Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Spinoff in the Works — But What Will It Be About?

Corporate synergy talks.

Because even though Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. just a week ago tied a series low in the demo, ABC is reportedly eyeballing a spinoff of the sophomore drama.

According to, which first reported the news, the project is being penned by S.H.I.E.L.D. executive producer Jeffrey Bell (whose writing credits also include Angel and The X-Files) and co-exec producer Paul Zbyszewski (Hawaii Five-0, Lost).

As for what/who it will entail, story elements yet to come during S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 — which has six episodes left in it — will lay the groundwork for the prospective offshoot, though there won’t be a blatant “planted spinoff” episode a la this week’s Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders or Chicago Med, or Arrow‘s fall 2013 introduction of the fated Flash, Barry Allen.

Now Agent Carter fans, before we fear the worst as the Internet is prone to do, it sounds like this would be supplemental to (and not preclude) any possible second season of the Hayley Atwell starred.

This is where you hit the Comments section with your theories on the nature of the spinoff.


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  1. Tom says:

    I’d be into a new team of supers with Deathlok at the helm. Too soon for S.W.O.R.D, IMO. I don’t think they’d do an Inhuman spinoff unless they cancel the movie (frankly, I think Inhumans would make a much better TV show than movie, particularly with everything happening on AOS right now).

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I also doubt they’d do an Inhumans TV series, with the movie on the horizon. They need that thing to come off as fresh and brand-new as possible.

      • Matt says:

        It would be a way to flesh out the world before the movie. It could only serve as hype for the movie and allow them to focus the movie on a deeper story without the fusses of origins.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          I hear you, but it’d be like, “Here, get to know these Inhuman TV characters! Now, go watch a film about a bunch of other actors with higher salaries!”

          • Tom says:

            Totally agree. It doesn’t work in their favor to start rolling out a series a full three or four years before the film unless, like I said, they cancel the film (which they won’t do) Frankly, it even seems to early to pull the Inhumans out at all if we’re not going to be seeing them until 2019 but since it’s just a small piece of the AOS world it’s okay, if it were a full series of Inhumans, it’d lessen the punch of the film.

          • Not necessarily. Some actors from the movies have shown up on the TV series, so who says they couldn’t do the same with Inhumans and use the same actors from the TV show in the movie? Think of it as the rumored Dark Tower series, which Ron Howard wanted to be a series of movies and a TV series with the same actor as the Gunslinger. Marvel could cast well-known Hollywood types to show up on a short-form Inhumans TV series (a la Agent Carter) that leads directly into the movie.

          • Mike R. says:

            Frankly I’ll be very disappointed if Skye Doesn’t play some role in the movie.

        • Marco says:

          What Matt said.

    • Vivi says:

      Can´t imagine S.W.O.R.D. either (although I would definetly watch…). Something with Deathlok sounds plausible. Or its something about “real” SHIELD… that would be interesting as well. Or something we can´t even imagine just yet.

  2. Ryan says:

    Skye and in humans would be nice, but they have already been introduced.

  3. Luis says:

    How about a romantic comedy starring Fitzsimmons?

  4. Matt says:


  5. brawl2099 says:

    Skye/Daisy leading the Secret Warriors/Caterpillars.

  6. David Stumme says:

    I would hope that any spinoff is NOT centered on SHIELD. Give us another corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  7. Drew says:

    I get that they want to pretend that they’re hitting it out of the park with TV shows, like DC is, but AoS is far from being on stable ground itself. Why would the network spin off from a series that can’t even get off the ground? I understand the desire to keep AoS around despite its ratings. It is free advertising for their big movies… but a spinoff? Why?
    They would be smarter to just make a completely unrelated Marvel series. Heck, they would be smarter to make another Marvel series and cancel AoS at this point.

    • Dj says:

      If it was on CW it would be a hit. And Gotham is doing about the same as AOS was doing in its first year. It’s just that with the huge marvel movie success a marvel show should be doing better then that.

    • Temperance says:

      Like DC is? Arrow is decent, Flash a bit better, but it’s WAY early to be trumpeting DC over anybody. SHIELD is actually the best it’s been, and Marvel is multiple orders of magnitude above DC at the boxoffice. I’ll give it to Gotham, though – that show is amazing.

      • russ says:

        Dude, taken as a whole, you have to admit that DC has Marvel beaten hands-down when it comes to the small screen. With Smallville, Arrow, Flash, Gotham and fairly obvious plans to have an hour-long vehicle focused on the Atom – DC wins when it comes to TV.

        Marvel can’t be conquered, or even caught up to, when it comes to movies on the big screen. I loved the Christian Bale Batman films, but they couldn’t keep Bale on, and Afleck is certainly no viable replacement. Man of Steel wasn’t terrible. The upcoming Wonder Woman movie doesn’t look too bad. Green Lantern was god-awful. There’s no consistency in the DC movie product – like no consistency at all – so no way will any eventual Justice League film franchise be any kind of threat to the Avengers’ popularity. But they totally own TV.

        Agents of SHIELD is a great show, and hopefully they can get the ratings up on it. Agent Carter was better than I thought it would be at first, but eventually they’ll need to find their own sets and props, instead of just repurposing stuff left laying around when Pan Am was cancelled. Daredevil definitely shows promise. So Marvel could improve their standing in the television market.

        It’s far certainly far, far, FAR more likely that Marvel will catch up to/overtake DC on television than DC catching up to/overtaking Marvel at the box office, that’s for damn sure! Lol

        • Dj says:

          Have you seen Daredevil? Really Daredevil is the show that Arrow wishes it could be. If the other Netflix show are as good then Marvel will easily pass DC on the small screen.

  8. Ryan says:

    What’s this say about chances of renewal for Shield?

    • Luis says:

      Makes it sound pretty likely

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      TVLine’s hand-crafted Renewal Scorecard is linked atop every TVLine page.

      • Ryan says:

        True…just wasn’t sure if it hadn’t been updated after this news or if it doesn’t mean anything since it’s still listed as could go either way.

        • Christine says:

          It hasn’t been updated yet–it still says the Agent Carter is “Too early to tell” and Agents of Shield “Could go either way”.

          The EW article said that Agent Carter was sitting at 60%, which should bump it into “Could go either way”, and spin-off news seems to imply that AoS will be renewed–that should be bumped up to to “A safe bet”.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Nope. “Marvel’s Agent Carter: Premiered Jan. 6, 2015; Season 2 could go either way.”

    • ggny says:

      Shield is go nowhere anytime soon. Marvel will find a way to up the ratings the show will be around at least till Inhumans Movie

  9. Ryan says:

    Is there any chance they leave out ‘Marvel’s’ in the title? That would be great.

  10. hipster says:

    I hope this (un)planted pilot doesn’t take the momentum out of this season. I’ll totally be fine with them taking Skye away from SHIELD. People seem to like her.

  11. laurelnev says:

    So long as the spin off is not “Double Agents of SHIELD” or “Agents of Hydra” I am intrigued.

  12. eva says:

    Is it too early for Young Avengers? What MCU misses is a good urban superhero group, and they could be linked to the rest of the universe through Kate Bishop and guest appearance by Jeremy Renner (I’ve thought that through really well lately, basically have a fanfiction in my head, to be perfectly honest :P)

    • canadian ninja says:

      Doesn’t get more urban superhero than Daredevil & Luke Cage. Throw in Jessica Jones, Danny Rand and you’ve got a team – on Netflix.

      Would love to see Bishop and Maya Lopez in the MCU. One in movies, one in the netflix shows…

  13. Eric7740 says:

    A spin-off on a series that is struggling??? Does anyone remember a little show called “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”???

    • Dennis says:


    • Lizo says:

      The error with Wonderland was ABC scheduling it the same “season” as OUAT. Had it been aired during the hiatus, more people would have watched. I knew I would have. But when it was on twice a week, it was too much; cause you can only take so much of OUAT hahah. So hopefully ABC will have learned from that…also making the spinoff better would have helped.

  14. The Kaibosh says:

    The solo adventures of Grant Ward

  15. sladewilson says:

    Actually it might not be too early for S.W.O.R.D. – Coulson and Gonzales come to a meeting of the minds and Coulson believes that S.H.I.E.L.D. needs a checks and balances ergo Gonzales, Mack, Bobbi, Simmons, and Hunter form S.W.O.R.D. as a backup and to keep S.H.I.E.L.D. honest. IJS…

    It won’t be Deathlok nor the Inhumans.

  16. Lizo says:

    I just want more Agent Carter.

    • herman1959 says:

      Me too. I feel like this other spinoff is being considered based on how successful The Flash has been, but there are no guarantees that lightening will strike twice. If they proceed with this spinoff and cancel Agent Carter, I’ll be very unhappy. Agent Carter is brilliant, but who knows if this new show would work, and they can’t get enough people to watch AoS as it is…crazy idea!

  17. uk-usa-tvaddict says:

    Can the team be lead by a woman. I would love a show with a team lead by a woman. All of the Arrow spin-offs have been dude centred.

    • trickster says:

      This. Agents of S.W.O.R.D. lead by Abigail Brand would be perfection.

    • Jooshua says:

      I wish I had read this before replying below. I think ‘A-Force’ would be awesome! Led by She-Hulk. Medusa, an Inhuman, and Nico Minoru from ‘The Runaways’ are on it. Mockingbird, Skye, Raina, Maria Hill could be on the team. Wasp from ‘Ant-Man’ and Black Widow could make appearances.

  18. Nick says:

    Most everything I’ve read talks about SHIELD’s strong DVR playback numbers, which I BELIEVE is averaging 7 some million viewers and a 2.8 in the demo.

  19. Demian G says:

    Ultron secretly creates Victor Macha but he does not appear in the movie, someone finds him in the show. He eventually starts the Runaways. Probably not, but it sounds fun, no?

  20. Dave says:

    I hope they will create a good tv universe like the cw is doing with arrow/flash in whick the story always touche each show and by now it looks a one big show…if there’s gonna be a spinoff I hope we will see multiple crossovers because, lets face it, that’s all Marvel is about….also i really hope to see them in the upcoming netflix series and (big shot) in the avengers movie (they have such huge budget that three actors wont be such a big deal to pay)

  21. Amy says:

    They’re covering a lot of solo Marvel stuff on Netflix so it’ll probably be an ensemble-ish show again. Young Avengers would be interesting, but I doubt they’ll want to use the name ‘Avengers’ on TV.

  22. Kat says:

    Bring back Agent Carter!!

    • Heidi says:

      Yes, please bring back Agent Carter. So well written and has characters we care about. That story is far from completed.

  23. Anna says:

    My top guesses are as follows:
    The Thunderbolts: Ward, Agent 33, with other ‘badguys’ form a mercenary group seeking redemption
    SWORD: Gonzales and his team are in charge of the index and alien threats.
    New Warriors: Deathlok, Mockingbird, Hunter, Lincoln and possible Skye form a super hero team, that leads to an infamous explosion in Stamford, ct.
    Mockingbird: Mockingbird performs top secret missions for Coulson. Hunter tags along.
    Runaways: A group of kids on the index find out there parents are the super villain group the Pride or to simplify things are Hydra. The kids rebel and become the super hero group the runaways.

    • Tom says:

      Don’t give them Skye

      • Anna says:

        I like Skye but I could live without her on SHIELD, especially it means more Simmons and Fitz, and possible Sharon Carter with Emily Van Camp being freed up soon because it looks like Revenge is ending this season.

  24. Vivian says:

    Mockingbird spinoff with the addition of Spider Woman and Black Cat!

  25. Grace says:

    Matt, do you have any guesses/gut instinct about what this could mean for Agent Carter? I checked the hand-crafted renewal scorecard and the show is still listed as “could go either way.” Do you think this news affects its chances one way or another?

  26. I feel Agents Of Shield can finally expand itself more after Avengers Age Of Ultron & Ant Man tbh. They will have much more to work with in the MCU. Secret Warriors kind of makes sense to me. Marvel wouldn’t introduce a character like Quake so early without reason. They must have big plans for her. I also don’t think it’s far fetched for Chloe B. to eventually show up in the films.

    • Pérola says:

      I read ir all the versions os Quake, and she’s always connected to Ultron, Civil War and evento Infinity War, aparently, and with them making her an inhuman, they made her link with the movie and the Guardians of Galaxy. She’s a Supreme link to absolutely everything in this new Marvel’s phase. They didn’t chose her, and those specifics modifications, lightly.

  27. Dee says:

    “Agents of Shield: Los Angeles.” Later to be followed by “Agents of Shield: New Orleans.”

  28. Angelstorm says:

    No idea why its numbers are low – the show is awesome !

    • eglooney says:

      The streaming (Hulu, Netflix, etc) numbers coupled with the DVR numbers adjust the overall numbers to make AoS one of the most watched shows on TV. The “nerd” factor, clearly, is in play with this one. It’s the second most-watched show on the network. ABC has said they are very happy with it.

    • Temperance says:

      The ‘numbers’ are based on an archaic system that tried and horribly fails to estimate viewership. People in ‘the demo’ have divereged in the way and the time, and the mantter in which they consume TV, and much of that isn’t on Neilsen. SHIELD is the best it’s been… I just caught up and I was literally cheering for Deathlock when he popped up. What a great, exciting set of storylines they have running right now!

  29. Elien says:

    What about The Fall of SHIELD and the ramifications through the MCU? Maybe with a few lead-in episodes about Hydra, and then segue into a story resembling episode 15 of this season. I’d love to see that!

  30. Tom says:

    Would love for it to be SWORD or something similar with Bobbi, Gonzales, and Weaver. I could really go for weekly Christine Adams.

  31. arial2 says:

    Sounds good, but I can’t imagine the original without all the regulars. Love Coulson, May and Skye especially; they are a great fit with one another. Hope whatever characters are being planned for the new series are minor characters, those introduced this season or new ones.

  32. chuckiechk says:

    if there wasn’t an upcoming movie reboot, I would like to have seen a live action Spiderman and his Amazing Friends with Iceman and Firestorm based on the early 80s cartoon.

  33. Pérola says:

    Look, it doesn’t take much do add 2 and 2, the one thing that will still be featured on the AoS is the fall out of Age of Ultron. I’m betting on them making some kind of Secret Warriors team, with Bobbi, Skye, Deathlock, agent 31. (Think thats her name) and two newbies, maybe even pull someone directly from Age of Ultron, or even bring Emily Vandecamp and her character from Captain America if revenge gets cancelled. Coulson could keep tabs on them on AoS, and each Side would, somehow, be a Side of civil war. AoS with the addition of Maria Hill would be Tony’s and the new show, more powered team would bem Captain’s. That would make a cool season going in Captain Civil War.

  34. Alia says:


  35. that commenter guy says:

    I’d Rather Shield got a new Writing team. Its been the definition of mediocre since season 2 started. Which is a shame because the original cast especially Skye, and fitzsimmons have grown a lot and become much better.

    but almost every new person sucks (minus bobby)

  36. Joey Padron says:

    It will be interesting what spin-off show will be about when more info is announced.

  37. How about Alpha Flight, except none of them are mutants due to that damn Fox rule?

  38. Cheo says:

    I think Henry Simmons has been overdue for a series lead for the last 20 years or so; maybe this is the shot?

  39. Jooshua says:

    I know it’s new, but I’d love to see ‘A-Force’ – Introduce us to She-Hulk. Plus it’s a team of badass women! Black Widow, Maria Hill could make appearances. Wasp could be on the team if Evangeline Lilly were up for another TV gig.

    • Jooshua says:

      Ohh and Mockingbird would be awesome on ‘A-Force’ – I am getting so excited about this fictional show – which probably won’t end up being the spinoff.

  40. Didn’t Robbie Baldwin get introduced??? New Warriors is the spin off…

  41. Bark Star says:

    Too soon. Bad Idea.

  42. Dj says:

    With CA2 being Civil War and the part SHIED played in the comics Civil War it wouldn’t be too shocking if this spinoff is about Coulson being out at SHIELD and leading a secret warriors type team. The easy set up would be to put Hill or Stark in the season finale.

  43. Anna says:

    Based on the preview for next episode, I am guessing another possibility would be Avengers Academy. I am not sure who would join the spinoff. Possible Skye, Simmons, Deathlok, Donnie Gil, Lincoln, May ‘s Ex-husband….

  44. Ashley says:

    If Revenge is cancelled, I want to see Emily Van Camp as Agent 13.

  45. Samm says:

    Jessica Drew, please!

  46. Jonathan says:

    Maybe someone already said this, but I didn’t see it, but isn’t it likely to be completely based on what is about to happen in the next Avernger’s movie, which just happens to launch 2 days after the season finale? Kinda like how when the Capt America 2 came out it shifted the whole dynamic of the show. This is likely to happen again.

  47. Dan says:

    A spider man’s origin series seemed like a logical choice to me. First, Spidey needs to be fleshed out before Civil wars and his own movie, since Marvel has stated that they won’t do another origin movie again his blackstory needs to be told elsewhere. Second, like many of you has noticed, AOS was not a smash hit Marvel has hope for, so by introducing Spidey to TV, Marvel will b able to hit big in the TV market.

    • Jonathan says:

      Unfortunately that’s not likely to happen as Sony still owns the rights to Spiderman and is refusing to give Marvel control (thus, why negotiations have been said to have broken down getting him into the “avengers” universe). Since it’s Disney/ABC how owns the Avengers as we know it the possibility of seeing such a show is very little these days.

      • Dj says:

        Sony and Marvel made a deal back in February. But they are not going to waste having Spider-man back on a tv series.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Plus, you could never ever ever ever ever do Spider-Man on a TV budget.

          • eglooney says:

            Like back in the’70s? Also, I may be wrong, but my memory says Marvel sold the movie rights to their characters, but they still own the marketing and television rights to all of them.

          • Dj says:

            Tv rights are a cloudy issue. Most likely tv rights were included. Marvel tried to put out an X-men like show but was sued by Fox which ended up with neither side being able to do any tv shows without the other signing off on it.

          • Dj says:

            As for marketing marvel has to share that with fox. Which is why marvel doesn’t put out or market X-men or Fantastic Four related items . When asked why there weren’t more X-men products being made one of the top guys at marvel said “If you had two things, and on one you earned 100% of the revenues from the efforts that you put into making it, and the other you earned a much smaller percentage for the same amount of time and effort, you’d be more likely to concentrate more heavily on the first, wouldn’t you?”

  48. Eliz says:

    It’s absolutely going to be Coulson’s School for Gifted Youngsters, starring Andrew (May’s husband) and perhaps Agent Weaver if she gets on board.