Power Season 2: Ghost Tries to Keep His Affairs in Order — But Can He?

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When Starz’s drama Power returns for its sophomore season, Omari Hardwick’s Ghost will learn an important lesson in mixing business with pleasure.

In short: Don’t.

TVLine has an exclusive trailer for Season 2 of the series, in which Ghost discovers there’s more to his mistress, Angela (played by Lela Loren), than he might suspect.

As Ghost tries to keep his nightclub and drug business afloat, Angela — who is also, inconveniently, a federal prosecutor — becomes a problem that Ghost may just have to take care of… if you know what we mean.

Power — which also stars Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Joseph Sikora and Naturi Naughton — returns Saturday, June 6, at 9/8c.

Press PLAY on the video above for a sneak peek at Power‘s Season 2, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. sladewilson says:

    Ghost ain’t killin’ Angela. And if Tommy does it, he’ll kill him. What happens if Angela chooses Ghost over her job? The whole game flips…

  2. mike says:

    this is show is so good can’t wait for season 2

  3. tvonez says:

    There is no realistic reason why high end drug dealers didn’t even google ghost’s mistress to see that she is a fed. 8 episodes of them walking talking n sexing n ghost never asked Angela what she did for a living. They need a faster pace for season 2. Moves too slow for only 8 eps

    • mylaylow says:

      She did tell him she was type of teacher or something go back and watch. It was when he first saw her in the club

      • Umm wrong

        she told him she was a lawyer and worked for the government hence why he went to her when Sabrina OD he told Kantos “I know a lawyer” she said this isn’t my area of law and told him “limited liability

        When she met him at the club in the first eppy she said after Choate she went to “law school” you may need to re-watch that.

      • Debbie Stachowski says:

        She told him when he first saw her she was a Lawyer.

    • Cyber says:

      She said worked for the government he had no reason to Google and when she looked him up in her Justice Dept files James St. Patrick has no record hence why he’s called Ghost.

      This is a multi agency task force eg DEA Medina/Saxe, FBI Greg Knox etc and she is a federal prosecutor even NYC police is involved Det. Haines…they aren’t really after Ghost they want international drug cartel lord, Felipe Lobos, they want to flip the NY distro (Ghost/Tommy) to get Lobos.

      It makes perfect sense to me that he couldn’t Google to find this info out they are deep undercover and was instructed (by Frankie) because of Lobos history of being one of the most brutal/ treacherous/dangerous drug lords…not to tell anyone anything about this task force.

    • jmac says:

      she told him she was a lawyer at the club when they meet after 18yrs, the only question that needs to be asked is what kind of lawyer is she ?

  4. Tim says:

    Can’t wait! Hope 50 cent took some acting classes in-between seasons

  5. Faith Lewis says:

    Stick a fork in him cuz he’s done. Its time to pull his head out of has azz and stop living in a fantasy world. As for Angela, Tommy was right she is nothing but trouble. Now the chase is on. Tasha get ready to steer your way from under that jerk. Get your kids and leave the nest. I believe Simon Stern is looking for a nite club owner.

    • Tommy is the one who is most trouble to Ghost IMO we don’t know what Angela will do when she finds out the man she loves .. her lover is Ghost…the only thing Angie ever did to Jamie was when she was a teenager she left him to go to college at her parents insistence.

      Tommy is a coked up hot head who has been wrong on more than one occasion he advised Ghost not to tell Lobos they were getting hit which could have gotten them both capped.

      Not only that, against Jamie’s warning, he told his coke head girlfriend about their business but also merked Nomar for the primera who is trying to claim their spot as NY distro. Vibora lied to both Ghost/Tommy’s face about meeting w/ Lobos for a comeup.

      Tommy is aligning himself with the man who tried and failed to kill Ghost (Kanan)…

      Ghost has a criminal wife who condones him chopping people up and doesn’t want him to go straight she wants him to stay a drug dealer … its her dream. I’d say he has far more to worry about then Angela who is offering him a way out she said she can offer him protection (if he flips on Lobos) the NY distro is in great danger. She isn’t after him to put him in jail she’s after the distro to get Felipe Lobos

      • Faith Lewis says:

        First lets talk about Tasha. Tasha is a smart and savvy woman, whose also cunning enough to find out that her King is cheating on her. That’s why Ghost married her; that’s why he’s going back to her;Tasha is THE woman. She is like Lady Macbeth. Tasha don’t play checkers, that’s Angela. Tasha plays chess. She knows how to get info. My girl is NO boo boo kitty. I’m not saying she perfect, no one is on this show. Tasha does have her flaws, but at the end of the day, she loves her King.

        As far as chopping bodies go, the body was that of someone Ghost had killed, not Tasha. Ghost didn’t chop any body up; furthermore, he agreed to it. Tasha did not twist his arm, nor did she hold a gun to his head. Ghost/James/Jamie asked her what was she thinking? As though he values her opinion in how to solve this problem? Like we’ve handled a situation like this before.

        Here’s the thing, Kanan, didn’t anticipate that Ghost would send a message or retaliate. And that message was clear that it caused Kanan to stop in his tracks. Score one for Mrs. Tasha St. Patrick. He sent pink sneakers back to Miami. It stopped the attacks on Ghost men.

        Angela hasn’t offered Ghost anything. Right now, Ghost doesn’t know about her, but he will, and she knows nothing about him which she will find out. Haven’t you heard, your actions have consequences? Or be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Time to bust that bubble they are living in. You know, comfort sex.

        As far as Lobos is concerned, I think Angela will take either, or. Meaning Ghost or Lobos. And I don’t see Ghost rolling over on Lobos. Lobos knows about Ghost family. She is out to make a name for herself in a profession ruled by men. She wants to roll with the big dogs. Remember the show is called POWER, not the Jamie and Angie show. We’ve already got Jamie and Claire for Outlander. If Ghost wants to go legit he can’t get caught by Angie or anyone else. If he does, his reputation as a Nite club owner goes down the drain and he loses all credibility. No one will look at a drug dealers resume. Believe me, Angie has got to turn him in or its her azz and her career at stake. I don’t care how much pipe your good a laying.

        I can tell you don’t know too much about drug dealers. Watch National Geographic channel. Drugs Inc has a season.

        Tommy maybe a lose cannon, high strung, and psychopath but he has always had Ghost back and vice versa. Ghost is making mistakes left and right. He’s trusting the wrong people, like asking Kanan and Angela for advice. If he wants out of the game stick with what you know and get out.

        • Tasha is a dope chick. A drug dealer she is a criminal; I don’t give a flying flip what game she plays she belongs in jail with the rest of the criminals in that network. She ” suggested/advised/condoned as his consigliere making an example of them based on what was done to the Dominicans hon.” No neither of them did the actual chopping but they were “behind the criminal act.” Which still carries a life sentence.

          If you’re trying to psycho analyze me on this online forum… I don’t know how you can surmise in a few paragraphs what I know and do not know…for the record though, I’m very learned on drugs and drug dealing I don’t need to watch National Geographic hon I grew up on the Southside of Chicago besides that I’ve seen narco trafficking at several levels on a professional tip.

          I really can’t ascertain your point here but I agree with you on many of them i.e., I don’t see James (as we know him now) ratting on Felipe Lobos either.

          However… according to the story of the show its been stated several times why the Feds are after the New York distributor…I never said “he wouldn’t be turned in” because I don’t know that until the story unfolds in Season2.

          As of right here and now according to the story being told (on the show).. the feds are after the NY distro to “get Felipe Lobos.”

          I don’t know where its going in season2 as I don’t write the show so any diabtribe is irrelevant based on our speculation so our conjectures are of no consequence especially since these aren’t real people trapped in fiction they are at the mercy of Courtney and her team of writers so anything can happen…

          I don’t get caught up in the middle school silliness of Tasha vs Angela but its clear you’re cutting for your girl and that’s OK but this is one of many shows I watched so it don’t matter to me.

          PS: I’m well aware the name of the show its titled Power which has an ensemble cast and I know all their names too…. #Team Season3

  6. Achocho says:

    To me I believe even if she gets to know jimmy is ghost and he is d drug deal she might help but tommy has to take tins easy wit it and tasha also coz angela nos him wen is still a corner boy or runner. Just started dis series just som fews days back love it

  7. rmassey7blog says:

    Just watched the 1st season. Every episode made me hate Angie each time. Sleeping with a married man and keeping him from his kids at night. Love will have you f’d up out here. I can’t wait til Jamie find out about her. Tommy and Jamie are going to become enemies. Tasha just might end up with Kanan. Can’t wait til June 6.

    • lucifer says:

      angela never kept ghost away from his kids at night. ghost works night time so he was away from his kids anyway.

  8. I’m afraid Ghost is not going to have a choice but to get rid of Angela. Sad for him because he loves her. Either way he is cooked. If he lets her live his going to jail, if he kills her something will die in him