Grimm Sneak Peek: Juliette Makes an Unexpected Jailhouse Confession

Grimm Juliette Nick Jail Video Season 4

If we were you, Nick, we’d back away from those bars.

Just because Grimm‘s newest Hexenbiest is your previously meek almost-fianceé doesn’t mean she won’t take you down like an old bake-sale flyer, as she makes abundantly clear in this exclusive sneak peek at Friday’s episode (NBC, 8/7c).

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When Dr. Silverton’s ‘biestly behavior lands her in trouble with the law, her stymied ex-(?)-boyfriend swings by the precinct’s holding cell to tell her he’ll stand by her — no matter what. Problem is, Juliette isn’t so sure she can return the sentiment, because she kinda likes being a bad girl. (Coincidentally, we kinda like watching Bitsie Tulloch play her as one.)

Press PLAY on the video below to watch Juliette tell Nick exactly how she feels about the changes ripping through their lives, then hit the comments with your reaction!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. As far as cliche stunts to keep a leading couple on a TV show apart go, this one is great (really the kind of thing you can only do on a fantasy show). Far more interesting than having them date random people for years until they reach the eventual wedding as all these shows always do.

  2. Kay says:

    I like her way better this way also! I think she has better chemistry with the captain, then Nick also….

    • Rachel says:


    • Kate says:

      Me too, but I do like Juliette and Nick though and I feel like she is just being a bratty teenager with all of this. I think an interesting story coming up will be when she actually sees Nick and Adalind together (even though I am not a huge Adalind fan, you can’t really deny that they have kind of an intense chemistry together) and realizes whose baby Adalind is carrying.

      • Alichat says:

        “I feel like she is just being a bratty teenager with all of this.”

        This…..this so much.

        • D says:

          Can you explain this bratty teenager thing or are y’all just on a high horse

          • Alichat says:

            Sure….she’s being a bratty teen. Lashing out, having bar brawls (or in teen terms, a big ol’ violent tantrum), blaming others, being snotty and immature, pushing those that love her way, doing things she’ll regret later……bratty teen. So, want to explain this high horse thing?

          • D says:

            in depression, self-pity, self-fulfilling prophesy mode. ‘How can you love me…I’m a hideous beast…….Look at what’s happened to me…..it’s your fault….I wouldn’t be this way if it wasn’t for you……You’re a Grimm, you kill people like me, so I’m going to push you away, lash out at you, sleep with Renard (a man I think is disgusting), go out and expose my Hexenbiest-self to the world calling attention to the wesen world so the Wesen Council will find out about it…..then they will come after me….and I’ll toss some people around and attack you so you have to come after me……all so I can say ‘See….I was right…..you want to kill me!

            When did any of this happen

        • D says:

          Nick wouldn’t be a grimm and Monroe would probrobly be dead if she hadn’t have done what she did. She made a risk to help her friends and it cost her her humanity and is turning into a monster that’s why she blames them and is lashing out

          And the bar scene we haven’t even seen that yet and your saying she’s having a tantrum?

          • Alichat says:

            Yes, but it’s not their fault. SHE made the decision. Nick was going to accept his life not being a Grimm…..she told him he needs to get his powers back, and made the decision to do the spell or whatever you want to call it. She blames them because she knows it is her fault and doesn’t want to accept that. That’s why she’s lashing out at Nick, Monroe, Rosalee, and Hank. And she could have left when she found out Nick was a Grimm. Yes, easier said than done to leave someone you love, but she had a choice. And she hid this from Nick for awhile, with this weird explanation that he would hurt her, when she should know by now that he never would. His best friend is a Blutbad, his boss a Zauberbiest, etc etc. So, now that she’s told Nick, he’s still in ‘let’s fix it mode’ while she’s past that and in depression, self-pity, self-fulfilling prophesy mode. ‘How can you love me…I’m a hideous beast…….Look at what’s happened to me…..it’s your fault….I wouldn’t be this way if it wasn’t for you……You’re a Grimm, you kill people like me, so I’m going to push you away, lash out at you, sleep with Renard (a man I think is disgusting), go out and expose my Hexenbiest-self to the world calling attention to the wesen world so the Wesen Council will find out about it…..then they will come after me….and I’ll toss some people around and attack you so you have to come after me……all so I can say ‘See….I was right…..you want to kill me!’ And she’s been having tantrums since this happened. The bar scene is just another example. She made a decision, and she can’t deal with the consequences, so she’s destroying all the good relationships in her life.

        • D says:

          I mean she slep with renard sure but after that about exposing herself and attacking nick when did that happen
          And what does her spelling with renard have to do with nick

  3. smartysenior says:

    Here we go again where a show that was working is being altered into an unattractive stew. Happens all the time where the charm of the leading characters gets lost, the formula is changed, then the show goes downhill. This show was delightful with a small band of five close friends (two couples plus the black cop) leading the charge against beasts. Now it’s getting into a soap opera emotional stew of relationships which isn’t a show I’m attracted to at all.

    • humphrey8 says:

      Agreed! Kill off Juliette and Adalind and get this show back on track.

    • DL says:

      I actually thought the old dynamic was getting a bit boring. And Juliette was never a particularly compelling character. I think this sort of shake-up is exactly what the show needed.

      • Brigid says:

        I completely agree with you. I never understand people wanting a show to just stay the same all of the time. Everything is suppose to change, evolve and I love it. Juliette turning into a hexenbiest is very clever and she has evil running through her veins now, that is why she isn’t caring about Nick’s feelings or sleeping with the captain. Adalind is a little annoying but the rest of this show is running on all cylinders.

        • Bill says:

          Being a guy, I feel a little differently. I’m getting a little tired of Juliette treating Nick like a piece of crap. So what I would rather see is Nick tell Juliette, “Hey, I can handle you being a hexenbiest but what I can’t take anymore is you being a supreme a**hole. So to hell with you. I’m going to find somebody who doesn’t laugh at me when I say I love them and who isn’t screwing my boss. Have a nice life, baby.”

          And scene.

          • jazzi92 says:

            I’m a girl and I AGREE 100% (except the last part-> Juliette should change her behavior before it comes this far)

            But I’m not sure what is going to happen after the stunt she pulled this time with burning everything in the trailer (I was really shocked and pissed about this) -> I think this is somewhat of a climatic point now and it won’t be long until she realizes what kind of majorly bitch she has become.

    • SL says:

      Agreed. I liked it more when they concentrated on Nick and his learning more about being a grimm and wesen and changing things. I also thought we were supposed to see how the zombie thing affected Nick and more bad ass scenes and he was supposed to be stronger because of it. Shouldn’t that have made it harder for adalind to put a spell on him and everything. I think there is too much adalind now and about her that it’s lost its focus and I don’t like it. Seriously just a simple sleeping with disguised adalind he loses his Grimm wtf? Now they are doing the baby story again. Please…
      I used to love the show but not so much and yes it’s becoming like a soap opera and show wasn’t broken so why change things around? Nick still doesn’t know much about his family especially grimm, he doesn’t know why or how he is connected to diana and why his mother took her away. They forget she slept with the captain right up until she made the potion. Why did the captain even agree to her plan and not stop her or warn Nick especially all Nick has done?

  4. Jake says:

    Almost points to Juliette being the character said to be killed off in the finale, plus rumors about one of the cast wanting to leave.
    If it isn’t her character, and they take this into next season, then I agree with the others, this is getting too soap opera-y.

    • humphrey8 says:

      I figured they were going to kill off Adalind (please, please). Justs long as ey leave Rosealee alone — she’s my favorite along with Monroe.

      • Jake says:

        Since the writers went to the trouble of including Claire Coffee’s real life pregnancy into the show, I doubt they will kill her off. I understand the dislike of the character, though, and I’m really annoyed they had Nick be the father of the baby. I almost felt sorry for her when Juliette nearly killed her when she came to the house – got a bit of a chuckle out of it too, though…

  5. justsomeguy says:

    Honestly, I think they’ve more or less destroyed the Juliette character. Wanting to kill Adalind is one thing, sleeping with the Captain just because she can for seemingly no reason whatsoever was ridiculous. I mean, it completely takes away from her feeling lost, angry, and bitter because she chose to help Nick and then suffered the consequences for it. Her rebellion and acting out is less of someone mourning what she once had and more of an angry teenager. That was a poor decision by the writers and producers.

    • Becky says:

      So, violence is o.k. (wanting to kill Adalind), but sex (sleeping with Renard) is going too far?? It’s always funny to me how people can be so casual about violence, but draw the line with sex.

      • Revenge on someone who viciously assaulted you and destroyed your life, pretty much for kicks, is understandable. Having sex with your boyfriend’s boss because you’re mad at your boyfriend for “ruining” your “perfect” life is not. It’s not about which is more “okay,” violence or sex. It’s not nearly as simple as that.

  6. Kristina says:

    I’m not sure I like her better this way, but I guess she’s more interesting now. I was kind of enjoying seeing her get integrated into the “Scooby gang”.

  7. SL says:

    I liked juliette using her vet knowledge to help Nick and everyone. I never liked the adalind disguised as Jules storyline and Nick accidentally cheats.

    • Me says:

      Nick didn’t accidentally cheat. He was raped. Just as Hank was. The whole rape/sexual deviance thing the writers use as a fall back is only made more annoying by the fact nobody is making a stink about it.

  8. AW says:

    I love Juliette having powers now, but she needs to allow Nick and the Scooby Do gang to help her to get them under control first; and then learn to use them for good and end up as the hero that she’s meant to be (and not end up evil and twisted like Adalind)! Nick needs to accept her for who she is and really be there for her like he said he would no matter what happens to Juliette on this show. I hope it’s not Juliette that’s leaving because Grimm really needs her. Plus, I would like to see Season 3 as the season of redemption for Juliette. I like Juliette a lot because she and Nick are the star-crossed couple of Grimm no matter what happens to them on this show. Lastly, I hope NBC will do a spin-off of Grimm starring Trubel and her own Scooby Do gang; and have both shows back to back and make TGIF as Grimm night!

    • AW says:

      One more thing – To the writers of Grimm: Get rid of Adalind; I can’t stand this truly evil, sick character!

    • AW says:

      Also, I hope the writers get kill off the Adalind character at the end of Season 2; I had enough of her evil, twisted ways and bring in another different villain instead because the show is becoming too much of a ridiculous soap opera now and missing the intrigue and action of Seasons 1 and 2.

    • rinaex says:

      1. This is season 4.
      2. Juliette is completely unnecessary, as shown by the fact that they have to come up with ridiculous story lines to try and make her relevant.
      3. If the rating keep declining, most likely next season will be the last, so no spinoffs.

  9. LOL! Was that a SHARK I saw her jump over as she walked over to Nick???

  10. Stu Pendisdick says:

    Will he just cut her head off already and get on with the rest of the show? Heck, I’d be OK with it if he had to have mommy do it for him. *ANYTHING*, just get rid of the whiny thing.

  11. kirads09 says:

    I personally find Juliette 1000x more compelling with this storyline! Funny haters complain, they finally give her something really interesting and – still complaints.
    I think possibly only Sean Renard’s mom or perhaps Henrietta are going to be able to help Juliette. Either turn her back ( find a way to switch again with Adalind and make Jules preggers with Nick’s child) or teach her to control her powers if there is honestly no way to reverse it. Team Grimm is at a total loss here.
    Re: Adalind. No! – she needs to stay. I adore her, despite her deviousness there is a vulnerability to her as well. Claire plays her perfect.
    My chief complaint is that I feel they have relegated Monroe to the back burner and sidelined him. He (was) at least the first season or two more of an integral part of Team Grimm and needs to be again. Total waste of Silas’ incredible talents.
    I don’t fully understand what is going on the Captain and bleeding wounds. But if he is killed off (for good) the show, then I am done with Grimm. I would love to see a “spin off” (for lack of a better term) JUST focusing on the old world, old ways and the Royals through history.

    • SL says:

      Interesting comments. Is adalind still a hedinbiest or did she transfer it to jules when she did the spell and switch? if that is the case other things would be more understandable except adalind carrying Nick child. I think the idea of switching again and making jules pregnant would satisfy me or if adalind is pregnant with the captain child again. Will this child be magical and special as well for the royals were desperate to get Diana and the child of a grimm?

  12. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I like Juliette as a bad ass right now but the question is for HOW LONG? Plus this makes me think she could die in the finale but hell I want Adalind gone that bitch is getting on my nerves!

  13. Lianne says:

    Why can’t Juliette kill Adalind and be done with this storyline? Started well, but how long can this go on?

  14. naw207 says:

    People are seriously off the mark with Adaline. First off the pregnancy has only been mentioned twice both times it took up only a minute or two of the episodes time. Adaline as a whole has had no more than 7 minutes of screentime per episode and it is rarely ever talking about the pregnancy. It is either about Juliette trying to kill her or shared with Prince Kenneth talking about her other child. Of the three females on this show Adaline without a doubt is the most interesting and she is one of the only villains in this show who has actually done something to try to take down Nick. Name one villain outside of the zombie dude who is better than Adaline in missing with Nick.

    What’s wrong with this show is the wessen of the week and Juliette storyline which seems to take up 90% of each episodes time. I also think that the hexagrim baby storyline is one of this seasons saving grace. Grimm isn’t becoming a soap opera either, trust me I have seen shows become soap opera and this isn’t one of them. Seriously though you can’t say this season has been terrible due to Adaline when she has had the least screen time of the main cast. IMO without Adaline this show wouldn’t have a noteworthy villain.

  15. Laura says:

    Wow! Great scene…. I like the storyline, don’t we all wish we could be powerful or special in some way? To be fearless, how freeing that would be. It is understandable that she feels he is responsible….I don’t feel that she is being a bratt, she is going through the grieving process of her old self… Cut the character some slack.

  16. Terry says:

    Sigh… Cliché
    Grimm’s writers seem bound and determined to turn the show into a daytime soap opera…
    They have made some absolutely wonderful set-ups and then immediately retreat to weakest option for the continuing storyline.
    So far they have made Nick look like the dumbest cop on the planet. (If someone had tried to kill me and I had Nick’s powers I would definitely pointing out the error of their way. Wesen council once that we know of with a bounty. Royals at least 3 times.) Yet Nick does nothing except it seems waits for them to try again… And that is the tip of the iceberg.
    One other example I will mention, Royals in Portland… Nick knows they are there… what does he do? Nothing… He knows he is on the top of the list of Royal things to do, but let’s just stick our fingers in our ears and loudly go la la la la…. Sigh…
    The writers could have done so much with Juliette and Nick and this pile of drek is the best they could come up with… WTF!
    I have no interest in a daytime soap opera and this is where Grimm is going…
    This was a smart show for much of the four seasons and now it seems to be bound and determined to take the easiest most cliché path possible. Sad

  17. Mike says:

    I am a sucker for a steady relationship and don’t like the direction the show is going with Nick and Juliette.

  18. Fatima Khan says:

    The title ‘Grimm’ seems to be losing it’s appeal as ‘Nick’ doesn’t seem to have too many powers but for seeing the wesens voge. Yes he fights but then so do all of the other characters and that’s that! The story line is now changing into a soap opera mode and it seems that the story revolves more around their love lives than Nick being a Grimm. Apparently, his ‘powers of Grimm’ don’t help him much since he couldn’t even figure out that it was actually Adalind and not Juliette in bed with him, a woman whom he loves and has been sleeping with for a lonnnng time! Soap opera writing through and through. I am a fan of the show but the story lines drag a bit. Great acting by the main cast as well as the guest stars.

  19. peatmoss says:

    that frakkin’ eye!

  20. Kathy S Gangl says:

    The show is really getting exciting! Juliette’s character as a Hexenbeast could go many different directions, so I can’t wait until next Friday for another show!

  21. martin_schweikle says:

    Please do not consider cancelling this show without closure as most networks due. My fellow Grimm followers and I will defintely be upset. We would definitely like the show to continue for at least 3 or more seasons. We are very upset that there are few shows that fit our genre

  22. Alexandra says:

    I believe that the baby that Adalind is carrying is not her and Nicks but it’s Juliette and Nicks; it was Juliette that had the pregnancy pain.
    Juliette tantrum is out-of-hand … she’s now taking the role of dumb Adalind …acting out whatever the royals wants. Really? Well, as she continues with her new badass … she does the worst act she tries to kill the baby…just to hurt Nick. And Adalind loses her powers … either she dies at childbirth or simply goes obscure with the captain’s mother in raising her daughter….

    But please no more dumb bed-hopping plots … it’s old and insulting to our society …where everyone sleeps with one another. WHAT’S next Monroe sleeps with Juliette and/or Adalind?

  23. zyggie says:

    Juliette instrumental in getting Nick’s mom head cut off. Oh NO! she has to go.

    It’s time for that character to come to an end.

    I don’t see how they can justify Nick being with her again or with anyone else. The character Juliette burned all her bridges with everyone.

    • grimm watcher says:

      I agree. The writers went to far if the plan to keep julliette. Playing a major part in Nick’s mom’s death is unforgivable. She has to go. I thought it was going to be great that she gained powers. Now she could contribute more to the team, but I do not like the direction they went. Once they burned down the trailer and killed Nick’s mom they have no choice but to killer her off. She can not join the team now and would make a too sappy villain.

      Also, they should focus more on nick and his powers. In the beginning I thought grimms were stronger but now it seems that grimms are like everyone else except they can see wesen’s vogue. Get back to showing why wesen are scared of grimms.

      • zyggie says:

        I totally agree with some of the posts that Juliette has crossed the line and there is no return for that character. Burning down the trailer with all the Grimm weapons, having a physical relationship with the captain, pushing Nick and the Grimm’s friends around and blaming everyone else for her problems is really lame. The character of Juliette has turned into a wimp and dislike-able and should be terminated on that show.

        Grimm is not showing the wild and good crazy shows they use to. Enough of Juliette already….let Nick Grimm her and get it over with. The mom’s murder and the burning down of the trailer was the beginning of the end for that character. I have NEVER been a fan of the character of Juliette (she was too dumb in the beginning and now she does NOT know how to act dangerous….she just stares into the camera with a sour look). Enough.

        I can even understand the captains situation with becoming Jack the Ripper better than Juliette becoming evil.