Dancing With the Stars Week 3 Results: Did the Right Couple Go Home?

Dancing With the Stars isn’t messing around in its 20th season.

Just 14 days into the competition, the ABC reality series selected Latin Night for its weekly theme, saddling the contestants (who are still just getting adjusted to this whole spectacle) with rumbas, salsas, paso dobles, cha-chas and Argentine tangos — some of the most difficult styles that dance has to offer.

So, which pairs sizzled in this particularly challenging week — and which ones fizzled out? Before we go over the results, here are the highlights from Monday’s installment:

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DANCE OF THE NIGHT | Riker Lynch and pro Allison Holker (Salsa): Nastia and Derek gave this pair a run for their money — quite literally, as both teams received a score of 34 from the judges — but Riker and Allison brought an infectious joy to the dance floor that wasn’t matched by any other competitors. Although Riker didn’t seem fully confident in the lifts placed at the very beginning of his salsa with Allison, the rest of the routine was nonstop fun — and technically on point, to boot.

MOST IMPROVED | Chris Soules and pro Witney Carson (Argentine Tango): Was Chris going to find himself at the top of the judges’ scoreboard after his routine with Witney? No. Did Witney still do most of the (literal) legwork in their complex number? Yes. Still, Chris’ commitment to improving, his fiery chemistry with Witney and his abandonment of the “Prince Farming” persona in favor of something much sexier combined to reveal heretofore unseen potential.

MOST DISTRACTING COSTUMING | Suzanne Somers and pro Tony Dovolani (Samba): Although Tony didn’t know what Carrie Ann Inaba meant when she asked him to bring more “depth” to future routines with Suzanne — leading to Tony’s mega-awkward declaration that the judges “aren’t on [his] side” — the judge furthest to the left (of the table) hit the nail on the head with her critique. The duo’s Jazzercise outfits in Week 1 were cute and fairly unobtrusive, but Suzanne’s enormous dress and fruit hat in Monday’s samba were not only distracting, but limiting. Tony may not have a clue how to go deeper, emotionally, with his partner — but here’s hoping he figures it out.

WORST OF THE NIGHT | Patti LaBelle and pro Artem Chigvintsev (Cha-Cha): It’s fun to watch Patti shake her groove thang while surrounded by a group of hot dancers…. for a while. Then, it just gets old. Such was the case in Monday’s cha-cha, when Patti forewent actual choreography in favor of shimmying on a luggage rack for most of her routine (which, I realize, is as much Artem’s fault as it is the R&B legend’s). Miss Patti is always a joy to watch, but when there’s no actual dancing going on in her portion of Dancing With the Stars, it all seems a bit pointless.

And now, the results:

Chris Soules and pro Witney Carson
Noah Galloway and pro Sharna Burgess
Charlotte McKinney and pro Keo Motsepe

Chris Soules and pro Witney Carson
Charlotte McKinney and pro Keo Motsepe

Charlotte McKinney and pro Keo Motsepe

OK, your turn. Were you surprised to see Charlotte and Keo eliminated? Who delivered your favorite dance of the night? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Thought Rumer & Val were pretty underscored tonight… Another 9 would’ve been deserved; the disco/salsa routine was so sharp and clean.

  2. Angela says:

    I would’ve replaced Noah with Suzanne in the bottom three, but otherwise I have no complaints with who went home this week. Especially considering how distracted Charlotte seemed in the training video we saw with her and Keo. I hope Noah sticks around a little while longer-I’m really impressed with how Sharna handles the choreography with him, and they dance really well together (and on a totally different note, Sharna’s dress tonight was gorgeous and I want one).
    I thought Patti’s dance was cute and fun, but I agree that it didn’t qualify as a proper dance and that her being on the luggage rack took up more time than needed.
    Riker’s fun. I’m definitely enjoying his and Allison’s dances-they clearly have a blast with their routines. And Rumor’s a top contender, as is Nastia…yeah. There’s quite a few clear frontrunners I’m expecting to see competing at the end of the season.

  3. kevstar says:

    When women went crazy over Charlotte’s boobs, I knew she would be going. I think Rumer may be the one to beat. I like Derek, but he always gets easy partners. Let him get an older lady like Patti just ONE time.

  4. Margaret says:

    I was really impressed with Allison’s choreography this week, so challenging! It looked like her foot got stuck on that turn before Riker lifted her, so that may have affected the momentum. I love his commitment, reminds me a bit of Cody Linley from an earlier season, though I’m not sure Cody could have pulled that routine off.

  5. pam says:

    So glad Charlotte is gone! She was not serious about it.

  6. Meg says:

    I mean, Riker competed in ballroom when he was younger with his sister so maybe he shouldn’t be in the competition anymore…

    • Ansley says:

      Loved the sexiness from Riker and Allison. Riker ripping his shirt open at the end reminded me of Agony from into the woods. Just because he doesn’t have a background in Latin dancing doesn’t mean he should go home.

      • Meg says:

        No, that wasn’t my point. My point is is that he has experience with ballroom dancing competitions and he shouldn’t have been chosen to dance this season because of it.

    • Caleb says:

      Well,last season Alfonso Riberio had dancing experience. He won and still was not penalized for having experience.

      • Kara says:

        If you really think about it every season there are people who have had dance training. Just because Riker did some dancing in his past when he was younger doesn’t make him a professional or overly-qualified to be on this show. He is just a naturally good dancer and has great musicality not unlike Rumor or Nastia (who let’s be honest, looked like a pro since week one).

    • Petra says:


  7. James says:

    What is up with marks sudden British accent. Also, Erin was so annoying today– why did she constantly ask tony about the depth comment and then also say to willow– yeah we shouldn’t be mentioning you age… Yet later says yes you should act like you are 14

    • Margaret says:

      i’ve heard Mark’s accent occasionally over the last number of seasons, it definitely pops up with certain words & phrases. he spent a lot of his childhood in england and his mom is british, so I get it.

    • John says:

      Yeah it’s definietely had been coming on strong this season. What’s up with his hair??

  8. cyclone says:

    Can we just be real to the fact that they are over scoring Noah Galloway just like they used to over score Amy Purdy. He has a disability, he can’t dance properly (notice I said properly). You need a left arm to be able to lead in ballroom (a point off right there), some dances need heel which he can’t do (a point off there). Sharna’s doing a great job to work with his restrictions (and he does a better job than I ever could) but he will never be on par with the other celebrities so you can’t call Michael Sam out for not doing a heel lead and let Noah get away with it. His story is great and all but send him home.

    And it also pisses me off that they had Derek come back this season when A-he was not, B-he can’t even be a full time partner to Nastia, and C- Henry is more than capable of being that full time partner for her. I get it, Derek’s the golden boy of the show. He’s a producer, they got his like 4th cousin twice removed Riker (which makes for a great story), and his sister is a judge. Yeah it’s not hurting them now but what’ll happen down the line when they have to learn 2 dances for the week, cause you know they don’t ever dare vote Derek off before the semi-finals. And yes I mean the show not the viewers, I believe the show keeps Derek on even if he may be voted off early on.

    • John says:

      I don’t think they need to send Noah home just yet but you made a good point about his restrictions and how they don’t defuct points for them. And I totally agree with your statement about Derek. She should have Henry as her partner. She probably spends more time with them. I usually like Derek. But I’m not a fan this season.

  9. Linda says:

    I think Chris and Whitney did a super job,he is starting to loosing up.My vote goes to them.

  10. Ansley says:

    Riker and Allison- show a little more chemistry; I know you have it in you. Riker, you remind me of your brother Ross. Your voices sound the same, and you have the same speaking habits. Loved the shirt ripping; it reminded me of Agony from into the woods. Good Luck next week! Can’t wait for R5’s next song.

  11. Behzad Sandila says:

    So if Nastia trains with Henry most of the week anyway, why not up him to pro for her? Why make Derek’s life harder?

  12. Sherri says:

    Another week of looking at Suzanne Somers’ lips? Noooooooooooo!!

    • sharon lopez says:

      Yes she needs to go then Patty needs to go. All Patty does is walk around. She’s just there because she’s a legend and Suzanne is just there because of her 69 year old body. Well get rid of them and there will be a real competition.

  13. Kim R says:

    Just when I think Bruno can’t top his last inappropriate comment, he proves me wrong. I’m not sure he intended to insult but he needs to think a bit before he stands up and spews. Just my 2 cents. :D

    • Bob Backus says:

      Wow it took a lot of trolling down messages to finally get one that mentions Bruno’s incredibly rude comment. Thanks for noticing! I’m not a fan of the model (frankly didn’t know her before the commercial) but you don’t have to call her brainless simply because she’s blonde and has big boobs. Maybe she is, but it’s still sexist.

  14. Iakovos says:

    Better luck next time, Keo! Seriously! You are great to watch and unfortunately 2-for-2 with poor partners. Charlotte was the right one to go IMO. Suzanne Somers is clowning too much. Come on, Tony! you know what CarrieAnn means my depth. Love Patti Labelle, but not much of a dancer here. Artem is in the same boat as Keo this cycle. Hot men, no-chance-at-winning partners.

  15. RUCookie says:

    If that package for Nastia didnt send the message home that this show is all about Derek, I dont know what will. Sure, she can handle it BUT come’on and give other dancers a chace to shine. This show made you famous – now let others shine.

    That said, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by Team Sharkaroo. This week more than any other, Noah impressed me… and Rumer is getting downplayed… she got the top spot (always a scoring black hole) and she was spanked with a disco song for latin night….

    • P J Bingamon says:

      I agree that Derek & his partners always seem to get better scores generally from Len/now from his sister. In fairness to all participants, why don’t you refrain from having relatives on show in any capacity?

  16. Petra says:

    I thought Rumor and Val and Willow and Mark were underscored but I’m not surprised. Someone might not want competition for the favorite son(s).

  17. I think the juges need to remember that some of these people have never danced before. Giving them a really low number is not condusive to their self esteem. Not to mention how hurtful it must feel when their out there giving their all.

    • Kara says:

      Agreed. Sometimes they look purely at technique and how it looks compared to another contestant’s dance rather than their background and improvement. Not hating but many of the past winners were people who looked like pros since week one.

  18. Nicky1991 says:

    finally she’s voted off and even suzanne and patti are way better than her.

    stupid dumb blonde