Revenge Recap: Playing With Fire

Revenge Victoria Dead

Revenge fans, did that really just happen?

Though promos for Sunday’s episode touted a massive explosion at Grayson Manor, there was one key detail ABC chose to leave out: Victoria ignited the blast with herself still inside!

So… is that it? Did the Queen of the Hamptons really conclude that killing herself, and presumably framing Amanda, would make her the winner of Revenge‘s ongoing war? My hunch is that Victoria, like most “dead” characters on this show, somehow managed to survive the explosion — though you have to admit, that was a hell of a sequence. [Update: Click here to find out Victoria’s fate!]

The episode’s final moments also featured the return of Mason Treadwell, who is understandably peeved that Amanda chose to unexpectedly out herself, thus rendering his planned tell-all fairly irrelevant. But, honestly, who has time to care about Mason when Victoria might be dead? Priorities, people!

Elsewhere in the Hamptons this week…

THE BIG C | During yet another scuffle with Stevie — this time over the changing of Carl’s birth certificate to reflect his true parentage — David revealed that he’s been diagnosed with lymphoma. His doctor caught it early, and he’s already beginning an  aggressive course of treatment, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell Amanda. (Because that’s exactly what the Clarke family needs: more secrets!) At least he’ll have Stevie’s support, and possibly more, as he goes through this difficult process.

HEAD WEST, YOUNG JACK | Jack Porter, Hollywood hotshot? After a bit of soul searching and plenty of chiseled-chin scratching, Jack finally figured out his next move — and, unfortunately, it doesn’t involve Emily, or even the Hamptons for that matter. Jack announced plans to move to Los Angeles for a fresh start with Carl, which forced Amanda to (finally!) own up to her feelings. “I don’t deserve him,” she told Nolan… and Ben, who was apparently lurking in the shadows like some sort of gorgeous crazy person. The Hamptons’ newest detective was, unsurprisingly, disappointed to hear Amanda’s confession, though I think I speak for every single fan when I say it was about damn time. She did her best to stop Jack from taking off, but it seems that not even Amanda Clarke can overcome a powered-off phone.

THE EX GAMES | Speaking of phones… Despite Louise’s best efforts to destroy her ex-husband’s happiness, she learned that it’s futile to challenge Nolan Ross — especially using technology. She attempted to record him confessing to attacking Victoria, or at least knowing about the attack, but all she ended up with was a reset cell phone. In fact, the evening was a double-fail for ol’ Louise, because Nolan and Tony’s relationship is apparently stronger than ever. At least she has Margaux’s cold, unfeeling shoulder to rest her head on. That’s… something. Right?

Revenge fans, let’s talk: Do you think Victoria is really dead? Is there still hope for Jack and Emily? And, ugh, what is it going to take for Ben to just go away forever? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the episode below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kal says:

    Fabulous! Victoria went out completely on HER OWN TERMS. She got all dressed up the way she would way back in the early seasons, Queen of her castle, sitting on her throne and took herself out of the picture before EMIMANDA could do anything to her. And with that, Madeline Stowe concludes a perfect run on this show. I couldn’t be more pleased on how they wrote her out. A Queen from beginning to end- with the final say.

  2. diane says:

    I hope she is really dead. That was a way to end the episode.

  3. kdn1231 says:

    Well that was a fantastic episode! Love how this show is going out with a bang (pun intended)! The one thing I will say is that I always expected Victoria and Emily to have a final to the death battle, which leads me to wonder if Victoria is really dead. Can’t wait to find out! I also feel like David is going to die. Bringing the whole thing back around full circle.

    • Kal says:

      Come on now. The show is going to end with a happy ever after. Guaranteed. Jack and her will end up together, David will be in remission, Louise will probably get locked up again, MarGOAWAY will return to Paris, and Nolan will be happy with Tony. It will all be very sugary sweet with marsh mellows on top.

      • kdn1231 says:

        I think there will be a time jump at the end. And to go along with your theory, I think David’s death could be used as a means to a happy ending. It could bring Emily and Charlottle together. So I don’t think David’s death could avoid a happy ending.

  4. Ashbash says:

    I can definitely picture the show ending with Emily/Amanda faking her death and moving to LA to live happily ever after with Jack under a new identity. And I don’t think Victoria is dead but I think she’ll be successful in framing Emily/Amanda for her death and sending her to prison. It could set up a time jump if the series gets renewed for another season. The show could end Monte Cristo style with her enemies thinking they got the best of her and instead she’s gearing up for her final revenge against everybody.

  5. Scott says:

    I can’t see anyway this show last past the next three episodes

  6. Qjuan says:

    WTF. Did she just blow herself up to win that war. That sequence was freaking great. I am sad for Emily though cause she is trying to end it but can she. Love em and Nolan scenes like always.

  7. Wilson says:

    I liked the way Victoria left the show. It’s now time to conclude, and I hope Amanda will finally have some peace in her life

  8. TV Gord says:

    Whenever I see burgeoning, billowing flames such as the ones that destroyed the mansion, I can’t help but picture a phoenix rising from the ashes. I can’t imagine how Victoria survived such an explosion, but this IS Revenge! ;-)

  9. Alichat says:

    I had a feeling this was the way the ep would go once Victoria decided to not do anything about the person that attacked her. Then when she started getting crazy paranoid during the fire drill, I knew she was setting up Emily. The arrival of the chair sealed the deal and told me what would happen during the explosion. I surely hope Mason wasn’t the red sharpee user from the previous episode, otherwise that is a crap-tastic reveal.

    • Chris says:

      My thoughts exactly. Everyone (who reads this site anyways :) ) knew Mason was coming back, so if he was the red sharpie user the reveal that was going to “blow our minds” was kind of a letdown. Kinda wished it was Aiden holding the TNT box that blew up the mansion.

    • NutsnBolts says:

      Could it be Conrad?

  10. wrstlgirl says:

    So maybe that scene at the end of last weeks episode was in the future and it was Victoria, lol.

  11. motait says:

    I have a strange feeling the actual Emily Thorne is the person who attacked Victoria & wielded the red Sharpie last week. If I recall correctly, they never found her body. If it wasn’t her, I’m going with Charlotte.

    • MAB says:

      But she died in Emily/Amanda’s arms or did I miss something.

    • Dave says:

      She did die cos Charlotte went to identify the body

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Victoria set that attack up. It’s part of her framing Amanda.

    • parstl says:

      That’s what I said here last week but know one replied…I think it is the real Emily Thorne.

      • kiwirevengefan says:

        The real Emily Thorne is definitely dead. She died in Amanda’s arms and her body washed up on the beach and Charlotte identified her.

    • KPM says:

      I totally felt like Louise was in on the garage attack but then she tried to get Nolan to admit he was in on it, so that didn’t make sense. I’m going to bet that the attacker was Charlotte. Maybe it was all set up by Victoria? Have Charlotte attack her and Louise be a witness to frame Emily? Or maybe Charlotte just wanted the goods on Emanda and Victoria really believed it was Emanda. I don’t know but I think there is a lot more to that attack. We KNOW it wasn’t Emanda.

      • Maddy says:

        The person who attacked Victoria was Margaux. If you look at the attacker closely, you will see a wisp of blond hair sticking out from the side of her head. Margaux was angry because Victoria would not give the evidence to the FBI. So she planned the attack so that she, Margaux could force Vickie to do so. Charlotte is still in rehab as far as we know.

      • NutsnBolts says:

        Could be the crazy Mrs. Clark (Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character), Amanda’s mother. That totally seems like something she would do!

    • KPMOM says:

      I totally felt like Louise was in on the garage attack but then she tried to get Nolan to admit he was in on it, so that didn’t make sense. I’m going to bet that the attacker was Charlotte. Maybe it was all set up by Victoria? Have Charlotte attack her and Louise be a witness to frame Emily? Or maybe Charlotte just wanted the goods on Emanda and Victoria really believed it was Emanda. I don’t know but I think there is a lot more to that attack. We KNOW it wasn’t Emanda. The red sharpie hand from last week could be Charlotte or Victoria.

    • NutsnBolts says:

      I think it could be Amanda’s mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character). Would make sense to me.

  12. MAB says:

    I’m in shock and I don’t know what to think. I cannot imagine how Victoria survives that blast and they said they found a body for next weeks promotion, if not Victoria than who’s body. I do hate the Margo and Louise story line and I kinda wish they were in the house with Victoria.

  13. schu says:

    What the what!? I can’t believe Victoria won’t be around for the final episodes if she really offed herself. I mean what a way to go, but for her to be out of the picture is a huge loss. Are we never going to find out who attacked her? And are we to assume the red sharpied hand from last week was just Mason or was that someone to still rear their ugly head next week? I’m so confused!

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      If you noticed the red sharpie from last week just circled Emily’s face, it didn’t cross it out.

  14. ChicagoDan says:

    So the big story TVL had this week: “Revenge Boss Previews Major Return: ‘It Will Literally Blow People’s Minds.” Looks like the writer completely misinterpreted what Nayar meant – it wasn’t about Mason’s return, which everyone knew thanks to ABC, but the death. Here’s the exact quote: “It’s a fabulous re-entry into the show, one of the greatest sequences we’ve done on this show,” showrunner Sunil Nayar tells TVLine. “It will literally blow people’s minds what happens at the end of that episode.”

    Oh, and if David could be resurrected, I doubt Victoria is dead.

  15. tvfirsthand says:

    the episode was amazing. Check out my blog, for once upon a time and revenge!

  16. NoSleepTil says:

    Vicki can’t be dead yet because this series must conclude with the fight of all fist fights! Where’s that body guard? Where’s his extra money? Someone check in the chair. Or, check and see if Charlottes still in rehab because some young chick looked like they attacked Vicki too. Went thru her purse, prob looking for more medication, poor thing.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      I think it was Margeaux who attacked Victoria. She wanted the flash drive to be exposed and Victoria wasn’t playing along. She wanted to force the issue. Notice how she played dumb when asking Louise what happened?

  17. Paige Turner says:

    1. Yes, “Victoria” is dead. Thankfully we don’t have to see Madeleine Stowe’s motionless face anymore. Really dahling, STOP with the freakin’ Botox. Actresses need their faces to MOVE. It’s called EMOTION. Her acting was as hideous as Joan Collins on Dynasty. REVENGE is just another ridiculously implausible soap opera.
    2. The actor who plays Ben is similarly horrendous. I’ve disliked the actor since he first joined the show.
    3. Once Emily’s character came out of the proverbial closet publicly, WHY does everyone still call her Emily and “Ems” when her name is AMANDA?!?
    4. The writers are lucky that they can write outlandish plots that have no basis in reality. It gives them the space to write CRAP.
    5. Disney/ABC has a few great series. This isn’t one of them. It’s time to let it die.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Having a bad day, Honey? Go and have a nice cup of tea and a lie down and you will feel much better.

  18. Txblueyes says:

    I think that David will require a bone marrow transplant and Nolan will be a match and that will be part of their happily ever after to reveal Em and Nolan are siblings

  19. MDC says:

    So I feel like everything Victoria did in this episode was her planting seeds to try to frame Amanda for her death. But why would Amanda blow Victoria up in what is now her home? How is detective Ben gonna rationalize that? I wonder if Amanda even got the real flash drive. She seemingly destroyed it without looking at it. I just don’t believe that miserable hag blew herself up. She’s not going down that easily. Don’t think we’ve seen the last of Victoria or that flash drive. Once again I enjoyed Nolan and Jack the most. I wish they would just love each other. Please tell me what is the point of David’s cancer? If they were going to kill him they should have let Malcolm Black do it.

    • Meg says:

      I think he would have to die of an illness to end the vengeance that fuels Amanda- if he were to be murdered the revenge story with Amanda would keep on keeping on.

    • Tamara says:

      Nolan gave her the device to identify the drive. It changed from blue to ter, confirming for her she had the right one. The detector was also missing from the wall when the briefly flashed back to the wall behind Margaux and Victoria.

    • Andrew says:

      So I feel like everything Victoria did in this episode was her planting seeds to try to frame Amanda for her death. But why would Amanda blow Victoria up in what is now her home?

      Previously, they established that after she went into foster care, she started playing with matches (I can’t remember if she set anything on fire, in particular). She was chosen to be adopted by a family, but Eli, one of her foster brothers she lived with at the time, didn’t want her to go. So, using her matches, he set fire to the house they were living in with their foster mother. Amanda was blamed for the fire, that’s what got her sent to juvie.

      I’m sure Victoria knows this, so if she were alive and wanted to frame Emily for her death, a fire would be a good way to do it since Amanda had a history of playing with matches and was blamed for setting her foster home on fire—even though she didn’t do it. If she has a history of playing with matches and burning at least one house down as a child, the cops would probably think she decided to take Victoria out once and for all using a method from her past, such as a fire.

      I wonder if Amanda even got the real flash drive. She seemingly destroyed it without looking at it.

      – I thought the same thing, but: It’s always possible that she did check the drive; it just wasn’t shown onscreen.

      As for Victoria being dead, I do NOT buy it for a MINUTE. She’s too much of a narcissist to actually take her own life. Whatever they have planned in regards to bringing her back better be good, though!

  20. N says:

    I still have the chills! When I saw Vic’s chair…….

    • Meg says:

      I thought that her “Throne” had “…been tarnished and thus lost its unique appeal” by Lydia in season 3. There was a scene where it was being removed with a big red wine stain on it. I am confused by who it was that she bought it back from. It really did set the scene though!

  21. Tamara says:

    I can’t figure out what the end game is. Whether Sunil is writing for the end of the season or series. Three episodes is a short time for Amanda to figure everything out and get her happy ending. But given the foreshadowing of her takedown the last few episodes, I can’t imagine her death as being the final plan for her either.

    I suspect David will somehow sacrifice himself for her, and his diagnosis is the start of that. If she gets a happy ending, it will be with Jack and Nolan. It’d wrap up too well with David there too. Thwre’s always an element of loss lurking on this show. Now that father and daughter have had some sweet moments, David makes the most sense as the one to leave.

    This is the first time I can’t imagine another season, as empty as my Sunday nights will be without it.

  22. kiwirevengefan says:

    Awesome episode! Can’t believe it. But on a side note, does anyone else suspect that it was actually Margeaux who attacked Victoria in the car park? She desperately wanted the flash drive so she could expose Emily but Victoria was not looking like she was going to reveal it. I think Margeaux planned the attack to force Victoria to talk to the Feds. Loved how Emily got the flash drive off the Fed anyway, masterstroke!

    I think Emily must get arrested for Victoria’s murder because I saw some photos of her in an orange jumpsuit. Should be fun!

    • Maddy says:

      Yes, I believe it was Margaux who attacked Victoria simply because she wanted to get that thumb drive. You could see a wisp of blond hair, and we know that Amanda is very careful and pulls her hair back when wearing that skin tight Ninja suit. I do, however, would like to know how Mason knew Amanda was at the airport? As for the orange jumpsuit that Amanda wore in a photo online, the man who I assume played her attorney is from Everwood, a series that both he and Emily were in. He played her father in that series. The picture is of a younger Emily and I suspect this is a flashback to when she went to juvie. As for Victoria, I do believe she is dead. Her final revenge. Emily will be blamed for her death. I am curious about Charlotte as well, but I do not think she was in the house. I think she is still in rehab. Finally, the episode entitled “Two Graves.” I recall Tekada telling Emily: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” A quote from Confucious. I think this is more philosophical than literal. Keep in mind that Amanda is Emily’s alter ego. When something occurs and she is forced to be Emily, she loses more of Amanda. The next three episodes will surely be even more explosive than last night. Can’t wait!

    • deb says:

      I can’t stand Margeaux…I wish that she was at Grayson Manor during the explosion…

  23. Jasmin says:

    I don’t think Victoria is dead she is just doing what Amanda had planned for had and faking her death to pin it on her nemesis. Amanda is right she doesn’t deserve jack but I need Jemily and I hate Ben so they both need to get there soon. Also I love David Clark and even if the show ended now I feel Amanda has all she ever wanted in life. But I want it for just another season and I want david to stay alive!!!!

  24. fan1am says:

    Please let this be the end of Victoria and her two faux daughters, and it would really be a poor arson investigation with Amanda no where near the premises and why would she burn down her own home.

    I did not think that Jack had the strength that Amanda needed and Amanda was open to any suggestions at the cemetry and Jack walked away. Jack didn’t even have the courtesy to say good-bye to Amanda and did not give her any time to say good-bye to her godson.

    I hope the end of the season/show puts Amanda in a good place with her Dad in recovery.

    • babysteps4health says:

      She has so many alibis! Heck, Detective Ben saw her shortly before her house blew up and could be a witness to the fact that JACK was on her mind and not Victoria! She can’t really use Mason as an alibi because she can’t admit he’s still alive!

    • babysteps4health says:

      IF Victoria is really dead this will be the biggest disappointment I have ever seen on TV. What a pathetic end to what has been an epic feud. With 3 episodes left the fans are salivating for a final takedown of epic proportions! We crave a final fight between these two formidable enemies! And if she is alive- how foolish that she is using Emily’s own plan- to frame her for her own murder- so simple that even blowing up the manor can’t breathe life into that storyline. We also need to see her pay for Aidens death- Margaux and Louise need to learn that truth!

      And the most far fetched of all the storylines is Louise turning on Nolan and Emily for not telling her that Daniel died a hero- something that would in no way affect her life, yet she still is hell bent on destroying the two people that saved her sanity, guilty conscience, and financial independence after uncovering that her family was drugging her, going through great lengths to prove to her that she did not kill her father, and then freaking marrying her to rid her of her mother’s clutches- and WHAT exactly has Victoria done for her?!? And not to mention the idea that Lyman would be able to 1. Find Nolans laptop and 2. Find the data he needed to incriminate th on said laptop and 3. Make a copy of the data! All on a billionaire hackers laptop by a lawyer who does not have the skills to win an easy case in court! Pathetic and rushed stories just to bring this to an end. This just shows they had no real endgame plan this season just circling the drain! How I wish season 3 was the end of this show…

  25. James says:

    Best episode in quite a while. It’s emotional moments like jack telling Nolan– as my friend don’t ever tell me again that she loved me — that remind me of how great this show once was

  26. Alex says:

    I want to say – Rest in Peace ‘Revegne ‘. Very very long agony.

  27. Warren says:

    I think Victoria is really, really dead. I think Madeline Stowe is a simply fabulous actress. My sympathies are with Amanda, that is her name!. None have led exemplary lives, but she gets my sympathy, like Jack Reacher, from Lee Child books, or ‘Mr Reese ‘ on Person of Interest. ‘Good’ criminals all. I hope Nolan can end up being whoever he really is. Mixed feelings about David C.

  28. T says:

    Ok the ending scence kind is obviously a big part of the focus but I can’t believe how carelessly Amanda got rid of the flash drive. I mean really she snapped it in half and then tossed it off the balcony? If something could completly destory you maybe you work harder to make sure it is taken care of?

  29. Emsanda definitely didn’t attack Victoria in the garage. I thought the body looked closer to Charlotte’s and I could just imagine one of her ponytails under that hood. I think the Queen B is probably gone for good but wouldn’t be surprised to see Conrad show up. (Lydia in tow)

  30. Kelly Deeny says:

    Another fantastic episode by the Revenge team! I guessed about halfway through that Victoria might sacrifice herself, or at least fake her own death, to frame her enemy. My guess though is that Margaux is in on it, that everything from the attack to the flash drive being stolen was used as kindling to set Queen V’s plan ablaze!

    I actually suspected that Jack would pack up and leave shortly after Emily turned him down. I just didn’t think he’d actually make it on the plane. :-( Given the previews, his time in LA doesn’t last long…but how and when will these two finally admit their feelings face to face?

    Some of my favorite moments: Jack and Nolan’s “goodbye”, the end sequence (stunning), Nolan confronting Ems about her feelings for Jack, Margaux taking charge (though she’s helping the wrong person), and the sparring between Nolan and Louise. They work well together whether fighting for or against one another.

  31. Jimmy says:

    This just reeks of a setup. From Victoria’s “attack” to her “giving up” it all seems like some big revenge plot against Amanda. I guess we’ll see. That said, this sure does seem like a series trying to bring itself to closure. Not a terrible thing.

  32. Sarah says:

    I wish that they really killed Victoria in this episode. That would have been an awesome way for her to go out. One clue that she’ll still be alive going forward though is that in the shot where she is igniting the lighter, she is using her left hand. As the shot pans out, the left hand is motionless on the arm of the chair…not lighting the lighter. My guess is that someone else’s body is in that chair and will be falsely identified as Victoria. At least temporarily.

  33. Luiz says:

    Bom, assisti o episodio de ontem, e creio que Victoria realmente morreu, ela não é a a prova de fogo, pois ela mesmo acendeu o esqueiro que causou a explosão, toda a cena foi muito boa, e ela morreu no estilo Victoria Grayson, sem descer do salto, em sua poltrona já conhecida de ” boss “. Ontem pesquisando sobre a série, achei uma imagem que aparece a atriz Emily VanCamp e um outro ator, como juiz. Na foto Ems aparece com o famoso modelito das prisões americanas, um macacão laranja em um tribunal.

    Hoje eu estava refletindo, e minha tese é: Victoria se matou, planejando algo para incriminar a Amanda, levando á prisão da ” cabra da peste “, onde logo depois a mocinha é morta ( igual era para acontecer com seu pai, quando foi acusado de um crime que não cometeu ), porem igual seu pai, ela não morre, fica com o Jack e com Carl, e Nolan com o cara (queria que ele ficasse com a Louise, estava gostando dela, até ontem), e David morre. Ou vai ter o dedinho de Mason em sua prisão… MINHA TESE APENAS….

    Mas eles tem muitas coisa para contarem, tem a Charlotte, a mãe da Amanda, que poucos se lembram da tal, e o fim dos personagens secundários, como Ben, Margo, Louise, Mason, Nathalie, entre outros.

  34. Rana says:

    what the hell is going onnnn here! its like a totally different show now. Is emily supposedly a bad person now and victoria is poor old victoria. i think the writers are desperate because this is completely retarded.

  35. Jan says:

    None of this makes any sense. First place, how come so many people go in and out of the mansion? No locks? No security? Far fetched. We saw Victoria turn the lighter on. There isn’t any way she could have survived that explosion. It tore through the entire house.

  36. rev says:

    I hope so much she is alive!!!!

  37. Sometimes I read the comments here and I feel like I am on an alternative universe. Unless the producers know the show is officially cancelled, there is NO WAY, NONE, ZERO chance that Madeline Stowe is gone. NONE. She is the only name on the show, Victoria’s conflict with Emily is the SOLE vestige of the initial/overall conflict and none of the remaining characters have anything remotely like Stowe’s onscreen charisma, either solo or with the other actors. Are you really believing that the endgame is going to be carried out by Margeaux and Louise??? Louise is adorable, but she can’t carry the show, and Margeaux is about as interesting as a baked potato.

    GUARANTEED: Victoria is framing Emily for her murder.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Victoria is definitely dead so I would say the show is definitely cancelled. Not official yet, but it will be.

  38. JOSEPHINE says:


  39. Two things, 1) Did anyone laugh out loud when Ben was yelling at Ems about her true feelings for Jack? My friend and I were like, “oh please boy, nobody cares.” Bye Felicia! 2) Did anyone laugh out loud again when Margaux and Louise are all of a sudden besties toasting to get revenge on Ems for harming Victoria? Please. Can they all be taken out now?

  40. Marco from Rome says:

    Just watch the ending… First Victoria plays with the lighter in her gold-bracelet hand. Just before the explosion, you see the gold-bracelet hand without the lighter and apparently motioless and dead on the armchair… There was someone else sitting on that armchair, and Victoria was safe and in a safe zone lighting the fire, just to fake her death and frame Amanda.

    • MAB says:

      If someone else died in the fire and it wasn’t Victoria they can identify the body with DNA. Plus who would be willing to get blown up fro Victoria? I find it hard to believe that Victoria is really dead unless they are ending the show this season but I can’t imagine if she is not dead how they are going to explain there way out of this.


      • Sarah says:

        It is NOT everyone’s hope to see Jack/Emily at all. It is a horribly contrived and forced relationship – and they have NEVER been together. All they have done is kissed twice, they have never even been on a date..

  41. Michelle says:

    I have truly enjoyed Revenge, but I think it’s time to end it. Emily/Amanda has done what she set out to do- clear her father’s name and punish those responsible. Innocent people have also gotten hurt but the major players-Conrad and Victoria (maybe) are dead. Daniel, the real Emily Thorne and Aidan have died in this quest for revenge.

    Nolan deserves a happy ending and I hope he gets it.

    I don’t understand why after all he has been through- framed, imprisoned, separated from his daughter, broke out of prison and forced to work for a terrorist- David now has to have cancer, too? Really?

    I’m with everyone on it was Margeaux who attacked Victoria. Emily/Amanda would have known where the flash drive was, not just rifled through Victoria’s purse.

    Louise and Ben were non-essential characters we could have done without.

  42. jinx2014 says:

    Just a thought, could Eli the foster boy who didn’t want Amanda to leave and set the house on fire, could really come back or could he be Nolan? I wish Victoria was truly gone, but it is just part of her plan to get back at Amanda. You need to off Ben and Margaux. They are both terrible. David having cancer is just a way to get rid of him. What about the $$$ he has hidden, doesn’t anyone else know about it?

  43. marie says:

    Tired of it all please write a normal script where life goes on in the Hamptons things get better they bury it all to go on.would be refreshing to much drama now loosing interest

  44. marie says:

    Love Nolan and jack

  45. dsl says:

    She Got The Chair – Her Chair !

    What’s the purpose of bringing Mason back ? He’s no threat to Ems. Maybe a threesome with Nolan and Social Worker.

  46. Lucie says:

    I think Nolan’s new boyfriend is something other than a love interest. He just seems sketchy.

  47. kpmom says:

    I hope the last scene of this show is Amanda showing up at the beach in Los Angeles to Jack and Carl playing with their new yellow lab puppy.

  48. Hande says:

    Remember that blonde mistress of Conrad? Lydia or whatever? I think she is the one that attacked Victoria, and is coming forcEmily . The red sharpie on Emily’s face a couple of eps ago, the person was in the Caribbean or somewhere far away. Ems framed her for shooting her, when it was Daniel. WhT happened to her?