Bruce Jenner to Discuss Transition With ABC News' Diane Sawyer This Month

Bruce Jenner Transgender

After countless months of media speculation about Bruce Jenner‘s transition from male to female, the E! reality star is finally ready to set the record straight.

Jenner’s two-hour conversation with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer, billed as Bruce Jenner: The Interview, will air Friday, April 24 at 9/8c as part of a special edition of 20/20. The interview comes just one day after the official launch of May sweeps.

E! was reportedly planning an entire docuseries around Jenner’s transition in January — major moments, including Jenner’s first discussion with family members, were being filmed — but the project was put on hold last month.

Will you be tuning in to see Jenner’s side of the story? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Linda says:

    Two hours??? Seriously, it’s a yes or no answer….either he is or isn’t transitioning and for that matter…..who really cares????

    • TVNerd says:

      Linda, don’t be delusional, the world already knows he’s becoming a woman but we want to know what, why and how and who he has become and the background and all the details that make his family a reality phenomenon

      • Amanda says:

        No one needs the details, because like Linda said, no one cares!!!! If he really wanted to just became a women, then just do it, why do you need to document the whole thing? That whole family are nothing but a bunch of media whores looking for their next big thing! I bet they will spend 2 hours dodging the question and there will never be a honest answer and then at the end they will announce the new reality series and that is when he will answer the question that no one, except TMZ, wants to know. The series will probably be changed to him transitioning and then darking his skin to become metallic, because apparently half his family wishes they were that color! If he was truly proud he would have just did it and came out! Then they wonder why that Kylie is soooooo screwed up!

        • Jen says:

          It gets on my nerves when people say “Who really cares?” Considering that the Kardashians have 10 seasons of Keeping up with the Kardashians, 2 seasons of their New York spin-off, 3 of their Miami spin-off, 1 of their Hamptons spin-off, 2 seasons of Khloe & Lamar, and a new Dash Dolls spin-off, I think plenty of people care. They have 2 million people tuned in every single week and have been going strong for 8 years now. AND signed a new 4-year contract. The Kardashian/Jenner family would not be this successful if people didn’t care. Regardless of whether the people tuning in are actual fans or just haters tuning in for the train wreck, that still shows care. You wouldn’t bother watching if you didn’t care in some way, shape, or form. Now, as for Bruce, again, people DO care. Why do you think there is so much media coverage about it? People are interested. We know he is making the transition, but we don’t know why. It should be interesting to actually hear him speak out and give answers to the questions people are wondering about. YOU might not personally care, but you can’t speak for the rest of the world. If there is this much interest and coverage, people care. Have all your hateful opinions and comments, but stop attempting to speak on behalf of the rest of the world.

        • Eric says:

          Oh, and maybe I’m in the minority, but I actually applaud this family. People can put them down on they want, but they ARE smart. They have turned their silly reality fame into an entire business empire. They have their reality shows, Dash stores, Kardashian Kollection clothing lines, Kardashian Kids clothing lines, makeup lines, beauty products, books, endorsements, ad campaigns, etc. The list goes on and on. Say what you want about them, but they are capitalizing on their fame and milking it for everything it’s worth. You can either look at that as a bad thing or you can realize just how smart it is. And believe me, it IS smart. They know what they are doing and they’re doing it will well. Hence their success. Trash them all you want, but they have are laughing all the way to the bank.

          • Mary says:

            Yes they are laughing all the way to the bank, but it doesn’t say to much for society following them so they achieved this. All because they made a sex tape public, they have achieved notoriety. I cannot name one thing they have done worthy of such praise, other than Bruce winning the Olympics several years back. I personally haven’t watch one of their shows I rather contribute to society.

        • do we need to know no do we want to know yes and if he is willing to share I will be there to hear it

      • Mary says:

        You might want to know why but I could care less. I am sick of him, his ex family and their side show, how to be famous for doing absolutely nothing. You call Linda delusional, maybe it is you and the rest of society who are delusional if you find any of these creatures interesting.

    • I care and so do all their fans and its not as simple as yes or no it when did u come to terms how is the family handling and so much more

  2. Boiler says:

    This worthless excuse for a family does not need this. Bruce needs to do this in peace. He is just as bad for going on TV about it. They need to go away

  3. lisa says:

    I don’t know whats more sickening. The fact that ABC is giving two hours of airtime to this or the fact that millions of people will tune in to watch it. The man is transitioning into a woman, we’ve known this for awhile and it’s time to move on. It shouldn’t be some kind of pop culture phenomenon

  4. Jason Malone says:

    Fact 1: Bruce Jenner is transitioning to a woman.
    Fact 2: Millions of people will tune in to watching him talking about it.

    Which fact is more disgusting?!

  5. jas says:

    its great that their documenting his transition ! It will open eyes nd help othrs

  6. Aprilcot says:

    Yikes, so many hateful comments here! I, for what it’s worth, despise the Kardashians and their whole “empire,” but I think this could be a good thing. In so many parts of the country there is such a stigma and many people don’t understand, either out of bigotry or just plain ignorance. Maybe this could be a beacon of hope to those who are struggling, or an eye opener to those who are uneducated. Maybe I just like to see the good in people, but I’d like to hope that he’s doing this partially for these reasons (not just the payday).

    • omg i am sure he is not changing his sex for a check really wow you are the one needing educated if you just said that and ET didn’t just take over your computer

      • Mary says:

        Maybe you need the education on how to comprehend a paragraph. She never suggested he was getting a sex change for the money. Her statement was showing his transition on national TV was maybe for the payday instead of trying to help people understand, which she hoped wasn’t the case. Well we can tell your a die hard fan, which is your choice, no accounting for taste.

  7. I already have my DVR set to record in case I forget

  8. he is a courageous man, he will be OK..hopefully

  9. Jim says: