Ratings: Grey's and Odd Couple Rise, Bones Hits Low, American Crime Slips

Grey's Anatomy Pilot

Leading out of a repeat of the series pilot — which with 4.8 million total viewers was down 71 percent from its March 2005 airing — ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy this Thursday drew 7.3 mil and a 2.1 rating, up 11 percent and two tenths from last week’s 8 o’clock outing.

Grey’s also matched Scandal‘s week-ago numbers in the 9pm time slot.

Capping ABC’s night, American Crime (4.4 mil/0.9) dropped some eyeballs plus two tenths in the demo.

Over on CBS, Big Bang Theory (14.6 mil/3.4), a special 9 o’clock Mom (9.2 mil/2.0) and Elementary (6.9 mil/1.2) were all steady in the demo, while The Odd Couple (9.9 mil/2.1) was up 14 percent and two tenths.

Fox’s Bones (5 mil/1.0) added a few eyeballs but dipped a tenth in the demo to a series low, while Backstrom (3.4 mil/0.8) was steady.

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  1. cyrano says:

    Greys is getting better. People need to come back. A shows goes through ups and downs. The ups are on the way. Esp if people forget what they want a show to be and watch what’s happening. Its quite good.

    • anon says:

      IA that this season has been really good, but i imagine ABC is content with it’s numbers. A show on for 11 seasons isn’t going to do as well as it did when it first premiered.

  2. aa says:

    Stephen Nathan? Bones ratings is on you…you completely ruined what made Bones a success: B&B. ..pushing B&B to the background is a turnoff, not giving B&B any storylines front & center is a turnoff, giving B&B 4 scenes an ep is a turnoff….shoving ANNOYING & OVERUSED Aubrey down our throats every other scene is a TURNOFF….if you get a S11 to wrap the series, for the love of god remember what made Bones a success in the first place BOOTH & BRENNAN

    • Lois says:

      Aubrey isn’t the problem….it’s watching an completely AWFUL couple in Cam and Arastoo! OMG – wake up TPTB at Bones….they don’t work. Cam needs to be fired for carrying on with an intern that reports to her! Who runs the Jeffersonian anyway? LOL

      • Boiler says:

        So you have a problem with Cam and Arastoo?? How about Hodgins and Angela or even Booth and Brennan. No way B&B work together in real life. Actually what many of you complain about, not having them in scenes together, is probably more like real life.

    • James says:

      I agree with what you you are saying. I think it goes much deeper however, the show at its best was Booth as the voice of reason and with Bones growing and normalizing her life, with the two them sharing those moments together and with each other at the end. Now the show is all about Bones and instead of growing with Booth she starts to give speeches to everyone it is not about Bones and Booth helping each other grow, rather it involves having Bones save everyone with a preachy speech and disrespecting the relationship Bones and Booth used to have together. The show needs to have a stronger role for Booth and start normalizing Bones quickly, so they can have a more equal relationship. The Bones character the writers give us now is nothing like the strong character during the shows first seasons she is more like a growing child, and Booth is weaker, the whole shows suffers and loses the moments that made it great between the two strong leads.

      • Lois says:

        Well, I don’t agree with Brennan being preachy. I think she’s grown she has a sharp learning curve.. But I do agree with tptb needing to go back to basics. The show is about Booth and Brennan. I honestly don’t care about the personal lives of the squints. And the Boss should not be dating one of the squints. That’s just lazy….that way tptb don’t have to introduce another character. If they don’t have anything for Cam to do…..like I said before, fire her. Save the $. Sorry, but they killed Sweets and the show kind of survived. The long time off the air was a killer though!

  3. J says:

    I stopped watching Bones this season and i guess I am not the only one. I see articles about Castle ending but never this show! Drives me mental!

    • anon says:

      Bones is on Fox and Castle is on ABC….both networks have their own standard for renewal…Castle compared to Scandal/Grays/HTGAWM/Modern Family is low….Bones compared New Girl/The Following/Mindy is above and brings the network & 5m viewers….Bones doesnt have to out run ABC…or Castle Fox…so there is no need to compare :)

      • J says:

        I am just talking about being a viewer, not network specific. They have moved days and times for the show the last few years and really have gone off base in my book. So with networks aside, I am always looking at the quality of the story lines and the show just started to bore me to death. Castle at least brings in 8 – 9 million and I just love the show.

  4. Mr. Tran K says:

    I have a feeling that American Crime is going to be a “goner” soon.

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    American Crime is just dragging on and on with nothing really happening. Too bad because I thought it had some potential at first.

    • Julia says:

      Totally agree. I’m finding it hard to stay interested. The show is just depressing and losing the intrigue it used to have.

      • misery chick says:

        ITA about American Crime, but I’m (perhaps) naively hopeful that this series is doing a very slow burn, getting ‘all of its ducks in a row’ in order to have a stupendous, provocative and heart-searing ending.

        All of the acting is AMAZING, but truthfully the next only reason I’m sticking with it is Timothy Hutton. He’s a revelation & the humanity that this show sorely needs.

        ABC needs to run ALL 11 episodes of this, if nothing else but to acknowledge the fans who are appreciating the risk that the network took.

  6. KatsMom says:

    Do these ratings take into account all the disruption in coverage in Chicago caused by the tornadoes/storms?

  7. kmw says:

    Its too bad about Bones because despite the fact that I don’t like Cam and Arastoo, as couple anyway, it was a good episode. There was a lot more of Booth and Brennan last night and even last week, but I do get what a lot of people are saying. Between Bones coming to Thursday and then Booth and Brennan having hardly any scenes together to shoving Aubry down our throats(although he is growing on me a little), to a 4 month layoff and then of course promoting the last half of season as a potential split between Booth and Brennan it really is no wonder they are at least not watching live anymore. And yes Stephen Nathan is not running show very well right now. This whole season has been pretty dark and even baby story doesn’t appear to very lighthearted either. Bones should never have moved from Friday and they shouldn’t have been off the air for so long. Even so I am still going to watch because I have hope we will have more Booth and Brennan together. I want another year, hopefully with a new show runner who will get the show back to where it should be. Only positive at least is their household number went up

  8. Laura C says:

    I think Cam & Aristoo are a strikingly good looking couple regardless of how they got together. The issue I have with Cam’s character is the show has her dressing like a runway model, rather than a lab professional most of the time. I think if the show went BACK to the premise it had in the beginning, earlier episodes–more on the story and less on the personal stuff (a little is ok), and the team working TOGETHER to SOLVE the crime, it would be better. I still watch the old eps on TNT, at least I get to see Sweets (another BIG mistake writing him out) and Zack. Writers veered too far off course from original show that made it GREAT. I watch out of loyalty having watched since Day One and love the characters, BUT….

  9. Badpenny says:

    All the ratings last night are a bit wonky, IMO. Chicago cut most of the programs to do live coverage of the tornadoes going west and north of the city. So while my normal night would have been Bones, Backstrom, and Elementary I think I was able to see about 10 minutes of Bones, 15 minutes of Backstrom, and none of Elementary.

  10. Laura C says:

    It also doesn’t help that Bones has to be THE MOST moved, pre-empted, and missing shows for weeks/months at a time than any show on network TV. I also don’t like Aubrey, he is a poor sub for Sweets.

    • paladin117 says:

      Bones is a pathetic mess,a shell of what it use to be.SN should be ashamed of what he did to the show.Booth and Brennan act more like partners instead of a married couple.With Aubrey you either like him or you don’t,I personally hate him.Cam’s character is ridiculous and unnecessary and I could care less if Arastoo ever comes back.If Bones is renewed they only deserve a 13 episode season to tie things up.

  11. Boiler says:

    People always complain about lack of character development and then they complain when it happens. I happen to like getting to know the other characters on Bones (Castle to for that matter). Stop complaining about Sweets as he was going to be gone anyway. I actually think the Aubrey character fun and quirky. What hurts this show more than anything is just the fact it is on Fox, Fox scheduling of the show and the breaks, which mar many shows.

  12. frustratedwithbadtvshows says:

    Regarding last night’s episode of Bones,
    Seeing Cam and Arastoo as a couple now makes me appreciate Lance and Daisy!

  13. DarkDefender says:

    “Leading out of a repeat of the series pilot — which with 4.8 million total viewers was down 71 percent from its March 2005 airing” <– LOVE this comment, Matt.
    I was curious as to how the pilot repeat did in the ratings..