddieM says:

      I Iike Cami even though she’s a wall flower on that real purpose at all. Hope that changes next season.

    • Otilia says:

      Cami is far from boring, everyone says that because she is human but she is my favorite character because of how strong her character is without having supernatural powers!!

      • Kali says:

        Just exactly like Matt
        Well atleast up until this season in TVD
        We need humans still at the end of the day, they in a way, normalize the show in the sense of we can say “hey, the world they seem to create has frigging humans too”

    • autumnd23 says:

      Cami is by far my favorite female character on the show. Glad to hear she’ll be in the rest of the season. Her last scene with Klaus was great! That being said, I would love to see her get her own story.

    • MJ says:

      Cami is great. You don’t like her because you don’t understand her character

    • jessica says:

      Preach! She´s the worst and her biggest crime is shes so BORING

    • Jess says:

      The problem with Cami is that she’s a total pace killer. She has no real purpose, so when there’s momentum going during an episode and they throw her in there for no reason, it’s irritating. If she were more fleshed out and had some purpose beyond soothing Klaus and his hurt feelings, maybe she would get more traction. I liked Cami in the beginning, but honestly, there really isn’t much to the character or her story and her place in the narrative feels forced as a result.

  4. Jane says:

    I hope to see Cami dead, thats what i hope! Good lord shes boring and well just this whole show is boring me to death! framed for murder really! now are these so called writers for reals… i just can´t

  5. jess says:

    “Framed” I’m so weaaaaak. Like is this real life? He’s the evil that needs to get taken out for killing someone? Cause killing is just SO RARE for Klaus. I–idek. I’m at a loss for words. This show had all the potential in the world!!! oh and Cami can go jump of a bridge

  6. Everybody needs to leave Klaus alone including his sibling I just think they need to DIE! Yawl better bring Klaus back if not I am done with this SHOW.. He knows what the heck he is doing.. Jackson and Hayley need to die as well. Klaus and his child are better off without back stabbing people in his life!! & when he awakes he is going after everybody.. Not sure why yawl killed him tonight.

    • I know when klaus comes back everyone should not be worried about daliha but what he might do. He is going to go crazy after that look on his face. They should fear him now. Rather have klaus on your side then the opposite otherwise he’ll is going to break lose

  7. may says:

    could this show BE any more predictable!? Duumm i’ve been framed for muuuuurddder!!! rotl wtf and lmao at them trying and failing again to make klamille interesting ENOUGH with the tears! My Hope is that hope dies along with vanilla beige boring pants cami

  8. Dria says:

    I have been a big fan of the vampire diaries so it was quite inevitable that I would love the original! However, I dislike seeing a woman (Hailey) in so many love triangles. Her relationship with Elijah (the brother of her baby father) disgust me and have no point; it’s sickening. I wish the Josh and Aiden relationship lasted longer. I don’t really care about Davina and Kol. Cami’s character is like just in the story just because…. I love everything about Klaus so it’s annoying that his own siblings don’t see how smart he is. Yes klaus can be evil but come on, who likes a goody goody all the time. Klaus “framed” for murder makes me mad that everyone just jumped to conclusions that he killed Aiden, knowing a psycho evil witch is on the loose after baby Hope. I would love to see that Hailey choose one person she wants to be with and not Elijah! I’m hoping to see more of baby Hope’s powers and maybe she can help her dad defeat Dahlia. I also want Freya to die with Dahlia because she is corrupt and is Dahlia’s shadow.

    • Dria says:

      Jackson’s character is boring for him to be an Alpha male. Laaawwwddd!! Help Jackson be more interesting and fiercer… Better yet just let Klaus kill him ALREADY!!

    • says:

      Your opinion. Elijah and haley are great together

  9. Morgan says:

    Klaus will not accept this betrayal overnight.

  10. princessita113 says:

    Love love love this show. But it’s starting to lose me very quick. How can they take KLAUS Diwn, he suppose to be undeadable…….. I get it but it’d too much…… it’s supposed to be about FAMILY TIES and now it’s more like FAMILY BETRAYAL…..

    • Realist says:

      As if klaus gets to do what he wants all the time. It doesn’t go his way all the time. He’s been emotional, paranoia, cry baby. He betrayed Ansel his blood father. He has done everything. Being daggered he get what he deserves.

  11. jerrired says:

    Cami haters are out again…anyway, I’m personally looking forward to her actually getting a storyline. But once again Leah and Joseph’s scene tonight was great. And I knew Aiden was going to die, just based on the whole Kingmakers pilot but this death actually hit me. Usually, the TVD/TO deaths aren’t that big, at least TVD at this point, but the episode was done so well that I knew his death was coming but it still actually saddened me when it happened. So great job for that, writers. I haven’t been this sad about a TO/TVD since Alaric. I’ll definitely miss Colin’s face on this show, and Jaiden. Seeing how depressed Davina is, there is no way Kol (either with Nate playing him or a new actor) is not returning on the finale. Davina is becoming barely functional without him, which is a bit odd if you actually think about their relationship.

  12. Unknown says:

    I just find it funny that Haley and Jackson really think they stand a chance against klaus especially when he is mad he could easily kill them and now that his siblings betrayed him even though they thought he was off the rails he doesn’t forget he is gonna get them

  13. ryan jones says:

    Thank God Aiden’s dead! I hope they kill off Josh next week. I didn’t get to see tonight’s episode because a tornado caused the news to air instead but I was so happy when I learned that they killed off Aiden and I wish I could’ve seen it. I have hated Josh since they revealed he was gay and then I got even more upset when they gave him a boyfriend thereby having a gay couple on the show. I hated when the producers compared Josh and Aiden to Romeo & Juliet. I was really happy when they killed off the gay guy on The Vampire Diaries so I hope they do the same thing here. Hopefully now that Aiden’s dead Josh will be killed too and I can finally start really enjoying this show again.

    • Jr smith says:

      haha lmao same here

    • shawn8093 says:

      Being homophobic is so 1960’s. Grow up and join the century!

      • D. says:

        I’ll be honest here “homophobic” is just such a dumb term, people that don’t like gays aren’t scared of them, if they see a gay couple they don’t run off screaming like little children. there are different reasons people don’t like gay people i.e. based on religion or people find it repulsive and gross. I personally find homosexuality gross, I fast forward through “intimate” gay scenes on the shows I watch, I don’t hate gay people at all I just physically and mentally find it gross and abnormal. I don’t think makes me a bigot because I’ve never treated a gay person differently than anyone else, I treat them like I treat everyone else with respect. I didn’t dislike them because they were gay I disliked them because they were weak characters, the show is called the originals so I wanted it to be about them not some random uninteresting people

    • Fran says:

      I know everyone has a right to their opinion and all… But only hating a character because they are gay? That makes me so sad.

    • Nicole says:

      Personally I don’t dislike Aiden and Josh because they were gay, but rather because they added absolutely nothing to the show. It is becoming all too prevalent though that shows are putting in a token gay couple, don’t know if it’s for ratings or pressure, but homosexuals aren’t that common that they need to be included in every show that airs.

  14. kate says:

    So as happy as he was getting I thought about twenty minutes in that it was half of Josh and Aiden and it had to be Aiden because seriously the show wouldn’t do that to Davina.

  15. Sharon says:

    Cami’s character has been so boring sense day 1. She needs to go away forever….

    • autumnd23 says:

      I would love to see her stay on the show until the end! Just goes to show that people see things differently I suppose. I love having a human female character with compassion. I love Cami’s inner strength.

  16. Ginny says:

    With Klaus being Dead Dahlia now wins the fight..And the Show is Hust gonna Suck with out Klaus..I DON’T think any one will want to cobtinue to watch now…Klaus was the whole reason why i started watching he jyst can’t be gone..he is the onky one who knows how to kill dahlia.

  17. Ginny says:

    I was so hoping klaus and Cami would hit it off..again.she is good for him

  18. Ginny says:

    I was to i also thought klaus would kill freiah once he found oyt daliah was linked to her and thats how she found hope…and then i thought Elijah would kill her but nope instead he still wants to trust her and kills klaus that made me so mad…because usually klaus sees it comming but this time he didn’t..i am so disappointed..i pray klaus is just slepping and cami can wake him..

    • MJ says:

      If you have been watching the show religiously, you would know that Klaus tried to kill Freya but she is immortal. Please watch the all the episodes before making comments

      • Ginny says:

        Lmao at you i have watched every episode and bo one is truly emortal not even klaus freiahs necklace is what protects her…have you been watching closely…I don’t think you have….No such thing as Mortality everyone can die if he rips her heart out she cant come can she.. all he did was break her kneck he didnt try to kill her…

  19. Sara says:

    Why they keep kiling characters that don’t have much screen tone is beyond me…why couldn’t they just make him go away with josh?
    And is everyone tired how everything that happens in this city is Klaus fault? “Oh look a girl just fell down the stairs, must be Klaus doing…” Lol they should just listen to him and be done with it, I mean that big bad witch is out there ruining there lives and the first person they thing who kill Aiden I Klaus…i mean really? How dense can the be? And Freya i wouldn’t trust her with anything in pretty sure she’s gonna turn out to be bad…(how surprising, not.)
    I just lost faith on this show and I’m tired of them keep daggering each other every f** time, I wouldn’t blame Klaus for not trust them at all..i hope when he wakes up he kills them all and be done with it, or at least kill that witch by himself because we can never trust siblings,seems to be the motto of this series!

    • m3rcnate says:

      Yeah, the daggering thing is a result of the show making them all so powerful and wanting to add “tension” and “suspense” without any real danger to the main cast because they are too precious and they would never kill of Elijah or Hayley or Klaus or anyone important.

    • AddieM says:

      Klaus deserves the dagger, he’s such a child with his hissy fits. I know when he wakes up there’ll be hell to pay but I’m glad he knows that his siblings do not fear him and they can choose to side with someone who is not him!

  20. m3rcnate says:

    This show (along with TVD) is SOOOOO inconsistent with the importance of killing. The wolf dying only mattered so much because the writers went out of their way to make it a HUGE plot point and a catalyst for what happens to Klaus…but it doesnt line up with what has already been established. Klaus has done a million times worse (hes basically a walking genocide committer with at least 10,000 deaths on his hands, not counting all the vampires hes created that have gone on to kill people in the last 1,000 years). Yet this wolf being killed for betraying Klaus (legit reason to do it even though Klaus didnt do it) has everyone crying and freaking out like he just killed Elijah. I call BS.
    If you are going to write soapy CW teen love triangle vampire content, the very least you can do is be consistent with your writing of your characters.
    Also i am SO freaking tired of Jackson (who needs to die) and others trying to act tough and talk tough to Klaus. Im sorry but isn’t he the most powerful being in the world? TVD and TO has established him to be ultimate in his powers…Jackson trying to fight Klaus in this episode is like…the actor who plays Tyrion talking crap and trying to fight the actor who plays The Mountain on Game of Thrones….3.5ft tall vs 7ft tall. Its just dumb. I am also tired of Hayley and her threats and attempted to fight Klaus…i want her to be taken down a peg or two and shown even though shes a hybrid, shes no match for a 1000 year old Hybrid or Elijah (of course a CW show would never show a man beating down a woman even though they will show a man ripping a heart out of a woman or knocking her head clean off etc). Makes me miss the old Klaus who would have just locked up Hayley and killed Jackson for the fun of it.
    Oh and i didnt care at ALL about the gay couple and their weak story line. Did they really just compare Shakespeare and a Vampire Diaries spin off on the CW network? lmao.

    • Ginny says:

      Exactly Klaus is A Hybrid Witch and it makes me so mad that they make his Character so week…uugghh…He hasn’t realized his true power yet and his imunity to witches…abd his capability to read minds….if you look up Hybrid witch it tells you all he and haley are capable off….but this show makes him week…

  21. Para says:

    I do think it is slightly too easy. when I see they plan their get aways I knew one of them is dying in the next 20 minutes.

  22. Benjamin says:

    Aiden and Josh’s storyline was boring. Remember Tyler Lockwood, Matt Donovan and Jeremy Gilbert? These sort of characters deserve to be killed off. Add absolutely nothing to the storyline. What I found more baffling was them killing Kol off only a few weeks ago.

    I think it’s about time Julie Plec hands her resignation in so someone can take Originals in the right direction going forward and not send it down the same horrid path as The Vampire Diaries.

    Letting Claire Holt leave was a stupid move. Killing off Kol another stupid move. Killing off Klaus although probably temporarily a stupid move. The only thing The Originals has got right this season is breaking up that relationship, although if I had to choose I would have killed off Josh.

    • Ally Oop says:

      Klaus wasn’t killed off. He was daggered which means he can come back when the daggar gets pulled out–I like Klaus but his paranoia was bringing everyone down lately so he needed a timeout. And Claire Holt did not want to remain in the show which was a hard curveball thrown to the writers because she was immensely popular and had so much importance in terms of the story. I actually don’t mind the actress that’s currently playing Rebecca–she has the accent and attitude done right and I’m getting used to her. I really hope that Kol returns though as I thought he brought a great dynamic to the Original family. My favourite characters on the show in order of first to next are Hayley, Klaus, Elijah, Kol, Rebecca, Freya, Davina, Marcel and Camille. Everyone else is expendable.

      • Ally Oop says:

        Actually, even Marcel and Camille are expendable too but I think their characters still have use. Marcel is a good love interest for Rebecca but he also serves as a good go-between character on the show. And Camille is a good character but not as a love interest for Klaus. I rather liked Camille’s scenes with Elijah.

      • Raylyn says:

        I forgot about being daggered, wasn’t that how Elijah started in the beginning of the show? He was daggered and really pissed about it…I hope this is where they are going. I love Klaus!!! He keeps it interesting and I think Elijah daggered him a little to quickly. I think its a plot to get Freya to help stop Dalia!!

  23. rob says:

    they need to incorporate more of the vampire diaries into the show i still watch both .(btw hate the long breaks in between episodes)these new witch vampires they got coming up in the vampire diaries could mix quite nicely with the originals.Or that cure that they have right now again in vampire diaries ..who wouldn’t want to see it stuffed down someones throat in originals and dont get me started on that Gemini coven the damage they could do since they are hardly on vampire diaries i mean come on mix it up

  24. MJ says:

    I love Cami. She is a strong human character and I love what she does. She is the only one who kinda knew that Klaus didn’t do it. I am said for Aiden. I really liked seeing Aiden and Josh :-(

  25. Jess says:

    EW just posted on my facebook feed an article just like this and right away said who died and the major points of the episode in the first sentence. As someone who hasn’t yet watched the episode I’m furious. Kudos to TVline for always putting spoiler alerts and only proceed if you’ve already watched tonight’s episode in their article preview post.

  26. Emily says:

    Seriously? Couldn’t have a spoiler free title?

  27. zed says:

    Wow! Excellent episode! So, shakespearean! And very julius Ceaser Dahlia is- divide and conquer!
    In no special order yes, they need to bring Kol back in his original body with the original actor Nate Buzolic!! If we can’t get Claire Holt then at least give us Nate!! and Kol as his original self!!
    Moving over to Cami! Oh, please stop with the therapy rubbish sessions- Can they just turn her into a vamp- want to see how she can’t cope being one- and Vincent trying not to fall for her being a vamp! Vincent and Cami are hot! And no more this romantic rubbish between Klaus and Cami! It was such a laughable scene! Only Klayley and Klaroline make sense with Klaus!
    I love Jayley! And so loved Hayley defending her spouse! You go girl! And it is time Hayley turns Jackson into a hybrid! Make Jackson a fierce leader of his pack!!
    Aiden! Great! Dahlia killing him was a beauty! You go Dahlia!

    Elijah vs Klaus- oh, yeah! Elijah reminding Klaus that he once had an upper hand by nearly killing him and didn’t! Who is boss?! LOL we will see- when Klaus gets undaggered- whoa! It will be thorns all over the place- and I hope we don’t have mushy Klaus anymore- he will be on the warpath against all! Season 3 here you go! Make it worth it watching!!

    I hope that the Originals will not go down the path of fanservicing. I want them to stick to storytelling! Real storytelling and not accomodating the story cos of shippers. I do have my ships but I would always go for the good storytelling first!! Real character development!

    And, love the tug of war between the witches and the vampires and a hybrid is not the most powerful being- a witch is-they ultimatively made the vampires and they should be the one who destroy them.
    Also, I would love to see them having to call Bonnie Bennett for help! It would be an awsome crossover! Both shows need good and clever crossovers! Bring them on in TVD 7 and TO 3-
    don’t shy away from them. It will pay off! The diehard fans of both show, who are there from the beginning would seriously love it!!

  28. Pac says:

    Bring Klaus Back he is the “HERO” in this story….

  29. Jon says:

    I can’t believe how many people actually think Klaus will remain daggered. Let’s be real, he’ll be undaggered by the end of next episode if not sooner. To all those people up in arms about how his family could betray him and actually believe he’d kill Aiden, let’s be real here, its Klaus, he kills people when he’s bored. Its not farfetched that he’d do it for a betrayal, he’s killed so many more for far less. Plus, he told them he did. Personally I think Klaus is coming a little undone if he thought that would make people fear him and fall in line.

    I was sad when Aiden died, I knew one of Josh or Aiden would wind up dead, relationships don’t get to stay happy very long in these shows and they were B-team characters. I feel mean saying it but I was hoping it would be Josh to die, but had a feeling it would be Aiden. Part of me was hoping Jackson would die and Aiden would take over as Alpha, everything would’ve fit together nicely and free up Haley for Elijah and Klaus would have a more agreeable alpha. Wins all round, well excet for Jackson since he’d be dead and all.

    Noticed lots of Cami hate in the comments, and while I don’t hate her, I can see peoples point. Her character has been kinda pointless since her uncle passed. Yeah, she’s meant to be the love of Klaus’ life that he won’t allow himself to have cause he won’t put her in danger, but she needs her own storyline. They won’t get rid of her though, she’s the humanity of the show and every supernatural show has one. Vampire Diaries has Matt, Buffy had Xander. If they removed Cami from the show all humans would be is walking food for the main cast.

    Lastly, if they bring back Kol I hope they bring back the original actor, cause I hate this body swap stuff. I know it can’t be helped with Rebekah since the actor quit(cause she was homesick and is now cast in another north american based tv series as a regular) but as far as I can tell Nathaniel Buzolic(the original Kol) isn’t really doing anything.

  30. jessica says:

    “tell me you didn’t kill that poor innocent boy!” good god grandma camille strikes again

    Klaus told Cami he took credit for Aiden’s death because he wants people to start fearing him again and believing that if they cross him then they die.
    Hey remember when Klaus was a badass?! YEAH ME NEITHER

    lmao for Hope! jesus christ this show is so bad i can´t even

    • Jess says:

      Yeah, that line was terrible. I absolutely LOATHE Camille’s moral grandstanding. I guess they think it makes her come across as virtuous, but it just kind of makes her one-dimensional and blah.

  31. m says:

    in my opinion jackson has to die or cursed to turn forever anything well. seriously hayley and elijah are meant to be ! u can’t just end them like that ! clearly they r still in love y not let it be! it’s a beginning of a romance that shouldn’t be cut so short. well that’s how i feel about it. basically i adore this show and hope for a gd ending to this season. something is missing plz fix it and fast.

  32. Georgy says:

    Smart move, Dahlia. Though, somehow I knew that something like Aiden’s death was going to happen in the end of the episode. Klaus was way too stubborn and aggressive, compared to the common Klaus.

    Actually, never really liked all that gay-tolerance party in this show. Perhaps, there won’t be more of kissing men on my screen anymore. Hope for it. Freakin’ disguisting.

    For those who would want to tell me that’s i’m wrong and that I’m judging – go find a big wooden stick, shove it right up your ass, and keep it there until you start finding it fascinating.

    • Ginny says:

      Lol It’s just a show…and i dont understand why you men get all mad at a man kissing a man but when women are kissing other women it tends to turn you men on are you Jealous…because no man is kissing you…..Its The Orginals Tv Series get over it or just turn your head…lol….I just hope Klaus is coming back.. I hate how they make him look so week after all he is a Hybrid witch.

      • Georgy says:

        Nah, you got it all wrong. We’re not jealous. We’re disgusted. Reason behind this is basically that: man is supposed to be a strong, masculine. He is naturally supposed to fight for territory, for his children, for those who are under his protection. He wants to make children of his as best as possible, so he seeks the best woman for it. Gays are girly freaks of nature, which we won’t ever understand. And, for those who are not gays, the intimate interaction looks disgusting and ugly. And, I’d better let someone cut off my arm than let a man kiss me.

  33. B says:

    I loved Josh and Aiden’s Shakespearean romance. Colin Woodell and Steven Krueger had amazing chemistry!

  34. Ginny says:

    klaus Just Can’t be dead, He has to come Back.He just has to the Originals won’t be the same….I cried when Elijah stabbed him I thought for sure klaus would rip his heart out but nope he just froze….I am so mad i wanted to jump thru the TV and slap Elijah….Intense

    • Teddy says:

      Klaus cant be dead. he’s the very reason i watch the show. plus, what would the show be without this tortured soul? the only person that bores me on the show is jackson. i would have thought Elijah and Hayley would have had this epic affair. eish.

  35. Riana says:

    I doubt aiden was the big death. I think someone else will die before season’s end

  36. zed says:

    One more thing to add. People don’t like Jackson etc, but he was the only one that clicked on that Hope’s magic is like GPRS, and although to late, he still though constructively how to deal with Dahlia…and all the other magical witches like Davina, Rebekah, Freya, not even Klaus the great or his clever brother Elijah, who I adore by the way ((lol), didn’t think of how to constructively cloack Hope!

  37. guillnyhc says:

    I am truly disgusted by the way the producers of The Originals handled the love story between Aiden and Josh. They were a large part of why I continued to watch the show this season. Unfortunately it seems that this beautifully crafted gay romance was not meant t end in anything but tragedy. I am sick, for one, of the lack of sensitivity, if Elena can have Damon, why can’t Aiden have Josh? From Brokeback Mountain to The Originals, the message is clear, there are no happy ending. I have watched both Vampire Diaries and it’s spin off from the beginning, and so many characters have been resurrected…they always find how about using a little witchy power to give us back Aiden..and show some real open mindedness in TV land.

  38. Veronica says:

    Noooo klaus! That was a very bad idea to kill him off he makes the show. I will watch to see what else happens but I am very disappointed in this decision. I hope they bring him back.

  39. cheehaam says:

    I would love to see baby Hope’s powers being explored and helping Klaus to defeat Dahlia. She is vampire, Wolf and witch so that should make her really powerful enough to get rid of the threat with the help of her parents Offchurch. That would be an awesome story line and worth watching but I love this show irrespective. Klaus is my favourite

  40. JAsparklefret7 says:

    I know I shouldn’t be this numb by Aiden’s death right now by seeing this show’s twisted structure. But man!!!! I am so caught up in curiosity on how they’ll be able to defeat Dahlia!!!! My relationship with the show just got soo refreshed!!!

  41. Klaus is obviously right and I honk that wry one one should have followed him because ultimately klaus would win. When he wakes up the whole family is going down, the look on his face when he got daggered and saw Rebekah and Freya walking in. And then they marvel on why klaus doesn’t trust anyone with anything, it’s like your own family turns on you what do your expect. Those last two minutes of the show literally couldn’t breathe, it’s like I forgot how to even breathe. Dahlia needs to die someone just take her down ASAP! My hypothesis is that cami is going to take the dagger out of klaus and then let’s see the whole world crumble. Everyone shouldn’t be looking out for daliha but klaus, he is going to come back and everyone better have somewhere safe to hide. Rant over :)

  42. Klaus is obviously right and I think that everyone should have followed him because ultimately klaus would win look at previous episodes when they were against Esther, klaus’s plan always worked. When he wakes up the whole family is going down, the look on his face when he got daggered and saw Rebekah and Freya walking in. And then they marvel on why klaus doesn’t trust anyone with anything, it’s like your own family turns on you what do your expect. Those last two minutes of the show literally couldn’t breathe, it’s like I forgot how to even breathe. Dahlia needs to die someone just take her down ASAP! My hypothesis is that cami is going to take the dagger out of klaus and then let’s see the whole world crumble. Everyone shouldn’t be looking out for daliha but klaus, he is going to come back and everyone better have somewhere safe to hide. Rant over :)

  43. Honey says:

    WOW can’t believe that Klaus is gone, I think that Dahlia needs to burn up into ashes, Freya blamed Klaus for her mother giving her away, even though Ester was the one who actually gave her away so that she could have more children. And she did and then when Michael found out that she had cheated and bore Klaus, that was not Klaus’s fault, it was Ester’s and she should be the one to be punished for it. Hope does not belong to Dahlia, nor Ester, it was the first born, which was Freya, so this BS of Dahlia saying ‘what belongs to her’ is just that BS, she needs to die and turn into ashes. Or maybe this was a plan for them to think that Klaus was dead and he really isn’t, but now Freya thinks she has the family in her clutches. She is a sneaky bitch which needs to die beside her aunt (Mom) Dahlia. Davina could most certainly conger up some witchy magic and take her out. This is just my opinion for what it’s worth

    • MJ says:

      You should watch the show more religiously.

      I am not on Dahlia’s side but Esther did promise that first born of every generation would belong to Dahlia. So technically, Hope does belong to Dahlia based on Esther’s promise (though I wish Dahlia would just die)

      Also, Esther did not have any children before she made a deal with Dahlia. Dahlia helped Esther in having kids.

  44. Everyone should look our for klaus now that’s their biggest worry. Next weeks promo looks like the mickaelson brother and sister made the wrong choice to trust Freya, they deserve that but they should be ready to face klaus. No wonder why klaus doesn’t trust anyone so easily is that they just turn their backs on him every single on of them. To be honest just stick by klaus and you will win, look at all the other episodes for example when Esther came in and klaus out her down his plans always work. Those last two minutes I literally could not breathe. Forgot how to breathe, too intense and too good as well as very frustrating and agitating.

  45. sarah says:

    This show keeps getting better and better I love how nothing and no one is as it seems one second your like aww Klaus has a heart and the next your like and he killed it I love this show it’s sorry to say it’s a bit better then tv I can’t get enough of the cast

  46. Rain says:

    I watch this now because of Dahlia!

  47. Jacqui says:

    I know this show is about the originals and a big part of that is Klause but honestly I’m getting so sick of him, they either need to work into the story his redemption or kill him off…characters should grow and change throughout a show and they may argue that his love of Hope is him changing but it’s not, it’s an extended selfishness in Klause because he loves himself and Hope is an extension of him. #redeemklauseorkillhim
    I liked in the beginning that Klause may have changed as a result of Cami but that never happened..I’ve watched Klause be destructive in TVD and now TO and I hoped with this show he’d grow as a character but he hasn’t really changed at all. I know that Klause is a great character but I can only stand his insufferable selfishness, ridiculous killings and questionable decisions (based on often paranoia induced lack of trust) for so long. Does anyone agree or does everyone who likes and watched TO want to see Klause continue as the same man until the show ends or is cancelled???

    • Jacqui says:

      Oh and I haven’t finished this episode yet but from reading this (yeah spoilers don’t bother me with this show at the moment cuz I’m trying to decide if I can be bothered finishing the ep) but someone said something about “that’s why Klaus doesn’t trust people because his family easily betray him” but they only betray him because he’s a freaking homocidal nut case who always shoots first and doesn’t even care to ask questions later, so how could people not believe he’d be capable of killing Aiden. They all were well within their rights to believe the “frame job” of Klaus killing Aiden..

      • Jacqui says:

        Finally, it seems I’m going to have to finish this episode to get clarity on how Klaus has been taken out of the picture because some people are saying he was “killed” but let’s me honest TO fans, that’s never going to happen..he will be back…unfortunately he’ll come back as more of a psycho instead of recognising that if he wasn’t such a psycho in the first place his family would never betray him

    • Ally Oop says:

      I agree completely. I’ve hoped Klaus’ character would grow somewhat but I guess after 1000 years that’s not a likely scenario.

  48. Billy charters says:

    Hey, it saddens me that Aiden was killed off, it’s very rare for a gay romance to even make at prime time show , and for as little of screen time that josh and Aiden had Their tomance was very sweet, loving and complicated! That being said , why can’t there just for once be a happy ending for two gays, maybe with enough pressure we could get TO to reconsider bring Aiden back at some point, they seem to be able to bring dead characters back whenever they want too!! Let’s hope we haven’t seen the last of aiden!! Lastly I just want to thank TO for one of the most fascinating stories on tv! It’s so hard to stop watching, and it gets you so emotionally involved!! Can’t wait to see the next 3episodes, please bring back aiden , us gays need a happy ending to an ever ending long line of tragic gay story lines, can’t u be the first to make that happen???

  49. Ally Oop says:

    Im glad that Aiden was killed. I found the whole Josh/Aiden story a yawnfest and took away time from the more exciting storylines. I haven’t minded Camille so much lately–I still think she’d be a much better love interest for Elijah than Klaus though.

  50. ann lauria says:

    I would really like to see something further with camie and klaus’s relationship, it’s time for him to have some kind of romance.