Nashville Recap: Red Letter 'Deyna'

Nashville Rayna Deacon Sex Season 3

Fool me once, Nashville, shame on you.

Fool me twice — with the very development I’d been hoping for, a tangle of bare limbs, “babe” and bittersweet regret, wrapped in a wrinkled plaid blanket and laid before me like a very early, very naughty Christmas present — shame on me.

Delicious, delicious shame.

I want to believe that this week’s episode represents a brave new start for Rayna and Deacon. I want it more than Mulder wanted Scully to believe in aliens, more than Big Bird wanted people to believe in Snuffleupagus, more than the 1980s American Men’s Hockey Team wanted to believe in miracles.

But I also remember when our Music City favorites had a very dramatic hook-up in Season 1… and a very dramatic break-up an episode or two later. Callie Khouri giveth — with a reunion seasons in the making — and Callie Khouri taketh away, and I suppose all the rest of us can do is make like Deacon and revel in the joy right there in front of us for as long as it lasts.

Meanwhile, Sadie killed a guy? Read on for what takes place in “I Can’t Keep Away From You.”

UNHAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN | Before you get to the long drink of sweet tea that is the Deacon-Rayna reunion, you’ve got to eat your greens. So, let’s briefly hit the week’s other storylines, starting with Sadie’s. The songwriter returns to Nashville after speaking out about her abusive ex on Good Morning America, then runs into Luke at the studio. She helps him flesh out the Rayna-done-broke-my-heart ballad, which leads to dinner at a diner, which leads to her putting her hand on top of his for a beat too long. Sigh. I had hoped that their conversation at the CMAs wasn’t a hint at what’s to come, but it looks like maybe it was. She shuts down whatever’s budding between them, though, and turns down his offer to walk her to her car in the parking garage.

Unfortunately, that’s a bad call, because her abuser, Pete, is waiting for her near her vehicle — and he’s mad about the GMA segment. She reaches into her purse and pulls out the gun we saw her buy a few weeks ago, they tussle, and he winds up bleeding out on the garage floor as Luke happens to pull up in his car. Sadie, repeat after me: “And then we both reached for the gun.”

XXX MARKS THE SPOT | The Triple Xs — Scarlett, Gunnar and Avery — travel to Chicago for their first stop on Rascal Flatts’ tour. Scar is scared: The Windy City venue they’re scheduled to play was the very place where she spazzed and burrowed under a Steinway on Juliette’s tour. Plus, when Ms. O’Connor realizes that people on Twitter are saying mean things about her, her already shaky confidence takes a big hit. (Side note: Scarlett, for the love of God, TOUGHEN UP, BUTTERCUP.)

Gunnar and Avery boost her up by helping her write an eff-you anthem to all the haters, which they perform as the opening number at the show that evening. Scarlett nails it. I hardly want Scarlett to become a jaded jerk, but maybe this can be the start of her not caring so much what every single person out there thinks of her?

At the end of the night, Gunnar is screwing up the courage to tell Scarlett he like-likes her again, but Dr. Hotstuff (aka Caleb) shows up — after one date? That’s bold — and offers to put her up in his hotel room for the night. And that’s where she winds up, to Gunny’s chagrin.

Season 3, Episode 16

TEDDY IS DEAD-Y | Like Ol’ Leopard Panties when you purchase the all-inclusive package, Teddy is going down. His involvement in the hooker’s business (and her biznass) is likely to earn him a trip to jail, because she makes it clear she’ll sing his name loud and proud if/when she faces prison time. She shakes him down for disappearing money, which he doesn’t have but tries to get by doing some shady finance deal through his office. (Side note: Isn’t this type of thing the very way you got in trouble at the beginning of the series, Tedster?) When that looks bleak, he in turn threatens Jeff… who realizes that the only thing he really has to lose is whatever he has going with Layla — too bad she makes the decision to keep their relationship all-business.

WILL HE OR WON’T HE? | Non-breaking news: Will is still in the closet. New development: Songwriter Kevin, with whom he penned a lovely ditty, totally knows. And though Will leaves for a while, he winds up wanting to work with the new guy again.

NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU LIKE I DO | Finally, it’s Deacon and Rayna time! We pick up exactly where we left off, with her apologizing for hitting him and him apologizing for pretty much everything he’s ever done to her and both of them crying like hopefuls at a telenovela audition. After the soggy sorrys are done, Ray clings to Deke while he explains that he’s just waiting for a new liver — and that he doesn’t want them to be together while he’s sick.

Annnnnd, they’re arguing! That was fast. He scoffs at her pity. “That’s not pity, that’s love. Don’t you get that?” she says. He hits low with his counter attack, saying that he’s going to make this decision because she’s made all the rest of the decisions (marrying Teddy, keeping Maddie’s paternity a secret, agreeing to Luke’s proposal) regarding their relationship.

They fight for a while, and it’s rough. Rayna, in particular, looks like someone kicked all the puppies. Choice moments: “I’m going to die, and I don’t want you around to watch it,” him breaking her heart by admitting he doesn’t believe in their ability to be together, Rayna destroying his guitar by smashing it on the ground (yes! really!), and through it all, Rayna absolutely refusing to leave.

She finally breaks through his ridiculous reasoning by pointing out that he can’t save her and Maddie from the pain related to his disease, so why shouldn’t they all be together and enjoy each other for as long as possible? Deacon does the only thing he can do, which is grab her and kiss her long and hard. I would have done the same: That speech was HOT.

And so Deke and Rayna have sex on the floor of the house he bought for them way back, then they hold hands and go home to tell Daphne and Maddie that they’re back together… and that Deacon has cancer. By the end of the episode, everyone’s crying and hugging and all I can think is thank GOD Deke’s resolve crumbled like a stale blondie when faced with the warm glow of Rayna’s steadfast love.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you happy to see Hayden Panettiere back on screen? What did you think of Avery’s song to his daughter? Was the ‘Deyna’ reunion everything you hoped? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Elissa says:

    FINALLY <3 Connie Britton and Charles Esten are absolutely breathtaking and ass kicking. GIVE US NASHVILLE SEASON 4, ABC! Please. We all want to see them overcome this – as a family – (again – FINALLY!) and watch them get their happy ending. It can't end with Deacon on his deathbed…My heart can't take it!

  2. Kristen says:

    Yay!!!! Finally Deacon and Rayna!!!

  3. Riana says:

    Luke is much more likable without Rayna

  4. Amie says:

    Awww. That was nice. Nice that the two Broadway stars (Laura Benanti and Will Chase) got to sing together, even if that’s only the tiniest edges of what the Divine Benanti can do. But I loved Reyna and Deke, I can wait for his transplant BECAUSE IT TOTALLY IS HAPPENING and Avery singing to his baby was super sweet.

  5. Shira says:

    Promise to read the full recap once I’ll recover from Rayna and Deacon. Rayna and Deacon. Rayna and Deacon. Rayna and Deacon. That will happen. Soon. I hope :)

  6. TV Gord says:

    “I want to believe that this week’s episode represents a brave new start for Rayna and Deacon. I want it more than Mulder wanted Scully to believe in aliens, more than Big Bird wanted people to believe in Snuffleupagus, more than the 1980s American Men’s Hockey Team wanted to believe in miracles.”

    Now, that was just an inspired, entertaining and–for me, anyway–very satisfying paragraph. Thanks, Kimberly. This is why I look forward to your recaps virtually as much as I do the shows they illustrate.

  7. Kel says:

    I LOVED ALL THE DEYNA MOMENTS! From Breaking hearts to FINALLY THAT KISS & LOVE MAKING!!! This episode was definitely worth the wait!!! Connie Britton & Charles Esten’s Chemistry is SMOKING HOT!!! SO SO GLAD DEYNA ARE FINALLY TOGETHER! & I believe this time they will stay together! :)

  8. abz says:

    Can this show just get rid of Teddy????? Please. He’s such a waste of screen and does nothing for the show. A much better use of his screen time would be to actually devote it to Juliet’s pregnancy. I’d much rather sit back and watch her stuff her face and see her cravings or her frustrations or little things like the remote on her stomatch or basically just anything with her.
    I like Sadie, but I hate how the show is using her as a way to keep Luke around. Sure the character is a bit better now that he’s not with Rayna, but in the end I still don’t like him.
    The stuff with Rayna and Deacon was heartbreaking but I’m glad they decided to stay together. Poor Maddie. Maybe they should’ve at least waited a day and let her be a bit happy with the news before breaking her heart.
    I like Will and Kevin together and hoping he can help Will’s character development on the show. It was also nice to see Will and Layla talking.
    Did they have to dredge up the Scarlett/Gunnar drama again so soon? Even though her thing with the doc is completely inappropriate, I’d still rather have that go on for a while than have drama between those two. Thankfully Avery is with Juliette or you just know they’d start the triangle all over again

    • Lisarm says:

      Agreed re: Teddy. Writers, please give him a decent storyline or just get rid of him. I have yet to figure out what he adds to this show.

    • Erin says:

      How is the doctor and Scarlett relationship completely inappropriate? She’s not a patient, plus I want to see Gunnar pine after her for a whole – he slept with her BFF and now wants her back just as she gets the perfect guy. Nu uh… Time out for him.

      But I loooove triple x’s. Best part of the episode.

      • abz says:

        It’s inappropriate because Deacon is his patient. He discusses Deacon’s care with Scarlett a lot more than with Deacon, and this being a soap, he is mostly going to cut corners or do something ur thick because Scarlett will come crying to him to do something to ace Deacon.

        • abz says:

          …to save Deacon. They just really shouldn’t be together, as her uncle is his patient. If Deacon was cured of his cancer and in remission or something that’s one thing. But he isn’t. She will probably cloud his judgment.

        • abz says:

          do something unethical** (not ur thick)

  9. Barbara says:

    This show was the best one yet. Deacon and Rayna have so much chemistry, it’s unbelievable. The three X’s make such beautiful music, Avery and Juliet have finally settled into loving each other. Not that it’s not going to change some, given Juliette’s drive. Still trying to settle in to Will and Layla’s new lives. Teddy just can’t quit digging himself in deeper. The writers have outdone themselves, and the music is fantastic. All of the writers, Buddy Miller, and all of the songwriters in Nashville, should know how much we appreciate the talent they have, and their willingness to share it with us. The best show on television. On to Season 4.

  10. John says:

    Ugh why do people start liking someone when they are dating someone else. Gunnar had his chance. I actually like Scarlett with Caleb. That song Avery sang was so sweet.

  11. Anna says:

    Loved this episode. Connie Britton and Charles Esten are perfect and together they seem to bring out the best in their characters. Good job with the Avery Juliette face-time and song to the baby too.

  12. GeoDiva says:

    Hooray for Deacon and Rayna! I actually like Luke & Sadie together. Good for Layla for standing up for herself. Can’t wait for Juliette and Avery’s baby to come into this crazy world.
    p.s.: Teddy can just go away. He is wasting space.

  13. Love Decon and Rena

  14. Alicia says:

    Omg absolutely loved this episode soooo much Rayna&Deacon y’all love each other and are back together my reaction was like Maddies squeal out loud. Connie Britton is a legend she proper goes for it with that guitar smashing and that speech to deacon I have no words #emotional. Charles Esten acting omg every inch of his face conveys every single emotion I was crying watching this Ep. They are sooo good together the chemistry is amazing #RenewNashvilleS4

  15. Jess says:

    I can’t get over how much story they are able to tell in one hour- such talent! Loooooved the Deyna scenes. Connie and Chip work magic together- very moving scenes. This show needs to get renewed already!

  16. mandi webb says:

    Just a hunch, but I’m betting either Luke or Teddy has an accident, thus providing a liver for Deacon.

  17. Samantha J says:

    I know everyone is (rightfully) gushing over Rayna and Deacon. But I just want more Jeff and Layla pleaseeeee.

  18. Lea says:

    What a wonderful episode (except for Teddy, what is wrong with him!?! he is worse than ever).

    I love love looooooove Deacon and Rayna, they have such a strong chemistry. I’m on the fence about Scarlett and Gunnar. I still hold a grudge against him for going out with Scarlett’s best friend, the ever insipid Zoey. I hope this will be addressed if they get back together.

  19. Trisa says:

    I think Deacon will get the liver from Maddie…

  20. anya says:

    Goddammit yes finally Dayna!! I loved loved loved that Rayna didn’t leave the house. She was determined to get through him no matter how long it would take. You go girl, we’re all very thankful. The only thing I found annoying was that the scenes were spread out too much for my liking over the episode. They were really short, everytime I was about to cry the scene ended. It made the episode quite a rollercoaster for me. Hmm I don’t know I probably was just getting annoyed that the other characters kept “interrupting” the gorgeousness that was Dayna

  21. izzieb says:

    Teddy is digging himself in deeper and deeper……and the writers are bringing him full circle to where the series started. This is coinciding with the new family grouping of Deacon, Rayna and the girls. They show this new happy family (with big cancer troubles), and then they show Tedding scrambling to save – what? His job, his reputation? He’s never struck me as a character that had much drive or ambition (remember, Lamar got him on the Mayor kick), so why would he care now? And he keeps going to Jeff with the idea of blackmail and Jeff just shrugs him off and says he has nothing. But I bet he could get something – he’s got resources in other places than Nashville, I would think. But Teddy could try to push him harder instead of just walking away. For quite some time, they have let Teddy be a nice guy – making dumb choices, but still a likeable guy. Now the show is forcing him into a sleezy politician role – oh wait, he’s already that. Well, whatever. It’s a great show and fun to watch, even though they’ve jerked poor Teddy around for three seasons.

    Loved Avery’s song to the baby – that was awesome, as was DEACON and RAYNA!!!! Yay! Not sure what was up with the hint of a bus crash – but I don’t like it.

  22. foxycz says:

    It was just stunning episode! Great writing, great acting, can’t wait to see this story unfold.

  23. BonnieW says:

    Thanks for a great recap!!! So clever and witty. Loved the Chicago reference. Great job!!!

  24. RUCookie says:

    So many amazing couples moments this episode – both romantic, tense and sad. (1) Rayna/Deacon – HOLY MOLY my TV has not cooled off yet. They are beautiful together. It was great to see Rayna fight for them and NOT leave. Deacon did all he could to push her away, but she was not having it… and the fans rejoiced. They say you have a better chance of survival if you have something to fight for and Rayna gives him that. (2) Avery/Juliette – I loved how funny she was on the phone telling him to enjoy his moment. I love that they support each other. And if there was a tearful moment in this episode (beyond R/D) it as that song to his little girl and Juliette asking him to call her 1st thing in the morning. So sweet. (3) Will & that song writer/Will and Layla – I see growth for him. Finally! It was honest. (4) Luke & Sadie – we all saw it coming …. them and that ex confrontation …. is it too much to ask that there are security cameras in the garage?

    And then we have the garbage – Teddy and Jeff – I think I will enjoy seeing their takedown.

  25. azu says:

    I really don’t like the gunner -Scarlett and rayna-deacon combos. They are unnecessary angsty! It’s ridiculous!! Avery and Juliette are my reasons for watching show!!

  26. Lucinda says:

    Love love love Nashville and boy were we made to wait for this episode! Tears cheers and fears all rolled into one gobsmacking hour only to see the promo for next week and realise the Javery baby is coming!! So need a season 4…and 5 and 6…just my favourite show ever!

  27. wrstlgirl says:

    Why do they even bother having Will’s story if they aren’t going to do anything with it. It’s like they have no clue how or what to write for the character. There’s been no growth whatsoever.

  28. Shon says:

    i was ready to smack Deacon

  29. Luli101 says:

    FaceTime baby song—killed!!

  30. katrina says:

    Great episode! Really love Avery and juliet! I like Luke and Sadie think there could be a great storyline between them. I do not care at all about teddy’s sl or scarlett and gunner reunion. Please just stay friends!

  31. Lauren says:

    I’m really enjoying this season – except for the Teddy stuff. Please get rid of him. I don’t even mind Luke now he and Rayna are done. Also, please can they make Laura Benanti a regular for season 4?

  32. Lisa says:

    Nashville is my favorite show but this episode felt like the beginning of a series wrap. I hope we aren’t getting everything wrapped in a pretty little bow so the show can be cancelled? Did anyone else get this feeling?

  33. Samuel Mcgilliard says:

    Great episode of a great show. ABC please renew right now for many more seasons

  34. Wendy says:

    I believe in Snuffleupagus!!

  35. Jared says:

    Great episode!
    1) What is it with “Pete” abusing women on Nashville AND The Walking Dead?
    2) Will Chase FINALLY got a chance to REALLY sing this week on his ballad with Sadie (maybe my favorite Luke song so far?!)

  36. Deb Mac says:

    I have a question… Did the the Triple X’s tour bus flip over in the preview for next week? It happened so fast I’m not sure if I really saw that correctly. Why do I have a TERRIBLE feeling that Avery is going to die (or be terribly injured and miss his baby’s birth)? Don’t know if others have noticed how TV shows always make us really love a character right before they kill them off, but they absolutely do. They want to make it count, make it as painful as possible. And this entire last episode made Avery so damn lovable, I’m just terrified that he’s a goner.

    Pleeeeeeeeease Nashville, don’t do this! Don’t kill Avery! It’s not just last night, I’ve fully become #TeamAvery all the way since about halfway through last season. It’s a tribute to the depth of this character that I started out hating his arrogant tiny-man guts. But he grew on me. And eventually became one of the most resonant characters on the show. I can’t stand the idea of losing him now. Not sure I would even want to keep watching in that event. Melodrama is one thing, but that would just be so ridiculously over-the-top. It’s really gonna piss me off if it happens. Please don’t!

  37. broders says:

    I love the bit with Rayna and Deacon they should be together, I think Maddie will be a match but deacon won’t accept her liver because he thinks she’s to young DEYNA 4 EVER

  38. Linda H says:

    I’ve always liked Will Chase ~ high-energy Luke as opposed to (sorry) Deacon. Fave song ~ “If I Drink This Beer.”

  39. Capecod63 says:

    Is it just me or did anyone else get a sinking feeling that Avery is going to die in that bus crash leaving Juliette a widow? I really hope I’m wrong because I love them together!

    • Linda H says:

      I had the same feeling ~ that that was the reason for Juliette freaking out at her baby shower. Avery is now one of my favorite characters ~ I hope the writers didn’t make us fall in love with him only to devastate us with his death.

    • Mogens Bach says:

      If you seen the promo pictures for next episode you would have seen Avery/Juliette/Cadence?? together!

  40. Christina says:

    I really hope they don’t Friday Night Lights the murder (the one painfully weak spot in a brilliant series). Call the police like normal people, don’t cover it up!

  41. Mika says:

    Love this show–NASHIVILLE!! Rayna and Deacon-are my all time fav couple! Love the two young sisters singing, the 3X’s,,Luke- yes Luke,,and sooo much more! So much talent–love the songs! Scarlette needs to trim her extension locks! I hope ratings go up ! Looks like theres a lot of fans!

  42. mel says:

    best episode ever!

  43. Nic says:

    I always liked Luke, even though I wanted Rayna and Deacon together as the endgame. I like the idea of Luke and Sadie – though I totally thought Sadie’s ex would see them, freak out on Sadie and Luke’s temper would get away from him and stuff would go down. This could be fun too, though.

    I’ve basically just been rewinding the part of the episode where Deacon calls her “baby” all day. I love that they aren’t even really together yet and they just fall back into old patterns so easily.

    Now, Deacon just needs a liver.